A Day at the Office by sickpuppies

A normal work day becomes something terrible as Adam suddenly shrinks. In his new world of titanic coworkers and monolithic furniture, will he be able to avoid the feet of his seniors?

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Chapter 2 by sickpuppies

“Hey!” Adam shouted in vain. It had been a couple minutes since the giants first stomped into his life, but he had not been able to think of anything better to do than scream for help. He couldn’t move anywhere, even to cross a single tile would take over an hour. Getting anywhere off the ground was just out of the question. If he didn’t find help he'd end up eaten by some bug, or swept up, or squished under some giant’s massive foot.

He shuddered as he remembered an event from almost a week ago. Adam had been cleaning around Mrs. Beth’s desk when he found a tiny beetle walking around the floor. He had left it be, thinking nothing of the tiny insect. When Mrs. Beth came back to her desk he had all but forgotten about the bug. It was only when she moved her foot, when he heard the crack of its exoskeleton, that he was reminded.

Now he was no bigger than that bug. “Amanda!” he shouted at the giant girl, who's perfectly formed butt was directly in his vision. “Mrs. Beth! Please, someone, look down!” But they didn’t. He was nothing to them anymore. Not even worth the time to glance in his direction.

“Oh, Amanda, would you come with more for a moment?” Mrs. Beth said, standing. “I think I left something in the other room.”

“Sure,” her daughter answered, ready to follow.

“W… wait!” Adam shouted as he saw a titanic sandal crash into the floor. He started sprinting away, thinking of nothing but that poor beetle that had been crushed so mercilessly. He didn’t want to die like that. Then he saw a shadow fall over his pathetic body. When he glanced up the sight of Mrs. Beth’s soiled shoe sole hung above him, the giant woman ready to bring it down.

Her foot fell, slamming into the tiles before the tiny boy. Somehow he had survived, but now the idea of death had become a real threat. Mrs. Beth’s sandal, a size five with a worn down, almost flat sole, and a high heel to add a bit of height, seemed horrific. He shuddered to think what her foot would be like at his size. Even her pinky toe would be large enough to smother him.

Mrs. Beth took another step, sending her miles away from her tiny coworker. For a moment Adam thought that he was safe, that the majority of the danger was passed him. A reminder came in the form of a horrid shadow engulfing his tiny form.

He looked up to see Amanda’s sole hovering above. She was wearing a pair of pink keds, with a sole constructed with thousands of tiny grooves and pits. It was clear they were new, as the pink fabric was untarnished, and the bottom of the shoe only had a few traces of dirt ground into the rubber.

“Wait!” Adam shouted in horror, jumping as far away from the shoe as he could possibly manage. The giant girl’s foot slammed into the tile, the impact alone causing his head to spin.

But he was alive. He looked around, quickly realizing that his desperate leap had sent him just far enough to wind up under the slightly elevated curl of the toe of shoe. At such a proximity he could make out each and every scratch and imperfection in the brown material, but that seemed inconsequential. He was alive.

A boom sounded from far away, then the girl’s shoe started to move. Continuing the simple motion of a step she shifted her weight onto her toes, the front part of her shoe coming down. “No!” Adam screamed, crawling as quickly as he could to avoid being crushed. He screamed as he felt an immeasurable pressure at his feet, quickly creeping onto his legs, all the way up to his thighs. The tip of her toe finally met the tile, half of Adam’s body squished beneath.

His cries and screams didn’t even register to the giant girl as she continued her steps. She peeled her foot off the ground, leaving his crippled body in her wake. Adam tried to move but found himself unable to do anything more than move his arms. His legs, up to his thighs, had been completely flattened under the unimaginable weight.

After a couple minutes the pain became almost bearable. It must have been due to the nature of the injury; his nerves must have been severed or crushed. Now he only felt a sharp stab where the crushing stopped, and a numbness everywhere else. He was still helpless though, his legs stuck to the floor like glue.

How did this happen? Only a few moments ago he had been a normal sized person, talking to Mrs. Beth as an equal. Now he had been crushed by her unaware daughter, left to die on the floor. All that was left was to wait for that beauty to come back and finish him.

Time passed slowly after that, perhaps it was due to blood loss. Eventually he felt the trembles in the earth again. He saw, in the distance, a thin body moving towards him, a pair of thick pink shoes stepping ever closer.

“Thanks for the help deer,” Mrs. Beth said.

“No problem. I love helping you out,” Amanda answered, stepping over the half squashed bug on the ground without a thought.

Mrs. Beth’s shoe then rose up, poised to stomp down, crushing anything that happened to be under her sole. Adam was almost ready to embrace it, for her shoe was directly overhead. It started to come down.

“Oh, what's that?” Amanda said, pointing to something on the ground by her desk.

“What deer?” Mrs. Beth asked, swerving her foot just enough to avoid crushing the tiny bug.

“Oh, never mind,” Amanda answered, bending down and grabbing the object. “I think it's just a fake rhinestone.”

“Yeah, probably,” Mrs. Beth answered. “I wonder if it came off my sandals.” She glanced down at her feet, eyes peeled for any inconsistencies with the pattern on her sandals. She stopped when she noticed a tiny, moving black spot on the floor. “Oh, I think I found a bug,” she said down.

“Mrs. Beth!” Adam was shouting, waving his hands with as much force as he could. Somehow she had spotted his body. Still the sight of such a giant creature looking down at him, a god looking upon his form, was terrifying. But he needed her help. “Please, Mrs. Beth. Please!”

“I think it's moving,” Amanda said, joining her mother, blond hair falling around her perfect face in light locks.

“I think it's hurt. Amanda, you might have stepped on it before.”

“Poor little buggy,” Amanda said down. “I didn’t mean to step on you. Sorry.” It almost sounded like there was a little bit of sympathy in her words.

“It's fine,” Mrs. Beth answered, her tone care free. “There's a lot of bugs around here, I’m sure I crush a bunch everyday. They are bugs, after all. They always manage to wander under my feet.”

“I suppose so,” Amanda said. “It's still sad though. I hate to see something suffer.”

Adam had almost stopped moving, his eyes fixed on the two titans above. He heard every one of their words and it was terrifying to hear them talk about him in such a way. He wasn’t just a bug, he was a person. Why was this happening to him, why was Mrs. Beth so huge? It shouldn’t be this way, he didn’t want to be squished like some inconsequential insect.

“It's okay honey,” Mrs. Beth answered, looking down. “I’ll just take care of it for you.”

“No,” Adam breathed in horror. Her size five sandal rose over his head, the thick sole taking up almost all of his vision. It was huge, old and worn, the sole flattened to the point where the original pattern was invisible.

He couldn’t believe that he was about to be crushed by someone he cared so much about. Mrs. Beth had been so kind to him, they had been such good friends. But now that was all over. She was prepared to kill him, and with no more reason than she could.

“Goodbye bug,” he heard her say. It was the last words he would ever hear. Her shoe crashed to the ground, whatever was left of his tiny body exploding under the disgusting pressure of the five-foot tall titan.


End Notes:

Next time you're about to stomp a bug, make sure it is a bug ;)

Hey, you never know.

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