Changing reality by christiawi9

Tom, a normal guy, gains the ability to change reality in whatever fashion he pleases. And whatever changes he makes becomes the norm with everyone acting as if the changes were always present. Even though many changes are possible the only changes Tom will be creating is size related

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This story has no plot.

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Introduction with vore by christiawi9
Author's Notes:

This chapter is really Just an explainatory chapter with vore fetish towards the end. This story will mostly focus on Toms adventures of changing realtity and watching the result. There won't actually be a plot.

What an interesting day this had turned out to be and what an interesting day it was further going to become. Never in a million years did Tom believe he would be seeing what he was currently seeing and the rush of fear and excitement mounted closer to a climax. Sitting just across the street from his house was 2 gigantic teenage girls chatting away as if nothing was strange despite the fact that both young women stood taller then the house they were sitting in front of. The strangest part was that no one cared about these gigantic beauties and walked passed them as if nothing was amiss, even as the two young men held within their grasp screamed for mercy. Tom, as it appeared, was the only one who knew that a mere minute ago these girls were no taller then he was and it was through his new powers that he had done it.


Who was Tom, though? Put simply, he was a regular person who was going through a slight rough patch in his life as most late 20 year olds do. Recently laid off from his job at an office building and the crushing debt of university hanging over his head he needed things in his life to change. Just to push him in the right direction and set his course straight which was possibly why he had stayed up late researching ways to improve his situation. From self help tapes to pyramid schemes he couldn't find anything to help improve his luck until he had come across a peculiar advertisement flashing in the corner of his screen. "1 Drug To Change Your Outlook. Change Your Reality For The Better". Maybe it was the fifth glass of wine he had drunk but something about this seemed to draw him in. Clicking the ad he was startled when he heard a knock at his front door. looking over at his desk clock.


"11;30? Who the hell could be visiting?" he got up from his chair and made his way from the living room to the entrance, placing his wine glass on a small side table.


Opening the door he found a regular delivery man holding a small package in one hand and a clipboard in the other. He didn't look tired, despite the lateness of the night, or apologetic in his demeanor about disturbing someone so late.


"Yo, you Mr. Tom Rogers?" He asked casually. It took a while for Tom to respond.


"Uh, yeah. Is there a problem or something?"


"Nah, man. Just got a package for you to sign for" the man handed the clipboard to Tom who quickly signed it.


"Right, it's just that people don't usually make deliveries this late at night"


"Yeah, I guess that just shows the dedication we have for our customers" That answer didn't make much sense. Delivery companies wouldn't make deliveries this late no matter how much love for their customers they had.


Explaining this only yielded further confusion on Toms part as the delivery man continued explaining how it was completely normal for such unorthodox business practices to exist. And when Tom pointed out that no other delivery company did such things the man merely shrugged and said that his company had always operated as so, as if this was a normal part of reality.


Closing the door Tom opened the package and found that it contained a single pill bottle with about 50 (As per the label) blue pills called "Real Pills: Pills to change reality". Tom chuckled and thought about how he might just sue the drug company that made these if these pills didn't truly change reality. Faulty advertising he might just argue in court. Turning off his laptop he went to bed, figuring he would worry about his troubles in the morning. But before he turned off the light he gave one last look at the small bottle sitting on his bedside table. In his drunken mindset he whispered "Fuck it" and opened the bottle before popping one in his mouth. With all these weird things happening he doubt any of this was real and he was probably about to wake up. Hopefully, still with a job if this truly was a dream. 


No such luck. With a pounding headache Tom pulled himself out of bed and slumped against the wall moaning in pain. "I wish hangovers weren't so bad" he groaned before his head becoming noticeably clearer. The pounding subsided and clear thoughts came back. Sure, he was still in pain but it wasn't ... As bad. Thankful for the slight reprieve, Tom had a shower and prepared for a long day of job searching. Maybe asking around town and getting information would yield positive results. Get his name out there and whatnot. Slipping the pill bottle absentmindedly in his jacket pocket he exited his house.


Across the street were the Standford girls who often spent their mornings drinking alcohol on their front lawn despite the obvious legal repercussions of being caught. But they didn't care, their parents didn't care and the cops didn't see enough crime in this simple neighborhood to regularly patrol or question late teens about their possible alcohol. no, these girls had free reign to chill out as much as they wanted until a couple of local boys showed up. Before entering his car Tom looked across the street to see what might unfold.
Rick and Micheal were two local hooligans who liked to drink and smoke and womanize. Not a very good combination but it had served them well so far.


Seeing the lovely Standford girls stretched out on their front lawn, provocative poses and alcohol in hand obviously peaked their interest somewhat and they made a beeline straight for them. The two girls, Miranda and Susan groaned as the assholes approached and didn't want to have to deal with this so early on in the morning.


"Well, hello there beautiful" Rick said to Susan 'Enjoying a little grog on this fine morning, are we?"


"Wouldn't describe it as a fine morning. After all, I'm talking with you" Susan retorted, not even looking at the lanky man. Even though all four were in their late teens only the boys looked aged. Possibly all the smokes and alcohol they enjoyed.


"Now lets not get rude" Micheal said before sitting down next to them.


"Then leave."


"You know the more the merrier" Said Micheal, going to put his arm around Susan how quickly shoved his off to the side.


"I swear if you don't leave we'll ..." Started Miranda.


"You'll what? Come on, I wanna know" Rick was baiting her and she knew it.


Tom had had enough of this. He wished that the power struggles were reversed. At least them these girls would be able to defend themselves. After all, these boys wouldn't be so threatening if they were shorter and the girls bigger.


And that's when it happened. Right before his eyes the two teen girls began to grow until they would be bigger then the house when standing and the boys suddenly shrank to about half their size. All of this happened in the space of a few seconds and yet no one bat an eyelid. No-one cared. Especially not the teens who should have noticed straight away but were going about their business as if they had always had this size. Tom couldn't believe this. Couldn't comprehend this. Couldn't imagine how this could have happened. And he definitely didn't know how to react as things started to unfold.


"You always come here to flirt and yet you never learn" Susan said down to Rick who cowered under her gaze. "I mean, I don't think it's wise to mess with girls like us" She pointed to herself and Miranda who took a swig from her beer bottle that was now almost a story high.


"yeah, what could little men like you offer girls like us?" Miranda added "We have to buy everything we use specially made for our size while you guys have to scour the kids section for pants."


"Well, you know? To boldly go where no man has gone before" Micheal said, looking Miranda up and down lustfully.


"Oh, you wanna go where no man has gone before?" Miranda said with a wicked grin 'Maybe ... Inside me" She seductively rubbed her crotch before taking another swig of beer. Micheal could do nothing but nod in affirmation.


"Well, if you insist"


Miranda reached down and picked Micheal up before bringing his to her beer bottle and dangling his over the opening. 'Enjoy the trip" she said before letting and watching his tiny body fall into the liquid within. Swirling the bottle around Miranda gave Susan a sly look.


"Oh, my god! What did you do!" Rick screamed up at her before Susan's hand came down on him and pinning him to the ground. 


"Yeah, what did you do?" Susan asked " You aren't seriously going to ... You know"


"What? Drink my beer? Of course. What's wrong with that? I seriously doubt anyone is going to arrest me for drinking some harmless beer. Especially with our track record of previous arrest attempts"


"Susan gave a broad smile and looked down at Rick who gave a silent scream apparently her hand was squeezing the air out of him with its weight. Susan looked for a while before making up her mind before, just like her friend, picking up the tiny man and dropping him within her bottle.


Both girls gave each other a determined stare before bringing the bottle up to their lips and draining the remaining drops of liquor until the bottles were firmly empty. When finished they dropped the bottles to the ground that gave a resounding "thud" and patted their stomachs in content. Tom was still paralyzed and did not know what to do.


"Boy, he sure is fighting" Susan laughed, rubbing her stomach with glee "At least we won't be annoyed all the time by silly mice men" 


"I think mine has already stopped moving. You don't think he has passed out from the fear, do you? Or maybe he's simply drunk with all the beer in there"


"I bet your stomach acids have just destroyed him before he could make a move. That's one strong stomach you got there."


Tom had finally come to his senses and reclaimed his composure. What he was seeing and quite real and he simply wished for it to go away, How he wished they were back to normal and not giant anymore.


Just like before, it took mere seconds for the effects to kick in and before his eyes the girls shrank down to their usual sizes. And people were still not making a fuss. The giant bottles had been reduced to normal garbage and the girls once again lay on the grass laughing like normal teens. The troubling thing was that it would appear not all things had gone back to normal.


"I still feel him in there" Said Susan, scratching his belly. I hope he doesn't come out the other end alive. Can you believe how embarrassing that would be?"


"More for him then for you, I expect" Said Miranda, resulting in a snicker from Susan.


"True, true"


It was only now that Tom realized that maybe these strange events were caused by him. Every time he made a wish they seemed to come true and it was as if he could change the very foundation for reality itself on a whim. The possibility of such power was overwhelming and Tom needed to test them our further to be sure.

End Notes:

Basically, whatever plot elements you saw in this chater can be forgotten. I added them to give backstory type explanation for why the actual events of this story take place. This will merely be a series of short stories about Tom changing reality and seeing what happens.

If anyone wants to give suggestions of pen a possible chapter then that is more then welcome. Ideas should be freely shared.

Changing the neighborhood by christiawi9
Author's Notes:

Well, here's the next chapter. Rmember, this story has no plot and if just the scenarios involving a man chinging reality for giantess results.

Tom was still amazed by the new powers that he had but desperately wanted to test them out some more. Seeing two young woman casually eating two men with no repercussions was incredible and it was directly because of him that it happened. Does that make him a murderer? Probably, but with his new powers he wouldn't really need to focus on such worries anymore. The world was his test site now and the people in it were the bacteria in his petri dish.
Walking down the street, he was looking for his net victims when he noticed a group of joggers making their way down the path across the street from him.


It was a group of about eleven people (6 men and 5 women) decked in running clothes and panting with sweat. It would appear as if the men were clearly in the lead as they confidently ran in front with the poor women panting behind them.


"Can we take a break, James?" Asked one of the women, a petite blonde running in the middle.


"We will when we reach the end of the street. There are some benches down there we can rest on. Come on, us boys are hardly breaking a sweat. What happened to that woman power you always go on about?" James gave a bit of a chuckle at his reply as he picked up the pace ever so slightly. The boys were able to match it easily but the woman fell noticeably further behind.


Tom decided to even the playing field a bit. Or maybe just turn the tables completely opposite and see what happens. All the woman were roughly, on average, 5' 5" to the men's 6' 2" stature. Combine that with the men's obvious greater muscle mass and it was no wonder why the males were in the lead so easily. But not for long.


Before his eyes, the woman grew until they were about averaging 8 feet and shrank the boys until they were about 4 foot 10 inches. The men also become a bit less bulky in muscles, looking more like average men rather then the health nuts they were, and the woman's bodies developed a firmer tone to them. Not too muscly but definitely noticeable. Compared to the men now they were true amazonians with the boys looking more like young children coming only up to just above their hips.


The results were instant with the woman now powering must the men in an almost casual jog with the boys huffing and puffing in strain. They looked like they might pass out if they didn't get a rest soon and Tom wondered how long the group had actually been running. Obviously not enough to effect the 'little' woman running alongside them.


"How *pant* much longer?" Asked James in an obviously strained voice


"Oh, I don't know" Pondered the now leading blonde "At least until the end of the street. But I think we girls can go a bit further then that. Ain't that right?" She asked to the group with the woman giving a approving yes. "So, we might go until the next block over, actually" The blonde had quite a smile on her face as she increased her obvious job much to the disdain of the men. 


"But some of us are tired now" Whined James "I ... Don't know how much longer I can go"


"Oh, I'm sure a 'big' man like you can keep up with a bunch of girls. Men are naturally stronger after all. you don't want to be beaten by some girls who aren't even trying do you?"


The men gave a groan as their ego took a blow. They couldn't give up now otherwise they really would be lower then these women. If they tried harder then they were sure they could keep up, or even out run them.


The group run further into the distance with tom giving a chuckle as he saw the dynamics change. Maybe those men will learn to appreciate the women instead of using their superior strength to pick on them. Although he doubt they would ever be able to do that again anyway and with a second laugh he took off down the street looking for more fun to have.


The next event Tom found that peaked his interest was a young women dragging her two disobedient children by heir wrists as they continue to hit and scream at each other. This poor woman looked like she was at her wits end and able to break down and Tom knew he had to step in with some ... special help. 


The two children, a boy and a girl, looked to be about 6 and 7 years of age respectively and were beating each other over, if Tom heard correctly, a candy bar. What annoying children these must be and are i clear need to discipline of some sort.


Using his power, the children shrunk from their 3 and a half foot stature to about 1 foot making them come up just below their now gigantic mothers knees. He also grew the tired mother from about 5 and a half feet to a colossal 9 feet tall making her a mighty Goliath to the now tiny children. The terrified kids now only came up to the mothers shins and instantly buckled under her annoyed gaze. Reaching down she picked the children up by their shirts, holding them in front of her face.


"If you can't learn to behave in public then you can stay in here" She said, disappointed as she opened up her purse.


The two children screamed apologies to their goddess but she wouldn't have any of it. Opening the purse she dropped them unceremoniously inside and took out a tissue from within. Giving a quick blow on the tissue she dropped it back into the purse causing tiny squeaking screams before snapping her bag shut and trapping the naughty children in darkness. Walking down the street the woman allowed her back to sway back and fro as she began texting in her giant phone. Tom doubted those children would ever give her a hard time ever again. In fact, he doubt the world would ever mistreat her judging by her now impressive and intimidating scale.


Tom was amazed by how much good he was bringing into the world and went forth to continue it. He couldn't' wait to see what else he could fix and adjust and was strutting happily along some shops when he noticed a woman crossing the street. An attractive woman in a black dress and high heels, maybe in her late thirties to early forties was making her way across the road when a car came spreading down the street. The vehicle came out of nowhere almost and was 2 seconds away from hitting this woman dead.


Instinctively Tom reacted in the only way he was able to, by using his powers to shrink the entire vehicle to a more manageable size. The shiny, silver BMW, being driven by at least 3 boys and 1 girl was quickly reduced until it was no more then 3 centimeters long. The young adults, who were obviously a bunch of rich frat boys screamed as their tiny car crashed into the giant high heel of the opposing woman.


The woman in question who was on the phone when this happened, looked down at the tiny car with a look of disgust on her face. Why Can't tiny people learn how to drive, she thought to herself as she stared down at the tiny vehicle.


"No, nothings wrong" She said into the phone "Some bugs just crashed into me". As she spoke she removed her stocking covered foot from her high heel and brought it over to the stationary car. 


The defenceless inhabitants screamed in terror as the giant, pungent foot grabbed a hold of their car and lifted it into the air. They were now completely trapped and at the mercy of this annoyed woman, She would show these tiny people that driving around without looking where they're going can be dangerous.


"What's happening" The tiny girl screamed as she hugged her boyfriend in fear


"She's picking us up! Make her stop!"


"Start the car, get us out of here" Said the man sitting shotgun


"I can't, the car won't start!"


"I told you to watch where you're driving!" The boyfriend scream "You never listen Rick! You need to be careful driving around giants. They can crush us if we're not carefu-"


He didn't finish his sentence as the woman dropped the car into her shoe and watched as it rolled down to the toe section where she was sure the smell would be strongest. Smiling, she wiggled her foot into the shoe and gave it a firm stomp to get her foot comfortable until she could clearly feel the cold, metal object nestled nicely under her toes. They weren't going anywhere and after a few minutes they would understand why driving around giants is dangerous. Hopefully they don't drown in the sweat of her shoe since they will be trapped in there all day.


The occupants in the vehicle could barely scream in fear as the giant toes compressed the roof of their car creating an even more cramped space. After that their world was thrown into the ait and then shot back down resulting in a massive crash all around then. Then their world was lifted again and resulted in another crash and the realization that they were trapped in her shoe finally dawned on them. If that wasn't bad enough, it took only a few seconds for the invasive heat and offensive smell to permeate the car. It wasn't really a hot day but to the young detainees it felt like the middle of summer. The air was thick with moisture and breathing was becoming increasingly difficult.


If their windows weren't up then they'd be drenched in sweat with more pouring in. but instead they were simply being suffocated by the smell and lack of air. The roof compressed further down and the tiny people were worried that the windows might shatter if it compresses any further. if that happened then there would be nothing between them and the storm brewing outside.


Tom watched the middle aged woman walked across the street knowing that the expensive car was lodge in her shoe, hidden from the world. He was amazed at the outcome but noticed that the woman had a distinct limp in her step caused up having something foreign in her shoe. Well, that wouldn't do, he thought, a hard working woman like that shouldn't have any distractions from her daily life. Thinking about the people trapped in her shoe he imagined their car getting smaller until it was only 1 millimeter long. That should allow her feet to feel more comfortable and keep those miserable hooligans trapped for good.


Unfortunately the for young, rich tinies their situation had merely gotten worse and worse. Of course, they didn't notice the change in size to their car since to them they had always been this small. But now they were in a situation far worse then they had ever been in now that they were trapped in a shoe that was larger then a football stadium. The rain of sweat caused by the feat that was washing their car a few seconds ago had now cause a noticeable flood with the car now sinking slowly in rising foot water. The shrunken individuals would somehow have to find a way to survive in this inhospitable environment or die by the feet of their goddess.

End Notes:

If anyone has suggestions of any sort then feel free to give them. This story offers quite a bit of potential to allow any idea and still make sense.

Athletics and the Mall by christiawi9
Author's Notes:

Well, let me know how the stories going. Suggestion welcome, review, yadda yadda, you know.

Tom continued his trek towards the city on his quest to change the world for the better with his mystical reality changing powers. He currently was looking for a new target when he came across a large football oval where it appeared a high school was hosting some sort of athletics carnival. There were a couple hundred teenagers dressed in shorts and shirts participating in various athletic exercises like running laps, long jump, shot put, and high jumps. This looked like an interesting test sample to play with.


As expected, with practically every event the boys were in a far lead with girls only scraping at their lowest scores. With the girls lagging behind in the long run to throwing only half as good in the shot put. It appeared that they were outmatched in every physical sport they versed the boys in and it wasn't hard to see why. Most of the boys were at least equal height to the girls if not taller and were clearly far more bulky in the muscle department. Tom decided to mix things up a bit.


Most of the girls were roughly equal heights with the boys in the younger years with each being on average about 4' 6". However, the differences became increasingly prominent the further up in age the students went with the average female height being about 5' 6" and the boys reaching over 6' tall in year 12.


Tom watched as some of the students lined up for shot put which simply involved picking up a heaving ball and throwing it as far as possible. One of girls stood up in front of the group for her turn.


"Come on, Casey" Said the teacher in charge "Just throw the shot put as hard as possible"


"Yeah, I know" Casey said as she picked up the miniature boulder and lifted it over her should and throwing it about 8 feet.


"That's the way Casey! That might be the best score out of this group"


"Yeah, for the girls maybe" Said of the boys in back, causing a series of snickers among the boys.


"Well, hey, let's see you so better, Cameron!" Casey flared.


"Oh, I wouldn't want to make you sad by defeating your, um, amazing score with such little effort. But, if you insist" The boy named Cameron stood up from his seat and walked over to the pile of shot puts picking one up.


He lined himself up and lifted the ball over his shoulder before throwing it at least 10 feet. Turning around he gave a slight smirk to Casey who looked rather annoyed before sitting down and high fiving his friend.


"And I don't even think I'm that good at shot put. I'm sure someone like Mark could do far better then me" Cameron rubbed it in even more. He was definitely getting any smiles from the women with even the teacher giving him a annoyed look.


Similar events occurred at the race track where the middle class students were performing the long run. The teacher rose the gun over his head and fired. As expected, the female immediately began to give way to the faster, stronger boys who captured and maintained the lead. Even Erika, who was the fastest female runner in the year, was only in the lower ranks of the boys and had little to no hope in taking the leas She simple wasn't equipped with versing the boys.


"Wow, Erika sure is showing what she's made of" Mr. Thomas said to Mrs. Teller as they observed the students running around the field.


"Yeah, she's my finest runner on the track team. She's even giving the boys a run for their money"


"Well, maybe the lower boys who don't run often but she's clearly still very talented. For a girl I mean"


"Yeah. She'll go quite far if she continues trying"


Tom had seen enough and decided to make his move. Closing his eyes he thought about what he wanted changed and u[on opening them he saw the effects were almost instantaneous. The younger girls, who used to be only about 4'6" had began to grow and were slowly reaching the impressive height of 8 feet tall. Now seeming more like miniature she warriors then high school students. Not only that, but the younger boys who use to be similar heights to the girls had now been reduced to a mere 3' tall. Making them only come up to just below the larger women's waists. They looked like large dolls standing next to the once small girls.


The effects were even more prominent on the older students where the height difference was far more prevalent. Well, the differences were still very prevalent but in the opposite direction with girls who use to only measure roughly 5'6" now reached an incredible scale of 10 feet tall. These girls were now demigods to the boys who had now seen themselves reduced to a diminutive size of 4' tall making them come up to just above the girls knees.


Tom laughed at the thought that it would now be easier for the boys to look up the girls skirts. Of course if they were caught they would probably get beaten literally to a inch of their lives.


With these new changes put into place the athletic activities were suddenly turning in the favor of the girls. With each event showing the same victory over and over. In the long run, Mrs. Teller would fire the pistol to the sound of galloping coming from the women with the faint trots of the boys chasing after them. Mrs. Teller gave a small smile as her girls ran leagues around the tiny males. Looking down at the tiny frame of her teaching partner she kind of felt bad for him as he watched his boys get trampled.  


One of the girls in the shot put picked up the now tiny ball and chucked it as if it were merely a tennis ball, throwing it an easy 20 feet and she didn't even look like she was trying. The girls gave a lazy applause at such a week throw as one of the boy stood up for his turn. Mark grabbed a hold of the now massive boulder and lifted it over his head. With all his might he heaved the stone as hard as he could but only made it go about 4 feet. A pathetic attempt when compared to the girls.


"Good job Mark' Said the attending teacher "That was a pretty good job for a boy" She gave the now tiny man a pat on the shoulder causing him to almost collapse on the ground.


Tom had enough of watching this play out. He as sure the future of that school was going to be very interesting with the girls suddenly at top. But it was now time for him to move onto other prospects. He thought of the perfect place as his stomach began to rumble and he made his way to the local shopping centre where he was sure test subjects would be in high supply.


Entering the sliding doors of the triple story mall he immediately adjusted the height of a father and daughter as they walked passed him. Transforming the 15 year old punk into a 8 foot domestic goddess and her father into a 4 foot loser. She was certainly going to be a handful for him in her rebellious years as she walked ahead, not even listening to his tiny complaints of her fashion.


An interesting scenario occurred when Tom observed a couple fighting outside a clothing store. The conversation was getting quite heated with the man almost yelling down at the much smaller woman. Well, not for long. Tom adjusted the height so the one 5' woman was 9 feet and the 6' man became 2'. That should teach him to yell. His no ginormous girlfriend clearly had the upper hand but she merely shrugged her shoulders and told him to find hos own way home, leaving him in the giant shopping centre. Things only got worse for him hen Tom grew a passing mother and child to the sizes of 10 feet and 6 feet respectively resulting in the "small" child picking up the man and carrying him away as if he was a doll. Well, to her he actually was now.


Moving deeper into the plaza, Tom came across a shoe store which sold "Women shoes of all sizes, guaranteed!" Walking into the store he found an attractive middle aged woman getting help from a male attendant. He looked like he was fresh out of high school and Tom guessed this was probably his part time job while he did university. The younger male looked like he couldn't take anymore of the older woman's constant berating at his "pathetic customer service" and Tom could see him opening his mouth about to burst out at her until Tom adjusted their heights a bit.


The young man, who was once 6'4" now found himself at the hopeless size of 1'9" and the woman, who was already an impressive 6'5" shot up to about 13 feet. The tiny male now buckled under the intense glare of the giant woman as he bow at her every whim. her two feet either side of him, larger then he was tall and emitting a funky foot odor that he far too afraid to mention. He simply continued serving her every whim and attempted to pick up another giant shoe for her. Now that's customer service, thought Tom.


Tom got a sandwich from a shop and sat down at the tables, looking around for any potential targets. His sight landed upon a little boy who was sitting with his mother and teenage daughter while they ate. The boy, who couldn't have been more then 5 years old, was constantly disrupting their meal and being a general nuisance. Well, that all stopped when he was shrunk to a measly 6 inches and the two girls were grown to about 9 feet and 7 feet respectfully. The Boy was now smaller then a barbie doll and both the mother and daughter looked down at the screaming child.


The mother had obviously had enough but didn't even say anything as she picked up the child and place him in her jacket pocket where he was not only trapped but the thundering sound of his mothers heart beat and the gurgle of her stomach as she ate were all around him. The two giant women then continued their conversation as if nothing ever happened. That boy was going to have a rough childhood. The mother and daughter at least seemed happier now that a life nuisance had been reduced.

End Notes:

The next chapter will probably take place at the pool. I already have a few ideas for what can happen but I wouldn't mind some extras.

More mall fun by christiawi9
Author's Notes:

Well, that was a long wait. And it's probably only going to be longer. Maybe I'll do another chapter. Maybe not. Comment if you want. That's always fun.

I alo made this a round-robin in case anyone wants to have their own fun considering I'm probably going to take a year to continue. 

Tom hadn’t finished with his escapades at the mall just yet and knew there were still many wrongs to right and situations to have fun with. Taking an escalator up to a higher floor he noticed more shops having to do with clothes and fashion and the crowd here being distinctly more feminine as a result. Looking around, all groups comprised of women with males mixed in accordingly. Whether husbands being dragged, boyfriends being dragged or children being dragged around to the clothes stores.

Walking into one of the stores Tom quickly found his next victims to play with. A girl and boyfriend shopping for his clothes with the woman excitedly going through all the items while the man just wanted to pick anything and leave.

“Come on, now. These are you’re clothes. You should take pride in what you wear” She would lament as she rummaged through the racks of shirts

“I don’t care, Mary. Just pick anything and let’s go”

Tom activated the powers and watched the change. Instantly, the man shrunk slowly down until he was roughly the size a child. The woman now had definitely more authoritative power.

“Well, I can’t find anything small enough for you”

“Does that mean we’re leaving?”

“Yep. We’re just going to have to try a kid’s store”

“What?” He exclaimed as Mary grabbed him by the hand and dragged him away “I’m not wearing kids clothing!”

“You will wear what I buy you, Greg!”

Tom laughed as he strolled away. Taking another escalator up, he came to another food court, different to the one before in size and variety. This must be the main court located within the middle floors since it appeared to expand the entire level. Looking over a railing he could see several floors below and above himself, amazed at just how big it was and if it would be big enough by the end of the day. Tom internally laughed at such thoughts as he turned away from the railings and made his way for a seat.

Tom approached the seat he wanted and shrunk down the middle aged man the occupied it. Sitting down in the seat, he flicked the 1 inch man that was now standing on the table causing him to fly across the room. Tom immediately stopped caring about him and turned his attention to his surroundings looking for fun to be had.

A few tables across from him he noticed a young couple talking loudly next to a women who appeared to be trying to read a book. The woman was in her early 30s and strong, sharp face making her very attractive. It’s understandable that the she wouldn’t complain about the noise of the teens since she was sitting in a mall. Why she was here reading, Tom couldn’t know, but guessed that perhaps she enjoyed the atmosphere. Never the less, it was obvious the teens were being far too noisy even for a mall and many onlookers were giving them harsh looks with even the woman next to them taking out some headphones to listen to music.

Tom decided to do a public service and to cut the noise down a little. The young couple, no more than 17 years each, were sitting across from each other. Holding hands and yapping as loud as they wanted to each other. Suddenly, the two were reduced from their average height of about 5.5 feet to a measly 6”. The two were now standing on the table itself among their food and talking to each other and looking around occasionally at the giants walking passed. Tom was happy that they were making less noise but wanted to push it a little further. Activating his powers again he caused the teens to shrink down to 1” each and also grew the woman reading to about 9 feet. Suddenly, the woman took up a majority of the table with her food being spread everywhere and the teens only occupied the corner. They doubted the woman, or anyone else for that matter, noticed they were there considering the goliath had sat down ten minutes ago without even referencing them.

“Hey mark” The woman spoke “Maybe we should go to a smaller food court”

“But the food is so cheap here! We’ve avoided danger before so don’t worry. Just keep a look out and we should be find”. The two teens were sitting on a burger wrapper surrounded by a few chips and burger pieces eating their fill.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a cleaner came to the table and noticed a half eating burger sitting conspicuously on the edge. Picking up the wrapper she scrunched it into a ball and threw it in the big. Luckily, the teens realized fast enough and jumped off before they met a disgusting demise. However, unluckily, the woman landed in a sauce container and was having a hard time getting out. The sticky and thick swamp of tomato sauce held the straddling woman in place and she was unable to pull herself to the edge. The man ran over and tried to climb the container to get to her.

Tom continued watching and made one final move and shrank the two down to 1 millimetre in height and once again grew the woman to about 11 feet. Now the teen lovers were nothing but crumbs and the woman was a goddess who took up the entire table. The area was now littered with food that she was eating to fuel her now gigantic frame and had no idea she was sharing the table with a couple half her age. Picking up a chip, the woman dunked it in the sauce and quickly dumped it in her mouth. The tiny French fries were barely chewed before swallowed practically whole by the cavernous maw. Unknown to her, the tiny woman was trapped on that chip and was now making a one way trip down her throat. The man looked at the lump travelling down the giantess’ neck with fear at what just happened and knew he needed to act fast.

The man run passed the mountainous burgers and milkshakes until he was in front of the woman reading her book. Jumping up and down, he waved his hands screaming for her attention but knew he wouldn’t get it unless he was on higher ground. Looking around, he quickly saw the only thing he would be able to ascend: a large, rubbery bulb that had some stickiness on the outside and what appeared to be a small cavern in the centre. He couldn’t tell what it was from his able but knew he would have a much better vantage point within the hole and so quickly jumped onto it. Once he made his way onto the ledge and into the hole did he realize the mistake he had made. If the sticky .yellow cream that surrounded the man didn’t scare him, then looking up and seeing the woman scratching her ear did. The ear that had no earphone in it. The earphone that he was currently standing in.

Before he could react, the woman picked the bud back up and inserted it into her right ear and quickly turned her music back on. It wasn’t too loud since she didn’t want to distract herself from the book but it was able to cut out the noise from the mall. The boy was rocket into her ear from the momentum and became stuck in a boulder of wax. He tried to scream until the music came on and drowned him out

Tom watched in amazement as the girl was swallowed whole and the boy was shoved inside of an ear. He noticed the woman give a slight irritation and knew that she must be able to feel something was wrong within the ear bud. Acting quickly, Tom shrunk the boy down to about 1/10 on a millimetre so that not only did he cause no irritation but there was now no way for him to escape his waxy prison.

Finishing his fun with that, Tom now turned his attention to other sights to influence and quickly found some targets.

He found a teen sister who appeared to be looking after her younger brother who could be more than 8. She was on the phone and trying to talking to friends and he kept trying to get her attention or throwing food bits on the floor. In an instant, the boy was about an inch and running around on the table avoiding the giant fingers that were trying to pin him down. He was far more manageable now. Even more so when the sister took the gum out of her mouth and stuck him into it, effectively preventing all movement.

Another table had two mother whose two little boys were kicking each other under the desk. Why were little boys so hard to manage and making noise. Well, once they were shrunken to 1” they seemingly seemed to disappear. That was until tom noticed that necklaces had appeared on the necks of the mothers. They appeared to be small cages that housed a small, bored looking person in each. Poor boys, they aren’t going to have a productive life if this is how they will have to live.

Finally, he grew a small girl of about 7 to 10 feet tall as she was leaving a store with her parents. Both her mother and father were now being dragged by her instead of the other was around. This made Tom curious as to what she will be like growing up now that she could do whatever she wanted. If the looks on her scared parent’s faces were any consideration, she would become quite a menace.

Once Tom had finished messing with some small situations he was going to leave until he found one last fun thing to mess with. A mother was having lunch with her daughter and boyfriend. The girlfriend got up and went to the bathroom and left her boyfriend with her mother.

“So, I hope you’re going to treat my daughter well, Jeffrey” The woman said sternly now that the two were alone.

“That’s not much of your concern, no offense. I’m dating Cindy, not you” The boyfriend then whipped out his phone and started texting.

Suddenly, the woman grew to about 8 feet and the boy shrunk to 4.

“It’s not wise to mess with a daughters mother” She said threateningly “Especially one that is twice your height”

The boy looked up at her “What are you going to do? You can’t stop me dating your daughter. You might be her mother but she can make up her own mind. And threat mean nothing unless you’re willing to go through with them” Jeffery stood his ground but his voice had a definite nervous tone to it.

Once again, the woman grew and the boy shrunk with her now being 10 feet tall and him being only 2. He now had to stand on his chair while the woman was able to easily crane over him, even while sitting.

“Look here” She said, poking him in the chest “You better watch your mouth or you might end up somewhere you don’t like. You think you’re her first boyfriend? What do you think happened to the others? It’s hard to defend yourself against a 10 foot amazon. Especially if you’re a 2 foot pipsqueak like you. I don’t know what she sees in you”

“Better to be too small then a giant freak!” The boy was now quite angry and that removed most of his well-placed fear. “I don’t give a fuck what you say! I’m dating her and there’s nothing you can do about it! So just deal with your problems, okay?”

One last change. The woman grew to 13 feet in total while the boy shrink to 6 inches. He was now standing on the table with the gigantic, well-manicured hands of this woman on either side of him. Looking up at her, the boy was wishing he hadn’t said what he just did.

“Hmm, maybe you’re right. I should deal with my problems” Just then, her stomach gave an audible growl “And I just realized we haven’t had our meal yet. And a giant freak like me has to eat quite a bit. I think you might be able to help out with that, in fact”

Like a snake, her hand shot out and her fingers wrapped around his tiny body, constricting him and preventing him from screaming. She then lifted him up and slid him into her mouth before sealing it shut. Even though he was 6 inches big her enormous mouth was more than large enough to encompass and torment his tiny body. Pushing him around with her tongue, she coated him in saliva before pushing him to the back of her throat and letting out a heavy *Gluck* as she swallowed him whole. He felt amazing as he slithered down her throat and it wasn’t long before be fell into her stomach.

“Ohh, that feels nice.” She moaned at his struggles “I hope you don’t get buried under all the food I’m about to eat.

Just then her daughter came back. “Where’s Jeff?”

“Oh, he got scared off”

“Mum, you can’t keep scaring away my boyfriends”

“Oh, he’s still here” She lifted up her shirt and showed her stomach that poked out every few seconds as if there was an animal trapped inside trying to push its way out. “He didn’t pass my test”

“You ate my boyfriend” The daughter looked upset but near not to anger her mother considering she was a giant.

“I won’t have you dating someone who can’t show respect!” The mother held her mouth as she gave a slight burp.

Tom was astonished by what he had just seen. The changes he was making were making the world a better place!

Getting up, he went to leave the mall until he got one last idea. Looking around he made his wish and watched the changes unfold. At once every woman within the store grew twice their height and every man shrunk to half his. So now, a woman who was the same size before would now be 4 times the size on the same man now. And with these changes the world around adapted. Suddenly stores were popping up selling man collars and tiny clothing. Mothers were walking along with sons held in special purse compartments. Men and fathers were being carried around by hand or on the shoulders of those bigger. However, as Tom left there was one change that he didn’t notice. The people he had shrunk we even smaller and the woman he had grown were even larger.

The girl buying the boyfriend clothes was now looking in the Barbie section for his attire. The teen trapped in the woman’s ear now found himself in a valley with it taking him hours just to reach the exit and that was if there was no wax in the way. The younger brother was now trapped under his older sister’s nail trying to free himself from her dirt. The boys in their mother’s necklaces were now so small they were trapped in rings on their fingers instead. And the little 7 year old girl was no over 20 feet tall with a father who was only 3. He had become her stool a long time ago and the single mother was trying to stop her daughter causing more chaos. Finally, Jeff now found himself only 3” in a 26 foot woman’s stomach. The sac was like a raging ocean and he was quickly sucked into her intestines.

Tom was excited about all the possibilities and finally left for new adventures. Maybe the pool or even the park. Who knew? Definitely not this author.


End Notes:

I'm thinking of doing a heavy foot chapter next or maybe butt. I love me some butt however I don't know how to implement it. If you have any ideas I'm open. Next chapter will probably have a shrunken house event.

Housewarming by rabbithole by rabbithole
Author's Notes:

Senpai pls notice me.



As he was walking along Tom sees the most opulent house in all of suburbia. Four stories tall and made with style over substance. An absurdly long driveway filled to the brim with cars. In disgust Tom shrinks the McMansion and none are the wiser. Another car pulls up to the driveway and Tom stays curious to see what happens.

Kelly drives up to the one inch McMansion and parks her car. She grabs her gift bag and checks the mirror one last time. Ready to make her first impression she steps out of her car and approaches the home.

James and Marissa were confused. She confirmed an hour ago that all 30 guests were accounted for so who was this stranger. He motions for her to follow him outside and greet the giant.

The couple step out front and are greeted by the site of Kelly. From her blue blouse, black pencil skirt, heels taller than the house, curly brown hair, and stunning face they could tell that she was dressed to impress. Marissa attempts a feeble wave as Kelly squints in their direction. James gave an exaggerated wave with both arms. This caught Kelly's attention.

"Hi!" said Kelly in a voice uncomfortably loud for her subjects. "You two must be James and Marissa. I came to welcome you both to the neighborhood. My name is Kelly and I'm glad to meet you."

"Hi Kelly," said Marissa. "Your outfit looks amazing. Are you here for out housewarming party?"

"Indeed I am," said Kelly cocking her head to the side and giving a nodding smile.

"Well that's funny," said James, "because on our invitations we specifically requested an RSVP and currently have all guests accounted for."

Kelly's eyes widen as such an obvious occurrence hits her for the first time and quickly spits out "W-well I thought that if there was ever a good time to meet you it would be with your friends too so we can all do a little meet and greet. We're all going to run into each other sooner or later so why not now? And besides there's no harm in one more right."

James was slack jawed. "One more?" he thought. How could there be room for one more normal person in a packed party for tinies? He was about to exchange some choice words before he feels his wife on his arm.

"Maybe we're taking this the wrong way," she says. "She's just a ditz dear, she doesn't mean anything by it."

He considered the words of his better half and thought better of it. This could be her first time interacting with their kind. It's best to leave a good impression.

"Well," he says slowly, "I guess we could do with one more.

At this Kelly beamed with delight while the guests racked the house with laughter. James and Marissa could hear them clearly but Kelly was as clueless as ever.

"Oh I'm so excited," she said. "I wanted this to go well so bad. I even got some gifts tailored to each of you."

Kelly reaches into her gift bag for the first time and pulls out some cases. James and Marissa amused, waited to see what she got them and how accurately tailored they were.

Kelly holds up the cases in front of the house to show them off. They were technically video games but they were the cheap department store games that got sales through imitating popular titles and people that didn't know any better. This elicited from James a chuckle that forgave Kelly of all blunders in the last five minutes. But then Kelly ruined it.

"James, one look at you was all it took to know you love video games."

"One look," he thought. "What's one look supposed to mean?" He proceeded to cross examine himself with every gamer cliché he could think of as did his guests.

"I got you several because you would definitely blast through one before the end of the day."

"What free time is she pulling out of her ass?" He didn't even have enough time to binge watch shows with his wife.

"And for the misses," she said while lowering her voice and  giving a coy smile, "your own fun to pass the time while the hubby has his fun to pass the time."

Everyone gasped. "She didn't," though Marissa her mouth agape. But one look at Kelly's bouncing eyebrows confirmed that she did.

Marissa's face turned red with embarrassment. James' face turned red with fury. "Enough!"

Kelly was taken aback. This was even worse than earlier somehow.

"How in the world could you possible think these 'gifts' were a good idea! How could you do that in front of our guests! Guests who we invited and not you!"

"I was just trying to be nice. I wanted to get gifts with lots of thought put into them." Kelly can save this somehow, she just knew she could.

"What thought!" he spat. "It would take lack of thought to come to your conclusions!"

"I didn't spend four hours shopping with nothing in mind!" she said in a huff. There's no saving this now. Best thing to do is to make a speedy exit. "But I guess I did spend four hours wasting my time."

"Both of you please," said Marissa. She gave her husband a  pleading look to back down. "The gifts are lovely. Set them aside and welcome to the party."

"I didn't want to come anyways."  She refused to make eye contact as she tried to come up with a good excuse to leave while preserving her dignity.

"Then why are you here!" Marissa shot James a dirty look but he didn't care.

"I'm here because…" Marissa still looked around for some sort of inspiration. She looked around the neighborhood trying to come up with another recent neighbor to greet. She looked at her car to come up with some sort of engine problem but she didn't have nearly enough knowledge to sell something like that. She looked at her shoes. Thoughts of crushing the house just made it harder to concentrate. She turned to her bag. With a devious smile Kelly had found her inspiration.

Composing herself she finally continued. "I'm here because I wanted to test out a new item of mine and your house happened to be perfect for it."

Kelly's left hand reached into her bag and from it pulls out a shiny metal butt plug.

James' stomach dropped.

"You see I've been having a stressful week lately. Felt like I was dealing with asshole after asshole. Got this thing to help unwind but I knew it wouldn't be enough. Had to make it special somehow." With that said she covered the butt plug in some spittle and spread it with her tongue. All this and she did not break eye contact with the couple.

Everyone immediately ran back into the house, desperate to find some modicum of safety. James and Marissa hid as centermost as they could.

This did nothing to deter Kelly as she slowly dropped to her knees. Using her right hand she sinks her fingers into the foundation of the house and effortlessly lifts it up. She brought it to her right eye and looked inside one of the windows. James and Marissa looked back and felt smaller than ever. Kelly's face leaves the window as she lowers it onto the butt plug.

Tom observed from afar and could hardly believe the events that just took place. The woman was clearly more abnormal than him but her heart meant well. A knot had formed in his stomach as he saw the abuse she took only to go away as she took control of the situation. He was happy for her and wished the best for her. As he mused on the situation he notices that Kelly was having some difficulty balancing the house on the butt plug. She's had it rough enough he thought and as a courtesy he shrunk the gaudy McMansion down to one tenth of a millimeter. Seeing her balance it with ease he considered his work done and went along his way.

James couldn't believe what was happening. The day had started so wonderfully too. He was surrounded by his friends, the love of his wife, and the biggest house he could afford. Sure life as a tiny came with disadvantages but he could always come up with a day that made life worth living. And then she came.

Now he, his wife, and all his friends were gagging on the halitosis radiating from her saliva gluing his house to her butt plug.

The motion made him sick. She wasn't at all careful with how she handled his home from the lifting to the balancing. He could see dents in his ceiling from where guests made contact. Hell the one he was looking at might have been his own. It was all he could focus on in a temporal peace.

 And then a mighty roar tore that peace apart. It split ears and seemed to go on for eternity and then it stopped. To weak to move or think, he had no idea what it was.

"Her skirt"

He turned to his wife as she spoke words instead of screams.

"Her skirt. She just unzipped her skirt. She's going to be doing it here and now of all places." Marissa turned to face her husband with tears in her eyes.

A soothing sound of fabric on skin followed. It was an erotic sound, the sound of removing panties.

The house jerks as a rising motion pins everyone to the ground before settling. The nose knew before the eyes as a pungent sulfurous smell turns everyone's attention to the windows to see a massive brown eye and it was growing bigger. Contact was made with the growing sphincter and with a shudder enveloped everyone in darkness. A scraping prying noise capable of drowning out even the mightiest of jet engines soon followed. James and Marissa held each other. As the prying noise came to an end there was a full orchestra of biology. There was beating and pulsing and contractions. With an absence of light so was there an absence of silence.

James and Marissa would have been content to just lie defeated in their consumed house but Kelly would not allow it. Soon the scraping prying noise overpowered the orchestra that was Kelly. A quake accompanied this noise as the house shook to its very foundation and started to lean at a dangerous angle.

James picked himself up amongst the noise and shaking and carried his wife in his arms determined to escape the failing house. He opened the front door and the light from within poured without. Before him was his familiar lawn and driveway but about ten feet from the door was a thick gelatinous ocean with foam that could swallow his home. Beneath this ocean he could see a stirring floor tinting the sea silver. And above the sea was nothing but darkness.

He ignored the overwhelming size of it all and made his way to his car. He pulled out his keys, entered, and turned on the headlights at full blast. With the front of his home illuminated James could see that he was not alone in plan to escape. His guests were running, limping, crawling, and carried to their cars. Ignoring them he started the engine and drove. Seeing no point in backing out he went left of his own home and through the lawn.

Flooring it as hard as he could James saw the end of his lawn and the beginning of her ocean. Fear racked his body as saw the endless expanse. But he felt a tug at his arm. It was Marissa his beautiful wife and source of willpower.

"To your left. It's shallow over there."

He turned and saw it. A pink tint to the ocean where the floor was land. Kelly's land but at least it wasn't her ocean. He made the hardest left of his life and held his wife as tenderly as he could. He closed his eyes as he left his lawn and was airborne. The landing became harder for it.

He opened his eyes to see whether he made. He smiled as he realized he did. The waves threatened to submerge his car but solid ground beneath his four tires gave him courage enough to whether them. He turned to his wife and saw that she had already turned to him with a smile.

He found peace in that smile. And when he took it in he realized there was peace all around. James turned his head left and right to gather his bearings. The sound of biology was back but it was preferable to the screeching of the plug. The little island the couple just left was deserted as far as they could tell. Their house was in ruins and all the cars circled it like life rafts. The ocean itself was no longer tinged silver from the plug but was in fact pink all except for a foreboding dark abyss beneath the island they had escaped. But for now a moment's reprieve.

James was so happy to be alive that he hadn't notice the feeling return to his hands and feet as the adrenaline wore off. But as it wore off he came to know something else. He started to gag and then Marissa gagged as well. The smell from Kelly's anus had returned but this time it was a hundredfold. It reeked of sulfur and death. The warm humid air felt oppressive and unrelenting and was itself diseased. The two could taste the shit in the air overpowering the pine tree in the car, Marissa's perfume, even the smell of Kelly's breath from the waves.

And then came the quake to end all others. A tumult that shook the Earth itself and turned it on its side. Everything fell down. The island and the life rafts were the first to go. Instead taking their place was the sound of a storm with rain and waves that could flood the world. And as quickly as the fury came, it went. It had followed it source, the ocean, into Kelly's abyss. The sound of biology returned.

The couple were stupefied. How had they survived? Marissa looked down the side and turned pale.

"James we're on her shit."

James had trouble comprehending what she was saying.

"James we are on her shit. A massive one as big as our house is lodged into her and the car is lodged into it."

In disbelief James too looked down the side and saw the dark greasy mass. The car was sunken down to the chassis. Dislodging it would require a full blown crane.

James sat back into his chair and looked forward. This was their salvation. A piece of shit Kelly would never noticed lodged into her colon as if it too was seeking shelter from her. It almost broke him.

What did break him was the aftershocks. A rhythmic shaking of their world jolted them in their seat. It reverberated everywhere and worst of all it gave them a sinking feeling. James checked back over the side and while the car was still firmly in place, their lone firmament was quickly growing loose. Disbelief gripped him even harder as he constant shaking of their world shook the shit particle loose. He broke from the car side and embraced his wife as the particle gave way and they too fall into Kelly's abyss.

Kelly was finishing her hamburger in one hand while holding the wheel with the other. She takes her last bite and throws the wrapper in the passenger seat with the others. Her stomach is gurgling but she was waiting on something else. Then deep within her the low rumbling of a bowel movement. Kelly smiles eager to get home.

End Notes:


Finally my first story. Reviews and criticisms are welcome.


Afternoon at the playground and evening out by Madrigal16
Author's Notes:

Tried to keep it consistent with the first writer. Enjoy!

Satisfied with his work with Kelly and the mansion, Tom moved on. This was getting so addictive so quickly! He noticed that some houses in the neighborhood were much larger than others. As he had shrunk and grown so many people across town already, their houses had changed to match the giant or tiny sizes of the families that lived there.


He approached a playground. As this was a nice neighborhood, all the equipment was new, colorful and safe. A lot of young mothers sat on benches watching their children play.

But it was too noisy. Tom parked his car and smiled as he thought about the next “correction” to the world.


The sound from the playing children started becoming quieter and more distant, as the playground shrunk in size. What was once a large public square full of children was reduced down to the size of a small room, all the children now barely 2-3 inches tall. Not that they noticed! As far as the kids were concerned, they had always been tiny, ever since they crawled out of their mothers’ gigantic vaginas. The benches that the moms sat on were moved to encircle the minuscule playground, so that there was an impassable wall of benches and legs encircling the kids from all directions.


As their tiny children played, those moms watched down by their feet, making sure that their kids were safe and hadn’t ran off to the dangerous enormous world around them. Tom walked to the playground and sat on a bench, watching with amusement, the tiny squeaks barely reaching his ears. A young woman looked at him quizzically. “Oh, my niece is somewhere down there”, he told her, pointing at a group of tiny children. Indeed, a tiny girl that nobody else knew appeared in the middle of the group. The mom nodded and paid Tom no more attention. He willed his “niece” out of existence immediately.


As time passed, some more moms showed up, with tiny children in their hands, pockets, or purses, removing them from their gigantic clothing and accessories, while yet other moms called out to their kids and collected them in their gigantic palms to take them home.


He peered down at a group of children that seemed to be making fun of a little girl for having second hand clothes. The girl ran off, running to her mom’s shoe, climbing up the thin leather sandal and hiding between her mommy’s giant toes for comfort. Her mother looked down at her and pinched her little treasure between her toes. Tom smiled and willed the tiny girl bigger – she slowly grew to be a 9 inch doll, now almost as big as her mom’s foot was long. Still tiny, but most importantly, at least three times bigger than her tormentors. Her mom looked down at her and gently shook her foot, throwing the girl to the ground. “Don’t cry sweetie, if they are being mean to you, show them who is boss!”


The girl nodded and walked to the other children, who were the size of babies, even smaller, to her now, towering over them. She found her bullies and pinned the leader’s torso under her own shoe. “Make fun of me for being poor again, and I’ll show you!” she said, as the tiny boy begged for mercy.


The “giant” girl was interrupted by a dirty pink sneaker that crashed into her, sending her flying. The bully’s mom was a bully herself, and wanted to protect her own child! “Don’t you dare touch my child!” the other mom yelled, as she raised her foot to stomp the nine-inch girl. But before she could squish the girl, Tom shrunk her to half an inch tall. The angry woman became tiny, even to the children! Instead of being angry, she was being apologetic now. “Please, don’t punish my kid too much, she didn’t mean to pick on you!” the tiny woman begged. Tom smiled, satisfied that bullies were now underfoot. Both bully mom and kid apologized to the 9 inch girl, and then the 3 inch tall boy picked up his tiny mom in his arms and carried her off to go home.


They didn’t make it far, however. When the tiny boy walked on the sidewalk, a college-age jogger was running on the same sidewalk, and the tiny boy and his even tinier mom became a smear under her sneakers without anyone ever noticing!


A bit more time passed, and now the kids were hungry. One of the enormous mothers unpacked oreos, setting one down on the playground. The group of children swarmed around it and started cutting bits and pieces off the giant cookie. Tom willed the children even smaller, now only a millimeter tall each. They looked like tiny colorful ants running around on the gigantic cookie, eating insignificant amounts of food. The moms were now equipped with magnifying glasses, as they had to squint to identify which child was theirs. The whole playground was now smaller than a person’s toe. A few real ants showed up, smelling the food. The children were terrified of the bugs that rivaled them in size and tried to run back to their colossal mothers. Tom thought that that’s enough, and grew them all back to 4 inches tall. Easily bigger than the insects, the kids were now able to defend themselves and resume eating from the cookie.


Tom had a lot of fun shrinking the kids down, but then he wondered what would happen if the opposite was true, if they grew. Before he could even finish his thought, the playground expanded to cover an area of a small suburb, as children 150-200 feet tall were now playing about. The noise of their enormous voices was deafening. As they ran around, their steps caused tremors on the ground, and nearby houses shook violently. The mothers’ benches were now located on a corner of the playground, so that no child would accidentally step on them during play. But the moms were no longer there: a lot of them were trying to catch up with their giant children, running about, evading huge crashing feet, while others were being played at like dolls. An enormous soccer ball got kicked far, escaping the playground and demolishing a house that stood on its way. “Oops!” the girl called out as she stepped off the playground and onto the road, squishing a few cars under her barbie-branded sneakers.


Tom had little time to react as the previously bullied girl reached for him and wrapped him around her fingers. “Hi, lonely dolly!” the girl said. But that was enough for Tom. He immediately willed the playground tiny again, and once more, the 2-3 inch tall kids were under control under their moms’ watchful eyes.



Getting bored of the playground, Tom stood up and left. He went to the local coffee shop to sit down and enjoy a cup, thinking about his newfound powers.


As he walked in, he noticed that the shop was short staffed. A cute, short girl was trying to take orders from increasingly annoyed customers. With just a wave of his hand, the customers dropped to 4feet tall, while the meek girl shot up to 8 feet tall. Now, everyone was courteous and waited for the amazonian girl to serve them on their turn. As he accepted his drink, he sat on a chair and watched the other people around him. A freshly-shrunk girl was trying to type up her essay on her laptop, her arms barely reaching the table, her legs swinging from the chair. He felt bad for her, and resized her to her original size. A young couple was sharing a piece of cake on another table. Tom shrunk those lovebirds to 6 inches tall. They were now sitting on the table, next to an impossibly huge treat. They cut pieces with their hands and fed each other, being slightly disgusting as they rubbed food on each other. Tired of their show, he made them even smaller, now half a millimeter tall, almost indiscernible specs. Now, whatever they were doing wasn’t intruding in the senses of other people. In fact, since they knew that they were always so tiny, they were quite happy to have public sex on top of the cake plain.


Tom grinned as he thought of something. He looked at the laptop girl, and made her own food disappear from the table. He also made her very hungry. As the girl’s tummy rumbled, she looked at the long line waiting to be served. Not having time for that, she looked around, spotting the seemingly unattended cheesecake. She walked to that table and picked up the plate, bringing it over. It wasn’t long until the tiny lovers were picked up in a gigantic spoonful of cake. The girl’s lips parted, revealing a hot and cavernous mouth. Strands of saliva fell close to the lovers, and in a few seconds they were holding on for dear life as she chewed the soft cake. They were too small for her to feel, so when she gulped, she had no idea that she sent them to their deaths. It reminded him of how he dealt with the couple at the mall.


While this was happening, a ragged looking man approached the young college student. He was over 6 feet tall, easily taller and stronger than her. He reached with a hand and snatched the laptop from the table. The girl shrieked at the thief, unable to defend herself. The 8 foot tall barrista immediately started walking towards them, but Tom had a better idea. He shrunk the man to 3 feet tall. Now he could barely reach the table, but he was still attempting to steal the laptop – this time, however, the student was much bigger and stronger than him, and she pulled his arms away. “Have they taught you not to steal bigger people’s things?” she growled over him, and pushed him on the floor. The man started to run, hoping to escape. Tom then shrunk him even further, to only half an inch tall. The girl stood over him, and cast a shadow over him.


“I didn’t see a thing”, said the barrista girl, winking, giving the girl permission to do whatever she wanted with the would-be criminal. The student nodded and muttered “Thanks”. With that, she raised her ballet flat over the man, and pressed down on his wiggling, squirming form. “You couldn’t even carry my laptop away, why did you try stealing it in the first place?” she asked him. She didn’t let him respond, however. She carefully rubbed the tiny man on the floor under her shoe. When she lifted it, his clothes were tattered, and some of the dirt from her shoes had stuck on him. He tried crawling away, but every time he tried to escape, she set her foot down next to him with a resounding “boom”, playing with him. She toyed with him for a bit, sometimes nudging him with the toe of her shoe. When she got bored, she bent low and spat on him – the man was now covered in thick saliva, barely able to unstick himself and move. “Be glad I don’t want to dirty up my shoes with your bug guts”, the girl growled.


Tom thought that that wasn’t enough punishment for him. The girl immediately became angrier. “That computer has the only copy of my essay, if you took it, I’d have failed my class!” She said. And with that, she slammed her shoe down on him, twisting him right under the ball of her foot like putting out a cigarette. Satisfied, she walked back to her seat, and used a napkin to clean the bottom of her shoe, throwing the insignificant remnants in the trash.



Tom left the coffee shop and saw that the sun had set a while ago. He decided to go to the bars and have some fun there.


A young woman, maybe 25, was sitting on a bar stool, trying to enjoy her wine. However, she was pestered by two guys, trying to hit on her. One of them was trying to buy her a drink, while the other guy made comments on her appearance. “If you two like her so much, then you can be part of her”, Tom grinned. Immediately, the two men shrunk down to an inch tall, now running around the bar next to the colossal glass of wine. “I’m sorry fellas, but men the size of my thumb don’t really do it for me.” she said, her wine breath washing over them, making them feel tipsy just from the air she exhaled! “I’d love you to buy me a drink”, she said to the first one, “but how about you become part of mine?” and with that, she picked him up between thumb and forefinger, and dropped him in the glass. The tiny man flailed about as he tried swimming on the yellow-golden liquid. As for the other guy… “You said you like my shoes, how do you even know what they look like while you’re seated up here on the bar?” she giggled at him. “I don’t like bad pick up lines, and I like impossible ones even less.” she added. With that, she snatched him and brought him down to her moderately-heeled sandal. “They could use some decoration...” she mumbled. With that, she reached to her purse and pulled out a piece of string. Carefully, she removed her shoe, and tied the man on the toe strap of her shoe using the strip. Happy with her work, she looked at the tiny man that couldn’t escape her. With that, she put her shoe back on, safely nesting him between her big and second toe. “Too bad I only have one...” she said. Tom looked at her, and immediately created a twin for the shoe-fetish man. The woman picked him up and tied him to her other sandal, much happier now.


She turned her attention back to her drink, where the other man was still swimming. “Having fun there?” she giggled down at him. She picked up the glass, causing large waves that almost drowned him. She brought the glass to her lips and tipped it, sipping carefully. When the man made it to her lips, it looked as if she’d drink him in, but instead, she closed her lips and felt him wash powerless against them. She drained her glass and set it on the bar, the tiny man sitting on the bottom, drenched by the remnants of wine.


“Fill me up, will you?” she asked the bartender, who brought the bottle of wine and poured some more on top of the struggling man. She swished her glass around a few times, until she noticed that he had finally drowned. “Aw, sucks. My garnish is dead.” she commented and pushed the glass back. The bartender apologized, and emptied the glass + tiny husk on the drain, pouring the girl a new one.


Tom kept playing with other people in the bar – making men short enough to barely reach the skirts of their girlfriends, and growing women so that their heads could barely clear doorways. He noticed that as he kept changing people, the bar slowly adapted in size – chairs and tables of varying scales appeared, and the building became slightly bigger, as if it was always built to accommodate women who were 7 feet at their shortest. They stood proud on tall bar stools, while their boyfriends had to sit on what looked like an adult version of a baby chair. He thought this was funny, but eventually decided it was a little too absurd. So he changed the bar patrons such that the women were about 5’9’’ to 6’2’’, while the men were between 4’7’’ and 5’2’’. At his own normal height, he realized that he was drawing a lot of attention, so he quickly resized himself to be similar to the other guys and to blend in.


It was quite cute to see boyfriends barely reaching the shoulders of their girlfriends, or being helped up a tall chair. He also noticed something funny: a woman had removed her heels and was forcing her boyfriend to try them on. “Come on sweetie, you could reach up to kiss me even better if you had those on!” The boyfriend was dismissing that, saying how it would make him look unmanly, plus she wore 5 sizes bigger than him! Eventually, he gave up, and removed his own petite shoes, sliding his almost child-like feet on his girlfriend’s huge shoes. His toes barely even reached the toe strap. She helped him up, and held him carefully as he tried to balance on heels too big for him. It was successful though, as he could now reach up to her nose! He turned his head up, and the girl bowed her head down for a kiss. Tom shrunk her just a bit, making her one of the shortest girls, and grew the guy up, making him one of the taller guys – but he was still shorter than her. Even so, his now only 2-sizes-larger heels allowed him to comfortably reach in for the kiss.


He noticed that as the time approached closing time, more people were coming to the bar, and that everyone was well-behaved and was having a good time. Something felt odd. Where are the drunks and the trouble makers? Where are the people who are supposed to leave so that they can sleep the drink off and go to work? Then he remembered that at the beginning of the day, he had wished hangovers to be less potent. As a result, more people could enjoy being out longer and drinking more, without the negative side effects. He noticed that the bartender had really expensive clothes on – more drinks probably meant more tips!


He looked back at the girl that had drank the poor guy and had tied up the other man (and his freshly-created twin) on her sandals. Her own friends had arrived, a group of young fashionable women. She was showing off her new tiny shoe decorations to her friends, gettting “oohs” and “aaahs” and “I wish I found a couple of tinies to put in my boots!”. He eavesdropped a bit more, as the women were getting ready to leave. “I’d invite you all home”, the woman said, “but you know my apartment, it’s so small”…


Tom had an idea. He shrunk the girl’s 4 friends down to 5 inches tall each. They now stood on the bar next to their giantess friend, enjoying their own drinks out of tiny glasses. “But you girls are so small, you could all sit on my coffee table, and I can make a little cot for you to sleep on my nightstand. Plus, this late, your cab driver might not see you and run you over instead of picking you up.” The tiny friends nodded, feeling very happy that they had such a caring giant for a friend. She emptied her last glass of wine and carefully stuffed her friends in her large purse. As she walked out, Tom could see little shapes squirming under the fabric of the bag.


Tom paid his tab and left the bar. He restored his original size and drove home to sleep. Tomorrow would be another fun day.

Walking down the street by christiawi9
Author's Notes:
Well, since two authors decided to add to my story I thought I should at least add something. Thank you so much to Rabbithole and the mystery writer for creating those two previous chapters. Unfortunately we will never know the identity of the mystery writer, but he will live on within our hearts. Of course, I know who he is. But I have to assume he wants to stay anonymous since he didn't write his name. Anyway, I took a little inspiration from Rabbithole and a few other sources for these stories.

It had been a long day and Tom was getting tired. He didn?t change reality so that he could stay up and never sleep since he loved sleeping so much. However, he did use his powers to make his sleep as peaceful and relaxing as possible. After all, he had worked hard all day to improve the very fabric of reality. He walked into a random house and willed it to be his and went to bed, waking up the next morning with excitement for what the next day should hold.

Getting out of his (now) unbelievably comfy bed, he walked to the kitchen to make breakfast and turned the kitchen TV on to watch the morning news. There were a few reports playing and he decided to give them a little adjustment as he skimmed through the channels.

In one news report, a woman was beaten and raped. He changed it and the report now read an attempted rape resulted in perpetrator being crushed under foot. A second report talked about a company who, through shady dealings, bought all the tickets to a very rare and amazing musical leaving the Oakdale Girls School in the mud as their tickets were cancelled. Apparently the school had raised money to get these tickets and they now had neither the tickets nor the money. In an instant, the report told of negotiations that went on between the girl?s school and the business executives and they had come to an agreement. The video showed a group of girls smiling for the camera with about 13 tiny black dots standing on the palm of the front and centre girl; the business executives. They appeared to be half an inch each and waving uncomfortably as they stood atop the hand of the giant eight year old.


Tom changed a few more events as he ate his breakfast before he left ?his? house, ready for another fantastic day. As he stepped out of his house a thundering sound shook his ears. A team of jets appeared to be going over head and were drowning out all the sound in the town as they flew so low. Tom, believing this to be incredibly rude, did the honourable thing and reduced each jet gradually. Over time the jets shrunk smaller and smaller, almost appearing to stay in one spot as they ceased to make distance. What was also noticeable was that the jets were getting closer and closer to the ground until they were only a foot above the average head. By this point they were no bigger than flies and were barely going a metre a second.

The jets got smaller and smaller still until they weren?t able to avoid the movements of the giants around them. They were flying along the path when a sweaty woman was jogging by, panting and huffing as she ran. The jets seemed like they were trying to move out of the way but since they were the size of gnats they crashed straight into her shoulder. Of course, they training had taken over and they deployed their parachutes before they crashed and were swooped up into the air as the woman passed. Now tinier than the tiniest, the shrunken jet pilots had to slowly floating in the sweaty smelling air left by the jogger. However, they didn?t have to suffer for long. Another woman approached and she looked like she had a terrible cold. Her face and nose was red and she was sniffling up a storm. Storm, being the key word since as she walked passed the shrunken pilots it definitely did feel like a storm. Unfortunately for them, as the woman approached them she chose that time to give her biggest snort and sniffed the entire squad up a single nostril. The woman gave her nose a quick scratch as she continued moving as if nothing had happened.

Looking at the entire scene with his super eyes, Tom hoped that the pilots training involved fighting the bacterium and immune system of a sick woman who did even know of their existence.


Tom walked on and later approached a movie theatre. There appeared to be a few movies playing but they all seemed to be standard action movies. Tom gave a quick jerk of the head and a new movie appeared: ?Attack of the fifty foot woman?. Why not show one of the classics, it is fitting after all.

As Tom went to walk away he heard a slight commotion coming from a younger girl of about 12 and a teenage boy.

?Come on, I want to see the giant woman movie!?

?Lacy, we?re seeing blood curdler 3, and that?s that?

?But that?ll give me nightmares!?

?Well, you shouldn?t have begged to come with me than and had mom force me?

Tom didn?t like the attitude of the young man and decided to even the odds slightly. The young girl grew from her 4 foot height to 9 feet tall while the 18 year old went from an impressive 6 feet down to 3.5, shorter than his sister was. Now the little girl was almost 3 times taller than her mean older brother and was able to get her way much easier.

?Well, if force is the only thing that works with you than you can?t blame me for using it, can you?? Lacy then grabbed her older brother by the arm and picked him up with ease, pulling him over to the pay booth and forcing him to buy the tickets she wanted.


Tom was happy how that turned out and made his way further down the street. He was looking around for more things to change when a screeching sound approached from the distance. Two hot rod cars seemed to be skidding down the street at high speed with a cop car hard on their tail. It looked like the two cars had the speed and moveability advantage and was slowly getting away. Tom, believing the law should be upheld, couldn?t let that happen.

The two speeders quickly began to dwindle in size making it much easier for the cop to catch up to their decreasing forms. The cops were easily able to overtake them and bring their vehicles to a halt. The two cars looked more like they were the size of remote control cars sitting next to the giant form of the police vehicle. The people two men in the cars looked incredibly scared and nervous as a giant boot came out of the sky and crashed next to the cars as two beautiful lady cops stepped out of their cars.

The hot rods continued to shrink and were quickly being dwarfed by the solid boots of the young woman. If they wanted to, they could crash the two cars in a single step and not even feel the impact.

?Geez, Lawson, can you believe this pair? Trying to drive away from us?? The blond cop asked her red head friend as she took of her glasses.

?Yep, Steiner, pretty stupid trying to outrace the police when you smaller enough to fit on a Hotwheel set. Well, up you come, you two.? Lawson, gave a chuckled as she bent down and picked up the tiny vehicles. Each about the size of a toy car.

The ?giant? officer looked into the windows of the two cars and gave a smile. The men inside screamed in fear and their precious vehicles were trapped on the land of this woman.

?Well, where do you think we should put them? Our pockets?? Lawson asked, rolling the tiny cars around on her palm.

?Woah, hold up. Check this out. These two have two strikes already. This is their third offense already? Steiner said as she read from her little data base machine

Tom was appalled. 3rd offenders? Well, it was clear that they couldn?t be trusted on the streets and needed to be made so that they can?t hurt anyone, ever. In an instant, the cars shrunk until they were the size of tic-tacs, the men barely visible. Now they were far more manageable.

?Well, we know what happens to triple strikers? Lawson said as she put her hand behind her back. She opened up the tight waistband of her police pants and casually dropped the cars down her underwear. ?It?s going to be a hot day today boys and I can already feel myself sweating up a storm. I?d put those window wipers on, if I were you?

Tom was amazed but didn?t want the lovely officer to get a rash from the metallic cars. He shrunk the vehicles until they were about the size of flea droppings. Practically invisible.

?Lawson! They were almost microscopic. You know we won?t be able to rescue them from your sweaty crack now! They?re trapped there, whether anyone likes it or not?

?Well, if you can?t do the time? Lawson gave a grunt and a heavy fart came out ?Don?t do the crime. Otherwise you?ll have to face the grime. The grime of my arse?

The two officers gave a laugh as they went back to their cars. Tom thought that these girls were doing nothing but good for the world and decided they needed more authority. In an instant, the two 5 foot 5 inch girls became 15 feet each. Their car quickly disappeared since it was obvious the girls didn?t need transportation anywhere and could simply walk. However, the girls did look far sweatier now since they were walking where ever they went.

?Man, Lawson, those dust mites must be swimming in the sweat you?ve made so far. What were you thinking when you dropped them down there? You must have known they would drown?

?I just don?t like criminals. They shouldn?t have been breaking the law. I just thought that they could either get lost in a cell or get lost in my cell. Oh, geez, I think I can feel one driving on my poop chute. He better what out?

?Why? Are you going to fart, again??

?Nope, but he?s really irritating me down there. That?s a sensitive spot after all. If he keeps this up ?Whoops? Lawson gave a slight twitch ?Well, there he goes. My A-Hole clenched and gobbled him right up. Hopefully his friend is a little smarter than that?

Tom watched as the cops walked away, knowing they would be big enough to protect the city from evil-doer. He continued along down the street until he came to a house. A pair of houses, in fact. In one yard, a little boy and a girl were playing with their toys, screaming and laughing as they went. They both looked to be about 9 or so. A gruff looking man stepped out of the neighbour house and looked over the fence at the kids.


?Hey, you little bastards! Can?t you shut up for five minutes? I just finished a night shift and am trying to sleep? The kids were terrified as the man spat in their direction.

A woman came out of the children?s house and marched over to the fence.

?Bill, get back in your house and leave my kids alone. I was watching them from the window, they weren?t that noisy!?

?Is that Karen?? Suddenly, a woman appeared at the window of Bill?s house and was yelling as well. ?Oh, fuck of Karen! My man?s been working all night so how about you just shut you little asses up??

It was clear that one family was a normal one and the others were ? more of a redneck variety. However, derro would be a more accurate term if you understood Australian. One family was homely while another looked drunk and angry. Tom knew he needed to set things straight. In an instant, the derro house was reduced and the family shrunk until the man was only about 4 feet tall, smaller than the wife. However, this didn?t stop his anger and seemed to only fuel it. He was now angrier than he was before. Possibly because he was such a short arse.

Suddenly, two twin boys hurdled out of the Bill?s house and started running around the yard playing. They were far louder than the kids before were.
?Maybe? Karen said, referring to the newly arrived kids ?You should take care of your family, before you criticise mine?

?You fuckin? insulting my kids. Bitch?? The woman at the window screamed ?I?ll fuckin? knock you out, yeah??

?Barbara, don?t listen to her. Our kids are far better than her little cunts. And you? He pointed a finger at Karen ?You keep speaking like that and you?ll see what happens. I don?t care if you?re a girl, or not?

Tom had heard enough. The family was shrunk once more until Bill was about 2 feet high. He also grew the other family until Karen was 8 feet, making her four times the size of Bill. Both houses changed sizes and it looked absolutely insane. One looked like the house for gnomes compared to its? partner. The fence had also been shrunk and was Bills level and so it only came up to about Karen?s knees.

?Oh, is that so?? Asked Karen ?And I wonder how hard you can hit when you?re the size of a new born. I bet you wouldn?t even be able to hurt my daughter who?s only 8. She?d be able to play with your entire family like you were all toys and I don?t think you?d be able to stop her?

?Oh, you?ve asked for it? Bill started punching as hard as he could but it didn?t even phase Karen.

Tom, however, had seen enough and was ready to put this too rest. The house was shrunk once more until it was the size of a doll house. Bill was now punching the slipper of Karen and she didn?t seem to care at all.

?Okay, I?ve had enough. I think we deserve some new neighbours? Karen said.

She then kicked over Bill and walked towards his house. With a single foot, she herded the twin boys back into their house and bent over. With all her strength she started lifting the house out of its foundation but seemed to be having a little trouble. Tom quickly helped her by making her 12 feet tall.

The house was now easy to pull out of the ground. She walked over to her daughter who looked like she was about nine feet tall and handed her the house. The family trapped inside screamed with horror.

?Here you go, sweetie. A new dollhouse for you to play with? The little girl beamed with joy.

Karen quickly bent over and picked up bill and through him through one of the windows ?Can?t forget the husband?

?Thanks, mommy? The little girl started to walk into the house but seemed to be having slight trouble with the house since she was so young and not very strong. Tom quickly shrunk the house until it was the size of a shoe box and easily transportable for the little girl.

?Well, I guess next door is back on the market. I wonder if we can buy it and expand our house? Karen said as she walked into her now giant house with a smile.

Tom was amazed at what he had already accomplished this morning and knew there was more for him to do. He turned around and headed down the street, looking for more adventures to create.
End Notes:
Well, hope you guys enjoyed these. Also, out of curiosity, I was thinking of starting up a commission to get some money on the side. Just mulling it over, wonder what you guys thought. Maybe $15 per 1000 words. I don't know. New to this. But let me know what you think. And, of course, if you want, you can add to this or any other story of mine if you want.
More fun with random encounters! by Madrigal16

Tom walked over to the bus stop. He meant to catch a ride to the city center where he would undoubtedly find MANY problems to fix! As he approached the bus stop, he saw a crowd of people waiting for the bus. Among them was a short redhaired young woman, probably not much over 24.

“I’m going to be late for my interview...” she was mumbling. Tom looked around, and there was still no bus in sight. He immediately willed it, and a second later, the bus finally turned around the street corner, approaching the stop. He looked at the girl, who was fidgeting from being late. He got an idea.

As the bus approached, it started shrinking, dwindling down smaller and smaller, obviously too tiny for the gathered people to get on. The other people in the stop started walking away, obviously not intending to catch this bus anymore, but the late girl stayed, watching it. When the bus rolled up in front of the stop, it was only a couple of centimeters long, if even that.

The girl raised her foot over the bus, casting it in her shadow, a few pebbles of dirt raining down on it from her cute work flat’s sole. Instead of stepping on it, however, she placed her feet to the side of it and looked down at the bus. She then bent down on her knees, covering the bus under the canopy of her sundress. “You are so late!” When I signed up to help carry tiny pebble-sized buses for ant-sized people, I thought you would all be on time! I have things to do!”. With that, she stood up again, and she pulled her foot out of her flat, revealing her feet, which were covered in a gray opaque pantyhose. She wiggled her toes over the bus. Tom grinned as he willed her feet to emit a powerful odor – so powerful he even smelled it from his watching distance. As the girl wiggled her toes, the atmosphere inside the bus must have been revolting! He made the tiny people hold on to their guts, no matter how hard they might have otherwise wanted to puke. They were innocent, it was the drivers’ fault the bus was late!

The girl set her foot down on the street and picked up the bus between her fingers. “I know my contract says I have to carry you with dignity to the city center, but...the contract says you have to show up on time, and you broke it, so I’ll break it too.” With that, she deposited the bus inside her flat, the once big machine resting on the lettering of the well-worn flat. “Here comes!” the late giant announced from above, as the tiny passengers screamed in terror at the shadow of her foot approaching. She carefully slid her toes in her shoe, and then lowered her heel to the ...heel section, nestling the bus under her arch. Tom made sure that the bus could stand the pressure as she walked. The girl started striding. He could only imagine the horror as the tiny passengers were taken along for the dark, sweaty, hot and violent ride, each crashing step being repeated after each gut-jerking take-off sensation of her mighty footsteps.

Wasn’t she late though? Tom thought about it for a moment. If she was late when she could take public transport, she would be even later if she had to walk to the center AND stop along the way to let ant-sized people on and off the bus. He smiled as he watched the girl grow taller and taller with each successive step. She ended up being a towering 100 foot giantess – and the bus grew alongside her, but it was still much tinier than a normal vehicle. Still, at her current size, the girl could easily stroll downtown. Every massive step, feet approximately 12 feet long by themselves, took her further and further in the city. As she walked, her feet caused small imprints in the asphalt. Every so often, she nudged people and cars out of her way as she walked. The girl did not have an interview to be late for anymore, as she was the official tiny-bus carrier around town – her job was to walk around the city all day carrying tinies to their destinations. Tom grinned as he saw a bunch of advertising posters appear on the side of her shoes. It made sense, shoes so big had a lot of space, and someone must have been paying her to display their slogans on her footwear.

As the rumbling sound of her gigantic steps disappeared, Tom realized that he was still stuck in the suburb instead of going to the city center! He thought of calling the girl back to carry him, but decided to just take the walk himself. He would just have to edit his tiredness out as he started the three mile trip to the center!

Tom passed what looked like a school. There was an overworked school crossing guard, stopping cars every so often, letting kids cross every few minutes, causing a lot of traffic. Some impatient drivers started honking their horns at her. She tried to do her best and urge the kids on, but it wasn’t her fault, and their safety should come first, after all!

Tom grinned and shrunk the cars in the front of the line to the size of model toy cars. They were still honking their horns, now smaller and higher in pitch, but still annoying! She Strode from her spot and picked up the three cars that were the noisiest. “Little toys, you know I’m here to protect you from the children, you can be a bit more grateful!” Tom smiled as he realized her new job was to protect the tiny traffic from pre-pubescent feet stepping on them instead of protecting the kids from getting run over. As the woman picked the cars up, the horns went even louder. She was trained for that, and with a quick poke of a mighty finger, she flipped the engine covers of the cars up, and crushed the horn apparatus. There, no more noise.

Satisfied, she carried the cars in her hands until she went back to her post. She spotted two young boys crossing the road. She smiled at them and gave them two of the tiny cars as gifts for being such good and careful boys. The boys took the cars and put them in their backpacks. The tiny passengers screamed as they realized they were sharing a bag with used gym clothes.

As for the third car, the smiling lady stuck it in her pocket. She would use it later for her own fun. With that, she resumed working.

Tom’s curiosity got the best of him, and he walked into the school grounds. Everything looked normal – except from some of the children being unnaturally large, or unnaturally small – at least to Tom, since he knew about it. As far as everyone else was concerned, humans were always that much variable in size. He tried to remember when did he resize so many people, and he realized that a lot of those must have been in the mall or the playground he played around yesterday.

He approached a corner, where he saw something bad – one of the ten foot girls had pinned a 5 ft tall teacher against a wall. The girl wasn’t older than 6, but she was absolutely terrifying, as she bullied her own teacher. “Don’t you tell my mom I didn’t do my homework again, or else!” she growled and pushed her oversized pudgy hand against the teacher’s chest, squeezing her heart and lungs. Tom shook his head, realizing he caused this, and immediately reversed their sizes. The girl was now 5 feet tall, still pretty huge for her size, but the teacher was now a towering 10 feet tall. The teacher was patting the girl on the head. “Now, Sizue, you know that being so big doesn’t make you above everyone else, you should do your homework, alright?” “Ok, I guess...” Suzie said. “If I want to.” Tsk. Tom shrunk delinquent Suzie down to one and a half foot tall. Now she was almost barbie-sized compared to her ten foot tall teacher, staring at her shins, trembling. “Are you sure you don’t want to do your homework NOW?” the teacher asked suggestively from above. “Yes miss, I’ll go do it right now, I’m sorry!” Suzie said, and she ran off, avoiding the legs of her peers as she went to do her homework like a good girl.

Tom walked about the school some more. There was a soccer game – boys vs girls. By the time he was done with it, the 3 foot tall boys were losing 10-0 to the 7 foot tall girls – and it was only 5 minutes in the game!

Before his presence could arouse any suspicion, he left the school and headed off. He walked into a bank, thinking there must be someone in need of his powers there. As he sat in one of the comfortable chairs, he overheard a discussion between a high ranking officer of the bank and a a client. The guy wore a pristine expensive suit, while the client was a working lady of about 30 years old, wearing her work uniform and sneakers. “Please, you can’t close my mortgage, sir, I beg you, I have no other place to stay, I’m sorry I missed a payment, see, I took time off work to come talk to you, please...” she begged. The man insisted that the bank had been very lenient, and that after they took her car, her house was next. “Next time don’t sign a contract you can’t keep”, he said. What a rude ass, Tom thought.

“Show some heart, sir, please!” the woman begged one more time, sobbing. That was enough for Tom. The desk immediately transformed into a platform, where the tiny half an inch tall banker would be able to talk face to face with the gigantic client. He still looked unphased, even if the giantess’ tears dropped on his desk, wetting his paperwork and causing his itty bitty computer to electrocute itself. “Show some heart, please..” the giant woman begged again, this time in a much softer voice, obviously afraid of breaking the tiny man’s eardrums. He shook his head as he fought to dry himself off a salty tear that splashed on him. “Banks are no place for “heart”, lady. You lose.” He planned to make a resort for tiny rich bankers out of her house! The woman stopped sobbing and looked at him with a defeated and stone cold expression. “You know, I always thought that you bug-sized people were humans, and treated you like that. But if you don’t treat me like a human, I won’t treat you like one either.” The banker quizzically shook his head. “No!” he yelled as the woman smashed her fist on his tiny desk. She plucked him from the remnants and pinned him under her finger. The tiny man was now squirming and begging for his life. The woman saw the security guards arriving, and immediately pressed her thumb down on the tiny person, eliminating him to a smear before they could stop her.

Tom made the guards look the other way, forgetting they saw the woman murder their boss. She walked out of the bank free, and his death was ruled an accident. For her troubles, Tom made a gold bar appear in front of her as she stepped out in the sidewalk. She picked it up and stuffed it in her purse before anyone could see. No more trouble for the overworked lady.

Tom went for lunch, choosing a burger place. There were a lot of people there, but nobody drew his interest. He lazily added or subtracted a couple of inches of height from random patrons.

As he walked along the street, he arrived at a car dealership. Cars for people all sizes!” the gaudy banner exclaimed, and indeed, they had cars made for 20 foot tall amazons all the way down to microscopic display cases with the models for people the size of ants. A wide variety of people walked back and forth, working hard. “Interest you in a car, sir?” a smiling salesperson asked Tom. “No, thanks, just browsing!” he said back. The man left with a sad expression in his face. Tom was curious about this – usually salespeople don’t quit after one quick no like that! He followed the man into the employee lounge. Thinking quick, he wished himself an employee’s badge so that he could appear in place, and sat on a couch, watching his “coworker”. The man sat on a chair and put his hands in his palms. Another employee walked in, and asked him what’s wrong. The sad man explained how his triplets were eating too much food and that he couldn’t keep up feeding them. “My kids are going to starve, man! And the less I can feed them, the less I can focus on the work, and the fewer cars I can sell...I’ll get fired” he sobbed. Tom nodded, and slowly but surely, the tears stopped and the sad expression vanished. “I feel good though. Even if I suck at selling cars, my kids are so small, I could just feed them crumbs and they’d be set for a week...” he smiled at his coworker. He now had much tinier mouths to feed, and hopefully he’d start getting a few more sales soon.

Tom didn’t stop there though. A rumble shook the whole dealership. “Honey? Honey?”, a powerful feminine voice echoed. “Oh, my wife!” the sad man announced, and trotted out. A thirty foot goddess was waiting outside, using the dealership as a stool to sit on, the metal frame of the building groaning under her weight. “Sweetie, my modeling makes enough money for all of us… she said, as she picked her baby-sized husband and wrapped him in her embrace. I know you want to be the man of the house and earn your keep and sustain us, but you don’t have to, really...” with that, she pulled a small capsule off her bra, and opened it up. “Daddy!” tiny voices of children barely half a foot tall could be heard. “Don’t be sad daddy, mom got to show us her photo studio today, it was so much fun!”. The salesman nodded and ripped his employee badge, allowing his enormous wife to carry him and his tiny kids off the lot. Tom followed them out until she walked too far too quickly and he lost track of them.

He visited a church – grinning at how people were praying to a god while he had godly powers himself. But today, there was a wedding happening. He thought of trying something a bit more extreme. As the service went on, he slowly shrunk everyone down to two inches tall. Almost everyone, that is. The flower girl, an adorable 4 year old girl, was the only one left normal...even boosted to 6 feet tall. She stepped very careful around the tiny congregation, making sure not to squish anyone under her unforgivingly enormous sparkly shoes. She reached into her basket and dropped flower petals, most of those falling on tiny people and covering them like large bedsheets. They had to fight the flower petals off of them, only to get covered with more as the girl thought it was such a funny game! Her parents were as tiny as the rest of the crowd at the moment holding on for dear life at her milky-white tights, next to her ankles. The girl eventually sat down and circled her giant legs around the area with the tiny people. The priest went to the altar. “Now, I present you all… the groom!” he announced. Everyone looked around, trying to find the man. A giggle resounded around them, as the girl reached into her hair and removed her flowery hair pin. In the middle of the giant fake flower stood a well-dressed man. She set the pin on the floor with a clatter, and helped the man off it, lifting him with soft fingertips. Her parents were so proud of her being able to perform her duties so carefully!

“And now”, the priest continued, “the bride!”. Once again, people started wondering where was the bride stashed. “Is she in her dress?” “Did she stuff the poor woman in her shoe?” someone else said. “Is she in the girl’s underwear?” “What about her purse?” But the girl shook her head, saying no to all of those. She bent her head as low as she could, her enormous face being visible to everyone, eyes that the tinies could swim in. “Shhhh...” she said, bathing them all in her warm breath. Everyone obeyed and fell quiet. The girl then pulled out a little ring box, and set it on the ground. She lifted the lid up, revealing the beautiful engagement ring. And in the middle of it, stood the bride-to-be, sitting on the gemstone as if she was part of it. Everyone “oohed” and “aaahed” at the marvelous presentation. The girl gently picked up the ring and set it in front of the priest. The bride hopped off the gemstone and the groom joined her inside the ring. As they exchanged their marital rings, everyone was happy, and the girl clapped her hands when it was over, deafening everyone with her resounding claps.

Tom left, making sure not to step on the tiny cars that were parked outside the church. He wished the couple a fun shrunken life, and moved on.

End Notes:

This is getting as addictive as Tom's addiction to using his power.

Visiting the Beach by Liii
Author's Notes:

I couldn't resist adding my own chapter!




Tom, approaching the beachfront, noticed a cute girl in a bikini walking down the road ahead of him towards the beach. She couldn’t have been more than five feet tall. He decided that this was a clear injustice and fixed it immediately, quickly making her twenty times that size. The 100-foot young woman was now lying down along the road itself, apparently more than happy to use it as a sunbathing spot since she was so big. Tom grinned at the sight and with a moment’s thought, shrunk her bikini just enough that it was a little tight on her immense body. She didn’t notice anything of course. To her and the rest of the world, she’d always been this big and she’d always worn clothes this tight.

Not everyone was enjoying the view as much as he was though. A car had pulled up in front of the sunbathing giantess and instead of doing the polite thing and finding another road, was beeping its horn at her indignantly. A man and his wife were sitting in the front seat with a little girl in the back, all dressed in beach attire.

“Can you move?” the man shouted. “You’re blocking the road!”


“So?,” the sunbather replied, clearly not taking the little people in front of her seriously. “The beach is too small for me. Where else am I going to go?”


“If you’re too big then you should just stay home!”

The man was clearly not giving up, intent on berating the enormous girl. Tom didn’t like seeing men bullying people so he decided to fix the situation a little more, shrinking the car until it was no more than a foot long.


The giantess laughed.

“Aren’t you small enough to just drive on the sidewalk? I’m not blocking that.”


“We’d get stepped on,” the man called out, his voice now so very hard to hear. “It’s safer on the road.”


Tom hadn’t thought about that! He didn’t want to inconvenience anyone after all. So with that in mind, he grew the little girl in the backseat to her original size. The little girl was now walking down the sidewalk past the sunbathing giantess, foot-long car held underneath one arm. Neither the tiny mother or father seemed at all alarmed and the giantess was barely paying attention. But the girl was already looking a little tired from lugging her parents and their car around and Tom didn’t want her to get tired before she reached the beach. In the blink of an eye she had sprouted up to seven feet tall and the car, now only an inch long, was attached to a little necklace she was wearing. Such a nice girl to walk her tiny family to the beach.


Meanwhile, the sunbather yawned and held up her iPhone, the little gadget itself bigger than a person. She rolled over onto her back, knocking over roadsigns and streetlamps in the process and tried to angle the iPhone to take a selfie without having to get up.

It slipped through her fingers and she dropped it, the mobile phone bouncing off the pavement and smashing through the window of a shop and knocking over the display mannequins.

“Whoops,” she said, sounding entirely unconcerned.


The owner of the shop, who Tom could only assume had been busy cowering inside before, mustered the outrage to run out onto the sidewalk.

“What do you think you’re doing?”


“Uh, taking a selfie? Why?”


“You just ruined my business! Do you know how much this’ll cost to repair?”


“Probably a lot of teeny people dollars,” the giantess said jovially. “Hey, can you go grab my phone for me?”


“What? Get it yourself! And I’ve already called the cops!”


“I don’t want to reach into your tiny store! My hand will barely fit through your window and it’s full of broken glass. I’ll cut myself. You’re small enough that that’s not a problem and you’re probably strong enough to drag my phone back out, right? Do you have any idea how much a phone my size costs?”


Tom decided that the girl was being perfectly reasonable. At her size, she probably wouldn’t be able to reach in there safely. So he did the polite thing and shrank the store until the entire building was only two-feet high. The seven-foot iPhone was now lying on top of the ruined building, having completely destroyed it. The girl was able to pick it up without any danger!


The shopkeeper however, was continuing to be unreasonable. He was only six inches tall now and to the 100-foot girl he was likely just a speck. He was shouting at her even more than he had been before! Something boring and rude about his livelihood.


“What?,” laughed the girl. “You’re going to have to speak up, little guy.”

It took her almost a minute to understand the man’s grievances and once she did she just giggled.

“Oh, I can pay for that. This should be fine, right?”

She flipped him an immense dollar coin without looking, the huge coin landing atop the six-inch man and crushing him instantly without her even noticing. She was preoccupied with making sure her phone wasn’t damaged.  


The peace didn’t last however, police sirens sounding in the distance as they responded to the shopkeeper’s call. Two police cars rounded the corner and stopped right in front of the girl, who was lying on her belly along the road. Four policemen got out, their sirens still going.

“Listen! You are under arr-“


The girl slammed her palm down on one of the empty police cars like someone silencing an alarm clock, smashing it into the ground and stopping the siren. She jabbed her finger through the top of the other, pulling the roof out and turning it into a convertible.

“Do you mind? I’m trying to catch some rays here and I’m sick of interruptions!”


The policemen scattered and pulled out their guns but the girl, without moving from her position, picked up the flattened police car and with just the faintest grunt of effort, squashed it into a ball of twisted metal between her hands. She was much stronger than she used to be, even taking into consideration the difference in size.

Tom made another wish and while nothing physically changed, a new idea entered the girl’s head. She quickly snatched up all four officers, ignoring their pathetic small-arms fire. She shook their guns off of them and then one by one, slipped them down the front of her tight bikini-bottoms. Her hand quickly followed, pushing them all deeper as she began to moan in pleasure.


Tom could see stray arms and legs poking out from inside her underwear as she continued to pleasure herself and began to grow a little worried that it might be uncomfortable even for someone as big as her to try and push them all in at once. The policemen shrunk until none of their limbs were poking anywhere outside of her bikini bottoms and the girl could push them inside her one-by-one. The ground shook as her back arched and her moans came quicker and more frequent, one leg languorously kicking out and demolishing someone’s house.

Satisfied now that she was happy and no longer being bullied or extorted by anyone, Tom moved on with just one final change. She wouldn’t have any special power aside from her size and her strength but from now on, other people and things will shrink to accommodate her more appropriately. No more people trying to mess with her just because of her size!

Tom nodded as he saw another car come around the corner and, without any intervention on his part, shrink to the size of a matchbox. The small car now simply drove around the masturbating giantess, plenty small enough to just drive through the gutters alongside the road without hassling her. That was how things were supposed to work. He didn’t notice however, as he walked away, the enormous skyscraper whose shadow threatened to eventually creep over the massive girl’s sunbathing spot or how it immediately shrank down to just twenty feet tall the moment she noticed the possibility. He had not really put any thought to the long-term effects of what he had just done at all.


Tom arrived at the crowded beach without further incident and immediately began to have fun. He spotted a woman in a bikini standing by the edge of the surf and noted that she was surrounded by guys. She looked a little uncomfortable so he did the chivalrous thing, the nine-feet-tall woman now easily stepping through the crowd of 3-foot men.


Elsewhere, a boy who looked to be in his young teens was kicking over a little girl’s sandcastle.

“Stop it!” she pleaded. “How is anyone going to live in there now?”

Tom thanked her for the excellent idea and now, after just a little mental push on his part, the four-inch-tall teen was looking very nervous as the girl picked him up and put him into her now-undamaged sandcastle with all her other toys. A few other boys and girls quickly joined him, the little girl scooping up tiny people and using them to decorate her creation.


A man and a woman were walking away from the icecream truck, eating an icecream together and being sickeningly sweet with one another. Even worse, they were blocking his view. Tom quickly shrunk them down to a millimetre tall, the couple now sitting helplessly inside their own icecream cone lying on the sand. A teenage girl would later step on them by accident and complain about getting icecream on her foot, entirely unaware of the tiny smears of blood mixed in with the dessert.

The lady working the counter at the icecream truck looked overworked so Tom decided to help her out a little by making everyone currently queued up a foot tall. Now she only had to give out tiny amounts of icecream and it was much easier! It also meant that she had to lean out over the counter to serve them and give Tom an excellent view of her cleavage, which had not been nearly as big just a few moments before. Tom wouldn’t call himself a pervert but he would admit to enjoying the finer things in life every now and then.


“Daddy! I want an icecream!”

Tom turned to see a 14 year old girl pestering her put-upon looking father as the two of them passed the icecream truck. Her father just shook his head. Tom frowned and doubled the height of the girl while halving her father. Now the 3-foot single dad was being helplessly dragged towards the icecream truck by his ten-foot tall daughter. Maybe now he would spoil her a little more.


Tom surveyed the rest of the beach, idly shrinking a few more people for the little girl’s sandcastle as he did so. He didn’t shrink the lifeguards though, their job was important. Or at least, he didn’t shrink the female ones, who now towered over their ankle-high male comrades.


“Come on in, the water’s fine,” a six-foot guy was telling his much shorter girlfriend as she dawdled at the water’s edge. “I’ll show you how to conquer a wave.”

He ran forward but by the time he hit the surf he was only two-feet tall and the first wave bowled him over! His eight-feet tall girlfriend quickly picked him up and hugged him to her chest. She was, thanks to Tom’s attention, a lot curvier there then she had been and her one-piece swimsuit had been replaced with a string bikini. “Do you need my help going into the water again?” Her tone was comforting but more than a little patronising.

“Yes, thank you honey,” the boyfriend grumbled.

She lifted him up over her head and waded deeper and deeper into the water. He began to squirm and yell when he noticed the water was already up to her waist, more than deep enough to let him drown if he was dropped. She just laughed his concerns off.

“You’ll have to get over your fear of water sometime or another, sweetie!”


Tom walked further along the beach until he came along a tall young man attended to by four different teenage girls. All were clearly infatuated with him and he knew it, posing and showing off his muscles. After Tom looked away however, things were different. The man was now four-foot tall and quite scrawny besides and he was surrounded, boxed in on all sides by the girls, who were now all at least nine-feet tall and much more toned and muscular than he was.

“Come on,” one of the amazons cajoled as he tried to back off and ran straight into her thighs. “Show us your stuff, big guy.”


Tom finished his walk and deciding that he didn’t really need a swim, decided to walk back into town. Before he was gone though…he repeated what he did with the mall, making every girl grow to twice their size and every male shrink to half of his. Men were now only knee-high to women they had once been on equal standing with and the nature of the beach changed, now with mostly only women going out towards the waves and leading their fathers, sons and brothers to sit in the shallow tidepools.

But of course, just like the mall, this change had also affected people Tom had already changed on the beach, even if he didn’t realise it.


The seven-foot girl with her parent’s one-inch car on her necklace and who had just arrived at the beach a few minutes ago was now a fourteen-foot titan and if you were to examine the tiny car she was carrying, you would see her mother in the driving seat and her even smaller father sitting quite comfortably on her mother’s lap. The now eighteen-foot woman was no longer even aware of the one-and-a-half foot guys who had been trying to get her attention and instead they were scattering, desperate to get out of her way lest she trample one of them. The boy trapped in the sandcastle was now only two-inches tall and was getting effortlessly bullied by one of the girls also trapped in the sandcastle who was now eight inches tall. Above them and the others who were trapped, the eight-foot tall little girl continued to build their prison. The lady working the icecream truck was now 12 feet tall and was handing out icecream to her six-inch male customers with a teaspoon. One tiny spoonful was enough for at least four of them. She got up as the twenty-foot 14 year old girl approached, her 18-inch tall father clutched helplessly in one meaty fist. Together the two of them shook his money free, nobody apparently seeing anything wrong with this picture. The male lifeguards had vanished altogether, save as squirming lumps stuffed down the bra of an 11-foot teenage girl who had decided to do a little ‘shoplifting’ when the female lifeguards weren’t looking. The woman carrying her boyfriend out into the water was now 16-feet high and was easily sitting crosslegged in what should have been fairly deep water, her legs creating an artificial little tide-pool for her 1-foot boyfriend to wade around in without getting hurt. She splashed him gently, accidentally knocking him over. And the now 18-feet amazons were huddled in a circle, passing around their two-foot boytoy for personal use. When they had all finished having their way with him, one of them picked him up and stuffed him into her huge handbag. Whether he wanted to or not, he was going to have a new life from now on.


After walking up from the beach and through the little parking lot behind it, one that was now full of many different sizes of car, Tom realised that despite not going into the water, his feet were very sandy. He’d have to do something about that. He nearly just wished it off but then decided against it. After all, if he got too used to using his godlike power for trivial things he might start taking it for granted and go mad with power or the like. He didn’t want that to happen, he thought, shrinking a passing family to six-inches high so he could step over them without them blocking his way. So instead he wandered into the changing rooms past the carpark to find a tap and wash his feet off.

Instead he found a very tall man leaning up against the wall in the men’s changing rooms with his eyes closed and his pants down, a young woman kneeling in front with him with his hands in her hair. He didn’t need to actually see the details of what was going on and was immediately disgusted. Apparently, his beach-wide change hadn’t reached the changing rooms!


He fixed his mistake and the scene was now inverted, the ten-foot woman sitting on the ground with her legs splayed and her skirt hitched up. She was sitting on the three-and-a-half foot man’s face, one of his arms helplessly wrapped partly around her thigh. She was jacking him off with her free hand, grinding herself down upon his face in the process.

Tom was happy that he’d fixed his mistake and that the act was now more equal but he had to admit, not very happy about having to look at any of this. So he did it again.


Now the twenty-foot woman was curled up in a ball, groaning with pleasure and her hands cupped over her groin. The man was no longer visible but Tom had a pretty good idea where he probably was. He gave the woman a nod as it was none of his business, washed his feet and walked back out, noticing in the process that the door to the changing room was now twenty feet high. She had to get in somehow, he guessed.


He walked away from the beachfront with a smile on his face. He would find something else to amuse himself with shortly. He still didn’t have a car of course but there were other ways to get around. One of those ways presented themselves to him when he accidentally walked into them, running his face directly into a young woman’s stomach. She was nine feet tall and must have been incredibly short before being caught up in his beach-wide change and had just recently changed from her beach-clothes to a loose tank-top and a miniskirt. She looked down at him with a little interest, or at least, as much interest as Tom could see with his head craned up and her breasts blocking his view of her face.

“Hey,” she said. “I hope you don’t mind me asking but you’re pretty damn tall for the guys here, aren’t you?”


Tom just waved his hand at her.

“I’d like to buy passage for one, thanks. Just back into the city.”


“What? I’m not a taxiiiiiiiiiiiii-“

Her voice receded upwards as Tom did to her what he’d done to that girl with the bus not that long ago. She was now 100 feet tall, her clothes and massive shoes branded with advertisements and a logo that marked her as one of the city’s official modes of public transport. She was still wearing the miniskirt which seemed like less of a good idea considering her stature but Tom wasn’t one to judge. The public transport giantess knelt down, her immense hand outstretched on the ground in front of him.

“Just back into the city? Which seats would you like? They’re all currently available.”


Tom didn’t much fancy being transported via the soles of her feet the way that one bus had been.

“Bra, thanks,” he called out, making sure she could hear him.

“Good choice,” she chuckled. “Always the guys that ask.”

She picked him up, puffed out her chest and tucked him into her cleavage. Being pressed between the two walls of flesh was warm and tight but not uncomfortable.

“City centre, express, no stops. You’re the boss.”


Tom was sure that no matter where he ended up, a lot more fun was to be had.


End Notes:

It might be unoriginal but I really liked the trick Tom pulled in the mall so I had to have him do it again.

Competitive Attitudes by rabbithole
Author's Notes:

Decided to come back for round two cause why not. Hope everyone enjoys.

From Tom's ride he got curious as to what the city center (proper spelling mind you) had in store for him and used his super vision to look ahead. Coincidentally a marathon was taking place and he came right in time to see the first person cross the finish line.


Looking closely Tom could see that there were really only two people about to cross. The distant second was an absolutely drenched redheaded woman in a purple gear seemed on the verge of collapse. Far in first was a brunette man in blue and black with a sheen of sweat but not a drop on him.


This is nowhere near close, Tom though. I have to fix this.


Suddenly the woman grew a foot taller while the man lost one. The man looked back as the woman started to close the distance between them. A bead of sweat crawls down his face.


"No need to hurry," Cody said, "we're about to finish anyways."


Diana looks at him confused but too out of breath to reply.


"You're only hurting yourself," he said as he lost another foot.


She averts her gaze and grew in height and annoyance.


The distance between them had reduced to half of what Tom initially saw but he still wasn't satisfied.


The Cody's face was almost as drenched as Diana's now. Not only was this the hardest he pushed himself in the marathon, it was the hardest he ever pushed himself. He won countless races with so much ease he must have been born to win them. Holding onto that thought with all his might he screamed back "I don't know what you think you're doing but first place is mine!"


Diana glared at him, her lungs burning to respond. But she just scoffed at this three foot idiot talking down to an eight and a half foot person like herself.


The finish line was just ahead and Cody had only a small lead left.


He was infuriated. This race was supposed to be his and now it might not be. He only came up to this woman's knees but he was built to race and she wasn't. He deserved to win and communicated this and several profanities to the woman about to overtake him at the top of his lungs.


About three feet from the finish line Tom made his move and rapidly shrunk the man to one millimeter and watched with pride as the woman came first. Diana falls onto her hands and knees upon finishing tears welling in her eyes as she realized she did it. Despite everything she did it. But she still had one thing to take care of.


She took some deep breaths and adjusts herself into a sitting position. She took off her beaten shoes, the smell gagging her and some of the spectators. Then she took off her slick socks with a wet sound. Diana took a moment to enjoy the cool air on her burning feet before getting up and making her way to her abuser, socks in hand.


She stood above him as he continued to struggle across the finish line and bent down to get a closer look. She gripped both ends of both socks in each hand and put them half a foot above him. She wrung her socks as hard as she could, putting more emotion in this act than thought was possible. A torrent of sweat crashed down upon him. Cody fought hard against the putrid flood but vainly, waves of rank saltwater overtaking him for a moment before he breaks the surface again. Diana felt drops trailing from her fingers and knew she still had more. Readjusting her grip, she wrung her socks again and flicked the beads from her hands into the puddle to make the man suffer more. And suffer Cody did. The second smaller torrent struck closer than the first and made him gag on the sea invading his lungs and mouth. His tongue and nose was useless, overloaded by the scent and taste of dead skin, mold, and sweat. The massive drops were artillery fire all meant for him, no more like divine punishment because no war could ever deliver as much fury in these explosions as this ten foot woman squatting above him.


Diana looked at her work, a massive lake she had conjured to smite his ruin but to her a puddle of a puddle that didn't even seem to touch her bare feet. Satisfied, she prepared the final touch and screamed "Fuck you!" with all the air her fiery lungs could muster and dropped her socks on top of the puddle. Her pride welled as she stood up and put this man behind her, turning around to take her rightful place as first.


Off to the side was Tom who had willed himself there to witness justice firsthand and make it sweeter. With his superior senses he heard everything and knew how justice radiated from this moment. He had to make it more somehow, something worthy of song, and with that he grew the woman one more time. 50 feet, 100, even more but he wasn't paying attention to her at all. He was growing her to have as a consequence the growth of her act. Her sock and puddle grew with her until the woman was 300 feet tall and the sock stretching across the entirety of the road. The dingy white socks had spilled onto both sidewalks and even pushed aside the makeshift fencing. The puddle of sweat now a pool straining the storm drains with its might. The smell of decayed flesh forced back all observers except the miserable organizers who couldn't abandon their post and reporters covering the event. The sock and the moat before and after it would act as the final obstacle before the finish line. And with one last thought Tom shrunk the rest of the marathon runners to one inch.


Tom willed the smell to ignore him and started to look for a seat next to the new additions that he willed to be something that just happens sometimes in a marathon. Tom sat down at a good spot and finally saw the army of one inch runners finally catching up. He looked back to see the winner calmed down and basking in her glory. He was about to enjoy the rest of the race when his super eyesight caught something.


On the edge of the sweat puddle inches from the finish line was Cody who finally escaped his ocean of punishment. He might be small but he could still cross that finish line and Tom wasn't having any of that.


Cody had survived. It was hell but he broke land. The finish line was in the distance. He can still make it. Then a tremor made him lose his footing. Another tremor followed shortly. And then another tremor after that. Sure everyone his size was used to tremors but these were different. They were way bigger than the average person. In fact the only time he felt tremors like these were from the woman he was racing just earlier. More like her? And then he saw them.


Officers Lawson and Steiner had received an anonymous tip that Cody Wallace, famed nano racer, had been running in their very own city. There were rumors but it was only recently confirmed that he won his last one because of performance enhancing drugs. They had come to pick him up and have him return his earnings.


The blonde officer picked up the speck of a man and held him to her face.


"Cody Wallace, you're under arrest for illegally earning money from competitions. We'll be taking you to the station where you can kindly return what you've taken."


Officer Lawson then put the man on her right shoulder and told him "This is only your first offense so keep it that way."


That doesn't sound right, thought Tom. Let's try that again.


Officer Lawson took the man from her shoulder with her left hand and used her right to pull back the elastic on her pants and underwear. "You've got some balls coming into this town knowing what we do to any offenders here."


She held him above her deep sweaty abyss and was about to let go. "Oh and while this should be really obvious you wouldn't believe the amount of idiots in the world. Don't go near my poop chute." And with a snap of her pants she put him in his rightful place. They're work done, Lawson and Steiner move on the patrol the rest of the city.


Tom sat back and pat himself on the back for doing some good work. He showered himself in his own praises as he watch thousands struggle over Diana's socks. In the end, it took so long that the marathon had to shut down without a second finisher since it was in danger of going past its allotted time to operate. Diana helped by cleaning up her mess and shaking out her socks to quickly sort everything before the event organizers got in trouble. She got most of them out before putting her socks and shoes back on and head home. Tom feeling so proud of the justice he delivered ventured further into the city center to administer even more.

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The Penalty Shootout (asapshvn) by asapshvn
Author's Notes:

Decided to continue this! Not as much erotica here but more of some slow shinking and stuff. Enjoy, and leave some reviews on what I (and other authors) could write about next!

Tom decided to head towards the outskirts of the city, trying to get away froma ll the main attractions towards where the middle-class lived. After about a thirty minute walk, he came across a soccer field where he saw a boy showing off his skills and a girl watching him, obviously bored.

Tom watched as she stood up and walked to the guy.

"Can we go somewhere else now? You said we were gonna have a fun date, not this shit," she said.

"Aww, come on babe," he replied back. "This is a really fun date. How about a wager. You can be goalie. If I win, we continue doing this, then fuck when we get home."

Seeing as she was about to protest, he added, "If you win, somehow, you can do whatever you want with me and we'll go wherever you want to. Deal?"

Tom, using his reality bending superpowers that he had discovered quite recently, decided to force her to say yes. And the girl, not quite sure why she did, but she did say yes.

Tom watched as her boyfriend threw her his goalie gloves from his backpack and she put them on, then walked dejectedly to the goal. Tom, deciding that this was very unfair, decided to even the odds a bit. He changed the guy's height from 6' 3" to about 5' 3'", and changed the girl's height from 5' 8" to about 6'8". Deciding that the odds were changed enough, he watched as the boyfriend set the ball down on the penalty spot. He then watched as he struck the ball perfectly, managing to score a quite decent goal into the top left corner. Even being 6'8", the girlfriend just wasn't experienced ot athletic enough to be able to dive for the ball. 

Deciding to be a bit more daring, like he had been before, Tom changed the girl's height by an additional foot, and brought the guy down all the way to 4 feet tall. He watched as he took an awkward shot, and it didn't do much but roll down the middle. The girlfriend was easily able to pick it up.

Seeing a slight opportunity here, Tom made her shirt be just a bit more open on the top, so he could see those luscious orbs as she bent down to pick up the ball. Feeling even more pleased with himself, he decided to shorten the guy all the way down to one foot tall, and watched as the girlfriend threw the ball at him. It was thrown relatively slowly, but he almost got rolled over as it came. He was only able to jump out of the way last minute and chase it, having to wait until it stopped. After it did, he rolled it back to the penalty spot, struggling a decent amount. 
Tom decided to let him take the next two penalties, and he watched as the girlfriend saved the first one easily. He willed the girlfriend to move out of the way on the second to give the now 12-inch boy a little bit of hope. 

"Remember what you said. If you lose, I'll get to have my way with you, and I don't think you'll be able to stop me!" the girlfriend said with a smirk and lust in her eyes.

"Shut the fuck up," the boyfriend snarked back, obviously frustrated and not sure why he bet on this in the first place. Tom saw this, and decided that this was no way for a pathetic being to talk to a much superior being.

Making the boyfriend even smaller, Tom shortened his height to just above 5 inches. Now he was even smaller than the ball, and most likely couldn't even get a proper shot off. He ran towards the ball, and at the last minute shoved it with his hand. His girlfriend, seeing this, loudly yelled in glee "Handball!"

Not even bothering to see what her boyfriend would say as she grabbed him and picked him up, ignoring his little complaints.

"Uh uh uh," she said, lowering her voice as not to blow out his ears. "You said I could have my ways with you. Don't worry, I'll be nice!"

She held him over herchest, and smirked once more as his gaze was drawn down to the beautiful valley. Suddenly, it didn't all seem so bad that he had lost the penalty shootout. After all, what was he thinking, being only a couple inches tall against this beautiful giantess. He should have been thanking the stars that he had landed such a beauty.

With a smile on her face, she dropped her boyfriend into the confines of her sports bra underneath the jersey. 

Tom, deciding that this was enough meddling here, and that the life of the couple would be better off like this, decided that he might as well hail a taxi and check out some of the skyscrapers. 

Seeing a cute blond Chinese girl, he decided to change her height to a 100 feet, then motioned for her to come towards him. Smiling at an opportunity to make money as a taxi, the girl walked over. Tom couldn't help but notice the Apple advertisements on her high heels, and snapped out of it when she put her hand on the ground next to him.

Like before, he said, "Bra, please." He smiled a bit to imself as he walked onto her hand and she lowered it on topof her cleavage. Slimbing off her hand and into a soft, fleshy landscape, he realized that the boyfriend most likely would have it very nice, and made a minor change to the girlfriend to make her just a bit more horny all the time. Getting comfortable in the breasts of the now 100-foot blonde, he said, "City center, please." 

Closing his eyes, he allowed himself a little rest. After all, he had been making the world a better place, and he deserved a little break for that, surely.

End Notes:

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Chapter 12 by ittybittyman
Author's Notes:

I always enjoyed this story and decided to add a small chapter. Hopefully this sparks other people to contribute. 



Tom got dropped off downtown and looked around at the hustle and bustle of the city and the tall buildings. 


Almost immediately as after he got there, he saw a purse snatcher run up and grab a woman's purse. Springing to action, he immediately shrunk the man down to 1 inch before he could get away. 


The tiny man tried to tug the now much larger purse and drag it away. But the woman bent down and scooped him up with her purse. 


"And what do you think you're doing?" She said. Tom shrunk him even further to half his size. "Did you really think you could steal from me?" 


The tiny man struggled to escape her grasp. She laughed and dropped him into her purse. 


"There, you want it so bad? You can stay in there until I get home. My daughter could use a new doll." She said as she walked off. 


Please with his good deed, Tom walked off to see what other changes he could make. 


Outside of a museum, Tom saw a school field trip full of highschool kids waiting for their bus. He noticed there was an emo looking girl sitting all by herself. Every so often the popular group would point at her and start laughing. 


Feeling bad for the girl, he decided to grow her to 10 ft tall, and make her a bombshell by growing her boobs to huge G cups. 


Their bus showed up and all the kids got on, with the lonely girl at the back of the line. The buss was slightly larger than normal to accommodate her if she crouched down, but Tom didn't think that was enough. 


Right before it was her turn to get on, the bus shrank down to 1 inch long with all the students and teachers inside. 


"Ok everyone, I guess its time for me to carry everyone back" the girl said with a sigh. She picked the tiny bus up and places it in her massive cleavage for transport. 


Tom grew her all the way up to 50 ft to help make her walking easier. He laughed to himself as he thought about how that bus would have to combat her boobs sweat on such a warm day like today. 


Around the corner from the museum there was a large office building with a hippie looking woman waving a sign outside it and yelling. 


"Down with corporate greed! Save the animals!" She yelled as she marched back and forth. 


A security guard came out and started yelling at her to leave. 


Until the guard and the entire building shrank down. The building was only a foot tall, and the guard was less than an u39;". 


The woman bent down to look at the building with an angry look. 


"You can't bully me, I'm here to protect the planet from people like you!" She said. She looked around to make sure the coast was clear, and picked up the entire building. 


It shrank down even more to only ½" tall in her hand. 


"You are so small but the damage you do to the planet is so big. I'll put an end to your greed!" She said and pulled her waistband out to drop the entire building into her panties. Sealing all those people to their fate of battling her pussy. 


"Now if only I could make a real impact. Like if I could stop all that oil from being made!" She said with a frustrated look on her face. 


With a laugh, Tom made her 3000 feet tall, and teleported her outside the city so she didn't destroy any more buildings. She was so large that he could see her looking down on the city from where he stood. 


"I know, I'll just head over to the middle east where they drill it all up and stop them!" She said happily and started walking east. 


The thought of her dominating such a patriarchal society like in the middle east made him laugh, so he doubled her size, gave her H cup tits, and made her wear a skimpy bikini. He could see her tits bouncing back and forth, even from behind as she walked away, sending tremors through the city. 


He would love to see the faces of everyone over there when she showed up looking like that. 


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