"Shrunken" Bang Theory by UnawareMan
Summary: When Sheldon tries to build a shrink ray, he accidentally shrinks himself and Leonard. When Penny walks in on them, she unknowingly picks them up for one of them oat adventurous days of their lives.
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1. Chapter 1 by UnawareMan

2. Chapter 2 by UnawareMan

3. Chapter 3 by UnawareMan

4. Chapter 4 by UnawareMan

Chapter 1 by UnawareMan
?Where are we?? Leonard asked.

?We are approximately 5 feet away from the door.? Sheldon responded.

?The door? Where is there a? wait. Is that big thing a door??

?Why yes. Very observant of you. It?s a wonder your only an experimental physicist.?

?Sheldon. Why is the door so big??

?The door isn?t big, we are small. I made a shrink gun because Howard told me it was impossible.?

?And then you shrunk us??

?Well I had to make sure it worked.?

?How do we get unshrunk??

?Simple. Because I forgot to set up the automatic reenlargment setting, we have to get someone to use the gun on us.?

?And how do you suppose we do that??

Just then, Penny walked into the apartment.


?Hey look. It?s Penny. She can help us.? Sheldon said.

?And how do you suppose she will find us??

?Simple. We climb up to her ear and explain everything to her.?
?Sheldon. We have no upper body strength. How are we going to do that??

?We start on her shoe and find easy ways to move up her body.?

As if Penny knew they needed help, she walked toward them. Her foot landed right next to them. The duo managed to grab onto her shoestrings. Once Penny realized the guys weren?t home, she turned to go back to her apartment. She had to hurry and get changed for her audition she had in an hour. She ran back to her apartment and kicked off her tennis shoes into her bedroom. As the shoes sailed into her room, so did Sheldon and Leonard. They landed in a black fabric bowl on top of a pile of clothes.

?Where are we?? Sheldon asked.

?I don?t? Wait. That smell. That is Penny?s perfume. We are in a black fabric bowl that smells strongly of Penny?s perfume. We are in her bra.? Leonard responded.

?Well that will get us a lot closer to her face than her shoes will.? Sheldon figured.

As Sheldon finished his sentence, the biggest breasts they had ever seen greeted him and Leonard.

?Because we are so small, we are going to need to get into her nipple to help shield us from when her boobs start jiggling.? Leonard said.

?Are you sure you aren?t just trying to take advantage of the situation?? Sheldon asked.

?Maybe a little.? Leonard said with a smile.

As the bra made contact with Penny?s chest, the guys ran for the biggest hole they could find. They discovered, to both of their surprises, that Penny had recently pierced her nipple. They dove into the vacant hole. Penny finished getting dressed when she realized she forgot to put her nipple ring back in. She ran over to her dresser and grabbed it. She pulled down her shirt and moved her bra so she could apply it.

?Why is there suddenly light?? Leonard asked.

?I don?t know. Ill go out and look.? Sheldon said.

Sheldon climbed out of their safe hole and looked around. Not seeing anything, he turned around to climb back into the nipple hole. It was at that moment that Penny inserted the ring into her nipple.

?Well that?s no good.? Sheldon said.

?Sheldon! What happened!?? Leonard said.

Sheldon couldn?t hear Leonard. He decided the best course of action would be to climb up Penny and get to her ear. This would be more difficult not that her bra was pushing him into her boob. He could hear her heartbeat all around him. He tried to imagine how big her heart would be compared to him. He figured he could probably crawl around inside of it if he got the chance. As he started his way up Penny?s breast, Penny began to run to her car. She was late to her audition and couldn?t afford to miss this opportunity. For Penny? this just caused her boobs to bounce as she ran. For Sheldon and Leonard, their worlds shook violently. Leonard was safe in the confinement of her nipple, but Sheldon was not so lucky. Despite the earth shattering jiggling, Sheldon made it to the top of Penny?s breast. Luckily for him, Penny had just gotten in her car and was driving toward her audition. She was so happy Bernadette was going to be there to support her. It meant a lot to her. The problem was, knowing that someone would be there to watch her audition made her nervous. She began to sweat minimally at the thought of it. This was nothing noticeable to her, but it was certainly noticeable to Sheldon. As Sheldon tried to get higher up on Penny?s chest, he began to slip. The sweat was becoming a major pain to deal with. As Sheldon finally reached Penny?s collarbone, Penny got out of the car at her audition. She was immediately greeted by Bernadette who ran up to her to give her a hug.

?I know you are going to do great. I have faith that you will get this part.? She said.

?Thank you. I think I will too. I have my lucky ring on, if you know what I mean.?

?Did you ever tell Leonard about that??

?No. I was waiting to surprise him. He seems to be into piercings and I wanted to make this one special for him.?

?Well I bet he will love it.? Bernadette responded.

The two girls went into the building and sat down to wait for Penny?s name to be called. Little did they know that Sheldon was no longer on Penny. Because of their height difference, he had been forced onto Bernadette?s glasses when she hugged Penny. He was grateful because now he was closer to someone?s ears. As he took his first step toward Bernadette?s ear, his foot slipped and he fell off the glasses. The tumbled through the air until he was suddenly lifted up in the air. His world went dark and he became stuck in something thick. He tried to move, but he couldn?t. As Sheldon fell, Bernadette picked that moment to breath in deeply through her nose. Her intake of air brought Sheldon along with it and now he was stuck in Bernadette?s nose.
End Notes:
This is my first story I'm still trying to figure out the logistics of everything. Please bear with me while I figure everything out. Any constructive criticism would be overly appreciated.
Chapter 2 by UnawareMan
Bernadette felt an itch in her nose. She sniffled to try to get rid of it. Unfortunately for her, it didn?t go away. She tried to ignore it. Penny left to go get ready for her audition. As Penny walked away, Bernadette wondered what it would be like to biologically be a part of her body. For a long time, this had been a question of hers. In fact, it was the entire reason she went into microbiology. She fantasized about being a small part of someone?s body. Once she graduated graduate school, she started designing a formula to alter someone?s DNA to match a specific body part of someone they are touching while they drink the formula. Her plan was to use it on herself to merge with Penny. Penny has the best body out of her group of friends. She would love to be apart of it. While she was thinking all of this over, her nose started itching again. She decided to get rid of the itch once and for all. She started to walk over to the tissues but felt a sneeze come on before she could grab a tissue. Before she had a chance to grab a tissue, she let out the biggest sneeze of her life.

Sheldon felt a tremor and started to worry. He didn?t want get sucked into her nose fully. The last time Bernadette had breathed in, it had dislodged Sheldon from her snot. He was now dangling from one of her tiny nose hairs. This, he assumed was causing major irritation to Bernadette. If she took in too much air in her nose, Sheldon would be lost in Bernadette?s body. This thought terrified him. He decided to try and make his way out of her nose. If he looked straight down, he could she her gigantic cleavage heave as she breathed. He wondered if he could survive a fall straight into that bouncy haven. He couldn?t risk it though. He would not risked killing the greatest mind of the 21st century on a whim. He decided slow and steady was the way to go. He slowly progressed down Bernadette?s nose, avoiding any sticky snot as he went. He was close to the entrance of her nose when something strange happened. He looked down and saw her cleavage start bouncing wildly. ?She must be running somewhere.? He thought. As he finished his thought, he was suddenly blown out of her nose.

Leonard was fairing much better than Sheldon. While he was trapped in his girlfriend?s nipple, at least he didn?t have to worry about falling out. For some reason, he felt the ground get a little stiffer. As time passed, the ground became more and more stiff until it was extremely hard. Because he and Penny were going out, Leonard figured the only reason could be because Penny was cold. He was actually correct. The people in charge of the audition said Penny was auditioning for a nude portion of a movie. Because she hadn?t had a big break yet, Penny gave up her trepidations of going nude so she could be in a movie. The cold air felt good against her naked body. She was glad she decided to wear her nipple ring. It would definitely help her chances of getting the part.

?We need you to dance around. You will potentially play a seductive dancer.? The director said.

?I can definitely do seductive, just ask my boy friend.? Penny said.

?She sure can.? Leonard thought.

Penny began to dance for the director. She decided to use her assets to her advantage. She began to lean forward and shake her breasts. Leonard felt his world shift. He was now standing on what was once a wall. Penny moved again and Leonard was thrown around his nipple hole. Penny decided to go all out and decided to start smashing her boobs together. She put her hands on her boobs and pushed. This caused Leonard?s world to become condensed. Penny was pushing her nipples into her boobs. This was pure agony for Leonard. Leonard?s world closed in on itself and caused major claustrophobia issues for Leonard. Just when Leonard thought his body was going to explode inside his girlfriend?s nipple, the pressure stopped.


?You got the part!? The director said.

?That?s great.? Penny said jumping up and down.

            As soon so the formalities were signed, Penny ran out to tell Bernadette the great news. They hugged while Bernadette congratulated Penny.

            ?This is so great! I can?t wait until the guys hear about this!? Bernadette said.

            ?I know! I was hoping Leonard could be here too but he wasn?t home when I tried to talk to him.? Penny said.

            ?I was with you. I was closer than I think I will ever be again.? Leonard thought.

Penny and Bernadette went back to Penny?s car. As they drove home, Sheldon began to regain consciousness after having passed out from being sneezed out of Bernadette?s nose.

?Where am I?? Sheldon wondered.
End Notes:
Let me know if this is a story you guys want me to keep doing and as always, any reviews are helpful
Chapter 3 by UnawareMan
Author's Notes:
It has been a while. School has kept me busy. If anyone is still reading this, know that I'm still going to work on updating it.
As Sheldon regained consciousness, he looked around. He could see colorful things near him. The ground was flesh colored. He looked up and saw Bernadette?s face. He thought back to the recent events and realized that he had been blown onto Bernadette?s breast. He looked around more and saw that both Bernadette and Penny were in the car. They were driving somewhere. Sheldon decided that Bernadette?s breast was probably the worst place to be once she started walking. He didn?t want her jiggling breast to send him falling to his doom in her cleavage. He decided to try again to reach her face. Sheldon moved across Bernadette?s boob toward her bra strap. He planned on using this to reach her shoulder and eventually, her hair. This would provide easy access to her ear. As he travelled across her boob, Bernadette started talking.


?I wonder what Amy is doing. I know she would have loved to come with us.?


?I know. She said something about perfecting something she has been working on for a long time. Something that can help her be who she really wants to be.? Penny replied.


?I wonder what she is working on.?

?Me too. You guys are so smart. I wish I could be like you guys.?

?I guess we can ask her about it when we see her tonight at dinner.?

?We may not even have a dinner. I don?t know where Sheldon or Leonard are. They are usually home by now.?


?Well we are almost to your apartment. We can see if they made it home yet.?


As Bernadette finished talking, Penny arrived at her apartment building. The two girls got out of the car and started walking toward Penny?s apartment. Lucky of Sheldon, he had just reached Bernadette?s bra strap as the girls got out of the car. He decided it would be best to stay here while they walked. He didn?t want to fall even more behind in reaching her ear.


As the girls walked, Leonard wondered what was going on. He had been shaken, bounced around, and squeezed far more than he would have liked. He was very confused. He was completely at the unaware mercy of Penny. He couldn?t go anywhere because her nipple ring blocked his exit. He would have to just wait until Penny took it out.


Bernadette and Penny finally reached Penny?s apartment. They decided to have some wine while they waited for 8 o?clock to roll around. 8 o?clock was the designated time that everyone met at Leonard and Sheldon?s place. Penny was so happy that she got the part in the movie that she decided to get as drunk as possible. She pulled out the beer and wine and decided to go all in. She even decided to get the weird green liquid Bernadette had been storing in her refrigerator and see what it tasted like.


?Why don?t we get comfortable? Its just us girls here anyway.? Penny said as she began to take her clothes off.


?Sure. I don?t see why not.? Bernadette responded.


They both took their clothes off and ended p in their underwear. As Penny started to take off her bra, Bernadette began to get excited. She loved Penny?s breasts and was jealous that Leonard got to play with them so much. Not wanting to be the only person wearing a bra, she decided to take hers off too. This created a problem for Sheldon. His world started to shake as he clung to the bra strap for dear life. He didn?t want to let go and risk falling thousands of feet. He also didn?t want to stay on the bra. After weighing his options, he decided to stay of the bra. The padding would give him a higher likelihood of survival. As Bernadette tossed her bra in the pile of clothes she and Penny were making, Sheldon went with it. He landed right in the middle of Penny?s right bra cup. Bernadette?s left bra cup formed a roof over his head. He was seemingly trapped inside a bra dome.


Penny decided that she might as well take out her nipple ring. There was no sense in keeping it in anymore. As she took it out, Leonard went with it. He had been pushing on it to see if it would move and upon it moving, he latched on. He, similar to Sheldon, didn?t want to fall to his death. Penny placed the nipple ring with her other jewelry. Now the two girls wear nude except for their panties, which they decided to leave on. Penny brought the drinks over to Bernadette.


?I thought we could try that green drink you have been keeping here. It seems like it would taste good.? Penny said.


?I don?t know. I have been saving that for a special occasion.? Bernadette replied.


?What is more special than me getting a part in a big movie??


?I suppose, but that actually isn?t something that we are supposed to drink. You are supposed to give it to someone else and let them drink it.?


?Where is the fun in that??


?I?ll show you. Lets go outside and let someone drink it. While they drink it, let them hold your hand. You will see what I mean.?


?Ok. But this is kind of weird.?


?Trust me. You will like this. You need to make sure the person is holding your hand when they drink it though. Otherwise, I don?t think it will work.?


?Ok. Lets go do this.?


The girls through on some shirts and pants and ran outside to test the drink. Because they decided to go braless, Sheldon was still trapped. The girls walked outside and Penny ran up to the first person she could find.


?Hi there cutie.?

?Umm. Hey. Who are you??


?My name is Penny. I have a really odd request to ask of you. Would you take a small sip of this drink and let me know what you think? It would mean the world to me.?


?I don?t know. A stranger asking me to drink a weird green drink. That sounds suspicious to me.?

?I?ll let you do what ever you want with my body if you do it.? Penny said rubbing her breast.


?Well since you put it that way? Ill do it.?


            The stranger took the drink and began to take a sip. Right as the liquid hit his mouth, Penny grabbed his hand. The stranger swallowed the drink in surprise at Penny?s actions and started to feel weird. He felt himself begin to get smaller. Not only that, but he felt himself being draw to Penny?s hand. His entire body was being drawn to Penny?s hand through his own hand. He tried to let go, but he had a death grip on him. This continued until he passed out.



?What? How? Why? What???? Penny exclaimed.


?The formula that guy drank is a prototype of something I have been working on. It is a formula for the government that changes people into body parts. The catch is that the person has to be touching the body part that they transform into.?

?So that guy is a part of my hand now??


?Yes. He still can see and hear and feel. He is basically a person living as your hand. Whatever you do with that hand, you will do with him.?

?That is so weird. Why would you make something like that??

?The government contracted me to make something to punish rapists. I thought it would be an ironic way to punish them. This could turn them into their victim?s boob or vagina or even their foot. It would turn them into anything the victim wanted as a unique way to punish the culprit.?

?That is so cool. How long does it last??


?It lasts until you drink the reversal formula I?m working on.?

?How long until you have that finished??


?I?m not sure. I still need to start on it.? Bernadette said with a smile.


?This is a lot to take in. Lets go get hammered while I take this all in.?

            The girls walked back into Penny?s apartment. They took their clothes off but now Penny felt self-conscious. Her hand was not a man that found her attractive. No matter where she went, she would have a man attached to her that she couldn?t get rid of. She thought of how showering would be different and how going to the bathroom would be awful for this person. This was her dominant hand and she had to wipe herself after going to the bathroom. This one event changed everything. She wondered if Leonard would be interested in trying it once Bernadette finished the reversal formula. She went to pour some drinks as the strange man started to regain consciousness. He couldn?t figure our where he was. He felt constricted. He tried to move, but he couldn?t. He was moving, but he wasn?t doing anything to cause himself to move. He tried yelling but that didn?t work. He looked around and saw giant cups and a pitcher of beer next to him. He seemed to be wrapped around a glass cup filled with some of that beer. He felt himself move again and saw the giant face of the girl that gave him the green drink that started this whole mess. He looked down at her glorious cleavage and wished he could feel what her breasts felt like. To hold them, to touch them. It was the one thing he wanted. As he thought this, he began to move toward her breasts. He came into contact with the breasts and he felt like he was in heaven.


?What are you doing?? Bernadette asked.


?I don?t know. I?ve suddenly got a strange urge to feel my boobs.? Penny said.


?The guy must have realized that you turned him into your hand and he is making his desire your desire.?


?Great. So I turned a pervert into my hand and gave him complete access to my body.?


?You can try to control it. Whenever you get the urge to touch yourself, just try to stop it.?

?Easy for you to say. You don?t know how hard this is.?

?Sure I do. Someone had to be the first person to try this experiment.?

?You mean you got someone to turn into a part of your body? Why didn?t you tell me? Where is he??


?Would you have believed me? There was this guy that tried to rape me. He is the reason I stuck with this formula. I started working on this formula when I graduated from graduate school, but he inspired me to work even harder. Once I finished it, I kept parts of it all over so no one would have the entire batch. I kept some for myself incase I was ever attacked again. I was one night and I decided to use it. The guy seemed to like my butt, so as he grabbed it, I shoved some of this drink into his throat. He chocked on it and got absorbed into my butt. He has been there for about a year now.?


?That?s insane. What does it feel like to have a human as your butt??

?The same feeling as having someone become your hand.?


?Has it changed any part of your life??

?Going to the bathroom is interesting. I cant hear the guy, but I?m sure he hates it when I have to use my butt to do anything. Think of everything your butt does. You sit on it most of the time but when you aren?t sitting on it, you are walking, which causes it to jiggle and sway. You use it to go to the bathroom. All of these seemingly mundane things are now this guys world.?


?That is so cool.?


?I know. It has been interesting to think about.?

            As the girls talked, Leonard began to work is way out of Penny?s jewelry box. He climbed over rings and necklaces and earrings. He just wanted to get back to normal. This situation was getting way out of hand. He finally reached the top of the box only to find out that the box was locked. Of all the twisted things that could have happened, this had to be the worst. He decided to find Penny?s favorite earrings. Those would be the best bet of reaching her ears.


            In the meantime, the girls finished their drinks and realized it was 7:45. They needed to get dressed again to be ready for dinner with the group. They walked over to their pile of clothes and started to get dressed.


?Hey Penny. Did you notice that we wore the same bra today??


?I didn?t notice that until now. How weird is that??


            Bernadette picked up the bra and began to put it on. As she did this, Sheldon felt his world begin to move. He looked up and saw Bernadette?s chest get closer and closer. He found this odd because he was sitting in Penny?s bra. Bernadette put the bra on and tried to strap it on, but it wouldn?t work. It was too tight. She pushed and pulled and stretched it as far as she could, but it would fit. She finally realized that she had the wrong bra. She told Penny and they switched bras. Sheldon, however, was stuck to Bernadette?s boob. A mixture of her sweat and the pressure she had applied caused him to adhere to her chest. He was beginning to regret making the shrinking gun. He was stuck so bad that he couldn?t even turn to see the push up bra that plastered him even more to her boob. He was completely immobile. In essence, he was giving the biggest boob in the world a hug. The girls finished getting dressed and decided that makeup would be a good idea. Penny ran over to grab her makeup kit. As she ran, her earrings bobbed around. Leonard held on for dear life. He was so close to the prize he could taste it. Once Penny stopped moving, he decided it was safe to move. He began climbing the dangling earring when suddenly Penny turned her head to talk to Bernadette.


?Hey Bernadette. Do you want to use some of my makeup for this evening??

?Sure Penny. Thanks!?


            The simple movement of Penny?s head sealed Leonard?s fate. He came to terms with the fact that he was going to die on Penny?s floor. Nothing more than a dust particle destined to be trampled under her feet. He landed sooner than he thought he would and instead of landing on the ground, he landed in a pink substance that was liquid but also solid. He looked around but couldn?t figure out where he was. He did figure it out once he saw Penny?s lips approaching. He lad landed on her lipstick. He tried to run, but he was stuck. He couldn?t move and he really didn?t have anywhere to go. Penny applied the lipstick and Leonard to her lips. As it became solidified on her lips, Leonard was stuck in a spread eagle position. Penny and Bernadette finished getting ready and left the apartment. As they walked across the hall, they started to get excited for dinner. It was always fun to hang out with the group.
End Notes:
So this was an odd chapter. This is different than a lot of the stuff that is on here. A mixture of transformation and shrinking. Let me know what you guys think. I take all reviews into consideration. I am going to try to incorporate all the different fetishes into this story. It will just take time. Let me know what you would like to see in this story.
Chapter 4 by UnawareMan
Penny and Bernadette walked into Sheldon and Leonard?s apartment. They were surprised that they were the first ones there considering the fact that Howard had texted Bernadette to let her know he had arrived with Raj. They looked around but couldn?t see anyone. They decided to sit down and wait.





?What happened?? Howard asked.


?I don?t know. It looks like we shrunk, but I don?t know how.? Raj replied.


?So how do we get big again??


?Maybe that gun we saw earlier was the cause. If it was, I bet it can reverse our predicament.?


?If it was in fact that gun, I am going to hear it from Sheldon. I told him he wasn?t able to build a shrink gun. I guess he was able to.?


?Lets not worry about that right now. Lets just get off this couch before anyone comes in.?


It was at that moment that Penny and Bernadette walked in. The boys watched as they walked around the apartment looking for them. They then watched in horror as Bernadette chose to sit in the seat they were currently occupying. As she descended form the sky, her normally small body became their world. They tried to outrun it, but they were too small. Instead of running behind her, they figured running to the opening between her legs would be best. In the end, they ended up trapped under her panties, right beneath her vagina. For Howard, this was surreal. He loved his wife and having her physical beauty blown up was a dream come true for him. Raj however was confused. He wasn?t sure if he could talk given that he was near a woman, even though she didn?t know he was there.


?So what do we do?? Penny asked Bernadette.


?I guess we could wait for a little while. I?m kind of hungry though, so I?m going to have a little snack before everyone shows up.? Bernadette responded.


?Well if you are going to eat something, I guess I will too.?


At the sound of this, Leonard started struggling as much as he could. He figured that there was a good chance some of the food that Penny ate might take him with it. He did not want to be eaten by his beautiful girlfriend. He loved her and her body, but he didn?t want to become a part of it. Despite his relentless struggling, he couldn?t free himself from his doom. He watched as Penny opened her mouth to eat. The food past over his head and entered her mouth. He watched as he approached the food as her mouth closed around the food. Penny pulled the food away and Leonard remained on her lip. This unexpected turn of events caused Leonard to start struggling harder. He had renewed energy to free himself from this prison. With his renewed vigor, he managed to get one of his legs free. He used his free leg to try to catapult the rest of his body off his gorgeous girlfriends red lip. While this seemed like a good idea, what Leonard didn?t realize was that Penny was taking a second bite. As Leonard lifted his foot into the air, the food connected with Penny?s bottom lip. Leonard?s foot became lodged in the food. This broke the bounds that held Leonard to Penny?s lip, but also caused him to become part of her food. It seemed that in an effort to free himself, he became food for his girlfriend.


Just as Penny took her second bite, there was a knock on the door. Not wanting to look like they were eating early, both Penny and Bernadette swallowed their food whole. Penny jumped up to open the door to see Emily, Raj?s girlfriend.


?Hey Emily. It looks like the guys aren?t here yet. Bernadette and I were just relaxing while we waited for everyone.? Penny said.


?Sounds great. I?ll join you.? Emily said.


Both girls walked back over to the couch and sat down.


?I don?t know about you Bernadette, but those drinks we had earlier are starting to kick in. I?m going to use the restroom real quick, I will be right back.? Penny said.


?Ok. I?m probably going to go after you get back. I?ve been holding it in for a while now. ?


With that, Penny left the room to relieve herself.


While the girls were sitting around, Howard and Raj were doing the only thing they could think of to save themselves. They were working on getting into Bernadette?s panties. Their goal was to stimulate her vagina so she would notice their presence. So far, they had made it through her leg holes and were now at the opening of her vagina. They reached in and pulled themselves in just as a green light seemed to illuminate the outside of her panties. Thinking nothing of it, they continued burrowing themselves inside her body.


As Emily watched Penny leave, she noticed a gun sitting on the counter. She got up to look at it and noticed it was humming. As she turned around to ask Bernadette was the gun was for, she was surrounded in a green light. She looked over at Bernadette and saw that the green light had covered her too. When Emily woke up, she couldn?t figure out where she was. The floor looked the same, but everything around her looked weird. She heard a booming in the distance and looked to see what the source of the noise was. She nearly fainted when she saw a gigantic Penny walking directly toward her. She watched, paralyzed, as her bare feet slapped against the ground. As soon as Penny appeared, Emily knew she needed to get out of the way. She wanted to move, but was too mesmerized by this giant beauty. Before she knew it, Penny?s food descended upon her. She figured this was going to be how she died. Nothing more than a microscopic stain on the bottom of the foot of a stunning woman. When her body made contact with Penny?s foot, she expected nothing more to happen besides her death. Instead, she felt her body being lifted up into the air. Confused, she looked around and realized she was stuck to Penny?s foot. She decided that whatever had shrunk her had also caused her body mass to condense and make her more resistant to pressure. Her world became a rollercoaster as Penny walked to the couch. Her world went dark as Penny stood still for a second and then lit up again as Penny laid down.


For Bernadette, the shrinking process was different. One moment she was sitting on the couch, the next she was waking up in a new world. Bernadette looked around and tried to figure out where she was. Far away she could see was looked like a table. The problem was, this table was gigantic. As she looked around some more, she realized she was tiny and was laying on the same couch she had just been sitting on. As this realization occurred to her, she felt the ground shake. At first she thought it was an earthquake, but then figured out that Penny was returning from the bathroom. She got excited because she was confident Penny would help her. Her excitement turned to fear as she saw the gigantic Penny for the first time. Her hope of being found vanished as she realized that she was so small that one of Penny?s eyelashes would probably be the size of a Redwood tree. There was no hope in Penny seeing her even if she were standing on her eye.


As Penny returned from the restroom, she saw that Bernadette and Emily were both gone. She found this odd but figured that they both needed to get something from the car. Figuring they would be back soon, she walked back to the couch. She would wait for them there. As she was about to sit down, Penny stood in front of the couch for a second. She decided that she might as well take a nap since it seemed like no one would be showing up for a while. With that, she sprawled her body across the couch.


Bernadette watched as Penny?s stomach fell on her. There was absolutely nowhere she could run to get out of the way. Penny?s body was too big to escape. She accepted her fate and decided to just stand still. As Penny?s stomach made contact with the couch, Bernadette?s world went dark. This confused her at first, but she then realized that she was inside Penny?s belly button
End Notes:
The next chapter will introduce the idea of shrunken people on shrunken people. Also, don't think I have forgotten about Sheldon. He will come up in the next chapter. As always, comments and suggestions are always appreciated. I'm trying to add more description as some of you have suggested.
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