A daycare story by christiawi9

A young Alyssa Wilson works at a local daycare centre when she mysteriously shrinks to 3 inches. She is then heavily abused and mistreated by the children there in her fruitless quest to find help.

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Challenges: A daycare story
Challenges: A daycare story
Challenges: A daycare story
Challenges: A daycare story
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Story Notes:

This is for a challenge issued by "naoru". I found her idea interesting and so decided to test my hand at writing my very first challenge. Let me know how I did.

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Daycare shrinkage by christiawi9
Author's Notes:

Girl shrinks. Tries to find help. Used by children. That's what happens.

Alyssa walked across the daycare room with the three year old in her hand and another four year old at her feet. With Stacy deciding that she didn't want to come in today the entire centre was severely understaffed and it fell upon Alyssa to pick up the slack. In fact, there was only one other person who was helping her take care of all these children and she had her hands filled just as much as Alyssa did. Emma was standing in the other room changing a couple of toddlers which had obviously pooped their pants as shown by the grimace that was on the young girls face.

Alyssa felt rather sorry for her as she had only recently started working here and was already overwhelmed with the messes that children tended to make. With a frustrated look on her face, Alyssa quickly contemplated what Stacy's punishment would be before quickly attending to the needs of the ever whining kids. 

In her hand was three year old Betty who was well known for chucking tantrums unless someone was there to give her attention, forcing Alyssa to carry her around wherever she went. At her feet was the four year old Thomas who would always ask for more juice even though he hadn't actually finished the one he had in his hand. And Alyssa was currently striding over to Micheal who was eating the paste sitting on the table as if it was some kind of delicious custard.

The stress continued to build as it became more and more obvious that this job wasn't meant to be undertaken by two lone woman. They were already understaffed as it was and now they were one person short. How could this day possibly get any worse?

As if answering this, Betty starting coughing and quickly threw up all over Alyssa shirt in a chunky mess of macaroni and juice. Ayssa groaned with stressed and slowly put Betty down on the floor, who immediately started crying for attention, and headed over to the bathroom. Walking into the cold, tiled room she stared at herself in the mirror and saw a deflated and worn out young woman.

Wetting a paper towel she wiped her shirt clean and walked out of the bathroom with a forced smile on her face. However, upon turning the handle she started to feel slightly dizzy and quickly walked past the kids and landed on one of the adult sized chairs. Her head continued to reeled as if someone was spinning her around and around until she was forced to close her eyes and breath deeply. That was when she noticed how the chair seemed incredibly funny.

Opening her eyes she noticed that the size and width of the seat was rather big for a standard office chair and felt as if it was growing. She grabbed the handles and freaked out when she actually felt them expand in her hand. Soon her feet started lifting off of the ground and the entire playroom seemed to expand before her eyes. The toys, tables, pictures and especially the kids were all growing faster and faster and if she could move at all she would have screamed her lungs out.

Finally the process seemed to come to a halt (or it might have simply slowed down significantly which was a scary thought for Alyssa). The now tiny woman stood up on the massive chair and surveyed the gigantic lang which was spread out before her. Off in the distance she could see mammoth sized, godly figured moving around so fast she could barely keep track with her eyes. These figures must have been hundreds of feet tall and could very well crush her in an instance.

Her heart pounded frantically when she came to accept that these colossal beings were the tiny, innocent children she was looking after moments ago. She wondered how this could have possibly happened and quickly began to think of a way she could undo it.

However, her thinking process was interrupted when a shadowing figure approached her and blocked out all view she had of the room. The mightly figure rose into the air and Alyssa could barely see its face behind the shadows it created. Slowly, its lips parted and began to speak in a deafening tone.

"Toy, toy, toy, toy, toy ..." The giant repeated over and over in an almost sing song tune. Judging by how the giant was speaking Alyssa guessed that this must have been Micheal.

Micheal was a happy and boisterous little boy about 5 years old. He was always talking and making noise and loved to play with action figures. However, the child didn't seem so happy and kind when Alyssa became the toy. With a motion as quick as lightening, the boys hand came down and yanked Alyssa off of the seat and began to fly her through the air.

The child continued to run around in circles pretending that Alyssa was some kind of aeroplane as he made plane noises with his mouth. The sharp turns and insane speed quickly made Alyssa sick as she threw up in the air but this didn't make he child stop as he continued for what seemed like ages. Finally the sickening joy ride stopped and Alyssa felt the boys arm come down to his side as he seemed to run up to something.

Emma had just entered the room after changing the children that needed diaper changes only to find that it was absence of any adult supervision. There were kids screaming everywhere as normal but there was no sign of the responsible and dutiful Miss Wilson. This fact panicked Emma as she realized that she was now trapped with over a dozen children by herself and couldn't come up with any idea as to why Alyssa would simply up and out.

She was about to run over to the phone when a small boy, Micheal she thought his name was, ran up to her and asked if she would play with him.

"Play with me, play with me..." He chanted as he tugged at her jeans but she brushed his hand away and bent over.

"Sorry little boy, I have to make an important phone call to Miss Stewart but I promise I'll play as soon as i get back, Okay?" She said and started tickling Michael who screeched in laughter and dropped Alyssa. "Now, how about you go play with the other kids"

Emma noticed the dropped toy who picked it up and tried to give it to the boy but found that he had already been assimilated into another group of children. Caring about more important business then some limp toy she place it on a nearby cushion and stood up to call her boss.

Miss Stewart was the head daycare manager and over saw several community daycares. It was her responsibilities to make sure that each job was being met to their fullest and that each work area had enough resources. Not having enough workers was definitely a problem that needed to be taken up the her. Emma stood up and walked across the room to the phone to dial the day care administration agency.

Alyssa regained consciousness after briefly passing out and tried to stand on her feet but found that the terrain was very hard to stand on. In her dizzy state she repeatedly fell over and ultimately resigned to simply laying there trying to get her mental state back. That was when she felt a series of stomps approaching her, she opened her eyes to see that another figure looming her diminished body. 

The giant creature appeared to a small boy at the age of 1. He had short blonde hair and wore a blue t shirt and matching diapers. Alyssa recognised him at once as Billy who was a pretty quiet and well behaved baby but had an annoying tendency to put toys ... in his diapers for safe keeping.

With the creature getting closer Alyssa let out a scream and began to crawl across the gigantic cushion as fast as her tired legs could carry her. However, even her frantic escape attempts were no match for the babies extending arm which quickly picked her up and lifted her into the air. Alyssa continued to scream as she was propelled into the heavens until she came face to face the humongous toddler. This, however, only caused the tiny worker to continue her screaming until the child let out a happy, toothless smile.

Alyssa was shocked and disgusted at how she could easily make out the individual strands of saliva inside the childs mouth and knew that she could easily fit inside of the gaping maw. But this was not where the child intended for her to go and was only smiling because it enjoyed the smal, noise making toy in its hand. This toy was a good toy and he didn't want to lose it and wanted to keep it safe.

This was when the shrunken girl felt herself descend as she was lowered past the giants face, his body and finally traveled to the waist line of his diapers. Knowing exactly what was in store for her, Alyssa immediately screamed louder but there was only so much screaming a human voice could door and she instantly found her soundbox silenced from exhaustion. And so she couldn't even scream for help as she was hopelessly pushed into the diapered world of this small boy.

The hand finally let go and Alyssa descended down until she hit and rolled under something wrinkly and soft. With no light in this cavern she couldn't see what she had hit but was able to make an educated guess that it was the boys penis. She let out a heavy groan as the boy shifted his wait and the girl found herself trapped under the heavy appendage unable to move.

That's when a horrible smell reach her nose.

End Notes:

I feel this story was a little rocky and not as easy flowing as I'm use to writing. If this is so please tell me. Also, if the person who asked for this challenge told me if she wanted anything in particular or any pointers on how she wants the writing style to be that would be awesome.

dirty diapers by christiawi9
Author's Notes:

My last chapter was a little ... meh, and didn't flow correctly. I tried to change this chapter to better suit how i want it to feel. Sorry I haven't been uploading lately but my writing feels like it is stunted. don't expect any regular uploads but I will try my best. At least until I get this pumped out.

This chapter contains poop- FAIR WARNING

It was humid, dark and incredibly cramped inside the disgusting diaper of the 1 year old child. Alyssa couldn't believe her current situation and more-so couldn't understand how it had even happened. One second she was looking after a dozen children and the next she was 3 inches in size and at the complete mercy of them. She had already been subjected to a ten G-Force aeroplane ride and was now presently trying to force her way out from under the ginormous genitals of this adorable infant.

Alyssa tried not to breath in the horrible smell coming from her surrounding as the noxious fumes continued to invade her. Despite this being a relatively clean child the fragrance coming from his privates was still quite pungent and was very unbearable to Alyssa at this size. Being this size the penis was roughly the size of a bed to her and being trapped under the base of it she found that she could not lift the entire weight of it

Being at her size it was incredibly hard to move anything, really, and this horrible sized genitalia was no exception. The child was just sitting there and yet Alyssa couldn't even worm her way out from under his privates, much to the dismay of her nostril as as they were forced to continue to breath in its odor. No matter how hard she screamed or pushed at the mass of wrinkly skin her hands only succeeded in sinking into the soft surface and had such a small impact that the baby didn't even notice it. However, things changed when the small child repositioned himself and gigantic snake slid off her damaged body and she found she was able to escape.

Billy was leaning slightly on his back so the was a steady gradient leading to the outside of his diaper from the back. With the way he was positioned it would have been impossible for Alyssa to climb the front and so decided that her best chance of escape would be ... to climb up through the butt. This wasn't the best plan she had ever had but it kind of the only one and so beggars couldn't be choosers.

Sliding onto her stomach, Alyssa proceeded to army crawl under the giants penis and through his legs until she was directly under the perineum. This spot was most unpleasant as it was not only very cramped and stuffy but the smell seemed to be intensified ten fold while she was here. If Alyssa didn't get out of here quickly then she would surely suffocate on this childs fumes. What an embarrassing way to go. The only good thing that came out of this was the hysterical laughter which erupted from above as the baby was tickled by her tiny movements.

After the tiny girl traversed her way past that obstacle she was confronted with the biggest challenge yet: climbing the diaper. As mentioned billy was slightly laying on his back so the diaper had a slope which was relatively easy to climb. The only problem was that because the diaper hugged the child's bottom Alyssa would have to climb up through the butt crack to get to the top which was definitely not going to be an enjoyable experience.

But the only alternative was to stay inside this hell hole and wait to be released, if that would even happen. Maybe billy would use the bathroom and then the daycare worker would change him resulting in her being saved. Well, that plan involved her willingly staying trapped inside this diaper and waiting to be crapped on so, no, that was not an option at all.

Upon this thought, Alyssa fully composed herself to escape as soon as possible and started her disgusting trek through the soft cheeks to freedom. Starting at the bottom, she wiggled her way into the squishy flesh until she was compressed quite tightly on both sides, thoroughly preventing her from descending. Using this friction she proceeded to worm her way up through billys ass until she was about halfway up. Her constant movements caused move hysterical laughter from the tiny toddler which violently shook her prison but did not halt her climbing.

The only thing that was really testing Alyssa's endurance was the rancid smell coming from her surroundings. This smell was different to being trapped under the groin and wasn't just the stink of the child's flesh. In fact it was a smell she knew all to well and was coming from within the baby's bottom. She was surrounded by the smell of poop, which wasn't too surprising considering where she was trapped but the stench was still incredibly overpowering. In fact, at her size it smelt like she had walked into a stuffy room filled with soiled diapers and Alyssa knew that if she didn't escape soon then she could quite possible black out.

However, Emma shortly finished her phone call to the head office and had began to look after the children. The agency had informed her that they would be sending over three additional part time workers to fill in with the missing employees and will be investigation their absence (as abandoning children is quite a crime). Satisfied with this, Emma began to collect the baby's and put them inside the playpen so they were out of the way and Billy was one of the first she picked up. Lifting him into the air with one hand around his back and the other holding onto his bottom.

This simple act might not have seemed like much but it actually squeezed billys bum slightly together which for Alyssa meant that the pressure went from slightly restricting to a boa constrictor death grip. Now she was unable to move at all and was slowly crushed from all sides within this childs diaper. She couldn't even scream as her lungs were squeezed of any oxygen they might have had meaning she was suffocating on top of everything else.

But death didn't come that easily for Alyssa and after a short while the painful crushing lessoned and she felt as if she was falling. Emma had put Billy down into the playpen and had walked away to gather more children. Now was the time for Alyssa to resume her plan but found that there were a few things in her way.

One thing was that she was completely depleted of all her energy from that near death experience and could barely move a muscle as she attempted to regain her strength. This was difficult as there was little air inside of the childs bum and most of that was disgusting butt air which was not safe to breath. But the main reason was that the child was no longer leaning on his back which meant that climbing the diaper would be far more difficult than before. These would be the only problems that Alyssa would have to face if it wasn't for nature calling.

On the outside, Billy's face had slightly turned red and his body attempted to expel what it no longer needed. It didn't know that there was a living tiny person was trapped within the firing line and continued with unrelenting force. To Alyssa this was first noticed when a smell reached her nose. A smell far worse than anything she had ever had the horror of smelling and had instantly woke her up from her semi-conscious state.

Trapped within the pitch blackness she couldn't see what was coming but could tell just by the stench where it was. Her first reaction was to scream but then immediately coughed and choked when she inhaled the smell. It was almost impossible to breath this stuff in without severely gagging and the limited amount of oxygen that Alyssa had vanished in an instant. Now she had the challenge of escaping this small childs poop before she became encased in it and buried, making this diaper her tomb.

Alyssa bega to wriggle as hard as she could as she attempted to squim her way out from in between the cheeks. She didn't care where she went as long as it was away from the terror that was slowly approaching her. With no air to breath and her muscles screaming in protest the shrunken damsel refused to give in to her defeat and continued her fruitless struggles. Moments later she felt the radiating heat coming from the giant mass approaching her and soon felt it make contact with her back. She continued to try and escape but only found her hands and feet sink into the soft fecal matter.

Soon her legs and arms were dragged into the ever growing monster and finally her body was eaten, leaving only her head free from its grip. Its sensation was horrible as it slowly gobbled up her body with its warm, almost hot, temperature and texture that felt like mud. This was no where near as bad as the smell that continued to get worse and worse as Alyssa was forced to breath it in having no alternative. Finally she felt her face hit something which she guessed was the diaper and felt the mess slowly sink over her.

"Billy!" She screamed in her last attempt for survival "Anyone! Please, help me! I don't want to..-" She was cut off as Billy's poop ate her head and covered her face with its warm comfort.

Trapped within the hot, thick sludge, Alyssa's lungs continued to burn as she was deprived of oxygen. Just like that, this small baby was able to reduce this independent and confident woman to the likes of an insect as she suffered his natural bodily functions as if they were forces of nature. Stars began to appear in her vision as he mind became delirious and she slowly blacked out. 

End Notes:

naoru: if you want, you can say how the hero escapes this death. you don't have to give an enitre plot but because this story is for you I want to write it so you get to choose exactly what you want to happen so you can enjoy it more. 

Bin it. by christiawi9
Author's Notes:

Well, I'm back for another chapter. I'm mainly using this chapter to stretch my writing muscles h=and help me ease back into the writing set of mind and so this chapter may not be how I usually write it. I won't be taking my writing so seriously doing this chapter.

The smell continued to eat away at Alyssa's mind as it deprived her of oxygen and and light. Squeezing her eyes shut to protect them from the putrid mess she tried to force her way out of the swamp as her lungs grew more and more sore with intense burning. She had already past the point when her body would force her to breath in but due to the solidity of the growing feaces it was trying to breath in hard mud. And so she continued to writhe and agony as her body gave in and collapsed, allowing Billy's poop to continue to entomb her within its body.

For Billy the experience went completely unnoticed by him as his small infant brain couldn't comprehend what he was doing. He had already forgot the "toy" he had put into his diaper and didn't even understand what "pooping" was. However, he could feel the expanding mess in growing under him and he did not like it! As his face turned red with discomfort he let out a high pitched squeal in response to his accident.

Emma was walking around the daycare trying to look after the kids until the extra workers got here. She never would have thought that Alyssa of all people would abandon her post and leave these children in the hands of a single novice. She was putting two four year old girls together to play when she heard crying coming from across the room and looked around to see Billy sitting by himself.

"Oh, there, there ..." She cooed as she walked over to him. Obviously he was lonely not having anone to play with or any toys. However, her theory was smashed as she picked him up and felt both the warmth under his bottom and the smell of his diaper. "Whoa ... Geez, that's seriously messed up, kiddo"

Being only new to the job she hadn't had a lot of experience dealing with messy diapers as Alyssa would often take care of tehm before anyone else did. Alyssa almost had a psychic power for knowing when a child was going to dirty themselves, either that or she was just skilled and knew the kids well. Either way, without the masterful Alyssa around it was up to Emma to clean poor Billy and get him to stop crying.

Within said diaper there was a serious situation happening with Alyssa. She had been submerged in Billy's poop for about half a minute now and her body was suffering deeply. If Emma didn't save her soon then she would die any second, and she would die in the daiper of a one year old boy. How embarressing!

The problem now was that When Emma picked up billy she put her hand under neath his bottom which pushed the shrunken girls body upwards. The only place she was able to go with the tremendous force pushing her was deeper into billy's bottom until she was wedged deep within it. Now she was absolutely trapped with no way of moving even if she were conscious.

Emma set Billy on the cleaning table as she made funny faces to cheer the sad child up. Luckily it appeared to be working and the small boy soon started laughing, completely forgetting his problem. She undid the strapesand pulled the diaper out from underneath him, throwing it aside into the bin which thankfully seald the smell away. Even more thankful was the fact that Alyssa was not located within that diaper but was instead trapped within Billys butt crack.

Taking out some wipes, Emma scrapes and cleans the two cheeks and the inside until the was now feacal matter left. It was a rather gross job made even worse when she found a solid piece of poop wedged inside of his bottom. Atleast that's what she assumed it was, being covered in said feacal matter, and so paid no thought to it as she too threw it into the bin. 

Soon Billy was completely clean with a new nappy strapped around his waist and he was ready to continue to enjoy his day. Emma placed him on the ground in front of some two year olds as she heard the cry of another child, this time a 2 year old girl, who she suspected had also soiled herself. Leaving the scenery all seemed well unless someone was to inspect the bin in which the filthy material was thrown.

Inside the bin was a moist cleaning cloth with a thick coating of poop on it, however if examined closer they would see the body of a young woman unconscious within it. Alyssa remained firmly knocked out as her body started to automatically breath in 'fresh' air once more now that she was free from the suffocating confines of Billy. She was still very sore with possible injuries requiring medical attention but no one knew this at all. Not even the girl in question knew as she continued to breath in rythmically as her brain started to wake back up and her lungs put the oxygen to good use.

Suddenly her eyes flew open and she immediately began coughing and retching as her mind was under the illusion of drowning. Being covered in thick, mud like substance it was an appropriate response given her last known location and situation. However, when it became clear that she was not in any imminent danger her mind relaxed and she continued to lay there as her senses returned to normal

First her eyes went from blurry to focused and soon adjusted to the dark and her sense of feeling came back. The first thing she noticed was the ripping pain in her chest and pounding sensation of her head, am I in hell? After he feeling came back she was quickly assualed by her sense of smell as she noticed that what she was breathing in could hardly be called air, but rather smell like ... Well, a daiper. 

She pushed herself onto her hands and knees, each apendage felt wobbly and weak, and she quickly threw up as her body regained its functions one by one. She started thinking clearly as she looked around, not knowing exactly where she was. Is this still Billy's diaper? No, it can't be. She stood up and found that she was almost stuck to some kind of clothe by mud which she could easily assume was shit. The clothe however felt familiar as she recognized it from the cleaning wipes which the daycare uses, therefore tshe must be in the diaper bin. This wasn't good.

She started wiping the thick, disgusting muck from her body (Using the wipe as a sort of towel) before the roof swung open and giant ball came flying down, pinning Alyssa. After she got over her intial shock she was able to conclude that it was obviously a diaper, which was made even more clear when several wipes were thrown in with her a few seconds later. Luckily for her the diaper wasn't actually pinning her down and the act of crawlng out from underneath it actually served in removing a lot of the feacal matter from her body. Her hair was still coated in teh stuff but her body was relatively "clean"

Well, clean enough for her to be able to move around without the poop sticking to everything she touched. Looking around the diaper infront of her she came to the idea that she could climb it and hopefully crawl out from the top and reach someone. The only problem with this was that she would have to somehow climb the side of the diaper while trying to to get caught in the poopified clean wipes and even after she got to the top she would have to jumped out and fall at least a story (to her perspective). Of course she was going to take any risk to escape this prison but she still tried to consider a safer method but was unsuccessful. Possibly because the atmosphere within the bin was destroying her ability to think with it noxious fumes and horrid smell.

Grabbing onto the smooth plastic side of the diaper Alyssa started climbing up the giant diaper which seemed far harder than it actually was. This was because her body wasn't getting enough oxygen to fulfill this strenuous activity and it was still overcoming that near death experience earlier. However, Alyssa was determined and nothing was going to stand in her way, not even a dirty diaper the size of a building, and soon she made it to the top.

As the bin was almost pitch black she was unable to see her surroundings very well and had to navigate mainly on feeling of the ground. This worked for a short while before the "ground" uderneath her bent sharply due to her weight and she was sent tumbling down into a pit which turned out to be the inside of the diaper.

After cleaning a diaper one must wrap it up in a certain way so that there are no open spots. this prevents any nasty leaking when handled or trasported to the bin. Emma's method, however, was not as refined and she often was balled it up in such a way that the was usually a small hole in the top. this created a sort of chamber in which the only escape was a hole that was in the roof and the messy trap within.

And it was this trap that Alyssa fell into. Falling down she landing right into the middle of a streak of crap which had obviously been made only minutes ago, judging by have moist and accepting of her body it was. Angry that she had just "cleaned" herself and now found herself once again covered from head to toe in filth she stood up and waded through the marsh land until she found "dry land". Was she seriously trapped within a diaper tomb now? Now she would have to find a way to climb across the ceiling to get into the middle of the roof and crawl out of the whole she just fell through.

"Fuck this ..." She growled as she walked until she found the side of the diaper. It was soft and mushy, even more so now that she was this small, just as she predicted the cloth inside the diaper to be.

With as much force as she could give she started punching and clawing into teh fabric as she was delighted that it started to break. Her persited pounding continued to work until the fabric was completely ripped open and the was only the thin plasic covering left. A few well placed punches into this and it too gave in, setting her free from this torment and releasing her into another world of torment.

The smell was seriously getting to her now as her body screamed for fresh oxygen. Her blood just wasn't getting enough no matter how hard she tried and this continued workout was making her head dizzy. Not to mention the inside of the bin was rather warm from all teh body temperature excremenet everywhere giving her body a sick feeling. Falling onto her knees she tried to breath deeply but only succeeded in throwing up for a second time. 

"Focus ... Alyssa ... breath ..." She repeated to herself. It felt like every breath she took was weaker then the last and every exhale more painful. She closed her eyes and channeled all her will power into movement. If she was going to collapse then it would be from trying to escape not from giving up.

And so she jumped to her knees and practically ran up the diaper. She was putting all her effort into this and she knew that her body was not going to give her another chance. If she failed this one last run then it truly would be her last. She soon found herself ontp of teh diaper and darting through the clean wipes towards the line of light which signaled the edge of teh lid. She didn't know how she was going to push it open but she was definietly going to try.

However, just when she was about to jump into the lid to push it the heavens appeared to open up as Emma through another diaper into the bin. Alyssa jumped and with perfect syncronization she flew through the opening as it came crashing down behind her. Her mind was overjoyed to the point that she didn't even notice her sudden and continuous decent as she fell to the ground

Despite the ground being rather soft for the children the crash would still be deadly to a person of Alyssa's size. However, she had forgotten that the bin was located on a speial green mat than was rather soft, like soft rubber, and felt only a sharp smack as she hit the surface allowing it to absorb all of teh impact. Although the rubber took most of the force Alyssa still felt like she belly flopped into a pull from the top of the diving board and completely blacked out once more. 

End Notes:

This is for you naoru and "Mr. capslock". Hope you enjoy. Also, I didn't spell check this so there are probably errors everywhere.

New found hope by christiawi9
Author's Notes:

Another chapter for y'all, hope you enjoy. I don't know how long this story is going to be 'cause I am literally making it up as I go along. Just like I do with ALL my stories.

Alyssa once again found herself unconscious from her over excertion and lack of oxygen, crippling her lungs which were sucking in as much as as they could. If this continued her body would surely give in for good and she would end up dying from this punishment. The good news however was that no child had seen her limp body next to the bin, covered in poop from head to feet. UNfortunately, the only other adult in the room, Emma, had also not seen her and so her situation could become very good or really bad.

But this didn't matter to her as she once again regained consciousness as her body repaired itself momentarily and she found that the air she was breathing was not toxic with childish faecal matter. She could still smell the rich stench of teh crap that had coated her body which had slightly hardened duing her state of rest.

She didn't know how long she had been out but the daycare was still open and not much had changed so not much time could have passed. With her mind working once more she realized that ehr only hope for survival was to get Emma's help and hopefully get a treatment for what has happened to her. The only problem was her clothing.

Standing up to her full height she realized that there was no way she could get rid of teh filth that was latched onto her clothing. If she stayed like this then not only would she be a easily spottable target for any child but she would also be unable to move effectively. As much as it pained her to consider it she knew that the only way for her to continue her journey was for her to remove this obstacle.

Zipping open her jacket she pulled it off her skin and threw it to the ground. She did the same with her shoes and pants until she was only in her underwear and singlet top. Her arms and legs, not to mention her hair and face, was still brown and hard from her previous prisons but she was at least able to move now. The only question was where? Where was she going to go?

Looking around the room she quickly spotted Emma who appeared to be holding ... Billy. Alyssa shuddered as she remembered the tango she danced with that boy and how she had almost lost her life. She never wanted to expereince that fear and pain again, let alone that humiliation. The shear idea that the stuff coating her body right now came from that childs bowels ...

Alyssa almost threw up again as she started retching. Luckily for her the last time she vomited had completely emptied her stomach which was helpful but also made her realize that she was slightly hungry. When she gets free of this situation the first meal she was going to have after her hours of showering was going to be a nice large pizza. She would even buy Emma one if she would only notice her.

Breathing deeply, she mentally prepared herself for what she was about to do. She had to run across the room, dodging any child, and reach Emma. Once there she could crawl up her pants leg and reach teh top of her body, surely she would see then that it was Alyssa calling for help and not some toy. Okay, let's do this!

She run across the carpet, jogging at a slow pace so that her movements wouldn't attract attention and so that she would be able to run for longer. She had a long way to go and didn't want to get exhausted in the midle of teh room surrounded by the enemy children. Up ahead she noticed two obstacles that could be a very big problem: On the left was two small girl (Linda (3) and Suzy (2)) playing on the floor with what looked like barbie dolls. Next to the was Alex (2) a young boy who appeared to be playing with a toy car. Hey, you shouldn't be playing with that! You could choke!

She had to choose which child to try and sneak by because it would take forever to detour around them and she didn't have that time. Thinking quickly she chose Alex because there was only one of him and so it was less likely she would be seen. Bolting towards him, she kept her head low and tried to hide within his immense shadow as she made her way behind his back.

She was almost past him as he continue to moan "broom, broom" and counted her blessings that he was so distracted. However, once she was past him she was hit in the side with something that had appeared to come out of nowhere. the strange object hit her like a speeding car as she toppled over in pain as her body broke even further. Please, don't let anything be broken.

It appeared that what hit her was just what she thought. She had been run over by a speeding car or, at least, a speeding toy car that Alex was driving. Did he thing it would be fun to play "Hit and Run" with a moving toy? Or perhaps it was an accident and he didn't even notice she was there. Whatever the reason was Alyssa now found herself sprawled on the growl, purple with bruises and the small child looked down at ehr almost naked form.

Alyssa almost screamed in pain when his chubby fingers clenched around her damaged waist putting unneccesary pressure on it until she felt like it really was going to break. She couldn't really comprehend what was happening as everything was a blur. Was he spinning her around like that other child did? No, this felt different, like they were moving in a single direction, not a circle. Several seconds later Alyssa was once again in free fall but this time she wasn't met with a soft rubber surface. Instead her head came into contact with cold steel covered in water as a jet of water rained from the sky directly onto her body.

The child had put her into the sink and turned the water on. Maybe he thought that this toy was dirty and should be washed, unaware that what he was washing was the fragile body of his former babysitter. However, he didn't want to wait for the toy to be clean and had already found another thing to amuse him and so left poor Alyssa under the jet of cold water. Alyssa was unable to move due to her body begin broken and damaged beyond repair and as teh water rapidly sucked out her body heat she felt herself losing feeling in her entire body. Whether this was due to her blacking out again or because her skin was going numb she didn't know, nor did she care.

However, at this moment something curious and miraculous happened. Alyssa was sure that she was about to blackout again, this time never to wake p but her body did not let her rest. She continued to lay under the water as her body started to feel ... warm. More than warm, it actually felt quite hot, despite the frigid water dousing her. She felt herself regaining strength in her limbs and was able to summon the strength to pull herself out from under the water. This was unimaginable.

Alyssa stood on her feet, no longer feeling the broken pains her body felt moments ago as she lifted up her shirt and examined her abdomen discovering that the purple bruises which covered it was no longer present. Not to mention teh broken bones she was sure she had recieved weren't present either, in fact she felt just fine. How is this possible? Somehow, her body had regenerated and returned to full health which was somewhat a mystery but so was her actually shrinking. The two must be related!

With this new found ability Alyssa felt far more confident that she would succeed in her plans of getting Emma's attention. While it was true that this power wouldn't stop the children from unintentionally torturing her it would amek any long term injuries impossible. All she had to do it keep her resolve and she would succeed. But now she had to overcome another problem which was facing her. The gigantic metal wall that was blocking off all of the outside world.

How am I going to escape the sink? Objects ... She looked around and found a sponge and what looked like a soap. Climb the sponge, Jump onto soap ... I think I could then jump onto the side of the wall. A plan had been formed, but first there was still one thing that needed to be done. 

Running over to the soap she ran her body along it until she was covered in the thick yellow block and procceeded to rub it all over her body, especially in her hair. Running under the water she cleaned herself until all of the shit (Literally) was washed off of her and she felt clean again. Of course now her hair was incredibly squeaky and slightly brittle but it was a gift compared to the ... other option she had.

Now to put the plan into motion. Compared to her earlier escapades, this was a breeze. All she had to do was climb a couple of objects and jumped onto the side which she easily accomplished. Now she had to get to the ground which was higher up than even the bin was but if her theiry was corrected and she was regenerating than this might just work. taking a deep breath she jumped into the air and fell to the far ground below.

Within seconds she landed on her feet, shattering her ankles and causing her to yell out in fury and pain. However, after a few minutes she could visably see her ankle healing itself and after a while it was completely repaired and usable. If she was able to get to her former height and keep this power than it just might be worth going through this entire ordeal. However, unknown to Alyssa, this newfound ccame at an unexceptable price which she hadn't entirely realized yet. But someone else she knew had.

End Notes:

Not much stuff happens but a certain surpise is hinted at. This new development so very not good for our hero. Plus, another victim is entering the game.

Stacy's troubles by christiawi9
Author's Notes:

This is a few chapter explaining what happened to Stacy and also to explain what this new found power is and the risks that come with it. Another chapter may be uploaded shortly.

Stacy was the sort of person who would be hired for a job in which you had to care about what you were doing, care for the people you worked with and be responsible with your actions. She didn't care about her work one bit and was really only doing it because she had experience working around children and the day care paid their employees quite well. So it wasn't a surprise to the staff when she didn't turn up that day for work as they simply believed that she was skipping her duties as she sometimes did. However, that was far from the truth.

Stacy had in fact come very early that day because there were some rumors that she might be fired if her act didn't improve. Not wanting the hassle to find another job in this dreadful economic crisis she made sure she got over an hour early (Well before anyone else showed up) and was prepared to put her all into it. But before she could make it several steps into the office where the workers placed their things she mysteriously felt dizzy and collapsed. When she came to the world was a far different place to what she was use to.

Looking around she didn't notice anything familiar and the entire scenery looked like some alien planet. The ground was strangely soft and the land stretched on for what seemed like kilometres. Where the hell am I? Then she heard something that gave her a fairly big clue to where she was and what had exactly happened, however she now prefered to remain ignorant. Off in the distance were two ginormous, hulking figures coming straight for her and recognized what they were instantly: her co-workers Alyssa and Emma.

The two goddesses seemed to be arguing about ... Her? They were saying something about how Stacy had got to be fired for simply skipping out on work without even a single phone call and the next time they saw her was when she was packing her things. This comment would have angered Stacy to no end if it wasn't for the two pairs of giant, high-heeled feet coming her way. The tiny girl only just managed to not become a red stain on the bottom of Emma's black shoes by diving sideways, however now her only chance of rescue was walking away at a hundred miles an hour.

Stacy attempted to chase after them but it was obvious her actions were pointless. She might as well wait for them to come back towards her but then that still left the question of what she was going to do when they did. She was far too small for them to see on the floor and they moved too fast for her to grab a hold of their pants so what was she to do? Stacy continued to ponder this question as she continued to walk at a steady pace when another sound woke her from her thought. The sound of laughter and giggling and crying and running: children!

How long was she passed out? The room she slowly entered with her tiny legs was the play room and it was overflowing with kids as usual. When did they all arrive? She got here an hour earlier before the other workers which means she arrived two hours before the first child. Stacy was lucky that she hadn't been stepped on as she lay passed out in the hallway. But right now wasn't the time to be considering her luck as the last thing she wanted was for her to be stuck in a room with a dozen giant sized children and so she quickly tried to make her way out. But it appeared Alyssa had other plans for her.

The goddess of a person took ginormous strides towards the shrunken lady and once again missed her body by mere fractions of an inch. Turning around, she pulled the child gate across the room, sealing the toddlers in so that they couldn't escape but also sealing in Stacy. Running up to the giant wall she attempted to push under it or climb over but quickly found that her new found size had a few disadvantages; one being that it sucked at opening or getting passed solid objects. 

All her fears seemed to be manifesting today as Stacy turned around and realized that she was now completely and helplessly trapped in a room filled with snotty, loud and annoying brats, except in her nightmare they weren't giants. Now she had to find a way to escape or risk becoming the playtoy for some horrible pest, or worse their lunch. Stacy took a quick glance at one of the monsters diapers and imagined herself filling them as she was turned into waste by some unknowing, dumb baby.

End Notes:

more later

Cool powers save lives. by christiawi9
Author's Notes:

This chapter isn't overlly great as I just wanted to pump out a chapter. Not much childish action happening in this chapter but it does end with something that will make you excited for teh next chapter. If you want a specific fetish featured in this story just ask. I might not be able to oblige but if I see a way of working it in I might.

Stacy remained trapped within the confines of the room, unable to get past the giant metal gate use to keep babies in. She found herself completely helpless as she looked around the room, observing the small children in their natural environment. Two girls were playing with pink ponies, a boy was running around with a toy aeroplane and three more boys were throwing stuffed animals at each other. However, her attention was quickly drawn to a fourth boy who was walking towards her current location with eyes focused squarely on her!

Stacy immediately ran for her life as the giant infant grew closer and closer as his size seemed to increase with each step. She didn't realize just how big the children were until they were right next to her and he almost was. However, he took a slight curve in his walk and moved away from her, instead heading towards an action figure that was laying on the ground mere 'yards' away from her. It appeared to be a false alarm.

However, this scare showed her just how much danger she was in. If that child did go after her than there would be nothing stopping him from doing whatever he wanted with her. She needed to get help as soon as possible or at the very least hide from the gigantic kids that could easily turn her into a snack if they were hungry. That's when something showed up that could turn her into paste with a single step.

The giant iron gate opened up as the god-like form of Alyssa showed up. She pulled it open with amazing strength and entered the dungeon of a room, walking over to Emma to give her something. From Stacy's tiny vantage point she couldn't see what the giants were doing or saying as there was a fat little pig in the road, however a few seconds later Alyssa started walking back out and was about to pass through the gate before she noticed a small child who needed attending to. Bending over she was only a short run away from Stacy and so the tiny girl pumped her legs and got moving.

It appeared the child was being fussy about something and it was taking Alyssa a while to fix him. Picking him up she brought the crying infant to her face and started walking towards to cleaning bench. Walking towards Stacy. Now, people often say third time's the charm and in this case it is true. Having survived two near death experiences at the feet of someone else, Stacy simply couldn't avoid the third as Alyssa's feet came closer.

The gigantic woman pulled her leg back and before the tiny shrinker could even so much as cover her face the foot swung down at incredible speeds and made contact with Stacy. The pointed toe section of the shoe made a direct impact on Stacy's torso and the kinetic energy sent her flying across the room. The sheer force of the impact instantly crushed her rib cage and snapped her neck and as she smacked into the wall her spine snapped in several places. The girl died instantly.

"Huh?" Alyssa said as she looked at her feet "Did I just hit something?" She was looking around the ground trying to find the source of the impact before a small groan from the child in her arms warned her that she had more important duties to attend to. "Oh, sorry honey. Let's get you cleaned up, shall we?"

For Stacy it was the scariest experience she had ever felt. All she knew is that she was hit by something and instantly blacked out and when she came too she was not only paralysed but she couldn't breath. Her lungs would have been burning if it wasn't for the fact that she couldn't feel her lungs, or any part of her body for that matter. What had happened to her?

She felt an incredible pain in her legs as she heard several sharp snaps occur all around her body. She didn't know that her spinal cord had just repaired itself and therefore allowed the pain from her body to once again travel to her brain. As soon as this happened she experienced agony she had never felt before. Every limb felt like it was on fire and she couldn't make heads or tails of what the pain meant. All she knew was that it was bad and that she wanted it to stop.

Several minutes later more snapping occurred as her bones slowly and systematically reformed and reconnected until her entire skeleton was once again intact. Next was her muscles and organs an then her outer tissues. Finally her entire body was fully repaired and she had no idea why. She was covered in body but there wasn't a mark on her body. Not one scratch, bruise or puncture mark. Was she immortal?

Standing on her feet was again she looked around and noticed that she had been out for quite a while. There was a definite increase in the amount of children in the room and the ones that she had noticed before had gone. With this many kids she guessed it must have been around midday and that lunch time would soon be happening. Lunch time was a good time for her to plan her rescue. During lunch all the kids are handed juice boxes and sandwiches while the grownups go and look after the babies and feed them.

This is the one time of the day where the workers are the least busy because they are just sitting down bottle feeding babies and eating their own lunch at the staff table. It was the perfect time for Stacy to run over to one of their legs and climb them for help. However, in order to get there she had to escape this room which was still locked with that same metal gate. If she can't get over that gate then she was going to be trapped here forever!

However, it appeared that one of her prayers had been answer as it looked like one of the kids had left a toy near the fence. The toy was a big purple bunny and it was leaned up against the gate in such a way that it created a perfect stairway to one of the holes. If she could climb that bunny she could jump out through that hole and make her way over to the staff desk to wait for lunch. And so Stacy quickly started making her journey.

Her trek was relatively uneventful but it seemed like the distance was much further than what she thought it was going to be. She knew she had been flung across the room but it still seemed like the distance had increased. Even the things in the room looked bigger like the tiny carpet fibres in the rub and the odd toys lying around. They were all much bigger than what they were before. Stacy thought that she might be shrinking but instantly removed that thought from her mind. Thinking on such worries were not going to help her at a time like this and she should just stick to the task at hand.

Finally she made it to the bunny and almost felt like puking when she saw the sheer size of it. It looked more like a freaking double decker bus than a stuffed toy and it smelled like a public restroom. Although she imagined that it probably had seen a lot of body excrements though she tried not to think about that as she began to climb it. The toy was disgustingly sticky in some places and wet in other as if it had recently been in one of the children's mouths or something (Which it probably had) but she did not care about this once she made it to the top.

She was about to jump through the hole when a stomping was heard behind her and a dark shadow was cast on her destination. Slowly turning around she saw the smiling face of a young 2 year old boy as he reached for the stuffed toy. Stacy grabbed on for dear life as she was lifted higher and higher into the air, her freedom falling further and further down below as she now found herself trapped.

The kid had a wild look in his eyes filled with malice and greed as her stared down at the tiny girl. However this was probably the terrified interpretation of Stacy as the child's face showed nothing more than innocent happiness and curiosity. This was especially true when he found a strange bug on his favorite toy. He continued to stare at her as she clung onto the fabric of the bunny, screaming in fright. 

Finally, Stacy's worst fears came true as the boy reached out with his other hand and scooped the shrunken girl up. His fist was so large that it covered her entire body with only her tiny little head poking out as he raised her to his face. Stacy would be screaming in agony and fear if her lungs weren't being compressed by the incredible strength of the toddler as she was held in front of his mouth. His breath was disgusting, smelling like a mixture of drool and milk, as he breathed all over her. 

However, it appeared that Stacy might be saved as the young child inserted her into his mouth. Before the giant maw closed Stacy saw the panicked look of Emma as she rushed towards the child.

"Oh, no, no, no, sweetie, don't eat stuff on the ground" She bent over and quickly lifted his face into the air, opening his mouth and putting her fingers in.

However, before she could get his mouth opened even a little big there was a think "Gulnk" as the child swallowed the tiny object. Figuring that whatever it was couldn't be toxic, Emma lifted the small child into the air and put him with the rest of the children. Whatever he ate will probably come out later.

End Notes:

As you might have guessed the entire next chapter will be devoted to her time travelling the wide expanse of the childs body. She will also get to know her new found powers quite well as they will come in very handy. 

This Challenge is taking much longer than I expected and I don't know how long it will be still. Hope you guys can bare with me. Also sorry for the very boring chapter.

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