Midnight Convenience Store (真夜中のコンビニ) by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

Based on a specific fantasy I had while studying abroad in Japan of suddenly shrinking in a convenience store in the middle of the night while the only other person was the cute clerk.

Also, it has multiple endings, so check the other chapters for different outcomes, both gentle and cruel!

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1. Opening by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

2. Crush Ending (Shoes, Crush, Unaware) by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

3. Snack Ending (Vore) by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

4. Inshoe Ending (Inshoe, Slave) by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

5. Panty Ending (Insertion, Masturbation) by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

6. Friend Ending (Gentle, Boobs) by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

Opening by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit
Author's Notes:

The opening of the story, check the other chapters for the different endings I had in mind!

              The only sound that fills my ear is the chirping of crickets and the rushing of air as my bicycle glides down the empty road. It’s the middle of the night in my sleepy town in rural Japan, and at this hour, there’s only one place to satisfy late night hunger that’s open. As I turn at yet another deserted crossroads with traffic lights signaling to no one, a bright white light appears from the rows of darkened houses and stores.


              In the middle of the night, my local convenience store stands out as a brightly lit oasis in a darkened world, a little blip of life in a slumbering hamlet. I carefully pilot my bike up the entry path and coast to a stop neatly into the bike zone. With a smooth dismount, I make my way inside.


              “Irasshaimse!” The blue polo-clad clerk cheerfully chirps behind the counter as a canned musical chime plays. For a moment, I squint my eyes a bit, the brightness of the fluorescent lights burning against my night-adjusted vision from the bike ride over here. I give a friendly wave to the girl behind the counter, and she heads to the back, likely looking for something to do given the sheer lack of customers at this time of night.


              No matter, I think to myself as I grab a basket. For now, I just need to grab what I need and head back home.


              The tinny speaker in the ceiling softly crackles out some J-Pop song, filling the void with a bit of warm, cheerful music as I wandered the desolate aisles. As I expected, the prepared food is gone, my favorite fried chicken tragically absent from the heated display box by the register. Likewise, the onigiri and sandwich section is deserted, save for some unappealing sandwich that fails to grab my desire before I’m distracted by a packet of chips I haven’t had in a while. I quickly shove the bag into my basket before proceeding to the cooler section at the back.


              Despite it being summer, the water bottles are thankfully fully stocked, just what I needed after a bike ride here. However, as I reach down to grab a bottle, an electric shock resounds through my body, forcing me to double over as I stagger from the painful sensation. The bottle slips from my hand, clattering to the ground as a splitting headache overcomes me. As I begin to keel over, the last thing I see is the freezer section growing larger and larger before darkness clouds my vision.


              A few moments later, I woke up, laying on a vast, white surface in a strange dimension of distant but enormous monuments on the horizon. Behind me, a translucent cylinder larger than a city bus lay in a puddle of condensation. Now awake, I quickly realize what has transpired. The gigantic cylinder, the looming monuments in the distance and the strange floor and sky proves it, I had shrunk to an inch tall.


              I began to panic almost immediately, the reality of my situation failing to process in my mind as I looked up at the newly gigantified world. Here I am, far away from home and anyone who could come rescue me and reduced to the size of a bug. I’m trapped in an oasis in the middle of an inky void too enormous for my miniaturized form to traverse. For now, I can do nothing but my best to survive and hopefully get someone’s attention who can rescue me.


              As I calm down, I think over my situation. The only other person in the building is the clerk, who I assumed is in the back. Worst case scenario, I can try to find her, but I might be mistaken for a bug, so I need to play it safe for now. I rise to my feet, and start to walk towards the front door, since I have nothing else to do, at the very least it puts me closer to the clerk.


       The walk is lengthy but somewhat uneventful. The hum of the refrigerators and the tinny J-pop speaker provide a strange soundtrack to my hike. As I stroll down the aisle I once was able to cover in a few seconds, a grim sight appears in front of me.


       It’s a bug, or at least it was a bug. A small beetle in the middle of the path, smashed flat by an overwhelming force. Its shell was smashed to pieces, its legs loosely bent and the whole mess was coated in what I assumed was its guts. A feeling of nausea overcomes me as I look at the miserable crushed bug. Likely, the clerk or a customer found it, and it was treated the way bugs in the store deserved to be treated. I shudder, trying not to think of what I would look like should the girl behind the counter drop her sneaker down on my tiny form. Nevertheless, I still need to make my way up front.


       After minutes of walking, I turn around, finding myself less than halfway down the aisle. With a sigh, I turn to continue before I hear a low rumble off in the distance, only growing louder the longer they go on. Down at the end of the aisle, the enormous figure of the clerk makes her appearance, looming over my world like a skyscraper. Her black hair is like an inky waterfall, barely obscuring her name tag which bears the name “Miyano.” More pressing to me, however, are her enormous white sneakers, smudged brown with months and months of use. Earth-shattering footfalls filled my ears as I watched the behemoth approach. As terrifying as she appeared from afar, the sight of the girl, once shorter than me looming high into the sky felt unreal. The final roar came less than a foot from her body, as I watched her sneaker fall with a tremendous crash against the tile floor. Her stopping down feels more like a building collapsing as she dutifully restocks a row of packaged sweets on a hook.


       This moment gives me a golden opportunity to possibly get her attention. If she notices me, I’ll be rescued, although deep within, I hope she doesn’t mistake me for a bug and reduce me to yet another crushed stain on the tile like that bug. However, I know that there’s no life for me here, so after taking a deep breath, I gather my courage and shout to the enormous clerk high above me, praying she’ll hear my words and rescue me from the barren world of white.




The presence of too many ideas and fantasies necessitated creating a multiple choice ending, so I created a series of different fantasy endings that I envisioned. Feel free to peruse the multiple outcomes below and let me know which one was your favorite!

Chapter 2: Crush Ending

Chapter 3: Snack Ending

Chapter 4: Inshoe Ending

Chapter 5: Panty Ending

Chapter 6: Friend Ending

Crush Ending (Shoes, Crush, Unaware) by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit
Author's Notes:

Time stands still as we lock eyes, and my mind is filled with a mixture of hope and terror as the gargantuan woman stares down at me wordlessly, clearly trying to evaluate what I am. To my horror, her face transforms into a disgusted sneer as I hear her mutter,


              “Ew, another bug”


              I don’t wait for her to rise back to her feet as I try my best to run for it, hoping at the very least to live another day. Behind me, an earsplitting explosion slams mere inches next to me as a single step undoes all the progress my little legs could make. As a dark shadow creeps over me, I trip on the edge of the tile, faceplanting spectacularly on the cold floor. Rolling onto my back, the ceiling is replaced with the filthy white textured sole of the Miyano’s sneaker.


              No matter what comes our way, it’s in our nature to resist, so as the bus-sized shoe rushes towards me, I put up my hands in a pathetic show of resistance, as if something as tiny as me can even hope to stop her footfall as she exterminates the pest interrupting her work. As the shoe makes contact with my body, it feels like I’ve been hit by a truck. The unyielding rubber sole impacts my entire body at once, fracturing bones and crushing one of my legs under the rubber pattern. With me successfully pinned under her shoe, she begins to press down, denying me the mercy of a quick death as she takes her time dealing with this trivial problem.


              The weight increases slowly but firmly. Joints begin to dislocate as my body struggles to survive the ever-increasing pressure. My arms fracture before breaking as my other leg is reduced to red pulp, sending a new wave of splitting pain across my entire body. Finally, my ribcage caves, showering my innards in shards of bone as she casually overcomes a slight bit of resistance. Above the sheer agony she puts me through, I can hear Miyano softly chuckling to herself, as my brutal death is reduced to a mere distraction from her duties.


              With one more firm press, my body liquefies. My chest collapses and bursts open like a grape, spewing blood and my innards across the pristine tile floor in a bright crimson splash under her shoe. Blood and viscera spurt from my mouth all over the girl’s dirty shoes as she pulps me into a uniform mush. As I fade out from the torture, her shoe lifts again, separating my head from my ruined body as it sticks into one of the ridges of the sole before she slams it down and the world goes dark.



“That was fun.” The girl mutters to herself, grinding the remnants of the weird bug into the ground with an audible squeak. Lifting her shoe reveals a bright red splatter, staining the bottom of her shoe and the floor.


“Now I have to go grab tissues, stupid bug.” She complains to no one as she walks to the back room, leaving faded red footprints behind her as she fetches a mop from the supply closet. Stopping on the way back, she scrapes her shoe against the mat, dislodging most of what remains of the bug’s body before she walks down the aisle to mop up her foot prints.


A few passes of the mop later and all evidence of the bug’s existence vanishes from the world. The girl checks her watch, and sighs, realizing how much time is left on her shift as she returns to her boring night shift duties.

Snack Ending (Vore) by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

 The enormous girl turns to look down at her feet as the minuscule sound meets her ears. As we lock eyes, a sense of hope fills my chest as her expression becomes curious. As she reaches down to pluck me from the ground, a deep rumble echoes from her chest.


       “Oops!” Miyano giggles as she pulls me from the ground. “Sorry you had to hear that. Wait, are you the guy who just came in?”


       I nod, now relieved to be safe from the dangerous world on the ground below.


       With me in tow, she rises to her feet and walks back to the counter, only for her stomach once again to rumble.


       “Let me see if I can find some snacks first before we talk.” She explains, setting me on the counter before bending over to search underneath for anything to eat.


       As for me, I’m finally in a safe place and with a relieved sigh, I sit down on the laminated instruction sign, slumping against the coin tray in an exhausted heap. After a few moments of digging, the girl once again looms over the counter.


       “Nothing, unfortunately. Well, while I was down there, I was thinking. I was going to ask your name, but I do think I might have a purpose for you. Hungry as I am, I could probably use something in my mouth as a distraction, and well, you would work well. Do a good enough job as my mint and we can figure something out.”


       Before I even have enough time to consider her words, I’m lifted into the sky. With one swift mood, my shrunken clothes are torn from my body, leaving me naked and exposed before my captress. Miyano’s tongue darts from her mouth, slamming me with the might of the slimy, hot muscle as she licks across my entire body, coating me in saliva. Without any more fanfare, she tosses me into her mouth.


       Miyano’s mouth is a dark, humid and slimy cave, dripping with slimy saliva and pungent odor over every conceivable part of her cavernous maw. Once again, her tongue grabs ahold of me, enveloping me in the bumpy, slimy pink muscle as it probes my body. My feelings and desires become secondary as Miyano toys with me, shoving me around, or rubbing me against the hard surface of her powerful teeth. She presses me against her lips before pushing me partially through, exposing myself to the light of the outside world. The ambient temperature chills against my soaked skin before I’m once again sucked into the hot, muggy cavern.


       Within her mouth, time becomes meaningless, as seconds drag on like hours and hours blur into seconds. After an unknown period of time, the incessant bullying by the giant girl’s mouth ceases to a halt and she leans forward, letting me once again slip between her lips, this time, falling from her mouth into a napkin with a wet splat.


       “Hmm, I don’t think I was satisfied by your performance.” Miyano booms down at me, frowning with her comments. “I guess I’ll just have to just cut to the chase and see if eating you satisfies me. Bye little guy, you were cute.”


       Running away is futile, as the moment I clamber to my feet, her fingers rush out and grab ahold of me, lifting me back towards her mouth. As she tosses me in, I look out the window to a pre dawn sunrise I’ll never see, only for it to all go black as I’m launched back into her mouth. Lightly humming to herself, I hear the sound of a bottle cracking open before she tilts her head back to allow a river of ice-cold water to sweep me from her tongue it the back of her mouth, where a single gulp washes me down her esophagus.


       A few moments of free fall sends me plummeting into the boiling, foul furnace of her stomach. Hungry as she was, my hope of a safe landing was dashed at the realization there was no food to land on as I plunge into the churning vat of acid. The acidic liquid quickly sets to work, flooding my mind with blinding pain as the burning liquid envelops and melts my body. Mercifully, my nerve endings quickly burn out, leaving me to fade out as her stomach becomes my death chamber.




       Miyano frowns, as the tiny person provided little in the way of sustenance. As she pondered her options, her phone buzzed.


       “Ah, time to put the chicken on, maybe one or two pieces could accidentally fall out or something.” She giggled to herself as she headed into the back room to start the process of preparing chicken for the morning ahead.

Inshoe Ending (Inshoe, Slave) by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

“Hm? A tiny guy?” The enormous clerk turned to face the source of the noice, bewildered at the miniature figure making the noise. Miyano stares down at me curiously, before her slender hand darts down, plucking me from the floor.


       “Hey… it’s ok, I got you now. Wait, you’re the cutie who came in a bit ago!’ I braced as Miyano stands back up.


       As the clerk walks back to the counter, she grimaces slightly.


       “Agh, my feet are so sore, I’ve been so busy.” She sets me on the counter with these words. “What’s your name, little guy?”


       “Jacob,” I reply.


       “Well, Jacob, I just had an idea. My feet hurt, and you are juuust the right size to help me out with that. Basically, I’m going to put you in my shoe, and if you do a good job, I’ll take care of you, so good luck and work hard! Don’t worry my feet aren’t that stinky!”


       I can only watch in terror as she swings her enormous leg onto the counter, slamming down her bus-sized shoe in front of me. She quickly unlaces them and a wall of hot, foul air blasts me as her ankle-sock clad sole leaves the warmth of her powerful shoe. As one would expect from a girl on her feet all day, the stench hangs thick in the air, and as she pulls her shoe off, the brown footprint of her worn sock is clearly visible.


              “Alright, now get in!” Miyano chirps, setting the opening of the shoe in front of me, turning the blackened heelprint into a wall before me. “Or I’ll crush you!”


              At her ominously cheerful threat, I force myself to climb onto the rim of her shoe, radiating heat and noxious foot funk. As soon as I get in, she tips the shoe back over, sending me crashing onto the heel-shaped crater under the mouth of the shoe.

              “Start running, or you’ll be smashed under my feet!”


              There’s nothing I can do but run as she begins to slide her shoe back on, quickly replacing the open air with her filthy sock. My little legs do not even begin to compare to her massive sole as they quickly run me over, trapping me under her toes. The damp sock grabs ahold of me and begins to toy with their new prey as Miyano idly squirmed her toes in the shoe. My ability to move was casually suppressed by the weight of her toes as she set her foot back down onto the ground.


              The next few hours left me crammed into the musty, boiling hellhole of the clerk’s well-worn sneakers, trampled under her nasty socks while she went about her day. My understanding of what was going on outside was limited to whatever muffled sounds I could attempt to interpret as her foot continued to toy with me. Occasionally, she would tap her foot on the ground, battering me around for her amusement as she went about her tasks. Occasionally, I heard the entry chime and the chatter of my owner and another customer, clearly unaware of the tiny currently suffering in the cheerful clerk’s shoe.


              After several further hours of movement, trampling and other torments, the squeaking of tile under the shoe gave way to the sound of concrete scuffing against the treads. High above me, Miyano clambered onto her bike and pushed off onto the street. Within the shoe, my world rose up and down repeatedly with each push of the pedal, and I struggled to not become sick from the repetitive motions.


              More time passes and Miyano coasts to a stop. As she dismounts, the force of her shoe slamming onto the ground feels like my entire body has been hit by a truck. Miraculously, the force spares my fragile tiny body from her full, crushing weight as Miyano jogs into her home.


              As she comes to a stop, light begins to re-enter my world as Miyano peels off her shoe.

              “My feet reek, wow! You alive little guy?” Miyano inquires, dumping my battered body onto the floor.


              I squint my eyes as the burning daylight stings my eyes. The smell of fresh air, untainted by the girl’s nasty soles feels rejuvenating in my lungs as I try to take in as much as possible.


              “I’m… alive, why did you do that?” I moan, still bruised from her rough treatment.


              “I needed a foot cushion, and I’d say it’s a fair price to pay for keeping you safe from pests or people’s shoes. I could’ve just crushed you like a bug under these shoes, as could any other customer who spotted you. Tell you what, in exchange for your safety and my care, you’ll now be serving as my insole when I’m at work.”


              I sigh, in no position to resist my new owner’s whims.


              “Fine, fine.” I mutter, accepting my new role in life.


              “Good choice. Now, I have night shift tonight so get some rest while you can. Expect another hard day tomorrow, so I’m going to rest, and you’re going to sleep in my shoes tonight to hopefully get you more prepared for your new life!”


              After reading out my sentence, she peels off her socks, and tosses me back into the disgusting shoe, plugging the only escape with her sock to keep me inside.


              “Sleep well foot bug!” She laughs, rising to her feet and walking away, condemning me to my new fate as an insole.

Panty Ending (Insertion, Masturbation) by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

              “Ah! Is that a tiny guy?” Her enthusiasm catches me off guard as the gigantic girl turns and stares down at me with a bright smile. Miyano descends to her hands and knees to get a better look, her billboard sized face mere inches from me as she scans her latest distraction.


              “Hey! You’re the cutie who came in a bit ago! Cute little customers like you shouldn’t be on the floor, let me grab you!”


              Before I can even react, Miyano’s fingers effortlessly pluck my tiny body off the ground.


              “This is so cool! A cute tiny that I can do whatever I want to!”


A chill runs down my spine as I hear those words.


              “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you. What’s your name, cutie?” Miyano cooed, poking my face as she teased me.


              “J…Jacob” I stammer out, terrified of my captress.


       The enormous clerk cheerfully skips to the counter, the presence of the tiny me clearly exciting her. Gently setting me onto the table, Miyano paused for a stretch before staring at me up close.


              “Y’know… I’ve always liked the idea of owning a tiny boy, and here one is just for me! You’re in good hands, but there is one thing I’ve always wanted to try.”


              Miyano shivered with excitement from the thoughts in her head.


              “Can I stick you in my panties? I’ve always wanted a cute tiny boy squirming around in my panties while I work, trapped against my pussy. I know you’re probably afraid in your current state, but please? I’ll make it worth your while for sure.”


              As the building-sized girl stared down at me expectedly, I sighed.


              “Fine, go for it, not really much I can do to stop you.”


              Miyano’s face lit up in a wide smile.


              “Nope! But your support is good to hear. You’ll love snuggling up with a cute girl’s pussy, so enjoy it!”


              Glancing around for any potential customers coming inside, Miyano grabbed ahold of her pants and carefully slid them down. From my position on the counter, I could just barely make out the hair lined peak of her nether regions, slightly glossy and quivering with anticipation.


              “Hope it’s not too intense. In you go!”

              Miyano snatched me from the table and carefully nestled me into the slightly damp center of her panties. Mere inches away was the largest pussy I had ever seen, two massive hairy mounds neatly framing a glistening pink world of ridges and folds. High above, the clerk shuddered as she pulled her pants back up, lifting me until the snap of her waistband signaled my entombment in the tight chamber.


              Instantly, the humidity inside her panties rises dramatically, filling the air with a thick, cloying stench from her sweaty pussy. My face, firmly pressed into the center of her pussy, quickly becomes soaked as the sensation of a tiny boy in her panties continues to excite her.


              With me comfortably nestled against her nether regions, Miyano quickly returns to work, occasionally biting her lip as electric bursts of pleasure shoot up her body from my movements. The more she moves, the more I rub against her pussy, with every burst of pleasure eliciting distant moans and coating me in more and more fluid as her arousal only continued to build.


              Suddenly, the door chimes, and Miyano gives her usual greeting. As Miyano hurries over to the counter, an idea comes to my mind as I carefully move my hand, pressing it into the soft, dripping flesh. High above, Miyano stifled a moan, doubling over as a fresh wave of pleasure ripples across her nerves. To my delight, the customer begins to talk to my owner, and in response, I continue to massage the inner folds of the clerk’s pussy.


              “Are you ok? You seem unwell.” A distant, female voice asks, prompting me to resume my massage once again, her body splashing me with fluid in resposnse.


              “I’m… fine! Perfectly fine. Thanks for shopping with us and have a good day!” Miyano stammers, trying her best to stifle another moan.


              “Ok then, take care!” The woman walked out the door with another chime, and as soon as she vanished from view, Miyano sprinted to the bathroom as fast as she could.


              As she yanks down her pants, I briefly adhere to the surface until landing onto the slimy surface of her panties, quickly growing cold from the exposure to air. Miyano barely gives me a chance to breathe as her fingers roughly scrape me from the fabric before shoving me against her pussy. As soon as she begins to masturbate, the clerk moans loudly, squirming desperately as she crams me against the hot, dripping wet pussy.


              I quickly find myself sucked into the tunnel, followed by her fingers as she continues. The slimy, hot surface quickly clamps down on me, tightening as I involuntarily squirm in response to the pressure.


              With one final moan, Miyano orgasms, screaming with pleasure as the walls of her pussy threaten to crush me like a grape. Distracted by the overwhelming sensations all around me, I barely notice my own orgasm as a mess of fluids wash me from her nether regions onto the panties with a wet, cold splat.


              Miyano was silent for a moment, struggling to catch her breath before muttering, “That… was amazing.”

              I lay delirious and wordless in her panties, before she worked up the strength to fish me out and wash away the slimy fluids dripping from my drenched body. The water stream felt like standing under a waterfall, but in no time, her fluids were blasted away, and after a few seconds enduring a hot hurricane from the bathroom’s blow dryer, I laid in her palm, enjoying the relaxing stillness after such a chaotic event.


              “I think I’m going to have to keep you after that. Yep, you’re my new panty pet!” Miyano giggled at her own words. “All the care and protection you want and all you gotta do is keep doing that.”


Sitting back down on the toilet, she carefully shimmies her panties off of her body, and grabs a plastic bag to slide them into.


               “Guess I gotta go bottomless, no worries, my shift is nearly over. You can hang out in my pants pocket while I get finished up.”


              Miyano gently slipped me into the warm pocket of her work pants before sliding them back onto her body. With a weary sigh, she opened the door to the bathroom and returned to work.

Friend Ending (Gentle, Boobs) by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

  Miyano turned her head, and nearly jumps back in shock at what appeared to be a tiny man on the floor. I instinctively cover my head as the sound of her shoes hitting the tile creates a seismic blast.


       “So…sorry! What are you?” Miyano slowly lowers herself to the ground, inching closer to me as she tries to figure out what’s going on.


       “You’re the guy who came in earlier. Are you ok?”


       “Well, you didn’t step on me, so I guess I’m alright.”


       “Can I pick you up? I’d like to take you to the counter so I don’t have to keep laying on the floor, I haven’t cleaned it yet.”


       Miyano gently wraps her fingers around me and lifts me into the sky as she rises to her feet. In just a few seconds, she makes her way behind the counter and gently sets me down on the table.


       “Ok, so what’s your name then? Seems we’ll be spending some time together so let’s start there. You probably saw my name already, Miyano.”


       “Jacob, the name is Jacob.”


       “How did you end up in rural Japan?”


       “I’m an exchange student, but I guess that’s not really applicable anymore.”


       I sigh, quickly growing despondent at my situation.


       “I don’t know what it’s like to be like that, but what I can do is at least help you. I can hang onto you for now until we get to the bottom of this. Don’t give up hope just yet.”


       I sigh, still trying to accept my new reality.


       “So, am I just your pet now?”


       “It’s certainly appealing, I’ve always wanted a tiny boy pet, but if you don’t want to, it can be more like we’re friends!” Miyano cheers, clearly trying to create some kind of levity.


       “I guess that works.” I mutter, thankful that she isn’t going to hurt me.


       “It’s alright, you’re with me. Let a cute girl like me pamper you and care for you. Say, boys like boobs, right? Want to hang out in mine?” Miyano quickly changes the subject, proudly displaying the ample bosom I overlooked during the entire experience.


       “Sure, that would be wonderful.” I reply


       Miyano smiles as she unbuttons her top. The deep valley of her cleavage reveals itself to the world as she gently separates the two orbs.


              “In you go!”

              She slips me into the newly formed opening, and as she lets go, my body immediately sinks into the hot, slightly sweaty tit-flesh. High above, Miyano beamed, gently rubbing her breasts together before quickly buttoning up her top.


              While Miyano returned to her job, I lay adhered to her slightly sweaty breast, my first moment of calm since I shrank. My fears of being shrunk slowly began to melt away, the worrying thoughts replaced by the warm and soothing heartbeat of the enormous girl. The dark, confined space and the soothing heartbeat sound quickly began to weigh down my eyelids, and within a few moments, I dozed off, content and protected in the vast warmth of this former stranger’s bosom.



              A few hours later, I awoke with bright lights illuminating my face. When my eyes adjusted, the beaming face of Miyano filled my view high above the desk I found myself on top of.


              “Morning! You were out cold, hope my boobs provided you with a nice place to sleep.”


              “So that wasn’t a dream?” I sigh, the depressing reality of my situation once again creeping over me.


              “Unfortunately, no. However, I’d like to help figure out what happened, and if there’s a way to possibly undo. I can’t guarantee anything, but for the time being, I would be happy to take care of you for as long as possible. Besides, surely living with a cute girl can’t be all bad.”


              “Well… you are cute.” I admit.


              Miyano blushes slightly while smiling.


              “I guess this is the start to something then. I’ll get some stuff set up for you, but for now, I’m going to get some sleep, and I recommend you get some more sleep too. If you want to do something to help me tonight, I won’t expect it, but it would be nice if I could put you somewhere to make my job a bit easier.”


              “Like your shoe or panties?” I quip.


              “If you would like, but that’s a discussion for tonight. For now, here’s a clean sock for you to sleep in while I sleep. Have a good sleep, cutie.”


              Miyano produces a clean sock, as promised, and gently tucks me inside while she prepares herself to go to sleep. Deep within the warm sock, I once again grow weary as I hear Miyano off in the distance preparing for bed. Although the rustling and sounds she is making confuse me, I pay little attention to as the inky blackness of exhaustion and rest come to reclaim me, spiriting me away to a different reality. As I drift from consciousness, I think to myself that maybe things might not be so bad with Miyano after all.


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