"You Like Him, Don't You?" by Underscore

Being a giantess around so many cute and tiny guys is so hard!

Especially when one has caught your eyes and stroked your loins. 

What's so wrong with a sexy girl taking charge with a near stranger?

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1. Chapter 1 by Underscore

Chapter 1 by Underscore

"OMG! You so totally like him… don't you?"

"W-What? Me? N-No way!"

"Then stop staring at him."

"I'm not staring."

"… you're not even looking at me—and we're talking!"

"So? That doesn't mean I'm looking at him." Jessica said. Her hair was long and black, adventurous. She swept a lock of it behind her ear, her gaze permanently set on the section for tinies just before her shoes. "Just… a lot of them, down there. Just checking out the fresh faces."

"Who needs a fresh face when you don't care that his is dirty?" Sarah responded.

Jessica placed a finger on her lip, thinking. "Just how do you think he got those marks?"


"No, I'M NOT!" Jessica said, immediately realizing it was a lie. Her foot stomped against the ground—rattling a wave that shook the tinies. "Damn it!"

"Just go after hiiiiiim," Sarasha sang, arms crossing over Jesscia's neck. Her hands collected underneath Jesscia's impressive chest. "He'd be a fool to say no."

Jessica glanced aside shyly. "He's… n-not as perverted as you."

"Right… because you haven't flashed him with all that there is to an apartment-sized woman." Sarah laughed in Jessica's ear. "Think about it. It's easier for tinies and giants to date their own kind… for several reasons. It's so much work for a tiny person to keep up a relationship with a big girl."

Jessica sadly groaned.

"All that effort and travelling… and for what? To always be the smaller, dependent one, forced almost to be outright submissive?" Sarah clicked her teeth and warmly whispered. "He's a cute guy. Talented. Funny. Handsome. He's got no trouble with the ladies at his size—what would he want to do with you."


"And don't say you just want him for him—I see where your hand draws when you look at him." Sarah happily exhaled on Jesscia's ear. "Your body wants him as much as your heart does. That adorable little body pinned to your skin beneath your fabric."

Greater laughter.

"You two are beyond friends… so take the step… let him see what it's like to be boyfriend to such a lovely woman." Sarah's arms slipped from Jesscia's throat as the woman leaned back. "Do aaaaallllll the things you've been dreaming about. Guaranteed, they're enough to make his dreams come true."

Jessica swallowed.

"I-I… y-you don't think… maybe… t-too soon?"

"There is never a time too soon that plucking a tiny dude from the table and slipping him behind your waistband won't absolutely make his day." Sarah stepped back. "Trust me. Naco isn't as innocent as he seems." She covered her mouth. "Just takes a big girl taking charge for him to fully get the image."

Jessica blinked.

But Sarah had already given a thumbs up.

They were in the washroom together, tinies and normals intermixed, though the room was empty—save two. Each had left their respective bathroom section, coming to the mixed sink. Jessica saw the small, black-haired boy approaching his size-supportive sink.

She needed to have him in her pants today.

I want him… I want him…

She watched his itty hands wash and become dry before they ran through his hair, accentuating the spikes. He wore slim-black clothing as well. His was gentle and white with an aura of kindness that radiated off it. He'd clean without noticing the girl.

Oh god, I want him so bad, Jessica bit on her bottom lip. We barely know each other… but I want to grab you and thrust you down my shorts. Heat blossomed and developed, spreading. Just down there already. Behind my pink panties, pressed against my flower. I need you. I love you. That adorable little body just set against my skin.

She loved him. That kind and gentle nature. His laugh and voice and the little talks they had. To whisk someone so cute and claim him as her own special pet would be a dream come true.

Jessica would truly love him.

But her pussy hungered that that lovely little body pushed and shoved and wrought inside her pussy. It would be a hole—in more ways than one—filled. Knowing that perfect boy was now inside her, trapped between striding hips, brought him ever deeper into tenderness.

It would be a dream come true to take that stud, pinching and drawing him between her legs, delivering him deep into her nethers. A way of remaining ever hot and wet. Even though they were like strangers, it was her desire for their introduction to be him randomly being plucked and stuffed with her musky, steamy pink panties.

Oh… FUCK IT, Jessica droned. My body is perfect; he's going to fucking love my pussy.

"H-Hey… Naco!"

Before the boy could finish turning, delicate fingers plucked him, picking him into the air. He soared as winds cast downward. Across, the woman blurred, fabric and skin. Soon, her face was revealed, elated. Her eyes concentrated on the pinched lad.

"I've secretly had a thing for you this whole time—and I want nothing more than to introduce you to my pussy!" Her other hand covered her face. Her eyes twinkled. "I hope you don't mind panties or pussy or my body. Because it's been hungering for you for a while—and I'm not about to hold myself back!"

Just like that, she brought him in for a kiss, red lips devouring him, sucking and suckling on him. For seconds, they consumed him, hiding the boy from view. He went from dry to wet with her spit. She and her liquid were all over him. He became ruined.

"Aaahh… there we go… all set." Jessica smiled, pulling another strand over her ear. "Don't worry about everything that came before this. I'll take care of it all." Lowering a hand to her pants, she tugged out its front, revealing her tanned crotch. “Just… stay down there… scared and confused… plastered to my warm… excellent skin…”

Without warning, she dropped the boy behind her denim and silk waistbands. His dip inside wasn't even seen—as if nothing had been fed to her underwear. But there he was inside. Pelting hot-pink fabric—before everything closed, tightening.

Jessica moaned—gasping.

Her hand slipped from her waistband. She saw nothing of the boy—not even an impression. Yet he was there, inside her panties—like a little pebble she had placed inside for some reason. The fabric—broad to him—tightly affixed him to Jesscia's skin.

He was inside, pressed upon by stretched fabric, brought and pushed into bare skin. Naco had just avoided being stuck against her pussy—though he stuck to the side of the hungry kitty. Outside, Jessica laughed, a hand slapped onto and rubbing the crotch of her shorts. She moaned at the wiggles inside.

“O-Oh yes… that’s what I want… to feel you there…”

Satisfied with having stolen a little man into her underwear, Jessica turned and twisted before the mirror, feeling large and powerful. There was a tiny prisoner inside her panties, stretched over and pressed into the side of her pussy. He was a constant tickle that further activated the girl. Soon… he would be fed inside the furnace.

"We got some fun ahead…" Jessica said, turning. "Just think of when I keep you with my ass. Trapped between, unable to get free. I look forward to your tickles. You're exactly what I need."

And just like that, she left the bathroom with the prize of the world lodged in her underwear.

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