10 Years Later by BuriedBones

Despite their better judgement, college friends get back together for a reunion in the middle of a pandemic that's affecting certain members of the population. They all tested negative. What could go wrong?

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Chapter 1 by BuriedBones

The plane made its final descent into Detroit, and Dave was tired. A cross-country flight, and now another 90 minute drive to get to the hotel. All this for a college reunion. He lumbered toward the exit, keeping his mask secure over his face. Though he felt fatigue down to his bones, he couldn't help but feel even more excitement. As much as he complained about all the hassle, he genuinely loved seeing his friends, and times like these always turned into a wild party.

The small grace of car service took him down the long winding Michigan roads into the rural parts of his old college stomping grounds. He passed the trees, and the farms, and a whole lot of not much else. All he could think about were the faces he hadn't seen in person in almost 3 years. Not since Martin and Marlene's wedding. Before the pandemic, when things were still easy. As the car rolled up past the blocky "LeGrande Hotel" sign, he felt his heart beat faster. His mind whirled at the idea of spending a weekend in the same hallways as all his friends, just like the dorms. He stepped out, luggage in hand, giving a thoughtful nod to the masked face behind the wheel, and practically skipped to the sliding door entrance of the hotel.

He entered into the affordable-hotel world of beige and slightly darker beige. There were LeGrandes all over the country that looked exactly like this one. But there was only one LeGrande that the ten of them had decided to share this weekend. Dave mingled past the bustling check-in counter, keeping his eyes peeled for a familiar face or two. Something struck him: no one was wearing masks. It felt so odd after so long to see stranger's faces. He approached the counter and spoke to the young woman behind it.

"Checking in, Dave Canning. I have a room in the Reunion block." he said.

"Right, Mr. Canning. We have you all set." the desk clerk replied, clacking away on her chunky keyboard.

"Is it ok if I..." Dave asked, motioning to his mask.

"Yes, sir. We are officially mask optional here at the LeGrande as of this week. Feel free to remove it whenever you see fit." she answered.

Dave slowly removed the mask of his face, revealing a cautious smile. "Seems a bit early, doesn't it?"

The clerk nodded. She kept her mask on, he noticed. Unlike the sea of exposed faces, she still had to take precautions. "You're all set. Here's your room key, and a complimentary welcome basket courtesy of the organizers. You're on floor 4." She handed him his keycard and a very frilly basket of snacks.

"Thanks. Say, do you know if anyone else from floor 4 has checked in? Some might be on floor 3, too..."

The clerk just looked at him, helplessly. He wasn't giving her much to go on. "Right, I'll check myself. Have a good one."

Not even waiting for the customary, "You too!" Dave hustled to the elevator and within a minute was sitting on the firm, reliable bedspread of Room 412. He threw his jacket on a chair opposite the bed, and whipped his phone out to text Kevin, only to find a text waiting for him. Kevin had beat him to the punch.

*You make it to the hotel yet?* Dave smiled. Already in sync. Just like college.

*Just got to my room* he texted back. *Who's all here so far?*

*Most of us. We're all at the bar. Come down.* buzzed a quick reply.

Dave stuck his shoes back on and gave his face a quick wash in the sink. He looked at himself. Just shy of 30, and still not half bad looking, if he had anything to say about it. He wondered if everyone else would look the same. He wondered if Ashley was there yet. The answer was just a quick elevator ride away.

As the doors beeped open, Dave walked out past the still-busy lobby into the hotel bar adjacent. It was early, but a decent crowd had already formed. Most looked to be around his age. Probably more reunion folks, off to have their own adventures. He had no interest in making new friends. He spotted the back of Martin's big head from across the bar and made his way to the same familiar group he'd joined one hundred times before.

"There he is!" Heather shouted as Dave approached. 

"This guy." Pat added, grabbing him by the shoulder into the sort of side hug that only very heterosexual people give. And just like that, they'd slipped back into the same rhythm. Dave looked over at Kevin, next to his wife Heather. He and Kevin were roommates since freshman year, and Heather was quickly a constant in their small dorm room. There was Tracey, Heather's roommate right next to her already finishing her first cocktail as usual.

Pat had already moved himself back to his original spot next to Erica. No sign of Erica's husband, which Dave took as a freebie since he could never remember the man's name. Martin and Marlene were opposite them, attached at the hip as ever. And next to them, Ashley smiled up at Dave with a little wave.

Ashley. Ever since they'd met, there was always something between them. They could never figure it out, though. They seemed to trade availability, jumping into a relationship just as the other became single. But here she was now, seemingly by herself. And coming out the gate pretty flirty. Was this finally the moment for them? Dave waved back. "The gang's all here." he chirped.

"No sign of Rebecca yet." Martin corrected. 

"I wonder if she'll come at all." Marlene added. "She was always something of a hypochondriac."

"She was rightfully cautious. As we all should be." Tracey added. "I can't believe they actually went through with all this, given the circumstances."

"It's a tradition, Tracey." Pat said. "Everybody does it. Plus, they'd cancelled it the last couple years, so we're overdue."

Martin chimed in, "And cases are down. It's not like it was at the start."

"Did anybody get it?" Ashley asked. "You all look... the same?"

"Well you all always towered over me anyway." Tracey shot back.

"Not everybody, Tracey. I've only got a couple inches on you. And Rebecca was always the shortest. We're all still us." Heather replied.

"Yeah, I was extra careful. If the college dance floors were any indication, I don't need to be any taller." Erica laughed. Pat laughed with her, a little too hard. She smiled at him. "You were always game, Pat."

"The night's still young. Where's that husband of your's anyway?"

"Oh... he's... he couldn't..." Erica stammered. Ashely noticed, and picked up the ball. "So did they ever figure out why it's only affecting women?"

"Chromosomal thing." Martin announced. "Women have a thing... that..."

Marlene laughed. "He acts like he knows."

"Do you?" Martin laughed back. Marlene shook her head and kissed him to shut him up.

"Well I know I'm thirsty." Dave said. "Anybody else need a drink?" Half the group raised their hands and followed Dave to the bar. Ashley got close as they approached. "So what have you been up to?" she said.

"Oh, same old data entry. Nothing new to report. Easy to transition for stay-at-home though. What about you, are you still working in... athleisure?"

Ashley laughed. "I never worked in athleisure wear. Why do you always think that?"

"I don't know! I feel like you told me that once and now it will never leave my brain." Dave flagged down the bartender and ordered a round of cocktails for himself, and the four who followed him. Pat gave him another side hug. "So what do you do, then? I promise I'll remember this time."

"Just general apparel design. You don't have to be an athlete to wear it."

"But I bet it helps." They both chuckled, and clink glasses.

They looked around at the bar. Pat, Kevin, and Erica had huddled into their own conversation. Beyond them, different huddles murmured their own stories to themselves. Dave noticed a woman or two who seemed a bit taller than average. Ashley caught him noticing. "You think they had it?"

"Some people are just tall." he replied.

"Yeah, but it's hard to tell these days. I saw online the other day a woman had grown bigger than her doorframe. And she was fighting her landlord over accessibility fees." 

"Crazy world. Only getting crazier." Dave said, almost to the world itself.

"That's the point of reuniting I guess. See how things change. Everything changes." Ashley sighed.

"Almost everything." Dave replied. Their eyes settled in on each other. The world fell away from them as the moment became wholly their's. Dave watched the ends Ashley's plump lips curl into a coy smile. That same shape he'd seen her lips so many times before, but could never bring himself to touch with his own. She was staring at him, her big green eyes fluttering up and down as she took him in. He did the same. She had always been curvy, but age had softened her into a beautiful, hourglass figure. Her round face was nestled between the twin tresses of her raven hair. They leaned closer together. Her hand touched his. "It's really good to see you again, Dave. Especially after all this..."

"Holy shit, Rebecca!" The moment shattered, they turned around to the wide entryway of the bar.

There, her head poking above the crowd, was Rebecca Chalmers, dressed in the tightest jeans Dave had ever seen, and a capital V neck shirt. Her eager eyes scanned the crowd before locking on Dave and his small group. Her face lit up as she bounded over, her chest jiggling dangerously with each step. She made it to Ashley and wrapped her in an enormous hug. Ashley wheezed, trying her best to reciprocate. "Hey roomie! Sorry I'm late."

"Rebecca, you're... here!" Ashley said, catching herself as her chin dangled just above her college roommate's ample bosom. She tapped her on the arm, and Rebecca released her.

"Sorry! Still getting used to this whole... you know. And sorry I'm late, oh my god! Dave! How did you beat me here?" She wrapped Dave into another hug, which Dave accepted, still stunned. She kissed him on the cheek, pulling away to look him square in the eyes. "Oh god! Sorry again. I don't know where that came from. I just... never looked you square in the eye before, Dave. What a rush. And is that Pat!?"

She pushed past the other two, harder than she meant to, and approached the other small group of friends. Pat jumped out, ready for his hug after watching the others. He squeezed her as tight as she squeezed him back. Ever the competitor. His body still maintained the strength it had the first day of freshman year, and Rebecca could feel it. She moaned, as quietly as she could. She looked down at him. "Look how tiny you are now." Pat blushed.

"He's not tiny, Rebecca. You're huge." Heather said, approaching along with Martin, Marlene, and Tracey.

"Heather, oh my god!" Rebecca started back up. They all waved back, hoping to stop the hugging circle before it reached critical mass.

"So..." Heather, continued, "You got it."

Rebecca composed herself. "I know what it looks like. Don't worry, I've been testing all week. All negative. No longer infectious. Not a danger to others in the least."

"That remains to be seen." Pat nudged her. She giggled. 

Ashley pushed him aside. "When did all this happen? We just facetimed last month."

"About 3 days after that, pretty much! I was being so careful, but this virus is such a nasty little fucker. I think I must have got it from the grocery store. I was masked, but the woman in front of me at the checkout looked like her shirt didn't fit right, and I just knew something was up. I bet she didn't even know yet, the poor thing. And then, boom. It starts." Rebecca spread her arms out, standing at her full height, the second tallest person in the whole group after Martin.

Tracey, mouth agape, stared up at her formerly shorter friend. "Did it... what were the side effects?"

"Oh, the same things they say on the news. You spend a whole day feeling really flushed. And then it's like... a very long, pleasant feeling. I mean, unless your clothes get too tight. Learned that the hard way. Lost my favorite pants to... the rippening." Rebecca patted her taut thighs, gesturing to her skinny jeans. "Had to get a whole new wardrobe, obviously. Which is probably why they're telling us to stay indoors. It's a hassle."

"Other people are actually getting sick, like really sick, Rebecca." Heather stated. "They don't even fully know what this thing does to people long-term."

"Well I'll tell you what it's done so far. 10 inches! No more getting carded at the liquor store for me." Rebecca declared.

Tracey spat out her drink. "You're five... eleven?"

Rebecca struck a pose, placing her arms on her hips and jutting them toward Tracey. "Don't I look it?" Tracey blushed.

"Why didn't you say anything?" Ashley interjected.

"Well at first I was kind of scared, obviously. I didn't even know if I could go, or how long this would last. And then when it all cooled down, I thought it would be, you know, a fun surprise."

"I'm having fun!" Pat interjected.

"Enough about me, I want to hear about you guys!" Rebecca said, letting her whole body jiggle as she did. Dave felt that made her remark a bit disingenuous. "Honestly I'm surprised no one else got it. I didn't think I'd be the tallest one of the group."

"Second tallest" Martin shot back suspiciously quickly. Rebecca laughed. She sized up the tiny little inch between Martin's six foot frame and her own.

"Nope, I'm still the same 5'4" I've always been." Ashley said, trying her best to ease the strange tension growing in the group. Rebecca had shown up like a lightning bolt, and didn't fully realize how much attention she was taking up at their happy reunion. Her roommate had always been shy and careful, and this new confidence was most likely just as different a fit as her new wardrobe. "Marlene, you're still..."

"5'7, on the dot." she said, nuzzling up to her husband. "I like the way Martin makes me feel small."

"Feh, small. Try 5'1". I USED to be the second shortest of us. Thanks for that, Rebecca." Rebecca stopped, watching Tracey after she said that. Tracey smiled. It was a joke, and Rebecca finally felt like the issue was becoming normal to them.

"I for one, am glad there's a girl taller than me for once." Erica joined in.

"Wait, you're not 5'11" too?" Rebecca questioned. "Nope, 5'9". Since I was in middle school. Now that you're one of us, it'll be easier to tell apart." Erica winked.

"Well I'm 5'5", and I'm happy being 5'5", which is why I've been careful and wore a mask even in the car." Heather said.

"A lot of people were careful, Heather. It's a virus, not a game of dodgeball." Kevin added. "It's ok, Rebecca. We know you've been careful. Welcome back to Michigan." Kevin hugged her and she gave him a very sweet, simple hug back. Kevin, ever the dad of the group. First to get married, first to buy a house. First to make Rebecca feel like her old self.

Rebecca hid her sniffle and said, "I never realized how short you were." Kevin pulled away.

"You ruined the moment." he said, jokingly.

"Completely stepped on it." Dave added.

"Probably steps on a lot of things these days." Kevin continued. The old routine. "5'8" is average height by the way."

"5'9" is average." Pat argued. "I should know."

Erica jumped in, "Well you're all shorter than Rebecca now-"

"Not me." Martin said quickly. "Six foot."

"Most of you are shorter than Rebecca now, and that's not liable to change. So let's fuckin' move on!"

"We've got all weekend to catch up, let's get you a drink." Ashley said, leading Rebecca and Erica toward the bar.

"I dunno, this bar is kind of... in a hotel." Marlene said. "I might be tapping out."

"Oh no you're not!" Rebecca declared, standing in front of her, showing off their 4 inch height difference. Marlene stared her down. She was used to lording over someone bigger than her. Rebecca immediately crumpled. "I just got here."

"You know what hotels also have?" said Ashley, still coy. They all looked at her, completely baited. "Pools."

"Yes! Pool party! I haven't even worn my swimsuit yet!" Rebecca shouted.

"We should definitely get in the pool." Pat added watching Rebecca jump up and down in excitement.

"There's no alcohol at the pool, though." Tracey interjected.

"I got this! I haven't done this yet, and I have been waiting to for like... ever." Rebecca sashayed over to the bar. The others watched as she leaned in front of the bartender. She leaned deep, letting her arms rest on the bar, and her breasts squeeze between them. They couldn't hear what she was saying, but they could see in the bartender's eyes that he wasn't really listening either. Finally, Rebecca raised her long, shapely leg up, as her ass tightened even more in her jeans. The bartender wiped his brow.

And each of them walked out of that bar carrying a full bottle of wine or spirits. Rebecca brought Ashley in for another hug. "Learned from the master."

"So we all get changed and meet back down at the pool in like 10?" Dave said.

"20." Heather corrected.

"Fair enough." Dave replied.

As they reached the fourth floor, each of them peeled out to their respective rooms. Heather and Kevin stopped at 432 on the far side of the floor. Martin and Marlene were close to the elevator at 403. The others watched Rebecca bounce to her own room at 421, right next to the stairs. Pat shuffled to his room at 426, the beginning of the other side. Erica followed close by to 428, right next door. Tracey went quietly into Room 401.

That just left Dave and Ashley. They walked together, toward the middle of the hall, not sure where either would stop. "We have the makings of an interesting weekend." Ashley said.

"That we do. And it's only just begun." Dave replied.

"The night is young." Ashley said.

Dave stopped at Room 412. So did Ashley. He watched her, curious. She turned around and slid her keycard into Room 411. Right across the hall.

Interesting weekend, indeed.

Dave made his way toward the pool, t-shirt over his swim trunks, and his own personal bottle of booze tucked tightly under his arm. The lobby was now much quieter, as everyone had wandered off to their chosen destinations for the evening. The low rumble of hotel bar patrons leaked out as he passed into a narrow hallway toward the aquamarine glow of the pool room.

When he stepped through the door, he found almost everyone there waiting for him. Kevin, Martin, and Pat were already splashing around, with Heather, Tracey, Marlene, and Erica sitting on the edge with their legs dipped into the clear water. No sign of Ashley or Rebecca yet. They probably got to talking, getting back into their same paired up feeling that Dave had with Kevin. Dave was sure Ashley had about 100 more questions for Rebecca she wanted to ask privately.

"You getting in or what?" Pat shouted. 

"I think I'll stick with the girls for a bit." Dave said, sidling up to the women in their tasteful bikinis.

"Big shock!" Kevin added. Dave made a rude gesture at him and dipped his feet into the pool.

"So how's everyone been?" Dave asked.

"Getting in some face time before Rebecca sucks up all the oxygen again?" Tracey teased.

"Don't be like that. It takes a lot of courage to show up like this. She could have stayed home and done the over-dramatic social media announcement like the rest of them." Heather said.

"Yeah, she's still figuring herself... her new self out." Erica added.

"Must be nice." Tracey said. "I'm sorry, but isn't it a bit of an adjustment for all of us? I'm not trying to be mean, but this is how I'm gonna roll with it." She took a swig from her own bottle. The girls clinked their bottles, unable to put up a good argument. 

"Hey guuuuuuys!" Rebecca walked through the door, followed meekly by Ashley in her own two piece. But all eyes were on the half-foot taller stunner in front of her. Rebecca had always been something of a small unassuming woman, even into her mid-20's, but now she'd filled out into a voluptuous, auburn-haired beauty. Her bikini clung to every curve like it was afraid of heights. Her expanded breasts pushed against the sun-yellow top, creating a cleavage previously impossible for Rebecca. Her tight stomach had a thin line of shapely muscle down the middle. There wasn't an ounce of fat on it, making all the other women look down at their own ripple of cellulose that lipped above their suit-bottoms while seated.

"Join the party, girls. Don't be afraid to get wet!" Pat called, splashing water at them. Rebecca squealed. "Let me put my bottle down at least!"

Dave watched as Ashley made her way over to the rest of them. Her wide hourglass swayed as her whole body jiggled to rest next to him. "She's very excited to get in the pool." Ashley informed.

SPLASH. Louder than they anticipated. Rebecca had cannonballed in, and her tall, athletic body had made itself heard. She emerged from the pool, glistening with water, her hair wet against her back, and her nipples poking through her bikini. She rose higher out of the water, looming over Pat and Kevin with a devilish smile. "You boys want to play?" Pat gulped.

More splashes erupted as the wading crew decided their attention could be elsewhere. Tracey jumped in, "So Marlene, Heather... any pitter patter chatter on the horizon?"

"What?" Dave asked.

"Babies." Ashley told him.


"God, no." Heather said. "We're just happy doing our thing. Work is kind of, bleh. So that's been our life."

"We've talked about it." Marlene said. "But it's not part of the plan for like... awhile."

"There's a pandemic on!" Erica added. They all nodded in agreement.

"So no big plans for you and hubby either, Erica?" Tracey pushed.

It's not..." Erica started.

"Where is he anyway? What's so important he can't skip a weekend?" Marlene added.

"Craig and I... are kind of separated right now."

"God, Erica. I had no idea, I'm sorry." Marlene quickly shot back.

"No, no. It's pretty fresh. You guys were going to find out eventually."

Pat swam up, genuinely concerned. "You guys are separated? Are you ok?"

"It's fine. It's good for both of us. World's crazy right now."

"World's crazy right now." they all agreed.

Pat climbed out of the pool. He jumped into the hot tub behind them, ushering Erica to join. "This is a hot tub conversation."

Erica smiled, stood up, and slipped into the hot tub with Pat. He sat across from her, nowhere near making a move. Pat had always been kind to Erica, even after they had broken up sophomore year. They were the closest of friends well after they were lovers. They spoke quietly about their lives. Erica hashed out just how the stress ate away at her marriage. Pat replied with his own struggles with the three consecutive quarantine girlfriends he'd been dumped by. As the night wore on, they were nestled together in the warm hot tub, watching their super-sized friend harass the other men in pool games.

Ashley, Dave, Marlene, and Tracey watched as well from the sidelines as Rebecca dominated Kevin and Martin in their splash fight. Her body ripped through the water like it was nothing, dunking on them, and making them take drink after drink in a bizarre game that seemed to make up the rules as they went.

"Despite everything, it feels so similar." Tracey said. They looked at her. "Even after everything we've gone through the last 3 years, it's like we're back in the dorms again tonight." 

Ashley smiled, and leaned her head on Dave's shoulder. He melted a little with her touch.

Suddenly, Rebecca's head rose out of the water, looking eye-level at Ashley. "Ok, you're up."

"Up where?" Ashley replied.

"I need backup. They're smoking me." Rebecca said, slurring a little from her nearly empty bottle.

"No, come on. I'm having fun here." Ashley protested.

"Too bad." Rebecca said, grabbing Ashley's arm with her own long one.

"Save me guys." Ashley said, a little drunk herself. The rest of the wading crew held onto her, but it was no use. Rebecca's tugging along with gravity had made it so. "God, how are you so strong?!" Ashley screamed as she fell into the pool with a splash.

Rebecca stood up straight and proud. "Side effect. I'm all muscle at the moment." Ashley emerged from the water, soaking wet. She punched Rebecca in the tit. "Ow!"

"Not all muscle." Ashley laughed. The game proceeded, with everyone else in the wading crew diving, and being tugged in by their spouses. It all devolved into splashing nonsense with bottles emptying and laughs roaring down the hall.

Back they went to the elevators, to the quiet fourth floor. It was well past 2am, and they were just wired enough to pass out as soon as they hit their beds. With whispered goodnights, they parted ways. Rebecca gave everyone another big hug. Despite her increased size, she still could get rather drunk after 3 bottles of tequila. 

As Dave and Ashley made their way to their opposite rooms, they gave each other their own hug. It was a long hug, an exploring one. One that could turn into more. They looked into one another's eyes. Ashley kissed him quickly, sweetly, then pulled away.

Dave watched her slip behind her door. She turned around, her eyes looking bright and vibrant amongst the dark of her hotel room. "It's only the beginning." she purred, and shut the door.

Dave nodded, still out of it from that embrace. He walked into his own room and passed out with the skill of an expert.

When he woke, he found his room just as he left it: moderately disheveled. He heard faint noises from the other side of the door, out in the hallway. He rose carefully, feeling the weight of a hangover wash over him with the altitude change. He made his way toward the sound, just in time to see a sheet of paper slip under his door. Was it from Ashley? A joke from Kevin? Phones exist, guys. 

When he picked it up, he saw it had the watermark of the LeGrande Hotel at the top. It had been typed and printed en masse. He read it slowly, with dread filling him as he did.

"Dear Resident,

We are writing to inform you that the entire premises of this branch of the LeGrande hotel has been placed under quarantine. A guest who shall remain anonymous has tested positive, and it is required under state law for this establishment to shelter in place for one week to mitigate the spread of the virus. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes to your travel plans and lifestyle. You will be compensated with a complimentary personal cereal box, as well as other amenities soon to follow. Please do your best to stay, isolated, uninfected, and safe until exactly one week from this morning. We apologize, and thank you for your co-operation.


The LeGrande Hospitality Collective"

Dave peeked out through the peephole in his door. He watched hotel staff in hazmat suits distribute more cards in all the door slots. His phone buzzed suddenly like mad. Everyone was waking up to the new reality.

The interesting weekend had finally begun.

Chapter 2: Room 412, Day 1 by BuriedBones

By noon, Dave had received a tray of disappointing lunch items, along with a small stack of at-home testing kits. The group text had exploded all morning, with everyone chattering about the predicament they'd been thrown into. Rebecca tried to apologize, ready to blame herself for the entire shutdown of the hotel. Heather assured her she wasn't the issue, and they'd know for sure once the tests had arrived. That time was now.

Dave pulled the swab out of the little plastic strip. A knock stopped him there. He looked through the peephole, and spotted Pat, masked up, wiggling his test kit in one hand, and a bottle of whiskey in the other. Dave opened the door, and pulled him in. "What are you doing?"

"I thought it'd be more fun if we bunked together for a bit. We're just carriers, so if we have it, it's not a big deal if we spread it to the other."

"So long as we keep it between us."

"That's why I didn't grab Kevin or Martin. I don't want Heather or Marlene to be at risk." Pat assured. Dave sighed. It wasn't a bad strategy. They poured the whiskey into the hotel-provided tumblers, and cheers'ed. 15 minutes later, they were negative, and received another knock at the door. Dave raised his eyebrows. They crept back to the peephole and saw Rebecca staring back at them with a grin.

The door swung open, and they ushered her in. "Now this is getting dangerous." Dave protested.

"I'm negative. I just got the result." Rebecca said, pulling her test out of a very large bag around her shoulder, and shaking it in their faces. "And I saw Pat walk past my door, and I put two and two together, and..."

"Are you sure? I mean, we don't know a lot about this new strain." Dave asked.

"I'm sure. I've been cooped up alone in my house for the last month. I don't want to do quarantine by myself again." Rebecca pleaded. Dave looked at her, squeezed into a tight sundress, her curves clinging to every inch. Even though Rebecca looked him right in the eye now, instead of way up at him as she used to do with her puppy dog eyes, the method was still as effective as ever.

"We have another glass on the table." Dave relented.

"Yes!" Rebecca said, jumping in the air and pouring herself a glass of whiskey. "I brought a bargaining chip, myself." From her bag, she pulled several bottles of wine.

"Well at least we're stocked up." Pat commented.

They sat on Dave's bed, playing cards, watching TV, and getting blissfully day drunk. The quarantine staples. But with every ripple of laughter, came the hushed guilt. They were breaking the rules, and felt terrible for people trapped by themselves. "Let's see how the rest are doing." Dave said, whipping out his phone and typing into the group chat: 


*NEGATIVE!* came a quick shot back from Marlene. She had been all over the group that morning, updating everyone about the cancelled events on campus, and the hotel's constantly changing policies. The three in 412 sighed.

*We're in 412 if you want a celebratory drink* Dave shot back.

*Gonna play it safe at least for the next day or two* Martin shot back. They all understood.

*Neg* came Heather and Kevin, almost at the same time. *Staying in, tho*

It made sense. Nobody wanted to take any risks on the first day. Except for the immune team. They raised their glasses to their negative friends. Then the buzz came.

*I've got it.* Shit. Erica. Pat felt his face flush. 

"I'm gonna, use the bathroom." He said, and excused himself. Dave and Rebecca understood. They sat on the bed together, soberly thinking over the consequences of their returning so soon to party.

"She'll be fine, though. Right?" Dave asked Rebecca. "You were fine."

"A lot of people are fine. Some get... really sick. And some..." She stretched out, almost subconsciously. Dave watched her long, firm body lengthen across his bed. He and Rebecca had only ever been friends. But seeing this statuesque beauty spread out across his sheets stirred something in him. The alcohol didn't help either. Rebecca caught his gaze. The bare hint of a smile washed across her face. She had only started to get used to that look. The naked lust of someone unable to hide their attraction. It had never happened to her when she was... ordinary.

Rebecca straightened up, and nudged her round ass next to Dave, making sure she just barely touched his. She put her hand on his lap. "She'll be fine. Erica's always been tough." Dave looked right into her big, brown eyes. You could get lost in those eyes.

Pat closed the door behind him, and pulled out his phone. He found Erica's number right away. They'd been texting separately all night into the morning. Especially after the announcement. He called her, and put the phone up to his ear. It rang for awhile. He wasn't sure she would pick up at all. She had a lot going on, after all. Finally there was a pause, and a quick, breathy "Hey."

"Are you ok?" Pat asked into the phone.

"I'm alright so far. Nothing crazy, but I had a feeling since this morning that something was up."

"Damn. Do you need anything? Is there anything I can do?" Pat replied.

"You're sweet, Pat. You're always sweet. I just think it's best if I do this alone."

"It won't affect me. It hasn't done anything to men, yet. We were just looking it up this morning." Pat assured.

"We? Oh, you guys are all still together at Dave's room."

"Yeah, the Immune Squad. I guess you're part of it now too, if..."

Erica sighed heavily through the phone. "It's no big deal. These days, I'm used to figuring things out on my own."

Pat hung up. Down the long hallway, in Room 428, Erica gasped. She didn't expect that. She wasn't trying to play hard to get at all, but to be rejected so quickly stung more than she thought it would. She stood up from her bed, and walked into the bathroom. She looked at her face in the mirror, watching as tears started to creep slowly out from her eyes. It had been a long 3 years. It had been an even longer 5 years, but the last 3 had only made the inevitable more obvious. She hadn't seen Craig in almost 9 months now. He was staying closer to work. He said it would be better for both of them. But it didn't feel better for her. Maybe she was meant to just be alone forever.

Then came the knock at the door. Erica jumped. She crept over to the door, and saw Pat in the peephole. She felt her breath catch in her throat. Her hand slowly wrapped around the doorknob as she pulled it open. "Pat, I don't think-"

That's when he kissed her. She jumped, but didn't back away. She remembered his lips, his tongue. The way he made you feel like you were the only girl in the world when he wrapped his arms around you. She kissed him back. When it was over, she looked him in the eyes. They had always been the same height. But perhaps not for long.

"You're blushing." Pat said.

"It's a symptom." Erica replied.

"If you say so." Pat winked. "Come back to the room with us. You're done suffering alone, Erica."

"I shouldn't. I can't." she protested.

"You can't hurt any of us. And technically you already infected me." Pat reasoned.

"How do I know you didn't infect me first?" Erica shot back, playfully.

"An excellent question. Let's go ask the others." He pulled her toward the door.

"Wait!" she stopped him. Pat rolled his eyes. Erica raced back to her suitcase and threw several items of clothing and knick knacks in her bag. "I want to be prepared for..."

"I don't know if there's any preparing that will help at this point." Pat said.

"I guess Rebecca will know." Erica thought out loud. Pat nodded, taking her hand.

Soon they were racing down the hall back to Room 412.

"You know," said Rebecca. "I always thought you were the cutest of all the guy friends we had." She had not broken eye contact with Dave since Pat had burst out of the restroom without so much as a word.

"Are we doing this, Rebecca?" Dave asked. "We're not kids anymore. We can just agree we're doing this."

Rebecca smiled. Her hand crept up his thigh, toward his swelling cock. Her face loomed closer toward his. Dave stared at her smile as it grew wider and closer to his. Her mouth parted just a bit, showing her bright, white teeth. Dave pulled her closer, feeling her breasts press against his chest through her thin sundress. She felt amazing to hold. Their lips just barely touched.

And then the knock came again. They bolted upright, staring forward at the door. They looked back at each other, blushing. Dave composed himself, standing up and walking toward the door. Rebecca organized herself, straightening out her dress, and shifting her girls around to be presentable.

Dave opened the door to see Pat and Erica staring back at him. "I brought something for you. A science experiment." Pat announced. Erica punched him playfully on the arm as they walked in.

"Hey guys." Erica said sheepishly. "Got room in the immune squad for one more?"

"Always." Dave said, hugging her gently. "How do you feel?"

"Fine, so far. Just a little weird. Funny, hard to describe." Erica tried.

"You don't have to describe anything. You're here to have fun." Pat said, squeezing her hand. Erica smiled.

"I know that look." Rebecca said, standing up and walking up to the group at the door. Erica's eyes shot away from Pat, guiltily.

"What look?"

"The flush. The Virus Flush. Your cheeks are so red, girl." Rebecca announced, proud of her expertise.

"Speak for yourself." Erica shot back. Rebecca blushed deeper, trying her best not to look at Dave. He did the same.

"This is stage 1. You're gonna feel all antsy and uncomfortable, and then... far from it. Verrrrrry comfortable." Rebecca winked. She pulled Erica into a hug. "I want to do this one last time before you're bigger than me."

"Oh god, do you think that will happen?" Erica said, fear in her voice.

"It affects everyone differently." Rebecca assured. "The first woman I knew who got it was a coworker. She had a headache and didn't change at all."

"I had a co-worker grow a couple inches." Dave added. "Another one didn't grow at all, but she lost a lot of weight."

"Which is why they want us to quarantine." Erica insisted. "They don't know what the hell this virus does to you."

"Well we're stuck in it now. Three years of being careful, and now we're at ground zero of the next big wave." Pat said.

"Cheers to that!" Rebecca said, pouring the last of the whiskey into now four glasses. 

With help, they reorganized the Dave's room into a fortress of lazitude. The mattress was thrust onto the floor in front of the sad little couch, and the TV was placed in front of it on what remained of the bedframe. The deposit on the room was considered forfeit one bottle of wine ago. They called it the start of their conciliatory reparations from the Hotel LeGrande. After a few episodes of old sitcoms, one movie, and the very start of another, the sun began to set on their day of living dangerously.

Erica nestled up to Pat on the couch. She looked down from the TV at Dave and Rebecca lying on the mattress at their feet. Erica had stretched out comfortably against the firm hotel mattress. She looked at her tight bottom popping up from her sundress. The long legs that cascaded down past it came to a stop with her toes just tickling the end of the couch. Erica thought about her own body. She had spent the last few hours trying to pretend it didn't exist. She had always been the tall girl friend. 5'9" was quite above average for their small Michigan college. She remembered, after she and Pat had split up, how she was always a head above the other women on the big, square dance floor of the Armadillo Room every Thirsty Thursday night. She imagined how much worse it could be. The thought constricted her. Then she realized, it wasn't just the thought.

"Guys, I think something's... I gotta stand up." she pulled away from Pat, and stepped onto the mattress, wobbling toward the solid floor. She shook her arms, trying to shake this strange feeling. "It's like... my chest feels..."

"Your shirt feels tight." Rebecca said, standing up seriously.

"Oh god. Already?" Erica pleaded.

"Looks like it." Rebecca answered.

"Did it happen this quickly for you?"

"Well we don't know how long you've had it, first of all." Dave tried to help. He didn't. He stood up as well, with Pat behind him. "Also, um..." Dave tried his best to point as politely as possible at Erica's midriff. Her stomach had begun to poke out from her now rather tight top. It was a simple t-shirt, cut to show her figure but not accentuate it. Now, it was doing both. Erica covered her mouth with a gasp.

Pat pushed past Dave and held her. He caressed her long blonde hair, and just let her be held. She looked at him, and gasped again. She was looking ever so slightly down at him. She stood, bare feet touching the rough berber carpet, and pulled Pat closer. "How long is this going to last?"

"Mine was about a week." Rebecca said very carefully.

"What am I going to tell Craig?"

"You haven't told him yet?" Dave asked.

"Well, no... I told my mom. And then I just... didn't know how to put it?" Erica said.

"You don't have to tell him anything." Pat said. "He hasn't even texted you in almost a month. Let him find out the hard way."

"If he ever does at all." Rebecca added.

"Fuck yeah." Pat agreed.

"Fuck yeah." Erica said, standing up tall. "Let's get this week started then." She rolled up her shirt and tied the end, exposing more of her bare stomach. She had given in. There was no fighting it. No more need to worry. They opened another bottle of wine, and let the movie continue.

As the second act began, Dave realized the group text had been silent for some time, and he couldn't help but wonder how everyone else was doing. 

End Notes:

Starting a bit slow, gang. But we're just getting revved up.

Chapter 3: Room 432, Day 1 by BuriedBones

Heather sat down on the couch in Room 432, eyes glued to her phone. She scrolled through the newsfeed, sliding it up as far as it would go, watching it load the same stories over and over. The national news droned on in the background. "Heather, I think you should take a break." Kevin said, walking up to her. "You're getting into obsession-mode again".

"I'm not obsessed, Kevin. I'm staying informed. We're in a crisis." Heather insisted.

"Well information isn't going to solve it. Staying calm and safe will." Kevin replied.

"I'm calm!" Heather shouted, not meaning to shout. Why won't this feed load? There had to be more information. She looked up at the TV. They were discussing the new strain of the virus, and how people were being affected. It sounded like every other strain, but the anchor was trying his damndest to make this information sound essential. They cut through a montage of women, all very tall, doing different tasks and jobs with their expanded heights. Some had turned it into a social media challenge. Heather rolled her eyes as a grid of dancers doing the same moves popped on the screen.

"Heather," Kevin said very carefully. "You don't exactly look... calm." He stared into her eyes, above her flushed cheeks. He couldn't help but wonder. "I think you should take another test."

"What?" Heather shot up. "Do you think..." she couldn't bear to finish. "I was negative 2 hours ago, Kevin. I've been here this whole time. There's no way."

"Maybe it was a false negative. Look." he brought her over to the bathroom sink. She looked at herself in the mirror, Kevin holding her shoulders behind her. Her face was certainly red. She touched her cheeks, feeling their unnatural warmth.

"They only gave us four tests. Who knows when they'll give more. What if we use them all up too fast and they don't let us leave when the time comes?"

"Well they won't let us leave if you have it either." Kevin replied.

"Let's just... take it easy for a minute. I just got myself worked up. People can get flushed for a lot of reasons. It doesn't have to be the virus." Heather had moved to the bed. She flipped the TV to a sitcom rerun, and threw her phone on the couch across the room. "Let's take it easy before we get too worked up." She tugged on the collar of her button-up blouse. She had brought only nice clothes, thinking they'd be out every day and she'd need to look presentable. Now only Kevin would see her for the next week, at least. As she tugged and adjusted it, she'd wished to heaven that she'd brought just one t-shirt.

Kevin sat with her on the bed. He kissed her forehead and she leaned against his shoulder. "I know you're taking this seriously. Just promise me you won't feel the need to take charge like you always do if things... don't go your way."

Heather kissed him. "I promise. No Helicopter Heather on vacation." Kevin kissed her back. Their kiss evolved as their arms wrapped around each other. They had yet to even consider hotel sex, and now it was suddenly thrust upon them. Kevin's lips explored Heather's neck as she dug her fingers into his hair. She moaned with pleasure as he caressed her breasts. She stuck her legs between his, feeling her sex warm behind her slacks as it rubbed against Kevin. She sucked in air between her perfect teeth, letting her fingers dig into Kevin's back. 

Then, she felt an uncomfortable jolt. She sunk her nails into Kevin's back too hard. "Ow!" he jumped away from her. "Be careful!"

"You be careful!" Heather shot back. "You're grabbing my tits too tight."

"Heather, it may be hard to believe, but I wasn't grabbing your tits." Kevin said, nervously. He looked down at her shirt.

Heather's eyes grew wide. She let them slowly roll down to her own body. Just below, she saw little arcs forming between each button of her blouse. Her shirt just barely didn't fit. It pressed firmly against her skin where it had only even laid flat against her stomach, and curved naturally with her breasts. She tugged at it, trying to adjust. But there was no adjusting. "Oh god."

"Do you want to take another test?" Kevin asked. He stood up from the bed, holding out a hand to help her up. She stood up, and up. Too far up. She looked up at Kevin's 5'8" frame, her eyes only an inch from his. 

"I don't think I need to." she replied. She had grown two inches since this morning. Or at least she could only assume. What if she had been growing all night and never noticed. Where could she have gotten it from? The lobby? The bar? Was Rebecca lying about how contagious she still was? The bitch.

No. She shouldn't do that. Rebecca had always been honest, and kind. Heather let that thought comfort her as the worry of how much she would change started to overtake her mind. "Hold me, Kevin."

Kevin took his larger wife in his arms. He stroked her chestnut hair, trying to remain calm. He had never cared about height. He never saw the point, being not too tall, not too short. When he met Heather, she was just beautiful. Height had never even entered the equation. He thought now, about how quickly this was setting in. How much taller his wife would be than him once it had all ended. He sat her down next to him and flipped back to the news.

"Thank you." Heather said, stifling a tear. The news showed more images of women changed by the virus. As Heather gasped with each one, Kevin couldn't help but focus on the men in the images. The look of anxious shock was one he felt his face making at that moment. They had been so careful for so long. Kevin had even made fun of how overly-cautious Heather had been. And now they were part of this.

Heather knew she was being overly-cautious. She knew wiping down grocery bags and wearing a mask in her car didn't help much. But she had loved her life. She had planned so much for their future, and she was terrified of what could happen if one unexpected thing occurred. Now she had two unexpected "things" over the course of a few hours, and expected more "things" to come. "Kevin." she asked quietly.

"Yeah?" he whispered back.

"I think... something's happening." she said very carefully. "And I don't want to look."

Kevin looked at her in her frightened eyes. He heard the faintest creaking noise, and followed it down to her breasts. The arcs between the buttons had grown wider in the hour since they had sat down to let the news wash over them. He could see her bra poking out between them, also scrunched into the fabric. It looked very uncomfortable. "I can fix it for you." he whispered. His hand crept down her back, and unhooked her bra. There was a loosening sound, and Heather sighed gratefully.

"Thank you." she moaned. She didn't want to touch herself. If she did, it would become real, and she was clinging to the life raft of denial with all her might. But, a sound broke through that illusion with a very tiny pop.

Kevin watched as Heather's breasts, now released from their confines, burst out further, and popped the top two buttons of Heather's blouse. Her eyes shot down, now no longer able to ignore them. Her large breasts billowed out, jiggling as they settled in their new positions. Her bra slipped down her tight shirt even further, making her a lumpy, tightened mass. "I guess I should probably take this shirt off." she cooed.

"We're not going anywhere." Kevin assured. Heather's hands slipped down her shirt, unbuttoning each button at a time. As she did, the shirt snapped away, letting more flesh creep out from its vacuum sealed container. Kevin watched as she unbuttoned the last one, and the shirt became more of a curtain, draped over her expanded chest. He saw her stomach below, now looking tight and firm. He thought back to the hour Heather spent in the gym every day, still unable to get rid of that last layer of fat she detested so much. Age had begun to be unkind to her, and in the matter of hours, had reversed itself entirely. He had never seen Heather look so fit in his life. He assumed she hadn't either.

He carefully moved his hand down past her shoulder, letting it feel along her breasts as his fingers crept along her stomach, investigating the new firm lines forming on it. It settled on the side of her ass, giving it a squeeze. He couldn't help himself. Heather smiled. Her mountain of worry had begun to shrink with the subtle ecstasy growing inside her chest. The news had said many women had experienced mild euphoria once the initial side effects had taken hold. She nodded in agreement to that, turning to look into Kevin's eyes. "What were we doing before?" She kissed him, firmly. He had to catch himself as they fell on the bed. Her new breasts pressed into his chest like pillows. He pushed her up, feeling them behind the curtains of her blouse. His fingers circled along her nipples as she moaned with pleasure. She ran her fingers through her hair as she grinded on top of him. Suddenly, it felt uncomfortable to be wearing pants for the both of them.

"Wait." they said at the same time. They had been fucking consistently and expertly for over a decade. Their rhythm was completely in sync.

They stood up, unzipping and unbuttoning everything required. Kevin looked up at Heather with a mischievous look, and stopped. Heather watched him stop, and did the same. "What?"

He stood up straight, and grabbed Heather's shoulders. She was still bent over, removing the last bit of pants from around her long, thin ankle. He put her in the upright position and stared... up at her. "Oh goooood." Heather moaned. "Are you ok with this? You can tell me if you're not ok with this. People have been seeing specialists, and I was reading how there's almost something they can do abou-"

Kevin pulled her into a kiss, the most passionate one of the night by far if you're keeping score. Heather melted into his arms, adjusting herself as her tongue searched deeper into his mouth. She'd never kissed a man shorter than herself. She guessed she'd have to get used to it. She tossed him on the bed, following quickly so she was back on top.

Kevin grabbed her swelling ass as she mounted him. His firm cock found its way inside of her. It knew the way. Heather gasped, feeling him fill her. She smiled, grabbing his chest as she bounced slowly up and down his shaft. Kevin moaned. He watched her breasts rise and fall, larger than he'd ever seen before as her neck craned upward in pleasure. He grabbed her breasts, massaging them as he listened to her moans grow louder and felt her slide up and down his member.

He rose up, repositioning himself so they both sat on the bed, pressed against each other. He took control, fucking her faster and faster as she grabbed him tightly around his back. Her hands met each other for the first time briefly, before they dug into his shoulder blades with uncontrolled ecstasy. She felt his hands around her breasts, then along her sides and her ass, exploring every part of her new self. They gently slid up her neck, touching her ears as she felt more and more aroused. With the tug of an ear, and one final, sudden kiss, she exploded. Her orgasm rang across the room like a church bell. Kevin let out his own pleasured scream as they settled into bliss.

Heather covered her mouth, quick shame filling her large body. She felt like a kid again, sneaking around to fuck her boyfriend. But then it all came back to her. She was a woman. More woman than she had ever been. She gave Kevin a pleasant peck on the lips and slid away from him, lying on the bed. Kevin followed, collapsing into her arms. They laid there for awhile, cuddling quietly.

"So I guess it's not as bad as the news says." Heather stated.

"No, it's much worse." Kevin replied. She laughed, and punched him on the arm. He winced. She was already getting stronger.

"I'm sorry, honey. I really didn't mean it." Heather pleaded.

"We're in the adjustment period." Kevin admitted, letting her massage his shoulder and kiss it better. She continued to kiss him, working her way along his chest, all the way down his stomach. He felt her pert breasts slide along his body as her mouth found his penis. He gasped as she wrapped her lips so easily around it. His eyes fluttered back as she sucked on it, slowly, passionately.

Then he looked forward. Her wet pussy was staring right back at him. It was usually much further down. He moved forward, kissing her sex carefully as he heard her moan quietly, her mouth full. He moved his tongue around the lips of her pussy, sliding along deeper as he found her clit. They both moaned as they continued to explore until finally they both, quietly came again.

Heather turned herself around, pressing her ass against Kevin's spent dick. He looked up at her. "So what now?" he asked.

She stood up from the bed, holding her hand out to help him up. His head stopped at her nose. She smiled at him. "We find a robe." she said, her eyes pointing down at the small clothes beneath her massive body. "And a tape measurer, if we can."

Chapter 4: Room 428, Day 1 by BuriedBones

Dave grabbed an empty cup from the kitchenette, and dropped his phone inside it. The music echoed out, carrying across all of Room 412, as he shimmied back to the group of three. Rebecca yelled excitedly, shaking her hips back and forth. "Remember how we all used to run out to the dance floor for this one?"

"That I do." Dave said, dancing up to her. Rebecca blushed. She moved closer to Dave, letting her hips sway against his as she took another sip of wine. Her arms fell over his shoulders as his hands made their way to her hips. They swayed along to the beat, sipping and laughing. This was the first time she looked a dance partner in the eye. It felt good.

Pat and Erica were dancing together, holding hands and keeping a fun and friendly distance. Erica's stomach curved up and down as she arced herself to the rhythm of the beat. Pat watched the creamy skin of her bare midriff swirl with each motion. His eyes wandered up past her breasts into her eyes. She was looking at him expectantly. "You can touch it, you know." she purred.

Pat smiled. He pulled her in close, and spun her around. She laughed, pressing her ass against him as she continued her curving spiral dance. Pat felt her dig into him with each twist. She looked back at him, with a grin. She had to look slightly down now, but the years of wearing heels to bars had made her used to that. It was like they were in college again, except for the fact that her bare feet scratched against that damned beige berber.

Dave swayed with the motion. He couldn't stop staring into Rebecca's deep, brown eyes as he felt his whole body warm up. Was it the alcohol? The close contact? What would Pat and Erica think if he kissed Rebecca in front of them? They were all friends, let's just keep it friendly. 

Rebecca kissed him quickly, like an invitation. She pulled away looking at him with a giddy smile. Dave felt his indecision plucked from him with that kiss, as he moved in for another. They kissed, pecking gently at one another. Their bodies grinded against each other as the kisses lasted longer and longer.

Erica saw Pat's eyes shoot forward. He nodded for her to look ahead at the budding romance. She chuckled quietly, and then felt her competitive streak roar awake. She began to dance deeper against Pat, pushing her ass deeper and more seductively against him as she grabbed his hands, moving them up from her hips, and guiding them around her stomach, up her breasts and more. Pat's attention shifted back to her.

She spun around, lifting her leg onto the bed, as she let her crotch grind as deeply as possible against Pat's. She glared at him with primal sexuality, letting their bodies do all the talking. Pat tried his best to hold on as his member began to swell.

Dave and Rebecca's dance had moved toward the wall before stopping entirely. Rebecca stood, pressed against the thin, white wall of Room 412. She was kissing Dave deeply, passionately. Their tongues had found each other, doing their own dance now. Dave felt Rebecca put her whole body against him, as her long leg wrapped around his, trapping him in place. He squeezed her ass, hearing a muffled moan inside their kiss.

The playlist stopped. It snapped everyone out of it. "College reunion after all." Pat said, stepping up from the bed and adjusting his shirt. Erica stood next to him, untying her own shirt back to its normal place. She straightened it, watching as the fabric refused to cover her stomach. It hit her again. She was still growing. Even looking down, she had to crane her neck over her breasts. She had never had to do that before. It was affecting her all over. Her pants felt tight and constricting. She looked up at Rebecca's knowing face, her mouth twisted in a sympathetic half-smile. 

"I think I'm going to go to bed. My own bed, if that's alright." She grabbed her bag, and headed toward the door, before turning around. "Thanks, all of you. For distracting me from all... this." she gestured to her body, swelling out of its top. Her skin was beginning to lip further out from her pants. Rebecca hugged her again, feeling their eyes meet before pulling her close. Erica realized then they were the same height. Two inches over the course of a day. And she had a whole week of possible side effects to look forward to. She hugged Rebecca firmly.

"You text me if you need anything." Rebecca said.

"We can pick back up tomorrow, if you want. Same time, same place." Dave added, with a wink. She smiled, waving goodbye to him as she walked out the door. Pat was right behind her.

"Where are you going?" she asked, as he followed her down the hall.

"My room. It's right next to your's, remember?" Pat answered quickly. 

"Right." Erica said. She felt a flutter of disappointment in her chest she didn't expect. "Thanks again for coming to get me. It would have been hell doing that by myself."

"Happy to help." Pat said.

"And sorry if I went a little... overboard back there. I got too worked up with the nostalgia." Erica continued.

"I didn't mind at all. It's a party after all." They stopped in front of Pat's room, holding hands as they stared at one another. The hall was silent.

"We spent all yesterday talking about me." Erica started, trying to break the spell. "What's up with you? Are you seeing anybody?"

Pat smiled. "No, I'm not seeing anybody."

Silence fell over the hall again. Erica's distraction failed. "Well, I'll see you tomorrow, then." Pat added. He walked into his room and shut the door.

Erica stood there, knowing full well she had been baited. She breathed heavily, her mind racing. Pat knew exactly what to do to make her go that extra inch. Right now, that extra inch was inevitable in more ways than one.

Pat leaned against the opposite side of the door, smiling stupidly. He didn't have to wait long for the quiet knock.

He opened the door. "You can sleep in my bed with me tonight if you-" She kissed him, gently, lovingly. Her hand slid down his cheek as she shut the door behind her. 

Back in Room 412, Dave and Rebecca had begun to tidy the place up as much as necessary so Dave could sleep. Rebecca grabbed the glasses off the floor. Dave stopped, watching her breasts hang down the exposed top of her sundress. They swayed gently as her arms moved around the floor, grabbing every little item she could find. She rose back up, unaware of the effect she'd just had on Dave.

"Well, it's mostly back to normal." she chirped. "This was really fun, Dave. Thanks for not kicking me out."

"You're always welcome here, Rebecca. You brought the fun with you." Dave replied, shaking the empty bottle in front of her.

"There's more where that came from! I came stocked." Rebecca bounced. Was she doing it on purpose?

They fell into silence, staring at each other.

"Well I guess I'd better get to bed, myself." Rebecca finally said.

"Yep, me too. Another day of doing nothing ahead of us." Dave said stretching out animatedly.

"Yeah. It's such a long way back to my room, too." Rebecca said, pushing her arms behind her back and shoving her chest forward. She looked at him with those same puppy dog eyes. Oh my god, she was doing it on purpose.

Dave laughed nervously, "Not too long a walk with those legs of your's." he tried.

"You really like them, don't you?" Rebecca said. She shuffled toward him, letting her legs strut forward as she bounced with every step. "It was quite the thing, getting used to them. Being this tall. Your whole body just moves... different." 

She was right on top of him now. It was his turn to be pressed against the wall. Her arms moved from her back to his as she gave him a rub along his sides, before her fingers found his cock. She stroked his crotch, feeling the jeans stiffen. "It was smart getting that big bed just for yourself. Did you think you'd have company at some point?"

"It crossed my mind." he stammered.

"You have company now? What say we entertain her?" She moved close to his face, kissing him. He didn't kiss back. She looked at him, a little hurt.

His eyes couldn't help but look at the door. He thought of Ashley. She hadn't texted the group since that morning. He'd hoped she was ok. It burned him that they couldn't be together without the risk of harming her. Rebecca saw in his eyes the longing sadness. She remembered that same look senior year when he said goodbye to her roommate some ten years ago. Guilt crept into her mind. She'd had her fun. It was time to go.

She kissed Dave on the cheek. "See you tomorrow?"

"See you tomorrow." Dave sighed.

She released him, spinning toward the door and blew him a kiss. "You're a good egg, Dave." She said, shutting the door.

Rebecca walked out into the hallway. There was no one in sight. Pat and Erica must have already gotten to bed. She wondered if they went to bed together. She looked forward at Room 411 in front of her. Ashley was behind that door. Her best friend, her college roommate. She had seen that familiar electricity behind her eyes when she spoke to Dave on the edge of the pool. She didn't know what came over her, but she had to cut in. She kicked herself, letting her emotions get the better of her. It was so hard now, almost like she had become a completely different person. She had to adjust not only to the way she saw things now, but how everyone else saw her, too.

The little mousy friend who could get away with being extra flirty, get away with stealing attention, because she was harmless. She was gone. Rebecca was a stunning, impressive figure, just under 6 feet tall. She drew eyes wherever she went. But who knows for how long? Erica was already staring her right in the eyes. If everyone else got infected, she could go back to being the short friend again.

Rebecca huffed. So be it. She did it before. She'd do it again. This time her male friends would be on equal footing at least. She strutted down the hall to her room, feeling good about herself. A door creaked open behind her, and she spun around. A man in a mask crept out quietly into the hallway. He locked eyes with her, looking frightened.

"Sorry! I didn't bring a mask. I'm not infectious. I just had it, so I still have... Kevin?"

"Rebecca... um. What's up?" Kevin whispered.

"I was going to bed," Rebecca explained. "What's up with you?" She eyed him suspiciously.

"I was just going to grab some things for Heather. Don't want to risk..."

"Well you could still get it and pass it to her, Kevin. She knows that." Rebecca insisted.

"Right, well..." Kevin had nothing. The door behind him opened a crack. A voice shot out, "Who are you talking to?"

"Heather, it's just me. You can come out, I'm not contagious, remember?"

There was a silence behind the door. Rebecca was concerned, but an excited feeling slowly rose inside her.

"I am." Heather finally said, defeated.

Rebecca gasped. "No! Show me."

"No." Heather shot back.

"Show me! Come on." Rebecca pleaded.

"No, I'm naked." Heather whisper-shouted back. "Kevin is trying to get me a robe or something. The front desk said they left amenities at the stairwell entrances."

"Come on, I won't tell anybody." Rebecca pushed past Kevin who was completely at a loss for strategy. "We're adults here, aren't we." She whipped the door open, and Heather stifled a scream. She pulled the bedsheets up to her neck like a toga, covering her large body.

"Holy shit." Rebecca said, in awe.

"Keep your voice down." Heather shushed.

"You must have grown half a foot in a day." 

"We think less than that. I was going to see if they had tape measurers or something in the stairwell." Kevin added, trying to be helpful. 

"Why didn't you text us? You could have come be with the Immune Squad." Rebecca said.

"I was embarrassed, obviously. And what if I did? You would have all watched me bust out of my shirt."

"Pat would have loved that." Kevin teased.

"I am not going anywhere near Patrick Killham until I have some clothes that fit." Heather stated defiantly.

"Well, you might have been more fine than you think. He's only had eyes for Erica all day." Rebecca replied.

"Oh, Erica. How is she?" Heather said, shifting perfectly to concern.

"She's good. She probably grew an inch or two while she was with us." 

"That's it?!" Heather shouted, this time forgetting to whisper. "She gets a beesting and they unload a whole mack truck on me?" Heather stood up straight, showing off her new height in full to emphasize her point. 

"It affects everyone differently, Heather." Kevin assured. "You probably just got all your's out early."

She glared down at Kevin. She was not amused. "I'll just go look for that robe." Kevin concluded, shimmying away from his wife's cold gaze.

Heather watched him go, arms crossed below her ample chest. She looked over at Rebecca, whose eyes were fixed on her. "What?" She asked. "Ok, so I'm taller. It's happening all over the country."

"I'll say you're taller." Rebecca replied. "Taller than me."

"No!" Heather was back to whisper shouting. She hunched back over, unwilling to discover the truth.

"You sure it was less than half a foot?" Rebecca tried to hide the joy in her voice. "Stand up straight."

Heather shook her head.

"Come on. I'm the best tape measurer you have at the moment." Rebecca stood up straight, creeping toward Heather behind the door. Heather's eyes filled with more concern as she approached. Slowly, she sighed, standing back up straight.

Heather stared directly at the top of Rebecca's head. "Oh god." 

"Gotta be at least a couple inches. Congratulations, Heather. You're the tallest friend now." Rebecca replied.

"Good night, Rebecca." Heather said quickly, slamming the door in her face. Rebecca jumped back, surprised. She stifled her laugh as Kevin hurried back toward the door, a stack of robes and other trinkets piled in his hands. "Good night, Rebecca." he repeated, this time nicer, as he disappeared inside his room.

Rebecca laughed again. Crazy world.

She sauntered back to her room, letting herself fantasize about what tomorrow would hold.

Down the hall, in Room 428, Pat and Erica snuggled quietly on the bed. She had fallen asleep rather quickly in his arms. He chose to be big spoon, even if the title was misleading at this point. He pulled her close, feeling her breathe soundly in his grasp. He let the rhythmic sound of her slumber carry him off to sleep, trying his best to ignore her heel slide ever so slowly down his leg.

Chapter 5: Room 432, Day 2 by BuriedBones

Dave woke up, groggy and bleary-eyed, to the rapid, persistent rapping at his door. He took a moment to get his bearings. Right, the hotel room. Another day stuck in quarantine. That didn't seem as bad as it should to Dave, especially given what yesterday held for his little Immune Squad. He followed the constant knocking to the door, and looked through the peephole. He saw Rebecca staring back at him, a ray of sunshine on a weary morning.

He collected himself, opening the door slowly. "Hope I'm not too early." Rebecca said, before the door had even fully opened. "I like to get an early start. You know me."

"I know you, Rebecca. Despite everything." Dave said, still groggy. She shoved a cup of coffee into his hand, sauntering into the room with gusto.

"I've already made it up to you. Fresh and hot, my own blend too. Don't leave home without it. So how did you sleep? Did I miss anything in the 8 hours since we parted ways? Was the bed alright on the floor? Oh my god, you're in your boxers." Rebecca's chatter was cut off when she spun around to see Dave in a baggy tee and his boxer shorts. He rubbed his head, smelling the coffee she'd thrust upon him. "I didn't wake you up did I?"

"No, no. I was getting up." Dave lied.

"I'll just turn around until you're decent. I don't want to intrude."

"I wouldn't have opened the door if you were intruding. You're fine." He took a sip of the coffee and his eyes popped open. He stared at her. Her head turned slightly enough just for him to see a clever smile.

"Forgive me yet? Dark roast, with just a splash of hair of the dog." Rebecca cooed.

"Whiskey?" Dave asked.

"The good stuff, too. I don't waste coffee like that." Rebecca replied.

Dave shrugged, taking a big swig from the cup. "Cheers, then." He set the mug down, moving toward his suitcase. "Let me find some pants, at least."

"Oh, do you have to?" Rebecca teased. Dave chuckled.

"Not letting up on that, are you?"

"We've got all week, Dave. You never know." Rebecca stared at him as he slid his pajama pants up his legs. She was wearing her own leisure-wear: what looked to be a brand new sweat suit, complete with hip-hugging yoga pants and a sweat-wicking top that clinged to her chest like there was no tomorrow. She sat down on the couch, crossing her long legs the sultriest way she could.

"Any word from the others?" Dave asked, grabbing his phone as he sat down next to her.

"No, I knocked on a few doors, but you were the first to answer. All the better, so we can reset the Fortress of Immunitude." she nudged him. Dave laughed.

"We sure can-" Dave started, before Rebecca nudged him again, harder.

"I forgot! I have news! Speaking of the others... wait, should I tell you? Is that rude?" Rebecca stopped herself, trying her best not to bounce with glee.

"Tell me what?" Dave pried.

"Maybe it's best to let her tell you. She hasn't said anything yet. Or Ke-... anyone?" Rebecca was failing at keeping her secret fast.

Dave was still relatively oblivious. "Something with Erica? I haven't seen her since she left last night."

"No, not Erica!" Rebecca whined. The dominoes were falling at light speed.

Dave's mind went to Ashley. Was that why she hadn't responded? Rebecca was her old roommate after all. Maybe she'd confided in her. Dave looked at Rebecca, trying to suss out the truth in her darting eyes. Then, saved by the buzz.

Both their phones vibrated. The group chat. Dave and Rebecca looked down, Rebecca praising her good fortune silently.

*Hey guys, so Heather wanted me to let you all know that she tested positive this morning. We had some clues yesterday, but we wanted to wait it out since she was negative that morning. Everything's fine, she's just had some mild symptoms. Hope you're all staying safe. Especially you, Erica! Let us know if you need anything, since we're already compromised.* Dave stared at Kevin's text. So formal. He knew Heather had written that for him, absolutely. But she was obviously too insecure to send it herself.

Rebecca snorted, finishing the paragraph herself. "Mild symptoms." she muttered.

"Wait, was that what you were saying?" Dave asked.

"No, I mean... yes. Yeah, I guess yes." Rebecca decided discretion was out the window. "I ran into Kevin on the way to my room last night. He was trying to get stuff for her."

"Get stuff?" Dave was confused.

"Dave, she's huge." Rebecca said, trying to hide the excitement in her voice.

"No!" Dave said, completely in shock. He thought of the first time he met Heather. Small but perky, she acted like she carried a weight on her shoulders wherever she went, and goddamn if she wasn't going to carry it as efficiently as possible. He thought about her wedding day, standing next to Kevin at the altar as they watched her walk down in her long, white dress. She'd chosen a small heel, always efficient. He thought of the end of the ceremony, when they were all giddy and glowing with cake and booze and dancing, when she hugged him so tight he felt her head press into his chest. Now she was completely different, if Rebecca was to be believed.

"I swear on my life, I was looking up at her. And she was naked as a jay bird. Well, she was wearing a bedsheet." Rebecca insisted.

"My god. Should I call Kevin?" Dave thought.

"Put him on speaker." Rebecca said, bouncing again. The day was about to take off.

Kevin stood over his own hotel room bed, spreading out his clothes across the folded sheets. Heather had made the bed the minute she woke up. At least, the minute after she stood up and sighed at her new perspective. Kevin watched as she made everything tidy before running into the bathroom to shower. He made the decision to pull out all the clothes he brought, to see if Heather would want any of them to wear for herself. She may have been several inches taller than him at this point, but it was better than her own clothes at this point. And she'd been so disappointed in the robe the hotel had provided.

His phone buzzed in his pocket. He expected that, after Heather had hit send on that goofy announcement of her's. It was part of making things tidy, after all. It buzzed more, and he'd realized it was a full blown phone call. He whipped his phone out, seeing Dave's name and the same embarrassing picture he'd used as his photo on the screen. "Dave." He said, answering it quickly.

"Kevin." Dave's voice replied through the phone. "How are... things?"

"Oh, fine. Heather's just jumped in the shower, and I'm... taking care of some things." Kevin tried to be diplomatic. He wasn't sure if Heather could hear him. She wanted to play it low-key for a bit. She didn't want to be the only stand-out.

"And she's... ok?" Dave continued.

"Sure, totally fine. Just some mild symptoms. Nothing you haven't seen on the news." Kevin said.

"Get real, Kevin. Tell him the truth." Rebecca's voice shouted from the other line. Kevin's heart sank.

"You're on speaker, Kev." Dave apologized.

"Good morning, Rebecca." Kevin said.

"You're a liar, Kev." Rebecca replied.

"Yeah, sounds like you're a liar, Kev." Dave agreed.

"Just be cool, all right? You know how she is. Let her do this her own way."

"When have I not?" Dave implored.

"I'm just telling you. She was scary when she came up to my shoulders. There's a very real chance she might throw you out a window now." Kevin teased.

"So she's really different?" Dave asked.

Kevin heard a deep sigh from the bathroom, before loud girl-group music blared out from inside. "No, she's exactly the same."

Heather turned the faucet, leaning down far too much to reach it. She watched as the water shot out from the nozzle with surprising force. You never knew what you were going to get with a hotel shower. She was still completely naked, having chosen to sleep in the buff over the thick, scratchy hotel robe Kevin had found for her. She sighed again, looping her long leg over the bath tub as she ducked her head under the water. The nozzle was just an inch below her head. She adjusted it, not used to having it so close to her face like that.

 She thought about her own shower. It wasn't much bigger than this one. Their whole house wasn't exactly a palace. They enjoyed the coziness of it all, but now she wondered if it would chafe her, especially if her side effects had only just begun. She thought of the flight home, of course rescheduled indefinitely at this point. She'd always heard Martin complain about how cramped the flights could be for him. Now she was almost definitely taller than him. Maybe they'd let her upgrade since she was ill, after all.

No, of course not. The whole country was ill. There would be no discounts for her. No special treatment. She ran her hands down her body, washing the morning grime off her skin. She felt the new contours of her torso. Where before she had small breasts that hung down like dewdrops, now they curved out quite a bit. She lifted one up, watching it flop down against her chest, and wiggle. It felt nice.

Things weren't all bad, after all. She looked down past her breasts to her stomach, now lean and taut with the early signs of quite the six pack. She saw two little chambers at the very top beneath her breasts. She flexed, watching them tighten each time. All those hours in the gym, with the same reflection staring back at her year after year, and in one day she had become a fitness model. She twisted around, admiring her shapely legs as she spun them back and forth on her toe. Her ass rippled as she did, and she couldn't help but chuckle. Yes, she was huge. But damn if she wasn't hot, too.

She finished her shower, letting the soap rinse out of her long, chestnut hair, and stepped out of the shower. She grabbed a towel from the rack, watching her long arm grab it with ease. She played with herself a little, as she let the towel rub against her longer than she needed to. She let the towel drop, looking at herself dead center in the mirror. The top of her head was nearly cut off. That was new, too. She looked at her naked breasts, watching them come to rest as she stood completely still. She squeezed them, watching them return to their natural, round shape. Suddenly, she wanted Kevin to touch them too. She grabbed her towel, and wrapped herself up, walking out into the room.

"Kevin, I need you to check something for me." she started, flirty.

"No, we think she's still just a little over six feet." Kevin said, still on the phone.

"Kevin!" Heather yelled. He spun around, dropping the phone on the bed.

"It's just Rebecca." he panicked.

"And Dave!" Rebecca's voice called from the phone. Why did he leave it so loud? 

Heather stomped over to the phone, hitting the speaker button and standing over it. "Hello 'Immune Squad'" she huffed.

"Hi!" they both sang back.

"So Kevin got you all up to speed?" she asked sharply. Kevin started to saunter away, but Heather grabbed him, pulling him close. There was no escape.

"Yup! Sounds like you're officially part of the squad. We have booze when you're ready." Dave offered. "Both of you."

"We'll see if we can stop by." Kevin tried.

"We have a few things to take care of, first." Heather said. "Stay safe!" she chirped, clicking the phone off.

"They made me do it, I swear." Kevin said, immediately.

"I bet they did." Heather replied.

"That rotten Rebecca. She's a terror, now." Kevin continued. Heather just watched him. He stared up into her merciless eyes. His gaze only made it up to her chin now.

"So..." Heather finally said. "You know what you have to do."

"Do I?"

She grabbed him, throwing him onto the clothes-draped bed. She was on him like a cat, her long legs just inches above his underwear-ed form. "You have to make it up to me." she purred. Kevin's eyes shot open with the most perfect concoction of fear and pleasure possible.

Pat stirred awake. The sun shone into his hotel room like a spotlight. It must already be the later part of the morning, he wagered. He looked over at the other side of the bed. Erica's still form was lying there, comfortably. She must still be asleep.

"I'm awake." she replied, reading the now moving person behind her's mind.

"Just relaxing for a bit?" Pat asked.

"I'm afraid to stand up." she replied.


"My shirt is so tight, Pat. I think I grew through the night. Pat sighed. He stood up, and held out his hand for her.

"I'm right here." he promised. She turned, staring up at him. Pat almost fell into her piercing blue gaze. She looked so worried. "It's not a big deal, I promise."

"Only one way to find out how big a deal it is." she said, taking his hand and sliding her legs across the bed. She stood up, watching Pat's face come closer before it started to move away. He was staring right at her nose. She had never worn heels high enough for this kind of view. She sighed, looking down at the several inches of belly she was showing off on her formerly fitted tee. Her tight panties dug into her soft, expanded hips.

"See, not so bad? Not even a local news story." Pat assured her.

"I don't think it's over yet." she sighed again.

"Yeah probably not." Pat agreed, cutting through her moping. "But hey, it's a new day. And it can only go up from here. I bet the Immune Squad's already started without us."

"Knowing Rebecca, they're already plastered." Erica said.

"Yeah, I thought I knew Rebecca. But this new girl... she's a live wire."

"Oh, and you like that?" Erica teased.

"Baby, you know you're the only giant for me." Pat shot back. Erica let herself laugh. She kissed him, the same kiss as last night. A fond kiss, nothing intense. Then she kissed him again. He wrapped his arms around her. It felt strange, leaning so far down to reach his lips, but it felt so good she couldn't stop. Soon they were making out, at the edge of his bed. Pat's hand crept along her exposed stomach. She pulled away, smiling.

"You know what we should do?" she said, voice dripping with seduction.

"What?" Pat wheezed, breathless.

"Shots." she smiled, popping off the bed in a hurry. Pat watched her, letting the stun take effect. "Do you have any pants? I can't go to the Fortress of Immunitude in my skivvies."

"Um... sure." Pat relented.

Dave and Rebecca laughed as the phone went dead back in Room 412. They could only imagine the trouble Kevin had just made for himself. Well, the trouble they'd made for him. Rebecca stood up, grabbing her bag from the bed and pulling out more bottles of booze.

"How many of these did you come with?" Dave asked, perplexed.

"Enough to satisfy a party of 10 after hours." she winked. "Honestly, we've almost used it all up, drinking all yesterday."

"So by all means, let's keep going." Dave joked.

"I brought snacks this time, too." Rebecca began to lay out an assortment of cheeses, meat slices, and breads. She organized the small desk next to the couch like it was a party tray. Host mode had possessed her fully. "I just want to make sure we're prepared for company."

"How many are you expecting, exactly?"

"As many as are willing." Rebecca smiled. "Manchego?"

She tossed a chunk of hard cheese toward Dave's mouth. He caught it, taking a big munch. He grabbed the remote, flipping the TV to something relaxed and background noisy. They settled back on the couch, shoving the room back to the disarray of its former glory. Dave caught himself nestling against Rebecca. Over the course of the last 24 hours, he'd bonded with her more than the last ten years combined. It was nice. She was nice. She held his hand. They sipped wine, and tossed cheese at one another for a good hour before the first knock at the door stirred them out of their comfortable laze.

Dave opened the door, and Pat and Erica greeted him. He noticed right away he was staring just a little bit up at Erica. "Sleep well, kids?"

"As much as you can expect, being the host of a virus." Erica said, walking in. She was wearing a college sweatshirt that was rather baggy on her. Dave assumed Pat had lent her it, along with the pajama pants that were riding up her ankles. Even swimming in soft fabric, she was radiant. Her blonde hair cascaded down her slender face, freshly washed and combed.

"Hey, don't talk about Pat like that." Dave joked.

"You told them we stayed the night together?" Pat asked, confused.

"You just did." Rebecca said, standing up to greet them. She also silently admired Erica's new stature. Neither Dave nor she felt the nerve to call attention to it. It was just becoming the new normal.

"Nothing happened." Pat shot back.

"Pat was very sweet. We just snuggled." Erica said, grabbing her smaller partner around her arm, and leaning her head down against the top of his.

"Sweet little guy." Rebecca added. Pat suddenly realized he was the shortest person in the room. Not uncommon for him, but certainly rare in mixed company.

"So what are we watching?" he tried to change the subject.

"Your face turn into a beet." Dave replied.

"Let's check HBO, then." Pat persisted. 

"Quite the spread today. I assume that's all you again, Rebecca?" Erica asked, admiring the charcuterie.

"Thought I'd add a little extra spice to the provisions they're supplying us." Rebecca responded.

"Oh my god, did you even eat your's today? I think mine came right out of the fridge." Erica said.

"They've got a lawsuit on their hands, for sure. They've got 2 days before we riot, tops." Rebecca agreed.

Pat busied himself flipping channels, trying to avoid being singled out again. He finally settled on a loud, delightfully stupid action movie. The others gathered around to admire the explosions as they snacked and drank. The second day of quarantine was beginning to find its pace. Everything was going as expected, just as the day before had gone. What they didn't fully expect was another knock at the door.

"Hotel staff, maybe." Dave said, standing up from the couch. The others watched him make his way toward the door. "They owe us another update, after all."

The door opened, revealing Kevin, looking sheepish but very recently satisfied. "Kevin." Dave said, nonplussed. The others stood up at that, hoping to get a better look at their friend. 

Kevin twisted his toe into the carpet. "I was thinking, since we're technically immune, maybe you had room in the Immune Squad for new members?"

"We?" Rebecca said, inching toward the door behind Dave. Erica and Pat followed her, eyes darting around expectantly.

On the opposite side of the wall, Heather stood, almost like she was hiding from the big surprise she was about to unleash. She took a deep breath and stepped into the doorway next to Kevin. Dave's eyebrows shot up, but he caught them before they hit the ceiling. Rebecca smiled, looking up at her now taller friend. She could have sworn she grew a little bit more since their encounter the night before.

"Oh my god, I'm taller than Erica too." Heather said, cutting the tension like the ribbon on the grand opening of a Denny's.

"You are not." Erica lied, standing up straight. She knew it was the only way to get Heather to do the same.

Heather slouched in her own oversized t-shirt. She had begged Kevin not to that ratty old parachute, but he insisted it was his favorite sleep shirt. Now it was the only thing that covered her down to the pair of basketball shorts she'd also borrowed from her husband. On him, they were roomy. Perfect for summer. But they clung to Heather's hips at the top, and showed quite a bit more thigh than she had hoped for. "Don't do this, Erica."

"Do what?" Erica replied, pushing past the others to get right in Heather's face.

Heather rolled her eyes. She straightened her back, watching Erica's eyes slide away from her own as she stood at her full height. She stared right at her forehead as she announced, "What do I win?"

"Fancy cheese!" Dave shouted, tossing a chunk of charcuterie up at the highest mouth in the room. Heather knew this game. She jumped past Erica into the room, catching it like a pro. "Bullseye!" Dave celebrated.

Heather laughed. "You trying to feed an army?" she said, looking down at the spread.

"Just a pair of growing girls." Pat replied.

"It's a bit cramped in here, honestly." Heather said, stepping back from the small crowd in Room 412. "We can go back to our room if it's too stuffy."

"That's a perfect idea." Dave said. Heather hid how much her expression deflated upon hearing that. She was starting to warm up to socializing again. "Pat, Kevin, follow me. We're grabbing Kevin's mattress."

"Bed fort?" Kevin breathed excitedly.

"Full-room bed fort." Dave agreed.

"We can grab mine too." Pat added. "It'll take some engineering. But we can pull it off."

"We have the muscle for it, at least." Rebecca said, patting Heather on the shoulder. Heather pushed her, harder than she meant to. She made a face as she watched Rebecca steady herself. Maybe they should have sent her to grab the mattresses, she thought.

But soon the men were gone and it was just the three tall women alone in the Fortress of Immunitude.

Chapter 6: Room 412, Day 2 by BuriedBones

Heather stood, staring down at Rebecca and Erica. It was a new feeling, at least when it came to Erica. Her old friend used to tower over everyone when it was just the girls. Now it was her turn. She rubbed her arm, anxiously feeling the new pad of skin and muscle that had grown around it in the last few hours. "There's coffee, if anyone needs it." Rebecca mentioned, trying her best to destroy the silence for good.

"I'm already caffeinated." Heather replied. "Erica?"

"Hmm?" Erica said, still lost in the shadow of her massive friend. Heather looked amazing. Even in her baggy t-shirt Erica could see a body to die for. After a morning of staring at herself naked in the mirror, the last thing she expected to feel so soon was envy.

"There's coffee." Heather said, nodding to the approaching Rebecca, who now held a mug for her.

"Oh, perfect." Erica took a sip. She smiled up at her friends. They smiled back.

"Ok, enough of this." Rebecca said, sitting down with a flourish. "Let's get it all out now."

"What?" the other two played dumb.

"You know how it felt. I know how it felt. Let's get past the awkward part of how hot we all are now and just enjoy it." Rebecca said. 

The other two rolled their eyes, looking at one another. Could you believe this girl? Heather sat down on the couch next to her, ready to watch some television and never speak of it again.

"It felt amazing." Erica said. Heather shot back up.

"It felt amazing." she agreed, despite herself. "I mean look at me!"

Heather stood up tall, raising her arms as the t-shirt rose with them. It was still too baggy to show anything, but the effect worked all the same. Rebecca was standing right in front of her in awe. 

"I'm trying, but it's a little..." Rebecca moved behind her tall friend. She grabbed the middle of her shirt and pulled it tight. Suddenly, Heather's curves were exposed along the tightness of her shirt. Her breasts squeezed against it, jiggling with the movement.

"Hey, oh... I mean, damn." Heather couldn't help but stare down at herself. Erica watched, lifting her hand toward Heather's frame.

"Look at these dynamos." Rebecca said, rounding the corner on Heather and cupping her breasts. Heather, shockingly, let it happen. The attention was getting to her. "I expected something after my stint with the virus, but this is just next level, Heather."

"She was always an over-achiever." Erica agreed, sneaking a poke at her breast as well.

"Not necessarily. Technically you grew more than I did, Rebecca." Heather reasoned. "Like 10 or 11 inches?"

"One of those." Rebecca replied, entranced.

"Ok, enough with the fondling. It was fun for a minute." Heather shoved them away. They stumbled back, surprised by her strength. Heather was, too.

"You can feel mine if you want, Rebecca." Erica said.

"You dirty dog." Rebecca said. "Present arms."

"I don't have anything on under this thing." Erica said, pointing to Pat's oversized hoodie.

"The boys won't be back for awhile. I'll hold the door if I hear them coming." Heather said, approaching.

"YOU dirty dog!" Rebecca spat back.

Erica shrugged, lifting the hoodie over her head. Her breasts rippled out as the hoodie came down around her arms. They were perfect, pert, and round. Rebecca approached, sizing them up like a purchase. "Pretty good. Not bad," she joked. Erica laughed. "Not the best I've seen at market, but they'll do."

"Oh go fuck yourself." Erica, laughed again, shoving her. "Putting yourself on display at the pool like that. We can't all be exceptional."

"Looking pretty exceptional where I'm standing." Rebecca said, getting closer, feeling the curve of Erica's breast.

"Won't Dave be jealous. I saw the way you two went at it last night." Erica teased.

"No! You and Dave?" Heather sputtered.

"I'm surprised you could see anything but Pat." Erica shot back.

"Well that's no surprise." Heather contributed. She let herself feel Erica's breast, making tit for tat a little too literal.

"Nothing came of it, believe it or not." Rebecca said. "For either of us, it sounds like."

"Really?" Erica asked, surprised.

"He's only got eyes for one girl, it seems." Rebecca replied, her eyes darting toward the door, and the room behind it just across the hall.

"Still?" Heather said. "Ashley and him were never even a thing, really."

"Fire's still burning, as it seems." Rebecca sighed. "He was very sweet about it, though."

"The week is still early." Erica insisted. "You never know."

"I guess so. Seems like everybody's already pairing up. Can you believe I haven't even had sex since... this?" She said, pointing to her ample form. "Bought the car and haven't even given it a test drive."

"Gross. Don't compare yourself to a car." Heather insisted.

"If it makes you feel better, I haven't "tested" myself out either." Erica promised.

"Oh, that's right. Well if none of us have, I don't feel so bad," Rebecca said.

Heather rubbed her arm, failing at nonchalance.

"You DIRTY DOG!" The other two screamed at her.

"Keep it down, this is a hotel." Heather shushed.

"Is that what Kevin said?" Rebecca joked.

"Oh please." Heather rolled her eyes.

"Had to do it at least once before you told the world, huh." Erica teased.

Heather smiled, she couldn't help herself. "Twice." she cooed.

The other women shouted again. "How was it?" Rebecca pleaded.

"It was pretty... we had a good time." Heather replied. "The driver was satisfied, and he is looking to make a down payment on a very reasonable leasing option." They all laughed.

"You sure know how to ruin the metaphor." Erica said.

"Well, I just want somebody to take me for a ride." Rebecca laughed. She grabbed her whiskey-spiked coffee and drank it down, filling the cup again with just plain old booze.

"When did you start this morning?" Heather asked.

"Did you ever really stop?" Erica added.

"It's a party, and I am once again tired of being the only one having fun." Rebecca handed Heather her own mug of booze. She tried her best to resist, but Erica got in on the demanding as well. She poured a splash of booze into what was left of her coffee and they all clinked their mugs in commencement of the day's ceremonies. "Race you to the bottom."

Rebecca started chugging her mug. Erica joined her right away, as Heather's protests were drowned out by her competitiveness. Heather took one big gulp, surprising herself how quickly she could put it away.

"Heather the Tank returns!" Erica shouted, finishing her own mug.

"This time with bigger guns!" Rebecca laughed. Heather laughed back, already feeling tipsy. She gave them a flex, watching surprising biceps pop out from her t-shirt.

"Oh jesus." she laughed. "The stores I'm going to have to shop in to rebuild my closet."

"Girl, please." Erica replied. "If this is just the beginning of a new wave, the stores will have to keep up with US."

Heather nodded. She hadn't thought about how the rest of the world would look more like her, rather than her trying to fit herself in with her new self. Erica took another swig from her refilled mug.

"Race is over, Erica. I won." Heather said.

"Well I wanted to give the loser a little consolation." Erica said. She took another swig, looking at Rebecca, whose eyes had grown more despondent since she'd brought up Dave. Erica felt bad, she'd meant to hear a story of her friend's conquest. How she applied her new body to make sweaty, passionate love to their dear friend Dave. A celebration of friendly nonsense. Now she realized she'd opened up a wound for Rebecca, who'd obviously spent the night alone. "I just gotta work up the courage."

Erica stepped forward. She took Rebecca by the waist and stared her straight in the eyes. "I think you'll get to test that body of your's out sooner or later, stunner." She kissed the shocked Rebecca as Heather gasped behind her.

Rebecca stood back, stunned. Erica laughed. "We haven't done that since college."

"We never kissed in college." Rebecca said, giving herself some air. She hadn't expected that in the least. And she certainly didn't expect to enjoy it as much as she did.

"We didn't?" Erica asked. "Then who the hell did I kiss?" 

"Ok, drunky. Let's get you some cheese." Heather moved Erica toward the snack table, helping her get the carbs in to soak up her little stunt.

"I feel funny." Erica said, stuffing her face.

"You just chugged two mugs of bourbon. I bet you do." Heather said, patting her friend on the back. 

Suddenly, Erica whipped around, facing Heather. Her eyes were perfectly clear. Then, they shut tight. She moaned, as her whole body tensed.

"Are you gonna throw up?" Rebecca asked, hurrying up next to Heather in support. She held a trash bin in her hands. Erica stayed tense, she felt her whole body pulse with pleasure. It wasn't that good a kiss, she thought as she felt the hoodie ride up her stomach. Oh god.

Heather and Rebecca watched as Erica grew all at once in front of them. Like a long, slow spasm, her body shot upward. Her arms slinked down her sleeves as her stomach, still tight from the experience, made itself known. A full six pack formed as her head rose toward the ceiling.

She opened her eyes as the sensation faded. "What the hell was that?" she said. "Did that happen to either of you?"

Erica looked down at her friends as they shook their heads no, in shock. Oh god, she was staring down at Heather again.

"That was so much." Rebecca said, fanning herself. 

"Do you need to sit down?" Erica teased.

"Do you?" Heather asked, more seriously.

"No, I think I'm... good." Erica inspected herself. She lifted the hoodie, feeling her now larger breasts as she smushed them down to get a better look at her rock-hard abdominals. "I think I can skip the gym for a... while."

"Same." Heather agreed. My god, did she catch herself feeling... jealous?

"How tall are you?" Rebecca asked.

"Hell if I know. How tall are you, Heather?" Erica said.

"Tall?" Heather replied weakly.

"That's it." Rebecca rummaged through her bag, pulling a thin white card out of it. She shoved it in Erica's hand and stomped to the wall, standing up straight against it. "There's a pen on the desk." she shot back at Erica.

"And what do I write on here?" Erica asked.

"Don't write anything. Mark me. On the wall." Rebecca pointed to the top of her head.

Heather took the card from Erica, grabbing the pen from the desk. "And what's this?" She asked, shaking the card in front of Rebecca.

"My vaxx card. You have to get a new one if you catch it after vaccination. They mark your final height on there and you have to prove it's stopped completely after a week of checkups." 

"Damn." Erica said, thinking how much further the two of them had to go in the process. She just watched the room shrink in front of her over the course of seconds. Her body was in full revolt, fighting the virus any way it could.

"I'm 5'11". I've been 5'11" for the past month. So mark me." Rebecca demanded.

"Won't Dave be mad? Scuffing up his room?" Heather asked.

Erica scoffed. "Look at this place. We gave up taking care of corporate property drinks ago."

Heather shrugged. She took the pen, and scratched a mark perfectly at the top of Rebecca's head. She scribbled "5'11"" next to it.

Next, Rebecca took out her phone. She searched for an app that gave accurate inch readings. Soon enough, they had scribbled along the entire top of the wall, one inch at a time, to a final 7 feet.

"Think it's enough?" Erica asked, staring up at the final mark.

"God, I hope so." Heather sighed. Rebecca grabbed her, and moved her toward the wall. "Wait!" she pleaded.

"Don't you want to know?" Rebecca replied.

"I don't know if I'm ready." Heather said.

"Now or never. Do it before we need to make more marks." Rebecca teased.

"Don't you even joke." Heather glared at her. It was the most frightening she'd ever been, and she wasn't even trying. Rebecca stepped back. Heather sighed, and placed herself against the wall.

"Straight." the looming Erica said, stepping in front of her to get an accurate reading from above. "No point in faking it."

Heather stood up straight. Erica watched as the tip of her head made contact with a solitary mark on the wall. "Are you ready?" she asked.

"Just get it over with." Heather shot back.

"Six foot two." Erica replied.

Heather sighed once more. She stepped away from the wall. "And let's hope it stays that way." 

Erica watched her glide past her. She watched the top of her head, knowing that meant her own reading would be higher than that. She woke up that morning coming to terms with being around six feet tall. Having Pat next to her, her original height, was a good metric to keep tabs on how she was changing. Now she was surrounded by amazons, so her perspective was warped. And she dwarfed them.

She stood up against the wall. Rebecca joined her, sliding the desk chair up so she could see the mark above her very tall friend's head. "Six foot four!" she gasped, almost not ready for the reveal.

"Seven inches." Erica said, in awe.

"I've got nine." Heather said reflexively. Her competitive side wouldn't die.

"For now." Erica smiled. There was no use fighting it. She raised her glass. The others followed, and they took a shot to celebrate their new tracking guide. They'd made their peace in that way. No more hiding. It was time to embrace change.

"Where the hell is my husband?" Heather asked the universe, swallowing the last of her shot.

"How long does it take three men to move a mattress?" Erica agreed.

"Two mattresses, really." Rebecca tried. "Wait!"

Their eyes whipped to her. "What about my mattress?"

"The fort won't be complete without all available mattresses." Heather agreed. She stood up tall, feeling her strength. "Why don't we show them how it's done?"

"We'll show them more than that." Erica said, standing to her own true height. Rebecca giggled, imagining the looks on the men's faces they were certainly about to see. She rushed toward the door, ushering the others out into the hallway.

In Kevin's room, the three men sweated along the narrow entryway to the door. "I think if we just take a step back, it will actually fit." Dave reasoned.

"No, just shove it!" Pat debated.

"Oh my god, you haven't even got it out the door yet." They all turned as the doorway filled with an impressive sight. Heather stood in the way, her face glistening with booze sweat. Her eyes shone mischievously. Dave and Pat dropped their ends of the mattress. They still hadn't gotten used to their most domineering friend having such a dominating figure. Kevin smiled. He could only hope she was here to help.

Heather strode into the room, pushing the others aside. "Now watch me." She stood at the end of the mattress, kneeling down to grab the bottom. Pat and Dave tried to look away as Kevin admired his wife's round bottom tighten in her pajama pants.

"See, that's going to be too heavy to lift from the end." Pat insisted.

"Sure about that?" Heather cooed. Pat contained his arousal as best he could as Heather's piercing gaze found him. "Let's ask the experts."

From the doorway, Rebecca appeared, carrying her own mattress down the hall. "Seems to be the way to go!" she shouted as she passed them. The men's jaws fell open. Dave could tell from his dealings with Rebecca the last couple days that she was stronger than she looked, and a lot stronger than he remembered. But to see it in action like that left them stunned. Then something even more stunning crossed the doorway.

Erica sauntered by, easily carrying her own mattress the same way. "What's the hold up?" she teased. Heather snorted at that, lifting her own mattress and following her out of the room down toward Room 412. 

The men tip toed out, watching the women carry the mattress to Dave's open door. The women laughed loudly to one another as they tossed them into the room with ease. They were having too much fun. And who could blame them? Their strength was fresh and they were testing it for the first time.

Pat hustled down the hallway as he watched Erica toss her own mattress in, the last of the bunch. She stopped in the doorway, watching him approach. She smiled, her own face covered in drunk sweat. She stood up straight, arms on her hips as her smile widened. As Pat got closer, he could tell there was something coy about that smile. He couldn't put his finger on it, but something was different. As he made his way right in front of her, it became very clear to him. He was staring straight at her neck. They had over half a foot between their eyes.

She looked down at him, lovingly. "Something wrong?" she purred.

Pat laughed back, as the other two men joined him, staring up in awe. "You tell me." Pat said back.

Erica leaned down and kissed Pat deeply on the lips. The other men smiled sheepishly, looking away as Erica seized Pat with full passion. A door slammed somewhere in the hall, snapping Erica out of it. She looked around. No one else was in sight.

"Let's get the party started." she said, tugging Pat inside.

"Kevin!" came Heather's voice from within. The other two men hustled in after it. The surprises were only just beginning.

"Another negative!" Marlene shouted from her own desk in Room 403. Martin laid on the bed, watching his own test turn negative next to him.

"Negative here too!" he shouted back. 

"Well, that's out of the way. What now?" Marlene asked, walking over to her husband.

"TV, I guess?" Martin joked. That had been their whole life since the day before.

"And you said there was no way I'd get through a whole book on this trip." Marlene said, smacking him on the leg with her finished paperback. "No, there's no reason to bring another." she impersonated.

"Alright, I get it. Surprise, I'm wrong." Martin said. He kissed her in apology, flipping through channels to find anything to distract her from how right she was. He didn't need long. Shouting from outside, drew her away from the bed.

Martin stood up to follow her. Marlene was already at the peephole, staring out. "What is it? The staff?"

"No, I think it's people." Marlene whispered. "Like guest people."

"That doesn't seem safe. Maybe we should put on a mask so close to the door." Martin offered, pulling their masks from their suitcase.

"Oh my god, it's our people." Marlene gasped.


"It's Rebecca... and Heather!" Marlene stopped. "She's huge!" 

"Heather?" Martin asked, stupidly.

"She's definitely taller than Rebecca. And you remember how tall she was."

"Not taller than me." Martin shot back quickly, again.

"Well Heather might be." Marlene said, not realizing the can of worms she was opening.

"Come on." Martin protested.

"Holy shit!" Marlene gasped again, like air was going on sale.

"What!" Martin was beside himself.

"Erica's gotta have like half a head on her."



"Let me see." Martin nudged past his wife, sticking his face against the door. He saw Pat, Dave, and Kevin walk down past the door. No sign of the women. His curiosity got the better of him. "Grab my mask." he whispered.

Marlene handed it to him, already strapping her own mask on. Martin opened the door just a crack, as they both stuck their eyeballs through it. His head on top of her's, they watched as Erica stood tall in the doorway of Dave's room. Martin watched as Pat approached, and she stood a full head taller than him. Dave followed close behind. He knew Dave was just a little shorter than him, but he came up only to Erica's nose. 

Erica leaned down and kissed Pat. Martin slammed the door, flustered.

"What'd you do that for?" Marlene asked.

"It's not safe. She's... got it." Martin tried to reason, hiding the swelling in his pants.

"Well we knew that. She texted us." Marlene said. "I actually texted her a little bit after, but she's been pretty quiet since yesterday afternoon."

"Immune Group stuff." Martin said. 

"Immune Squad. I made a chart." Marlene showed him her phone, where she'd categorized all their friends between "Compromised" and "Safe". Kevin and Heather were still on the Safe side. "But Heather never told me. And we just texted this morning."

"Are you sure she was taller?" Martin tried.

"She was huge, Martin. And come to think of it, she never said she didn't have it this morning." Marlene said.

"Typical Heather. Always neurotic." Martin sighed.

"It's a virus, Martin. She's allowed to be neurotic." Marlene snapped. Martin moved back to the TV, motioning for his wife to join. They sat on the couch, watching a 90s movie they'd seen 100 times before. Martin tried his best not to think about the massive Erica down the hall.

But Marlene couldn't stop. She thought about the past 4 tests they'd blown through, being extra cautious. Everything came back negative, much to her relief. She'd even measured herself every couple hours just to be safe with a virus kit she'd brought from home. Always prepared for anything. Every time, she still measured five foot seven on the dot.

She sighed, thinking about her friends in Room 412. She knew Erica had been infected, but she wasn't sure if she was symptomatic until that moment. In her head, they would all be safe, and get out of this week unscathed. She had already started planning for a make-up vacation to try to salvage everything this quarantine had ruined. Now two of her best friends had been changed forever, and the contingency plans spun out wildly in her head. She thought of all her possibilities, all her options. What if everyone else got it, too? She was prepared. What if she got it?

What if she got it? Marlene's mind stopped in it's metaphysical tracks. She had, of course, considered what would happen if she got the virus before. But it had never felt real until this moment. She nuzzled up to Martin, feeling his size against her own, and cherishing it. 

She'd had close calls before, but always came out fine. She suddenly wondered if she was incapable of getting it. Or, even worse, she'd had it before and it just did nothing to her. Even worse? What was she thinking. She was thinking about Erica. How easily she carried that mattress down the hall. Marlene couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to be her.

But no, even if she ever got the virus, and there were no current plans for that on her agenda, Marlene imagined it would happen the way it did for her colleague. She'd get a headache and stay isolated and that would be it. She kissed Martin, ignoring the movie fully. Martin got the message and picked her up from the couch, carrying her over to the bed. They stripped, and engaged the only other pastime that came to mind.

Dave poured the last remains of the final bottle of wine into a plastic cup. He handed it to Erica, who tussled his hair in reply.

"That's the last one you get, Jumbo." Dave teased.

"Try and stop me." Erica replied devilishly. She sauntered back to Pat, seated on the couch above an impressively comfy bed fort. Erica spread out on top of him, letting her impossibly long legs stretch across the couch from end to end. She wrapped her arm around his shoulder as he stared up, still basking in his first sense of awe toward the new Erica. She pecked him on the lips, smile still in tact.

Dave looked out at Room 412. Pat and Erica sat in bliss on the couch. Heather had spread herself along one side of the bed fort, with Kevin leaning against her soft chest, in his own personal heaven. She stroked his head, watching nonsense blare from the television as they all slipped into a comfortably tipsy evening. From the window behind them, Dave watched the sun set on another wild day.

They had spent a good chunk of it engrossed in Erica and Heather's new selves. Heather had been self conscious at first from the increased male attention, but soon realized Erica could easily soak up all the spotlight with one good stretch. Rebecca had kept things light, as she had continued to do. She had disappeared back to her own room some minutes ago, pulling more goodies from her seemingly endless supply. Dave wasn't surprised to hear her knock at the door this time.

He let her in, carrying even more bottles of liquor, tantalizing snacks, and a deck of cards. Dave gave her a peck on the cheek as she passed through the doorway. Rebecca blushed. He was finding it harder to control himself around her. The squad had been set, and Dave was now surrounded by couples. Rebecca had only barely relented on her flirtatious spirit. All his arguments against seemed to fall away to the all-powerful: why the hell not?

"Thinking of playing a round of cards?" he asked, shuffling the deck as Rebecca set out her new charcuterie spread.

"Well, we have enough people for a good poker game, now." Rebecca said, innocently.

Dave knew better. Heather did, too. She was already up, standing between the two of them. "Just a game of poker." she insisted.

"Of course." Rebecca chirped.

"Cards, antes, chips." Heather continued.

"I don't have any chips..." Rebecca said slowly, as Heather inched closer to her. Heather was making her height advantage known in a big way. Behind her, Rebecca watched Dave munch on a corn chip. "Any poker chips, I mean."

"We can use these!" Dave tried, holding the bag of chips up like they were a life preserver. She was deep in the eye of Heather's storm.

"So I'm not to think the woman who fondled me a couple hours ago has no intention of making me take my clothes off for fun." Heather was unrelenting.

"She did what, now?" Kevin asked.

"I'll do it." Erica said, still sitting on top of Pat. She shifted forward, letting her ass press into his groin.

"I'm game!" Pat agreed, convulsively.

Heather knew the dominoes were falling she could already feel her competitive side roar awake. She looked to Kevin to save her. He could only shrug. Kevin's eyes were locked on his wife's chest. He couldn't see much of her through his own t-shirt, and the talk of fondling had woken him up for something more offbeat.

"We can just play poker." Dave said, putting his arm around Heather. He was her best man again, and she rested her cheek against the top of his head.

"Fine, you can choose what you're betting. But I'm betting my decency." Rebecca said. She was still wearing her athleisure get up from that morning. Dave calculated in his head how many hands she'd have to lose to start making the room blush. It wasn't much.

"Same here. This thing itches like crazy." Erica added. "No offense, Pat."

"Absolutely none taken." Pat blushed. "I'm in, too. Just try to control yourselves, ladies. I don't know if I can fight you all off." he winked. Heather gagged.

"Dave?" Rebecca pleaded, staring directly into his eyes with her own. The puppy dog look came howling back. He looked at Heather's own nervous glance.

"I'll stick with Heather on this one. We'll bet drinks." Dave compromised.

"Prepare to get hammered!" Pat teased. "If Rebecca has anything to say about it."

Rebecca blushed. Pat didn't know how on the money he was.

"Drinks is fine." Heather agreed. 

"Drinks it is." Kevin concluded.

"And strip poker for the fun side of the Immune Squad." Pat concluded even further.

Heather filled her drink high, and sat on the fort, shuffling the cards. "Knock yourself out." The others joined her in a circle as she started dealing. Dave filled his own drink and made his way toward them. What he never would have expected at that point in the night, was another knock at the door.

But there it was. Every head in the room spun around at the sound. Dave looked back at them. They nodded for him to answer. He walked along the hall, unsure completely what was on the other side. He braced himself for the spiel he'd have to give management about the state of the room, and the noise that had been consistently coming from it for almost 48 hours. He put his mask over his face as the others covered their mouths with their shirts.

Ashley stood in the open doorway, staring up at Dave's gobsmacked expression.

"I have it."

Chapter 7: Room 428. Day 2 by BuriedBones

"I'm sorry", Ashley said as Dave ushered her through the doorway.

"What are you apologizing for?" Dave asked. "You didn't do anything."

"I'm just stopping by unannounced, and it's so late. And you guys were in the middle of something." Ashley gestured to the Immune Squad, still seated in a circle along the bed fort, moving their shirts from their mouths as they recognized the still diminutive form of Ashley. Rebecca dashed to her feet and pulled her former roommate into a hug.

"You were always invited. You were just never infected." Rebecca assured. Ashley hugged her back, tight. She'd almost forgotten how much bigger Rebecca had become, having only seen her that one night before this whole mess began.

"Infected, but asymptomatic. At least so far. Nothing feels... different yet." Ashley said.

"When did you test positive?" Kevin asked, standing up himself.

"This morning. Spent a bit in denial, no symptoms and all, but I just tested again and that line was dark as hell. And I could hear you guys still going from across the hall, so I said... why not?" Ashley watched as Pat and Kevin approached her. They both looked the same as they always had, drunker than usual. But that was to be expected. Dave and Rebecca set to work making Ashley a welcome cocktail at the desk bar. 

Ashley looked over at Heather and Erica, both spread out on the bed fort wearing loose, lumpy clothing. "Well I expected to see you here, Erica. But Kevin?" She was careful not to call out Heather so early. Ashley knew this would be a sore spot for her always-careful friend.

"Yeah, we tested positive yesterday. Decided to see what all the fuss was about." Kevin replied.

Ashley, drink in hand, walked over to the two seated women. They both smiled up at her, waiting for the obvious interrogation to begin. Ashley looked down at their cross-legged forms, not as low as she expected. She just smiled. She wasn't going to be the one to start. She was going to make them do it.

"So... you guys get any symptoms, or do you just like wearing your partner's clothes for fun?" Ashley teased. She suddenly felt overdressed in her own jeans and button-up flannel blouse. She slipped her shoes off in a gesture of comfort solidarity.

"We are experiencing mild symptoms, yes." Heather replied, trying to hide her enjoyment.

"How mild we talking?" Ashley prodded.

Heather turned to Erica, a smile on her face. Erica nodded back. They uncrossed their legs and stood up straight, walking right up to Ashley.

Ashley's eyes widened to their limit as she found herself staring straight at her two college friend's chests. "Relatively mild." Erica said from above.

"Six four and six two." Rebecca said, rushing over, placing her arms around both her taller friend's shoulders. "We measured on the wall this afternoon."

Ashley turned following Rebecca's nod to the wall with the markings on it. She walked up to it, staring up at the original 5'11" stamp Rebecca had made with her own height. It still looked over half a foot away from her. She wondered if she would stay at that perspective, and for how long. She turned back to the trio of smiling amazons staring at her. "Been a pretty interesting couple days, I guess." she tried.

"Oh that's all over and done with now. We were just about to play poker." Erica said, switching gears. She moved her long legs back toward the mattress and plopped herself down, picking her cards back up where they lay.

"Strip poker!" Pat said, joining her. The others followed to the mattress, reassembling the circle. Ashley looked unsure. She thought about seeing her friends' new bodies so intimately. She had just seen so much of them at the pool, especially Rebecca. Her concern was mixed a bit too much with intrigue at the notion of fully comprehending their changes. It was for her health, after all.

"It's absolutely not strip poker." Heather corrected. "Kevin, Dave, and I will be wagering drinks."

Ashley sighed. Dave walked up behind her, placing his arm on her shoulder. "You can bet whichever you like, Ashley. It's a friendly game."

"Yeah, money's fine, too." Kevin added. "How much are you pulling in these days, Ash?"

"I'll stick with drinks." Ashley laughed, joining the circle with Dave. "But I reserve the right to change my mind at any time."

The cards were dealt again. Antes were placed. Several folded. The first hand came down to Pat and Heather. Heather lost, her bluff falling to pieces before everyone's eyes. She took a drink, trying to be conservative. "Oh no you don't!" Ashley encouraged, tipping her drink further toward her mouth. Heather glared at her. Ashley was taken aback. This was the first Heather glare she'd gotten that came from above.

"I'll do it with you." Ashley squeaked, taking a sip of her own drink. Heather nodded in approval.

Soon the game began to spiral. Pat had played it loose, already having lost both his socks, and his shirt. The shirt came off first for reasons known only to Pat, and Erica if she was paying attention. She was. Through her booze-soaked gaze she could see exactly what her prodigal lover was doing. And she wasn't entirely against it. She remembered from that first night at the pool how well he had kept in shape. She steeled herself, trying to disguise her lustful gaze with a poker face. She was in it to win.

"Full house." Pat said, slapping her out of her thoughts. Erica looked down at her own hand as she showed it to the group. Just a pair of eights. The poker face failed. The half-naked Pat looked at her. "Sure you're ready to pay up?" he asked, with genuine concern.

"Well, yes." she stammered, staring at the crowd of drunken gamblers. No one but Pat had removed anything yet. The other losers had just taken drinks, and Rebecca was playing a surprisingly sharp game, still fully clothed. "It's just I'm only wearing this hoodie, the pants, and... my underwear."

"Sounds like you can only lose three times, then." Rebecca teased. Pat shot her a look. He turned to Erica, making her feel like it was ok if she didn't want to go through with this. She wrinkled her nose, lost in indecision.

Heather started dealing the cards again, hoping to plow through the awkwardness, but Erica stood up suddenly. They all stared up at her, amazed by her towering figure. She grabbed her waist, and shot her PJ pants down around her ankles in an instant, kicking them at the victorious Pat. The gamblers watched as her long, shapely legs came to rest. Erica was always quite willowy, but her new enhancements had filled out her hips and thighs noticeably. Her thin panties clung to her soft, pale skin, leaving deep imprints.

She sat back down, crossing her legs again with just a hint of flush on her cheeks. "Deal the next one."

And deal Heather did. Hand after hand met with more sips and more cheers. Erica got over her shyness with record time and a good deal of alcohol. She cozied up closer to Pat, letting her naked thighs nestle against his own. Pat only moved his cards closer to his chest. But deep down, he knew whatever happened going forward, he was winning.

All the while Ashley became accustomed to the vibe of the Immune Squad. She had heard the low rumble of music and mirth for the last few days, and it felt so freeing to finally join it. She found herself pleasantly drunk, and doing a damn fine job of keeping herself in the game. Dave sat next to her, with Rebecca on the other side of him. She watched her formerly mousy roommate completely control the room with her confidence. It was a new dynamic to get used to, but she was so proud of Rebecca for feeling comfortable in her own skin.

And then she saw even more skin, as Rebecca found herself losing for the first time that night. Without a moment's hesitation, she whipped off her tight athletic top, revealing a sports bra pressed tight against her large breasts. Ashley had seen her take her shirt off many times when they shared a dorm, but this felt totally brand new. She saw Dave watch, his eyes practically bugging out, and found herself feeling jealous. 

Of course she had feelings for Dave. He wasn't the only one hoping to spark something on this vacation. When the quarantine orders were put in place, Ashley surprised herself by how disappointed she was. It was always meant to be a little fling. Her love life wasn't so terrible as to stake it all on a weekend with an old friend. And yet, seeing him now watch Rebecca in her bra and tight yoga pants, she felt the green monster grow stronger in her. Her chest felt tight, and her arms felt a little weak.

"Oh like it's not anything you hadn't seen before." Rebecca teased the group.

"We all remember your little pool game." Heather agreed.

"It's not one to forget." Pat added. Erica nudged him.

"I don't intend to lose again." Rebecca said with mock intensity. "Sorry to disappoint." She turned to Dave now, letting her back straighten as her breasts pressed more against her sports bra. As she flicked one eye open, she also caught Ashley's twisted grimace before it flashed away. Guilt crept in. She knew Ashley's feelings for Dave, and Dave had made his feelings known all too well the night before. But he had been so flirtatious with her all day. She had won him, without any need for a card game. She thought of all the boyfriends Ashley had cycled through while little Rebecca could barely get a third date. The game was still on, wasn't it? Why not try to win?

She leaned closer to Dave, letting her breast nudge against his arm. "Unless you try your best to beat me, of course."

"I'm all in!" Ashley said, a little louder than she meant to. The game had proceeded as Rebecca simmered next to Dave. Most had folded and it came down to Rebecca, Dave, and Ashley. Of course. Ashley breathed heavy. The alcohol was making it harder to contain herself, and she was completely flustered by Rebecca's new forward approach. She had to step up her game.

"You're asymptomatic you said, Ashley?" Kevin asked, concerned.

"I'm just drunk. I always get flushed when I drink." Ashley shot back.

"Do your shirts shrink when you're drunk too?" Kevin replied.

They all looked at Ashley now, having been distracted by Rebecca's recent moves on Dave. Ashley looked down at herself. The buttons on her shirt were beginning to bow, and her midriff was starting to bow out from her pants.

"Buttons." Heather said. "Rookie mistake."

"What do I do?" Ashley asked, perplexed.

"You mostly just roll with it." Erica assured. The other women nodded in solemn agreement.

"Should I-"

"I'm in as well." Rebecca interrupted, slamming her cards on the mattress. Dave sensed a tension between the woman on either side of him growing by the second. The tension, that is. Only one woman was literally growing by the second.

"I fold." he relented.

Rebecca flipped her cards over, revealing a pair of twos. A dastardly trick. Ashley smiled, gently placing her cards down next to them. A high ace. She'd lost perfectly. Rebecca swallowed her grumbles as she handed Ashley a freshly poured cocktail.

"You know, I think I might switch my game up a little." Ashley said, setting the cocktail down next to her. Heather watched her, concerned. The dominoes were falling.

"It's just that I'm a little uncomfortable at the moment. Would you guys be offended if I used my loss to get a little... freer?" The men shook their heads. So did Erica. She was fully drunk and ready for some action.

"You think the shirt?" Ashley asked, watching as the group began to eat out of her hand. "Nah, I think the jeans are the main culprit here."

She leaned down to unbutton her jeans, and in doing so, put too much pressure on her already-strained shirt. The top four buttons shot off in all directions, freeing her swelled breasts all at once. Luckily, she was wearing an undershirt. She giggled, standing up to slide her pants down with some effort. "Does that count as an ante?"

Rebecca couldn't help but laugh. She stood up, helping her friend shimmy out of her tight jeans. She also couldn't help but notice that Ashley was still significantly shorter than herself. As the jeans were torn off, Ashley let out a relieved sigh. "If you'll allow me?"

She sauntered over to the marks on the wall. She looked up at Rebecca's 5'11" mark, still some inches away. The others stood up with her to look.

"Looks like just an inch or two." Heather remarked.

"Is that bad?" Ashley asked.

"It's not bad or good." Erica said, draping her heavy arm around Ashley. "Just be glad it's still going slow for you."

Ashley turned to Dave. Her eyes met just above his lips. Those lips were looking quite enticing at the moment, too. "What do you think?" she purred.

"I gave up thinking that night at the bar." Dave replied. "I'm taking it as they come."

"Good answer." Ashley replied, removing the space between them completely.

"Back to the game, then?" Rebecca pleaded excitedly.

"I'm kind of over it." Erica said, stretching out. "It feels weird sitting cross legged now. A little cramped."

"Agreed." Heather replied.

"So what now?" Rebecca asked.

Pat rescued the dwindling enthusiasm with the sudden burst of music. "We get back to partying." He danced by himself, as the others watched. Erica laughed. He motioned her to join him, which only made her laugh more. Then her eyes became clear and focused. She rocked her wide, exposed hips back and forth, letting them wiggle as she made her way to Pat. Her hips found his, as they swayed together. Pat looked up at her, his head bobbing just above her bouncing breasts. Even in the hoodie, the movement was difficult to hide. She wrapped her long arms around him as they danced against each other to the rhythm.

Kevin watched, laughing at his smaller friend completely woo his larger love. He barely had time to react when Heather spun him around with ease. She wrapped her own arms around him, a look of sultry glee in her eyes. He smiled, letting his hands find her hips. She was the only one still fully clothed of all the women, but to him she was the hottest woman in any room.

Dave laughed as the couples danced to the pulsing rhythm. He realized then that two women were standing on either side of him. And they both were beginning to bop to the beat, themselves. Rebecca and Ashley both shot him looks as their dancing became more pronounced. Dave chuckled, and danced along, letting his hips smack against both of them as he swayed back and forth. They all laughed, as they circled around each other, turning the dance into a happy little trio.

Dave watched as Ashley's enhanced chest bounced behind her now too small bra. Rebecca danced even more excitedly, letting her breasts jump behind the confines of her own sports bra. The competition was rearing its head again. Dave watched it happen with growing concern as they both spun him back and forth between them, vying to dance with him head on. Alone.

With a quick move, he grabbed Rebecca's hand and twirled her into Ashley. Their swaying breasts touched in an instant, and they blushed. They were thrown off guard, looking at Dave who danced by himself now, egging them on. They smiled at each other, before letting themselves sway against one another. Rebecca felt Ashley's underwear press against her thin yoga pants. She blushed even harder as she stared down at her giggling roommate. Rebecca laughed too, spinning Ashley around as she let her press her ass against her.

Ashley grinded against Rebecca, feeling her taller friend's hands hold on for dear life. She knew Dave was watching, and she knew exactly what she was doing as she danced deeper and deeper into Rebecca's groin. She snapped up, and Rebecca grabbed her stomach, looping around what was left of the buttons on her shirt. Ashley had never danced with a woman this tall before. She couldn't help but marvel even more at the changes her roommate had gone through only so recently. She looked down at her own destroyed shirt and discarded jeans. There was no knowing what would happen to her as the days went on.

She looked over at Erica, pressing her breasts into Pat's face like no one was watching. This towering woman, always tall but now exceptionally so. Pat was eating it up completely. And there was Heather, who used to be just about her height. Well, her former height. Now her 5'8" husband was staring at her chin as he tried his best to keep up with her powerful moves.

Rebecca grabbed Ashley by the hand and spun her with a flourish. They both laughed again as they danced with some distance, letting themselves catch their breath. Or at least, that's what Rebecca wanted Ashley to think. She was on Dave in only a couple steps, immediately grinding against him, and running her hands through his hair. Dave couldn't help himself. It felt amazing as they danced faster and faster with each other. 

Rebecca spun around him, letting her tits press against his back as her hands explored his now open groin. Ashley watched, her face becoming more flush. She stomped over to them, and began grinding her ass against Dave in defiance. The other couples watched, suppressing their laughter as Dave was sandwiched between the two furiously dancing women. His face bounced between terror and ecstasy as it carried on.

Suddenly, Ashley spun around and kissed him. Her eyes almost locked with Rebecca as she did it, and she saw a fire erupt behind them. Rebecca spun Dave around and kissed him too.

The music stopped. Heather stood next to the speaker, looking just as flustered as Dave. "I think I'm gonna wind down for the night." she said, fanning herself.

"Good idea." Erica said. She had peeled herself off Pat by then, and slowly slipped her pajama pants back on. Pat's face was beginning to crush. Erica saw, and smiled. She leaned down and kissed him, letting her finger trail along his chin as she pulled away. The finger curled turning into a motioning gesture as she made her way to the door. She grabbed a mattress with one hand as she went. Pat followed her out, collecting his clothes into a pile as he raced after Erica.

The others laughed as the door slammed behind him. "So, did you guys want to watch a movie, or..." Dave tried. His eyes plead for backup, and Kevin knew the signal.

"Totally. I'm game for something loud and distracting." he replied.

"I think it's time we went back to our own room, too." Heather cooed. She grabbed their mattress from the toppling bed fort and hurled it out the open door.

"Come on, babe. The night is still young. And they have a lot of premium channels we don't pay for here..." Kevin said, enticingly.

"Kevin, I'm tired. I'm drunk. And I'm not passing out in this room." Heather replied.

"One movie, that's not a big deal." Kevin implored. "I'll make sure you stay awake.

Heather scooped Kevin up, and held him in her arms. She gasped. He was so light now. Her mouth twisted into a smile. "Come on, babe." Kevin nodded up at her as she carried him out the door.

Kevin shrugged at Dave as they passed. The other women covered their mouths, hiding their giggles. And suddenly, the three of them were alone. And it was silent.

"This was a really nice time, Dave." Ashley said, collecting herself. She tried to cover herself with the fabric of her shirt, but it just wasn't happening.

"Thank Rebecca." Dave said. "She's been the Mastermind of Ceremonies this weekend."

"Really?" Ashley said, tapping Rebecca on the shoulder.

"Well we don't have Marlene and her charts, and I had the supplies handy..." Rebecca said, already falling back into her insecure mode in front of her formerly dominant roommate. Ashley handed Rebecca her shirt, a grin on her face.

"You did great. I completely forgot I'm in the middle of a quarantine, with a mysterious virus coursing through my veins." 

Rebecca smiled. She pulled the shirt over her head and hugged Ashley again. "Thank you, Ash."

"So, shall we?" Ashley said, gesturing for the door.

"Oh. I was actually... thinking about watching that movie with Dave." Rebecca mumbled.

"Oh! That's still happening?" Ashley asked.

"It can be happening?" Dave replied, unsure. "Did you want to watch something."

"Sure!" the women said in unison. They looked at each other, hiding the fact that the game was back on as best as possible. Dave chuckled. He walked over to what remained of the bed fort and plopped down. He was exhausted. He thumbed through the remote, looking for a good channel. Rebecca was next to him in a heartbeat, handing him another cocktail. He felt her thigh press against his as she nestled up close. She stared at him, lovingly. Her eyes were as wide as dinner plates and her mouth was curved into a coy smile.

Dave spun around, feeling another pressure on the bed. It was Ashley. She was just as cozy with him on his other side. Her hand came to rest on his chest as her finger swirled on his pec. She bit her lip, watching him. What the hell had he gotten himself into.

Dave gulped down his drink with one tilt. "I think I might just hit the hay after all. I don't want to fall asleep while I'm still hosting, you know."

Ashley smacked his chest, and stood up. "Fair enough. Let's not impose too much, Beccs."

"Well, maybe I'll just... stay for a minute." Rebecca tried. Ashley raised an eyebrow. "My mattress is still here and all. Would you mind, Dave? If I-"

"I can help you with that." Ashley said. She grabbed the mattress out from under them and picked it up as best she could. Her knees wobbled as she did. Erica had made this look so easy. She found herself hoping she could do the same. And soon. "Come on! I can't do it alone."

"I can." Rebecca said, rolling her eyes. She stood up from where she and Dave had fallen from the mattress roll. Picking up the other end with ease, she raised an eyebrow, almost taunting Ashley with her strength. She and Ashley carried it toward the door. "One sec."

She dropped her end, watching Ashley plummet down with it. She shimmied over to Dave, still dusting himself off. She grabbed him, tightly and kissed him on the mouth for several seconds. Dave could do nothing but take it. She pulled away, giving him the steamiest look she could. "Thanks for another amazing day. See you tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow." Dave wheezed. Rebecca sauntered back to the door and grabbed the mattress again. 

"See you tomorrow, Da-" Ashley started, but the door slammed before she could finish. Dave let out the longest sigh of his life, and collapsed on the mattress.

Ashley waddled backward down the hall, looking straight into Rebecca's grin one mattress length away from her. "So it's been like that the whole time?"

"Like what?" Rebecca asked innocently."

"The party, the fun. All... that." Ashley said, swallowing her jealousy.

"Oh yes, it's been a blast." Rebecca stuck out her chest haughtily. Then she sighed. "We haven't done anything, Ash."

Ashley looked at her, confused.

"Me and Dave. It's mostly been flirting. A little fooling around. Nothing... like that. He's still got it for you." Rebecca looked away as they made it to the door of her own room.

"Beccs." Ashley started. "I didn't mean to... I'm sorry. For tonight. I was being shitty."

"I was being shitty too!" Rebecca said, pulling her arms out for another hug. This time it was an apology hug. "I was just drunk."

"I was drunk and horny." Ashley replied.

"Oh my god, I'm so horny! I can only imagine you being in the first stages, too."

"Let's just cut all this shit out. We're adults." Ashley said.

"Of course. We will be decent and fair with one another. And whoever Dave chooses, we will respect that." Rebecca agreed.

"If he even chooses either one of us!" Ashley replied.

"Exactly." Rebecca held her tight, nodding her head. She felt Ashley's own head beneath her's. Over the course of this weekend she had hugged her old roommate at least a dozen times, getting a thrill out of their new size dynamic. She wondered how many more times she could do this before it all felt.. back to normal again. Ashley was thinking something similar. She was almost afraid to let go. To let the day end, and see what tomorrow held for her.

But eventually she did. She watched Rebecca haul her mattress through the door and blow her a kiss goodnight. As she made her way back down the hall, she couldn't help but smile again. It had been some night. And now she was in the squad. The rest of the week would be an adventure for her. No more isolating, no more hiding. She looked at Dave's door, across from her own. The room was silent now. She crept toward it. Her hand reached up close, and she almost grazed it with a knock. But she thought better. Tomorrow was just one sleep away.

Pat set his pile of clothes down on his chair, straightening them back out. "So do you need any water or anything?" he asked as he lifted his shirt over his head.

"Pat." came a sultry voice behind him. He spun around, arms and shirt still in the air. Erica was standing in front of the bed, her fingers on her waistband. With a quick flick, the pajama pants were around her ankles. "Don't put your clothes back on.

Pat nodded, dropping his shirt to the floor. He walked up to Erica, watching her grow bigger in his vision with every step. He gazed up at her, his eyes full of wonder. She craned her neck down and kissed him, letting her fingers explore his bare chest, the contours of his muscles. Pat's hands wrapped around her waist, squeezing her ass as he kissed her back.

The kiss became more intense, as their heads swayed back and forth, lips pressing deeper and deeper against each other. Rebecca pulled away, whipping the baggy hoodie off her chest. Her breasts rippled outward, settling into their perfectly round shape. Pat waited before touching them, staring at their beautiful motion before he found them coming closer. Erica pressed against him, kissing him up his neck to his lips. Her tongue found its way to his. Pat felt her soft tits press further into him, as warmth grew all around his body.

He gently moved her to the bed, watching her long legs bow as her back rested against the poorly made sheets. There was no pointing in making the bed now. His fingers tucked beneath her panty line as he slid them down her legs. He looked at her wet sex, aching for him as her eyes shut tight.

Pat removed his boxers, letting his cock slide along her as he kissed her breasts, her shoulders, her face. His hands massaged her neck as he made his way around her body. It had changed so much in the decade since the last time they were intimate. Even more than he could have ever expected, given the last 24 hours.

"Fuck me." she moaned, as her fingers dug into his tight back. Her long legs wrapped around him as he thrust himself into her sweet sex. She gasped, feeling his member inside her. Her grip on him tightened as he thrust further and further. She swayed her hips to his rhythm, letting him feel her soft flesh grind deeper into his own. His thrusts became more powerful as she felt herself let go. "That's it. Almost there." she whimpered as she let out a noise of near climax.

And then she came: one long, heavy breath as her whole body spasmed in pleasure. Pat felt himself release inside her as he joined her in her bliss. She grabbed him, pulling him close as she kissed him with all her body, letting her pleasure exit from her as slowly as possible. Pat kissed her back, massaging her breasts as they came to rest.

Erica pulled him onto the bed with ease, and grabbed him tight. She let her legs wrap around his as he grabbed her arm. They slept together like that, intertwined, until the sun rose the next day.

Chapter 8: Room 403, Day 3 by BuriedBones

Marlene shifted under the covers. She just couldn't get comfortable. It didn't help that the sun was right in her eyes. She pulled the sheet over her face, nudging Martin in the process. He made a sleepy noise, but seemed unbothered. The coldness of her feet were becoming more apparent the more awake she became. She kicked at the sheet, trying to get them back down over her, but there was no use. How small were these sheets?

Then, as wakefulness took her even further, she felt strange. It felt like her legs were dangling off the bed. She nudged herself upward, banging her head against the headboard in the process. She groaned, still feeling her feet dangling. Then her eyes shot open. She moved her hands along the headboard, letting her body creak out into a long morning stretch. And it just kept stretching. Oh my god.

Marlene tucked herself under the covers into a fetal position, clasping her long legs around her arms, and rolling over to Martin, eyes as wide as they could get. Martin murmured, still sleeping. The sheets had come off him quite a bit as Marlene made herself into a large ball at the top of the bed. "Don't hog." he grumbled, tugging at the sheet. Marlene tugged back, making a tiny, frightened noise at the thought of seeing her body in this state.

"Martin." she whispered.

"Mmmm." he stated, wisely.

"Martin!" Her whisper became more urgent. Martin rolled over to stare into her deer-in-the-headlights eyes.

"Yes, Marlene, my beautiful wife?" he muttered, smiling awake. He was still too asleep to read the room, and gave her a loving good morning kiss.

"Martin, I think we have a problem." Marlene replied.

"What's up?" Martin asked.

"I haven't fully checked yet, but... I'd say I am." Martin looked at her, after she'd said that. His eyes adjusted to the daylight, and even under the tightly wadded sheet surrounding Marlene, he could tell something was off about her. He raised himself up, looking at the fetal pile of wife hugging herself with all her might. 

"What's going on?" he tried, with no real plan for the answer.

Marlene sighed. This was taking longer than she could stand. She uncoiled herself, letting her legs slide down the bed until they peeked out of the sheets, and kept going. Martin watched, stunned, as his wife filled out their king size bed past its limit. His eyes joined Marlene's in shape as he pushed himself out of bed to get an even better look. Marlene stared up at him, clutching the sheet to her chin.

"Think you might have the virus?" Martin asked.

"I'm leaning toward that assumption." Marlene replied. Martin gulped. His wife had looked exactly as she always had when he kissed her goodnight some hours ago. He braced himself.

"I guess you should probably... get up."

"Think so?"

"I don't know many other options here, Marlene."

Marlene nodded. She huffed, psyching herself up for whatever was under that sheet. She lifted it up, and stood, placing her feet on the ground in record time. She looked down at how far away that ground looked from her seated position. It got even further away as she slowly stood to her feet. The sheet dropped from her, revealing her spaghetti strap sleep shirt now riding up around the very bottom of her breasts, the straps now digging into her shoulders and back. Her once roomy pajama pants now hugged her long legs, stopping just below her knees. 

She spun around, and looked at Martin. She put her hand over her mouth as her eyes scanned downward, finally finding him just below her chin. He looked like he'd seen a ghost, and a big one too.

"Do you want to take a test?" He asked, shyly. Marlene thought about that, staring down at her new curves.

"I think I'm good."

"I don't think I'm any different!" Heather shouted from the bathroom. Kevin was putting on a new pair of pants, freshly showered and ready for another day in Bizarro Land. The shower had been nice. After a bit of adjustment for Heather and the shower head, they had a good deal of fun exploring her new body, now that she was starting to get used to it.

"Excepting the obvious, of course." Kevin shouted back.

"I mean, since yesterday." she slinked out of the bathroom, completely naked. Kevin stopped dead in his tracks, hands still on his zipper. With any extended absence of her in his sight, he started to forget that his wife was now half a head taller than him. She was now making that fact very clear as she stood right in front of him, hand on her hip and staring down at him. Her breasts dangled just below his chin, still wet from the shower and the little droplets dripping from her soaked hair. 

"Oh, right. You think it might have stopped, then?" Kevin said, trying his very best to look Heather in the eyes.

"God, I hope so. I don't even know what I'm going to wear today." Heather said, scratching her head. Kevin watched her tits bounce as she did. Snap out of it.

"Well I've still got plenty of pajamas. You packed them, after all." Kevin helped.

"Yeah, they'll do for now. But the hotel should really be more accommodating. Especially if they intend to keep us here for the rest of the week." Heather replied.

"Can you imagine how many people they're trying to figure this out for?" Kevin asked. "That bar looked pretty crowded, and I doubt that was even half of the current guest count."

"I'm going to call them." Heather stated, stomping over to the bed and sitting next to the hotel phone on the stand beside it. Kevin watched her legs and ass bloom outward as she sat her naked form onto the well-made sheets. She had insisted on making the bed before they fell asleep. As much as Heather had changed, Kevin had to take comfort in the fact that his wife's personality had not even taken a dent.

"Hello, front desk? This is Room 432. Yes, we were just looking to get an update on-" Kevin listened to Heather's perfectly practiced phone voice. She was a natural at dealing with customer service. He watched her nose scrunch as she listened to what could only be a less-than-stellar answer from the front desk. He knew all her mannerisms. Exactly how he ticked. He also knew that if he sat down next to her, she wouldn't take much notice. He knew that when he grabbed her breast, kneading it gently with his fingers, her cheeks would start to flush.

"Yes, I can understand that. But as someone experiencing mild symptoms, I'm just looking for a little accommodation." Heather breathed. Kevin was massaging her nipple, watching it rise into a stiff peak. She bit her lip, trying her best to keep a professional demeanor as his hands reached around her back, tip toeing across her long neck.

"Well that's a good start. When do you think we can expe-" she gasped, sucking in the air between her teeth in little spurts. Kevin had found her ear, massaging them as he kissed down her neck, letting his tongue explore her erect nipples. She kept one hand on the phone, nodding, as her other hand found Kevin's head, running her fingers through his hair.

Kevin continued his journey down, kissing her tight stomach. He couldn't help but marvel at how sculpted Heather had become. He traced the lines of her abdominals feeling them tense with his touch.

Heather grasped the phone tighter. "Mmhmm. And you'll give us a notice before that all starts?" Her whole body tensed, as she covered her mouth, moving the receiver away. Kevin had found her pussy, moving his tongue along her lips before finding her clitoris. Her shoulders bounced as she took the phone to her mouth again. She had never hung up on a member of the service industry, and she wasn't about to start now.

"That's just... terrific!" She said terrific too loud. She knew it. Kevin knew it. The front desk knew it. The person who came to relieve the front desk would hear all about it. But she had to press on. "Well thank you so much for your HELP! You've been an EXcellent source of inforMATION."

Heather grasped the phone close, feeling sweat bead on her forehead. She nodded, clenching her teeth as she pretended to listen to the pleasantries coming from the phone. Many more pleasantries were happening down south. She nodded even harder, fighting her climax with all her might. "Well, we'll just look out for that and let you know ifwehaveanymorequestionsthankyousomuchforyourhelphaveaniceday!"

She slammed the phone onto the hook, and let out an earth shattering cry of pleasure, letting her back arc against the bed. The back of her head pressed against the pillow as Kevin finished his work below. Her long legs spasmed around him, before settling down to their reposed state. His wife's still, labored breathing was the sign it was time to surface.

He rose up, looking across her long body, past her breasts rising up and down with each heavy breath, to stare into her content eyes. "That was very unprofessional, Kevin Partridge." she sighed.

"I'd say I'll make it up to you, but..." Kevin smiled. Heather pulled him in to a kiss so passionate, Kevin felt his knees buckle. It didn't help that he felt his feet leave the ground for just a second as his wife stood up. She smiled, and patted him on the cheek.

"Because of you, I need another shower." she said, strutting away. Kevin watched her go, watching her ass jiggle as she walked. They were going to have to get her some pants for sure. Suddenly she was in front of him again. "And you're coming with me."

Heather tugged his arm, pulling him into the bathroom with a helpless eep.

"Still six-four." Erica said, stepping away from the wall in Dave's room. She and Pat had arrived early that morning, after watching the sun rise in each others' arms. She had dressed in another pair of Pat's PJ pants, but Dave had been kind enough to volunteer one of his own shirts instead of Pat's scratchy hoodie. One brief trip in the bathroom, and she was wearing a shirt that actually felt a bit baggy on her. She relished the feeling, having begun to miss it. "Here's to it staying that way."

Erica raised her glass. Another irish coffee courtesy of Rebecca. Pat, Rebecca, and Dave all raised their own coffees in a toast. The supplies had been stocked for awhile. Rebecca had beaten the two others to Room 412 by almost an hour. Even though she had sincerely promised Ashley that she would compete for Dave fair and square, she couldn't help but want to get an early start. And who else was going to prepare for their most populated party yet?

Rebecca had no clue just how populated it was about to get. She and Erica had stacked their mattresses back onto Dave's, beginning the creation of a new Era for Bed Fort.

"You could get as big as a tree, and I'd still climb you." Pat cooed, kissing her on the cheek. It took some effort for him.

"Slow down, horndog." Erica replied, pushing him away gently.

"Yeah, you have company." Dave teased.

"Oh yeah, I forgot there's no PDA in the Immune Squad, Mr. Spit-roast." Pat shot back. Dave blushed.

Rebecca laughed, and kissed him on the cheek. "Dave didn't start that."

"Yeah, he seemed a little overwhelmed by it." Erica laughed too. It had obviously been the elephant in the room. Talking about it was helping.

"Let's maybe cool it on the music and the drinks... for at least a little while." Dave tried.

"I'm not cooling it on drinks." Erica said, taking another swig of her coffee. "Do you know how much it takes to get me just to a buzz now?"

"Amen to that." Rebecca agreed, taking her own sip. She looked over at Dave, trying his best to hide his anxiety. "But we'll pace ourselves." she relented. Dave smiled at her. She couldn't help but melt at his cute little face. Ashley better get here quick, she thought. Her Fair Play attitude was starting to crumble.

A knock at the door seemed to answer Rebecca's pseudo-prayer. Dave opened it, finding a mattress waiting for him on the other side. He ducked away as Heather carried it into the room and set it expertly onto the bed fort, making it that much better. Kevin patted Dave on the back as he entered after his wife. "She's in a good mood." he explained. 

"I told you we were going to be the last ones here, Kevin. Look, they've already started drinking." Heather declared, moving toward the makeshift bar. Rebecca joined her, helping her pick out her booze of choice.

"Big surprise, there." Kevin replied, nabbing Dave's drink and taking a sip for himself.

"No, no. We were just celebrating Erica's... normalization?" Rebecca tried.

"Her what?" Heather said.

"I didn't grow last night." Erica helped.

"Ah. Well, maybe you got it all out with that weird spurt." Heather said.

"That's what the betting crowd is saying. You look about the same yourself." Erica replied.

Heather smiled, nudging herself toward the marked wall with a drink in her hand. "What do the experts say?"

"Six two." Erica replied, standing right in front of Heather as she looked down at the mark. Heather sighed, not only that she was the same, but there was a subtle calming element to Erica. Not only was she the only person taller than Heather, she had always been taller than Heather. It made her feel a little like her old self again. Like life hadn't been changed forever and she couldn't pick her once taller husband up like a sack of flour.

"And you're not the last ones. We're still waiting on Ashley." Rebecca added.

"That's right. Ashley's in this now too." Kevin said. "I have to admit, I was a little drunk by the time she showed up last night."

"We all were." Erica stated, cutting off any more talk of Dave's dance trio before it bubbled back up.

"Think she'll even show back up?" Pat asked. "She might want to go it alone, you know."

"I don't think she'll be able to stay away for too long." Rebecca replied.

Ashley tugged harder and harder at her mattress. She had made it all the way to the doorway of her room, but she was running out of steam, fast. She was wearing a thin but loose sweater, and some slacks with it. The best indication she'd had so far that she'd barely grown since last night, her clothes still fit. Given these were her loosest items, and they felt a bit snug. But it was obvious the virus was not as potent with her as it had been with her best friends. It was almost like it was mocking her, as she pulled more at the end of her mattress.

She sighed, wiping sweat from her brow. Did she dare take those quick and easy steps to Dave's door and ask for help? She was sure any other girl in there could do this easily. She was nearly certain they already had, from the sound of chatting and laughter that was muffled from across the hall.

No, she would do this alone. She didn't need any guardian angel coming out of nowhere to help her with this.

When someone did come out of nowhere just then, it made her practically jump out of her skin. A door had slammed somewhere down the hall. Through her fatigued and sweaty eyes, she saw a figure come out of the room by the elevators. It was a tall figure, wearing a mask. Even from this distance, Ashley could tell it was someone taller than anyone she'd seen in that room the night before. But then again, they were all still infected. Was it possible one of them had grown that much over night? What if it was Rebecca?

No, Rebecca was still immune. And her hair wasn't nearly as dark as this person. The tall figure had jet black hair, just like Ashley. "Ashley?"

The figure spoke. It knew her. Ashley's eyes adjusted as Marlene's face came closer into view. The startling fact was, it was more than a foot higher than her own. "Marlene?!" she couldn't help but shout.

"Yes, sh. Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I know it's... a lot." Marlene shrugged her shoulders, raising her arms. She dropped her mask down to show Ashley it was indeed herself. She was still wearing her pajamas, riding deep into her skin as her breasts bounced dangerously inside the thin confines of her top. From Ashley's point of view, she could see the round bottoms of them just barely slipping out beneath the fabric. "Oh my god!"

"What?" Ashley asked, jumping again.

"I shouldn't be near you! I'm infected!" Marlene said, startled.

"I can see that!" Ashley laughed as she watched Marlene bounce around the hallway helplessly, trying to make some distance. "Marlene. Marlene, it's fine. I've got it too." Ashley wrapped her arms around Marlene, calming her massive friend down.

"Oh, Ashley. I'm so sorry." Marlene said. Ashley couldn't help but laugh at that. Her gigantic friend showing sympathy for something she was obviously experiencing in a much more intense way.

"Thank you, Marlene. So when did all this happen?"

"I don't actually know. I kind of woke up like this." Marlene shrugged again, whipping her mask off. Her shirt was dangling dangerously at this point. Marlene was obviously not aware how much her movement was affecting it. Ashley averted her gaze.

"You poor thing. Where's Martin? Is he ok?" 

"Oh, he's fine. Asymptomatic, just like every other dude. He's just collecting himself because he's not the tallest friend anymore."

"Marlene. I hate to tell you this, but he's probably not even in the top 3 any more." Ashley smiled.

"No! Wait! How tall are you? I don't know how tall I am!" Marlene spun out again.

"I'm not that much taller than the 5'4" I started this week at. My clothes still fit, after all. But the others..." Ashley pointed to Room 412. Marlene's eyes widened again.

"Real big?" Marlene whispered.

"Pretty damn big." Ashley answered.

"Big as me?" Marlene continued.

"I don't think so."

Marlene stood up straight and Ashley got a pretty decent look at her nipple in the process. "Speaking of clothes fitting..." she digressed.

"Oh!" Marlene covered herself with her hands. "That's what I came out here for. I was hoping the little care packages in the stairwell had been upgraded with some... lounge wear?"

"Yeah, I doubt it. We're getting Saltines for breakfast at this point." Ashley replied. Marlene's face fell.

"Well, then Martin's going to have to just lend me one of his collectible tees after all. I don't care if I stretch it out, he can just-... what do you have going on here?" Marlene asked, distracted. She pointed to the mattress dangling in the doorframe behind Ashley.

Ashley blushed. "Oh, I was just trying to... get over to the festivities for the day." she sputtered.

"It's Bring Your Own Bed?" Marlene asked, her head cocked.

"Kind of. It's like an unspoken rule. There's a bed fort thing..."

"Say no more." Marlene nodded. "So what made you think you could pull this thing yourself?"

Ashley looked down at her feet. "Everybody else can."

Marlene's face twisted at that. She didn't even think to test out her new body yet. She remembered that night at the pool, as Rebecca had effortlessly pulled them all in just by herself. And she must be as tall as Rebecca by now. "Would you want me to help?" she asked Ashley sheepishly.

Ashley smiled up at her. "Knock yourself out."

Knock. Knock. "There she is." Rebecca announced, walking toward the door. She opened it, and stared directly into a pair of tits behind the tightest fitting sleep shirt she'd seen all week. She looked up, and saw a chin, obscured by the doorway. Who in god's name...

"I heard the party had already started." the figure stated.

"Marlene?!" Heather called from behind, recognizing the voice.

Marlene dipped her head under the doorframe and stared into the room with a shit-eating grin. "Room in there for two more?"

She turned around, giving the whole room, now rapt in attention, a breathtaking sight of her ass as she leaned down and picked up a mattress behind her with one hand. She dragged it in, watching her head as she entered. Already, she was learning the ropes. But that was Marlene, ready for anything. Ashley tip toed in behind the mattress, smiling innocently as she entered.

"Well I guess we can assume you've got it." Kevin deduced.

Marlene dropped the mattress onto the bed fort and stood up straight. She stared down at all her friends, and felt a sudden and unexpected rush as she did. This was certainly a new feeling. "Yeah, that's the word on the street. If they'd let us on the street, at least."

Heather walked up to her, stunned. She had just gotten used to her new perspective, and suddenly the world had tilted again. Sunny little Marlene, the beanpole Korean American girl from Lansing. They had always been close in height, and Heather had secretly begun to measure her new self with her old friends in her head. So it was all but startling to be staring forward at Marlene's chin. "Heather!" Marlene, shouted, snapping her out of it.

"What?!" Heather asked, startled further.

"Your boobs are so big!" Marlene replied.

Heather snapped her arms around her chest. "How can you even tell that? I'm wearing one of Kevin's shirts."

"I can see down it!" Marlene smiled. "Sorry." she added, catching herself.

"I can imagine there's an adjustment." Kevin said, walking up to Heather, and putting his arm around her.

"Kevin?" Marlene asked.


"I promise I'm going to stop soon." Marlene began.

"Go ahead." Kevin relented.

"You are very small." Marlene stated.

"You are very large." Kevin replied. He craned his neck very high to look her in the eyes. He was now eye level with her nipples, which had yet to stop poking out of her shirt.

"Yeah, this is... pretty insane, Marlene." Erica said, joining the crowd of onlookers. "I'm six-four, and-"

"You're six-four?!" Marlene interrupted. Erica gazed at her. "Sorry."

"And I'm staring at your lips." Erica finished. 

"Well how tall do you think that makes me, then?" Marlene asked.

"We have a method." Dave replied, stepping forward. "Allow me?" He took her by her wide shoulders and walked her backward. Marlene turned around to see the marked wall, and got it right away. She bristled when she saw just how close that 7 foot mark was looking as she approached it. But it didn't seem so impossible. All the men in the room had looked so small, and now that she knew Erica and Heather were both over six feet, it was clear she had grown even more than she realized.

Dave adjusted Marlene against the wall, watching her stand up straight. She was big as life, right in front of him. It was then he realized he was staring directly at the top of her breasts. "I don't think I'm the best measurer for this." he admitted.

Erica patted him on the shoulder, moving him aside. Even on her tip toes, it was hard for her to call, but she got it. "Six foot nine." she gasped. Marlene gasped with her.

"How tall are-...were you?" Heather asked.

"I've been five foot seven since my last driver's exam at least." Marlene said, now staring down at her limbs. She watched her muscles tense as she flexed them. Her breasts bounced when she jumped. Her hand tightened and un-tightened. There was no denying, this was her body.

"So that's like a... 14 inch difference over the course of a night." Ashley said. "She beat all you girls in record time."

Heather turned away. She couldn't let them see how much that got to her. She could just kick herself. Just an hour ago she was praying this was over for her, and now she wanted to grow more than half a foot to prove she was better than one of her closest friends at... being infected. She made a note to discuss this more with her therapist when all this was over. For now, maybe a few more inches wouldn't hurt.

"So how did Martin take this little wake up call?" Pat asked, grinning now himself.

"Yeah, where is Martin?" Dave added. Ashley nudged him, well aware that the sore spot had been stepped on.

"Martin is... let me text him." Marlene pulled her phone out of her impossibly tight cotton PJ pants and started clacking away.

"He's probably just taking a slow start to the day." Erica ensured.

"What's that like?" Pat asked, taking another sip from his spiked coffee.

"Drink, Marlene?" Rebecca asked, having stood frozen in the corner for much of the interaction. The sudden presence of Ashley had been one thing. But bringing this titanic Marlene with her had thrown her completely off her game. "I'm making cocktails." She had collected herself perfectly.

"Oh sure. One for both of us, probably." Marlene tried. But a buzz stopped that cold. She looked at her phone. "He says he'll be right over." she said, skeptically. "I'll tell him to bring me one of his shirts, too. Sorry, guys. I didn't exactly dress for the occasion."

"You look amazing." Rebecca said, rubbing Marlene's back.

The rest of them felt it. They knew Martin had always taken pride in being the tallest friend. Dave and Kevin had joked once, when he wasn't around, that Martin had decided to become friends with all of them BECAUSE they were shorter than him. Now his wife was pushing seven feet. He must have been going through something strange at the moment. 

Rebecca handed Marlene two drinks, and gave her a wink. "New girl gets to decide what we do first, then."

Marlene looked around. They all looked up at her, warm welcome spread all over their faces. "Well I had some thoughts on this bed fort..."

They all cheered as they hustled around. Marlene led the reconstruction efforts, jumping in frequently to lend a hand with her immense strength when her vision wasn't being executed the way she wanted. After an hour, and a few drinks, they'd made a fort for the ages. In celebration, they put on a classic movie to watch from the confines of their perfect structure.

An hour into the movie, Rebecca handed Marlene another cocktail. She still held Martin's in her other hand. She stared down at it. The women watched her stare at it. Their faces all took different shades of outraged. Where was Martin? Adjustment be damned, the last two hours had proved that she was still the same bubbly, can-do, never-a-dull-moment Marlene she'd always been. Just a foot and some change taller. And much more stacked. The men in the audience were looking at her, too. But they couldn't help it when their eyes darted from her sad face, to her hourglass figure now and again. She had absolutely filled out. Every inch of her was a smooth, soft, curve. Martin was nuts if he had a problem with this.

She sighed, staring at the drink. Then at the door. Back at the drink.

"This is ridiculous." Dave announced, standing up. They all watched him. "Martin must obviously need help if he's taking this long to get ready. What do you say we help him?" The other men nodded and grunted in approval, standing with them.

"Come on, guys. He's just getting a late start to the day." Marlene protested from the fort.

"Late start, my widening ass." Heather demanded, standing herself. "Go get him, Kevin."

"What room was it, Marlene?" Erica asked.

"No, let's just give him another hour or so." Marlene tried.

"It's the one by the elevator. I saw her come out of there." Ashley helped. Marlene tried to look hurt, but her relief cut through her face all the more.

"Make sure he brings her a shirt, too!" Heather called as the men stormed out.

When the door closed, Marlene smiled. The other smiled with her. Mission accomplished. Their smiles faded when they saw a tear streak down her face. "Oh, Marlene. It's ok." Ashley said, sitting down next to her.

"I didn't mean to be like this. I was careful." Marlene sobbed, quietly.

"We were all careful, sweetie. It's just the way it is." Erica promised.

"What if he leaves?" Marlene replied.

"No one's allowed to leave." Rebecca said.

"And even if he tries, we'll stop him." Heather added. Marlene laughed at that. The sound of Heather's commands always made her giggle. When she was small, it was so easy to not take her seriously. Even though she was now much smaller than her, Marlene couldn't help but be impressed by Heather's new figure. They all had blossomed into imposing shapes. All except Ashley. But Marlene had a feeling she'd join them soon enough.

"Well look at me." Marlene said, standing up. "It's not exactly the most normal thing to accept."

"Honey, the guys aren't here anymore. So the room just got less humid from the absence of their drooling." Ashley said. "You're a knockout."

"And if he can't see that, we'll make him see the light." Heather added. Marlene nodded, wiping her face.

Martin was sitting on the bed, buttoning his shirt. He got to the top button, then started unbuttoning it. This was the fourth shirt he'd tried on. He was stuck in a rut with no end in sight. Keeping his hands busy had been the only distraction he'd had from the morning he'd just experienced. He'd fallen asleep after a tender night with the same body he'd known for over ten years. He'd loved that body. Not just because he was attracted to it physically, but because it belonged to his wife. His beautiful wife, who was the star of every party, the leader of every event. Everyone's favorite friend. And she loved him. What did he do to deserve that?

And now that body was gone. He'd woken up to a new body sharing his bed. It had his wife's face attached to it, but was it his wife? What did this mean for them? For their whole lives? Would this body be discontent with his body? Would it find another body, with another personality? Would that personality change with its new body, and want something more compatible? He shouldn't be thinking about this. He should be buttoning his shirt.

A knock came at the door. He sighed. "I thought you left with a key." he said, walking toward it.

"Martin?" came a man's voice. Martin stopped. It sounded like Pat. "Please be Martin. The last two rooms were very rude."

"What are you guys doing here?" Martin called from the other side of the door.

"We came to get you. Everyone's waiting." Pat called.

"Did you fall in a hole?" Kevin asked.

"He'd be on the third floor, then." Dave replied.

"I'm just... getting ready." Martin said. There was a silence.

"Martin, Marlene wanted us to give you something. She took it to Dave's room by mistake. Do you have an ice bucket?" Dave asked.

An ice bucket? What did Marlene bring with her? Martin didn't see her take anything. But he was honestly trying to look at her as little as possible. It sounded perishable. He opened the door, and the three men rushed him. They grabbed him, trying to tug him forward, but Martin was crafty. 

"Hang on a second, I need to get ready." he tried, weakly.

"You look decently ready." Dave replied. Pat tugged at him even harder, his grip was breaking. 

"Would you just give me a minute to explain?" Martin asked, desperate. The three men looked at each other. They stopped tugging. Martin adjusted his shirt.

"Where's your suitcase?" Pat asked. Martin nodded to the corner. Pat started digging around.

"Well, what's that all about?" Martin asked.

"Marlene needs a decent shirt." Kevin said. "Remember, your wife?"

"Is she my wife?" Martin mumbled.

"There it is!" Dave shouted, pointing at Martin.

"I knew it!" Kevin added.

"What?" Martin shot back.

"You're a victim blamer." Dave replied. "Like the guys on the news who throw their wives out when they get sick."

"Shame." Pat said, approaching with a large tee shirt with very nice art screen-printed on it. Martin sighed, his favorite.

"I am not. I'm just... adjusting." Martin mumbled again.

"Martin, we've been with her all day. It's Marlene. The same little Marlene we met in the dining hall sophomore year." Kevin said.

"There's just... more of her." Dave added.

"And that's alright." Kevin concluded.

"How would you know?" Martin snapped. Kevin chuckled. The others did too. Martin fumed. There was some joke he wasn't in on. But soon enough, he got the context.

"What's going on down there?" came a loud voice down the hall. Martin's blood froze. Heather's voice.

"He's not coming!" Kevin shouted back. Martin fussed, silently trying to get him to shut up, But the footsteps were coming. Big footsteps. Bigger than they should be.

And then all 6'2" of Heather Partridge stormed through the door. Martin's mouth fell open as she stopped just inches in front of him, glaring down with a fury that was now amplified by her towering form. "Now you listen to me, Martin Powell. You're going to button up that shirt, walk quickly but carefully down that hall, and you're going to spend the rest of the day with your friends and your wife who misses you and needs you."

Martin gulped. "I just need a minute." Heather's glare intensified.

"Is he still not coming?" came another voice. Oh god, who was it now?

"I think he needs some help finding the way." Heather laughed, dangerously. More footsteps, and Erica appeared, somehow even bigger than Heather. Erica had always scared Martin a little bit. His insecurity about his own height made him refuse to stand near her when she was wearing heels. She wasn't wearing heels now, and she was looming over him with spectacular anger.

"I'll grab his right." she said to Heather. Heather nodded, as they both picked him up under an armpit. At first Martin protested, but he soon realized how ridiculous and futile it looked to the chuckling men following behind them. He straightened himself up, as the door to Room 412 grew closer and closer. Heather and Erica shoved him through, trying their best to make it look like he came of his own free will. He stumbled a little too hard to sell that one.

As he straightened up, he looked forward to see Marlene standing in the middle of the room, in front of a magnificent bed fort only she could have devised. Rebecca and Ashley were on either side of her. They both looked mostly unchanged from the last time he saw them, but there was Marlene, inescapably huge, before him. She held a glass of whiskey in her hands like a bouquet, looking demure and, he had to admit, gorgeous. She was still popping out of her sleepwear, but she had adjusted herself, with the help of the others, to make it look as alluring as possible. 

Marlene watched Martin approach, a look of embarrassment on his face he couldn't hide. Her demeanor faltered. She took the drink and gulped it down as he stood right in front of her. "I got you a drink." she stammered. She handed him the empty glass, before realizing. "Oh. Let me make you another."

Rebecca was there in a heartbeat, holding two more drinks for them. She smiled, nodding away as they took them from her. "So, welcome to the Immune Squad." Marlene said.

"It looks... very fun, Marlene." Martin replied. He pointed to the bed fort. "Your handiwork?"

"I had some notes." Marlene blushed.

The silence returned. Music started up. They both turned to see Pat starting up a speaker, his finger to his lips in a hushing gesture. It was a slow song. A song they loved dancing to. "Would you want to..." Marlene started.

"I mean, everyone's watching." Martin replied.

Suddenly everyone in the room turned around, busily dancing with one another. Marlene stifled a giggle. She turned to Martin. Her hips began to sway as she danced in front of him. He gave her a polite smile, but stood still. 

Marlene put her hands on her hips, testing out her new body in a different way. She felt parts of her wiggle that had never wiggled before. Her hips slid back and forth as her breasts swayed along to their own rhythm. Martin couldn't help but notice. "I'm dancing if you are, Martin." she purred. Her hands wrapped around his shoulders. Martin felt himself crumple as she brought her tall, hourglass frame just centimeters from him. He felt her warmth. He took his drink and downed it, letting his arms rise up around her round hips.

It felt good. He felt her sway against his grip, as he felt his own hips begin to move with hers. She pulled him slowly toward her, as his hands slipped naturally around her plump ass. Her ass had never felt like that before. It made him anxious, and then... the anxiety dissipated like a rain cloud. He pulled her close to him, and she gasped. Marlene's gasp. She felt like Marlene, every inch of her. Martin pressed his face against her. He felt his chin slide against her breasts. He could get used to this, he thought.

The others snuck their gazes as they slow danced with the new power couple of the Immune Squad. Ashley and Rebecca danced chastely with Dave. Neither was making a move. It wasn't about them, and the three of them knew it. Ashley snuck a look at Dave, all the same. She felt flush. The romance was spreading from the middle of the room out into all corners.

Dave grabbed her hand, and she looked down at it, noticing for the first time just how high up her sleeves were on her forearm. She smiled to herself. All in due time.

Chapter 9: Room 412, Day 3 by BuriedBones

The slow dance had mellowed, as everyone found their places back on the bed fort. Martin couldn't stop praising Marlene's handiwork, even though she wasn't even in the room. These last couple days cooped up with nothing to do had made him realize she was about to burst with creativity.

In the bathroom, Marlene was bursting with something else. She tried her best to slip her tight sleep tee off her chest, but it just wouldn't budge. She shook her whole body, almost in an attempt to wiggle out of it, but it was no use. She sighed. She cracked the door open, careful not to let anyone see the half-moon nipple poking out from her scrunched shirt. "Can I get some help, please?" she asked, ashamed.

Martin stood up, ready for action. He was in over-compensate mode. Erica stopped him. "I think an expert might be required." she remarked, sauntering past and slipping through the bathroom door without any exposure of Marlene's twisted up position.

In the bathroom, Erica stared up at her towering friend, suddenly realizing how cramped it was for two women dangling around six-and-a-half feet tall to share a hotel bathroom. "It won't budge." Marlene whined. Erica smiled.

"Let me just..." She grabbed Marlene around her thin, tight stomach. As much as Heather and she had gained in the abdominal department, Erica noticed now that Marlene had not had the same advantage. Her height had skyrocketed, but perhaps in the short amount of time it did, she had less mass to compensate. She made for a very willowy figure, even with her impressively expanded chest.

Erica tugged, and tugged. But her efforts were just as futile as Marlene. She heard the big girl moan apprehensively. "Honey, I'm sorry. I think we're going to have to rip it."

"I love this top, though!" Marlene whined. "It's my third favorite to sleep in."

A tear from her back made her whimpering stop in an instant. Marlene sighed. "Alright."

She gently motioned Erica aside and grabbed the sides of her shirt with her hands. With a quick tear, her chest was free. Erica watched as her breasts rippled out like water from a dam. They hung like soft, swelled fruits on a tall tree. Erica had to stop herself from touching them in sheer wonder. Luckily, Marlene was busy doing that, herself. "My god, it's just obscene."

"Well, let's get your shirt on then." Erica grabbed Martin's graphic tee from the sink and handed it to her. She watched Marlene pull it over her head, as her hands knocked against the top of the ceiling.

"Oh!" she cried, scrunching down to fit as she adjusted the tight-fitted shirt to her frame. "It takes some getting used to, I guess."

"Yeah, we're still getting the ropes, ourselves." Erica agreed. "You're in good company. Marlene smiled. She stood up straight and stared down at Erica, who smiled back.

"Never in all my years did I plan for something like this." she sighed.

"I find that hard to believe, Marlene. You were the one who planned how many people would need leftover trays at your wedding reception."

Marlene giggled. She did do that. "Would you be surprised to hear I'm considering winging it from here on out?"

"No!" Erica said, mock-outraged.

"It's not so different for you. You've always been tall." Marlene said.

"Not this tall. Not freak tall." Erica corrected. "I was a tall kid, sure. But once you hit a certain age, you just learn to scrunch down a little for pictures."

"I might have to get on my knees, at this point." Marlene said. "How do you do it? Stay so calm."

"Practice. And alcohol."

They stepped out into the room, and everyone cheered as they saw Marlene in a much more comfortable shirt. She giggled again, giving them a twirl. Martin laughed. Even in a few minutes absence, he still found himself shocked when he saw his wife re-enter his sight. The difference now, was the excitement he felt when she did. "What are we watching?" Marlene belted, ready for action.

"Nothing yet, new kid's choice." Dave replied.

"Maybe we put it to a vote?" Marlene pitched, already drawing up a voting system in her head. "We have everybody here now, after all."

"Everybody but Tracey."  Rebecca corrected.

"Tracey's not here?" Marlene asked, making a head count of all the heads below her own.

"Oh my god! Tracey!" Heather sat bolt upright. All this time, all this commotion, she had forgotten about her college roommate. Little Tracey. She hadn't made a peep since the first mass text. "We should text her. God, I'm such an ass."

"I'll say." Kevin said, staring up at his wife's butt as she tapped her foot nervously, letting it bounce behind her PJ pants. With her long arms, Heather was able to text and smack her husband at the same time. She typed a quick greeting, before flooding her chat with little messages one by one. It was as if she felt she needed to make up for her silence with a barrage of interaction.

"She knows we're all hanging together, right?" Pat asked, guiltily.

"She must. Everyone else does." Ashley confirmed.

The others looked at each other, nervously. Had they accidentally left out a dear friend? They all silently hoped she was still uninfected, to make their negligence feel more heroic. The buzz of Heather's phone saved them from their self-imposed mental flagellation.

*I'm fine! Doing my own thing.* Heather read. "Hmmm. So I guess she's still in the clear?"

They all shrugged. Heather texted a long-winded explanation, giving many caveats of how safe they were being, and the minute she felt like she was infected, she was more than welcome to join. She had gone fully overboard, and she knew it. But she also knew Tracey expected her to go overboard. She was Heather, and her helicopter blades were spinning at full speed.

"So... how about that movie?" Marlene was already ripping up little strips of paper as she spoke. She wrote several names down on them, and placed them in an empty cup. They watched as she raised it above her head, before realizing it would collide with the ceiling. She handed the cup to Ashley, who accepted the role of Decider with grace and aplomb. She pulled a name out of the hat, and they all agreed to the new and exciting rules Marlene had chosen for them.

Ashley set the cup back down, pouring herself a drink. Rebecca came up to her, to assist. "Our supplies are getting a little low, Beccs. Any chance you have any more secrets stashed in your room?"

"Not in my room, no." Rebecca said, mysteriously. Ashley looked up at her. She made a note to herself that she was now staring directly at Rebecca's bottom lip as she bit into it, thinking something over.

"What do you mean?" Ashley asked.

Rebecca bit her lip further. She pulled Ashley aside toward the door as the movie kicked on for the rest at the bed fort. "If you come with me now, you have to promise to keep it a secret."

"Keep what a secret?" Ashley replied.

"Exactly." Rebecca nodded. "We're gonna head back to my place to grab some more snacks and spirits!" She shouted to the group.

"Want us to pause it?" Dave asked.

"Oh, no! We've seen it a hundred times." Ashley replied, going along with whatever Rebecca was getting her into.

"Could practically recite it." Rebecca added. "Mind if we borrow your spare key, Dave?" she asked.

Dave nodded, waving goodbye as Rebecca already started shoving herself and Ashley out the door.

In the hallway, Ashley rushed along, trying her best to keep up with Rebecca's long stride. It didn't help that she was starting to feel her pants chafe. "So can you tell me now?"

Rebecca shook her head. Ashley watched as she passed her room, and opened the stairway door. She followed Rebecca past the sad stack of amenities that had barely changed since the first day of quarantine as Rebecca snaked down the four flights of stairs to the bottom. "What in god's name..."

Rebecca motioned her closer as she pushed the door open a crack. Ashley nudged her face against Rebecca, just beneath her own. She felt her roommate's breasts press against her back. She was doing this on purpose.

Rebecca was doing it on purpose. She had noticed the gap was getting smaller between their eyelines, and she couldn't help but gloat for as long as she had left. For now, she scanned the lobby of the hotel. There was no one in sight. "Coast is clear." she announced, and stepped out.

"I usually do this at night, when everything's quiet. So we're risking it a bit coming down when the sun's still up." she explained, tip toeing along the hallway past the empty front desk. Ashley thought it was strange the front desk was empty. There wasn't a soul in sight.

"What is it you do, exactly." Ashley asked. In response, Rebecca pushed a metal door open, revealing a kitchen that looked like it hadn't been used all week.

"Restock." She replied. She and Ashley walked along the corridors, until they found a pantry stuffed with simple snacks, and munchables. The same Rebecca had been making a feast of for the past 3 days.

"Good for you, Beccs." Ashley nodded. They grabbed bags, stuffing them with everything they could get their hands on.

"I'm surprised I'm the only one who's come up with this so far. Or at least, who takes a noticeable amount all at once." Rebecca winked. She stood up, shouldering her bag and walking toward the door. "One more stop."

They crept across the lobby into the bar. Ashley watched as Rebecca sat her bag down on the empty bar, before hoisting herself over it with an acrobatic flip. She could never have done that before, Ashley thought. Now she was an athlete. She felt the jealousy begin to simmer amongst the tingle of glee she had running a clandestine errand with her best friend. They hadn't done something like this in so long. Even if she could do a backflip now, Rebecca was still her same partner in crime.

Ashley approached the bar, hoping her new inches would help her the same way they did Rebecca. She waddled to the middle, unable to clear the distance. Rebecca appeared from beneath the bar, holding a bottle of brandy in one hand. "Your tits are too big." she commented.

"I'm going to take that as a compliment for the time being." Ashley replied. Rebecca laughed, tugging her hourglass friend the rest of the way over the bar. Crouched down, they now saw a sea of options before them.

"We can take an even bigger haul with the two of us now." Rebecca said, her eyes gleaming.

"If only I had your strength." Ashley relented, wheezing.

"Give it time." Rebecca said, with genuine kindness.

Suddenly, they froze. Commotion was rising from the other side of the bar. Voices were getting closer. They looked at one another, trying their best to telepathically concoct a good excuse for when they were eventually caught with a regiment's worth of supplies. The voices stopped on the other side of the bar. They sounded giddy. Not professional. 

Ashley and Rebecca risked a peek over the bar. Their eyes rose slowly and quietly, focusing on a man and woman holding each other in their arms. The man looked normal, if not presently residing on cloud nine, as he wrapped his arms around an absolutely massive woman. Rebecca and Ashley shot each other a look of astonishment. The woman must have been almost seven feet tall. Even after seeing Marlene's new stature, they couldn't help but feel at ease realizing that the phenomenon was happening all over the hotel. 

The Hotel LeGrande was becoming stocked with gigantic women, and it showed no sign of stopping. Neither did the busty redhead, as she took the man into her arms and kissed him. Ashley nudged Rebecca, nodding toward the shirt the massive woman was wearing. It hugged it her tightly, stopping just at her wide behind, with no hope of going further. Her panties flared on either side of her wide hips as she dug them into her lover. Rebecca got the point. It wasn't a shirt at all. It was a dress. A dress this formerly diminutive woman must still be clinging to as an actual fashion choice. 

Rebecca giggled. The couple stopped. Ashley and Rebecca shot down behind the bar, clasping their hands to their mouths as the once amorous pair now stared in their direction. Ashley's heart beat loudly in her chest. Would the couple take offense? Could the both of them take a beating from a woman a foot taller than them? Is this how they died? Surrounded by liquor? Seemed about right.

"Let's get out of here." muttered a sultry voice from across the bar. Ashley heard heavy footsteps disappear out of the bar. They both sighed with deep relief. Then they laughed. The kind of laugh that comes free of charge with the feeling of immense relief.

Rebecca unscrewed a bottle of tequila. "One for the trip." she explained, taking a sip, and passing it to the still hyperventilating Ashley.

As they climbed back up the stairs, Ashley could still taste the tequila on her tongue. She wasn't exactly happy having to lug several bags of victuals up the stairs after spending much of the day drinking, but she was surprised how much easier the task was turning out to be.

Rebecca could tell why. As she followed behind her, Rebecca had a front row view of Ashley's back stretching out beneath her once baggy sheer sweater. "Feeling good, now?"

"Hmm?" Ashley asked.

"I don't want to spoil it for you, but I think you're officially a tall girl." Rebecca replied. They'd made it to the fourth floor, pushing the stairwell door open. Ashley walked out into the hallway and turned around to face Rebecca. When she did, she realized she was staring right at her nose. Her eyes shot down to her own body. Past her breasts, she could see her sweater dangling down, with a good couple inches of her midriff exposed.

"I didn't even notice." Ashley said.

"Yeah, I bet the others will. That sweater's turning int a shawl, fast." Rebecca said, chuckling. The moment was upon her. She was about to be the shortest girl again. As they passed Tracey's door at Room 403, she found herself wanting to rip it open and stare down at her. How selfish, she thought. Feeling insecure about this after she made such a big deal about it on the first night. This was her karma, she surmised, for rubbing it in everyone's faces. Now she was getting the same, but magnified in all directions.

"I don't want them to make a big fuss." Ashley said. Unless it was Dave, she failed to add.

"Well, let's just rip the band aid off and get it over with." Rebecca said, opening Dave's door.

The room was abuzz with energy as soon as they stepped in. Everyone was standing around Erica, who seemed to be having trouble breathing.

"What's going on?" Rebecca asked, worried.

"Is she alright?" Ashley added.

"I'm ok!" Erica insisted. "I just swallowed something wrong. Heather and Marlene were on either side of her, rubbing her back. The men watched, concerned, in the corner.

"There." Erica said, much calmer. "It's already passed." With that last word, her whole body tightened. Her eyes clenched, and she shot upward. "Oh god, again?" she screamed as her head rose higher. Marlene and Heather stood up straight as Erica had another all-or-nothing spurt in front of them. Her legs lengthened, her chest swelled. Her clothes tightened, showing every curve of her as it expanded. She breathed heavy, staring down at Heather's gobsmacked face. Even through her fuzzy vision, Erica could almost spot a hint of resentment in Heather's expression.

"Erica!" Marlene shouted. "What the hell was that?"

Erica laughed and turned to Marlene. "Yeah, it's been kind of a rollercoaster for me. She sighed, realizing Marlene's eyes were still a few inches from her own. It couldn't have been that bad after all. Then she saw Ashley approach, and she gasped at how far down she looked. Rebecca wasn't exactly as imposing as she seemed before, either.

"Ashley!" Erica shouted. The others looked at her, confused. "Your shirt!" She added, trying to save herself. It worked.

"Yeah, Ash. Looks like Erica's not the only one with a spurt." Pat said.

"Really? She just went up a weight class in two seconds and you guys are focused on me?" Ashley laughed.

"Six foot seven!" Marlene called. They all turned to see Erica already against the height wall, with Marlene right next to her measuring.

"Can't beat the champ just yet." Erica smiled. "But I'll take the silver medal all the same."

"Game's not over yet." Heather said. She covered her mouth, catching herself all too late.

"Game?" Ashley asked, mischievously. "Don't tell me you want to get bigger than the rest of us, Heather."

"I am bigger than you." Heather shot back. They were pushing her buttons, and they knew it.

"I'm five-foot-five, and I'm happy to be five-foot-five" Pat impersonated, very matter-of-factly. They all laughed. Heather hid how much she was laughing too.

"Well now I'm happy with this height!" She shouted, trying to calm everyone. "But if there happens to come... more... then... game on." she winked.

Ashley strode up to the height chart herself. She could see Rebecca's 5'11" less than two inches away. She turned, seeing Rebecca nuzzle up to Dave as they worked together to unpack all the new supplies.

"Game on." she whispered.

Chapter 10: Room 412, Night 3 by BuriedBones

Ashley tugged at her sweater, trying to keep as little stomach bare as possible as she lifted her drink to her lips. She watched as everyone stood around Dave's desk, now pushed to the center of the room, playing a modified form of beer pong. She laughed, watching Marlene throw her ping pong ball far too hard, bouncing it loudly against the window.

"I'm not used to this new wingspan, yet!" she shouted, embarrassed. She spread her long arms out to illustrate her point. Heather and Pat laughed on the other side of the desk. It had taken a little bit of an adjustment, but it had been decided that one big girl and one man per team shook out to a fair level of advantage and disadvantage. As the game went on, it was becoming difficult to tell who exactly had the advantage. 

Martin moseyed up next to Ashley, watching his wife try her damndest to sink a point next to Dave. "She'll get the hang of it." he remarked.

"You didn't want to play with your wife?" Ashley asked, staring up at him.

"Oh, no. I'm not exactly looking to compete like some folks here." Martin replied. Ashley could tell he wasn't being fully honest. Martin was too nervous to be beat by the women staring down at him. Baby steps, Martin, Ashley thought.

"Well Dave is being patient with her, at least." she said.

"Yeah, classic Dave. Always game for anything."

"You think so?" Ashley smirked. She took another drink, keeping her thoughts to herself. "This damn sweater." She added, filling the awkward silence.

Martin let his eyes travel down, as respectfully as possible, to Ashley's shirt situation. The once baggy sweater was now sticking out several inches, tracing along her massively swelled chest. The hem of it dangled just over her bellybutton as she tried to shove it down past her waistband. "You're going to want to get something bigger." Martin helped, stupidly.

"This is the biggest thing I own." Ashley said, breathlessly. "It's going to be awkward going back to work like this. I can only imagine the field day the folks in apparel will have with my... new aesthetic."

"Oh my god!" Marlene shouted, shooting the ping pong ball off into the great beyond.

"What?!" Dave shouted, avoiding the rocketing ball as it whizzed past his head.

"Work!" Marlene replied. "Today was supposed to be a travel day. I'm supposed to report in tomorrow."

"You didn't call in yet? Ask for more days?" Erica asked, walking up to her.

"I have a big meeting in the morning. My attendance was supposed to smooth over the fact that I was taking a travel day to begin with."

"I called work this morning." Heather admitted. "They're willing to give me some sick leave since..." she gestured down to the curves still hugging her husband's sleepwear. 

"Oh, I told them days ago." Erica said. "When it hit me that first night, I made it clear I was taking some time off."

"They were ok with that?" Pat asked, concerned.

"Oh, they're not happy. Which is why I'm showing up to the all-hands tomorrow morning and making it clear that I'm currently... ill." Erica stood to her full height, feeling her own shirt reveal her chiseled abs beneath. They all watched as their friend struck the most formidable pose they'd ever seen. Woe to the supervisor who awaited her wrath.

"It'll be fine." Kevin said, trying to smooth the rising proletarian tension in the room. "There have been laws added to ensure our jobs are secure as the pandemic... continues."

"Well I still have my meeting." Marlene continued. "And I'm more concerned I'll have nothing nice to wear. No offense, Martin. It's a lovely shirt." Marlene approached her husband and patted him on the shoulder. He gave her a brave smile in reply.

"I might have something." Rebecca said, piping up. "It won't exactly fit you, but it might be more flattering to a woman's shape than Martin's t-shirt."

"Oh, bless you." Marlene replied. "Do you think so?"

"I'll go see!" Rebecca chirped, bouncing out the door.

"She certainly loves to accommodate." Martin stated. Ashley got quiet again. She sauntered away from the blissfully dense Martin to cozy next to Dave. 

Dave noticed her, as her breast nudged against his arm. She smiled up at him, her eyes a mere inch from his own. "Did some growing today?" he asked, warmly.

"It would appear so." Ashley replied, stretching her back out, letting her breasts press even further against the soft sweater fabric. She was getting in as many points as she could with Rebecca gone. Having encouraged Marlene to be Dave's partner in beer pong seemed to be a subtle compromise, but Ashley could tell Rebecca was pouty that she couldn't be partnered with Dave. At least the game had wound down, and there was no concern for her and Dave sharing a mutual victory to bond them going forward.

"You know, I was thinking Ashley..." Marlene said, as she stepped toward the couple. Marlene hadn't gotten used to how much she loomed now. Her impressive figure made the pair naturally separate, as if they'd been caught in the act of something to be punished for. Marlene eased up, reading the anxiety in their faces. "Not that you have to do it, of course..."

Ashley laughed. "What is it, Marlene?"

"Well, since you work in fashion, or something like it..."

"Yes, something like that." Ashley interrupted. Marlene smiled.

"Maybe you'd want to help me put together some new clothes for the girls."

"New clothes?" Heather asked, joining the huddle.

"Well, yeah. We could always donate the clothes we have that don't fit us. But maybe, at least for the stuff we brought here, we could do a little... big girl remix?" Marlene pitched.

"You mean design new clothes out of our old ones?" Erica asked, now making the huddle a full circle. Dave gulped, realizing he was now surrounded by several pairs of enormous breasts. He craned his neck wildly, trying not to get too close a look at his expanded friends.

"I don't really do a lot of designing, personally." Ashley said. "My job is more about material sourcing, administrating..."

"Oh, perfect. I was going to do the designs myself." Marlene replied.

"Of course you were." Ashley smiled.

"I can sew!" Heather added.

"I do a little stitching myself." Erica continued.

"Sure. Draw something up, Marlene, and I'll see what we can accomplish." Ashley relented.

Marlene squealed, bouncing up and down. The feeling was infectious, as Erica joined in, leading Ashley and Heather to follow suit. Dave was lost in a sea of bouncing boobs, as he pulled himself away to get some air. Pat nudged him with a knowing smile. Dave shook his head, still overwhelmed.

The door shut behind them, quelling the excitement as they all turned to see Rebecca return wearing a stunning party dress. The shiny blue fabric caught the light as she sauntered into the Fortress of Immunitude carrying a pile of clothes in her shapely arms. "Why so quiet? Were you guys talking about me?"

"No, but we're about to be." Heather stated.

"I didn't realize it was cocktail hour already." Erica added. "I left my formal evening wear back in my room."

Rebecca blushed. "Well, I was going through all my stuff, and I just felt bad that I didn't get to wear this yet." She set her pile of clothes down and struck a pose. She twirled around, letting her legs spin as her hair catch in front of her eyes. Behind her dark locks, her eyes stared hungrily at Dave. His heart beat faster.

"Well I didn't expect to be so out-dressed." Marlene said. "But all the more reason to initiate Operation Big Girl Fashion Show."

Ashley laughed again. "Well, if this keeps up with me, I'm going to need it as much as the rest of you. Except of course, Ms. Glamour over here." Ashley nodded to Rebecca, pouring her a drink and sliding it into her hand. Rebecca stared back at her, trying her best not to notice she was just an inch away from her own height. It was strange to see her like this. She was becoming accustomed to being tall, and now her once taller roommate was catching up to her advantage. She'd hoped the dress would draw Dave's attention back to her if Ashley happened to have an Erica-sized spurt. But seeing her, full to bursting in her sweater, she was starting to feel like it was all in vain.

"Marlene!" she said, snapping out of it. "Take your pick, see what works best. I grabbed my loosest stuff."

Marlene shuffled up to her, pulling her into a big hug. Rebecca felt her feet leave the ground for an instant before Marlene had turned her attention to the pile of clothes in front of her. "Do you need any of these for tomorrow?" she asked.

"No, go ahead and borrow as many as you like."

"I'm going to do some experimenting." Marlene began to pull her shirt off over her head. Then she remembered herself. She looked out at the group of friends below her. Her new size hit her again all at once. She saw Martin's startled face amongst the crowd, and her face went red.

"Maybe I should do this back in the room. Martin?" Marlene called her husband and he perked up. "Care to join me?"

"Sure! Yes, of course." Martin adjusted his demeanor. He nodded at everyone as he made his way toward the door. "Thank you for a lovely evening, folks. We'll... I guess we'll see you tomorrow."

Marlene took his hand, and waved at the crowd as the door shut behind them. They all winced as they watched the top of her head smack against the doorframe.

"She'll get used to it." Erica said. They all nodded in agreement. "I hate to be that person, but I think I'm gonna follow their lead and head back, myself. Dave, Rebecca... do you need to take any pictures of Bed Fort before I tear down the wall?"

Ashley flinched at Erica's casual coupling of Dave and her roommate. She hid her expression as Rebecca bounced up to Erica, wrapping her arms around her as best she could. "We'll remember. We have Mega Marlene on our side now."

"Mega Marlene. She'll hate that." Pat said, sliding up next to Erica. He wrapped his arm around her waist and stared up at his own giant beauty. The top of his head only came up to her neck now, and the shirt he'd loaned her at the start of the day looked like it pinched her in places. He started to feel a tad inadequate, and Erica noticed. She rested her head on the top of his, and kissed it. 

"She'll have notes, I'm sure." Erica replied. "Well, Patrick. Care to help me with this?" She had already begun lifting her mattress, with ease. But she held a side out for Pat, who took it graciously. He could tell all the weight was on her side, but he loved staring at her from across the firm hotel bed.

"Good night, party people." He said, as he backward walked out the door. Erica chanced a wave, revealing she was easily carrying the mattress with one hand. Luckily Pat was already out the door, and couldn't see.

Heather laughed as the door shut behind them. "Well, I'm ready for a movie." she announced.

"I'm reading your mind." Kevin replied, already firing up a fan favorite. Heather, Rebecca, and Ashley readjusted the bed fort to fit the remaining five Immune Squad members as they nestled together. Ashley silently took note how much easier it was for her to lift them than even just this morning. Heather sat with Kevin resting on her chest. She could tell he enjoyed the extra cushion her growth spurt had given her. She stroked his own chest, lovingly as the dull hum of the television consumed them.

Ashley moved toward Dave, already seated on the other side of the bed fort. Rebecca sat down right in front of her, curling herself around Dave. She turned to Ashley and smiled up at her sweetly, patting the cushion next to her in invitation. Ashley knew she'd been trapped. If she moved over to the other side to sit next to Dave, Rebecca would call her out. She sat down next to her friend, and put her arm around her, making sure her hand now grazed Dave's back. An acceptable compromise.

Rebecca felt Ashley's arm create a small barrier between herself and Dave. She knew she'd have to up her game. She rose higher, letting her leg raise up to a point. With it, her dress fell downward, revealing all of her long, smooth leg down to the fringe of her panties. She let her exposed leg rest against Dave, who tried with all his might to pay attention to the movie's inciting incident. He didn't want to be lost.

As the movie careened into its second act, Rebecca let her leg sway back and forth, knocking gently into Dave a little more each time. Finally, Dave put his hand on her knee, steadying it. Rebecca's hand clasped down around it, trapping it in place. Mission accomplished. Ashley watched from the other side, reforming her strategy.

"Anyone want another drink?" she asked, shooting up to her feet. 

An assortment of "sure"s and "why not"s peppered the air, as Ashley made her way to the desk bar, recently converted from the beer pong table for those paying attention at home. She carried glassware back and forth, being as hostly as possible. As she handed Dave his own glass, she casually sat down on the other side of him. Ashley had carefully made sure that she handed both Rebecca and Dave a glass in a way that made their hand-holding adventure come to a sudden conclusion. Dave was flanked, and he felt it. He felt it even more as Ashley's fingers curled around his free hand. He took a big drink from his fresh cocktail. 

As the movie went on, Dave felt two sets of fingers slowly massage either of his hands. Each time he switched hands to take a drink, he felt a hand snatch the free one in an instant. He was starting to feel completely ridiculous by the time the onscreen hero had come to the All Is Lost moment. Suddenly, Rebecca changed maneuvers. Her hand disappeared, finding a new spot in the space between the mattress, and Dave's ass. Dave took another drink to hide the red that had exploded onto his cheeks.

Ashley's hand soon followed suit, finding a home on Dave's inner thigh. He had no choice but to stand up and cheer as the hero finally vanquished the man, god, or natural disaster that had been plaguing him for the past hour and forty five minutes. Heather and Kevin applauded with him, shaken out of their quiet bliss by his mattress-rocking enthusiasm. They were now all standing and cheering, downing what was left of their drinks in exaggerated praise of the Hero's Journey.

Heather punched Dave on the shoulder, laughing as he continued to clap. "Another classic film."

"I just get worked up by the triumph of the human spirit." Dave replied breathlessly. He could feel his own human spirit slowly returning to flaccid the more he clapped. Rebecca hugged him from behind.

"You're so cute, David." She whispered in his ear. The human spirit sprang back to life.

"Would you kill me if I pulled the mattress out from under your feet?" Heather asked in his other ear.

"You guys are leaving so soon? Again?" Dave asked, failing to hide the concern in his voice.

"It's midnight, man." Kevin replied, scratching his head sleepily. 

"We've stayed up later." Dave argued.

"Knock yourself out." Heather replied, pulling the mattress under him and watching him tumble onto the other. "Kevin and I have business to attend to."

She sauntered out, carrying her mattress under her arm. Kevin smiled drunkenly to them as he followed his wife out the door. "Knock em dead, tiger."

And then it was just the three of them.

"So... three mattresses left." Ashley said, with nothing better to contribute. "Could still make a decent fort."

"All you really need is two." Rebecca replied. She saw Ashley's eyes light up. "We tested. " she added, guiltily. 

Dave was already back on his feet, pushing the mattresses against each other. "Well, let's see what we come up with then."


Dave turned around. He saw both women staring at him, one in a perfectly fitted dress that showed off her powerful legs, and perfect figure. The other was smoldering out of a sweater that looked more like a halter top at this point. Both of them had the same expression.

"We don't want to make you do this." Ashley said.

"You don't have to do it at all, if you don't want to." Rebecca added.

"But I think it's clear we both have feelings for you." Ashley continued.

Dave sighed. His time had come. A decision had to be made. "I don't want to do anything that hurts our friendship."

"We're adults, Dave. And we're best friends. This week is something of... an anomaly." Ashley said.

"We're willing for just about anything, given the circumstances." Rebecca said. She raised her arms, and pulled her dress off her in one quick motion. Dave and Ashley now saw clearly that she was wearing the most sultry lingerie imaginable. Frilly lace, silken straps, all hugging her impossibly round ass, arced back, and bouncing tits. Ashley couldn't help but gaze as longingly as Dave. "Just know, we're ready. Whoever you decide to be with."

"I'm sorry." Dave said, hanging his head.

"Rebecca, can I ask you to help me with something really fast?" Ashley said, cutting Dave off. Rebecca tilted her head. What was she up to? Ashley took her nearly naked friend by the hand and walked her over to the measuring wall. "That's five-eleven." Ashley announced.

"Yeah?" Rebecca inquired. Ashley took her by the shoulders and walked her in a circle, finding her own place on the wall.

"Do me." Ashley said. Rebecca looked at the wall above Ashley's head. She stood on her tip toes as she got a better look at the top of her friend's head. It was lined up perfectly with Rebecca's original mark. 5'11". Rebecca took a step back, staring her roommate square in the eye. 

"You're as tall as I-"

Ashley pulled Rebecca by the strap of her lingerie into a sumptuous kiss. Rebecca felt Ashley's soft, plump lips press against her own as her heart raced wildly. She pulled away. Ashley chuckled, breathlessly. "I haven't done that in awhile."

"Done what?" Rebecca pleaded.

"Kissed a girl. Not since college." Ashley beamed.

"It was you! You kissed Erica." Rebecca accused.

"She promised she'd never tell." Ashley cooed. She kissed Rebecca again, feeling her relent to her powerful embrace. 

Rebecca felt Ashley's soft sweater rub against the lace of her underwear. She felt her hands trace along the curves of her shoulders and tickle her back. She felt herself kissing Ashley back, more and more intensely. And she felt a strange longing when Ashley finally pulled away.

"I was just thinking..." Ashley said, still holding Rebecca in her arms, as she turned to Dave. "Maybe it would be a better idea if we all did this together. At least, for tonight."

Rebecca's wide eyes shot from Ashley, to Dave, to Ashley, back to Dave. She was doing a lot of unexpected calculation. All those years being one door away from Ashley, she had never considered this could happen. They were friends, the best of friends. But just friends. Now she couldn't stop herself from wanting to explore more. "Are you ok with this, Dave?" she asked, anxiously.

Dave stayed where he was, watching the two tall women in full embrace just two arm's reaches away. "I guess... given the circumstances... I'd be willing to try it out."

Ashley and Rebecca laughed. They broke away, sashaying separately toward Dave. Rebecca reached him first, pulling his chin toward her's into a kiss. Ashley wrapped around the other side of him, massaging his back with her hands, as her lips found his neck. Dave was engulfed in the women, as they took turns exploring him from all sides. He felt his shirt rip away from his chest, and his pants slide down his ankles. He was naked, set gently down on a pile of mattresses.

Rebecca entered his vision, crouching over him like a panther in her tight lingerie. He felt something soft under his head. He looked up higher to see Ashley staring down at him. His head way lying between her thighs. Her naked thighs. She must have torn her pants off while he was distracted. He felt the softness of her panties against his hair as he stared up at the underside of her round, full breasts. They were still in the shadows of her sweater, but as if reading his mind, in an instant, she'd pulled the sweater from her shoulders.

Dave watched as her massive tits bouncing back into a resting position. He felt Rebecca's lips kissing his stomach up and down as his member slowly engorged. His arms reached up toward Ashley's breasts, feeling their softness as he kneaded them with his fingers. Her nipples rose with his touch, and a bit of air escaped between her clenched teeth.

Rebecca began kissing his penis, letting her lips slide along his shaft as Dave felt himself convulse. Ashley leaned down, kissing him on the lips. Dave felt her power pull him upward as she sucked him further into an embrace as she kissed him deeper and deeper. Her tongue found his, dancing against each other in their mouths. Rebecca had changed positions, and Dave felt her presence behind him as they all sat on their knees on the bed.

Dave moved his head back and forth, kissing either one of them as they all moved closer into a tight embrace. Ashley moved closer to Rebecca, kissing her just as deeply as Dave let his lips travel between both of their bodies. He watched as they become enamored with one another, taking the opportunity to sneak down Rebecca's chest, peeling the lingerie from her shoulders as he let his tongue massage her nipples. They convulsed as he did, sensing the pleasure even as she was locked in Ashley's kiss.

Dave let himself travel further south, letting his fingers dig into Rebecca's ass as his mouth found her pussy. Rebecca pulled herself away from Ashley's lips as her body arced in pleasure. Dave had found her clit, and was letting his tongue get more than acquainted. Ashley watched as Rebecca's body shivered with each second, her eyes shutting tight. She smiled. Let the gracious host be served first.

But Dave's fingers had crept up to her own sex, and she felt him enter her gently, rubbing her wet pussy without stopping on Rebecca. Ashley sighed in pleasurable shock. He was better at this than she anticipated.

"Fuck me." Rebecca growled, pulling Dave's head up into a kiss, as she pulled his back close to her's. She felt him enter her, and another wave of pleasure followed. Dave pounded against her naked body as he let his penis plunge deeper and deeper into her sex, caressing her clit with his hand. Rebecca clutched the soft mattress in ecstasy. 

With his other hand, Dave guided Ashley to the top of Rebecca's head. She watched with amazement as he began eating her pussy, without missing a stroke with Rebecca. Dave, you little freak. Had you been this good in college? She didn't have time to think more, as a wall of pleasure hit her as Dave found her own clit.

Both women moaned louder and louder, feeling their orgasms rise in their chests. "I'm coming." Dave said, inches from Ashley's hot sex. 

Rebecca was the first to let out a scream. It filled the room as her whole body spasmed. She pulled Dave away from Ashley as she kissed him, digging her nails into his back as he came. Dave breathed heavily, in sync with Rebecca as Ashley touched herself, picking up the slack and feeling the heat from the shared orgasm below her.

"Let me just..." Dave said, moving toward Ashley.

"Wait." Rebecca stopped him. "Take a second."

Then Rebecca was on Ashley, running her long, thin fingers along her thigh, grabbing the hand inside her pussy. She moved it aside with a tight squeeze before entering Ashley with her own fingers. Ashley let out a gasp as Rebecca rubbed her faster and faster. She was getting right to business. Ashley kissed Rebecca down her neck, toward her breastline, letting her fingers flick her erect nipples. She felt her own expanded chest squeeze against Rebecca's tits. It was a different feeling, four titanic breasts bouncing against one another, especially considering two were attached to her best friend.

Rebecca heard Ashley's sighs get quieter, more rhythmic as her pussy grew warmer in her hand. She felt Ashley's pelvis twist along her palm, as her body tightened into a ball of hot joy. And then her limbs shot out in all directions as she let out a howl of sheer rapture, before letting her spent body calm into a lump of quiet satisfaction.

"That was... pretty good." Ashley wheezed, sweat glistening on her forehead. Rebecca smiled down at her, sweating just the same.

"I'm coming around to this idea of your's." she giggled.

"So I heard." They both giggled, turning to Dave, who watched them with eyes wide in amazement. He collapsed, in a mix of fatigue and shock, onto the mattress. They all laughed then, the two women nudging up to either side of them, wrapping their arms around him into a cuddle pile. He put his arms on both their shoulders, and sighed deeply.

Dave felt their feet tickle his own, but something caught him as strange then. He was too tired to investigate, and both women were now passed out, breathing gently next to him. As he drifted off to sleep, he couldn't help but feel like Ashley was pushing her feet further away from him.

Chapter 11: Room 412, Day 4 by BuriedBones

"Yep, I definitely think I'm taller this morning." Heather announced from the bathroom mirror. She stood up straight, watching her body lengthen to the edge of the mirror.

"And we're happy about this?" Kevin asked, confused. He joined his wife in the mirror, drying what remained of the water from their shower. He stared up at his wife. Even several days into their quarantine, he was still getting used to how much bigger Heather was. Her arms had filled out from their former thin shape. Her legs sloped outward to a massive hourglass with her full breasts. This was not the woman he married, but he was far from complaining.

"Well, yes. For the time being. If everyone else is getting bigger, why shouldn't I?" Heather muttered. Kevin stroked her cheek as she smiled. She leaned down and kissed him. She was definitely taller this morning. No one could convince her otherwise.

Marlene laid in bed next to her husband, arms folded. "So, how are you feeling?"

"Almost ready, I promise." Martin replied sheepishly.

"Honey, if you don't want to have sex, you can tell me. It's fine."

"No, it's not that, Marlene." Martin stammered.

"It's a big change. If you need time to adjust, that's perfectly fine." She stood up, resting her head high above the headboard. Martin watched her rise, still lying there like a limp fish. They had tried the night previous, but as Martin found himself caressing his wife's new, bigger body, something just felt wrong. It almost felt like cheating. Even with his wife's beautiful face staring down at him, something in him felt wrong.

"We can just watch some television." Marlene added. She flipped the TV on, letting the dull hum of morning talk shows wash over them. Martin sighed. Marlene stood up more, letting her long leg rise up against her chest. She was naked under the sheets, and Martin knew it. But seeing that leg again brought it all back. Its shapely curves pressed against Marlene's expanded chest just below her expression. He could tell she was trying to hide her concern. She was never very good at hiding.

He stood up, and placed his hand on her leg. She dared herself a quick glance as goosebumps rose on her thigh. Her hand came down on Martin's, rubbing his fingers, guiding him along her leg. She took her elbow, and nudged her husband close to her. She felt his head rest against her shoulder. Looking down at him, she couldn't help but feel strange now, herself. Now that they were alone again, the change was all the more apparent. She would take it slow with him. Even if she wanted nothing more right now than to feel him inside her, she knew it was the right thing for them both to feel comfortable.

"Martin." she started, but she was interrupted by a kiss. Martin had reached up and kissed her, giving her just enough time to kiss him back as she reached around his shoulders and pressed him against her. He straddled her, grinding his rising member against her naked groin. She moaned as their kissing got more and more heated. Martin brought his hands up her wrists, pinning them against the back wall. She stared at him with a fire she hadn't felt in some time. "I'm ready." he whispered.

He kissed her neck, feeling her breasts as he let his ear slide close enough to her mouth to hear the little whimpers that escaped from it. He felt her nipples go hard as his fingers slid along them. His penis grew just as hard as her moans grew louder. He pulled away, as they slid down along the bed. He grabbed his cock in his hand, and rubbed it teasingly against the opening of her vagina. Marlene spasmed, giggling. Then her face twisted deviously.

She grabbed Martin, spinning him around until he was on the bed, staring up at her towering form. Her long legs straddled him, as her fingers caressed his penis. Martin breathed heavy, watching his larger than life wife stare down at him, holding him in the palm of her hand. "Follow my lead."

She pulled him inside her, running her hands along his chest as she bounced up and down, slowly on his cock. Martin gasped with pleasure as she picked up the pace, bouncing faster and faster as she moaned with each thrust. He found himself completely hypnotized as her round, perky breasts bounced with her. He reached up to grab them, but couldn't make the distance. Marlene brought her hands along Martin's arms, bending down against him to let him take hold. He squeezed her chest as she let out another moan, letting her jiggling ass smack against him as she continued fucking him harder and harder.

"This is... incredible." he wheezed as Marlene consumed every part of him with her lusting power.

"I'm almost there." she sighed back, feeling the bliss catch in her throat. Her brow started to glisten with sweat as she gave it her all, pounding against him with every inch of her new strength. "Oh god, oh god, oh god." her voice rose higher and higher into a squeal as she came loudly, and forcefully against her husband, feeling him cum inside her like a tidal wave. 

She pulled him in close, kissing him all over as she felt his strength give away in her arms. "It's ok. It's ok." she assured, kissing him. She stopped, staring down at his nearly catatonic face. "Martin?"

"It's better than ok." he finally managed. She laughed.

Rebecca was the first to stand up from the bed fort. She separated from the happy little pile, letting Dave and Ashley continue to sleep peacefully as she set about making coffee. "That smells good."

Rebecca turned around to see Ashley awake, sitting down on the mattress and staring up at her. "There's enough for everyone." she replied.

"If he wakes up in time." Ashley said, nodding down at Dave. 

"Let him sleep. He earned it." Rebecca smiled, walking over to Ashley and handing her a warm mug. Ashley stood up to receive it and Rebecca stopped cold. Ashley watched as Rebecca's eyes came closer and then further away as she stood to her new full height.

"Must have... kept growing in the night." she breathed heavily. Rebecca stared up at her, shocked at her friend's new size.

"Your tits are huge." she sputtered. 

"They've always been huge." Ashley argued.

"But now!" Rebecca made a wide gesture, spilling some coffee.

"Alright, I get it. Let me find a shirt, for god sake."

Ashley shuffled off the bed fort, grabbing Dave's shirt off it in the process. She threw it over her head, watching it struggle down past her chest. Her bellybutton poked out even when it reached its final destination. "My god." she whimpered.

"Well, let's see what the damage is." Rebecca said, moving her pants-less friend toward the height chart. Ashley sighed as she straightened herself along the markings. "Not too bad. Just six-three."

"Just?!" Ashley shot back.

"Hey, be happy you didn't pull a Marlene and crush us in our sleep." They both chuckled.

"And what's so funny?" Dave asked, sliding toward awake.

"Ashley's new look on life." Rebecca joked. Ashley nudged her. Through bleary eyes, Dave saw his college crush stare down at him, wearing his shirt. He wasn't entirely sure he wasn't still dreaming. He stood up, walking up to the two statuesque beauties he shared a bed with. It was slowly dawning on him just how small his shirt looked on Ashley.

"Some look." he announced.

"Six-three." Ashley replied. "That ok?"

"It's ok if you're ok." Dave confirmed. Ashley kissed him on the cheek.

"There's coffee." Rebecca interjected. Dave smiled, and took a mug from her hands. 

"So... do we talk about it, or let this just be an unspoken delight for the rest of our lives?" He asked between sips.

"I think we've said all we need to say for the time being." Ashley smiled back. "Let's just play it by ear."

The door knock saved them from the growing tension in the room. Rebecca sighed, walking over and opening the door for Heather and Kevin. "Pretty sure I grew again." she said, storming into the room toward the height chart. On her way, she slammed right into Ashley. "Oh gosh, I'm sorry."

Then Heather looked up at Ashley. Up. "Did you grow again?"

"I don't seem to be stopping." Ashley replied.

"Your tits are huge."

"So I heard."

"Six foot three." Rebecca added. "As of a few minutes ago at least."

Heather sighed. She was staring up at a 6'3" Ashley. That meant she was still floating around her same 6'2". "Well then, thank goodness. I didn't grow after all." She put on a strong face, but Kevin grabbed her hand and held it tight. She was grateful for him. Everyone else was buying the same line Heather had been using the last couple days, but her husband couldn't help but sense her disappointment. "Congrats, Ashley, on the..."

Heather gestured wildly at Ashley, who laughed.

"Yes, congrats." Erica said, walking through the open door behind Kevin. Pat was not far behind. Heather stared up at her as well. "I don't think I did any growing, myself. Not that I need to." She stood to her full 6'7" and they all nodded in agreement as Rebecca made herself busy filling glasses for everyone.

"I think I'm good without the booze today." Kevin said, setting his cup down.

"Seconded." Pat added. "It was fun for a bit, but I think we need to shake things up a little."

As if in reply, the room began to rumble. They all braced themselves as heavy knocks came from the door. Erica opened it to find Marlene, still towering over everyone, wearing Martin's shirt with what could only be a modified skirt from Rebecca's collection. She held a piece of paper in her hand with handwritten scrawl over it. "Did no one else see?" she almost shouted.

They all watched the excited amazon bound into the room and hold the letter up for everyone. Martin shuffled in behind her, already shaking his head.

"See what?" Ashley asked.

"Your boobs are huge!" Marlene digressed.

"Thank you." Ashley replied, motioning for her to get on with it.

"It's an invitation!"

They all crowded around as Ashley read the note scribbled onto the page. "Dear Uninvited Guests of Hotel LeGrande. It's been over half a week since we've been cooped up here against our will with no sign of stopping, and no word from the people in charge. We're bored, we're angsty, and we want to party. If you feel up to it, join us tomorrow night at the bar for a no-holds-barred bash the likes of which the world has never seen. Dress code is very lax, for obvious reasons. Just bring yourselves and let's tear this place to the ground. XXX"

"Oh my god." Heather said, her hand to her mouth.

"They're throwing a party." Rebeca squealed.

"They're throwing an orgy." Heather corrected.

"Orgies are parties." Pat corrected back.

"So we're going, right?" Erica asked.

"Of course we're going." Marlene replied.

"I'm game if you are." Pat agreed. Dave and Kevin nodded. Heather elbowed Kevin, and his nodding stopped.

"It's the perfect chance to test out my clothing idea!" Marlene said. "Ashley, you don't have any plans today, right?"

Ashley looked at Dave. Her eyes filled with longing. She couldn't help but want him there and now. Feeling his shirt press tight against her skin, she could smell him on her. She bit her lip, and he shrugged. "No, I guess I can help out."

"Great!" Come back to the room with me, I'll do my meeting, and then it's sketch city. We'll need some extra hands for sewing."

"I'll come with, too." Erica said, grabbing Heather's arm as she walked forward. Heather looked up at her tall friend. Their height difference was only a little more different from where they started, and Heather took little comfort in that. She thought back to when they were almost eye to eye. This party terrified her. Surrounded by women who would loom over her. It might be too much. 

"I can help too." she sighed.

"We can start taking measurements, but I can't guarantee they'll stay accurate." Ashley added, gesturing to her pants-less self. "I could definitely use some more covering, though. 

"Let's all grab our suitcases and meet at Marlene's in say... one hour?" Heather was already planning. It was the only thing keeping her afloat. Creating her own structure for the day.

"Perfect. I should be out of my meeting by then. Martin, are you ok to stay with the boys while we have a little fashion day?"

Marlene bounced up to her husband, who stared up at her, still lost in the thought of the impending party. He nodded, confused. Marlene pulled him into a big hug, and kissed him. "You're my treasure." 

"We'll take good care of your treasure." Pat said, putting his arm around the baffled Martin. "You gals go have fun."

The room went still as the tall women evacuated Room 412. "At least they have something to look forward to, now." Kevin said.

"We all do." Pat added.

"Buckle up, I guess. It's gonna be a hell of a night." Dave said.

Chapter 12: Room 403, Day 4 by BuriedBones

"I think we're just waiting on Marlene." The zoom chat was full up of some half dozen people, all sitting in their respective offices staring at their laptops.

"She emailed that she'll be joining remotely from her hotel." Sandra replied.

"I thought she was back by now." Douglas asked.

"Yeah, the whole place was put under quarantine. She's stuck there." Everyone looked concerned, then flipped it to nonchalantly professional as a little black box appeared on the screen with Marlene's name under it. Her camera was off.

"Sorry, I'm late! It's a bit of a zoo over here." Marlene chirped from the void of her screen.

"Hey, Marlene. How are you feeling?" Sandra asked.

"Oh fine." Marlene sang back.

"So you've managed to stay uninfected?"

"Oh, no. I've had it for a couple days now" Marlene answered nonchalantly.

The rest of the room went still. "Are you... are you ok?" Douglas tried.

"I'm great!" Marlene replied.

"So no symptoms then." Sandra sighed.

"I wouldn't say that." Marlene's camera flipped on and the whole room gasped as their once small coworker looked down at them from her tall body. Douglas saw her body jiggle as she moved her long arms back down to her side. She smiled at them, not fully aware of the effect her presence was having on the meeting. "I've had a little bit of a spurt."

A laugh echoed from offscreen. "Are you with someone?" Sandra asked.

"Just my friends. We're trying to come up with some stuff to wear since..." Marlene tugged on Martin's tight t-shirt strapped against her large chest. The zoom room held their gasps as quartet of tall, beautiful women entered and waved behind Marlene. Marlene laughed as they continued to distract this very important business meeting. She stood up and grabbed Erica and Ashley by the shoulders. Sandra's mouth fell open as she realized Marlene was even taller than the huge, half-naked women.

"You know what Marlene, I don't think we need you on this call. Why don't you rest up and let us know how you're feeling in a couple days?"

"Perfect!" Marlene laughed.

With the sound of the laptop slapping closed, it was off to the races. Each woman took her suitcase over her head, and dumped the entire contents onto Marlene's bed. A mountain of clothes, all now too-small for their owners, stood in front of the large women. They stood before it, ready for action. Between Marlene and Heather's over-prepared travel kits, they were able to find scissors, a needle and thread, and a few other useful adhesives to get the ball rolling. Colors were matched, patterns compared. Marlene sketched like wild as Ashley oversaw the logistics. Rebecca kept everyone entertained and fed with her illicit snack pack, while Erica and Heather got to work sewing what they could. As the sun began to set, they were tipsy, well fed, and nearly bleeding at their fingertips. But an ensemble was starting to come together.

"I can't believe how well this is coming together." Erica marveled.

"I just can't wait to wear something that fits again." Heather grumbled, shaking her raw fingers as she took a break. "Not that I don't love my husband's sleepwear of course."

"You pull it off, too." Rebecca joked. She had taken up a needle and thread as well, and was trying her best to make small adjustments. 

"Lucky you, getting to wear all your clothes still." Heather laughed back. "I never thought I would be jealous of you for being shorter than me."

"I'm used to it. Well, I was. And now I am again." Rebecca replied.

"We appreciate you helping out, too." Ashley said. "We know you don't have to."

"I like feeling useful." Rebecca ensured. "It's kept me sane this whole week." Ashley pat her on the shoulder. She was struggling to find a way to help out now that they'd descended into execution mode. Marlene had grabbed the last needle and thread when she finished sketching, and she was in a noiseless flow state making her dress come to life. 

Ashley leaned against the wall and grabbed her phone off the table. She scrolled through her texts, feeling anxious.

Back in Room 412, the boys had taken the chance alone to put on the dumbest comedy they knew. Hoots and hollers at the hijinks of a lovable oaf filled the room, but Dave still heard the buzz in his pocket. He pulled out his phone and saw the text from Ashley. 

*can you meet me in my room? i forgot something.*

Dave's face flushed. He was no fool. He turned to the guys, who were still locked in the rollicking good time the television was providing for them. "Sounds like they need help in the other room. I'll be back in a minute."

The guys all made half-hearted noises, paying little attention as Dave stood up and left the room. He stood in the empty hallway, soaking up the silence as he stared directly at Ashley's door. Was she in there already? Only one way to find out. He knocked quietly. There was a small shuffling and the door swung open. There was Ashley, still wearing his t-shirt with no pants. It now rode up well past her bellybutton. He was staring directly at her chin, as her breasts hung just below his face, pressing even tighter against the fabric of his shirt.

She stared down at him, eyes filled with devastating seduction.

"You did some more growing." Dave gulped.

"I'm still convinced I never really stopped." Ashley said. "Want to come in for a sec?" Dave nodded stupidly as he walked in past her. She stood in the doorway, letting him gently brush against her as he entered. He felt her warmth even as he grazed past her curves. She closed the door and pushed herself against it, her back arced forward toward Dave. 

"So, what are you clocking in at?" Dave tried to stall.

"Six-five. At least when they measured me for my dress." Ashley replied. Dave whistled. He was bad at stalling.

"You guys still hard at work, then?" Dave continued.

"Oh yeah, regular sweat shop over there. Not much more for me to do now that the planning's all figured out, though." Ashley said, walking closer, intent in her eye.

"So what did you forget?" he asked.

"This." she cooed, pulling him in close and kissing him. His hands wrapped around her waist as her arms found him. They locked into an embrace, pressed against the door, writing against one another. Dave felt her breasts press softly against his neck as she moved her whole body along his. They moved further into the room, lips still locked as they slammed against the bathroom wall. Dave slipped his hand between her thick thighs as his fingers slid past her panties. She moaned, feeling him tickle her inside. Her own hand found his cock, as she stroked it gently, feeling it rise in her palm.

She pulled away, feeling him rub her clit. "Fuck me, Dave."

"There's no bed." he breathed.

Ashley looked over. Her bed frame was still missing a mattress. She thought of the bed fort, and the gaggle of dudes certainly sitting on it at the moment. "We'll improvise." she purred. She pushed him, harder than she meant to, and Dave fell onto the couch across from the bed. She wrapped her legs around him, sitting on top of him, and staring down as her long, black hair covered her face like a dark waterfall. Dave could barely see her face past her chest as she arched her back, and put her arms up. In an instant, his shirt was off her, and he saw her breasts ripple back down before her face reappeared behind them.

Dave's hands moved hypnotized toward them. He massaged her massive breasts, feeling their soft, smooth weight in his palms. Ashley grinded her panties against him as she felt Dave's hands explore her nipples. Her hands stroked his chest, harder and harder until she heard a rip. Ashley looked down from her pleasure and saw she'd ripped Dave's shirt in half down the center. "I'm sorry!" she cried.

"It's ok. You don't know your own strength." Dave replied. Ashley blushed. She bent down and kissed him. Dave felt her weight press against him as they made out on the couch. He deftly flipped her over, watching her giggle as she came to rest on the couch cushions. She stared up at him, a curved smile on her soft, pouty lips. Dave kissed her, making his way down her neck, kissing each of her breasts as his hands slid her panties down her long legs. Ashley couldn't help but notice just how long those panties had to slide now. She'd been growing nonstop, and it took someone to touch her body all over to realize just how much more body she had to touch.

She felt Dave's tongue along her stomach, as it tightened with each peck. She knew where he was going and she wasn't having it. She grabbed his face in her hands and pulled it toward hers, sticking her tongue down his throat as his whole body turned to mush in her hands. Staring down at him even seated she cooed, "I said, fuck me."

Ashley whipped Dave's PJ pants off, and grabbed his cock in her long fingers. Slowly she guided it toward her sex, feeling him enter her. Her body arched again. She grabbed the sides of the couch, digging her nails in as she felt Dave go deeper with every thrust. "Yes, yes." she sighed as she felt her whole body clench.

She squeezed Dave's ass as he fucked her harder, and faster. Her legs shot out in all directions as every fiber of her filled with pleasure. "Just like that. I'm almost there." she gasped. Dave watched as her whole body rose and fell, her moans growing louder and louder as her eyes shut tight.

When her lips parted, the noise that came out of them was so full of raw ecstasy, Dave felt his whole body weaken from hearing it. He came with her, feeling her pull him in tight as she orgasmed for what felt like a golden age. Then there was just the sound of their breathing, rhythmic, together.

Ashley, glistening with sweat, stared up at Dave. "I always wanted to do that." she whispered.

"Took you long enough." Dave gasped back. She laughed, punching him. They slid down off the couch onto the floor, feeling the rough berber carpet against their naked skin. They didn't care. Ashley looked down at Dave, his head nestled between her breasts without having to crouch. She stroked his arm, and he stroked her back. They lay together for some time, noiselessly.

"So you taking anybody to the dance tomorrow?" Dave asked. Ashley giggled.

"I was thinking of asking one boy." 

Dave kissed her. "I accept."

Then he thought about it. "You don't think Rebecca will mind, do you?" 

"She can be our plus one. We'll play it loose. Make sure she's not left alone." Ashley insisted.

"But you know, with the thing with me..." Dave tried. Ashley kissed him this time. 

"If she has a problem with it, she can talk to me." Ashley stood up then, showing just how tall she'd become. She was truly an impressive sight as Dave stood up as well, staring up at her. "You're a mess." she added, staring down at the sweaty and disheveled Dave.

"You can't go back to the girls like that either." Dave replied, staring at Ashley's pile of sex hair.

"I'll shower up." Ashley replied, disappearing in the bathroom. Dave sighed. Then her head returned to his vision, poking out of the doorway. "Dave can I see you in here for a second? I forgot something." She smiled.

Dave smiled too. He walked into the bathroom just as Ashley had turned the shower on. Hot steam began to trickle out from the door. She stepped into the shower, taking Dave's hand as the water hit their bare backs. Dave watched in awe as the water trickled down Ashley's tan body. She ran her hands along it, making sure every inch of it got clean. Her eyes caught Dave staring, motionless.

"Doing ok over there?" she asked, giggling.

Dave nodded stupidly. "Sure you don't need any help with that?" Ashley smiled as Dave walked toward her, running his soapy hands along her body. She felt him caress her in every place as she sighed with pleasure. She closed her eyes and put her head back, smacking the shower head in the process.

"Jesus." she roared. "That's new."

"I bet." Dave replied. "How are you feeling about... all this? I mean, you've been getting bigger pretty consistently for a couple days now."

"It's an adjustment. It definitely helps that the other girls are going through the same thing. Makes it feel more normal. Less scary. Plus there's you."

"Happy to oblige."

Ashley leaned down and kissed him. They kissed for some time, feeling each other's wet, slippery skin as the water got cold. As they stepped out, toweling off together for warmth, Ashley looked at herself in the mirror. It was the first time since this morning that she had. She really had changed so much in the last 48 hours. But she still saw herself in the shapely, statuesque body before her. And she saw Dave next to her, which was even better.

"The boys will be missing you." she said.

"Doubt it. But I bet the girls are starting to resent your absence." Dave replied. Ashley sighed, nodding. Back to work.

In the hallway, now dressed in Dave's new shirt, she gave him one parting kiss. He stood there, shirtless, watching her strut away down the long hall to Room 403. As he walked back into the Fortress of Immunitude, with barely any notice from his friends, he couldn't help but think about the party tomorrow. It was the sort of thing they had missed out on, stuck in their rooms. A big bash full of eager friends. But with a room full of amorous amazons, Dave couldn't help but feel a sense of dread.

Dave quietly grabbed another shirt from his suitcase and pulled it over his head. He could tell his others had been stretched to full ruin by his lover's perfectly round chest. He didn't seem to mind. Dread be damned. He sat back down on the couch, wondering just how big a date he'd be bringing to the ball by the time it started.

Chapter 13: Room 403, Day 5 by BuriedBones

Ashley felt the sun on her eyes, as they slowly flitted awake. As the room came into focus, she realized it wasn't her's. It wasn't even Dave's. She could feel a body cuddling her. She looked down, and saw Marlene, her huge body wrapped around her own. And she wasn't alone. Erica, Heather, and Rebecca were all spread out on the bed, passed out in one big girl pile. They must have passed out together, having been up all night making the last touches to their dresses.

It had been a blast, coming together on a project they could all contribute to. Ashley, still groggy from the night's work, couldn't help but smile. "Morning." she whispered as she watched Marlene's eyes creak open.

"What time is it?" she moaned.

"I don't know. I just woke up, myself."

"Oh my god!" Heather shouted, now fully awake and staring at her phone. "It's past noon."

The other girls gasped, waking the whole pile up, who were equally startled. "We've only got a few hours to get ready." Marlene announced.

"Somebody wrangle the husbands!" Heather shouted. She raced for the door, and whipped it open, but stopped in her tracks. In the doorway, Kevin was standing, staring up at her. He was wearing his best suit and looking very put together. "Kevin!" Heather shouted, surprised.

"I was wondering when you would be joining the living world." Kevin smiled. "We're all set up, just tell us what you need."

Heather blushed. The other girls walked up next to her, fanning themselves in mock shock. "Meet me in the room. I'll need some help with my dress." Heather said, shutting the door.

"And have Pat meet me at my place, too!" Erica added to the crack in the door.

"And bring Martin back here!" Marlene threw out as well. Kevin nodded, acting overwhelmed. Ashley stopped herself from mentioning Dave. She saw Rebecca bristle next to her, most likely doing the same. Heather finished slamming the door on her husband's face and turned around, colliding with Ashley's chest. 

"Sorry!" Ashley said, doubling back. Heather stared straight at her boobs, her mouth slowly widening.

"Did you keep growing?" she asked, concerned. Ashley suddenly realized even Erica was now staring up at her. She looked down at Dave's shirt, now like a second skin on her expanded frame. Marlene walked up to her and straightened herself up. Ashley couldn't help but sigh with relief as she watched her 6'9" friend's eyes rise above her own.

"I'd say I've still got about an inch on you. But it's a tiny inch." Marlene concluded.

"And probably shrinking as we speak." Erica added, nudging Ashley.

"God, I just hope my dress still fits." Ashley sighed.

Dave slipped his tie down through the loop, hoping against hope it would stop just at his belt this time. After the other men had fled the Fortress, at the behest of Kevin, who was merely a proxy for the Fury of Heather, Dave set out finishing up his outfit for the evening. A simple grey suit, with his favorite blue tie. Nothing too fancy, but enough to be presentable for what was meant to be the big dinner to cap off their reunion. Now he would wear it to a Quarantine Ball. He assumed it would be fine. The men had all gotten most of their suits together, as they'd spent the night in the Fortress once they realized their significant others weren't coming to collect them after midnight. 

It was like being in college again, with everyone helping each other straighten their ties and steam their shirts. If only he could have figured out his tie before they'd all scrambled. He checked his watch. 3:30, just half an hour before they agreed to meet out in the hallway. They would all take the elevators down together, and join the party as a group. When he heard the knock at the door, he wasn't entirely sure who was going to be on the other side.

Rebecca was there, her hair freshly washed and done up, wearing a sleek, black cocktail dress. "Just about ready?"

"Just about. You look amazing." Dave replied.

She smiled. Her lips were cherry red, and her eyes were sparkling with intent as they stared down at him. And then Dave realized. She was staring down at him. His eyes traveled down her long, shapely legs to the black heels on her feet.

"Heels." she said. "I didn't think I'd wear them on this trip. Didn't want to seem like I was towering over anyone. But at this point, I don't think the girls will mind." She laughed. Dave laughed with her.

"How are the girls doing?" Dave asked.

Rebecca took her breasts in her hands and shook them in her tight dress. "A little cramped, but they've had worse." She winked. Dave blushed, laughing quietly. Rebecca shoved him playfully, walking into the room. "I haven't seen them since they all scurried out of Marlene's place a few hours ago. I assume they're all getting close to done at this point."

She pulled a bottle of wine out from the pile of debris on the desk. "I thought we might start celebrating a little early. Bit of pre-gaming maybe?" She shook the bottle in Dave's direction. Dave shrugged, and nodded. He grabbed glasses for both of them and watched Rebecca pour the red wine into them. Her neckline dipped as she poured, revealing a healthy amount of cleavage with each movement. She looked up at him, with the smile of a woman who just caught a man peeking.

"So what do you think we should expect from this little soiree downstairs?" Dave asked, trying to play it cool.

"I honestly couldn't tell you. If everyone's had the same experience we have, though..." Rebecca trailed off. She was genuinely excited for what the night had in store for her.  She slid her finger along her glass, keeping her eyes on Dave. "I'm just trying to keep an open mind." Her legs shimmied closer to Dave, as she let herself nestle up to him. Her shoulders leaned into his chest. "I hope you'll do the same, Dave."

Dave felt her weight against his. Her lips were just inches away, and parting expectantly. Ashley wouldn't mind, would she?

The knock on the door saved him from his indecision. Dave couldn't help but think just how much like college things had become this week, even down to being interrupted constantly when you're in the middle of something very important. He walked over to the door and swung it open. Ashley stormed in, still adjusting the top of her dress. "Sorry, I have just a little bit more to do."

She stood in front of them, looking radiant. Her jet black hair was done up into a well-laced bun. She was absolutely squeezed into her blue dress, with the neckline swooping down around her jiggling breasts. "I know what you're thinking. I designed this to be loose, and flowing. But I also designed it for a woman who is 6'5" and I am about 3 inches taller than that."

"I'd say more." Rebecca replied.

"No. I was shorter than Marlene, Beccs. You saw."

"You WERE shorter. Now..."

"You look the same to me, though." Ashley tried.

"I'm wearing heels, Ash." Rebecca stated. Ashley's stomach dropped.

"I can't have... this soon." she stammered. Rebecca stepped forward and walked her massive roommate to the height wall. 

"Are you ready?" Rebecca asked. Ashley nodded bravely. "Six... ten."

"Oh god."

"At least it still starts with six!" Dave helped.

"Not helpful." Ashley replied. She stood up. Looking down at him from one head up. "You ok with bringing a date who's almost a foot taller than you?"

"As long as you promise to lead when we dance." Dave said, taking her hand. Ashley smiled, giving him a quick kiss. Rebecca slumped backward, feeling the choice that was made by them for the first time. Ashley noticed.

"You ready, Beccs? You're our date too, after all." Ashley took her hand, gripping it tight. Rebecca couldn't help but smile. She knew this was always how things would play out. She was grateful to Ashley for including her as much as she did. "I promise if you meet a guy there, we won't be jealous."

"Please, there's a very good chance I'll be the shortest girl there."

"I like short girls." Dave replied. Rebecca smiled.

The three of them walked out into the hallway, and made their way toward the elevator. As they rounded the corner, they saw Pat and Erica already waiting. Dave saw Erica fill out a lovely green dress. It hung on her well, falling loosely just above her knees. She looked amazing.

"Jesus, Ashley." Pat said as he saw her walk up, getting a full view of her new size.

"Pat, that's impolite." Rebecca said.

"No, he's right." Erica added. "Jesus, Ashley."

Ashley blushed. "I think it should be stopping any minute now."

"Well, keep us posted." Heather said, approaching with Kevin on her arm. Her short, red skirt was belted around the middle to a black top, with the sleeves around her shoulders. 

"See, I told you nobody else was going to wear shoes." Kevin insisted, pointing down at the barefoot women in front of them. "She kept trying on her shoes, hoping one would magically fit."

"We're not late, are we?" Heather shot back. "And Rebecca's wearing heels. They look amazing, honey."

"Thank you." Rebecca said, giving a twirl on said heels. "I just thought... why not?"

"So we're just waiting on Martin and Marlene?" Dave asked.

"Oh my god! You all look like a post card!" They all turned to see Marlene and Martin approach. Marlene was wearing a swishy yellow dress, with patterns embroidered along it. Her smile was just as sunny. She pulled everyone into a hug. "Look how hot we all look! This is just like Thirsty Thursday all over again."

"I could certainly use a drink." Martin belched.

"And Ashley! Bigger than me! You won the contest!" Marlene announced.

"It was a real squeeker." Ashley replied, releasing herself from her massive friend's hug. She smiled, realizing she was the big one this time. For the first time, she was the biggest in the group. And if precedent was any indicator, it was likely to stay that way. She could already feel her body pressing into the fabric of her dress. She knew the night was still young.

"Contest isn't over yet." Heather shot back. "It's anybody's game."

"Oh, Heather, you've been 6'2" for days. Get over yourself." Rebecca laughed. Heather straightened up as she approached, realizing Rebecca was staring her right in the eyes, now that she was wearing heels. Heather secretly wished she could have gotten at least one pair of shoes on.

"So... shall we?" Kevin asked, prying his wife out of her icy stare.

Both elevators dinged open, and the nine of them split off into two groups. Both elevators lurched under the weight of the women. It was decided to split them up as equally as possible for the safety of the mechanism. Marlene couldn't help but giggle as she ducked into her elevator.

Dave held Ashley's hand as the elevator descended toward the lobby. Ashley shut her eyes tight, trying not to listen to her dress creak as she shifted her weight. It'll hold. It has to.

With a ding, the doors opened and they all walked out into the abandoned lobby. Not even one employee was manning the front counter. The whole hotel looked evacuated. "It's eerie." Erica said, looking around at the empty lobby.

"So much for hospitality." Ashley added. The only noise beside their careful footsteps, was a low booming coming from the bar. They all wordlessly made their way toward the sound as it grew louder and louder. Then they saw it.

The bar was positively packed with people, dancing and chatting, and mingling amongst each other. Men in suits stood around, talking to women, all well over six feet. As they walked along, they could see so many stories bubbling up from the happy people chatting away. Some women wore PJs, stretched out to the max. Some were wearing simple bedsheets. Others had improvised much like Marlene, and made some homemade combinations. One woman wore what had to be her husband's suit jacket over her bare chest. She was laughing her head off at some joke, spilling her cocktail as she did.

Heather gasped, and grabbed Kevin, pointing to a pair of women in the corner who were completely naked. They stood there, talking, as casually as possible. "Society has begun to evolve." Kevin joked. Heather nudged him, laughing.

"Lot of big women." Erica remarked.

"Lot of infected women." Heather corrected.

"But not... as big as I thought?" Erica tried. They had all begun to notice that, though these women were big, none of them were any taller than 6'6". It was becoming apparent that the three women in their party who were on the other side of the estimate were drawing stares.

Ashley looked out at the sea of faces. She could see over everyone's head. It was a strange feeling. She found it a little hard to breathe. Rebecca grabbed her hand and squeezed it. "We can go, if you want." She whispered.

A woman approached them. She was a cute, brunette woman, just a little taller than Heather. "Excuse me." she muttered. They all looked at her. Here it was. The first of many questions. Who brought the freaks. Why did you get so tall. Are you going to make us sicker.

"Where did you get those dresses?" the brunette asked. A collective sigh erupted from the group as they laughed. Heather went on to explain the hellish night of stitching and sewing they went through to be the most fashionable people at Pandemic Prom. A crowd was beginning to form, listening to their escapades. 

"Well, you'd really have to do that." the brunette added. "Given how big you all got." The others nodded sagely.

"Were you tall to start with, or something?" A man in the crowd asked.

"We were all mostly average." Heather replied.

"I was tall." Erica added.

"You still are, babe." Pat corrected. She smiled, and kissed him.

"I was five foot two until a couple days ago." The brunette said. "Now I'm six three and I can bench press my mattress."

"So you got really bored too, I see." Ashley laughed.

"Oh, so bored. And like..." the brunette leaned in close to Ashley. "Kinda horny."

The other women nodded in the group. It was a side effect. "I'm just glad you guys didn't kick us out for being the tallest freaks at the party."

"You're not the tallest." One man replied. They all looked at him. "The gal at the other end of the bar, there. She's been here for hours. I don't think even your blue dress friend would beat her."

The Immune Squad turned to the other end of the bar. They saw an even bigger crowd of people, mostly men, talking to a blonde woman with her back turned to them. Even from a distance, they could tell she was massive. Rebecca nudged Ashley and Marlene forward, toward the towering woman in the bedsheet toga. She wanted to see for herself just how big this woman was compared to their two heaviest height hitters.

Ashley and Marlene slowly crept forward, with their friends just behind them. The brunette tagged along just to see it all shake out. As Ashley got closer, she could tell this woman was already several inches taller than her. She had to be over seven feet. And her head of long blonde hair was shaking as she laughed at the army of suitors in front of her. As the head shook more and more, Marlene caught a glimpse of her face. Just inches from her now, they both stopped dead in their tracks.


Tiny Tracey spun around and looked down at all her friends. "You guys made it!" she roared.

Chapter 14: Room 401 by BuriedBones

Day 1:

Tracey sat alone in Room 401, staring at her positive test. She felt herself sink into the couch. Her phone buzzed next to her. All her friends were reporting their negative tests. She felt sick, guilty, alone. All that talk she'd spewed at Rebecca the night before, and here she was the only positive friend of the group. Then Erica's results came back. She had it too. Shit. Had Tracey given it to her? The guilt was making her claustrophobic.

Then she realized, it wasn't just the guilt. Her chest was feeling tight. She stood up, and walked over to the mirror. Her face was beet red, and her eyes were glassy. It was already starting. She felt the neck of her t-shirt dig into her shoulders. And then, all of a sudden, she felt... good.The guilt began to wash away with a new sense of calm, pleasure. She wondered if Erica felt the same. Maybe she'd given her a gift, instead of a curse. If she was feeling even a fraction of what Tracey was feeling right now, she should be grateful.

Tracey snapped out of it. Her phone buzzed again. It seemed like the group was coming together in Dave's room. She thought about grabbing her keys and joining them. Then she looked in the mirror again. Her shirt was already starting to ride up, exposing her belly. Her self-consciousness took hold. She tried to push the shirt back down past her belt line, but it wouldn't budge. Tracey forced herself to stop as she noticed the shirt was riding higher and higher the more she tugged.

She sat back down on the couch, and sat there, staring at the television for what felt like hours. When her pants felt like they would squeeze the life out of her, she pulled them off, watching her soft flesh ripple outward. Had her legs always been this long? Of course not. She felt her thighs, letting her fingers tickle up toward her sex. Her shirt dug into her chest as she let her fingers slide into her wet pussy. On the couch, she brought herself to orgasm, letting the low happy emotions of the virus guide her to climax.

She stood up, feeling her new balance. The room definitely looked smaller. She went to her bag and pulled out her tape measurer, glad she brought it from her last job site. It seemed silly at the time, but now here she was, measuring herself along the wall of Room 401. She touched the top of her head with her fingertip, clamping the measurer into place and stood back to take a look: Five foot eight.

Tracey gasped. Seven inches in one day. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her once round, hourglass appearance had become more slender, more lithe. She noticed the beginning of muscle on the few inches of stomach poking out of her shirt. Seven inches in a day. And now she was pretty average sized, she'd almost wager that she would be considered tall. Erica was only an inch shorter than her now, after all. She remembered how she used to tower over her just yesterday.

Then Tracey remembered Erica had it, too. She wondered if she grew seven inches today as well. Maybe not, she found herself hoping. Rebecca had grown less than a foot in her stint. This was probably it for her, Tracey assumed. She looked at herself, 5'8". She could get used to being 5'8". It suited her well.

Day Two:

Tracey woke up with a feeling like someone was strangling her. She came to, realizing her shirt was stuck to her, pressing against her far too hard. Still half asleep, she ripped it off herself. It came off easy. Maybe it had worn down with all the stretching. One look at her arms made Tracey realize that wasn't the case. Even at rest, she could see hard lines of muscle along her biceps and triceps. She looked down at her now bare chest, past her new pair of breasts, to the rock hard abdominals along her stomach. She was a brick house. She stood up to get a better look and realized immediately the room had shrunk i  the night.

She snatched her tape measurer and raced into the bathroom. With the mirror in front of her, she measured 6'1" and gasped. She was a giant. Tallest person in the friend group by an inch. She stared at her massive new body with awe, watching her muscles shift along her frame as she moved. What would Martin think? What would all of them think? She wondered if they were still all in Dave's room. What was that number again? She dug through the group chat, stumbling on the answer: Room 412.

She thrashed through her suitcase, looking for anything that would fit her. Luckily, a lot of her fashion sense lent toward baggy. She'd thrown a pair of wide slacks, now looking like baggy culottes, and a sweater that showed only a little of her tummy, and raced out the door. Her eyes scanned along the rows of doors in the hallway, hungry for the number 412. She felt her long legs carry her swiftly along the hall. She felt her heart skip as she imagined all her friends faces when they saw her. There it stood: the door to the Fortress of Immunitude. She raised her hand to knock, but the sound of another door slamming stopped her.

A few doors down, a woman slid down the wall, her hands buried in a big tuft of red hair. Tracey crept toward her, watching her sob into a night shirt that was like a second skin on her. "You ok?" Tracey asked.

The redhead sniffled and looked up at the tall blonde woman smiling down at her. "He says he can't handle it."

"Somebody in there?" Tracey nodded toward the door.

"My boyfriend. I was 5'2" yesterday and now... look at me!" She shot up like a bullet, standing to her full height. Tracey rose up with her, and smiled, realizing she was a few inches shorter than herself.

"Doesn't look so bad to me. And I was 5'1" yesterday." she said, calmly.

"How tall are you now?" the redhead asked.

"Six-one, as of a few minutes ago. And my name is Tracey."

"Paulette." The redhead replied, holding out her hand for a shake. Tracey shook it warmly.

"Paulette, why don't you stick with me for a bit. We've got... at least this in common. Maybe we can give each other a little help in the transition."

"Thank you." Paulette sniffled. "I'd like that. I'm definitely not going back in there!" she pointed to the room.

"Do you need anything to take with you? I have some friends a few doors down I was going to hang with."

"No, nothing fits me anyway. That's what started this whole mess." Paulette replied.

"Let's see if I can find you something in my room, then." She took her hand and walked her back down to Room 401.

Once inside, Paulette's demeanor calmed. Her worries over this tall, thick woman were washing away as she realized her room wasn't full of switchblades and assault rifles. She was just a woman, going through the same thing Paulette was. Her eyes fell on the tape measurer on her desk. Tracey noticed.

"Yeah, that's been a real help this afternoon. Feel free to give it a shot." Tracey said, pulling clothes out from her suitcase.

Paulette brought the tape measurer down along her scantily clad body. She watched the numbers creep closer and closer toward six feet. She looked up and Tracey was right in front of her, holding a big sweat shirt and shorts. "Allow me."

She took the tape measurer and pulled it taught next to Paulette's head. "Five-ten. Not so bad, huh?"

"Bad enough to ruin my whole life." Paulette pouted.

"Not so bad that you can't start another one." Tracey replied. Paulette couldn't help but smile at that. She took the clothes from Tracey, and slid them over her own. Their baggy shape seemed to fit her well, and for the first time, she let herself feel normal again. "These rooms have a lot of channels to them, if there was something you wanted to watch..."

"I don't mind just sitting for now." Paulette replied. They sat down on the couch, and talked about each other's lives for the rest of the afternoon. They kept their mouths shut as they noticed each of their heads slowly crawling upward toward the ceiling. Paulette was surprised to find herself excited by the sight, knowing it was happening to her as well. Finding someone to bond with during this ordeal was making it all seem natural, and dare she say right. She told Tracey about her boyfriend, the years they'd spent together. How she thought he was going to propose on this trip. Now, it felt all over.

"Fuck him, then." Tracey spat.

"Yeah, I guess so." Paulette tried. Then she thought about it. "Yeah, fuck him!"

They both laughed, letting all their anxiety escape with each little expression. Tracey looked out the window. "Oh my god, it's dark out."

"We talked all day." Paulette sighed.

"Feel better?" Tracey asked.

"Much." Paulette hugged her. She had made a very good friend at the end of her life. Here's to the next life. They turned on the TV, and watched the pale light flicker as they cuddled warmly together in Tracey's bed. As her eyes shut, Tracey could only wonder what tomorrow held.

Day 3:

"Tracey get up!" Paulette screamed.

"What?" Tracey moaned, rising slowly.

"I'm huge!" Paulette continued.

"This again?" Tracey rubbed her eyes, standing up. She looked up at Paulette. Way up. It hit her. "You're huge."

Paulette nodded quickly, concern in her eyes. 

"Let me get the measurer." Tracey lumbered over to her desk, feeling her own clothes constrict against her body as she moved. She lined her massive redheaded friend along the wall and slung her long arms up to her head, measurer in hand. Her sleepy eyes shot open as she read out, "Six foot six."

Paulette put her hand up to her mouth, choking on her gasp. "That's too big."

"It's going to be fine, Paulette. I'm here. I'm..."

Paulette grabbed her and spun her against the wall, sliding the measurer up to Tracey's head. "Only six-three! You grew two inches and I grew eight!" 

"Technically, I grew fourteen inches, and you grew sixt-" Tracey tried. But Paulette shrieked again. Tracey approached her, rubbing her shoulders as she watched tears form in her eyes. "It's going to be fine. I'm here. I'm in it, too."

"But what if it doesn't stop?" Paulette choked.

"It will. It always has. It takes about a week."

"It's been three days!"

"Here, why don't you make some coffee, and I'll grab a shower. Then you can take a shower, and we'll be nice and clean, and ready to start the day fresh?"

Paulette nodded, unsure. Tracey smiled. She hugged Paulette, feeling her wide hips collide with her own. Compared to Paulette's soft curves, Tracey couldn't help but feel just how hard her body had become. She had gained almost no fat with her growth, as her body flared out like a fitness coach. She parted from Paulette and stepped into the bathroom.

As she watched the water ripple down her tight stomach, and broad shoulders, she felt that same old feeling of awe return. She grabbed for anything nearby, settling on the lid of the toilet. She lifted the heavy porcelain like it was styrofoam, watching her bicep bulge as it came toward her. It wasn't enough. She wanted more. She killed the water and jumped out of the shower. It took a minute to wrap a couple towels around herself to comfortably step out to Paulette.

Paulette was holding a cup of coffee for her, looking more settled. "I think I grew again."

"You don't look like it to me." Tracey said, approaching her. She grabbed the cup from her hands and stopped dead. She was staring her right in the eye. They were the same height. Paulette caught on as well. "Definitely don't look it to me." Tracey repeated.

"That must have been some hell of a shower." Paulette replied. Tracey giggled. She was happy to see her new friend returning to her playful demeanor.

"Let's see what the damage is." Tracey said, pulling out her tape measurer. After a couple quick stretches and string outs, they both measured out to 6'7".

"I can't have been in the shower that long." Tracey sighed.

"It's the inconsistency of the thing that's the real hell of it." Paulette concluded.

"And... the other thing." Tracey muttered.

"What other thing?" Paulette asked.

"Are you... are you not... do you feel..." Tracey stumbled. She was afraid to say it in front of someone she just met.

"Feel like I would fuck a mule if it bought me dinner?" Paulette asked. Tracey laughed.


"God, I hate to say it, but I've had to stop myself going back to that ass in my room a couple times already."

"Good for you. You shall be rewarded by my bold new idea." Tracey announced.

"And what's that?" Paulette queried.


Both women crept down the stairs, wearing what best they could scrounge together. Tracey had pulled her zip-up hoodie along her tight chest, letting it dangle like a baby tee above her stomach. Her once baggy shorts were now scrunched tightly against her booty. Paulette had settled on something a bit classier. Tracey had brought along a floor-length evening dress for their now-canceled goodbye dinner. It was now hovering just above Paulette's kneecaps as she tip toed behind Tracey toward the bottom of the stairs.

They opened the door into the lobby, looking out at the deserted space with wonder and confusion. "Is there nobody running the store?" Paulette asked.

"I think they've abandoned us." Tracey gasped. There was silence then. Tracey howled, listening to it echo along the empty walls. Paulette jumped at the sound, then giggled, joining in on the howls.

"Explorers!" Tracey shouted.

"Loud ones, too." came a voice from behind. They both spun around, startled. A group of people looked back at them. Two men, and a woman. The men all looked normal, if not a bit concerned. The woman on the other hand, was just shy of six feet and scowling up at them.

"Sorry, we didn't mean to startle you." Said the other man. "I'm Josh, and this is my brother Greg, and his wife Alicia."

Tracey smiled. "I'm Tracey, and this is my partner in crime Paulette." Paulette waved shyly. "We decided to take in the surroundings."

"I take it you also have the virus." Greg said, stupidly.

"Or maybe the circus is in town." Alicia snarled.

Tracey ignored her. "Yeah, things were seeming a bit cramped, so here we are. What are you guys doing down here?"

"Alicia has been experiencing some symptoms." Greg replied. "The front desk hasn't been picking up in a few hours, so we wanted to check in and see if there were any updates."

"Update: They fucked right off." Tracey said, motioning toward the empty counter behind them.

"No!" Alicia gasped, staring at the nobody in charge. "I can't do this alone, Gregory."

"You've got us. We've got you, sweetiepie." He hugged his wife. He was still several inches taller than her, Tracey noticed.

"What if it gets worse?" Alicia cried. "It's only been three days and I grew two whole inches!"

Tracey choked on her laugh, trying hard not to let it out. Alicia's fierce eyes fell on her. "Something funny? We're not all used to being tall."

"Three days ago, I was five foot two." Paulette giggled. "And Tracey was even shorter."

Alicia's eyes widened. Compassion filled them. "Oh my god. You two are really going through it. That explains why you're flashing us."

"Huh?" Paulette asked. Alicia's eyes pointed down toward Paulette's legs. Tracey's eyes followed, noticing now that her friend's pink panties were poking out from underneath what was now a very short-cropped dress. Paulette blushed, putting her hands around her crotch. "I'm so sorry!"

"It's been a learning process for all of us." Tracey said, smoothing things over. "Here, why don't we all walk together for a bit and see if we find any staff hanging around?" They all nodded in agreement.

The five of them walked along, looking around the abandoned hotel, chatting with one another about their experiences in quarantine. Greg and Alicia were visiting for a cousin's birthday. Josh had come to the hotel to greet them the night before, and was stuck with them now until the stay at home order lifted. Paulette looked over at Josh, who was oddly quiet since they'd begun. She saw his eyes move away from her quickly as she looked at him. She'd caught him staring. She felt herself blush. Was he into this new version of her? Paulette found herself oddly surprised by this, given the past few days of fear and confusion. But now she felt... ready.

"So it must be tough being stuck as the third wheel this weekend." Paulette said, nudging closer to Josh. She let Tracey carry on with the couple ahead, letting her pace slow down. Josh followed her long legs.

"It's not so bad. We've got the couch at least, which hasn't been the worst thing I've slept on." Josh replied. "Not like I wasn't going to be the third wheel at the birthday, anyway."

"So you've got nobody waiting for you outside?" Paulette asked. She saw Josh's face fall. "Oh no, I didn't mean it like that!"

"No, it's ok. I'm a pretty solitary guy." Josh smiled. "Not that I don't mind company."

"And what kind of company are we talking about?" Paulette cooed.

"Nobody as beautiful as you, at least." Josh muttered. He shook his head. That was stupid.

Paulette smiled. She felt something come over her. She grabbed his hand, stopping him in his tracks. She watched the other three walk further away down the hall, and pulled Josh in for a kiss. He kissed her back, and she felt her spine straighten. Wait, it wasn't straightening. Was it... lengthening? She pulled away, staring down at herself. Josh watched as her dress slid further up past her hips, becoming a blouse before his eyes. Her breasts pressed further outward, creating a tight, soft cleavage. Josh gulped.

"Are you ok?" he wheezed.

"Never better. Where were we?" She pressed herself against him, letting her long legs slide up his side as she kissed him deeper and deeper.

Their bodies collided along the hallway, in search of a more open space to do the deed more appropriately. Clutching his head in her hands, Paulette looked up to see the bar, empty, just a few steps away. "Follow me, I have an idea."

She tugged the nearly unresponsive Josh into the bar. He laughed as he felt her strength guide him toward a tall table at the end of the bar. She spun him around, hands on his shoulders staring down at him with eyes like firecrackers. "Would you believe I've never done this before? Not in public, I mean."

"I haven't either." Josh sighed, staring up at her radiant face between a thick curtain of red locks. "Especially not with a giant goddess." Her mouth parted into a hungry smile. Then it was on him. He felt her lips dance against his as her tongue found him. His hands were all over her, feeling her soft curves along the tight dress on her torso. His hands crept inside, feeling the soft flesh of her massive breasts. She moaned, still kissing him as her hands found his member.

Then she stopped. Josh looked at her, her face now full of worry. "Did you hear that?" she whispered.

"What?" He asked.

"It sounded like... laughing." Paulette replied. Josh shook his head, staring around at the empty bar. Paulette looked around as well. There was no one in sight, but she sensed something. She took a couple steps toward the bar, listening. Then, she thought about it. What would she do if she found someone? Yell at them because she was having sex in public? She didn't have a very long leg to stand on in that argument.

"Let's get out of here." she announced, grabbing Josh and pulling him out of the bar.

Tracey walked along the last row of rooms, with nobody in sight. "Yeah, it's like a ghost town." she commented.

"This feels illegal." Alicia replied. 

"What can we do?" asked Greg. "Complain to the front desk?"

"Hey, are you alright?" Alicia cut in, grabbing Tracey's broad shoulder.

"Yeah, why?" Tracey asked, confused.

"Your zipper just popped off." Alicia explained. Tracey looked down at her hoodie. The zipper was indeed gone, with the zipped middle of her hoodie now slowly unraveling from the top. 

"Oh jeez, I'm sorry." Tracey said, impotently trying to redo the zip without her zipper.

"It's just been constant for you, hasn't it?" Greg asked. Tracey nodded. 

"I guess I should count my blessings." Alicia replied.

"It's not all bad. Check this out." Tracey grabbed a support bar from the wall. She put both her hands around it, unsure if this would work. With a tug, it came free from the wall. Greg and Alicia gasped. "I wasn't sure if I could do that." She bent the hollow metal tube into an arc. "Jesus."

"Jesus." the couple agreed.

"Paulette, did you see that?" Tracey asked. The hall was empty save for them. "Paulette." She had just now realized her friend was gone. She couldn't guess for how long.

"Josh?" Greg added.

"Here! Right here!" Paulette and Josh raced into the hall in front of them. Tracey gasped. Paulette's disheveled red hair was now touching the top of the ceiling.

"What happened to you?" she asked.

"We got a little sidetracked." she huffed.

"We thought if we split up, we'd cover more ground." Josh added, breathlessly. His hair was equally mussed. They were fooling no one.

"Well, so long as it was productive." Alicia replied.

"Oh yes." Josh smiled. Paulette nudged him.

"No, actually. We didn't find anybody." 

"Same here." Tracey said. "But hey, we made some friends. That's not nobody, right?"

Alicia stared up at Tracey's beaming face. Her scowl returned, before giving way to a smile. "It's not... nothing."

"Here's some people!" came a voice. They saw another party of folks approaching from the pool. "Have you guys seen any staff?" asked the leader.

They all shook their heads. It was becoming clear the search party was bigger than they thought, and nobody was successful. "I guess this calls for a drink." Tracey announced.

At the bar, a group of some dozen people, led by the nearly seven foot Tracey and the over seven foot Paulette, emptied bottles into glasses as they talked and sang of their quarantine sorrows. It was clear to everyone that they'd all been cooped, tired, and frustrated for far too long.

"Then why don't we do something about it?" asked a round-faced woman, Debbie. She was five-nine today, and feeling worked up.

"Like what?" Paulette asked, Josh draped over her huge form. They both held tumblers of rum, and were starting to feel it.

"A shindig!" Debbie stomped her foot.

"What, like a party?" Tracey asked, also in the beginning stages of tipsy.

"Exactly like a party! said a man, Fred.

A low roar of cheers rang up amongst the assembly. Plans were soon hatched, and everyone got to work writing the official announcement of bits of paper from behind the front desk. Two copies for every floor. Each to be posted by the stairs and elevator for anyone brave enough to chance the world outside their rooms. The shut ins would be kept to their peace. Everyone else was invited to that very bar, two nights from then. Enough time for the prisoners of the Hotel LeGrande to find the message. It was time to cast off their chains and cut loose. The warden had fled, now the inmates were in charge.

Tracey laughed as she and Paulette climbed up the stairs back to their room. They waved excitedly to their new friends as everyone turned off to their respective floors. Paulette hung her arm across Josh as he waved goodbye to Greg and Alicia. They smiled at him, knowingly.

"You sticking with us, Josh?" Tracey asked.

"Oh, actually. I was thinking I'd go back to my old room tonight." Paulette stammered. It was an odd look for a woman now standing at 7'2", a foot over her sheepish date.

"Oh! Good for you!" Tracey saved. "Are you sure the ass won't mind?"

"The ass is not the one with the credit card on file." Paulette said, finding her courage. "Not like there's anyone left to complain to anyway."

Tracey smiled. She took Paulette by the shoulders and hugged her. Only a couple days ago she had been almost a foot and a half shorter, and sobbing like her life was over. Now she was about to reclaim it for herself. "See you at the party?" Tracey asked.

"We'll be there." Paulette sighed. "Thank you, Tracey. For everything."

They parted, and Tracey watched from room 401 as Paulette and Josh walked down the hall to their new life.

The ass was sitting on the bed, staring at the ring box in his hand. He hadn't heard from Paulette in days. She'd left her phone when she stormed out. Stormed out, he told himself. Not that he threw her out. It was her decision to leave. He just told her it would be a good idea. He had poked his head out the hallway a few times a day, but she was nowhere in sight. Who knows where she went. Hopefully she had found what she needed. He still intended to marry her, if she found a way to get well again. He was only five-ten himself, and when she stared him right in the eye, he couldn't help but be upset. How could she do that to him? After all he had done for her.

A knock at the door shook him out of his stupor. He stood up. It was time. "Babe?" he called to the doorway.

"Yeah, babe." came Paulette's voice from the other side.

"You ok now?" he asked.

"Never better." Paulette replied. The ass smiled. He tucked the ring back into his pocket and moved toward the door. Now was the time to pop the question. She had learned her lesson, and was ready to be his again. He opened the door, and stared directly at a pair of nipples poking through what looked like a very short dress.

His neck craned up and up, until it got right to Paulette's smiling face. That face was now attached to the biggest body he had ever seen, with curves rolling along in a perfect hourglass. Her long arms pulled him close to her. He felt his body sink into her soft, warm flesh. It was like a dream. He barely noticed the man standing next to her, trying his best not to look awkward. He had slid into a cozy unreality as he felt his gargantuan future-fiancee move him out into the hallway. He snapped out of it when the door slammed. He was alone, and all was quiet.

There must be some mistake. He knocked on the door. No response. He knocked louder. "Paulette, come on. Let's talk about this, baby."

He heard heavy footsteps. Thank god. She still had some sense. They could work this out. There had to be a cure or something. She'd come around.

The door swung open, and Paulette effortlessly chucked his suitcase right at him. It hit him like a lead cauldron, and he fell to the ground. When he stood up, there would be more knocking. But the door would not open again until it was party time.

Day 4:

Tracey spent the day before the party making arrangements with the ragtag crew of folks that came together to plan. They took stock of the bar, made everything they could out of what ingredients remained in the kitchen, and tried their best to decorate as festively as possible given the barren surroundings of the abandoned hotel.

She couldn't help but marvel as she made more and more friends, and watched the female half of them slowly rise taller as the day went on. She had become something of a de facto leader, as people naturally looked up to her. Around lunch time, they all munched on the little bits of snacks they had prepared that morning. Tracey considered it a taste test to see what dishes passed for party consumption. They all took turns measuring themselves then, and the loudest cheer came when Tracey clocked in at exactly seven feet.

"At least it's slowing down." she remarked to the laughing crowd. 

About a dozen women all joined together in a first floor room owned by the irrepressible Debbie to cobble something together for them all to wear. Debbie had broken six feet herself just after lunch, and couldn't stop giggling the rest of the day about it. Everyone brought their bedsheets, finding different ways tie, scrunch, and wrap them to fit themselves. Some of the women were still lucky to have a few things that fit them to accessorize with. But the little crew of big women all started with a foundation of bedsheets.

They crowded around Tracey, helping her figure out just how to get her massive body fully covered. There would be no more accessorizing for her. They all worked it out into a stately, regal toga for their warrior queen. She stood before them, like an alabaster Statue of Liberty, making joke poses and laughing with her new friends. She wondered about Paulette then, and if she was still getting bigger with Josh nearby to watch in amazement.

She sat on her knees as Debbie did her hair. It was decided to get it all done tonight, in case she was too big to reach by party time. 

As Tracey laid down in her bed, taking gentle care not to mess up her look, she could barely shut her eyes from the excitement of what the next day held.

Day 5:

The Immune Squad listened, rapt in joy, as Tracey finished her story. She stood there, now 7'3" by her most recent estimate, her toga creeping up her ankles with the biggest smile they'd ever seen. "So yeah, that was my week. You guys get up to anything fun?"

The Squad all took turns murmuring and muttering. They didn't exactly know how to top that. Especially since they couldn't even see the top of her head.

"Well then, you guys think about it. And I'll get us a round of shots." Tracey beamed.

Chapter 15: The Bar, Day 5 by BuriedBones

Tracey filled the last shot glass with what remained of a tall glass of vodka. "We'll start simple." she said, standing up to her full height. She stared down at her friends, and couldn't help but smile. "God, it feels like I'm standing on a podium or something. I'm not used to looking down at all of you. It was easier with strangers, but now..."

Erica walked up to her, placing her hand on Tracey's shoulder. With her other hand, she placed a shot glass in Tracey's palm. "What are we drinking to?"

"Old friends." Dave said, raising his own glass.

"And new possibilities." Ashley added. The rest of them raised their glasses, and downed the vodka quickly, letting their faces purse as it burned down their throat.

"Sorry," Tracey gagged. "We're down to mostly bottom shelf at this point. A lot of the good liquor was gone before we started."

Rebecca stepped back, trying her best to look innocent. Ashley smiled down at her, hiding her laughter with her hand.

"Erica, are you ok?" Pat asked. They all whipped around to see Erica, her head still craned toward the ceiling.

"Oh my god, is she choking?" Tracey asked, lumbering over to Erica and placing her hand on her back.

"I don't think she's choking." Heather replied. "I think it's the other thing."

Erica's spine went straight. Her eyes clenched tight. The people gathered around Tracey turned their attention to the woman in the green dress as it slowly slid up her legs. The loose hem at her knees tightened as it rose, ending just on the edge of her flaring hips. Erica heaved, coming up for air as she fanned her glistening face. She stared up at the other towering blonde's concerned face next to her.

"What the hell was that?" Tracey gasped.

"It's kind of my own personal brand of the virus." Erica breathed. "Really keeps me on my toes."

"Did that lady just grow?" A voice in the crowd called.

"Yeah, she does it all at once." Pat tried to help, nestling up to his date. The top of his head barely cleared her shoulder now, but he didn't let it phase him.

"She's gotta measure! That's the rule." Came another voice. A cheer broke out amongst the crowd.

"Kind of a little game we've been playing." Tracey explained to her baffled friends. "If somebody notices you grow, you have to measure on the wall." Her long arm pointed over to the high wall next to the bar. A string of well decorated markings snaked upward, with readings all the way up to nine feet. Kevin whistled in awe as his eyes looked higher and higher at the max reading.

"There's no way they think someone could..." Heather couldn't bring herself to finish her thought. Chants had erupted as Tracey placed her arms around Erica and Pat, walking them toward the wall. She placed Erica up against it, smiling down at her as she read out for the crowd.

"An even seven feet!" Another cheer. Drinks flowed even faster, as someone handed Erica a pint glass full of something that looked strong.

"What do I win?" she laughed.

"A drink!" Tracey replied.

"Aren't all the drinks free?" Erica asked.

"Yeah, but you WON this one." 

Erica laughed with Tracey. She wasn't going to fight it. With her larger friend next to her, she realized everyone else she could see was smaller than her, and much smaller than her at that. "Seven feet." she whispered.

Debbie approached her, staring up at her with a wide smile. "You're only the third one to clear seven that we've seen. Just you, Tracey, and Paulette... wherever she is."

"I'm sure she's got her hands full, still." Tracey smirked. From afar, she locked eyes with Alicia and Greg who smirked back at her. Even from a distance, Tracey could tell Alicia had cleared the gap with her taller husband, with them both standing at a height around 6'2". That made her smirk grow even bigger.

"How does it feel, baby?" Pat asked. "You're the star of the show!" He was already a little tipsy. Erica envied him as all eyes looked at him.

"Feels like I'm glad for a drink." she laughed. They all cheered, with the crowd breaking back into their groups. It made it hard to notice Heather slip away from them. Kevin watched her slink away out of the bar and followed her.

In the hallway, he found his wife alone, her shoulders slumped in the dim hallway behind the front desk. "Heather, you ok?"

He saw a tear wipe from her cheek as he got even closer. "What's going on?" he persisted.

"It's nothing." Heather choked. 

"It's never nothing, Heather." Kevin replied. She turned around to him, staring down at her well-dressed, average-sized husband.

"It's not that I'm jealous." she shouted.

"I didn't say you were."

"Well, I'm not. But I do feel... something. And whatever that is I'm feeling, makes me feel guilty." Heather explained.

Kevin nodded along, trying to follow the cryptic code his wife used to talk about her emotions.

"I see what happens to Erica there, and I want it to be me. And I've never wanted that. I was happy being the size I was. And then you made me feel happy being this size. So why do I want more?" Heather cried again. Kevin walked up to her, brushing her wet face with his hand.

"You're not doing anything wrong." he said, calmly. "Your feelings are not wrong. Whatever you want, it's ok to want it. The others are doing fine with it. And no matter what happens, if you stay this way, grow three more feet... hell, start shrinking... you have me. Always."

Heather laughed, letting her tears catch in her throat. "Kevin." She pulled him into a hug. He rubbed her back, letting her melt into his arms. She kissed him on the cheek, then again. Their mouths found each other. Her arms snaked down his sides as she laughed again. They were about to do this. He always knew how to cheer her up.

Kevin slid his hands down her back, stopping on her ass as he squeezed it through her tight skirt. "Have I told you that you look amazing yet?"

"Yes." Heather moaned through her kisses. "A few times."

"But I haven't on this floor, yet." Kevin replied, still kissing.

Heather laughed. "I guess not."

Kevin pulled away from her, staring down at his wife, her knees buckling already with pleasure. "You look amazing."

He kissed her again. They made out in the dark hall, paying no attention to the handful of partygoers sneaking past them into the lobby. Kevin felt his wife's lips explore his, pulling away from him with each peck. She was making him chase her, and he was obliging. He felt her head move slowly away as she rose higher up, adding to the game.

"It's no fair if you keep standing up straight." Kevin laughed.

"I'm not standing up straight." Heather purred. Kevin chanced a glance down past his wife's cleavage. Her knees were still buckled, and yet he found himself reaching to kiss her. "Heather." he tried.

"Mmm." she didn't.

"I think we should stop for a second."

"Don't you dare." Heather purred again.

"It might be to your benefit."

Heather pulled away from her husband, glaring down at him with full annoyance. Her long arms were wrapped around his shoulders as she raised an eyebrow. 

"Stand up straight." Kevin pleaded.

Heather let her twisted legs straighten out, watching with growing awe as her husband's eyes moved further away. "No!"

"I don't think you're done just yet." Kevin remarked. He'd just gotten used to staring at his wife's chin. Now he was looking right at her collar bone. Heather kissed him again, and he fell back into his sway. Then she stopped, abruptly. She stood up straight, and took him by the hand. They raced back into the bar where the carousing hadn't even slowed down a millisecond.

"Say it." she whispered, nudging Kevin.

"Say what?" Kevin asked.

"Say it, so they'll measure me." Heather helped. Kevin got it. He cleared his throat dramatically.

"I say, ma'am. I think you've grown some since you got here!" A cheer roared out. Their friends were suddenly around them. Heather watched them surround her, leading her toward the height wall. Tracey and Erica still looked massive, but Heather took small comfort in how close Marlene and Ashley were to her own size.

"I guess I spoke too soon." Rebecca chirped. Heather smiled, trying to look as unthrilled as possible noticing that the be-heeled Rebecca was now smaller than her again. Tracey took her in close and placed Heather against the wall. 

"Six-five!" she shouted. Everyone roared, before Tracey's big hand rose to stop them. "And... still growing?"

Tracey was beside herself. Before her eyes, she could see Heather's head ever so slowly clearing the line of 6'5". She wagered Heather would be six and a half feet tall before the next hour. She told her as much. Kevin nodded.

"It's just like day one all over again." he said, sagely.

"So I had a little break, and now it's going to hit me like a ton of bricks again?" Heather stammered. It was beginning to dawn on her that we must be very careful what we wish for. "How the hell does that work?"

"Well, there's probably some form of gestation period within some... members who get... infected." Martin blustered. "Makes the symptoms hibernate-"

"The expert has weighed in." Marlene laughed.

"She asked!" Martin laughed back. Marlene leaned down and kissed her husband. She let herself sigh just a little. The past couple days, being the tallest person in the group started to feel like an unofficial burden. Martin's obsession with his own height had infected her. She found herself happy to return to average, at least amongst her female friends. She sidled up next to Ashley, noticing that she was now staring at the bridge of her nose.

"Looks like the group's not done yet. Want me to announce you?" she nudged her.

"Don't you fucking dare." Ashley whispered with mock anger. Marlene smiled.

Tracey pulled Heather and Kevin aside, pouring Heather her celebratory pint glass. "So this is pretty weird, huh." she commented. "Heather, did you ever imagine back in school that one day we'd both spend a week becoming linebackers in a dingy hotel?"

"Can't say I did. I don't think I ever even imagined looking up at you." Heather replied. She laughed, remembering. "Remember when you bought those six inch heels, and you were so excited to take them to the dance floor... and you could barely get out the door with them?"

Tracey laughed with her. "I had to chuck them in the bushes and run back for my flip flops!" They all laughed.

"And now you've got, what? 10 inches on me? Almost a foot." Heather added.

"For now, lady. Your boobs look like they're about to pop out at me." Tracey pointed at Heater's tight top. She looked down, noticing a new curve of flesh arching out behind the red fabric. She blushed, clutching her chest.

"We can go back upstairs if you want." Kevin helped.

"Do you have any more of those bedsheets?" Heather asked Tracey. Tracey just smiled.

Heather watched the edge of the doorframe as she slipped into the backbar. She had seen Tracey have to duck under it quite a bit, so she was more than prepare. She still let herself watch it as it passed, and recognize how close it had become to her face. It was only going to get closer. She could feel her sleeves pressing against her shoulders more and more with every minute. 

She followed her massive former roommate along the steel tables of the back kitchen, watching her rap her knuckles on every pot and pan as she went. "We got acquainted with the space all yesterday. I wish you'd been here. You and Marlene would have had a blast preparing with us. But, I guess blame Rebecca. I felt like I wanted to surprise you all, too."

Heather laughed. "I don't think I'll ever stop being surprised, Tracey. You're a mountain."

"Mount Tray-nier." Kevin chimed in. She didn't even notice until then that he had tagged along. He looked even shorter than he had only an hour ago in the hallway. She knew he wasn't the problem. She looked down at her skirt, now barely hanging down past her groin. She could see the very tip of her undies, also pressed firmly against her, peaking out beneath them.

"So you said you have something back here, then?" she wheezed. She felt her breasts jiggle dangerously as she picked up the pace to keep up with her taller friend.

"Here we go!" Tracey opened a steel cabinet to reveal a pile of long, billowing fabric. "We made a storage compartment, for just such an occasion as you're experiencing now."

Heather pulled a long, white sheet out from the pile, watching it straighten out in front of her. "It's not exactly formal wear. Maybe-"

A snap from below cut Heather off. Her eyes shot down just in time to watch her belt fall down around her ankles. The clasp had cracked down the middle, unsalvageable.

"Jesus, Heather." Tracey said. She couldn't help but feel a mix of concern and pride.

Heather whisked the white cloth around herself like a cape. "I can make it work."

Tracey emerged from the back bar, with all eyes falling on her again. She was still getting used to being the center of attention, and the level of leadership that comes with it. She held up a hand "Ok, guys. Sorry, we need a new rule. And I'm not just saying it because she's my oldest friend. But if we keep giving Heather drinks every time someone notices she grew, we're gonna deplete the bar faster than any of you will like."

A mixture of mock sadness and laughter filled the room as Heather appeared from the back bar. She found herself dipping slightly under the doorframe as she clutched Kevin's hand. She had converted her skirt into a scarf of sorts, letting it cover her now very-indecent cleavage. Her long legs were covered by a well cinched sheet that dragged along the floor. She walked up to the group, now staring at her interesting choice of fashion.

"I think it works." Marlene said, staring down at Heather's new skirt scarf. Heather smiled at her, and her mouth fell open.

"Stand up straight!" she squealed.

Marlene started to get the picture. "I am!"

They were the same height. They took each other by the arms and jumped. The room took notice, and they quieted down, meekly.

"You both look incredible, and nobody can say different." Erica slurred, putting her arms around her smaller friends. "And the best thing is... you can grow into it." she cackled at that. They all noticed that Erica's free pint glass of hard liquor was nearly gone.

"Ok, so I'm gonna just sip this very slowly." Heather remarked to her own pint glass. Erica laughed harder at that.

"Get on my level! Ashley, you're the expert. Don't you think she made it nice and roomy?" Erica asked.

Ashley perked up at the sound of her name. She had been leaning against a tall table, letting her finger circle around Dave's palm. It was the only distraction she had from just how tight her dress was becoming. "Yeah, looks great." she faked.

They all gasped as Ashley stood to attention. She was towering over all of them now. Even Erica had to stare up just a little bit. Pat's mouth curved into a devilish smile.

"Patrick, you say one word, and I'll-" Ashley began.

"Ashley! Did you GROW?!" Pat screamed.

Ashley slumped down further as she was lost in the roar of the crowd.

Chapter 16: The Pool, Day 5 by BuriedBones

"Seven foot three!" Tracey shouted, staring directly into Ashley's mortified eyes. "Congrats, Ash."

"Yes, thank you." Ashley said, whisking herself off the height chart with her impossibly long legs.

"Wait, you forgot your drink." Came a voice from a man at the bar, holding another tall pint glass of booze.

"Keep it!" Ashley shouted back.

"I'll take it." Erica said, sidling up next to the man. Her seven foot stature made him jump back.

"No you won't." Marlene said, snatching it out of the man's hand before Erica could reach. "I'll take this one for the team."

They all walked back into their huddle. Marlene poured Ashley's "free" drink into everyone's glasses to share. 

Ashley slumped against Dave, which took some doing, now that her shoulders were higher than his head. "Thank you for that, Pat. I feel so loved."

Pat nodded to her, drunkenly unaware of the sarcasm. Erica wrapped herself around him and pulled him into a sloppy kiss.

"Well congrats on being tied for the tallest, I guess." Tracey laughed.

"At the moment." Heather added, standing up straight. They all devolved then, into babble around the week, the future. Everything friends find it easy to discuss. Ashley couldn't bring herself to join in.

"Are you ok?" Dave whispered to her.

"I'm fine. This dress is just so tight." she replied.

"We can find you something in the back. Like Heather." he offered.

"Like Heather." She looked over at Heather, popping out of her black top. Even from across the table she could tell she was still growing. Faster than Ashley, to be sure, but not that much faster. "I just don't know when it will stop." she whispered.

"No matter what, I'm here." Dave replied. Ashley smiled. She ran her finger down his chin and pulled him into a kiss, bending down almost perpendicular to reach his craning head. Rebecca watched, next to Ashley. She moved her head around her friend's massive chest to see them rapt in bliss, and tried her best to hide her sigh.

"So," Rebecca shouted suddenly. "What else does this party have to offer?" 

They all looked around as the mingling crowds slowly grew closer to each other. Lust was in the air, they could almost smell it.

"Room's getting pretty hot." Martin said.

"And it has nothing to do with the air conditioning." Marlene added.

"Should we step out, or... join in?" Rebecca pitched.

"Rebecca, really?" Heather said.

"What? It's a party!" 

"Let me get you a drink." Ashley said, taking Rebecca by the arm. "Another drink." Rebecca followed along as her roommate tugged her toward the bar. Her eyes shot a look, before realizing they were right in line with her jiggling bosom.

"You're about to snap that hemline in half, honey." she said.

"I know. That's why I'm trying to get out of here." Ashley said, grabbing a bottle of booze from behind the bar with her long arm.

"What do you mean?" Rebecca asked, panicked.

"Settle down. I just want to do a quick change. And I want your help."

"Why me?" Rebecca asked, staring back at Dave. Did Ashley have some motive to separate them?

"Because you're my best friend, Beccs. I want your help." Ashley said. "Please?"

Rebecca swallowed her jealousy, staring up at Ashley's hurt eyes. "Of course." They both took a swig of the bottle and disappeared behind the backroom.

Dave watched them go, before turning his attention back to the group.

"What?" Erica asked, confronting the unbroken eye contact Heather had been shooting her for some time.

"Seven feet exactly, right?" She turned then to Tracey, who nodded. Heather looked back at Erica, her eyes now less than an inch from her own.

"Almost there." Heather smiled.

"You're creeping me out." Erica laughed.

"What are you gonna do about it, kiss me?" Heather teased.

"The hell does that mean?" Pat asked, suddenly excited.

"Heather's just as hot as the rest of them." Erica said, with a save.

"So how do we cool her off?" Kevin asked, nudging his wife. She blushed.

A splash in the distance cut off any chance of an answer. They all spun around toward the exit of the bar. Past the lobby, the turquoise glow of the pool room was calling them.

"No! Are people actually swimming?" Marlene asked.

"Only one way to find out." Dave replied.

Heather raced ahead of the rest of them, pulling Kevin behind her as she felt the once billowing bedsheet-skirt slowly rise up her ankles. She hid her smile as she threw open the door. The Immune Squad all looked in on the bacchanal of the poolroom. Men in their swimsuits were splashing around with an assortment of tall women, some fit snugly into their own suits, others in home-made facsimiles, and many stuffed into their bras and panties, if even that.

"Dear god." Heather exclaimed.

"It's full of stars." Pat added.

In the backroom, Rebecca helped Ashley slip into a pair of bedsheets, tied together into something that resembled a potato bag.

"Very flattering." Ashley said, staring down at her boxy appearance.

"Want to try the old dress, then?" Rebecca shot back, pointing down at the tattered, ruined blue dress Ashley had arrived in. It had been a struggle to remove it, and the dress had certainly lost.

"Thank you for your help. I don't mean to be a bitch. It's just-"

"A lot." Rebecca finished for her. "I know. It was a lot for me, and I didn't even grow a foot. This new strain is just... unbelievable. You're like 2 feet taller than you started at."

"You don't have to tell me." Ashley replied. "It was only a few days ago."

"I know. I'm just saying, you'll adjust." Rebecca patted her on the back, watching her sack dress billow with the impact.

"You certainly did. You were the center of attention when you showed up." Ashley said.

"Yeah, now look at me. Average at best in a sea of titans." she looked down at herself. A perfect hourglass stuffed into a beautiful black dress, and hardly any eyes were on her. Ashley hugged her tight.

"So many eligible guys in that sea. You point them out to me, and I'll help you catch one." Ashley said.

"Just like you used to. You always had that effect" Rebecca sighed. Ashley looked at her, a smile growing on her face.

"But magnified." she beamed.

They wandered out to the bar, and were startled to find in almost empty. "What the hell?" Ashley said.

"Where did everybody go?" Rebecca agreed.

"Dave!" Ashley called. A man behind her reached out to tap her on the shoulder, before deciding it would be easier to do it to Rebecca. They both spun around to see him.

"Most of the folks went over to the pool. But watch your step, it's getting crazy in there."

"I don't think we're the ones who have to watch our step." Ashley cooed. She nudged Rebecca, "Right?"

Rebecca nodded, mischievously. 

Once they walked through the door, it wasn't hard to spot their group amongst the splashing horde. Tracey, Heather, Marlene, and Erica all stood out on the deep end. They were resting against the side, with the boys all around them. More boys than they came with. Ashley raised an eyebrow at Rebecca as Dave waved them forward. The group waded out toward the shallow end to greet the newcomers as they approached. It was like the whole pool parted as the four amazons splashed toward sure footing.

They rose as they walked, their wet dresses clinging to their skin as they came out of the water. Rebecca and Ashley watched as the women towered past the paltry 4 foot shallow end. "What are you waiting for?" Erica called.

"We're not dressed for this." Ashley tried.

"And we are?" Heather replied.

The two looked at each other. They didn't have much of a leg to stand on. Ashley stepped down the little pool steps to meet them. Rebecca kicked off her shoes and dipped her legs in, sitting on the side. As Ashley walked, Heather's smiled grew. She walked toward her, playing it cool as she waded closer and closer. The others watched, knowing exactly what she was doing. But Ashley couldn't help but feel confused, right until they were only inches apart. Then it hit her.

"You're taller than me!" she whisper-shouted.

"I'm taller than everybody. Seven foot six, if we measured the deep end right."

"Jesus, Heather." Ashley remarked. "How does it feel?" 

Heather leaned in close, and pressed her face against Ashley's, letting her lips dangle just a centimeter from her ear before she whispered, "Incredible."

Ashley shivered. She found herself, staring at her towering, busty friend, becoming excited. Her anxiety melted away from the confidence Heather exuded in this new form. This was the ultimate Heather. She had embraced it fully, and made Ashley want the same for herself.

Rebecca tapped her on the shoulder, pulling her out of her trance. She nodded at the group of people staring at the two tallest women in the pool. Even Tracey seemed slightly shorter than Ashley now. "So what do we do now?"

"Swim laps? Give these bodies of ours a little test drive?" Tracey asked.

"Is that the kind of test drive you were thinking?" Erica asked, disappointed.

"What about chicken?" Martin asked. They all turned to him. "Nothing wrong with a little competition. For everyone?"

"Are you sure, baby?" Marlene asked, swimming up to her husband. Her sunshiney dress was clinging to her like a second skin, revealing her willowy body to Martin's stunned gaze. He hadn't seen Marlene naked much since her change, given her constant work and planning for everything.

"Only if you want to." he sputtered.

Erica suddenly dove under the water. They watched as her long, lithe body swam beneath them, before popping up directly under a startled Pat. He jump as he rose into the air on his lover's shoulders. Erica stared at all of them, holding Pat between her wet hair and soaked green dress. "I'm game."

Heather dove next, in response, snatching Kevin under her as she rose back up with a dangerous bounce. "Kevin and I will play you." Kevin held onto his wife's powerful shoulders as he stared out at his much higher vantage point. "I've got you, sweetie." Heather cooed below him.

Marlene and Martin entered next, chickenized themselves. "Battle Royale!" Marlene shouted. Suddenly, all the women were picking partners, forming their own smaller factions. No one could compare to the Immune Squad, though, and their Master Blaster forms.

Marlene swam up next to Ashley and Dave. "You guys joining?"

Ashley stared back at Rebecca, who smiled sweetly from the sidelines. "Give me one minute." Ashley said, before diving toward Rebecca.

"Did you pick one yet?" Ashley asked.

"Oh come on." Rebecca scoffed. "Just go have fun."

"Not until you tell me who you picked."

"I haven't-" Rebecca tried.

"Beccs." Ashley interjected. Rebecca was suddenly staring up at a very stern Ashley. Even in the pool, she loomed over her.

"That one in the orange suit is kind of..."

In a flash, Ashley was gone. She cut through the water toward a dark haired man, chiseled and handsome, wearing an orange swimsuit. "Hey." she purred at him.

"Hey!" the man said, overwhelmed but excited.

"Do you not have a partner?" Ashley asked.

"No. Do you need one?" Orange swimsuit asked, trying to play it cool.

"My friend does." Ashley said, nodding to Rebecca, who was trying her best to act like she wasn't paying attention. "She's sitting this one out. But could use some company."

"Oh." Orange swimsuit said, disappointed.

"Since you don't have a partner, I thought maybe you could get to know each other. She's got a lot of experience. And she's a fascinating conversationalist." Ashley dripped so much lusty honey on these words, you'd need an epipen to get through it.

"Yeah, totally!" Orange said, swimming quickly to the side.

Rebecca watched as the man sat down next to her. "Hello." she started, sheepishly.

"Hey, I was just talking to your friend, there. She said you weren't playing." he said.

"Yeah, doesn't seem worth it. Most of my graduating class could bench press me at the moment." Rebecca replied.

The man laughed. "I'm Scott."


"All it takes is the right partner, Rebecca." Scott replied.

"If you say so." she smiled.

In a moment, Ashley had Dave on her shoulders, and the game had commenced. Splashing erupted on all sides, as the chickens went down one by one. The losers slid up along the sides, watching as the fighting became more and more heated as the players dipped down.

Kevin felt Heather's arms around his legs like a vice. He struggled against Martin, watching his confidence wane as the struggle continued. Below them, Marlene stared up at Heather's powerful gaze. She kept her own face stoney, unwilling to show Heather any fear. Their 9 inch height difference was showing, though, and she could feel Martin above her begin to flounder.

Meanwhile, Dave and Pat were locked in combat, trying to stay afloat as their partners laughed below them. Ashley and Erica couldn't help laughing as they stared at one another, overcome with the absurdity their lives had fallen into.

On the sidelines, Rebecca and Scott got closer as the losers crowded around them. She felt Scott's wet shoulder touch her's as he continued to flirt relentless with her. The splashing only grew louder as the combatants narrowed down.

"Do you want to go somewhere a little more quiet?" Rebecca asked.

"Sure." Scott agreed. He rose, and helped her up as they walked toward the door.

Behind them, Martin fell off Marlene with a loud splash that caught the whole crowd. He breached out of the water, staring up at his wife. "Marlene!"

"Martin, she's just too big." Marlene apologized.

Heather and Kevin laughed as they stomped together off to the sidelines. Martin scowled, before spotting Tracey on the sidelines as well.

"Tracey! Why aren't you playing?" He asked.

"Nooo thank you." Tracey said, sipping her drink.

"Come on, I bet you and I could take them together." Martin pleaded. Tracey smiled.

"Get away from me, Martin."

In the hall, Rebecca and Scott soaked in the quiet of the empty hotel. The splashing and laughing grew distant as he took her hand near the elevator. Rebecca hit the up button, and the watched as the lights descended toward them. Rebecca felt her heart beating in her chest as she stole glances at the gorgeous man next to her. Scott. 

The door dinged open and they stepped in. "Going up?" Rebecca asked as they shut behind them.

In the empty elevator, they were on each other, kissing and grabbing. Their lust exploded all at once as they felt their bodies collide.

In the pool, Pat felt himself get the upper hand against Dave. His exercise regimen had paid off, as he pushed Dave harder and harder away from Ashley's shoulders. But Dave held tight.

"Just a little closer, babe!" Pat shouted down at Erica. She could barely hear it over their laughter.

"A little closer!" Erica mocked. Pat smelled victory. He stood firm, and then he felt something shift underneath him.

"You ok, Erica?" he called.

"Yeah, why? Oh, woah." With that, Erica shot up half a foot in the matter of a few seconds. No tightening, no pain, just a quick spurt. Ashley watched as Erica's face went from four inches below her, to a few inches above.

"Holy shit!" Ashley cried as she watched Erica stumble with her sudden new height. Pat shouted as he tumbled into the water.

"No fair!" Pat shouted as he burst up from the waterline. "There should be a rule about... whatever the hell just happened."

"Shush now." Erica wrapped her arms around Pat from behind. He looked up, realizing his lover's breasts were now above his head. "We lost. Let me buy you a drink to make it up to you." She kissed him, and he barely squeaked out an "ok" before she helped him out of the water and toward the door.

Rebecca felt Scott inside her, pumping faster and faster. Her nails dug into his naked back as her pleasure caught in her throat. Her hands slid along the elevator console, lighting up every floor as she felt the light in her rise. He came first, and she followed. They breathed heavily as the elevator made its stops. Every lurch made Rebecca quiver, feeling her orgasm fade slowly. Finally, they were back at the lobby, staring out, breathless, at the bad landscape framed in front of them.

"That was wonderful, Scott." she moaned.

"It really was." he agreed.

"So... is your room nearby? We could cuddle a bit before you're good to go again."

"Oh. Again?" Scott asked. Rebecca's face twisted in confusion.

"Oh, I didn't mean to imply. I just thought..."

"No, don't get me wrong. You're great. It's just..." Scott trailed off. He stepped out of the elevator. Rebecca stayed put.

"Was there something wrong?" Rebecca asked.

"Of course not. It's just..." He sighed. "There's a room back there full of the most beautiful women. And you're one of them, don't get me wrong. But I'd be crazy not to stay where the party's at. You know?"

Rebecca swallowed what was left of the joy she was feeling. "I know. It would be crazy."

"You're the best." Scott said, and walked away.

Rebecca sat in the elevator, letting the door close in front of her. She looked down at the console, still lit up. The elevator dinged to the next floor, and she stepped out. She trudged down the long hallway toward the stairs and walked every step by herself. She didn't cry. She didn't whine. She just walked. When she stepped back onto the lobby, she walked toward the bar. 

She saw Pat and walked toward him. He smiled at her, but she couldn't find the muscle to smile back. "Where have you been, young lady?" he asked.

"Where's Erica?" Rebecca deflected. Pat pointed behind her, and she turned around to stare up, and up, at the new Erica. "Jesus. Your tits are taller than I am."

"Already getting tired of hearing that one." Erica replied. She looked at Rebecca's face and saw the pain she was trying so hard to keep inside. "What's wrong, honey?"

Rebecca sniffed.

In the pool, Kevin and Dave were locked in combat. Their own height difference, compared to the women below them, had made them the exact same size in chicken form. The fight had been going on for some time, with neither side willing to give in. The mirth Ashley had felt before had died away in the sight of Heather's competitive edge. She found herself desperate to win.

From the doorway, Erica stomped in, with Pat and Rebecca trailing behind. Both of them had a look on their face as if they weren't entirely sure what the massive woman was about to do, but they knew they couldn't stop her.

"Hey!" She roared above the crowd. Everyone stopped. The match came to a halt. Erica scanned the audience before spotting Scott in his stupid orange suit, chatting up a tall woman on the side. She pointed with a devastating finger. "That guy there... sucks! Nobody fuck him!"

Her pronouncement echoed along the pool chamber. She had spoken. Rebecca slid away behind her, out of sight and mortified. Pat laughed, giving permission for the whole crowd to join him. Scott's face practically fell off his skull in sheer revulsion. The woman slid away from him, as they all made space away from the first pariah of the new regime.

Kevin looked at Dave. They both shrugged, then jumped straight back into the game.

Back at the bar, Rebecca poured herself her own pint glass of booze.

"Somebody catch you growing?"

She spun around to see Erica approach from the height chart. Rebecca's eyes flashed over Erica's new height, widening at the realization. Erica rested her elbows on the bar, letting her face join the same altitude as Rebecca's.

"Bad joke. Sorry. And sorry if I... went a little far back there." Erica said.

"You didn't have to do that." Rebecca replied. She sighed, giving it a think. "But I think I'm glad you did."

"Was he any good at least?" Erica asked, making herself her own drink.

"In hindsight, he gets a solid "kinda" review."

"Better than nothing." Erica said, raising her glass. Rebecca gave her a clink.

"Can't blame him. Well I can, and I will, but I get it. It's a whole new world now. We'd be fools to think this is the only place this is happening." Rebecca said.

"I haven't even tried to check the news in days. What if there was a coup? Big lady coup?" Erica joked.

"So you're feeling ok with all this?" Rebecca asked. Erica stood up straight. She looked around, settling in on her new vantage point. The tallest woman in the building, probably in the running for tallest in the country at least.

"I see no point in worrying. Not anymore. I've got a man who loves me, no matter what I look like, and people who care about me no matter how much I change, and a whole world of possibility ahead." Erica replied.

Rebecca smiled. She was lucky at least that she shared the latter with her colossal friend. "And all my friends could tear anyone in half with one hand, so I guess that's something."

"Don't sell yourself short. You're strong. It's just coincidence that you're surrounded by people who are stronger. Once all of this is over, you'll be the best of all of us." Erica said. Rebecca didn't believe that. But who was she to argue with a woman whom she just measured at seven foot seven.

Dave and Kevin continued to struggle. They could feel their arms getting tired. They took turns sneaking glances at the fierce battle going on below them.

"Kevin, my good man." Dave wheezed.

"Yes, Dave old boy?" Kevin sputtered back.

"I don't know if you noticed..." Dave continued.

"Do go on." Kevin interjected.

"When we started this little skirmish, my toes were in the water." Dave concluded.

"Same as me, chap. Same as me." Kevin nodded.

"And now, you'll find they're not only some inches above the water, but completely dry." Dave added.

"I do concur." Kevin concurred.

"Kevin, my lamb."

"Yes, sweet Dave?"

"I'm tired of this."

"Me too."

"And they're still growing."

"That they are."

"So they'll probably never get tired."

"I see what you mean."

"So do we wait for Gabriel's trumpet?"

"Or do we make our own move?"

"What are you boys saying up there?" Heather shouted between gritted teeth.

"On three?" Dave asked.

"Fuck that, on one." Kevin replied.

Then, the both of them gave a theatrical push, and fell together into the water. Ashley and Heather gasped. 

"Who went in first?" Heather shouted.

"I saw Kevin go down." Ashley shouted back.

"The hell you did!" Heather said, storming up to her. It was quite the sight for the crowd to see the two biggest women in the world staring each other down. Especially over a children's game. Then the chanting started.

They all turned to see Tracey, drunk, shouting "Tie! Tie! Tie!" Everyone begin to join in. Heather scowled at the sound of her least favorite word. Ashley couldn't help but laugh at the scene. She looked down at herself. Her once sack-like dress had become so soaked, it was almost like a second skin. Her breasts pressed against the rippling fabric, showing her nipples off for the whole crowd as they chanted mediocrity at her.

Heater folder her arms around her own ample chest, obstinately. Ashley saw. She took Dave's hand and raised it in victory. Dave laughed and raised his other hand in triumph. Heather rolled her eyes as she felt Kevin's hand close around her's.

"Don't you dare." she whispered. Then she felt Ashley's hand on her free one. She looked into Ashley's eyes and saw her eyebrows leap with mischief.

She couldn't fight it as Ashley raised her hand. What neither of them expected, was the sudden force would rip Heather's wet shirt completely off her body. Her shoulders snapped, as the fabric flapped down around her waist. Heather gasped. Ashley gasped. The crowd's reaction was much more mixed.

Heather reached down to try to salvage her top. It wasn't working out much. She turned to Ashley for help and was met with a grin. Ashley shook her chest, letting her breasts wiggle behind the sheer bedsheet that was stuck to her. The crowd roared. Heather sighed. She rolled her eyes one more time, and with a sigh, raised her hands back up, letting the whole crowd get a good look at her own massive bosom before giving it a shake.

"We have some winners!" Tracey announced.

"Does that mean we're too late?" They all turned to see another woman, obviously in the seven foot club and practically naked, with a man on her arm. Tracey's face lit up at the sight of the redhead.

"Paulette! I was starting to wonder."

"It's fashionable to show up to these things late." Paulette said, diving into the deep end. She came up, soaking wet and looking eager. "So who do I play for all or nothing?"

Tracey grabbed Martin, and lifted him up on top of her. "You get your wish after all, Prince Valiant. Let's ride!" She rushed off toward Paulette, with Martin looking back at his laughing wife in sheer terror.

From the bar, Erica, Pat, and Rebecca heard the sound of thunder as they watched the crowd, wet and weary, return from the pool. The two heads poking above the crowd looked so familiar they couldn't help but laugh. Ashley and Heather were taking turns holding their three bedsheets between each other, to maintain what little shred of modesty they had left. As they came closer, Rebecca's eyes widened with sheer awe.

"Don't look like that. We're still shorter than the deep end." Ashley laughed.

"We checked." Heather added. She hid her joy at the realization that even Erica had to stare up at her.

Ashley stared down at Rebecca, her short roommate. Now it was more true than it had ever been. "Did you have a good time?"

"Always a good time with my friends." Rebecca replied, hugging Ashley as best she could. It was certainly a new experience, being surrounded by huge, wet breasts at eye level.

Heather was at the height chart in record time. "Ashley, would you do the honors by starting us off?"

Ashley smiled, giving Rebecca one more tight squeeze before joining her. "My pleasure." She stood up along the wall, watching her friend scan the line just above her head. "You ready?"

"I've been ready for days." Ashley shot back.

"Seven... foot nine." Heather replied.

The crowd erupted in drunken joy. "Gotta be some kind of a record!"

Ashley grabbed Heather, and spun her around to her place on the wall. She smiled, not even taking a moment to consider. "Seven foot eleven."

"Jesus!" Heather shouted as another roar rippled from the crowd.

"Drinks all around!" Erica shouted as she pulled bottles from the highest shelves. Ashley and Heather joined her, as the three of them became the amazon barmaids of the night, pouring libations until the house ran completely dry. T

he night shifted, becoming blurry as intoxication swept across the party. Everyone held their loves close. Dave and Kevin especially had difficulty with their new challenging perspectives.

Heather took Kevin in her arms and kissed him. He felt himself lifted off the ground.

Dave felt the same sensation as Ashley's lips came closer to him. He felt nothing but pure ecstasy. And then everything went black.

Chapter 17: Day 6 by BuriedBones

Dave's eyes cracked open. Daylight was filling his room. So he knew he made it back there, at the very least. The rest of the night had felt like a blur. And currently, he felt something soft and warm all around him. He'd wondered if they'd stolen more pillows from the store room, before a much more obvious answer slowly dawned on him.

He opened his eyes further, to see a massive arm around his chest. He turned, just slightly enough not to wake whatever behemoth had him in her clutches, and saw the biggest pair of breasts squeezed against the back of his head. Taking full stock of his situation, a giant naked woman was now spooning him, her long legs tucked against him to fit as much as possible on his floor mattress.

"Ashley?" he whispered, concerned.

A heavy, sleeping, "Mmmm." was the only reply. She was still trying to sleep. Dave wasn't sure he wanted to defy her at this point. "Will you make coffee?"

That was the sign. She released him from her grasp, and he stood up. Dave took a deep breath before turning around to take a good look at his lover's changed body. She lay on her side, curled against the mattress, completely nude and radiant. She was absolutely massive. Even bigger than his last lucid memory of her, which was just shy of eight feet. Which could only mean she crossed it. His eyes were about to bug out of his head, but he couldn't help but smile.

He stepped over to the desk, and let the sad little coffee maker do its business. "Smells good." Ashley muttered as he poured the finished product into a pair of mugs. 

"I'm gonna need you to sit up for this, baby." Dave said.

Ashley smiled warmly, eyes still shut. "Baby."

"It might come as a shock to you how up you sit, though." Dave added.

Her eyes opened sweetly. "At this point, Dave. I'm just going to assume I'm bigger than the building." She sat up. Dave watched as her huge, round breasts jiggled to a stop. Even on her ass, she only had to look up at him a few inches.

"Sorry to disappoint." he joked, handing her the mug. She took it.

"Still looks like a lot. How much do you remember from last night?" Ashley asked, blowing on her coffee.

"Not much after the pool party. You?"

"About the same. Do you think shit went wild?" Ashley asked, nervously.

"Baby, it was wild before I was even browned out."

Kevin woke up alone in his bed. He shot up, sensing the absence of the large woman he'd been growing used to these past days. Last he checked, she was getting bigger, not smaller. "Heather?"

"In the bathroom!" Came a call. He stood up, shaking the needles out of his brain. He hadn't been this hung over in quite some time. It was a college reunion after all. 

"You feeling ok? I feel like I jumped off a building." he asked.

"I'm actually not so bad, all things considering." Heather called back.

"All things. How much exactly do you remember?" Kevin replied.

"Some things I remember pretty well. Some things are a little fuzzy." Heather said.

"I feel you there. Like how did we get back here? How much did we drink exactly?" He opened the door and found Heather, naked, staring at herself in the mirror. She had her arms against the wall, crouching down almost perpendicular to fit her face into the reflective surface.

"And when did I get this huge?" she added.

"Morning, sunshine." Erica cooed to Pat. He was shaking himself awake in her arms. Their legs had intertwined through the night, creating a pretzel that strongly favored one side.

"What time is it?" he asked.

"Morning?" she replied, kissing him sweetly.

"That was some party. Wish I could remember it." he said, rubbing her chin with his thumb.

"I wonder if there's any alcohol left in the building." she joked.

"Or in the state, the way you were drinking." he laughed. She laughed back.

"Get on my level."

"At this point, impossible." He rolled on top of her, letting their pleasant morning pecks turn into a make out session. Erica's eyes shot open.

"Wait, I remember!"

"Oh shit, me too." Pat said, letting the memory wash over them.


They had been in this room. The hoots and hollers of the party were still roaring down the hall, but Erica was done, and Pat was happy to follow. It had been a crazy time, with things he never thought he'd see in all his life. But he only had eyes on one thing now, and she was staring right back at him, barely fitting into that green dress of her's.

He walked over to her, running his hands down her side as he stared up at her. "Did you have fun tonight, honey?"

"As much fun as I can." Erica purred back. "But I'm still waiting on the real fun." She leaned down and kissed him, letting her tongue enter his mouth before their lips even touched. Pat felt her tongue play with his. He pulled her closer, reaching up as best he could. But the more he pulled closer, the more her head had to pull away. 

"A little awkward these days." he said, trying to save the moment. He was staring directly at her chest at eye level. "Not that the view isn't lovely."

Erica laughed heartily, and shoved him onto the bed with one hand. "Let me make things a little easier."

She straddled him, bringing her ass to rest on his lap, as she curled her arms around his back. Even seated, Pat found himself colliding with Erica's massive, soft tits the more they kissed.

"I promise I'm not doing it on purpose." he assured.

"That's too bad. Let me help."

"God, you're so hot." Pat sighed, as he watched Erica slide off him, and bounce her body down on the bed. Pat jumped as she did, laughing. She jiggled in her tight dress as she laughed, hair catching in her face. Pat crawled along her like a panther, making sure to touch every inch of her he could as he did. He found her lips, and kissed them, feeling her warm embrace engulf him again. With her long arms, she slid his pants off him, and ran her fingers along his penis.

He adjusted his position, kissing her breasts as he rubbed her wet pussy. She sucked in as her body tensed. She stroked him faster, feeling her own pleasure rise as she did. In an instant, she spun him around and ripped his shirt off him in one motion. Pat, naked, stared up at the hungry titaness as she slid her tight dress up her ass, inch by inch. He watched as her wet pussy slid down along his hard cock. She rode him, breathing heavily with each grind as her legs spasmed on either side of Pat.

"God, you're so good." Pat sighed, trying his best to keep himself in the game as the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen fucked him like there was no tomorrow. She stared down at him, intensely, biting her lip as she let out little yelps of pleasure. "Like that. Like that."

Then her eyes tightened as she shot her head back. Pat watched as her body spasmed more and more, as she became lost in pleasure. Her hands ran along her own body, feeling it as she bounced faster and faster. Then she clenched. Pat felt her grip tighten against him and it took all his power not to come then and there. But he was too distracted by Erica on top of him. Her breasts begin to push tighter against her dress. The inches of hem above her ass rose. She didn't notice, but it was becoming all too clear that she was growing again, and a lot. 

"Yes, Pat! Yes!" She roared, coming all at once. But her scream was cut short by the sound of a very loud tear. Pat came then as well, as Erica spun around to see a rip down the entire back of her dress. Her thick shoulders shifted with the turn, making it tear even further.


Pat and Erica stared down at the ruined dress next to the bed. "So I guess you're probably bigger now." He commented.

"A solid assumption." Erica agreed. Pat nodded, standing up from the bed. She watched him, as he put his hand out to her. Erica smiled, and took his hand, scooting her naked booty along the bed as she brought her long legs down to the floor. It took less than a second. She stood up, and up, staring at the ceiling as she went. It was frighteningly close as she let her legs stretch to their max. She looked down at Pat.

She couldn't see him. She pushed her breasts against her chest, and Pat appeared beneath them. She gave a strangely apologetic smile to her startled love. "Well I guess we don't have to worry about your head hitting my tits anymore."

Rebecca shot awake. She grasped her forehead, trying to push the hangover out of it. It didn't work. She shook her head, and her eyes caught another body in her bed. She gasped, smacking her hand to her mouth. A strange man was naked in her bed. Oh god, she was naked too. She slinked out of the bed, pulling her underwear on as she made her way to her suitcase. After silently sliding a night shirt and PJ pants on, she slipped out into the hallway. She shot her head back, making sure she was actually still in Room 421. There was no denying it.

What could she do? Who was this man? She was absolutely embarrassed to have had so casual a fling at her age. What would her friends think. And that's when it hit her! Tracey! She knew everyone at that party, and was seemingly the one to judge her the least for her dalliance. She tiptoed along the hallway, letting her eyes catch on all the debris from the night previous. Doors had been kicked in and permanently damaged. Furniture and sheets had been thrown out like confetti at a ticker tape parade. She dodged all she could as she crept up to Room 401.

After a knock, she heard heavy footsteps. The door opened and Tracey's head leaned down to stare out the doorway. "Dear god." Rebecca said, before catching herself. Tracey was more enormous than ever. "How did you get so big?"

"Vitamins." Tracey laughed groggily. "What's up?"

"It's nothing. There's just..." Rebecca struggled to let it out.

"Are you ok?" Tracey asked, concerned.

"Fine. I actually feel pretty good. It's just... there's a man in my bed." Rebecca cringed.

Tracey chuckled, her eyes lighting up. "Just one?"

Rebecca cocked her head. Tracey moved her massive frame to reveal a pile of naked, sleeping men on what remained of her bed. Rebecca felt her shame wash away, as she could only be impressed.

Martin woke up caressing his wife's chest. It was something he was becoming used to, and honestly looked forward to now that it was becoming normal. What little memory he had from the night before had brought him comfort. Amongst the growing tower of women at that party, Marlene was pretty average. 6'9" was a perfectly respectable height for this changing world. Big enough to be respectable, but not so big that the government needed to be involved. Yes, 6'9" was something worth celebrating.

"Martin." came a voice above his head.

"Yes, my beautiful wife?" he replied, nuzzling up against her chest. "What's up?"

"I think I am." Marlene whispered carefully. Martin's heart sank. He let his eyes travel down his wife's body, watching her legs slide all the way off, as her knees bent at the end. He gave himself one big breath before he looked up at Marlene's face. She looked down at him, bigger than ever, biting her lip with a guilty expression. "Should I stand up?"

Martin calmed himself. He wouldn't allow himself to go down that road again. "I think that's the only option, my beautiful wife." he replied. They separated, sitting up in the bed. Even seated, Martin's head was still lower than his wife's shoulder. They both moved to the edge of the bed and put their feet on the ground. Holding hands, they nodded, and stood up together. Martin watched Marlene stand to her new height. Her head was only a slim gap beneath the ceiling. "You're crouching." he said.

"I'm not." Marlene insisted.

"There's no point in crouching, Marlene. It's fine." Martin tried.

"I promise you, I'm not crouching. See?" Marlene stood up as straight as she could. She stood up higher on her tip toes, further selling the point. Her head bumped the ceiling as she did. "Ow, fuck."

"Ok, so you aren't crouching. You're definitely taller." Martin elaborated, stupidly.

"I would agree to that. I just wish my subscription to this didn't come as a surprise delivery every time." She put her hands on the small of her back, stretching backward. Martin watched as his tall, slender wife stretched her naked new body in front of him. Her hips had flared even further, and her breasts and bloomed outward in a way he never would have seen on his wife. 

"Just so you know, Marlene." he said, taking her hand. Marlene straightened up, staring down at him seriously. "I'm ready when you are." He placed his hand on her sex, and smiled. Marlene smiled back, lifted him in her arms.

There was a knock at the door. Dave walked over to open it, and found Pat behind it, with Erica behind him. He could only assume it was Erica, because what he saw was a body with no head, covered in a bedsheet, with her arms draped down Pat's chest. "Some party." Pat smiled.

Dave ushered them in, watching Erica lean under the doorframe as Pat helped her through. "I've had worse, for sure. I see you also didn't stop with the festivities after the night had ended."

"Yeah, I had another spurt. Hopefully the last." Erica said. "It's been almost a week after all."

"Fuck, it has." Ashley said. She waved at them from the bed. "Erica, you look absolutely amazing."

"Thank you, sweetie. Right back at you." Erica replied.

"I'd offer you booze, but I think we'd have to cross state lines to find some." Dave said.

"We cleaned the place out." Ashley added, standing up. She wrapped the bedsheet like a towel as she did.

"I think the party's over anyway." Erica replied. Ashley walked up to her, smiling. Erica could tell right away what she was thinking. "Very nice."

"Height twins." Ashley admitted.

"Been awhile since someone's been the same height as me at the same time." Erica said.

"Want to check the wall, see what the damage is?" Ashley asked, not thinking. They both spun around to see the measly seven foot mark now somewhere around their shoulders. "Jesus."

"Guess we'll need the communal one." Erica replied.

"Road trip." Pat contributed.

After giving Ashley a less than brief moment to try to shower on her knees, the four stepped out into the hallway, and made their way toward the stairs. It was decided the elevator was out of the question. They soon spotted Rebecca, talking to someone inside a room. 

"Rebecca!" Ashley called. Rebecca spun around and her eyes shot open wide.

"What the hell happened to you two?" Rebecca gasped.

"Same thing that's been happening. We're hoping it's done happening." Erica replied.

"We're headed down to the bar, to see what the damage is." Dave offered.

"I'm assuming in more ways than one." Came the voice from the room. They all watched as Tracey crouched her way out of the doorframe and stared down at all of them. Ashley and Erica gasped as they came close, realizing their friend was a few inches above even themselves. "I could go for a measure."

"I imagine you won." Erica gulped. 

Tracey laughed. "Didn't even know I was playing."

They walked into the stairwell and made their way down, taking turns trying to piece together the night before. Every story sounded partly made up and hopefully misremembered. Then they heard the door open behind them.

"I told you I heard voices, Marlene." came a voice.

"Martin?" Pat called. 

"Guys!" Martin called back. They heard hustling footsteps down the stairs as Martin came into view. "You guys going exploring too?" He asked, chipper. He had the look of a man who was completely satisfied.

"Yeah, the gals did some growing again, and..." Dave started.

"You too, huh?" Martin smiled. "Come on, beautiful. The gang's all here." Martin motioned for someone up the stairs. They all watched as Marlene descended, her impossibly long legs tip toeing with great insecurity. She was wearing her bedsheets, styled as best she could, to make her the most fashionable of the bunch, however much that meant.

"Fuck, Marlene." Erica shouted.

"That we did." Martin whispered, nudging Pat. He was too distracted to notice.

Tracey stepped forward, stopping Marlene on the stair. She held her by the shoulders with her mouth wide open. "My god, you're taller than me. I maxed out at 8'4" last night."

Marlene gasped at those words. "Eight foot four, Martin!"

"We can make it work, Marlene!" Martin assured.

"Shall we get the full reading?" Dave offered. 

And they continued to descend. 

"As they came to the bottom of the stairs, an excitement perked up in the group. "Well, I'd say I never expected this to be how my week ended. But I'm about six degrees removed from reality right now, so that all feels like nonsense." Erica said. "I mean, look at us. We're all a little over 8 feet tall."

"Some more than a little." Martin remarked.

"Well let's take comfort in the fact that we're an isolated group, and there's probably nobody bigger than us." Tracey said, throwing open the door.

She stepped out, crouching, and collided into a massive pair of tits. "Jeez." she shouted, standing up straight. She didn't expect, in doing so, that she'd be staring directly at a pair of smiling lips. She looked up, and her old roommate's face was staring down at her.

"Heather?!" They all shouted.

"In the flesh." Kevin said, stepping out from behind his massive wife.

"See, Kevin? I told you they'd all make it down here. We were just a little early." Heather said. Her smile was practically glued to her face as she stared down at all of her friends. "Did some growing, did we?"

They all nodded, dumbstruck. Even Marlene was staring up at their gigantic friend. "Well let's go check the numbers." Kevin prodded.

They all walked together, smiling and laughing as Heather added her own piece to the puzzle of the night before. "Can you even imagine if we tried to play chicken like this?" she laughed.

"You tried to, the way you went on." Dave teased. Heather pulled him in tight for a side hug as they walked. He flashed back to her wedding night again, and the hug she gave him. Things were never going to be the same, but in that quick, excited embrace, Dave knew that wasn't going to be a problem.

Their eyes fell on the fitness center. "My god." Marlene said, as they stared into the twisted mess of what remained. 

"Oh, you don't remember." said Tracey. They all looked at her. "It's partly my fault."


Tracey stumbled into the weight room, with Erica racing behind her. "See, I'll show you how much difference an inch can be." Tracey slurred.

"Seven foot eight is not that far from seven foot seven." Erica shot back. A crowd was beginning to form, with tall women all testing their hands at the weights around the room, feeling their strength for the first time. 

Tracey racked the barbell bench with as much weight as possible. The discs weighed heavy on the bar, letting it bow. Erica raised an eyebrow, intrigued.

Pat came up, grabbing her by the arm. "Come on now, you have nothing to prove. Let's go have fun."

"This doesn't seem fun?" Tracey called? She had no one to pull her back as she looped under the bench and grabbed the bar with both hands. They all watched as she brought it off the rack. It practically smacked her massive chest as she steadied it, slowly lifting it as the crowd's ire rose.

She made her arms go straight, and slammed it back on the rack. She stood up with a sigh, and threw the challenge to Erica with a look. Erica took it in stride, approaching the bench. She looked at the weight, then back at Tracey. Then she looked at Pat next to her, encouraging her to leave. She smiled, and took him by the shoulders, giving him a big kiss as she lifted him and placed him on one side of the bar. The crowd got the gist as a few others jumped, hung, and held onto either side. Erica winked at Tracey as she slumped under the bar.

With a heavy grunt, Erica slowly inched the bar upward as Pat watched with his concern melting into awe. The group on the bar chanted her name as Erica brought it as high as she could, slamming it back on the rack. She stood, giving Pat another victory kiss as Tracey laughed.

Tracey took the bar, weights and all, and twisted it into a curve. The crowd erupted then, as the other women took this as a sign to bend, twist, and mutilate anything heavy in sight.


"Yeah, not my proudest moment, believe it or not." Tracey said to her friends, as she shuffled them away from the weight room.

They made their way to the bar. Not a soul was in sight. "Do you think everyone's cleared out?" Marlene asked.

"Not much left of this place. I imagine people have started to move on. Nobody's keeping us here." Ashley replied.

Rebecca hid her anguish at that statement. This hotel had become her world. Even when she lost control of the party, she still considered this place the safest and happiest place she'd ever been. Now it was starting to crumble. Literally. Some plaster fell off the ceiling and nearly hit her.

"There she is." Kevin announced, pointing at the snaking 9 foot chart.

"Who shall do the honors of going first?" Rebecca asked, collecting herself.

"Height twins go first." Erica said, stepping forward. She placed herself against the chart. Pat stepped onto the bar to get a better look at his towering lover.

"Eight foot... three!" he shouted.

"Fuck me, I can't believe this is real." Ashley said, shaking her head. Dave squeezed her hand. "I guess I should go next?"

"Height twins." Dave joked. He walked with her up to the chart, and helped her straighten up against it. Pat remained on the bar, ready to announce.

"Eight... foot... five?" he stopped.

"What?" Erica cried.

"But, height twins." Ashley argued to no one.

"Guess you're still growing." Pat replied.

Ashley's face fell. She stepped away, walking back with Dave. He hugged her behind everyone else, letting her engulf him as she sighed deeply. He felt her breasts rest against the top of his head. "When is it just going to end?"

"Don't worry. When it's over, I'll be here." Dave promised. She looked down, not seeing him past her chest. "Even if you don't see me." He added. She smiled, kneeling far down to kiss his head.

"Eight foot six!" Pat shouted. They turned to see Tracey stepping off the chart.

"I can live with that." she said.

"You're going to have to." Heather joked.

"Easy for you to say, Big Bertha." Tracey pushed her, jokingly.

"I've always been taller than you." Heather shot back.

"For a brief moment... ah, that was bliss." Tracey feigned whimsy.

"I guess we're just going off who looks biggest." Marlene said, stepping onto the chart. "I'd say that makes me next."

"Eight foot eight!" Pat called immediately.

"Yeah, beautiful!" Martin called. Marlene did  a curtsy in her bedsheet skirt. 

"And now, the moment we've all been waiting for." Pat shouted, beating a silly drumroll on his chest. Heather sauntered forward. Marlene bowed in front of her, rolling her eyes as Heather nodded her head in acknowledgement. If they were going to joke that she was a queen, she might as well act the part.

She breathed in deep, lining her long spine up straight against the height chart, and stared down at her subjects. Pat walked along the bar, getting close to the numbers, for the effect. Even on top of the four foot bar, he was only staring a foot down at Heather's coy expression. 

"Ladies and gentlemen." Pat began. "Heather Partridge, our dear friend, has a height of 8 foot ten."

The group devolved into golf claps and bravos as Heather took a bow. She laughed, putting her hands on her hips as she took in just how tall she had become. Kevin, her husband, stood at the front of the crowd, staring up at her with a mix of pride and disbelief. This was their new life. She'd have to sit down to fit in pictures with him. Foreplay would always be in a bending position. She took another deep breath, just imagining the future back pain that was all but confirmed. But for now, her back felt strong. She felt strong. She stared at her college friends. Her best friends. Marlene, whose thin frame she used to stare up at, was now staring up at her, still thin, but now lithe and long. And there was Erica, the "tall friend", now dwarfing her boyfriend as she helped him off the bar. She was the smallest of all of them now. Her old roommate Tracey wasn't much different. They still had about the same difference in height, but Tracey's body had widened with thick strength. She was a curved shape of muscle that she still needed to get used to. And then she looked at Ashley, still growing if the chart was to be believed. And tits the size of watermelons. She was already making her bedsheet look small. Would she be looking up at her soon enough? She remembered something then, from the night before.


Heather was dancing, completely naked, as music blared in the bar. She was surrounded by other dancers as they all shimmied and shook with their partners. It was a mass of writhing flesh, far too much of it exposed. Heather was staring down at everyone, watching women popping out of their clothes, with the same familiar expression of newfound freedom and release that she had been enjoying all night. She looked down at Kevin, her vision blurred by far too many shots. She could see his serious little face as he danced with perfect form. He always considered himself a good dancer, and felt a compulsion to let strangers know it. 

She laughed, grabbing him by the hips and lifting him up. Kevin yelped, startled, as his then-just-shy-of-eight-foot wife embraced him. She looked into his eyes and kissed him. And he nodded, understanding, as she swayed him back and forth. She wanted to take the lead for a bit, before he embarrassed himself completely.

Heather stared out across the crowd. The men were almost lost in the crowd among the six-foot-plus women dominating them on the dance floor. From across the bar, she could see a couple heads popping out of the dense crowd. There was Ashley, Tracey, and Erica, dancing away with their partners. They all locked eyes, and laughed. They'd never get lost in a crowd again. 


"You with us, Heather?" Ashley asked, staring at her friend's distant expression.

"Just thinking. About the future." Heather replied.

"Ew. That's annoying." Erica said. "I just want to take it one day at a time." 

"Well, technically, tomorrow is our last day of quarantine." Martin said.

"I think most people have taken leave a little early." Marlene added.

"No one's really keeping us here, are they?" Dave asked.

"And the place is pretty much stripped for parts. Maybe, it's time we..." Heather didn't want to say it. It all felt too real, too big to consider. This had become their place of rebirth. The cocoon from which they all became who they were meant to be. To leave so soon was a daunting consideration. She could tell from the looks on everyone's faces that she was not alone in that fear.

"I don't know about you, but I could use a dunk." Rebecca announced, walking out of the bar. They looked at one another, confused. Slowly, they pursued her, watching her step into the pool room.

Inside Rebecca stripped down into her underwear and put her legs in the pool. Bits of clothing, bottles and glasses were still bobbing in the water from the night before. They all sat down with her. The men rolled up their pants as the women slipped their legs into the water. Heather hid her giggle as she felt her feet scrape against the bottom. She wondered what it must be like now, to swim in the ocean.

"This has been such a fun week." Rebecca sighed. "I'm coming to terms with the idea that it's been the best week of my life."

They all nodded in agreement.

"Even if I didn't get to join in on some of the fun, it's been an amazing experience, watching you all find yourself. Or find each other." Rebecca continued. Erica rested her head on Pat's head, taking solace in this old bond they'd reformed. Marlene looked down at herself, taking in this new body that still took some getting used to. "I just don't want it to end."

"It doesn't have to end, Rebecca." Pat promised, but he knew it wasn't true.

"I've got an idea. Let's move down here." Dave pitched. They all looked at him. "Yeah, the fourth floor's pretty destroyed. The hotel seems abandoned. Let's live in the lobby. It's roomier, closer to the amenities...."

"Oh my god!" Marlene shot up. They looked at her. "Full scale bed fort." 

Everyone gasped. The idea of building a new fort out of the lobby was a stunning revelation.

"We have an unlimited to supply of mattresses now." Martin said.

"Not unlimited." Kevin clarified.

"Clean ones only, too, please." Heather insisted.

"We have enough to lay across the entire floor." Marlene persisted. "And we have the muscle to make it happen."

"And then some." Tracey added, standing up with Marlene. She squeezed Marlene's arms, teasingly. "What are we waiting for?"

Everyone got up then, and made their way out of the pool room. Rebecca hung back, smiling wistfully. Ashley noticed and doubled back. She sat back down with her roommate.

"Not going to help?" Rebecca asked.

"I think they've got it covered." Ashley replied. "Plus I'm not gonna walk under that little doorframe unless I have to."

"You don't have to?" Rebecca said.

"Not if you're sticking in here. You'll keep me company." Ashley wrapped her arm around Rebecca, hugging her close. "None of this week would have gone the way it did without you. If, and when, it's over, we'll never forget what you did here."

Rebecca stared up at Ashley. She always knew how to make her feel special. When she was only four inches taller than her, all through college, she made her feel 100 feet tall. And now that Ashley was somewhere close to three feet taller than her, Rebecca found herself no longer feeling small.

"Thanks, Ash." she sighed. "One day at a time."

They jumped as loud bangs echoed in the hall. "The hell was that?" Ashley asked.

"I guess they didn't feel like taking the stairs." Rebecca considered.

In the hallway, Tracey kicked in doorways along the first floor. "Nobody in here, either!" she announced as she walked in, dragging two twin mattresses out behind her. 

"Off to a great start!" Marlene called as she stared at the door in front of her. She knocked, sheepishly. There was no response. It didn't increase her confidence.

"Just kick it in, Marlene." Martin said behind her.

"Think I can?" Marlene asked. The bang of another door being kicked in by Heather answered that question for her. "I'm just a little uncomfortable with breaking and entering."

"Marlene," Martin assured. "Nobody owns this place anymore. It's just us, and the door."

Marlene nodded. She pushed her hands back behind her, and with a solid push, knocked the door off its hinges. "Jesus."

"Get used to it." Martin said, patting her on the hand. They grabbed the mattress together, with Marlene taking an effort to make Martin feel like he was helping.

"See? I told you some of these rooms had a microwave!" Kevin said, inside a swanky king-size room. Heather squeezed her way through the door, looking at the roomy spread of the room.

"It looks untouched." she remarked.

"Probably pretty expensive. Nobody must have been staying here." Kevin said.

"Perfect." Heather said, plopping down on the king bed. It was still far too small for her, but she took pleasure in the clean, pressed sheets.

"Need a break?" Kevin asked. 

"Just a breather. Lots of attention isn't really my thing." Heather sighed.

"Get used to it, sweetie. You're nine feet tall." Kevin replied.

"Maybe the rest of the world is nine feet tall too." Heather shot back. "Maybe we're just one in a million cases, all dealing with..." she spread out her long arms, showing off her body. Kevin nodded. Her legs were poking out of the thin bedsheet she'd wrapped around herself. Now that she'd shifted on the bed, he could catch the barest glimpse of her sex beneath it.

Heather lifted her head, and cocked her eyebrow. "See something you like?"

"You're hard to miss." Kevin joked, walking up to his wife and leaning down to kiss her. She rose higher on the bed to follow his kiss before he could break it. "And I see something I love."

Heather's face filled with lust. "Shut the door."

"Kinda can't." Kevin replied, nodding to the broken hinges down the entryway. Heather thought about it. She weighed all the options in her head, taking careful consideration of how best to do this.

"Eh, fuck it." She grabbed Kevin, and kissed him, tonguing him as she pulled him closer and closer.

The bedsheet fell away against Kevin's exploring hands. He looked down at his wife's naked body, rippling with shapely beauty. She was a goddess with the face of his true love. Kevin couldn't believe this was his life. He didn't have much time to think as he felt Heather's legs wrap around him. She was on top of him now, her breasts hanging down, grazing against him. Her breasts were so big now, Kevin could barely fit them in his hands as he massaged them. Heather moaned as she humped him, sliding her long body along Kevin as she unzipped his pants.

Kevin slid down, bringing his mouth to her pussy as he licked her gently along her clitoris. Heather's body tensed, as he watched her jiggle with each spasm. He was surrounded by her, engulfed. All he could feel was her warm sex as it become hotter and hotter in his mouth.

"Fuck me, Kevin." Heather whimpered, feeling her powerful arms give way with pleasure. "Fuck me or I'm going to fall on you."

Kevin watched her elbows wobble before she snatched him up, and rolled him on top of her. He blinked, shocked at the speed he'd changed places. Heather smiled up at him mischievously. Her hands found his penis, as she stroked him. She went back to her breasts, kissing them, and stroking her nipples as she guided his penis inside of her.

Kevin pumped, squeezing his face against her tits as he fucked her. Heather grabbed the pillows, feeling her pleasure rise higher and higher with each stroke. "Yes, oh my god."

"I'm so close." Kevin breathed, running his hands along his wife's wide ass as he felt her long legs squirm underneath him. He felt her legs curl around him, pushing him further and deeper into her. She was leading the stroke now, he was just along for the ride as he heard her moans grow louder and louder.

"Right there, Kevin! I'm so close!" Heather shouted before her voice gave way completely to ecstasy. She pounded the wall behind her as she let out an earth shattering orgasmic wail. Kevin came with her, feeling his whole body go limp against her's.

"Holy fuck." Heather gasped, covered in sweat.

"Yeah, I'd say that summed it up." Kevin replied breathlessly. Heather laughed, pulling her husband up to her face with what little strength she had left. She kissed him. They collapsed into a heap, cuddling for some time.

"What are you guys doing?" Dave asked. Rebecca and Ashley spun around on the pool's edge to see him staring at them from the doorway.

"Just enjoying ourselves." Ashley replied. "How's the fort coming?"

"More of a fortress, at this point. If not a whole duchy." Dave clarified. "We could use some help, if you want.."

"Really? Heather's not all over that?" Rebecca asked.

"She's all over something else right now. And she's not being as subtle as she thinks."

"THAT'S what that scream was!" Ashley understood.

"Our bet was on Erica." Rebecca added. She stood up, helping her large friend out of the pool. She didn't say it, but she could tell she'd already grown at least another inch since the grand measuring. Ashley ushered her forward, taking up the rear as they stepped toward the door.

Dave stepped back, allowing Rebecca to pass. He watched Ashley step through the glass doorframe, struggling as she bent and squeezed. It was truly a sight to behold. But with that sight came wisdom.

"Fuck! This door." Ashley shouted as she finally made it through.

Dave hugged her, giving her solace. He nodded to himself. There was no way they could stay there much longer. The women were beginning to outgrow it. Erica had been right. The party was over. It was time to leave.

Chapter 18: Goodbye For Now by BuriedBones

As they finished spreading the beds out onto the floor, Dave couldn't help but marvel at the palace the lobby had become. He watched as Marlene led the charge, while Tracey, Heather, and Erica effortlessly assembled a bed fit for a group of titans. Luckily, that was exactly who it would house.

"Why are you stacking so many over there, Heather?" Marlene asked, watching their tallest member go to work in the corner. "Shouldn't we centralize?"

Heather continued assembling a tower around the nook in the corner. "There's a TV over here. I haven't seen the news in days."

"I'm surprised there's still electricity in this place, honestly. For now, at least." Pat added.

"Yeah, the lights could come off any minute." Erica said. "And it's dark already."

They all stopped working. The magnificent fort was nearly complete, but reality had snuck up on them. Pat sighed. "I'm just going to say it. Erica and I are leaving in the morning."

They all looked at the couple, holding hands on the mattresses. "We're leaving together, and we're going to see what's out there."

"I have some things to get together at my old place." Erica added. "And I guess I should finally tell Craig about..." she gestured to herself. Then she added a joke, "About Pat."

They all laughed. "Better show than tell, I'd say." Heather remarked.

"Oh, we're going to put on a show alright." Erica smiled.

Marlene walked up and hugged her. Erica rested her head on her friend's massive shoulder. "We'll never forget this week. It would be hard not to. But we're going, too."

Everyone nodded. The dominoes had begun to fall. Soon, Tracey, Heather, and Kevin all agreed that they'd all move out when the sun was up. 

"Time to go back to our lives, and see how much we fit into them now." Tracey said. "I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a raise. Or I guess I could demand one."

"I scared the dickens out of my coworkers already. And that was about 2 feet ago. I bet I can leverage something." Marlene agreed. "And you could start a whole division at your apparel company for new ladies like us, Ashley."

Ashley blinked. She hadn't even thought about going back to work. She had barely wrapped her head around leaving the hotel. Rebecca, next to her, saw it in her face.

"Is it such a good idea, leaving while we might still be infectious?" Rebecca queried.

"I'm still growing, after all." Ashley agreed, relieved.

"That you are." Heather said, walking up to her. She could tell the gap was still closing between them, but Heather still had a few inches on her.

"We'll test in the morning." Erica said. "We still have a few up at the rooms. If nobody wakes up different, we'll do one last check, and head out."

Ashley sighed. So much for that plan. Marlene had quietly been making the final touches on the fort as they all made their announcements. She knew Martin would want to leave bright and early. As she finished, she rose to her full height. "I'll make a dash up to the fourth, grab some tests, and anything everyone would need."

"Let's all go." Dave pitched. "Grab our stuff, make this fort a home."

As they trekked back up the stairs, Dave followed behind with Ashley and Rebecca. Heather, Marlene, and Erica had elected to stay behind to not clog the stairwell, but Ashley had insisted on taking care of herself. "I don't pack light." she admitted.

The men disappeared up the steps as Dave and Rebecca held Ashley, helping her watch her head and shoulders as they ascended. It was a tight squeeze for their growing friend, but they weren't willing to abandon her. "I guess we really do have to leave, huh?" Ashley admitted.

"We could stay in the lobby." Rebecca tried. "Everything's all set up there. No need to climb stairs after we get your stuff." Rebecca tried her best to make herself sound more diplomatic than desperate. She was terrified of leaving the hotel, especially being the only one who must leave alone. Tracey had already admitted she'd made plans to get right back to work. And she lived three states away from the life Rebecca had built in North Carolina.

"No, always leave the party before they make you." Ashley sighed. 

As Rebecca gathered her things alone in Room 421, she made sure to wipe her tears away as they fell. She could already feel herself back at that lonely little apartment. The big reveal of her new self was over, and swiftly overshadowed. The world was changing rapidly, and she was back to being a small fry to half the population. Even Tracey could pick her up with little effort. She gathered herself, and stepped back out into the hallway.

She looked for Dave and Ashley, but there had yet to be a sign. "Coming, Rebecca?"

She spun, and saw Kevin, Pat, and Martin urging her toward them at the stair entrance. She smiled. "Of course."

Dave had finished packing what little remained of the things in his room. It was like a tornado had ripped through on a nightly basis, but now all was quiet. He stepped out and stared at Ashley's closed door. He wondered if she was still putting all her things together, Maybe she needed help. He walked up and knocked. "Ashley?"

Ashley watched all of this from the opposite wall, just next to Dave's door. Even at 8'7", he hadn't even noticed her as he walked by. She crept up, with one silent, long footstep, and wrapped herself around him. Dave stared up at her. "Looking for me?"

"I assume that's Ashley behind those breasts." Dave joked, staring up at the round orbs above him. "At least I hope it is."

Ashley laughed. She knelt down and kissed him. "I'm all packed. I was just waiting for you."

They walked down the hallway, suitcases in hand. Dave had offered to help with Ashley's load, but she insisted she could take care of it, and he wasn't going to argue with her. "So, looks like this is the end." Dave said.

"Yeah, I guess we should start making plans to get out of here." Ashley agreed.

"I don't have a car." Dave said.

"I don't think I would fit in my car, even if it was here." Ashley added.

"So we're both in a predicament." Dave replied.

"The same predicament?" Ashley asked. Neither had said it yet. Would they part ways here? Was this all a fling? Even at her confident new stature, Ashley felt small as she waited for Dave to respond.

"Probably best to figure it out together." Dave finally replied. Ashley smiled. 

As they passed the elevator, she pulled Dave into the little alcove. She loomed over him, letting her arms rest on the wall opposite. Dave stared up at her as her breasts hung just by his head. Her ass arced backward as she leaned lower and lower, letting her body gently rub against him. "I like when we do things together." She kissed him, and his hands automatically rubbed her breasts. She wrapped her arms around him, letting her knee fall to the floor. On her knees, they were nearly the same height.

They kissed, more and more, as Dave felt the passion in him rise. Suddenly, he felt his whole body rise as Ashley stood back up with him in her arms. She thrust him into the open elevator and stepped in carefully herself. The elevator groaned under her weight. She stared up, nervously. "That's doing wonders for my self esteem." she commented.

"Can't be that far of a fall." Dave replied. "Especially for you."

"I'll keep you close." she cooed, pulling him into another kiss. 

As the elevator descended, they held each other closer. They couldn't keep their hands off each other as the groans of the elevator grew louder, until they finally stopped with a ding. "Small miracle." Ashley gasped, breaking free of her lover's embrace.

"Took a shortcut, did you?" Pat asked, from the entrance. They both jumped, staring at Pat, Kevin, Martin, and Rebecca ogling them in the doorway. "Come on, lovebirds."

They all walked into the lobby. The remaining women were huddled around Heather's TV tower, watching alertly. "Anything important?" Kevin asked as he approached. Heather shushed him.

"Sounds like we're not the only ones this new strain has been hitting." Erica commented. They all gathered around the light of the television as a national news anchor reported.

"From across the country, the Omega Variant has been affecting one side of the population in startling and massive ways." The b-roll filtered through before and after pictures of women, between the last week. Videos submitted, showed some women crying, some laughing, all of them bursting out of their clothes. Some men in the corner were looking nervous. Others were just baffled. 

"Though this strain is more aggressive, it's so far showing signs of a longer-term immunity rate. But those exposed to earlier strains should be cautious about their own immunity."

"Well, at least we wont have to worry about growing anymore." Marlene noted. "At least for awhile."

"We're getting reports now that a woman exposed to this variant, if she shows symptoms, can expect to grow up to 9 or ten inches. Some are even reporting in, that they've reached over seven feet."

They all laughed then, looking at themselves, all above 8 feet at this point. "The poor things!" Erica shouted.

"So I guess we are freaks, after all." Heather added. Kevin slid against her, comforting her when she didn't really need it. It was a good excuse to get closer either way, and she appreciated it.

"Looks like I'll have a lot more leverage at work." Marlene commented.

"Same." Tracey agreed. "I might even get a foreman promotion."

"Hell, you could be the whole team." Erica joked. She wondered if Craig was watching this report. Had her mother told him the news? Was he expected an Erica who was a bit taller? Either way, she assumed he'd be shocked.

"I can't help but feel a little... excited." Heather admitted. "Going back to the real world."

"Whatever the real world is now." Kevin interjected.

Rebecca gritted her teeth. She was still 5'11", and the news had just confirmed for everyone to see that was officially short. The excitement of those around her felt like electricity on her skin. She itched with anxiety. "I know I'm going to miss this, though." she erupted.

They all looked at her, arms around her knees.

"We can't wait this long to meet up again." Dave said. "Ten years to get us all in a room hanging out, that's too long."

They all nodded in agreement.

"But we've got to check on our lives." Erica said. Rebecca nodded, defeated. "But that can't take more than a couple weeks. A month?"

"Meet again in a month?" Dave pitched.

"Two months." Heather corrected. "Our house." They all nodded in agreement.

Rebecca sighed. No matter what happened, two months wasn't that far away. 

As the news droned on, they all settled into comfortable positions. Heather stayed right in front of the TV, wrapping herself around Kevin. He could feel her whole body rumble as it slept, finally. The others wandered to their own corner of the massive mattress floor. Martin and Marlene kissed, quietly, as they drifted off to sleep together.

Tracey passed out, spreading as much of her body out amongst the mattresses as she could. "I don't think I'm ever going to get this much space on a bed again." she explained. Erica and Pat weren't far away from her. Pat was sleeping on top of Erica, like a single file pile. Her arms were around him, protectively as her chest rose up and down. Pat couldn't ask for a better pillow.

Rebecca laid next to Dave and Ashley. She had wrapped herself around him, covering him almost completely with her massive body. Even on the wobbly mattresses, Rebecca could tell Ashley was now even taller than Marlene. That made her just the second tallest of the group, behind Heather the Huge. As she felt herself falling into slumber, she let herself feel the happiness of them all together one last time.

"Dave." came a voice in the dark. Dave roused himself awake, feeling warmth all around him still. He stared up, making out Ashley's face in the darkness. It seemed even further away from him than when he'd fallen asleep. He could tell she was worried.

"What's wrong?" he whispered.

"I can still feel it." Ashley whispered back. "It's still going."

He knew she meant she was still growing. He could tell just by looking. "It's ok, baby. I'm here."

"What if I'm still growing tomorrow? Will you... will you still leave?" Ashley asked.

Dave sighed. This poor gargantuan creature was terrified she'd be left alone in a cage she was slowly outgrowing. "Ashley, if you want to stay, I'm staying. But even if you're still positive, there's no one to stop you from leaving."

"I don't want to get anyone else sick. I don't want them to end up like me." Ashley whined.

"Gorgeous?" Dave asked.

Ashley sniffed out a laugh. "There's so much that I'm going to have to deal with, Dave. I could be the biggest woman in the world now."

"And I'll be right there with you." Dave said, hugging her tighter. He felt how soft she was now. He felt her hug him back, pressing her chest against his face. It was heaven.

"I never want to leave you." Ashley sighed.

"So does that mean we're going steady?" Dave joked.

"Oh my god, are you asking to be my boyfriend?" Ashley laughed.

"Only if your parents approve." Dave said, kissing her breast. Ashley kissed the top of his head back. They cradled each other, feeling sleep overtake them again in the silent, dark lobby of the Hotel LeGrande.

"Negative!" came a shout that stirred Dave awake yet again. He was alone on the mattress. Everyone else had vacated the fort. He stood up, groggy, following the sound of the voices at the bar.

Inside, he found the whole crew, exactly as he left them, huddled around a table. He pushed through, jovially, to see a line of tests already taken. None looked even close to positive. "We just have Heather left." Kevin said, catching him up to speed.

"In three, two..." Heather said, looking at the timer on her phone.

"I'm calling it. It's negative." Kevin interrupted. She picked him up and kissed him.

"We're free!" Heather announced.

"Free from our ghostly captors." Dave teased.

"Don't step on the moment, David." Heather said, throwing one last glare down at him.

"So I guess that makes you the tallest, officially." Tracey exclaimed.

"I really thought Ashley might beat me there, for a second." Heather replied.

"Wait, where is Ashley?" Rebecca asked, looking around. "Is she still sleeping, Dave?"

Dave looked around now, too. "I thought she was with you."

They wandered back out to the fort. No one was in sight. A loud splash confirmed for them where they should check next.

The group wandered toward the pool room, admiring the cleaning effort that had taken place. Everything that had once bobbed in the water was now neatly stacked in the corner. The pool was useable again, and the only thing in it was a very long shadow swimming below the surface. They watched, as Ashley's head emerged from the water, smiling up at them.

"Hey! I woke up a little early. Decided to take a dip." she remarked. They all were speechless as they watched their naked friend, step slowly up the little inlaid steps of the pool. With each step, her wet body rippled. She was even more massive than Dave remembered. She stared down at all of them. "So what's new?" she chirped.

They all helped her out of the pool room, as she slid on her knees through the narrow doorway. In the wide lobby, she let herself spread out to her new full height. Heather approached her, cautiously. As she stood in front of her, she recognized her eyes came up to Ashley's chin. She was gigantic. "One more measurement, maybe?" Ashley asked.

At the bar, they all helped Ashley figure out just how high above the nine foot mark she had grown. With a cell phone, they had pulled up an inch measurement. But it took a couple of them to finally get to the top of her head at 9 foot 6 inches. "You're a mountain, Ashley." Heather gasped. She wasn't even upset. She was so impressed, staring up at her friend. Just a week ago, they were only an inch apart, in Heather's favor. Now Ashley was the largest woman who had ever existed, if the news was to be believed.

Dave hugged her, wrapping his arms around her hips as best he could. She knelt down and hugged him back. On her knees, she was now still a couple inches taller than him. Rebecca patted her on the shoulder. "Think I should take a test?"

"Only if you want to." Dave replied. Ashley nodded back, standing up and making her way to the testing table. 

"You have fifteen minutes." Heather explained. 

"Mind if I take that time to freshen up?" Ashley asked. "Still naked over here."

The others nodded, watching their friend wander off toward the store room, tugging Dave behind her.

"Do you mind grabbing a few things for me in there?" Ashley asked him at the store room door. "It looks a little cramped."

Dave nodded, stepping in and grabbing the biggest sheets he could find. "You seem to be taking this in stride. At least considering your mood last night."

"I'm done worrying. I have a new body, a new lease on life, and a new, old boyfriend."

Dave felt her presence in the doorway. He stared back, looking at the bottom of her tits peeking out from the top of the doorframe. He walked toward her, wrapping a sheet around her wide hips. "I've got it." she purred, wrapping her hand around his as she styled the sheet into a miniskirt of her own taste.

"Looks nice." Dave commented.

"It's easy access, too." Ashley replied. She pulled Dave out of the store room, and pushed him down onto the hallway. Her tits were pressed against him, even as she hung over him with her arms out. She was absolutely massive, staring down at him hungrily. "One last time?" she asked.

Dave's response was a kiss, as he brought her closer, urging her more and more with each separating peck. She fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. She was on top of him fully, letting her legs wrap around him as she rolled over onto the floor. They made out on their sides, letting their hands explore one another as their skin dug into the rough berber carpet. Dave dug his toes against her sex, as his tongue went deeper into her mouth. She moaned, feeling his foot slide against her wet pussy. It was a strange, new feeling, but the best they could do given the circumstances.

Dave released her from his kiss, and traveled downward. He kissed each of her breasts, feeling her nipples harden between his lips. She purred louder, letting her hips writhe as she felt him travel further downward. He kissed her stomach, feeling her taut muscles pulse with each peck. His fingers had already crept along her warm, wet cunt as he kissed around the curves of her hips. Every inch of her was soft, supple flesh that ached from his touch. He could hear her distant moans of pleasure as his fingers rubbed more against her clit.

He brought his tongue between his fingers, watching her long legs spasm with each lick. She was turning into putty fast. But she wasn't going to let him have all the fun. Ashley snatched him up. She thrust him, standing, against the wall, running her long fingers along the sides of his body. Dave gasped with pleasure as he felt Ashley kiss his neck. Her hands rubbed his hands as she gave him a peck on the cheek, before sliding down to his cock. She wrapped her lips around it, pushing her feet against the opposite wall as she bounced her face against him. He watched her ass ripple with each bounce as she sucked on him. He bit his lip, feeling the pleasure rise fast in his chest.

"Wait." he breathed. He grabbed her, and spun her around (with her help). Ashley found herself staring at the wall as she felt Dave enter her. She gasped, as he thrust back and forth. Dave felt her ass pound against him as she fucked him back. They both moaned as they felt themselves lose control. Dave grabbed onto Ashley's hips for dear life as Ashley pounded her fists against the opposite wall. Her knees slid against the carpet as she fucked him faster and faster. "I'm coming, Dave. I love you!" she wheezed.

"I love you too, Ashley!" he shouted back feeling himself ejaculate.

Ashley felt him cum in her, and let out a deep, satisfied moan as her body shook with pleasure. She collapsed on the floor, pulling Dave close to her. They kissed, one last kiss of ecstasy before melting into post-coital bliss. Ashley breathed heavily, staring down at Dave resting on her chest. "Think that was fifteen minutes?"

Ashley and Dave walked back into the bar. Ashley was now dressed in three separate sheets, that she had fashioned into the closest thing to a conservative outfit she could. She was going out into public, after all. "What's the damage?" she asked.

"Not even a faint line, Ash." Rebecca replied. "You're all done."

Dave and Ashley sighed deeply, then. It was all over. And they knew they could make it work. The group all fell into a hug then, letting this be the final confirmation they need that it was time to head out.

In the parking lot, Marlene and Martin had begun setting up their jeep to fit Marlene's long legs. "I'll just sit facing backward." she remarked, demonstrating how she'd spread her legs out into the backseat, with the top of the front seat now removed.

"Seems dangerous." Martin replied.

"I'll be fine. It's just to get us into town." There was no arguing with her. With a final individual hug from everyone, Martin and Marlene piled into their car, and waved as they drove off to their home two hours away in northern Michigan.

Erica and Pat were next. Pat had driven his convertible, hoping to impress his friends. But they were now only seeing it for the first time. After more hugs, Erica spread her legs across Pat's lap, letting them dangle out the other side of the car. With a flirty wave, they were off to Baltimore, to give Erica's ex the biggest shock of his life. The wind swept through her hair as Erica felt more free than she had in months.

Tracey climbed into her truck, as easily as she ever had. What was once a road monster to compensate for her small frame was now a slightly cramped compact car for someone her size. She threw out a handful of gadgets she'd been to make it easier to reach things onto the parking lot asphalt. Cramped inside her cabin, she smiled at the remaining crew. "First stop is an auto body shop, I think. Make some changes." They all nodded, laughing as their huge friend drove away in a cloud of exhaust, toward Florida.

Then there were five.

"End of an era." Kevin said.

"Dawn of a new species." Dave replied.

Heather and Ashley rolled their eyes. Rebecca hid her laugh. She was trying as best she could not to cry, but it was falling apart fast.

"What are you driving these days?" Dave asked. Kevin walked them over to a small sedan on the edge of the lot. They walked past many abandoned cars as they went, noting just how anarchic those last days had become.

"Maybe they caught a shuttle." Kevin tried.

"Maybe it'll come back." Dave helped.

"Oh for heaven's sake." Heather said, snatching the keys from Kevin's hand. She opened the passenger side door, and with one motion, ripped the passenger seat out from the car. She tossed it into the lot like it was a candy bar wrapper and stuff herself into the backseat. Her legs stretched out along the length of the car. She was stuffed, but not uncomfortable. "Thanks for a lovely week, everyone."

"Best of my life, at least." Kevin added.

"Wait two months." Dave replied.

Kevin smiled. "Two months."

He stepped into the car, and drove his towering queen back to their tiny home in Central Michigan.

"Well I guess this is it." Rebecca sobbed. Dave and Ashley turned to her. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. "I couldn't have asked for a better Immune Squad." 

Ashley wrapped Rebecca into a hug. Rebecca pressed her head against her best friend's stomach, crying into it. "Just promise me you'll be at Kevin and Heather's in two months. I won't handle it if I can't see you both."

"Beccs, what are you talking about?" Ashley asked.

Rebecca's heart stopped. "The promise we made. Two months?" She turned to Dave, terrified.

"Rebecca..." Dave started. "We thought you were coming with us."

Rebecca felt her spirit set on fire. Her mouth widened into a shining smile. "You'd let me?"

"We wouldn't take no for an answer." Ashley rumbled above them. 

Rebecca shifted immediately back to host mode. "We'll take my car." she sniffled.

"Good, because we don't have one." Dave replied.

"I thought I was going to have to carry you both to a bus depot." Ashley laughed.

"I rented a big, honking SUV for the trip. Thought it went with my new look." Rebecca chuckled. "That feels like a lifetime ago."

"Just in time for the new lifetime." Ashley said, hugging her friend as they walked toward a massive car on the edge of the lot. Rebecca clicked it unlocked. They all worked together to stuff the seats back down so Ashley could spread out along the wide back area all by herself. She lounged, like an empress in a modern-day litter. Her wide body made the back of the car sink toward the ground. "Sorry."

"Get used to it, baby." Dave said, hopping in the passenger seat. "It may take a bit for the world to catch up to you."

"They better get ready." Ashley smirked, running her hand along Dave's shoulder. "It's weird to think it's all over, though."

Rebecca smiled. climbing in to the driver's seat. "Good to have a little stability for once, though." she replied.

Her smile fell. Her legs felt cramped against the pedal. She pushed her seat back, just a bit. Ashley noticed.

"Everything ok?" she asked.

"Fine, fine. I just thought I already had this seat adjusted." Rebecca replied. She flushed, a little embarrassed. But the flush didn't go away. Rebecca put her hand to her mouth, hiding her shock as she felt her shirt tighten just a little against her chest. She smiled even wider this time.

"Off we go, then."

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