Harry Potter's Tiny Adventure by iambeowulf
Summary: A giantess/shrinking story I had commissioned on DeviantArt ages ago by Nerd88Master. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Harry finds himself mysteriously shrunk and goes to Hermione for help.....only to get more than what he bargained for!
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1. Chapter 1 by iambeowulf

2. Chapter 2 by iambeowulf

Chapter 1 by iambeowulf
Harry Potter was sitting on the edge of his four-poster bed, utterly torn up inside. He had lost his dear godfather Sirius only days ago, shortly after the downfall of the terrible Dolores Umbridge. Every time he thought about Sirius, a lump appeared in his throat and his eyes got all watery. But every time he thought of Umbridge, his heart jumped in amusement at the thought of her being stuck in the hospital wing, her power over the students stripped from her hands.

“Sirius wouldn’t want me sitting here feeling terrible,” Harry thought, twirling his wand in his hand, “I wish I had something to distract myself from everything.”

Since it was only a few weeks before the end of the term, there weren’t any more classes in session. All that was left were examinations, trips to Hogsmeade, and other end-of-term activities. The problem was, Harry had neither the motivation nor the intention to do any of those things, and thus was sitting on his bed doing nothing at all.

At last, he stood up and made his way out of the dormitory and down the stairs. When he was about halfway down, he began to feel very strange. Strange feelings were not unknown to Harry, as he had been the subject of many through his years at Hogwarts. While he’d been here, his scar had burned frequently, he had heard voices, and now this year he occasionally glimpsed visions of Voldemort’s mind. But this feeling was new and unusual. It wasn’t necessarily a bad feeling… just weird. Before he could figure out what it was, the corridor began to grow, or rather he began to shrink! The walls and stairs around him became larger and larger, and Harry’s mind was filled with confusion and dread.

“What could be causing this?” he thought, “Some kind of curse or spell? A potion?”

When the shrinking finally stopped, he guessed he was only about five centimeters high. He looked around to find that he was standing right in front of the door to the girl’s dormitory. Realizing he desperately needed help, he dashed toward the door and crawled through the space underneath. Once inside, he found that only a few of the fifth-year girls were here, among them Hermione, who was sleeping in her bed.

“Hermione would help me,” Harry said, “She might even know how to fix this!”

With that, he took off running toward her bed, dodging the cracks in the floor and the nails that stuck out of the floorboards. After a long run, he reached the bed, a bit out of breath. He looked up to see the bed that towered over him, feeling like a building in comparison. He still had his wand, so perhaps he could use it to get up there. The bed was too high for him to use ascendio, but the trunk next to her bed wasn’t. Harry ran toward it and pointed his wand straight up, casting the spell. He shot into the air and landed atop the trunk, now much closer to the level of the bed. He crossed the leather-covered trunk, which felt like an entire room of its own thanks to his size, and made it to the bed. After another ascension charm, he was on top of the giant mattress, right in front of Hermione’s massive face.

“Blimey…” Harry muttered, “I knew I was small, but I hadn’t thought of how big everyone else would be…”

He slowly approached her, soon noticing how well he could see all her features this close up. She really did have nice skin, and her long locks of hair gave off a pleasant smell. As he got closer he was able to feel her breathing at a steady pace, the air wafting over his tiny form. Harry wasn’t thinking about how close he was getting or how powerful this air could be, however, and soon it was too late. He ended up next to her nose, and her steady but powerful breathing sucked him inside as she inhaled. Harry was thrown about her nose and soon landed in the back of it. After making a disgusted face, he stood up and found his wand, casting lumos. Unfortunately for Harry, going inside had woken the girl whose nose he had entered. He snapped awake when he landed inside and quickly sat up, which caused Harry to lose his footing and fall down into Hermione’s throat! Poor Hermione had no idea what was there, so she gulped without a second thought, which sent her tiny friend into her esophagus.

Harry had little time to scream or make any noise, because it all happened very fast. Before he knew it, he was being squeezed all the way down to her stomach, where he landed on his stomach. Harry quickly stood up and raised his lit wand, getting his bearings. He cast lumos maxima, which lit the entire area with a floating ball of light.

“You’ve got to be joking me,” Harry said aloud, “I’ve just been eaten by my best friend!”

The fact of being in her stomach was soon the least of his worries, as he could feel her moving around, likely walking somewhere. Another, more frightening issue was the rising level of stomach acid at his feet. Harry panicked at first, but soon noticed his shoes weren’t dissolving and melting like they should. He slowly placed his open hand into the acid and found that it didn’t burn at all. Apparently, whatever it was that shrunk him also made him invincible. After a few minutes, he concluded that he had to go deeper, or else he’d be in here for a much longer time. He reluctantly dove into the acid and swam to the valve at the bottom of her stomach, which he entered.

On the other side of this valve was her intestines, which thankfully lacked the annoying amount of acid that the stomach featured. Harry lit the end of his wand again, and made his way through the slimy caverns. It was very tight in some places, and he was forced to squeeze through the oozing walls to the next section of the organ. Harry shook his head in disbelief. Never had he imagined that he’d enter someone’s digestive system, much less Hermione’s. After a long trek and climb through the intestines, he found the exit, though it was soon clear that he couldn’t make it through on his own.

“I’m sorry, Hermione,” Harry said, pointing his wand at the floor, “Rictusempra!”

Sparks flew out of Harry’s wand into her bowels, casting the tickling jinx. Immediately the walls began pulsating, and Harry could hear something getting closer. Without warning, he was ejected from Hermione’s bowels with a faint farting sound, before landing on a porcelain floor that he recognized as a bathroom. He stood and dusted himself off, and found that he was indeed in a bathroom, which appeared to be the prefect’s bathroom.

“Harry?” the voice of Hermione said, “Is that you down there?”

Harry turned around, wand in hand, to see Hermione standing in the bathtub, looking down at him. It was already filled with water, which meant Hermione was likely about to take a bath. His giant friend was turned to the side, most of her back facing Harry while she covered her chest with her hands. He had no choice but to admire her body, with her clear, well-toned skin and evenly-built form. Since her back was turned, Harry got an amazing view of Hermione’s rear, which was quite round and very perky. She caught him staring at it, and flexed her leg to tease him. Next, he looked down at her legs, admiring her thick thighs. Harry had always thought of Hermione as pretty, but he wasn’t really attracted to her ever, just mostly admiration. That being said, this view was killer, and even though she was covering her breasts with her hands, Harry was able to see a good amount of side boob from her, revealing just how big they really were, something the other male Gryffindors often gossiped about. Yes, Hermione was definitely attractive, and any of the men would be lucky to have her. Finally, Harry looked up at her face, which was smiling teasingly at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Would you care to join me, Harry?” she asked, turning slightly, “You can tell me all about how you’re like this.”
Chapter 2 by iambeowulf
Harry couldn’t stop staring at his giant friend, how beautiful her body was from this perspective. Had she always been hiding this amazing body under her robes? How could he have missed it? Suddenly, Harry realized Hermione was talking to him, so he shook himself out of his trance and made his way toward the bathtub. He could scarcely believe she had invited him to join her, especially since he was so small, but he wasn’t going to give up this opportunity. Harry raised his wand to cast the ascension charm, but Hermione stopped him by kneeling down in the water and reaching for him with a giant hand. She was now covering both her breasts with one arm.

“No need for magic, Harry,” she said, picking him up by his collar, “Let me help you.”

The feeling of being lifted into the air this way, no less by his best friend, was very strange, as if he were nothing more than a doll. ‘I suppose I’m the size of a doll,’ Harry thought. She placed him on the edge of the tub and sat down in the water, which now reached her belly. Harry was able to get a much better view of her upper body now. Even though her breasts weren’t completely revealed to him, they were quite beautiful, not to mention large. Her arm barely contained them, just squished them into her torso.

“So, Harry,” she said, “Care to explain yourself? Why are your clothes so filthy?”

Harry took a deep breath, “You don’t want to know, trust me.”

“Alright… how did you get here?”

“Well, I suppose to answer that I should tell you why I’m so small,” Harry said, “Well… I actually dunno how, but you see… I shrank outside your dormitory so I went inside to get help, and – “

“And I ended up taking you with me to the bathroom while you were trying to wake me up?” she asked, “How strange. I didn’t think shrinking people was possible.”

“What do you mean?”

“Reducio can make objects smaller,” Hermione explained as she sank deeper into the water, covering her beautiful giant body with water, “But it doesn’t work on animals or people. So, whatever did this to you must’ve been custom-made.”

“Right…” was all Harry could say as Hermione dunked herself under the water to get her hair wet. She was so hypnotizing, and Harry began to think she was doing it on purpose. She came out of the water and instructed him to remove his clothes so that he could properly join her, and Harry took them off without hesitation. He made sure his wand was secure with his clothes, then hopped into the water.

Hermione scooped her tiny friend out of the water, no longer covering her breasts, as they were submerged now. Harry couldn’t help but look at them, as much of them as he could see that is. Hermione grabbed her bottle of soap and rubbed some over Harry’s body with her fingers, covering him in bubbles.

“You don’t mind helping me out, do you?” she asked.

Before Harry could ask what she meant, he found himself being rubbed all over Hermione’s torso, spreading soap over her breasts and chest. The sensation made him excited, and he blushed a deep red. Hermione, meanwhile, just giggled and enjoyed the feeling of his body against hers. She continued this for each part of her beautiful form. Once she was finished, she placed him back on the edge of the tub, where Harry dried himself off and got dressed again.

“I hope you enjoyed that, Harry,” she said, her giant face right in front of him, “I definitely did.”

These words made him shiver, which wasn’t helped by Hermione standing up and exiting the bathtub, showing off her dripping form for the tiny wizard. She dried off and got dressed, then cast a spell to clean off Harry’s clothes. Lastly, she gently wrapped her fingers around her tiny friend and lifted him off the tub. Without explanation, she placed him inside her bag, but Harry understood. It wouldn’t be smart for him to be out in the open.

“I can’t believe what just happened,” Harry said to himself, “I was eaten by Hermione, I went through her body, and then she used me like a bath rag… it was pretty nice though.”

Hermione took the tiny wizard back to the common room, where she found it was mostly empty save for a few students, including Ginny. Hermione had a playful idea, and smiled to herself. She walked up to Ginny and told her she had something to give her, then reached into her bag and lifted Harry into Ginny’s waiting hands.

“Oh, my word!” Ginny shouted, soon quieting down per Hermione’s shushing, “Harry, is that really you?”

“Ginny!” Harry said, immediately blushing, “Um, yeah it’s me…”

“He’s yours for the rest of the day,” Hermione said, “And then I’ve got to find a way to fix this.”

Hermione left, and Ginny continued staring down at Harry, now blushing some herself. Harry didn’t know what to say, so he just stared back. He had recently discovered he was attracted to Ginny, as he found her very lovely and quite pretty, but he had never told anyone besides Hermione. Suddenly, Ginny slipped Harry into her pocket and left the common room, not letting him know where they were going.

Ginny was excitedly walking through the corridors and soon made it to the Room of Requirement. This room had been the home of a training club hosted by Harry earlier in the year called Dumbledore’s Army. But, knowing the nature of the room, she thought it would do well for her intentions. She stood in front of the blank wall and thought about what she wanted, and a door soon appeared. After walking through it, she found a room not much bigger than the common room, with a couch, a lit fireplace, and a bed among the furniture.

“This is cozy,” Ginny said, taking Harry out of her pocket, “What do you think?”

“It’s nice, but what are we doing in here?” Harry asked.

She blushed again, “Harry, there’s… something I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

Harry was surprised by this, and there was likely only one thing she was talking about, so he finished it for her, “I... me too.”

Ginny took a moment to make sure Harry meant the same thing she did, then smiled. She lifted him to her face and gave him a kiss, which engulfed his little face. Harry couldn’t exactly kiss her back, so he just blushed. Ginny walked to the bed and put him on the pillow, before removing her jumper and trousers. She was now only wearing her brazier and underwear, showing off her body to Harry. She wasn’t as well-toned as Hermione, but she was still very beautiful. Her hips were wide and her waist was small, leading up to a decently-sized bust, of course topped off with her gorgeous face and red hair. Harry understood that Ginny likely wanted him to strip as well, so he took off everything except his undergarments.

She lifted him up again and kissed his tiny body. Each peck was in a different spot as she rotated him around, covering each inch of him in kisses. Since Harry couldn’t do much to return the favor, he just closed his eyes and enjoyed the experience. After she stopped kissing him, he opened his eyes to find himself face to face with her cleavage as she placed him between her breasts. She put one hand on each of them and began pressing them together, smothering him in her flesh. Harry couldn’t help but moan quietly as she did this, which made Ginny giggle in amusement. It was incredible how things had escalated. Harry had been wanting to tell her about his feelings for a while, and Ginny apparently had a similar situation. But now, just because he was shrunk, they found the opportunity and it led to this. But he didn’t mind.

Ginny took off her brazier and rubbed Harry against her nipple, which made both of them more excited and each of them moaned. Ginny then took off her last piece of clothing and lowered Harry to her crotch, where she rubbed him against her womanhood. This was the best part for both of them so far, and their moans showed it. Harry found himself being inserted inside her and pulled back out, this motion repeating over and over. After several minutes, both of them released their fluids, and Harry went limp. Ginny brought him back to her face and gave him another kiss before cuddling him close and laying down for a nap.

“That was incredible,” Ginny whispered, “I love you, Harry Potter.”

“I love you, Ginny Weasley,” I said, “Please never tell Ron about this.”

She laughed, “Don’t worry, our secret doesn’t leave this room.”
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