Canvas of Life by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

Olivia Parker, a reporter with "Gallery Gazette" magazine has received special access to the world of mysterious avant-garde artist Selene and her... unique artistic techniques.

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Canvas of Life by PleaseStepOnMeDamnit

                 “Hello! I am Olivia Parker with Gallery Gazette and I have been granted exclusive permission to meet and interview the mysterious Selene Grey, the artist that has been making waves across the world recently with her stunning and vibrant displays of color. Today, I hope to learn more about her processes and maybe even get a taste of how she creates pieces like the one that just sold at auction in Paris for an astounding €5 million.”


                 Olivia straightened her pantsuit as she knocked on the door. For a few moments, she waited in excited silence. For the past few months, rumors had come out about her that seemed like it could make quite the scoop. She thought about her questions as she waited.


                 With a soft click, the door opened, and a tall, curvy blonde woman opened the door.


                 “Olivia, is it? With Gallery Gazette? I’m Selene, please, come on in.


                 “Thank you so much for this interview! Your works have caused quite a stir in the art world, and I am honored to be the one to discover the lady behind it all.”


                 “I am so glad that so many people have taken an interest in my paintings, but please, step inside and I’ll get you something to drink while we chat. Champagne?”


                 “That would be lovely, thank you.”


                 Selene beckoned Olivia inside and closed the door behind her with a soft click. Olivia was immediately greeted with a sprawling view of New York City behind a towering pane of glass. A minimalist seating room sat overlooking the scenery, with a large kitchen off to the side. Selene beckoned Olivia to sit down as she grabbed a bottle from a fridge before popping off the cork into the sink with an opener and pouring the sparkling fluid into two crystal flutes.


                 “Enjoy, it’s one of my bests.”


                 “Thank you, ma’am.”


                 “Call me Selene.”


                 “Yes, Selene. Mind if I ask some questions now?”

                 “Go right ahead.”


                 Olivia flipped through her small binder, scouring over her notes about her work from past galleries she attended.


                 “So, how would you describe your art style?”


                 “Definitely avant-garde and experimental. As you could probably tell by these strokes and marks, I don’t use brushes or anything like that. I prefer to use my body as my instrument. My hands, feet and other parts of my body create these patterns. Ultimately, I like how the colors look on the canvas and it’s fun to make. I hope that my fans appreciate the blending of the colors on the canvas.”


                 Olivia nodded, scribbling notes onto her page.


                 “So, what about those famous red splats across your art. They don’t look like normal paint, and in your older pictures, they’ve mostly turned black or brown. I’m curious how you were able to achieve these effects.”






                 “Mhm, ever since I was young, I loved to trample those little pests, always savoring the crunch they made as I stomped their guts out. Those gross vermin kept invading my family’s food storage, so I started crushing them. Eventually, I realized that the red splotches I left in the dirt might be good in my art, so I started grabbing them and dropping them in globs of paint before smushing them into the paint. I really liked how it looked, so I have sort of made it my signature.” Selene chucked, taking a drink from her champagne flute. “I must have crushed untold thousands of them now. The colors fading is expected as their little bodies wither away, but I feel like it adds a certain commentary about the impermanence of fads. Everything loses its luster after awhile, and just as my newest works feature these vibrant splatters, they will eventually wither and fade away. Even the most beautiful flower will die one day, after all.”


                 “Fascinating.” Olivia replied, dutifully noting down her speech. “I’ve crushed a few myself, but never thought of it in that manner. I always just treated them like any other bug. It’s so interesting how you managed to turn something most of us view as pests into such vibrant and poignant pieces of art.”


                 “Plus, I just find it fun. Not to mention how it’s helping contribute to invasive pest control.”


                 “Very resourceful!” Olivia chimed in, scribbling more notes onto her paper.


                 “Would you like to see me work on a new piece? I got one set up in my studio ready to go if you want to observe how I work.”


                 “I would be honored, Selene.”


                 Selene took the two empty champagne glasses and set them in the sink before grabbing some red wine glasses and a matching bottle.


                 “I like to have something to sip on while I work.”


                 Beckoning her forward, the two walked across the sitting room to a door, leading to a darkened room. A flick of a switch brought light into the sparsely decorated room. Large cabinets along the wall seemed to house tools and paints, while in the middle of the room, a large pure white canvas rested atop a paint smudged protective sheet. Selene set the wine down on a table next to the canvas before walking to one of the cabinets. She grabbed a few squeeze-bottles of paint before returning to grab more. After a few trips, she had amassed a small collection of a spectrum of paints. She unscrewed her wine bottle and poured out two glasses.


                 “Thank you!”


                 Selene shot her a knowing smirk as she took off her shoes, followed by unbuttoning her top.


                 “Wait, what are you doing?”


                 “I find that I do my best work in the nude, plus it gives me more brushes to use. I hope you don’t mind.”


                 Without hesitation, she continued to strip, removing her blouse before unhooking her bra. Selene ran her hands across her bared breasts before sliding her hands down to her skirt. With a smooth motion, she unzipped it and slid it off, closely followed by her undergarments.


                 “You look gorgeous, Selene.” Olivia commented, looking over her fully nude form.


                 “In addition to utilizing my assets, I like the power it commands. One of the biggest thrills of crushing tinies is the power I wield over them. I’m like a god to them and crushing them in the nude I feel highlights it.”


                 Selene grabbed a small, lacquered box from a drawer.


                 “Observe.” She replied, opening the ornate lid to reveal a small cluster of inch-tall creatures. Tiny faces turned upward, squinting through the blinding light at the enormous figures staring down at them.


                 Selene grabbed a bottle of yellow pain, popping the lid off as she plucked one of the tinies from the box. With a flick of the wrist, she tossed the tiny from her hand like a bit of trash, watching as it hit the canvas with a sickening thud. Showing little regard to the tiny’s safety, Selene gently squeezed the tube of paint onto the twitching, splashing it with the oily liquid before she raised her sole. Olivia stared intently as Selene’s slender sole sunk into the goop with an audible squelch, followed by a wet crunch. Her foot arched and her heel rose to the sky, standing triumphantly over the yellow glob. Selene swept her foot to the side, smearing a yellow streak into the canvas. Mixed into the middle of the smear was her trademark red mark, the remains of the tiny crushed into a gory splatter beneath the beautiful sole of an artist.


                 Olivia scribbled more notes, torn between writing for her article and observing the scene before her.


                 Satisfied with her inaugural crush, Selene grabbed a variety of paint colors and began squirting the viscous fluids across her canvas. A rainbow of colors soon decorated the once-white board. She quickly followed it by grabbing more tinies from the box and tossing them into the painting.


                 A rainstorm of tiny bodies spattered down onto the canvas, sinking into paint or landing on the board itself. Any tiny able to stand up began to look around for a possible escape from the nightmare woman who had taken them captive. Selene sunk her foot into a mess of multicolored strings of paint before swiping to the right. Colors mixed together into a rainbow tsunami as her sole swept over a tiny, crushing it like a piece of trash under a truck. A streak of red melded into the gunk, the pulped innards of the pathetic creature becoming yet another color in Selene’s toolbox.


                 More stomps soon followed as the helpless creatures exploded like worms under Selene’s mighty feet, leaving footprints, smears and crushed tinies all over the canvas. After a few moments of her unstoppable massacre, a painting soon emerged. Footprints, smears and her famous tiny splats soon stained the once-white surface.


                 “Would you, perhaps like to try crushing one?” Selene inquired, plucking a tiny from the bowl as she grabbed a tube of sky-blue paint.


                 “Um, I don’t really know. I don’t think I can add the flair that you are able to.”


                 “Nonsense, dear, you’ll do wonderfully.” Selene cooed, sauntering up to her before pointing down at her shoes. “Those heels would add a whole new dimension to my work, and to your article.”


                 With a gentle smirk, she let the tiny drop from her hands before squirting long strings of blue paint over the ground. The tiny squeaked as its body landed on the wood-backed canvas below, slightly twitching as it struggled through the pain of its broken bones. In a few moments, a torrent of paint rained down from the heavens, submerging him in the azure goop.


                 “Go on, crush it like the pest it is.” Selene replied, stepping back to examine.


                 Olivia nervously lifted her foot before aiming straight at the paint coated tiny. She looked once at Selene’s shining smile before slamming her pump down.


                 The thick platform of her shoe impacted the ground with unstoppable force, sinking a bit into the blue paint. A muffled squeak failed to reach either woman’s ears as the black wall pressed down, emitting a series of wet squelches and crunches as the stylish pump obliterated the helpless tiny. Its last moment would be spent flailing helplessly in goop as the reporter nervously pressed its guts out.


                 “Marvelous, simply marvelous” Selene replied, watching in amazement as Olivia absentmindedly lifted her shoe. A crater in the shape of her sole was cleanly pressed into the viscous fluid, speckled with bits of dirt and litter that had clung to her shoes from the street. Neatly framed in the middle was the pulped remains of what was once a tiny, its entire body pulverized into a chunky red mush that stained the surrounding paint purple.


                 “Just the step of a lady’s heel was all it took to turn one into mush. I should incorporate shoes more into my future art projects because that was simply marvelous.”


                 “I’m not fully sure on it…” Olivia replied, nervously wiping her shoe on the canvas, leaving streaks of blue and red.


                 “Darling, didn’t you feel it? The coursing power up your leg as you felt the fastest bit of resistance. The knowledge that there was a living creature under your shoe, and the gentle crunch of it expiring beneath your might? In that moment, you were a goddess, and you decided the fate of a lesser being beneath your step, as is your right. Just as I create these paintings, I destroy these tinies to make them shine.”


                 Olivia smiled. “I guess it was fun.”


                 “I want to watch you smush one without the paint.” Selene replied, laying down on the painting while grabbing a tiny. She placed it on the ground right next to Olivia’s platform heel before deftly breaking its leg, leaving the minuscule creature helpless in the presence of the godlike reporter looming over it.


                 Olivia lifted her heel from the canvas, tormenting the pathetic tiny with the grimy sole of her shoe. Selene pressed her face into the ground, eagerly watching as Olivia lowered the black wall down like a press. Beneath, the tiny frantically squirmed for its life, putting up its hand in feeble resistance to the thousands of tons bearing down on it. The reporter had no interest in mercy as her weight effortlessly pushed past the tiny’s protest before landing on top. The tiny’s squeaks turned to helpless squeals and snapping bones as the enormous girl firmly reminded the tiny of its place in the hierarchy. With little interest in drawing the execution out, Olivia pressed down further, feeling the fragile body beneath her deform to her weight. Bones shattered to dust and organs pressed into a uniform slurry before its body burst like a little grape. Blood and viscera squirted out from the ruptured body as Olivia’s heel made contact with the ground.


                 “Roll your heel forward!” Selene cheered, watching with delight as the tiny’s head, mercifully spared by the shape of her sole, cracked and melted into yet more mush as Olivia pressed her toes down. As her heel rose, strings of viscous blood dripped between the mirrored bloodstains on her sole and canvas. Selene leaned forward and gently kissed the toe of her shoe. Olivia was taken aback for a moment as the acclaimed artist pressed her lips against the shellacked black surface.


                 “Darling, you are amazing.” Selene beamed with pride. “That was such an intense display of power. I love how a single step so effortlessly liquified the pathetic thing. It’s such a different experience witnessing a thick pump crush them versus my bare sole.”


                 Olivia looked back down at Selene, who she just now noticed was laying directly atop her art. Wet paint clung to her body as she rose up, besmirching her breasts and stomach in a rainbow of colors.


                 “I don’t just use my feet, you know.” Selene added. “Olivia, dear. Please toss me some more tinies.”


                 Olivia plunged her hand into the box, grabbing several squirming tinies before scattering them in the shadow of Selene’s breasts, hanging over their heads like enormous pendulums. With a sigh, Selene laid back down, feeling her boobs press down on the helpless creatures. Despite how soft her body was, the unstoppable weight effortlessly popped them like bugs. Selene moaned as her body claimed yet more lives. As she lifted back up, blood and smushed tinies dripped from the multicolored orbs.


                 “Amazing” Olivia replied, squatting to admire the mess staining her body. “I love all the different ways you create the patterns on your art.”


                 “My body is my paintbrush.” Selene replied. “I have so many tools at my disposal, so I aim to make the most out of all of my assets.”


                 “It’s almost like you yourself become a part of the art piece in the process. Have you thought about photographing yourself next to your art while you’re covered in the paint?”


                 “I’ve thought about it before, it might be something I add to my repertoire. I may need a photographer, because I would love to get some action shots to include with my art.”


                 Olivia smirked. “That would be great.”


                 “I just had another idea. Would you be ok with stepping on me?”


                 Olivia was taken aback. “What? Why?”


                 “You crushing those tinies still hasn’t left my mind, and I had the idea that maybe you could crush some tinies on my ass, and then I smear them onto the canvas.”


                 “I-I mean, you’re the artist. I’m here to cover you and your work, so I’ll help with that if you want. I’m honored you’d even consider it. That being said, why do you want me to step on you?”


                 “I’ve been thinking about the experience of the tinies, and well… actually, it’s just hot. Seeing someone else crush tinies from that perspective made me want to try out being trampled myself. I seem dominant when I make my art, but truthfully, I kind of like submitting sometimes as well, and I think I’d like to be trampled a bit while we crush tinies. If you don’t mind, that is.”


                 “No, no, I’m just honored to help someone as renowned as yourself in your art. If you want to be trampled, I’d love to trample you.”


                 “Perfect. Grab some tinies and sprinkle them on my ass.”


                 Olivia plucked another cluster of tinies from the box and sprinkled them onto the shapely buttocks of the eager artist. Selene moaned with delight as she felt the tiny bodies pelting her ass, bouncing or simply slapping onto the firm surface. The reporter slowly walked around, unknowingly pulverizing a half-crushed tiny as she turned to face Selene’s ass.


                 With a confident motion, Olivia stomped down on Selene’s asscheek. The artist yelped as the heavy shoe sunk into the supple flesh, followed by a sensual chorus of pops and squelches as the helpless tinies crunched beneath Olivia’s sole. She pressed down, twisting and scraping the specks into little smudges, a mixture of pulped guts and paint mixing together into a slurry. Olivia nudged the side of her ass, turning the two globes of flesh into a compactor for the tinies trapped inside. Mountains of flesh closed in on all sides, guided by the force of Olivia’s legs until more little bodies deformed and popped into red goo. As she let go, one tiny desperately clung to life atop Selene’s anus. Bending over, the reporter gently pressed on the tiny, watching it sink into the tight ring before it disappeared into the abyss.


                 “So naughty.” Selene moaned, resisting the urge to squirm from the pleasurable sensations of the faint squirms in her asshole.


                 The last few tinies stared helplessly into the sky. Across the valley, tinies just like them had been firmly annihilated under the titaness’ stylish high heel, pressed into a mess of paint and pulp. Their destroyer, their goddess stared down at them with a disgusted expression before brining her palm down with the force of the heavens.


                 A meaty slap echoed through the studio as Olivia firmly slapped the artist’s ass, smashing any tinies in her wake. Selene nearly screamed in ecstasy as the reporter’s hand stung her soft asscheeks. Not wanting the crushed specks to dry out, she quickly flipped onto her back and gingerly rubbed the two mounds of flesh across the canvas, adding more red smears and smudges to the paint. Within a few moments, her ass was coated in a ruddy mixture of popped tinies and a variety of colors.


                 Selene rose back to her feet and stood next to Olivia, admiring her handiwork. What was once a blank canvas had become filled with a dazzling display of colors, swirls and scrapes of paint mixed with foot and shoeprints of a range of hues.


                 “It looks amazing.” Olivia broke the silence.


                 “Your addition made it all the more enjoyable to create, dear.” Selene replied.


                 Olivia turned to look at Selene, her nude body coated in as many colors as the canvas before them. “Will all this paint cause any issues for you? I mean, the stuff isn’t exactly the healthiest, and it’s all over you.”


                 “I always buy non-toxic paint so it’s safe to get all over me. As for washing it off, it should come off well, though the shower may get a bit stained if I’m not careful.”


                 “You look gorgeous in all those colors by the way.”


                 “Thank you, dear. Now, normally after I’m finished with this part of the process, I add bits of color with a brush before I shower, but since you’re here and were so kind enough to humor me with my… unconventional process, I would like to give you the honor. Just don’t paint over the tiny splats.”


                 “Thank you, Selene, truly, thank you.” Olivia responded as Selene carefully hooked cables onto a side of the painting. With the push of a switch, the mechanical whirr of motors filled the room as pulleys in the ceiling gingerly lifted the large canvas until hooks on the ceiling grabbed ahold of it, suspending the enormous art wall before them.


                 “Also dear, there’s some alcohol wipes in that drawer over there so you can wash the paint off of your hands and shoes.” Selene replied, slipping through the door.


                 Olivia dug underneath one of the cabinets before finding a box of wipes. She admired the bottom of her shoe, smudged in paints and the smushed remains of what once were tinies. For a moment, she thought about what she and Selene had just done. Like most people, she viewed them as pests, and treated them accordingly. However, the sensuality Selene seemed to add to the whole experience was on another level. Her art elevated the simple task of destroying invasive critters to a form befitting an artist like herself. She shivered with pleasure as she wiped the mess off of her shoes and hands, returning her soles to their usual black. Nevertheless, she thought, she hoped to stain them red with tinies once again.


                 Once Olivia cleaned herself up, she grabbed a brush from a tray and a small collection of paints. Over the next few moments, she carefully examined the piece before dipping the brush and gently adding flecks of color across the piece wherever she felt fit.


                 Selene re-entered the room, dressed in a simple shirt and shorts and stood in front of the piece.


                 “I love the additions, dear. Your brushstrokes pair well with what we’ve made. Thank you for your assistance.”


                 Olivia simply smiled and examined the completed work one more time.


                 “Next, I will have my team come to collect it later today and it will be shipped to the gallery. I hope to see you there to cover it.”


                 “Gallery Gazette will definitely be there, so I hope to run into you! I believe I have all that I need, so I will leave you to enjoy the rest of your day. Once again, it truly has been an honor to interview you, and I hope you enjoy the art.”


                 “The pleasure is all mine, Olivia, thank you for coming out here.”


                 “By the way, where do you get the tinies?”


                 “I work with a local wildlife service, they’re an invasive species and they’re pests so they’re more than happy to give me all the tinies they catch for my artwork. They’d rather have them smeared on a canvas than in someone’s home or restaurant spoiling food or damaging property.”


                 “Very resourceful, and I appreciate the efforts to keep our city clean and safe from pests.”


                 “They definitely are more fun to crush than random bugs, that’s for sure.” Selene laughed as she walked Olivia back to the door. “I can’t wait to read your article!”


                 “I’ll complete it as fast as I can! Have a good day!” She cheered in reply before heading to the elevator and out the building.


Olivia walked back down the street, her mind swimming with ideas for her next article. As she approached the subway, a small figure in the middle of the sidewalk caught her eye. A wild tiny had found itself trapped in the middle of a footpath. With a smirk, Olivia ever so slightly changed her direction, aiming herself dead on with the tiny. A few moments later, she sighed as she felt the slight crunch beneath her heel.




                 Selene sat on her couch, wine glass in hand as she idly flipped through her latest edition of Gallery Gazette. Upon turning over one page, she was greeted by a full spread article about her, written by the same girl she had shared her proclivities with just a few weeks ago. As she scoured Olivia’s eloquent words, a warmth radiated between her legs as the descriptions and details filled her mind. After just a few minutes of reading, she set the magazine down. One hand slowly drifted beneath her waistband, while another began to draft an email on her phone. If Olivia was able to create such a wonderful article from her first visit, she was curious what the two could do if they had more time together. With a sigh, she hit the send button and slid her fingers inside.

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