"Wanna Go Inside My Panties?" by Underscore

Two friends meet at a cliff before the start of their days.

One sits atop the cliff. 

The other—against it. 

So what happens when a Giantess offers a Boy a chance to ride in her underwear?

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Story Notes:

Another quickie! Dunno why those are the fad for me. 

Usually, longer stories are my jam. 

But, this time, being able to blink in and out of these words is enough to keep me amused. 

And, hopefully, you too!

Until next time!

~ Yr. Pal, Underscore 

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Hitch a Riiiiiide! by Underscore

The Giantess and the Boy were side by side, one sitting upon the cliff, the other resting her back against the cliffside. They met like this every day for the past few years. It was a chance to enjoy the morning breeze—before their daily lives whisked them apart.

Sometimes… they talked.

Other times… the shared silence was enough.

Real friends could just bask in each other's company.

"Wanna ride in my panties?"

Thomas blinked. He looked beside him at the Giantess's face. Shirley looked sweetly to the horizon.

"Come again?" Thomas asked.

"My panties," Shirley said. Her face twitched closer. "Every boy—and some girls—have wondered what it's like inside there." Her eyes drifted to Thomas. "Everyooone… save you. Makes me curious. Makes me wonder... why you haven't wondered?"

Thomas glanced away, annoyed. "Because you're more than just a pair of panties to me, Shirley."

"Oooooh yeeeeaaaaaah~?" Shirley's hand covered her giggling mouth. "And what am I?"

"A friend," he saw. "A very good friend."

"Aaaaaaaaaaand?~" More laughter. "I've never been anything more?"

Shirley rose, not allowing Thomas to answer, lording over him. The hem of her skirt floated over Thomas, revealing the shadowed world within. White underwear squeezed thick cheeks. Slowly, the girl bent over. "Becaaaaause…"

The Giantess took a seat on the cliff, her shadow spreading, thickening across the mountain—until her mass crashed onto it. Winds and vibrations blew from the impact, the world rumbling.

Her fabrics floated before dropping.

Shirely's spread legs revealed the inside of her skirt—and the dimmed panties within.

"I've wondered what Thomas would be like… inside there… squirming… wiggling… always pinned against me." Her large hand dropped to the top of the skirt, raising it. "Between my legs. Rubbed into me while I walked. Happily snugged. Always a little boy pressed against me."

Her hand floated into the skirt, stroking the crotch of her panties. It drew shivers and moans from her body. Warmth flooded the air between them. "I want to have you like that. More than just meeting every day at the cliff, I want to always have you on me. Always down there. In my underwear. The most intimate part of me."

She chuckled. "So… how about it? Want to stop wondering what it's like down there?"

And without choice, all Thomas could do was blush, looking away and nodding. Shirely bloomed brighter, pressing a finger behind Thomas's back. The large finger poked him into the skirt. Walking on the firmer fabric, he laid a hand on the silky-smooth thigh beside him—feeling it thicken with each passing foot.

"Confident, aren't you?" asked the voice beyond the skirt.

Thomas figured that, if he was going inside her panties, then touching those amazing legs was alright too. Still… his hand retracted as he came to the nesting point on the woman. Before him, her other hand was tugging open the side of her crotch.

"There you go," Shirley said. "Crawl right in!"

Thomas did precisely that, coming to face the massive thigh, sinking into its skin—its mass. It warmed him upon touch as he shuffled against it. Behind him, the pulled corner of the panties loomed, held by her finger. Once passing the threshold, the finger slipped, the fabric snapping.

"Mhm! Hehe! Snug in my tighty-whities!" Shirley wasted no time standing, which, to the entrapped Thomas, felt like going from the first to the fiftieth floor instantly in underwear. Everything darkened and arched as the woman's hips curved. Thomas shrieked—pinned to the side of her vulva. "And nobody will ever know, either! Not until I take you out of your home, of course."

Giggling, her hand lowered and went up her skirt, tapping the bulge of Thomas. He wiggled, nothing more than a bump. The underwear squeezed Thomas too tightly for him to move across the feminine skin. "Ah! Pinned to my pussy… but unable to move to where the good stuff happens! Mhm! This was better than expected!"

Shirely then started walking toward the big city, keeping on the specially paved road for giants. Her striding legs flexed Thomas into her. The tickles were pleasant.

"Just wait until I get you back there with my butt! Or even my bra! A whole bunch of bouncing and jiggling for you to compete with." More huffed laughter. "Just trying to survive my cheeks. Or boobs. All that swinging around." She didn't bother covering her mouth. "Oh! Who am I kidding? I dreamt of this… with you… for far… far too long."

And just like that.

The lovers were onward to some fun.

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