"Can I Help You with Something?" by Underscore

Sometimes the eyes look where they shouldn't... but what's the harm if both sides don't mind! 

Jasalean and Murack have been travelling together for a while. When Jasalean catches Murack staring at her backside... she offers to let him stay there for the rest of their trip!

How will our hero answer?

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How Do You Like It Back There? by Underscore

“Can I help you with something?”

Muark had been chasing after her ass.

There was no denying it.

“I-I… uh…”

“What? Has the great hero finally discovered what ‘hormones’ are?” Jasalean giggled. Lycra pants squeezed from her waist downward. “Seems like you’re a fan of the twins. Wanna get roomy with them?”

Muark smiled.

“Relax.” Jasalean raised a hand. A lock of her hazelnut hair lifted with the wind. “It’s just you and me here. Nobody else can see or care.” Smirking, she twisted, revealing her side. “So… how about it? Aren’t you tired? Don’t you want to rest easy for a while?”

Muark’s throat cleared. “Y-You mean…”

“You betcha!” Jasalean stuck out her butt, displaying it. “Back there with the girls! I don’t mind storin’ a little passenger—especially a hero that keeps himself a lil’ too cute.”

Muark tensed, clinking his armour. He was reminded of its weight.

“Whaddya say?” Jasalean asked.

Muark, tired from the journey, lowered his shoulders and head, nodding.

Jasalean smirked, fingers snapping.

In the next second, Muark was tiny, standing naked within the vast plating inside his armour.

Through the collar the size of a dome, Muark watched the giantess face of Jasalean pass over, settling like the moon coming closer to the Earth for a better look.

“Weeell…” Jasalean boomed, her voice blasting inside the armour, echoing off and across its metal walls. “…now who looks even more adorable? Mhmm! Geeze… why didn’t I think of this sooner?”

Ducking out of view, the apartment-sized woman collected scattered items and put them away.

Muark stood before the looming woman, who seemed like the bridge between the ground and the sky, a perfect feminine vessel. Among the clouds, the girl’s head looked back—spotting this miniature fear. “What’s wrong? Were you afraid that I was to leave you? You, so small, tiny, on the ground, all alone.”

She crouched over him, winds discharging from her legs, which then spread, revealing her broad crotch, the black lycra stretched over it. That area was the size of a park, a careless region waiting to be explored. A second later, her finger floated into the armour.

And it tapped him lightly.

“The world so large… so mean… everyone wanting to take you… step on you… awful… humiliating… terrible things.” With a happy sniffle, she plucked the boy, whisking him from earth to the moon. “But not I. I… shall be your goddess. I’ll keep the world back and keep you safe. Time for your new spot.”

The hand swung around Jasaline’s waist, hanging above her butt. At the back of the waistband to the pants, the other hand stuck a finger inside and pulled. Both pants and underwear were tugged to reveal the dark place—and the healthy, bouncy, and vibrant size of cheeks.

“Are you ready to go in? Because I’m sure excited to have you aboard!” With a final giggle, the hand lowered him into the back of the pants. He was brought over the ass, swallowed into its divide, becoming buried deeper. “And there you are! The place you spent the whole trip looking at!”

The waistband snapped.

Jasalean eeped and giggled before shifting on her feet and checking out her booty. Loving the feeling of his tickles and the hint of his shape upon the fabric, Jasalean shook her head, starting to walk forward.

“Hope you like it back there, hero,” Jasalean said, grabbing and scrunching a cheek, feeling for her own ass. “Because we have quite the journey before us.”

End Notes:

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