Reviews For My Little Pet
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Reviewer: BabyZoe Signed [Report This]
Date: January 14 2021 3:01 AM Title: Chapter 2

Wow, I love how Sarah decided without question to make him her pet. She's got a great cheerful and bubbly personality too :)

Reviewer: Joseph Micheal Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 15 2020 9:34 PM Title: Chapter 1

Glad to see a new story from you, and one such as this as well! I love these kinds of relationships, looking forward to where you go next and who else you introduce. 

Author's Response:

Thanks. This first story is very focused on these two, but other characters are included in the sequels.

Reviewer: Tiny_Significance Signed [Report This]
Date: December 15 2020 2:58 AM Title: Chapter 1

Oh man! A new, fresh story from Jacksmith??? Count me in! 

You had me at "Major themes to expect in this and the rest of the series are feet, in-shoe, mouthplay, handplay, and lots of 'Mommy' talk." That's literally a checklist of everything I love! 

Sarah already seems so perfect! And the fact that you mention Matt's girlfriend by name, Nadia, suggests that she may be mentioned in later chapters, if not make an appearance! 

I honestly just really love when tinies have romantic/sexual lives that they become totally cut off from once they shrink and become another person's plaything and/or pet! 

Like, I'm hoping that Matt mentions he has a girlfriend, and Sarah says something to the effect of "Well she must not be that good of a girlfriend if she LOST you like that! No, you should forget about her. You're MUCH safer with me!" Or maybe Nadia even makes an appearance, but when she insists on having her boyfriend back, Sarah simply insists that "he's MY pet now!" 

But now I'm speculating, lol 

I can't WAIT to read more of this! I may just have to cave in and subscribe to you on Patreon, my man! One question before I do, though: does anyt mention or appearance involving Nadia occur later? 

No matter what the answer to that question is, you're still one of the best, and this story (and series) will be GREAT because of it! 

Keep up the always AMAZING work, Jacksmith!!! 

Author's Response:

Thanks for reviewing. Nadia does make appearances/have a part in the sequels to this story. The scene you're theorizing wouldn't quite work out with these characters, though, as a mysterious language barrier with Sarah and her pets is another recurring element. But certainly the loss of past romantic/sexual lives is a big part of this series.

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