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Reviewer: johnsmith10992 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 10 2021 10:48 AM Title: Chapter 10, Part 1: Spy Time

Loved this chapter, especially how they don't know who they are. Looking forward to parts 2 and 3!

Reviewer: rebmevon5072 Signed [Report This]
Date: May 03 2021 4:33 PM Title: Chapter 10, Part 1: Spy Time

Hi AprilMJ, glad to see you are back and congrats on graduating!

I'm very curious to see how this ends up for the group. I know the threat of bad things happening was always there but I wasnt sure if you'd actually let something truly bad happen to the students! I feel like there still might be a chance for ms johnson to show up last minute to save the day, but... maybe not.

At a minimum, whatever students make it out (whether it's all or some) will have to face some punishment from ms johnson, right? I feel like an appropriate punishment for them spying on girls in the bathroom would be some bathroom related punishment I hope! I think it would be cool to have her make them serve detention inside her butt. You could even find a way to make them impervious to being digested and have her pass them through her system. Just a few thoughts! 

Anyways, glad to see you back and am anxiously awaiting your updates!

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 03 2021 6:30 AM Title: Chapter 10, Part 1: Spy Time

Wow, mistaken identity themes are very sexy especially in the giantess setting. The fact that these girls think they are disposables makes my heart race. I love it! I mean, they won't have any mercy toward these boys so it's crazy to think what they would do to them. 

They inspected the guy in the sink but didn't inspect Brayden and Trevor. Hmm, I would've thought they would poke and prod their bodies to check them out. Then again, the unaware aspect of their identities makes this even sexier. 

I feel like Mrs. Johnson is the only one who could save them. Holy crap, this is intense! 

I hope Mrs. Johnson also has her own mistaken identity scene like this and traps a student in the crotch of her panties like Sadie, except Mrs. Johnson would know about him and keep him stuck there. 

Speaking of Mrs. Johnson's tinies, the guy that Allison found must have been the guy that Mrs. Johnson probably kept inside on the way to class. Then she probably fetched him out in the bathroom and dropped him off in the sink. Nice.

I only see this going in a few directions. One way is that Mrs. Johnson could rescue all of them before one of the students dies. Another is that Allison actually swallows a student and kills them and Noah and the gang will return to the classroom and explain everything to Mrs. Johnson leading to some punishment. Last option is that one of the girls recognizes Brayden or Trevor and they stop torturing them. 

Damn, either way, this is the first time this story where soemthing crazy is about to happen to a some characters that we actually care about. (The tinies in Mrs. Johnson didn't connect to me much). So to see these students actually in danger, scares me, but also excites me. 

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: brett533 Signed [Report This]
Date: April 09 2021 12:04 PM Title: Chapter 1: Research Trip

hope your doing well and cant wait for more. Also if i can suggest (dont take it as a complaint) when there is description of panty entrapment include more detail! cant wait for your return. 

Author's Response:

All is well here! Hope you're doing the same! It's been ridiculous how much has been happenig all at once. Nothing bad really, just a lot to get figured out in a short amount of time. There definitely won't be a new release this weekend but I'm really aiming to have one out by next weekend (April 17th or 18th). Good suggestion! I have quite the panty scene in mind that will probably be included in the next chapter but I may end up saving it for a future chapter. I'm thinking this next chapter is really gonna rock the ship... but hopefully in a good way if I can write it well. Thanks for checking in!!

Reviewer: johnsmith10992 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 05 2021 5:40 PM Title: Chapter 9, Week 5: After School

I hope all is well and you post soon! This is an amazing story :)

Author's Response:

Hey! Yeah, I'm really sorry that I haven't been posting lately. I'm just about to graduate from university so I've been overloaded with final projects, reports, and assignments the past few weeks. Plus I've had to find somewhere to live closer to where I'll be working so that's been eating up my spare time as well. Lots going on right now! Still healthy and well though! The break from writing is probably going to benefit all of us in the end since I've been able to work on developing new ideas and reworking some of the chapters I had planned though. Lot's of fine details and plotholes that still need some attention. Can't say for sure when the next chapter will be dropping but it's still very much on my radar. I've got a pretty solid outline for the next chapter though so I'm optimistic that when I do write it, I'll be able to pump it out super fast. Thanks for checking in!!

Reviewer: brett533 Signed [Report This]
Date: March 17 2021 9:45 AM Title: Chapter 9, Week 5: After School

I loved the story and details. Can't wait for Noah and Alexis to get to know eachother better.

Author's Response:

Thanks! Hopefully more to come soon!

Reviewer: TheZiku6000 Signed [Report This]
Date: March 14 2021 10:56 PM Title: Chapter 9, Week 5: After School

Hello again! :) 


I think it's fair to say that this is another good chapter with some lighter stuff before dropping a big bomb which I hope that won't prove fatal to any of the boys. The game was desribed quite well and I really enjoyed it (although sometimes I REALLY want to slap myself on the forehead for having a hard time at figuring out that these girls were actually playing volleyball xD). 


Moving on to your question from response to my last review: No, I'm not a lawyer or law student. I just happened to play a visual novel series called "Ace Attorney". These games are about solving murder mysteries while defending people were wrongly accused of commiting a murder. Our goal is to collect evidence and useful informations from people involved in the case during the investigation segment, and then use them appropriately in the trial segment to expose lies or mistakes in witnesses' testimonies. This will lead us to proving our client's innocence and help us find the true culprit. As you might expect, there are many law terms in these games introduced in a way it is easy to understand and they later just sort of stay in your head. Some court shows from TV were a bit helpful, too. The first three games even have an anime adaptation, which was the beginning of my interest in anime, manga, light novels and visual novels, so you may call me an "otaku" if you want to. :) 


And even if you're not interested in this kind of stuff, I really recommend this series. :) 


When a trial was mentioned and I got a feeling that penalty was way too severe, I remembered a motive from the sixth game, which was about a country with the law stating that of defendant is found guilty, their sentence goes double for the defence and the aftermath was that there were hardly any lawyers there. I know this probably doesn't have very much in common with your concept, but I figured if people were willing to shrink criminals, then in some countries it would be no surprise to go even farther. Also, if judges aren't complaining about their situation, then the only possibility that comes to my mind is that they have less work (because, as you mentioned before, trials became rarer), but earn the same or maybe even higher amount of money as before. 


I think it's fair to say that policy of dealing with criminals changed from resocialization to disposal. It feels like the first person to put this idea to use may have had very similar sense of justice to the protagonist of "Death Note". I know this question most likely calls for another story to be answered, but I wonder who was our "Kira" in this situation. 


Moving on to the next topic, I wonder whether Ms Johnson can actually be moved by something, if she watched and/or read any kind of tearjackers. If she can, then I would imagine her as a kind of person who's moved, but when it happens, she doesn't cry and it's hard to tell just from expression on her face. 


I also want to include my thoghts about what would I do if I were in this kind of reality. 


First, I would be very afraid of dating any girl (for the record: I only have interest in the opposite sex), because of possibility that she might be enjoying trearing shrunken people as playthings and not have any regard for their lives. Even if I actually DID fall in love, I would just wait it out until this feeling will have disappered. 


Second, I would start collecting money in order to move to the country where policy of shrinking convicts isn't put to use and is not going to be anytime soon. 


I also think it's not exagaration to call this kind of reality a dystopia (I have a feeling that I'm repeating myself from the last review here, but even if that's the case, why the hell not? xD). 


Last but not least, this universe gives so mamy possibilities, that you pretty much never can run out of ideas with it, so keep up the good job. :) 


Greetings from middle-eastern Europe! 


Have a nice week! :) 

Author's Response:

You all need to pay attention to the chapters that come before the new ones hahaha. But yeah, I've heard a few times that I should've been clearer about what they were playing. I figured that between the tight black short shorts, the number of players, and the net between the two sides it would've been enough lol. Anyways, I'll tweak that before I release the next chapter. The next chapter is gonna drop a few big bombs for sure. I'm really hoping that I can do this next chapter justice. I can not confirm or deny whether or not someone will die though. You're gonna have to wait and tune in!


Sounds like a cool game! I figured in just the way you word things and what you seem most interested in you're someone who might be working in the law and ethics field (hence why I guessed lawyer or law student!). I've heard so many people talk about Death Note and now you're another. I'm really gonna have to check that out.


I love that one comment you made and it's had me really thinking over the last few weeks. I've been trying to think of how I wanted to reply to that. I think you're definitely right, even though I wasn't originally intending on the world being a dystopia (to be honest I'm not even sure what I was originally intending in terms of world type), that seems to be exactly where it's heading (or has already become). And that's really had my mind working as I've been thinking of new ideas and tweaking others. It raises an interesting question of, well who is the dystopia for? Cause I don't picture the government having an iron grip on society and everyone fearing to step outside their doors. It's almost a mini-dystopia for men since they're now being punished for their actions (women too, but to a lesser extent). But at the same time I'm picturing it being more of a "hawk waiting on the branch" type world where the hawk is waiting for just the right animal to pick off even though there could be a thousand pass by. People can still do bad things to one another without being shrunken and handed off to be disposed of, but every once and a while someone will do something bad enough to justify someone stepping in and putting a complete stop to it. Cause we've heard Ms. Johnson explain a little bit about the world to the disposables and she makes the point of "the government is willing to consider even the smallest of crimes." But the interesting part about that line is we're listening to her from Troy's perspective and not seeing inside Ms. Johnson's mind. Cause besides Troy, so far we've only met really bad people who were turned into disposables. So it begs the questions again, what justifies being turned into a disposable and why was Troy shrunk? Is Ms. Johnson being serious when she says that even the pettiest of crimes will justify shrinking, or could it be something else? Sometimes it's well deserved. Sometimes examples need to be made. Sometimes there's a little more beneath the surface.


And yes, I'm definitely seeing criminals being more "disposed of" than "resocialized". Which comes back to the motive of at first they were shrunken and given a second chance, but then they saw just how badly the rich and famous wanted the tiny people. So who gets a second chance now? The origin of this world would definitely be a complex one and I'm not even sure if I have the answer to it haha. I definitely have a lot of rough ideas and a blurry picture, but I'm not even sure if I would be capable of writing a convincing origin of "this is how shrinking criminals started and grew into what it is now." There would be sooo much to unpack. We're sort of seeing shards of that origin story inside this one though.


I also love your other question about Ms. Johnson. This is absolutely something I've thought of for a long time (even before I started writing chapter 1 and was just starting to outline the characters and the story). The end of Chapter 1 (before we see her in present day) was a pivotal moment in her life but it was like the tv was shut off just before we got to fully see what Ms. Johnson's reaction was to the death of Todd. We only got to see a split second glimpse. That was the first (and perhaps only time) Ms. Johnson has ever actually lost someone she cared for. Since then they've just been meaningless disposables and test subjects. This question does not require another story to answer (lol) and you will get an answer to this in a future chapter. Lets just say that Noah (or maybe Alexis) is going to be speaking with someone who knows a lot more about Ms. Johnson than he and Alexis do.


Girls are fun though! And they just wanna have fun :) I can totally see why you would be feeling this way and you won't be the only one to be feeling this way for long. I've purposefully started the story off by introducing disposables first before we get into any major personal stuff though. We'll see if you can be convinced otherwise before the story is finished hehe. Who knows, it might be a back and forth pulling though and maybe that's what the author will be going for :)


I totally agree with the number of possibilities this world has to offer though! I know you said that you had an idea that you wanted to share with my privately and you still can. I'd love to hear it! Not sure if you saw, but in one of my other chapters I posted some contact methods. This review section works for me too though! Instagram: LittleLearningGTS, Discord: AprilMJ#7988, Email:


Thanks for your interest and support! Nighty night from Canada :)

Reviewer: Clocked76 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 07 2021 12:51 PM Title: Chapter 1: Research Trip

I love the story so far, you do a great job with details. Personally I'd love a chapter dedicated to the teacher's nose and ears with students being inside them. And possibly a chapter of then exploring her asshole a bit. Anyways keep up the great work, whatever you decide to write I'll be sure to enjoy 

Author's Response:

Thanks very much for taking the time to leave a review! I'll definitely keep your suggestion in mind moving forward! I'm not sure if the boys will be small enough to go exploring any ears or noses in this story (we've been working with them at about an inch or so tall so far) but it could definitely be a real possibility in a sequel :) I do have a scene in mind that sort of involves the nose so you might find that one interesting. I don't think we'll be hitting that chapter for quite a while though. Stayed tuned for it though! Visting her bum again is also a very real possibility in this story. As we saw, Ms. Johnson isn't afraid to send tiny men to that area, though she is capable of doing it without losing them completely (hint hint). Glad to see you're enjoying the story and are along for the ride!

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed [Report This]
Date: March 07 2021 3:44 AM Title: Chapter 1: Research Trip


I think they were playing volleyball, but in a gym. I also thought it was basketball at first until volleyball was mentioned once. Then the team name was Lakers so I thought it was basketball again. Then it was mentioned that Noah didn't want to be in Allison's bra because it would be bad if the girls dive on the floor which happens a lot on volleyball which made more sense to me for the rest of the chapter. Lol

Author's Response:

Yep, you're right! They were playing volleyball (indoors) tonight. Naming them the Lakers did make me wonder if that would cause some confusion (and apparently it did lol) but there are sooo many lakes around where I live in real life so it was a pretty fitting name haha. I don't watch much (if any) basketball so for me the name didn't really throw me off but for those who watch it as much as I watch hockey, I could see that being a little confusing lol. Thanks for being quick with the keyboard :)

Reviewer: SafetyPin Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: March 07 2021 3:37 AM Title: Chapter 9, Week 5: After School

Another good chapter, AprilMJ.

I'm no basketball expert, but I think that it's five players on the court for each team - not six.


Author's Response:

Thanks!! Yep, like TomSpeedy said, they were playing volleyball today. Sorry if there was any confusion there. I kinda thought that between the end of the last chapter (chapter 8), the short, tight black shorts, and the brief comment on the net and the two sides that that might have been enough. I could add a sentence or two to clarify that and get rid of any doubt though. I appreciate the review though! Glad you're enjoying it!

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 07 2021 3:03 AM Title: Chapter 9, Week 5: After School

I was expecting this chapter tomorrow, so seeing an update today puts a smile on my face. 

Also unexpected was the entire chapter dedicated to this game. I thought maybe it would be just a small part, but then I remembered that you are going for 50 chapters so a sports game chapter makes sense now. 

One good thing about this chapter is that it expands this giantess theme beyond the classroom and home settings. I’ve read many stories of giantess school and giantess home stuff, but not much with sports so this was refreshing. 

Haha, just like Noah, I also forgot that Ms. Johnson was the coach. I’m so used to her being that sexy teacher that anything else seems strange. Lol.

Wow, that cheerleading position though. In normal real life, I would’ve said no, but in this giantess setting, I agree with Noah and Brayden and would also take this opportunity too. When Ms. Johnson was describing the details, I actually thought they would be attached to a girl since she told them not to move too much and such. My perverted mind thought they would be in some girl’s pants and they shouldn’t move much. Haha!

Well, turns out there was a third cheerleader in this game. And that’s Little T.  Part of me is hoping this is tiny Tom because his name starts with T Lol. Not to mention that Ms. Johnson wanted to take him home that night too so I’m guessing this is one of Ms. Johnson’s special toys. 

Hmm, I used to think that every one of these girls have their own tiny, but I guess not. It seems more like Ms. Johnson has a bunch of tinies that she distributes to each girl and then collects them back. I mean, these girls were really excited about Little T. Something tells me that this isn’t the first time Little T had to be inside a girl’s panties during a game. ;)

I also love how Alexis keeps teasing Noah throughout not only this chapter but also in this entire story. Especially in this chapter where she greets the boys by stepping on the bench close to them to scare them a bit. Later she knocks Noah into Allison’s thigh and at the end, she almost hinted at group sex play. Noah, Gatlin, Allison and Alexis. Now wouldn’t that be exciting. 

Let’s talk about Allison. I like her. Maybe even more than Alexis. (But Ms. Johnson still remains my favorite). While she doesn’t seem as sadistic as Alexis, she does give me naughty vibes and probably admires Alexis’s confidence to utilize in her own way. Also, her physical description appeals to me more than Alexis. I love it when people can wear jeans and it looks amazing so I believe I have a decent idea of how Allison looks, and wow, what a first impression. Lucky Little T got to spend the game in her pants. Now that’s hot. 

I found it odd that Noah seems unfamiliar with female orgasms. I thought maybe he would’ve seen some videos online, but here, he couldn’t even connect the dots when Allison went down while smiling. Lol. 

Also, it’s interesting that Ms. Johnson said that she was initially taking Little T home, but since Allison orgasmed during the match, I guess Little T is being punished for doing “too well” of a job down there. Haha! I guess that’s why Alexis said “mine” in the locker room. She gets to punish him which makes sense since Ms. Johnson hinted that Alexis was more cruel to disposables/tinies anyway. 

Probably my favorite scene in this chapter was when Alexis told Noah that Little T was Gatlin. Holy shit, my mind exploded. I literally stood up and began connecting dots. First off, I immediately remembered what Ms. Johnson said and that was that she was taking Little T home that night. Then I thought that Gatlin’s fate seems similar to my review for a previous chapter where I had that fanfiction part where Ms. Johnson decided to use Gatlin as a sex toy. Second, I also thought of that scene where Liam was used by Alexis as a sex toy and then Ms. Johnson almost took him home that night. Gatlin was about to complete that fantasy right here. Lol

Then of course, Alexis was only teasing, but damn, simple teases like that make my heart race faster than any horror movie. I mean, imagine if that was true. Ms. Johnson kidnaps Gatlin and told the girls he was Little T, but the girls were too excited to realize it was Gatlin and Allison quickly shoves him down her shorts without even glancing at him. Now that’s a sexy plot twist. Man, whoever Little T is, that guy is living my fantasy. 

The game is finally over and Brody, Ryan and Gatlin discover a hole on the floor behind Ms. Johnson’s desk that leads right into the girl’s locker room. Now, this seems suspiciously convenient. First off, the shrink ray is at Ms. Johnson’s desk. Second, once shrunken, you don’t even have to travel far to get to the locker room. It’s just a hole in a wall. Much better and safer than walking into the hallway and through the doors. 

Basically, I believe someone already tried this stunt before. Either that, or Ms. Johnson knows about that hole. These ladies probably deal with escaped tiny men all the time, so I’m sure they are watching all the holes and cracks in the rooms. Maybe they deliberately transfer tinies through that hole. Imagine Ms. Johnson tells that girls that there’s a new shipment of tinies on Monday that she will smuggle in through that hole. Now these girls will be waiting on the other side as these boys decide to walk though and once they do that....well, they are fucked. Lol. 

I think it’s funny that they plan on sneaking into the girls locker room on the day that Ms. Johnson will teach the class about dildos. Now that’s a class I wouldn’t want to miss so I will gladly stay behind to attend that lesson. Who knows, maybe Ms. Johnson brings a dildo to class, but it breaks or something so now she needs to borrow a student for the lesson. Human dildo time would be awesome. 

Or Ms. Johnson walks into class with a dildo already inside her so she pulls it out and  lays it flat in the middle of the class so they could see. The class feels intimidated at the size of the dildo considering that it’s huge compared to them and that whole dildo was inside Ms. Johnson. So Mrs. Johnson continues talking and the whole class is listening to her, but one student gets curious and walks up to the dildo and lays down exactly right next to it so he could measure his body to the dildo. Another student spots the guy laying down and decides he wants to try it too, so he goes to the other side and walks toward it. However, this time, Alexis notices this and nudges the dildo away from him and the guy watches as the dildo rolls on top of the first student pinning him underneath the dildo. The second student pointed to the student under the dildo and looked up at Alexis, but she just put her index finger to her lips to “shh” him and then pointed to Ms. Johnson so he should listen to her. The guy glanced at the dildo once more and then finally returned to where he was sitting. Class finally ends and the second guy forgot about the guy stuck under the dildo since the class got really interesting. 

One by one, the students got enlarged and left until it was just the second guy, Alexis, Ms. Johnson and the shrunken guy stuck under the dildo. The second guy walks over to the dildo to save the other guy, but Ms. Johnson quickly intervenes and grabs the dildo instead. “This will only take a second” she says. The guy watches as Ms. Johnson holds the dildo by the base so her fingers can’t feel the shrunken student. The student must have been stuck from the dried fluids which fused him to the dildo. She is still undressed so in one swift motion, she slides the dildo up inside her vagina and he watches as the shrunken guy and the dildo both disappear inside of her. 

Now Ms. Johnson is dressing up and sees the look on the students face so she asks,  “Like what you see, young man?” The guy’s face turns red and nervously states “there was a guy stuck to that dildo.” Ms. Johnson stops changing clothes and looks at Alexis. “Is this true? You kept watch, right?” Alexis smiles. “Of course I did. I didn’t see anyone get stuck with the dildo, however I did see someone get rather close to it, didn’t you?” She said poking the young man playfully on the shoulder. 

Ms. Johnson smiles understanding the situation. “Not to worry, everyone will get a chance to play and touch with my many dildos that I have in my collection one day. But not this dildo”. She pats her crotch. “This dildo will remain inside me all day and probably all night if I’m in the mood.” 

The student stood there in shock while Ms. Johnson began to exit the classroom. “Alexis, once you’re done, please lock the door. Thanks”. And just like that Ms. Johnson left with a tiny student stuck inside her attached to her dildo. Alexis and the young man walked out of the classroom together, but before they separated, she told him, “There indeed was a student stuck on that dildo. But we don’t have to let Ms. Johnson know, now do we?” She winked at him. “At least not yet anyway. Who knows, maybe I should have let you get stuck on her dildo instead. Now wouldn’t that be fun.” She teased as locked the door. Alexis then blew him a kiss and walked away leaving him speechless.  

Another amazing chapter! I just added you on discord, and I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Hehe yeah I was originally intending for this chapter to be a lot shorter but about a month ago I had the idea of Ms. Johnson recruiting students to serve as tiny cheerleaders and then from there I thought it would be pretty great to have them stand on the bench, sandwiched between the girls haha. After all, I'm pretty sure no man could resist something like that, especially if the girls were all wearing short volleyball shorts who could potentially squash them at any second (as Noah points out lol). And as fun as that scenerio is, there was actually some purpose behind this chapter. Mostly to set the scene for some future stuff and to introduce Noah to the team. Sort of builds up the school a little bit too since all we've seen so far is the one classroom, the soccer field/track, one hallway, and a blurry changeroom. Slowly building up the world (rather than just a house or a room) is pretty fun for me. And options for the future is a good thing :)


I seriously considered letting the girls manhandle the two boys like they do with Little-T but at the same time, Ms. Johnson likes to feel in control of things. Especially when it comes to the boys' safety. So if she lets the girls drop them down their shorts, things could go wrong pretty quickly lol. It's also meant to build up the disposable vs personal tiny man contrast a little too by showing that taking risks with someone like Little-T is way easier than it is to take risks with someone like Noah or Brayden. Gonna be interesting to see who Little-T is! It does seem like he's a fan favourite with the girls though :)


I definitely wanted Allison to come in with a bang. We're gonna be seeing her again for sure. I'm very glad to hear that you've got a good mental image of what she looks like. In every good book I've read, I always have a crystal clear picture of what the characters look like. So I really wanted that feeling again here. I've got pictures saved of the real life people each character is based on (whether it be people I know, people I've seen in person, or people I don't know personally) so I'm curious to know how close I've been able to describe them all. It's reassuring I've been able to paint at least a partial picture though!


We're getting pretty close to some interesting conversations between the characters so I think a few of your questions are going to be answered soon. I sort of blame Noah's ignorance on being in a foggy headspace (he was surrounded by giant, beautiful, senior high school girls), he'd never seen a real girl orgasm before (they're usually fake online) so he'd be quick to deny, and just being caught up in the worry that Allison was actually injured (he's a pretty nice dude). Plus he's just an innocent grade 9 boy, as one of the girls so cleverly pointed out haha. And rest assured that Little-T eventually made it home to Ms. Johnson. He might have a little wear and tear but nothing too serious. He'll be back :)


Hehe, yeah I figured Alexis' tease about Gatlin would be a winner (it certainly was for me) haha. Just the idea of your best friend being trapped inside a pretty girl's thong with no way to help them. I loved Noah's "What?!" and Alexis' "Do you really think I'm that mean?" lol. One side is freaking out while the other is basking in the glory of her harmless joke haha. Poor Noah, that's what happen's when you befriend a fiesty young lady. And at this point (even after this chapter) Alexis is still really the only one who could actually recognize the boys. So they'd take whoever Ms. Johnson is handing to them without much of a second thought haha. They might be able to spot Noah or Brayden but it's pretty unlikely. Allison would've had other things on her mind (like enjoying Little-T's company and then recovering from it), and the rest of the girls only took passing glances at Noah and Brayden. Hint hint.


Those are certainly interesting theories about the hole in the wall! The boys did also make the comment that they had to do some digging (both figuratively and literally). Meaning that they probably had to search high and low for any sign of a weak spot and then they actually had to work on busting through to get it wide enough to even think about crawling through it. The next chapter is gonna comment on the size in more detail but think of it as being just big enough that you could poke your finger into it. There is a little bit more reasoning behind the meaning of the weak spot but we'll visit that in the next chapter :) You're pretty close! And remember that it's still an "if Ms. Johnson teaches us about dildos" hehe. The boys have spent a good while daydreaming about what they hope Ms. Johnson is gonna teach them. That lesson may not be for another few weeks though :)


Love the dildo mini story hahaha! There will definitely be some unaware stuff coming up somewhat soon. Still working on those details though. I've had my mind on this next chapter for quite a while and what the aftermath of it is gonna look like. I think we've got a lot of really fun stuff coming up soon (a lot of super sweet and gentle stuff and some... not)! Accepted your discord request. Thanks!

Reviewer: johnsmith10992 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 06 2021 8:51 PM Title: Chapter 9, Week 5: After School

What an amazing chapter. Things are really ramping up now! QQ and a recommendation. Is Little-T Troy? And instead of instagram, which sucks on iPad and requires phone number verification (which is challenging for those with 1 phone and wanting to keep this separate from personal life), you should do a discord like others have on this site.

Author's Response:

Thanks! Little-T might be Troy but Ms. Johnson has quite a few other tiny men to pick from. You'll have to wait and see who it is! That's a bummer about the instagram phone thing. Weird that it's making you give them a phone number. When I made the Little Learning account yesterday I didn't have to give it my phone number. All it wanted was my email (gave it the new Little Learning one) and I was good to go. The problem with Discord is I use it fairly regularily for school announcements and such so flipping back and forth between accounts would be a pain and I'd hate to miss an important real-life announcement because I was signed into the wrong account. The nice thing about Instagram is you can flip between accounts super fast without having to enter in a password every time. I just made a discord account just to see how it goes though. Says my username and tag is LittleLearningGTS#7988. I'll post that in the end chapter notes as well. Thanks for the suggestion!

Reviewer: brett533 Signed [Report This]
Date: February 28 2021 11:20 AM Title: Chapter 8, Week 5: Bodily Functions

I love that this is continuing. Can't wait for alexis and Noah to continue. Goodluck! I enjoy your unique writing style btw.

Author's Response:

Thanks! Finally got through midterm week (in real life lol) so now I should have some more time to get to review responses and writing! I'm quite curious to know what you mean by my unique writing style? To me my writing just sort of "is" and I find it difficult to read it unbiasedly. I know what you mean about people having unique writing styles though. I'd love to know how mine comes across as different! Is there anything you'd like me to do differently? Other reviews have suggested that I expand on the character perspectives so that's definitely something I'm going to experiment with as we move forward

Reviewer: johnsmith10992 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 22 2021 4:12 AM Title: Chapter 8, Week 5: Bodily Functions

Glad to see this story continuing! Is something special coming for Chapter 10 or its just a milestone? Also, looking forward to the Chapter you called Pleasure in your response to my last review lol :)

Author's Response:

Chapter 10 is a planned to be a bit of both. When I started the story I set out to get to Chapter 10 since I figured that if I could get that far, I'd be well on my way to getting to the end. So it'll be sort of a personal victory haha. But Chapter 10 is really going to shake things up. It's probably the chapter I've spent the most time planning and looking forward to writing. In a way Chapter 10 is sort of where the idea for the story came from. "This is a great chapter but how do you set it up... a school setting would be a good idea... what if they were taught about girls at the school... what if they were tiny while learning about girls... what if the story was told from the perspective of the teacher and a student." I'm already expecting it to be a 50/50 (50% like it, 50% don't) chapter though because it will probably be the "red chapter" of the entire story. My plan is to write it how I enjoy reading it, and crossing my fingers that it comes across as well as it does in my mind haha. I think it'll be pretty good though! Might end up being a 2 or 3 part chapter though.


And I'm looking forward to the "Pleasure" chapter as well hehe. We're sort of through all the basics of the female body (will be a few other things though), and now we start learning about how to perform well in bed, which is very important to learn as a tiny man! :)

Reviewer: whackamole1 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 19 2021 3:21 PM Title: Chapter 7, Week 4: Puberty

Good chapter and continuing story. It seems that Ms. Johnson will be covering bodily functions considering what she said in this chapter about peeing, pooping, farting, and sneezing, and how it will all be covered. If so, it really would drive home the point about her being fearless about her own body if she's going to sharing things about it as private and intimate as that. And really drive home the point about how dedicated she is to demystifying the female body. Peeing makes sense, since female urination and where girls pee from is still a big mystery to a lot of males. Her spreading her vulva and urinating in front of the boys, making sure they all get a good view of her urethra dilated and expelling her urine out of her body as she urinates can finally clear up that mystery about female plumbing. Pooping and farting isn't as different for girls since it still comes out of the anus, but I guess the point of her doing that in front of the class would be to totally demystify the female body and show that yes even pretty women poop and fart.

How she prepares for this lesson will be pretty interesting too. I'm guessing she drinks a huge amount of water before the class, then brings in a little portable plastic kiddy pool with a ledge attached to one end for the class to watch her urinate upclose at eye level, seeing all the details. It would be funny if she drank so much she ends up taking a very long and strong pee, and she struggles to control it and not pee on her class, explaining that her pee is very clear because of how hydrated she is, and that they shouldn't be too afraid of getting wet since it's mostly water and sterile. Her pooping though, is she just going to have a big meal the night before with specially selected but otherwise normal foods, or is she going to add another lesson. Maybe she could save it for another days lesson, but she could always do another "scared straight" style lesson where she records herself swallowing a bunch of live shrinkees and then poops out their shriveled bodies in front of the class, maybe even going so far as to swallow a pillcam with the shrinkees so a video of them hopelessly suffocating in her stomach and their bodies going through her intestines before coming out of her anus in front of the class can be shown. Or perhaps this would be too gruesome, perhaps something to be saved for another days lesson. I mentioned that I've seen a video of a woman doing this with live mice, minus the pillcam, as an interesting example of how giantess vore would play out in real life. The only place that I can still find it on the internet is with an uploader that has to grant permission

Considering how willing she is to use her body as a teaching tool, maybe there could be a lesson where she takes the class on a field trip through her body. It would be a heck of a lesson and a trust building excercise if she swallowed the class with life support suits and cameras and a communication system as they safely travel through her for the lesson. Maybe she could do this with a sort of shrunken "submarine" like in the old magic school bus show.

The "justice" system here seems to be rather harsh. It would be one thing to give say, international terrorists with no doubt of guilt, this kind of treatment, make them disappear, clear out Guantanamo Bay, but the story seems to imply that shrinking death sentences are given out rather liberally. Even in the olde days of public hangings there was still a chance of appeal, and due process. Hundreds of men have been exonerated from death row since the 70's and even death row inmates have advocates, supporters, and family members. And the Constitution forbids cruel and unusual punishment, although it could be pointed out that the establishment doesn't care about the Constitution and deliberately ignores it most of the time and deliberately misrepresents it when it's convienant. I'm guessing that those who are made to disappear after shrinking are those with no families or people who would notice them gone, and it's still a dirty secret of the penal system that convicts are being killed for the pleasure of rich women. Even by the standards of places where the law cuts the hands off of thieves and executes sodomites and adulterers this could seem like excessively cruel and harsh punishment. Of course it has to be this way for the sake of the story, lol. Just a suggestio, would be a switching POV of some of the characters that are about to go through some abuse, like a switching POV description from the view of the boy who was left in the panties or the convict who fell in the toilet when Miss Johnson used it and flushed him down.

One suggestion though, would be a sort of a middle ground where instead of lenghty prison times in overcrowded prisons, those convicted of crimes less than murder can have a shorter sentence of shrunken servitude and humilation at the hands of rich women who can do anything short of crippling or killing these lesser criminals.

One of the more interesting secondary character plot points is how Troy was given a secret death sentence after being publicly sentenced to six months simply for misplacing a delivery for a judge and lawyer. Seems like a conspiracy subplot. It must have been something really incriminating for certain people for him to be railroaded like that. Like evidence of vote fraud and/or judical corruption, relevant topics today, for him to be made to disappear and die for such a seemingly minor offence. It could be a subplot to expand the character. Also another one of Miss Johnson's shrinkees mentions that some of her shrinkees just got lost and disappear on there own in her house. I'm kind of imagining a "The Borrowers" type scenario with lost shrinkees secretly living in the hidden parts of her house.

A great story though, personally I like the gentler aspects because I find them a bit more realistic and revealing of the characters, but casual femdom sociopathy can be fun too. If you really are going to make this a very long story, please do keep it up. The parts where Miss Johnson teaches about female anatomy remind me of this preview video I saw, I imagine it would look something like this 

Author's Response:

I probably should have taken a look at this review in more detail before I wrote the bodily functions chapter haha! I now understand the frusturation of seeing a great idea and then being like, "I should've thought of that!" I love the idea of someone peeing into a tiny pool while the tiny men are sitting on the edges, watching! That could maybe be worked into a later chapter. For the last one I really wanted to take a field trip to the changeroom to set up chapter 10 so the pool wouldn't have really worked for that one. Hmm, I'm going to have to find a place for that :) I may end up tweaking chapter 8 a little to work in some more descriptive colours because you're definitely right, it's those little details that really make a difference. Luckily for Ms. Johnson, she hadn't swallowed any tiny men before this lesson so no digested bodies were spotted on the way out haha. I actually kinda like that idea (as cruel as it is) though! Seeing a skull after being digested is one thing, but seeing them emerge from a giant anus would be another for sure. I would be lying  if I said I wasn't taking a little inspiration from some of the Magic School Bus episodes lol. It's actually interesting how much giantess-related stuff there was on that show!


And I completely understand what you mean by things being "rather harsh". Ultimately it's there to create a massive contrast with the tiny students and just for entertainment value. I do have a rough idea for what the "endgame" is for disposables and it's sort of a combination between the cruelness that we've seen and heard about already and just simply humiliating someone and maybe not treating the disposable "as well" as someone's personal tiny. This has been sort of hinted at during Ms. Johnson's and Alexis' conversation about who got the tiny man that was left in the changeroom. Sounds like Shelby is pretty cruel and doesn't care about disposables because they're not worth caring about, where others are much more caring towards them and make them last a lot longer before something ultimately goes wrong and they die. Ms. Johnson is an interesting character in this regard because we've seen that she's overhauled her house to make it "tiny friendly" but we've also seen what happens when she gets lost in the moment while playing with disposables. You're absolutely on the right track with "who" gets shrunken though. My thinking (same as yours) was that people who are "off the grid" and really have very little connection to society would be prime candidates for shrinking. All that's needed is some excuse. Where others who may be connected to society but committed an unforgiveable crime are also prime candidates since the backlash would be next to nothing. And as the story continues, I think we'll see that disposables aren't just instantly killed and disposed off by the women they'd handed off to. Some girls might take pleasure in that, where others just want one for a little fun here and there but don't want it to be a one night thing and then he's gone (like Ms. Johnson, who has allowed some tiny men to stay in her home for months at a time). And we do also know that regrowing technology definitely exists. The disposable tiny world is complex but this is certainly by design. We've sort of been introduced to the worst that could possibly happen (perhaps as a scare tactic for the newbies?). Maybe it was a poor strategy but I sort of liked the idea of throwing everything on the table in the first 10 chapters, and then sort of reeling in back in and exploring all the in-betweens later. Guantanamo Bay though... good luck to those types of disposables lol. And I do really like the punishment idea for those who committed a pretty serious crime but maybe don't deserve insta-death lol. I think we're really close in our mindset for how the disposables should play out so we'll see what becomes of them :)


That's a great suggestion of switching between POVs. I tried to do this a little in chapter 8 so we'll see how that turned out and then keep building off that. Appreciate the advice though!


I completely agree that Troy is character who needs to be approached carefully since he has so much to potentially contribute to the plot of the story. I'm still working out the details of this but your theory of him stealing something of importance (maybe without even realizing it) is definitely on the right track. In a way his character is sort of like a red herring since he's (I think) the only disposable we've met that didn't commit a horrible crime. Jett (the strong black man who robbed the convenience store) hinted that his roberry "went south", meaning that he probably did something really bad to end up shrunken. Two others comitted rape, murder, and espionage. Raises some interesting questions about Troy and makes everyone think, "hmm, are they shrinking people for petty crimes?" :) I'm not familiar with "The Borrowers" but after googling it, I need to watch it haha. I actually have a few ideas that might overlap a bit with that movie.


I'm very glad to hear that you're enjoying it so far! I do really appreciate the thoughtful questions, theories, and suggestions! They ultimately make me think about things that I may have brushed over and strengthens the story :) We'll see how it all unfolds!

Reviewer: brett533 Signed [Report This]
Date: February 15 2021 1:56 PM Title: Chapter 7, Week 4: Puberty

love the world you made so far. cant wait to see how it goes. 50 chapters I hope you keep true and complete it all! But I love the story

Author's Response:

Thanks! I'm gonna give it a try and see what happens! There may be weeks where there are a bunch of chapters and others where there are none but I'm really going to try to keep cap on 2 weeks. Any longer and the wait feels way too long. One every week or every other week seems like a pretty manageable number on my end. I think it'll drive me crazy if I don't ever reach logical end to the story though haha. We'll get there eventually :)

Reviewer: TheZiku6000 Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 13 2021 12:52 AM Title: Chapter 7, Week 4: Puberty

Hi three! 

Here's the guy who doesn't focus on the subject of a chapter and talks about a setting in general instead! :) 


Just in case, I inform that this review is for chapter 7. 




First off, I'm gonna say that this chapter contains many informations that can prove to be interseting and useful for many people. I'm not that interested into it myself, but I figure that's cery important part of a plot. I also have a feeling that this chapter is a little bit like breather after the events of last one. If I was a student in this class and had a friend from another one, I would make a bet with him that I will be able to not stand out (as in: to not become a volunteer for demonstration) until the end of semester. I wonder long would I survive. Are all the other boys so willing to be part of a demonstration that it would be TOO EASY to tell who's the unwilling one? Just so you know, I AM NOT trying to get this idea into the actual story, I'm just wondering about it. 




Moving on to your response for my previous review: if what you had written about appealing the sentence is true, then it must mean that in the world of this story the first sentence is the finał one and the convict gets shrunk PRETTY MUCH IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE TRIAL'S CONCLUSION. This makes the situation cery interesting because that would to scenario in which, for example, the Supreme Court would serve no purpose whatsoever in a matter of criminal cases (unless there are trials that BEGIN in this type of court). 


I also kinda get a feeling that in your response you didn't write anything about SUSPENDED SENTENCES. In know you're stilo building this world, but I want to know if there is at least a POSSIBILITY of getting this kind of sentence. It's a "yes or no" question. One of these two would be enough for me at this moment. 


I'm also wondering if there is a way of contacting you, because I have some ideas for the spin-off story. Sorry for asking about it here. 


Last but not least, I'm interested in what Noah and his friends are planning and hope there will be no victims. 




I hope my questions aren't to difficult to answer this time. 




Have a nice day! :) 



Author's Response:

I'm curious, do you happen to be working in the field of law and ethics? I took a course on legal studies as part of my program and the way you word things is very meticulous and sounds like something a person in law would say haha. And I can definitely see that you're intested in the legalities of a story like this which is great! Pokes me with some interesting questions to think about :) I enjoy the difficult questions too though. They're often the ones that are connected to the big plot points. They make the plot stronger too.


These chapters (and the next one, chapter 9) are all sort of meant to be the calm before the storm of chapter 10 lol. Right now the boys are cruising along, learning some interesting and sexy things about women, planning on how to spy on girls, with really no knowledge of the world of disposables. That'll change though. And very quickly. Class willingness is an interesting thing. Early on I'm hoping that it came across that the boys were excited but nervous by the idea of being tiny around Ms. Johnson and Alexis. So they were pretty hesitant to volunteer. Now everyone's starting to warm up and interact with Ms. Johnson more. As we saw with the reckless Chase brothers, they were pretty eager to volunteer. Everyone else is getting there but still pretty hesitant considering that Ms. Johnson is clearly a lot bigger and stronger than they are. Eventually they'll be convinced that Ms. Johnson knows what she's doing and that it's highly unlikely they'll be injured by her (yet stilll possible considering how small they are). Chapter 10 might shake things up a little though.


The process of shrinking is an interesting one for sure. I have a pretty rough idea in my mind but I'm not sure if we'll really cover it in depth in this story. I've got a few meaningful conversations planned between some major characters that I think I'll use to cover the basics of what I'm thinking but a separate story which focuses on that side of the world is really needed I think. Definitely don't plan on ignoring it in this story though, just not sure how in depth we'll see it go. The boys are going to learn about the disposable side of the world pretty soon and it's going to really get their minds thinking. Then it's up to those they ask on whether or not they want to share that sort of information with them. Witholding information is a pretty powerful writing tool though and I do plan on using it (especially if I know the answer and have a plan of sharing later). Especially if the reader can sort of assemble the puzzle pieces while the characters are asking questions.


To sort of give you some more context, I'll maybe start by giving a bit of background on why and how I got to the idea of introducing disposables. I know we spoke a little about the history of hanging in the last review but I think this will give a little more depth... Have you ever read the book "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas"? My 5th or 6th grade teacher read that book to us and it was a really powerful story that still sticks in my mind. I still sort of wonder if I was too young to read a story like that but it made a lasting impact on me and opened my eyes to just how cruel the world can be. Anyways, it's a Holocaust story (fictional but obviously based on truth) where a Nazi officer's son befriends a Jew who's imprisoned in a concentration camp. At the end of the story, the Nazi's son is mistaken for a Jew and is taken to the gas chamber where he and his Jewish friend are both killed. I'm pretty sure that my idea for disposables in the story I'm writing is loosely based on that book and just manifested after years and years of subconsciously thinking about it.


It starts by asking the question, what if instead of Jewish people, really really bad, evil people (who actually deserved to be there) were the ones forced to the concentration camps, and instead of gas chambers, they were shrinking chambers. I know that opens up ethical questions of "is anyone really deserving of that?" but if you're thinking from the perspective of a mother who's young daughter was violently raped by a man, your answer would likely be yes, that man doesn't deserve a second chance. So we now have this picture where deserving people are being taken out of society (making the world a safer place) and shrunken down to serve a purpose (acting as playthings). Seems like a win win and that's currently where we are in the story. Pretty much every disposable we've be introduced to fits this description (they're all really bad people and it doesn't take much digging to figure that out). But the world is not a perfect place (as we saw in that book). Occasionally mistakes are made but what are the consequences of those mistakes? That's sort of where Troy comes in and where a spinoff story would come in. Troy obviously comitted a crime but the question then becomes, well what justifies being shrunken? And in the sequel we'd probably see someone who didn't commit a crime, yet is on the verge (or has been) shrunken and classified as a disposable. The system right now is pretty good though, they usually don't get it wrong (like 99.9% of time they're going to get it right and these are the disposables we'll see). It's only once in a blue moon they get it wrong. But we're just starting to teeter towards "oh man, everyone wants a tiny man, we need to start shrinking people, anyone." That's where the grey area forms and things get interesting. Even disregarding the story I'm writing, I find it fascinating to think about "why" we justifed doing cruel, horrible things in history (concentration camps, hangings, etc) and what would it look like if those actions were actually justifiable. Incentives make everything more interesting and complex (running out of jail capacity, there's a huge demand to do it, etc). I hope my comments on the Holocaust book don't come across as weird or cringey. It was more to ask the question, "what would it look like if the camps were used for actually deserving people?" I think people have even posed the question, "what if the camps were used for the Nazis instead of the Jews?" It's an interesting question with huge ethical implications. But I also don't want to paint Ms. Johnson and other women as "Nazis" lol. Certainly not and far far from it. As far as they know, they're doing the world a favour and getting some fun out it is just a bonus (and 99.9% of the time they actually are doing the world a favour because deserving people are nearly always the ones who are shrunken, and that's probably all we'll see in this story).


So getting to your question, at the moment the people in charge of shrinking are sort of like how the Nazis were, they're bascially judge, jury, and executioner. As we saw with Troy, he didn't get much say. At least not that he can remember. As far as he's concerned, he was shrunk almost immediately (he can only remember being in jail for a few hours) and didn't even get a trial. Now what I have in mind (which answers your second question), there would be a unique trial process for those who are in the "grey" area. Didn't rape a child for example so it's not just totally cut and dry, but he also did a crime. So is he worthy of being shrunken? Well we need to figure that out. And that's where things like tiny man demand, capacity, etc would all bias the results. I picture a complex process being simplified by those in charge because they're feeling the heat from the outside world. The fact that humans are far from perfect decision makers is an interesting idea to explore. So yes, suspended sentances could very well be a possiblility.


I'm still looking into the best way for you to contact me but I have a few ideas :) I'd love to hear what you're thinking! Stay tuned, I'll probably announce something in the end chapter notes of Chapter 9 next weekend.


Thanks for the questions!

Reviewer: rebmevon5072 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 12 2021 12:20 PM Title: Chapter 1: Research Trip

I love the idea and concept of this story. The teacher/student dynamic is really good. When she shrinks them, they have no other choice than to trust her for their saftey, and she knows this. She also has a bit of a cruel side with her disposables that she has to keep at bay with her students. Shes there to educate them, but it seems she allows some sexual gratification for herself with them too. I'm wondering how long she will be able to balance that. Maybe a student annoys her and has to serve detention with her. Maybe she decides detention is best served in her butt? Who knows, you can go a lot of different ways with it. 


I loved the chapters where alexis swallowed a disposable and then showed the digested skull to them after just to remind them that at any point the could end up as nothing more that some girls poop if they're not careful. I wonder if maybe they'll get to explore or be taught about ms Johnsons digestive tract? I don't know how, but I feel like at least some of the students are going to end up swallowed by ms Johnson or somebody else at some point.

My only criticism would be to expand on the experiences the students have when interacting with ms Johnson and alexis' bodies. Maybe a bit more descriptive about what they see, smell, taste, and feel when they get stuck inside them, for instance.


Other than that, I think this is a wonderful story and will be following along with it, anticipating your (hopefully) weekly updates.

Author's Response:

Your first paragraph is nearly a perfect summary for what I was going for! I love that back-and-forth balancing act Ms. Johnson has between her school life and her home life. That's really what I was hoping to accomplish by introducing disposables. On one hand she has all these sweet, innocent students who really don't know anything about what she's telling them. But on the other hand she has access to these disposables who are the lowest of lows who nobody feels any remorse for. They're basically just little living playthings. And I know what you mean with there being so many different ways I could take the story! I have so many ideas for so many chapters but it's a game of making it all line up and flow like a legit story. I have this long movie playing in my head that I'm trying to do justice by putting it down into words. We'll see if it plays out in everyone else's mind like I imagined!


You're definitely on the right track with what I was thinking. I know the popular thing to do is to put tiny men in indestructible suits before being swallowed but it's actually pretty crazy just how violent things get in the stomach lol. Establishing the danger was very important though and that may end up being one of my favourite scenes :)


I honestly really appreciate the feedback and criticism! I'm definitely a student of the story game here so I'm hoping that by the time we get to chapter 50, my writing will be a lot better than it was in chapter 1! Great points though! Feel free to let me know in a chapter or two if we're still not quite there and I can improve even more (even though I know writing is something that you can never stop improving haha). Glad to have you along for the journey!

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed [Report This]
Date: February 08 2021 11:16 PM Title: Chapter 1: Research Trip

Wow, it’s a good sign if my fanfiction piece is similar to what you plan on writing in the future. Looks like I’m going to enjoy that chapter when it arrives. I just love how naughty and subtle Ms. Johnson’s flirtatious side is so it is easy to use for a lot of sexy chapters. Haha. 

I think another reason I chose Gatlin is because his gumball idea made him seem so innocent, so putting him through something so crazy and sexual would probably leave him speechless to a point where he couldn’t even talk his way out of his predicament. 

Wow, I forgot about that scene about how half the class was very vague with their experience with Alexis. I did find that odd and I assumed that they didn’t tell Noah anything because I thought they were too inexperienced to know what was going on. Hmm, I wonder if Alexis gave them a warning, or maybe she told them to keep it a secret from Noah because he is her next target. And maybe that’s why she picked Noah to put him on the pad. She was probably testing him so she could snatch him up later. Could be anything given how unpredictable Alexis is. 

For the Liam scene, I think by now you could tell from my reviews why I enjoyed that little scene with him even though it was mostly dialogue. He almost got to complete one of my fantasies if Ms. Johnson happened to take him home that night. Sometimes I wonder if Liam went to bed that night thinking “I was a sex toy for Alexis all day, and I was almost a sex toy for Ms. Johnson all night. That was a close one.”

Good point about Calvin’s brother. The two are close so stealing Calvin for some pleasure as a secret probably wouldn’t work. If I was in this class, I would be glad to be a secret little sex toy. ;)

As for communication if this website crashes, there’s a discord server for this website which I am a member of. I don’t use it often, but I check it out here and there. Also, I got an email listed on my bio on this website. Most of the time I communicate through reviews, but all methods work for me.

Author's Response:

Ah, finally getting a chance to sit down and respond to all the review. The last two weeks have been so busy with school. Hoping that this week is going to be a big week of writing!


Gatlin is a fun character indeed! I sort of picture him as being the kid who girls always liked because he's so sweet, kind, and innocent but he's not quite on their level yet. He doesn't even really know just how much he likes girls. He's just happy to hang out with Noah, play his video games, and worry about who's stealing all the gumballs. Midterms are going to be a wakeup call for Gatlin.


Let's just say Alexis can be persuasive lol. Even though she's always been kind and gentle with the boys, they still see the fierceness in her eyes and that's so intimidating to a young boy. Hot, but intimidating. And yep! That quick scene with Liam was pretty great haha. I do have a bit of a plan to bring that full circle... in a way. Almost full circle I guess you could say?


That's good to know there's a discord server! I'm not really familar with discord but I've heard of it. I still like this review method as well but it sounds like there are a few people who would rather share their thoughts and ideas through a more direct instant messaging program. So I'm still looking into what might work best on my end as an alternative (but not a substitute) to the review method. Thanks for the review as always!

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 08 2021 12:10 PM Title: Chapter 7, Week 4: Puberty

Yes! Another chapter! Glad you uploaded it. Almost thought you forgot lol. 

I think this is the chapter that I learned the most. Puberty for girls/women is still something that I’m still not exactly familiar with that well. I know what periods are, but the timing of it and how long they last are still not clear to me. You say pads gotta be replaced every 4 hours. Does this mean women bleed multiple times during 1 period? Or is it once you bleed, you are done for the month?

Also, I didn’t know that blood gradually comes down the vagina. I thought it was a sudden, immediate event, such as taking a piss which takes a few seconds. 

Also, do you have to mark a calendar or something to remind yourself that you may have a period soon, or does the body give off warning signs?

It’s interesting. I didn’t know that the “wings” of a pad were meant to wrap around the panties to help secure it. Also, I didn’t know one side of the pads were sticky. I thought women tend to wear snug underwear so pads would just stay there. 

I have seen pads and tampons before, but I haven’t heard of a menstrual cup. That’s new to me. Speaking of feminine products I remember reading an article about how crazy it is that condoms are sometimes free in certain places while necessary feminine products costs so much in comparison. 

Anyway, back to this chapter. So Noah’s dreams are what I would dream about if I had any day dreams and stuff. Sexy giantess teachers are amazing and I’m glad Noah feels the same way. 

Whoa, so the class before the sex-ed class is some random class with all girls in it? Hmm. And Ms. Johnson is teaching it? Wow, this could be a sex-Ed class for girls, but instead of shrinking the class, Ms. Johnson just shrinks a guy or a few and has the class play with them and use them as sexy toys. “Now class, I will show you how to use a tiny man as a dildo. Allow me to demonstrate.” 

Now imagine if one of the boys shrink and sneak into this class and gets mistaken for a class toy: 

(Ms. Johnson took a handful of shrunken men from her purse and placed them all on her desk. She looks up toward to class to welcome them and then looks down back at the tiny men just in time to watch a few guys jump off the side of the desk. Meanwhile Gatlin shrunk himself so he could spy on this class. He decided to hide right by Ms. Johnson’s desk so he could get a front row seat to the action. He watched as Ms. Johnson took something from her bag and put it on her desk. He couldn’t tell what it was. 

Suddenly, he watched something fall from her desk and he realized it was a tiny guy. The guy landed smoothly next to him and quickly bolted away. Gatlin saw that he was muscular and fit as the man ran off. Gatlin looked up and saw another man jump off, only to be caught by Ms. Johnson. Ms. Johnson looked beyond her hand and noticed a little guy on the floor. Gatlin realized that Ms. Johnson spotted him and he decided to run but it was too late. She picked him up instantly. 

Gatlin was disappointed. He wanted to spy on this class, but he guess that now she will grow him and warn him or something. However, that wasn’t the case. Instead, she casually dropped him on her desk with the other men. He landed roughly, very unlike how Ms. Johnson handled him during class. He looked around and saw all the other guys were fit, tall and muscular. Very similar to the first guy he met. Gatlin felt like he didn’t belong and he turned around to see the class full of girls all giggling at the group of men. 

Gatlin then turned back to Ms. Johnson who looked excited as ever. “Now class, today I have a whole set of shrunken men for you all to take home and study. They are all fit men, perfect not just to study their body and muscles but also to use as your own personal sex toy. So before you leave, I want you all to come to my desk and take a tiny guy with you. And please only take 1, I will be watching. If my calculations are right, there should be 1 left for me.” 

The girls all rushed towards Ms. Johnson’s desk which frightened Gatlin and the other men. He saw hands and arms flying all around, some knocking him down, turning him over, some hands inspecting him before dropping him. Soon, the hands disappear and all the girls disappeared from the class room.  Gatlin looked around and saw the face of Ms. Johnson stare right at him. 

“Looks like it’s just you and me tiny. I could see why the girls didn’t pick you.” She picked Gatlin up inspecting him. “Your muscles aren’t showing today. I believe you are due for some training, little one. I think a few hours in my pussy would do, how does that sound little guy?” She giggled. Gatlin couldn’t believe what was happening. He was too stunned to say anything. He thought Ms. Johnson was going to grow him back but all of a sudden, she is planning on keeping him inside her pussy for a few whole hours!

She told his class that it was not safe for a tiny to stay inside that long, not even for longer than a few minutes. He had to get her attention somehow to help her realize that it’s him. He began waving his arms frantically. Ms. Johnson looked happy as he did this. “Ah yes, now that’s the kind of energy I want from you when you are inside me. Since you seem to be so excited, I think I will put you in now.”

Gatlin watched as Ms. Johnson undid her denim pants and lowered them to the floor and soon after, she pulled her panties down to her thighs. Then as Ms. Johnson was holding Gatlin with one hand, her other hand began pulling her vaginal lips open and Gatlin could see how wet she was. She brought him closer and all he could see was darkness. Finally, Gatlin found his voice. He shouted “No please!” but she didn’t listen. With one quick motion, Ms. Johnson slid Gatlin inside her pussy headfirst and his screams became muffled. She used her fingers to continue pushing on Gatlin’s feet until even her fingers disapeared inside her vagina. 

When she couldn’t push him any further, she withdrew her fingers, leaving him trapped inside for however long Ms. Johnson wanted to keep him in there. Gatlin was scared and began to struggle, hoping for any chance that he could get Ms. Johnson’s attention to let him out. However, his plan backfired. As Ms. Johnson was pulling up her panties, she felt the extreme lengths that the little guy was moving to pleasure her. Clearly he was eager to practice this training she thought so more time might be needed. 

As a teacher, she knows that sometimes she has to find new ways to teach. Of course, she wouldn’t do this to her regular students oh no, but for her disposables, she wouldn’t mind pushing it a bit. After feeling more squirming, Ms. Johnson decided that not only will she keep him inside her for the next few hours, but instead she decided she will keep him inside her pussy for the rest of the day and perhaps if she’s feeling horny, she might keep him inside her all night too. “Mmhmm” Ms. Johnson purred at the thought of keeping a man inside her for that long. Ms. Johnson put her pants back on,  sealing Gatlin’s fate deep inside her and she patted her crotch delighted with the feeling of a struggling man pleasing her.)

Ok, I’m done with the fanfiction, but that’s what I would do if I was one of those guys planning on using the shrink ray. Lol. (I chose Gatlin for no reason. I just picked a name and stuck with it.)

Alright, back to this chapter again. Lol. I couldn’t help but notice that Ms. Johnson decided to use the bathroom before class again. Last class, she did the exact same thing. It feels just like Deja vu. My inner instinct is telling me that she has a tiny inside her before class and takes him out in the bathroom. That’s gotta be the answer. I mean, she could simply be using the bathroom before class, but I couldn't help but notice how it happened in back to back classes. 

So as soon as Ms. Johnson leaves, Brayden and Gatlin show up and you mention Noah spinning around to see them. Are there multiple doors to this classroom? Did those guys see Ms. Johnson leave? How much time passed since Ms. Johnson left? It felt like it was immediate. So it felt strange. 

Also, the boys spot the shrink Ray in the purse again, which happened in the previous class too. Almost felt like a copy/paste moment lol. They say almost the exact same thing, or that’s what it feels like. Haha. I think you forgot you added that part in a previous chapter from the looks of it. 

When the boys were discussing what to do when they got shrunk, Gatlin wants to know who is stealing the gumballs. Lmao! That made me facepalm. Now I’m glad I picked Gatlin for that fanfiction, his gumball idea wasn’t as fun. 

When Alexa and Ms. Johnson were talking, one line stood out to me. “I would’ve brought you one today but I need them alive”. Timeout. Lol. So Alexa must be one heck of cruel sadistic giantess if all her tinies die in her possession.

Speaking of tinies in her possession. What happened to Liam?? Liam was that lucky guy whom Alexis kept in her panties after the previous class for the rest of the day. Also, he was about to be taken home by Ms. Johnson to be her personal sex toy. I know he is too scared to spill the secret, but I really wanted a follow-up on him. He was so close to experience the dream of being a sex toy for Alexis and Ms. Johnson in the same day, so I wanted to know if there was more to that story. If I had to pick any character that had the luckiest moment so far, it’s gotta be Liam so far. It’s going to be difficult to top that. Lol. 

Then we have the class and Ms. Johnson mentions periods and the class gets all nervous. I guess I was that weird person that was completely fascinated and curious to anything that regarded the human body, especially sexual things. While classmates looked uneasy, I was interested. Sex Ed and the surrounding topics was stuff that I would look up during my free time because I found it fun. Lol. 

When Ms. Johnson said everyone is squirming like worms, I thought she might accidentally say they were squirming like her sex toys moving inside her. Then she could giggle and Noah will be like “wtf, did she really just say that?” And the class could continue like normal which would only confuse Noah more. Haha!

Ah, you were right about that cricket scene. It did have a purpose in this story. Sad ending for it, but a very powerful message was shared. Now the students know exactly what would happen if they get stepped on. The best part was actually what Ms. Johnson says next. She says jokingly that it might be exciting, but the class has to focus now. The funny part is that stepping on the cricket was probably exciting for her, but I doubt her students felt the same way. Lol. I bet they were all scared of the power that Ms. Johnson had and how weak the students were at their size. However, I bet Alexis probably got turned on too. 

Next we get the tampon scene. Holy crap! Calvin is one lucky guy. Sure, he got some blood on him, but I bet that’s only a minor setback compared to the fact that he was basically marinated inside Ms. Johnson’s pussy. She literally kept him inside long enough so he could absorb some of her juices. That’s sexy. And you know what’s the best part? She actually asked him if he wanted her to leave him inside her for the rest of the week! If that was me instead of Calvin, I would’ve said “Yes!” Lol. Man, I know she said that jokingly, but if Ms. Johnson meant it, I would gladly let her keep me inside her pussy as long as she wanted. ;)

Then we have the pad scene. I absolutely love how Alexis did the surprise volunteer move. And Noah was the perfect contestant. Sure, nothing much happened, but I love the flirtatious way she suggested that he shouldn’t be on the pad for too long.  Part of me believes that Alexis is the type of girl to tape Noah to the front of Ms. Johnson’s panties and tell Ms. Johnson to try them on and make sure those panties are a tight snug fit around her hips. Then Alexis could claim they still aren’t tight enough and she almost gives Ms. Johnson a wedgie so Noah is being smothered against Ms. Johnson’s pussy. Haha! 

Ms. Johnson returns from cleaning Calvin up and I realized that Calvin wasn’t mentioned since she returned. Is this another Alexa/Liam moment? Did Ms. Johnson decide to keep Calvin and not grow him back? Because that would be so hot especially after the rude comments he made while also saying she was pretty. Lol. I think some sexual punishment would be reasonable. Hmm, maybe she did decide to keep him inside her vagina for a week. Lol

Ah, the mysterious door. It’s interesting because one girl in a previous chapter already said it was the girl’s locker room, yet you still reference this as the mysterious room which now tells me that the girl was lying when she originally said it was the girl’s locker room. Now I’m certain something strange happens in that room and it’s gotta deal with shrunken men.  If I shrunk myself, I would sneak into this room as well. 

Hold on, you are planning to make this story go around 50 chapters? So if there’s 52 weeks in a year and you upload every 2 weeks, this story is going to take about 2 years to finish! Wow! I’m glad that I will be able to read this story for another 2 whole years, but I’m curious how is that even possible. Granted, it is possible, but your chapters are very long and I’m curious if you are worried about running out of content? 

You even mentioned that your inspiration to this story is coming up? I’m impressed. For me, the inspirations of fanfictions and stories are usually all about the setup so I can’t seem to get stories to be that long before I run out of ideas. But seeing as your inspirational chapter isn’t even out yet is amazing. That’s a skill that I need to learn. 

Anyway, I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Good questions and these are almost questions that could be asked by the students in the next class. We'll see about that. So the actual bleeding (or period) part of the cycle is usually pretty slow and is carried out over several days. Definitely much slower than peeing. For some girls it can be done and over with in 2 days, others it can take as long as 8 days. But usually the first day or two are the heaviest days (most blood), then the remaining days are just a slow, constant, light flow. Just enough to warrant a pad or tampon. It's recommended that you change your product every 4 hours, but sometimes pads can be left on there for an entire day if you're on a light flow day. Depends on the girl. Others change it every time they use the bathroom. And to complicate things even more, night time is usually even slower because, since you're laying down, the blood isn't being pulled out by gravity. A typical cycle goes like this: Days 1-5 are period/bleeding days (with days 1 and 2 being the heaviest and days 3 to 5 being the lightest), days 6-10 are re-lining the uterus, days 11-15 are fertile days (egg around day 14), days 16-28 are the days leading up to the period, then it all repeats. For most, their cycle is very predictable and follows a pretty strict schedule even though their cycle might be like 29 or 30 days long. So you can sort of mentally mark down when you can expect it to happen. There usually isn't a big warning before a period but some girls get PMS that is sort of like an early warning system. Other times you'll just look down, feel some dampness, and have an "oh crap" moment. It's pretty subtle. But yeah, that was sort of my jab at governments and businesses for not subsidizing feminine products. They're not cheap!


Have you got a hold of my story notes or something? Lol. Poor Gatlin, what would he ever do if he just happened to be stuck in a situation just like that? I should save my story notes that still have yesterday's date and then send them to you once we get to a chapter in the future just so I can say, "see, I didn't just steal your idea!" haha. That's not exactly how I envision a scene like that going but... you're on the right track. I laughed when I read your fanfic. We must have similar minds. I did pick Gatlin for a reason though ;)


Reading that back again, yeah that does kinda sound copy/paste doesn't it haha. Maybe I'll tweak that a little but yeah, it's meant to show a pattern of Ms. Johnson leaving during the break. And the doors... Guess I never did describe the doors. I should put together a sketch of area in and around their classroom. But yes, I'm picturing two doors, one at the front of the room, one at the back. The mysterious door they keep referencing is beside the front door. So when Ms. Johnson left out the front door, the other guys came in shortly thereafter through the back door.


Glad I've got you thinking with Ms. Johnson's little comment to Alexis. The question you should be asking though is, "why is Ms. Johnson saving them?" and "if she's saving them for someone, how sadistic are they that she needs as many as she can get?" I'll let you think about that and you'll probably be able to piece it together as we get closer to that chapter (which won't be for quite a while though, so store that deep in your mind). Maybe Alexis is super sadistic, maybe not :)


Liam's story isn't quite finished yet. We're getting there. Keep in mind that Ms. Johnson made it very clear to keep his mouth shut. Pretty sure that'd scare little Liam down to his bones lol. So he's doing a pretty good job of keeping it to himself so far. There's also a reason Noah made the comment that the others guys really hadn't said much about their time with Alexis last week. I will say that Noah is about to have a big "what?!" moment though haha. I like that challenge though... How can I top that moment with Liam. I've got a few things in mind. I can't reveal all my secrets in just the first 7 chapters though!


There's a pretty good chance that Calvin doesn't get to have his own Liam moment since his brother would start to ask all kinds of questions. Maybe he was just taking a bath that Ms. Johnson had set up for him :) Nothing much may have appeared too have happened in that pad scene, but Noah might tell you differently ;) It'd be quite the experience staring up at the hottest girl in school who's also the girl of your dreams.


It is a mysterious room indeed. Boys are interesting creatures. When they can't see something they have a difficult time believing it. Could it be a secret lab, a meeting place for girls and their tinies, or just a room where cute high school girls change? We'll learn what's behind door number 1 very soon. Simple is usually better though.


Good questions about the length of the story. I sort of wanted to throw it out there cause when you pick up a book, you can instantly tell how long it is. So I kinda want that feeling again with this story. I'm hoping that there will be quite a few weekends where I can upload every weekend, rather than every other. As much as I like a slow burning story, 2 years is a long time. So I'm hoping I can maybe cut that down into a year or a year and a half. I definitely don't want to sacrifice quality and rush it though. I'm 90% sure I can do 50 chapters and each chapter will feel pretty new and fresh. I'm hoping that's been the case thus far (please let me know if this isn't the case). I've got a synopsis wrote for each of the 50 chapters and a whole bunch of ideas that can be thrown into any of the chapters (my story doc is like 97 pages long and the actual story part is just 67 so far lol). And I have pictures of all the character's and the character's homes in the story so I can reference back to them and hopefully maintain some consistency (though I've modified a few minor characteristics). I've read too many stories that are "they had sex tonight, and tomorrow, and the day after that." It starts to feel dull and pointless. You can only develop characters so much through sex. So planning was really important for me and I hope it's starting to show. We're about to get into a lot of moments outside of the classroom and the story weeks are about to feel a lot longer. So far Noah's life outside of the classroom hasn't been that interesting, but that's gonna change really soon. So to answer your question, I'm not really worried about running out of content (this story is meant to be a culmination of every giantess idea I've ever had haha) but I do worry a little about getting burnt out. So far I have no plans of that happening though haha. There are sooo many chapters that I want to get to and write. I'm not a professional writer at all. I write technical reports for school and work. Creative writing is a completely new realm that I've never touched until now. So my goal is to limit the number of plot holes and write a really situational based story (each chapter is sort of based around a really distinct scene or idea). I have all these scenes in my head that I'm trying to connect through this story. Each chapter is sort of a mini story and that's why each one is relatively long. I guess I sort of have a few inspirational chapters (some won't be coming until like chapter 30 or 40) but one of the big ones that I've come back to a lot is getting pretty close. I'm sure there will be moments where things feel similar and a little repetitive, but I think that overall most chapters are going to have a different focus.


I hope that my comment about possibly getting burnt out doesn't scare anyone. Now that I know where the story is going and what the end looks like, I don't think I'll be burnt out any time soon. I really want to see this story through. One thing that I have considered is finding a way to stay in touch with my readers, like you Mr. Legendary TomSpeedy :) This review section is amazing because I love connecting with you and getting your thoughts but I'd hate to lose touch if this website ever crashed or something. It ultimately makes the story better! So if you or anyone else have any suggestions, I'd totally be open to hearing them! Thanks for the review as always!

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