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Reviewer: rabbithole Signed [Report This]
Date: June 26 2017 11:43 PM Title: Visiting the Beach

Man this story came back with a vengeance. Glad to see another chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Yeah, well, it was probably because of you. You got that ball rolling. I'm thinking of adding another chapter tonight to see if it will continue that ball. This is probably one of my favorite stories (Of mine) and would love to see it continued by others.

Reviewer: Captain Signed starstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: June 26 2017 7:35 PM Title: Visiting the Beach

I like a lot of the ideas. Tom is probably the worst protagonist I've ever see on this site though. He's selfish and easily annoyed with the most simple of things. I know these stories don't have a main plot, but character development would be great. Consequences for his actions would be appreciated as well. Lots of potential. Please make the main character more likable.

Author's Response: I don't really see how I (Or other author who have added) would be able to balance the lack of story element with a character development element. When I started this story, I wrote it to have no growth. It was literally just suppose to be a bunch of scenarios based around the idea of altering reality (Which is what I wanted at the time). How would I, or others, add character development while still keeping it true to the idea of just reality changing scenarios strung together?

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: June 26 2017 3:28 PM Title: Visiting the Beach

Hmm. I like the concept of the story, but I disagree with most of the shrinking choices.

Tom's view on each situation seems biased and he doesn't seem to make reasonable shrinking decisions and genrlerally just shrinks the guy in most cases.

One example was the giant girl Tom liked when she was resting on the road. She was blocking the road, so she should she have gotten up to let them pass. She could lie back down afterward. Also, she was blocking the road and the car can't really turn around becuase the road leads to the beach. The shouldn't leave because a girl is blocking the road.

Tom should've shrunk the girl a bit so she didn't have to take over the whole road, or at least put an idea that makes her courteous of the cars around her. The honk wasn't rude, it was a way to get her attention. Shrinking the car felt silly.

Then, when she dropped her phone on the store, damaging thousands of dollars worth of property, she should fix it and be punished. The girl argued that the man should take the phone out which is rude, becuase it was her mess. Tom should have shrunk the phone, not the store. Then he can enlarge it afterward. Instead, Tom just made the store owner suffer for no reason. The woman then took the phone which in consequence, destroyed the store. However, Tom somehow saw that she was being reasonable and gave her the benefited each time.

The cops then came, and while what she did to them was erotic, the cops did nothing wrong. They were trying to stop this giantess from further damage. Then at the end, Tom was happy that no one was bothering the girl. Um....what? The girl basically bothered the whole community which Tom seems to enjoy. If anything, Tom's version of Justice seems to be women in control and dominating those beneath them.

Typical example: woman calls man an asshole. Man calls woman a bitch. Tom wants to even things out. He then enlarges the woman. (Me: what?)

Besides my constant frustrations of Tom's judgement, I'm surprised he doesn't make things more sexual given the power he has.

I'm interested in more sexier engagements. With so many situations, you would think it would happen more often.

I can't wait for the next chapter!

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