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Reviewer: Darien Fawkes Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 01 2018 4:57 PM Title: Just The Beginning

Hey Nostory, flipping through my favorites I realized that I had never finished this story before I disappeared for almost a year. So I binge read it last night and was reminded why I had included it in my favorites. The characters:

Alvin: the good man being tortured by life that we all can relate to. He's likable in many ways because of how well he handles what life had thrown at him. His reactions when he was humiliated by Cassie, or told to make up with his sister were all completely natural, and he bounced back each time with grace. I found myself rooting for him at every turn. I was even fearful that something was going to come out of the blue and pull the rug out from under his relationship with Cassie before prom. In the end, he became the exact guy I wish I could be. Not the popular track star hero of the school, but the man who gets noticed by a girl way out of his league because he's just an all around good man.

Cassie: the fucking sweetheart. I freaking love this girl. She's completely 3 dimensional and real, despite also being a freaking angel of a person. She refused to allow Alvin to walk away from her after she humiliated him because making things right between the two of them was more important to her than taking the easy way out. Respect. Then she takes it upon herself to become his protector from bullies too big for him to handle by serving them a taste of their own medicine. But she goes beyond that by actually having his enemy of a sister become his friend again. She even gives the evil stepmother the treatment she deserved. Goddamn this girl has done so much good for him, how can you not love her?

Wendy: the bully of a stepsister who found redemption. I wasn't sure starting from the first few chapters if she would redeem herself. But you hinted at that here and ther in subtle ways that Wendy has her own baggage that she carries with her. That brought her from a cardboard cut out antagonist to a fully fleshed out character with a journey of development. In the end I was very happy for her and how far she had come.

The side characters in addition were a treat to deal with, each one was unique and creative. All in all my friend, my hat's off to you. I'll be coming back to this story from time to time to reread it and enjoy it again.

Author's Response:

Thank you for the lovely review! I had so much fun writing the story and maybe one day I'll return to them, if I have a good idea for a story. I should thank you too, because if you didn't write Who's Really The Bigger Person Here, I wouldn't have been inspired to write this. Now if I could sit down long enough to write the rest of my stories....

Reviewer: grantb33 Anonymous [Report This]
Date: April 13 2018 9:59 AM Title: Bios

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Reviewer: JIM58 Signed [Report This]
Date: October 08 2016 5:03 AM Title: Peas and Pods

Love it!

Author's Response:

Why thank you!

Reviewer: HuzToru Signed [Report This]
Date: September 30 2016 9:25 AM Title: Bios

All I have to say is that this story was a very great read. From the characters in the story, to the types of situations the character were put in. The time spent reading this was well worth with. I also can't wait for you to work on that second story you mentioned.

Author's Response:

I will, once I get some time to write stuff but I WILL write more stories in this universe, that is a promise!

Reviewer: greggy Signed [Report This]
Date: March 25 2016 9:05 PM Title: Bios

Hope to see these characters continued in another story

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review. I have a few ideas on how to continue it so you may get your wish :) 

Reviewer: dood07 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 10 2016 5:43 AM Title: Just The Beginning

Ok, so this is it ? I bet this feels good to achieve this story ^^

Anyway, I've already told you what I thought of the story, and this didn't change at all ^^ Even though these last chapters had less action in them, and by action I mean more violent interactions between Titans, Amazons and Humans, the relations between the charachters were really well developped, it was nice.

My favorite part stays when Alvin and Wendy became friendly at new, and since this evenment I enjoyed every time they acted kindly towards the other one. As for the last chapter I was delighted when Alvin gave a hug to his little sister, and her words afterwards, it seemed just so true and realistic.. It was really great :3

I thought we'd see more of Patricia in these last two chapters, and how the recomposed family did cope with the fact that they were reunited once again, but it didn't happen.. But then it would have mean you'd write other chapters to develop the thing, and I think this wasn't your goal in the beginning :) Let's just say things went good for Wendy and her mother, I honestly hope the amazon girl succeded in achieving her last year of school :) I am glad that someone aked her out, even if we don't know him very much. I hope he'll respect her and won't make her sad, although I doubt she can't defend herself against an average human male x) Maybe this could make a sequel, don't you think ?

Nah I'm joking, I know you already have sooo much work to do ! I'm looking forward the sequel to Escape Redux in the first place :P

As many others already told you, this story really was a piece of art, it was wonderfully written and I enjoyed every bit of it. You've definitely found a reader right here man ! ;) 

Great job and thank you, again, for sharing your work with the giantess community, I'm glad we count writters as good as you around here :D

See you in another story ;)

Author's Response:

  Thank you, its really nice to hear you say that!

Yeah it was awesome to see Alvin and Wendy come together again and I deliberately left Patricia and the kid's relationship unresolved for now, I might get back to it, who knows? The characters here may make future appearances in stories, probably not as leads but in some capacity for sure. 


I will work on Escape Redux's sequel for now, along with one BFG story. 

Reviewer: tinyguy Signed [Report This]
Date: March 04 2016 5:22 PM Title: Bios

Great Story! Can't wait to see what's next! The teaser at the end was great!

Any word on if the other story by that other author (familyman I think their name was?) will be finished?

Author's Response:

Thanks and I'm sorry to say I think that story is dead. Neither vgiv nor I have been able to contact the guy for over a year now so its safe to say its gone for now. No worries though, we're still around to write more stories for the series. 

Reviewer: gadgetmawombo Signed [Report This]
Date: March 04 2016 4:02 PM Title: Just The Beginning

Great epilogue to what is, in my opinion, your best story to date! I can safely say I'm gonna miss these characters, but I can't wait for your next story!

Author's Response:

Thank you, its great to hear you say that! Next will be a BFG story while I build up my Escape sequel: Uptown Girl. 

Reviewer: Carycomic Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: March 04 2016 8:50 AM Title: Just The Beginning

Nice ending, although there were a couple of chopped off sentences. First, I have no idea what Cassie's father thought she actually was. And, secondly, I have no idea what Cassie wasn't going to let happen. Aside from those nitpicks, I enjoyed this tale old-fashioned love story, immensely.

Author's Response:

Sorry for that, I missed those. Thanks for all the reviews and it is a love story but deals with bullying as well. Hope to see you around on the site!

Reviewer: goku321 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 31 2016 12:11 PM Title: Bios

Really awesome story! Really love the plot development in the story!

Not tryin to sound like a perv but is there going to be future foot action in upcoming chapters, possibly
some foot action involving Wendy?

Author's Response:

I am glad to hear you liked it, its was my first scene involving feet! 

I'll only say that with only one chapter left, there won't be any feet scenes in this story. Maybe in future stories, perhaps with Wendy or even with other characters. 

Reviewer: Carycomic Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 28 2016 11:53 AM Title: I'm Coming Home....

A bumpy first step on the road to reconciliation. But, I don't suppose any such journey is ever smooth!

Author's Response:

It never is smooth, unless one should be so lucky. I don't know if they will ever reconcile, maybe mutual tolerance?

Reviewer: gadgetmawombo Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 28 2016 10:12 AM Title: I'm Coming Home....

Great chapter! It was really well written and didn't feel rushed or left any real holes to speak of, I can't wait for your epilogue. Anyway, I wish you luck in whatever you have planned from now on, and I hope your next story is as great as this one! And I hope you decide to revisit these characters at some point...

Author's Response:

Oh I can confirm that some of the characters here will be revisited at some point in the series. It will be fun to get back to them. 

Reviewer: smoki1020 Signed [Report This]
Date: January 10 2016 7:24 AM Title: Bios

Loosely connected? I'm surprised because a incident at FDR High School was  also mentioned in the last chapter of "Incorporated" so... I guess we'll find out in next chapter of this story!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response:

A little spoiler:


The incident there takes place after Downtrodden in another story. vgiv will be writing it.

Reviewer: smoki1020 Signed [Report This]
Date: January 09 2016 11:53 AM Title: Bios

Good chapter. I don't think that a nurse was needed Cassie could've do nursing on Alvin.

PS: Are your stories in this universe connected to each other.?

Author's Response:

Thank you! Well safety first, don't want Alvin getting out and actually having  more serious injuries. Cassie would be good at mouth to mouth though....

Loosely connected, Downtrodden has a small connection to vgiv's Incorporated. Alvin's stepmother worked at the same company Linda did. 

Reviewer: gadgetmawombo Signed [Report This]
Date: January 08 2016 4:18 PM Title: Dinner and Dance

Amazing chapter! Loved every second of it, the cheesyness, the flirting, the kissing, all of it! Alvin better not screw this up, I doubt it's good for your health to have 3 angry Titan women after your ass! Also Nadya don't screw around does she? Panty explorer on the first date!? I guess when there's no chance of ever being forced into sex or rape or anything like that you can afford to be more open about yourself sexually.

Actually I'm wondering what are the statistics of Titan on men rape in this verse, I'm sure some Titan women take advantage of their insane power over men. If they wanted to force themselves on a dude, the men wouldn't be able to do squat about it... Also, shout out for letting a fat boy have his day, I remember being a fat boy in high school and thinking negatively about myself in relation to girls but I do think some of them will give a fat kid a chance so good for him!

Author's Response:

Thanks for the like! Nadya is a very adventourous girl but you're wrong about no chance of a Titan being forced into sex. Incorporated had a man force a Titan into sex, Linda was made to have sex with her boss. Physically no, only another Titan could do that.

There will definitely be crazy Titans who will rape men because they can but like in our universe, the exact statistics are not known since not every rape is reported. However the laws concerning Titans raping smaller sizes or even assaulting and abusing those smaller than them are very harsh on the Titans who are caught doing so. Its to deter them since their size gives them a lot of advantages. 

Reviewer: tinyguy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 08 2016 3:37 PM Title: Dinner and Dance

Awesome story!

Can't wait to see what other story's you've got next!

Love these multi sized universe stories!

Author's Response:

One more chapter my friend then it'll be off to new stories for the first time since 2014! 

I'll definitely do more here but I need to settle a couple of sequels first. 

Reviewer: Carycomic Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 08 2016 2:42 PM Title: Dinner and Dance

Nothing like prom-a drama.

Welcome home!

Author's Response:

Indeed, it was a real knockout! 

Reviewer: dood07 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 27 2015 3:44 AM Title: Two Timer

Here is a really nice chapter, clearly building the suspens or should I say the wait for the next part ! It was really fun to read, I liked so much how Wendy did her best to help both her big brother and her huge new friend, it was cute somehow :3

I think I get more and more fond of this Amazon as time passes by, and even though I know she's not the hero, this is this girl that I love the most :3

This is really nice stuff you share here, thank you very very much Nostory, you're a wonderful author !

I don't think I need to say it, but I'll tell it anyway : I'm waiting for the next part !! :D

Author's Response:

Thanks dood, comments very much appreciated! 

Next chapter will be the penultimate chapter and then it'll be over. Hopefully before my semester starts, I feel so lazy right now :(

Its awesome to hear that someone likes Wendy right now, I always believed she was not a very popular character in the story. I understand why of course.


Reviewer: gadgetmawombo Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 19 2015 3:50 PM Title: Two Timer

Great! I was starting to wonder when we'd get another chapter of this! Cassie was soo cute in this chapter! And when you put the title as "two timing" I kinda though you meant Cassie or Alvin would be hitting up someone else or something like that, glad that's not the case. Anyway, I'm really excited to see this story all the way through!

Author's Response:

Cassie is cute, even cuter here :) 

I apologise for the long wait, it was hard firing up the engine after so long. 


Heehee, the title was meant to be misleading, Wendy was the only one 'two timing' if you know what I mean. There's 2 more chapters and then that'll be the end of this story. 

Reviewer: Carycomic Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 19 2015 3:26 PM Title: Two Timer

A three-way battle of wits. I loved it! Although, part of me wishes Alvin had countered the Batman crack with "WHY... SO....SERIOUS?"


Author's Response:

Aw...I wish I had thought of that line when I was writing it. 

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