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Reviewer: angelus288 Signed [Report This]
Date: November 25 2014 1:29 PM Title: Shrunk Harley - Life Ending

I'm kind of torn on this. On one hand I couldn't help but feel real sympathy for what Harley went through, but then I remembered what Aylia went through when Harly shrank Aylia, like that one chapter when she cheerfully sent Aylia to be eaten. It kind of feels fucked up (pardon my french) that this was supposed to be a meeting to become friends again, but turned to one or the other badly abusing and/or eating the other.


Anyways are there going to be more stories with furries? 

Author's Response:

Heyas, thanks for taking the time to review :)

Essentially i wasn't really aiming for anything specific to emerge from the two girls meeting back up after a time apart, it was basically meant to be harley coming back to the area and knowing where aylia worked so she decided to drop by for a meet up. its why i took care to drop in aylias thoughts on how she viewed harley in terms of her having used people and how she felt she had gotten everything for free in life, but admittedly i can see how dropping plot/story points into such a deep area of action can sometimes mean they are lost within what is happening around them.

I've always got one or two furry stories in mind to be honest :)  I've been considering a Part 3 to Relaxing after work for quite a while now and i'm sure there will be other stuff come up in the future. For now though, my other furry stories on here are "Bored of her toys" and "Relaxing After Work pts 1 & 2" if you haven't seen them yet :)


Reviewer: Maximus Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 21 2014 2:08 PM Title: Shrunk Harley - Life Ending

I can't tell you how happy I am to see this continued, haven't been on here much lately and came on to check some other stories and saw this sitting at the top, soooooooo happy!


Love both endings, I'm not even a hard vore fan but I absolutley loved that, you make everything awesome. 


Slave ending was great too, making her a dish rag, very original and oh how far Harley has fallen, subjected to a life of a dish rag :)


Oh, an of course, nothing better than being sat on, great scene and described very well, all the descriptions, fantastic, puts the reader right in the scene.


You are absolutely the best, thank you so much for finishing  this!

Author's Response:

really glad you enjoyed this so much ^_^  Other than myself you were the one i was really aiming to finish this for lol :P


I had loads of fun with the giantess CPR thing, but as you well know, my main thrill with this was the butt crush haha ;)

Reviewer: angelus288 Signed [Report This]
Date: November 21 2014 11:36 AM Title: Shrunk Harley - Death

I'm surprised to see this continue i though it was over. Personally I prefer the slave ending, I never liked vore.


Author's Response:

Yeah thats why i did both death AND slave endings for both girls ^_^  Its so readers can choose which 'adventure' they read about and enjoy their own style of story.

Its finished now, but it was one i always intended to come back to as i had never finished the shrunken Harley side of of the choices and i hate leaving stories unfinished =P

Reviewer: Maximus Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 13 2013 11:49 PM Title: Shrunk Aylia Life Ending

Awesome! Liked the slave ending better, loved how she turned her into her ankle braclet! I liked the other ending too but would have went with the meat tenderizer instead and let Harley enjoy her burger *weg* But definitley liked the slave ending better, now Harley gets to have fun with her over and over! 

Author's Response:

Yeah, from hearing the various feedback i've had so far i definately should have gone with the tenderiser but i thought the salt grinder was too 'unique' an idea to pass up :P  I'm just in the process of writing Shrunken Harley's 'life' or 'death' endings at the moment, but it will be at least a week till they are posted because i wanna give people time to read these two chapters first. Cool to hear your favourites though :)

Reviewer: Maximus Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 28 2013 2:39 AM Title: Aylia Shrinks!

Loved them both! I really can't pick, both were awesome, love how you draw out the discomfort in both sceanrios. Can't wait to see the next part!

Reviewer: Afroking Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 20 2012 3:33 AM Title: A Reunion

good work. I waited patiently for a good start.

im really interested in the different endings. Both will be great :)

Author's Response:

heyas :)  Thanks for the rating! ^_^  I know i had quite a bit of time between announcing this and posting it haha, but i'm already

half way done with the next chapter so it shouldn't be too long before that goes up :P  The first one i've written is Aylia shrinking Harley

coz that was how the story was originally going to be before the split endings idea.

Reviewer: Maximus Signed [Report This]
Date: November 16 2012 7:05 AM Title: A Reunion

Great start Em! I like the idea about the dual endings too. Not sure which one I want to get shrunken down yet, looking forward to more :)

Author's Response:

Coolies :D  Glad you like it!

Good thing is you wont neccesarily have to choose because I am actually writing both endings lol, so you can just skip to the chapter with the ending you wanna see :P

Will be interesting to see how many veiws the different versions get compared to eachother :)

Nice to hear from you again though! ^_^

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