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Date: April 03 2024 9:07 PM Title: Time Behind Bras

Normally I'm not big into vore, but given that this was essentially "breast vore," this caught my attention. Personally, I feel like I'd develop cabin fever spending a year within a boob like that, what with sensory deprivation and all that like breastclimber mentioned. Granted the two troublemakers could make out sound and motion to some extent, but still being imprisoned like that for such a length of time would probably make me a tad big neurotic after a few months.

Still, it was amusing seeing Cookie play the "mommy" role the way she did, effectively showing some tough love towards her two charges during their year of imprisonment. As I neared the end, the naughty part of me imagined her taking both Max and Henry as her boyfriends (just my harem addict at work), though I suppose she serves more of a "big sister" or motherly figure towards the two of them more generally speaking. Just figured with the level of intimacy she exposed them to that she'd be open to making (or both) of them her boyfriend after year in booby prison.

Anyways, having said all that, this was a delightful little read all around.

Author's Response: Yeah I wouldn't be signing up for a year of it myself lol. Anyways I could see the three of them ending up in a weird relationship over time, probably with plenty of "discipline" for the two that is much more enjoyable for them.

Reviewer: breastclimber Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 03 2024 4:25 PM Title: Time Behind Bras

This was a really fun one!   Personally I think they would have gone a bit crazy, as a year is a really long time to be sensory deprived like that.   I also was expected her to suck them out of her own nipples, but hey, it was still a lot of fun.

Author's Response:

It still impacted them obviously, going by their new milk obsession lol

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