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Reviewer: Mr in A suit Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 26 2023 8:10 PM Title: Friday Morning

The description of Tim’s inner feelings on being inside the aquarium was very well writen. I really feelt the oppression and fear, it seemed authentic and thoughtfull. Now, let’s talk about some characters.

First Natalie. I will not say she is dense or dumb because she is presented as a streesfull person, who doesn’t try to soothe her son’s fears. This is not out of malice but, in my opinion, because of the surreal situation she is in and the fear of word getting out and loosing not only her job but also Tim guardianship. Also, her pushing Tim away and refuse to linten stems from an ever bigger fear of hurting her son.

There are two other problems that add to the precariousness of her situation. 1. the more time passes, more likely Tim is of staying the way he is or shrink even more. 2. as time passes more and more tangled Julia becomes in her power trip over Tim.

I said tangled because Julia would not go as far as killing her own nephew, that is just Tim's perspective playing up the situation, but she is in a surreal situation as much as her sister and is losing control of herself and her fantasies But my guess is she will get a reality shock after Tim manages to escape his prison house.

Now about the most important character introduced outside of the family we have Tim’s crush and neighbor: Mackenzie. She is short tempered and, like 9 out of 10 teenagers, has a deep need to be perceived as a capable adult. Those are very interesting traits actually as her encounter with Tim might loosen her a bit – I can totally see Tim convincing Mackenzie to play with him and I mean really play like chasing him while making noises and having real fun like a kid for the first time in a long time. Plus, Mackenzie seems to be very perceptive about details – she immediatelly identified the “bug” at her feet was no bug at all - so if Tim shrinks again she is the most likely to spot him.

Why some moody neighbour would do that for Tim? Well, maybe she is not willing at first, but Tim is the one most drowned in this surreal situation, abused by his aunt, pushed away by his mother and maybe forever trapped in a gigantic world, so he clearly could use some shenanigans to cheer up. And Mackenzie might really enjoy tiny Tim’s perspective of her, their meeting helping Mackenzie to really grow… as a person! As a person kkkkkkkk.

Been a long time since my last comment, but I am reading and I am liking. And I can’t wait for your other stories to come out too!

As always, thanks for writing and sharing with us. At this point I am just repeating myself but I love your feet scenarios! Peace and stay safe!

Author's Response:

Well, first off, let me say that I’m always happy to hear from one of my most avid readers and reviewers.

Right now, it might be too late to really address Natalie’s anxieties, but I think it’s something that I will allude to when we see her again, and really play up her…whoops, almost spoiled the ending for ya. 😉

As far as Julia, I know this story really seems to jump to Julia being the dominating giantess, but I wanted to keep the story somewhat short, and didn’t feel like I really had the time to truly evolve her into that role. It is a surreal situation, and it’s hard to say how a person would really react in that scenario. In my longer novels, I do want to take the time to evolve the playful and/or resentful giantess into the cruel, dominating type. I think this works best in the slow shrink genre, where the giantess changes and evolves as the main character gets smaller and smaller.

McKenzie wasn’t someone I had initially planned on including in the story, and her personality may not really fit the role of the playful giantess, but your ideas about how a playful character might react are certainly some food for thought. I’m thinking about including scenes in my upcoming novel, like a gentle giantess and tiny person taking a bath together, or maybe having a romantic interlude that truly feels natural and realistic.

Thanks for all the feedback and reviews!

Reviewer: bigfly20 Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: May 26 2023 6:39 PM Title: Friday Morning

I like the idea of Tim being turned on a bit by the situations he is in with his Aunt. I hope he has a moment were he is turned on so much that he releases it on his Aunt. Hopefully when he is in her pussy or butt. She would notice to and tease him more for that. I like the battle he will have with thought of acting upon those feelings with his Aunt.

I know probably a lot of people have said a lot about Natalie's naivety about Tim's plight. I think it is find if there is an excuse for her naivety or continual naivety. What if she had a conversation with a coworker who saw her stressed at worked and super busy. This co-worker has a husband/wife that is a psychiatrist. Natalie is vague about the situation with Tim but the co-worker explains that Tim is not happy with the change and wants to find someone to blame. The blame has been falling on Aunt Julia. Natalie then views that Tim is projecting his anger and frustrations on Aunt Julia. Natalie would then feel bad for Aunt Julia and listen to her more. Just an idea

Author's Response:

Well, while I don’t like the idea of Tim being turned on by his aunt, I wanted to just briefly mention him being turned on by the hot girl next-door. It’s more of practice for my novel, where the tiny teenager starts realizing there might be some advantages to being small around a larger female he has a crush on.

I know Natalie’s naïveté is something that people have complained about, but it’s more of a plot device and wasn’t something I really wanted to take the time to develop, at least not in this story. However, your idea about having the mother character seek advice from a coworker is intriguing and something I’d certainly like to explore, maybe not for this story, but definitely for my next novel, so thank you for the suggestion.

Anyway, thanks for the review. I always look forward to hearing from you as you’re one of my more active reviewers.

Reviewer: Valanath Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 25 2023 4:18 PM Title: Friday Morning

I'm always excited to read this story when a new chapter is released, that's how good this is! If you are still thinking about having one of the neighbor women in the later chapters, I'm interested in seeing more of the daughter (Mackenzie).

Author's Response: Well, I’m glad you appreciate my work. 

I was thinking more people might want to see McKenzie again, but I still haven’t decided just yet. Like I said, it shouldn’t effect the overall plot of the story, just require a little more finagling with the details.

Reviewer: TinyBoxMew Signed [Report This]
Date: May 16 2023 1:28 AM Title: Thursday Evening

Wow, Natalie being that dense is crazy. Poor Tim, hopefully in time this will all come full circle and karma comes back around on to Jules.

Author's Response: Well, you aren’t the first person to point out Natalie’s being so dense and ignorant, but as I stated in the story notes, this story is more about practicing writing out my scenarios and shrunken encounters than overall character development. 

Reviewer: bigfly20 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 15 2023 9:28 PM Title: Thursday Evening

I have totally forgot about the dad. Aunt Julia will have to think of defense with him. Julia could get away with it if Natalie says there was no issue or shrinkage. But how long will that last without Natalie slipping up. Aunt Julia would have to worry about a third person going after her. Else she decides it is best to pack up and leave after this week.

Author's Response:

     Well, one of the things you’ll find in my stories is that there is a lack of giant male characters, primarily because I like to keep my shrunken encounters strictly between a tiny male and one or more giant female(s). The two boys in this story are the closest I’ve come to having giant male characters in my stories, although I have considered adding some giant couples encounters in other stories I’m outlining.

     For now, the father in this story is going to remain absent except for a few offhanded mentions. 

Reviewer: Aac101 Signed starstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: May 09 2023 7:40 PM Title: Sunday

I feel like the neighbors are a side thought honestly. I'm still thinking there is a lot of room for interaction with Tim's mom and Julia. More unaware and possibly getting smaller to accommodate the unaware aspect. The new chapter was long but I think could have been maybe 2 chapters with more detail to Julia, then the neighbors. I really like this story though and wait diligently for Tuesday updates!

Author's Response:

I can guarantee there’ll more unaware interactions, especially on Friday, and I usually try to consider the size of my characters to make sure they fit specific interactions, but for this story, I really wasn’t planning on having Tim shrink any smaller. This story was more practice for my upcoming novel. Nonetheless, you are correct: There’s plenty of room for more unaware interactions with both Julia and Natalie.

Yes, I did consider breaking this chapter into 2, especially since the next chapter, Thursday Evening, is pretty short, but 🤷r05;a94;a039;.

lastly, your opinion about the neighbors is actually very insightful. I had pretty much figured that people would want to see one of the two neighbor women again, but if your thoughts are the consensus, I don’t have to worry about it so much.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

Reviewer: bigfly20 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 09 2023 3:35 PM Title: Thursday Afternoon

Since you are as your readers for advice for how it goes, how about Tim grows back but there is a condition to him staying big? Natalie finds a way for Tim to grow back but the potion is still active so it tries to continuously shrink him down. He needs to constantly drink the formula that Natalie creates on a semi-regular basis. The problem is that it is hard to synthesize. But it can be added to another living thing to produce it. Natalie would try a plant but that would take too long, and the plant could die. The easiest and quickest way is to implant it into her breast milk. Julia would be on board to have her breasts do the same for Tim. Julia would be part of the reason that Tim can return to normal. Tim can't say anything bad about Julia because Julia holds part of power to keep him normal. If he does, Julia would find a way to cut him off from the sources that keep him normal. He can live his normal life but he has a lease.

Reviewer: bigfly20 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 08 2023 10:54 PM Title: Thursday Afternoon

That was a fun adventure of Tim seeing how dangerous the world is out there. Also how hard it is to be found if lost. Julia would have to find tighter confines to make sure he doesn't escape like this time. Maybe placing him in her bra right on her nipple so she feels him.

It would be interesting to see if the neighbors catch on, either Sandra or Mckenzie. Especially Mckenzie. I think that if Mckenzie finds him, Aunt Julia can talk her into giving him back, but after Mckenzie has some fun with him.

Author's Response: This chapter definitely leaves some room for different scenarios involving the Peterson women, and I thought long and hard about how I wanted things to proceed over the next couple of days; although, to be honest, I’m still not entirely sure what I ultimately want. I want things to make sense, so I think I may leave it up to my readers.

Reviewer: randysavage Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 28 2023 2:08 AM Title: Thursday Morning

Now that Tim is taped to Julia’s foot, I think she needs to put some socks and shoes on and go run some errands around town. Would love to see Julia sew Tim into her panties annd other clothing and then wear him daily. Excellent chapter! Can’t wait to read what happens next.

Author's Response:

     Well, I’ve been contemplating the kind of scenario you’re describing of being out in public with a concealed tiny on their person. While Julia’s personality certainly fits the giantess I envision in this scenario, I think the overall plot of this particular story doesn’t quite fit Julia going out in public. It really all comes down to the overall secrecy surrounding Tim’s shrinkage, as no one else is really supposed to know about him.

     That being said, I’ve been considering having such a scenario in a future story, where people shrinking isn’t completely a secret, and I think a few of the things you suggested will work well there. Furthermore, Julia still has a lot to do around the house, both inside and out…

Reviewer: Shiron66 Signed [Report This]
Date: April 27 2023 12:52 AM Title: Thursday Morning

What an amazing story!

Really loved the whole vagina insertion section there, even if it was a bit quick, really hope in the future Julia uses Tim again the same way, and maybe even decide to keep him in there as another way of hidding him away while keeping her pleasent~

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback. 

While I’m not usually the biggest fan of incestuous interactions in my stories, I sometimes will find a few loopholes to have a female family member dominate a tiny man, like a stepsister, stepmother, or mother-in-law. This chapter was another was to practice this kind of scene. Perhaps it was a bit short how I wrote it, so I might have to find the right detail oriented language or find a few more involuntary actions to help extend such scenes in the future when someone is forcibly placed inside a giantess.

Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: Parajake32 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 25 2023 7:24 PM Title: Sunday

Been accompanying this story for a while now, and I must praise how well written it is!!

Still, I know the aunt is the main star of the show, BUT I would be really happy to see more interactions with the mom! Since she is gentle and caring with her son, well, there could be some gentle and caring scenes! Some foot massage perhaps, or the two playing on a pool or something. Maybe she remembering how good it was when he was a small kid, and being more maternal to him. Not a popular preference on this fetish I know, but it would be nice and give her some spotlight, and in character with the mom I think.

But thanks for this lovely story! I will keep an eye out for new chapters!

Author's Response:

Well, first off, thanks for the encouragement and for taking the time to leave a review.

So, it’s true, this story is more about the interactions between Tim and Julia—basically the “domineering family member” trope—to practice my writing for my upcoming novel “Little, Big Brother”. While the whole “maternal giantess” trope is not something that really appeals to me, I have discovered that my tendencies to hyper-focus on tropes that only I find erotic might be things that don’t appeal to, or even turn off other readers. For example, my stories tend to always have feet interactions, and there are plenty of readers that just aren’t into feet, so they don’t read any of my works, even when some of my larger works have plenty of chapters without feet interactions.

That being said, for me, I think I like exploring the “maternal giantess” trope in this story in a different light, not necessarily in a sexual sense, but in the loving, yet semi-absent minded sense. Basically, treating the tiny person with love and caring when they are aware of a tiny person’s presence, but then becoming the unaware giantess when the tiny person becomes too small, and they don’t realize the dangers they put the tiny person in just going about their daily routines, kind of like the whole washing machine scene.

I am planning an upcoming chapter that will focus more on the mom rather than the aunt, but that will be more of what I described above. However, your suggestion has certainly given me something to think about, and as a result, I think I’m really going to focus on playing up the kind, loving giantess aspect of the mother and aunt characters in my “Little, Big Brother” story.

Reviewer: F-Paladin Signed [Report This]
Date: April 11 2023 8:55 AM Title: Sunday

Nice to see a calm before the storm, if it were. Just curious, but would you ever add Tim getting eaten and ending up in some girl's stomach but alive. or would being eaten be more of a death sentence?  

Author's Response:

Yeah, at first, this last chapter in the previous one more together, but I decided to split them up and give the leaders a little break from all the action.

So, I know this is fiction, but I usually want to display a sense of realism to my stories; while most likely an inch tall person being stepped or sat on would surely squish them, being eaten would most definitely be a death sentence in my book, which is why most of my “vore” scenarios are more mouth play and close calls. That being said, I do like the idea of having a tiny being swallowed as a way to end a story, but it has to be the right story.

Reviewer: Aac101 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 07 2023 8:09 PM Title: Wednesday Evening

I always am excited when I see that a new chapter is posted. Any chance Tim may....get smaller 🤔

Author's Response: Well, all of the remaining shrinking formula is at his mother’s lab, and Tim hasn’t grown nor shrunk anymore since Sunday, so he’s probably staying one-inch tall for a while. Of course, if Natalie were to bring the formula home with her…

Reviewer: 7inch peepee Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 05 2023 12:48 PM Title: Sunday

This story is so good! I really like your writing style and I hope to see more panty/insertion action in the coming chapters

Author's Response:

Well, thank you for the words of encouragement; I’m glad you approve.

Obviously, I don’t want to spoil anything, but I guarantee you’ll see more “panty play” in the future…😉

Reviewer: greenpeon Signed [Report This]
Date: April 04 2023 8:50 AM Title: Wednesday Evening

I thoroughly enjoyed the last part of this chapter, hopefully his aunts inhibitions were lowered by the toe-curling orgasm he delivered. I'd love to see her intentionally put him to use this way from now on...

One criticism I'd like to point out is that Tim's constant yelling of "AUNT JULIA HELP" gets very repetitive and a little annoying. Especially when he should know she's ignoring him and intentionally stuck him there in the first place.

Author's Response:

Oh, Aunt Julia’s inhibitions have definitely been lowered at this point…and she’s most certainly not done having fun just yet.

Furthermore, yes, I can certainly see how Tim’s complaints and shouts can get repetitive. I think they need to start out demanding, then get frantic and pleading, then basically just be screams of pain and not directed at anyone, so I think that’s how I might change this type of situation in the future.

Thanks for the critique!

Author's Response:

Oh, Aunt Julia’s inhibitions have definitely been lowered at this point…and she’s most certainly not done having fun just yet.

Furthermore, yes, I can certainly see how Tim’s complaints and shouts can get repetitive. I think they need to start out demanding, then get frantic and pleading, then basically just be screams of pain and not directed at anyone, so I think that’s how I might change this type of situation in the future.

Thanks for the critique!

Reviewer: bigfly20 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 03 2023 11:03 PM Title: Wednesday Evening

Amazing chapter! It was great how it went from aware to unaware and back to unaware.

It is neat to see the Aunt juggling between what is pushing it too far and what is okay for her to do him. Even what she might have thought was too far might be too tempting, wanting to draw it nearer to where she thinks it is okay. I hope there is more pussy where Tim pleases her more or she finds some way for him to stay inside her for a long period of time without dying.

Author's Response:

Yes, I actually like going from aware to unaware in certain situations as a way of showing a playful giantess taking things too far. I really wanted Julia’s character to start out being playfully dominant, then escalate things as she explores all the fun she can have with a one-inch-tall character.

There’s still more fun to be had, so keep checking back for new chapters!

Reviewer: Valanath Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 31 2023 9:58 PM Title: Wednesday Morning

I love this story! The unaware scenarios are written really well. I can’t wait to see what happens to poor Tim.

Author's Response: Thank you. Unaware scenarios are my favorite, so I really want to make sure they are detailed and well written.

Reviewer: schwuppy Signed [Report This]
Date: March 28 2023 10:04 PM Title: Wednesday Morning


Author's Response: Great ‘good’, or great ‘sarcastic’?

Reviewer: TinyBoxMew Signed starstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 28 2023 1:57 AM Title: Wednesday Morning

Mann... Poor Tim can't catch a break.

Author's Response: …And things certainly aren’t looking to get much better.

Reviewer: Peterparker Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 27 2023 8:03 PM Title: Sunday

FINALLY some 🍑content🥵🔥. Please more and more ass. Maybe even some gas, or a lot. 

Author's Response:

Oh, then you’ll DEFINITELY love the next chapter when Julia’s workout continues…

Plus, I’m thinking about adding some ass content with Natalie as well…

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