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Reviewer: Bronzehawkz Signed [Report This]
Date: May 08 2022 3:36 PM Title: Relaxing Atmosphere

You just gotta love Colleen's bluntness and determination to get what she wants, regardless of if her prey disagrees.

Author's Response:

In a way, I'd love it as a victim.

Reviewer: Milla Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 23 2022 2:42 PM Title: Catching Up

Yay, romantic vore!

If (and only if) you're accepting suggestions, how about detailing a bit more the interactions? I mean, telling us readers about face features, smiles, looks, some gestures... sometimes I get myself wondering how the characters are feeling about something or about somebody and can't have a better idea because the text shows their speech but not their emotions.

Author's Response:

i think I have mentioned adorable smiles and stern looks and looks of carefree disinterest at various stages, but I guess you're right. I could do more.

Reviewer: Milla Signed [Report This]
Date: April 22 2022 7:04 AM Title: A Thousand Thoughts in Silence

And now Stanley gets eaten. Not shrunk and eaten, just eaten.

Author's Response:

He sure does.. In his place, I'd be looking forward to the main event part of it.

Reviewer: Milla Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 13 2022 2:04 AM Title: In Front of the Wall

Loved the idea of the guy being swallowed into a safe area of the stomach! How no one did think about it before!

Now he'll live his love with her being always together with her! Hearing the digestion so close of him but being all safe at the same time! It's so incredible!

Author's Response:

I'm glad of that. I've always believed in a better end to these stories than detailing excruciating digestion scenarios. Good to know that it pleases at least some of the readers too.

Reviewer: Milla Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 13 2022 2:00 AM Title: Ladle Snatching

These last chapters with the truly gigantic lady and the normal-sized boy made me remember about a story of yours I was reading years ago, when a boy and a girl went to a land where only the girl could grow after meeting giantesses in there too (I guess this was the story, I can't remember well). They also had to wlak through the forest until finding the 'giant land'. As the story was deleted, I don't know how it ended, but I suppose the giantesses had him for breakfast lol. And his former girlfriend ended as their small friend.

Ok, thoughts apart, this is being good to read! And I know he's going to be eaten, but how? I can't imagine that giantess who's loving him so cutely just ending his life that way. Maybe we'll have a third 'Dollipop'?

OK, let's continue reading...

Author's Response:

You're thinking of something I originally called "Jungle of the Giant Gypsies", which was an alternate ending to a spy novel and thus not that ultimately suitable for giantessworld. The story actually ended with his enlarged now giant girlfriend deciding that she would celebrate her new life in the giant land by eating her boyfriend. He protests unsuccessfully, and then tries to escape unsuccessfully, and then down her giant throat he goes. Interestingly it's one of the two stories my late Jessica requested from me too.

Reviewer: Milla Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 22 2022 1:11 PM Title: The Nonesuch Trespasser

It's exciting how even in this new timeline Colleen keeps eating her victims like if they were absolutely just food. No talking with them while they're still alive in her stomach, no mentions to his efforts to escape... like just food. Years had passed until the events of this chapter and poor Kenneth, he's not even being remembered anymore... he wanted to save everyone from becoming Coleen's snack, just to end being her first snack, in an earlier moment than in the original timeline. How interesting lol.

By the way, is the original timeline gone? The current timeline is the only one happening, or there will be moments when they'll access Colleen's original timeline for whatever reasons?

Author's Response:

The original timeline has gone, but the group of leprechauns and one shrunken human who were responsible for activating the Ring of Reversal will still remember the events of the original timeline, even though it's been retconned out of existence... until they get eaten of course, which has profound effects on the human memory.

Reviewer: Bronzehawkz Signed [Report This]
Date: March 19 2022 2:20 PM Title: Whatever happened to Stanley?

Wow, I'm starting to feel bad for Colleen in this timeline ;(

Author's Response:

She'll have plenty more dining pleasure in store.

Reviewer: Bronzehawkz Signed [Report This]
Date: March 17 2022 3:11 PM Title: Height and Haughtiness

Nothing gets past Colleen, she's sharp as a tack and I love that about her (as well as her voracious appetite for shrunken humans and leprechauns of course)

I'm looking forward to see where this goes next, It'll be interesting to see whether or not we, the observer, hop timelines again to see how things play out for the leprechauns or even eventually see the original timeline again.

Author's Response:

The original timeline is gone, but the ramifications of the change will play out many times, in many ways, and with new characters over time too.

Reviewer: Milla Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 14 2022 11:37 PM Title: What's in a Name?

Wow, wow, this only gets better!!

Let's see what happens in the next episode...

Author's Response:

Thank you, as always. Plenty more surprises to come.

Reviewer: Milla Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 12 2022 10:58 AM Title: Any old Pout in a Storm

Now I'm wondering... the young - and now tiny - Kenneth meets the young - not as younger as him - Colleen. She probably knows the 'legend' about the leprechauns, and suddenly sees a tiny boy. And has no problem showing himself her mouth when he asks for it...

What if it was Kenneth himself, in Colleen's past, who made her start enjoying the idea of eating tinies - leprechauns mostly? Interesting concept lol. Maybe if he just asked her to help him she'd do it and not show him her mouth, never coming to enjoy the idea of gobbling him (and other tinies) down her belly... what makes Kenneth the only responsible for the event he's actually trying to stop in the future.

Ok, I'm wondering too much! Back to waiting for the next chapter...

Author's Response:

You've been watching those science fictions about predestination paradoxes. I like to think, that on the original timeline, Kenneth hadn't sent his consciousness back in time yet. So Colleen's interest in leprechauns developed without this incident.

However, I do use the predestination time loop approach in a much later batch of chapters involving a new character. So you'll get to see it both ways.

Reviewer: Milla Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 10 2022 9:45 AM Title: More Valuable than Gold

Using the review to answer Bronzehawkz and at the same time talk to Timescribe, I can now better understand why leprechauns were so rapidly eaten and yes, this makes a lot of sense.

I felt the tension building in Tarquin too, seeing day after day as the leprechauns were just eaten, maybe even watching the very soft bulges their bodies made in her neck when they were so callously sent down her demanding stomach. It sure was thrilling and added for the purpose of the final event of Tarquin being eaten too. But, in my case, I imagined mostly all of them being unwilling. Some of them just accepting it as unavoidable, other trying even to fight, trying to break free from her soft but strong grasp until they were placed in her wet mouth... and I can imagine the sort of political problem she made, as she swallowed even the prince of the leprechauns! Will the leprechauns, and mostly the prince himself, let it go 'unpunished', knowing that most of them were forced to die digested, becoming just part of her body and forgotten right after being eaten?

Well, let's keep reading, there's waaaay more things to happen and I'm curious to what will happen now that Kenneth is back in time, but still tiny. I wonder what woman will gobble him down her belly... Colleen herself?

Author's Response:

Well thank you both for the comments, much encouraged.

And as for your last question, the future of Kenneth (in the new timeline) is one its way soon.

Reviewer: Bronzehawkz Signed [Report This]
Date: March 09 2022 3:32 PM Title: To an Earlier Colleen

Also in a meta way if To Catch A Leprechaun is Colleen's diary of vore, then her not even giving the leprechaun's much screentime on an individual basis means she likely didn't even learn any of their names, she just gulped them night after night.

I like that callousness, even if I'm just ascribing my own headcanon to her personality lol

Author's Response:

I guess to her, they were meals to be enjoyed and then forgotten.

Reviewer: Bronzehawkz Signed [Report This]
Date: March 09 2022 3:26 PM Title: To an Earlier Colleen

I just read Milla's review so this is somewhat of a response to that;

I completely agree with Milla so much on Colleen's character and her callousness. Like Milla I do admittedly love to fill in the blanks of what happens to the victims after they're swallowed. It's something I like about this story, that it allows me to do that, everyone gets to have their cake and eat it too. The second comment I left on the story mentioned that I'm not normally into willing vore, but the way you write it and Colleen and the other giantesses personalities makes me really into even the gentler aspects of the story despite me being into the crueler, more graphic aspects of vore. 

One thing disagree with Milla on though is how the leprechauns were handled -- I actually liked that aspect of how you wrote them, I thought it was fitting that their demise wasn't given much fanfare. The way I looked at it was, to Colleen, leprechauns are merely food. She doesn't conversate with them like she did Tarquin, there's no romance, and she doesn't even ask if they have names. From page 0 she's always fantasized about making them food and that reflects in how differently her attitude is towards shrunken humans and leprechauns. Tarquin was her little romance, and the leprechaun were just snacks. That's just my own personal headcanon for why there's not much detail given onto the leprechaun's time with Colleen.

Like with the fate of the vored, I also very much enjoyed filling in the blanks on the leprechauns. Inspired by how you write vore, I liked to imagine that even if they were initially distraught at their lives being upturned by the human woman, when their time came to be eaten, a lot of them were actually very accepting of becoming Colleen's food, some asking Colleen if there's anything they can do to help her enjoy them more -- like wriggling on the way down. Many others felt it was unfair to the very end, like Connor with Edith, but nonetheless they all travelled down Colleen's throat all the same.

That's just how I filled in the blanks anyways.

Author's Response:

Looks like you've both done very comprehensive reviews on it. 

Reviewer: Milla Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 09 2022 1:31 AM Title: To an Earlier Colleen

So, after reading the whole story (so far), plus the two last chapters posted today, I can now tell everything I think about the story lol.

The story has the known touch and feel of a Timescribe's story. It has his style, his preferences, his soul, and if one's already used to his stories, and likes them, so he'll like it too. Despite not being at first a frequent reader of his stories, I enjoyed that one. Mostly the last chapters, as the story began to vary more, adding more people and more dangers as Colleen admittedly began eating more than just leprechauns.

If, and only if, constructive criticism is allowed: I found it a bit strange that there wasn't given more details to the first time Colleen ate a leprechaun. I mean, I know that the story now doesn't spin around the idea of eating just leprechauns, but this was the reason Colleen started eating people and the main reason of the story existence, I guess. So I thought that, when a leprechaun was finally found, the scenes involving him would be more long, with more interactions between the leprechaun and Colleen, maybe even some romance (yeah, I thought it, sorry lol). But the leprechauns were just discovered and more than half of their kingdom was eaten in one chapter, with little to almost no descriptions.

Well, the story is now putting a lot of attention on the leprechauns, so maybe my observation is not seeing what is to come yet...

Also, another positive observation, something I enjoyed a lot: the fact that Colleen just proceeded with her normal life, as if nothing had ever happened, every time she ate a guy, be him human or leprechaun. I mean, she went on eating men, leprechauns, boys, for about two whole years or more. Timescribe is known for not caring about writing internals, digestion and all, but those who know my stories and style know that I love writing about those aspects of vore and, reading the story, I couldn't avoid imagining that, while Colleen had her life, the ones that ended eaten by her were digested slowly, being liquefied and turned in parts of her own body, a body which continued to swallow and digest and absorb more 'live snacks', eliminating the parts of the snacks it didn't need by the 'natural way' (no need to describe that here hahahah). This is so subtly callous for Colleen that makes the story enjoyable even for those who likes cruel giantesses: there's something more cruel than eating a man whole and alive and just living her life without a care about what will be of the poor man inside her acidic stomach? As I'm a writer who writes both gentle and cruel stories, I'm surprised to see a so cold girl in Timescribe's work, as Timescribe is known for writing just gentle/soft vore scenes. Yeah, the vore here is still soft, but when you go deeper in the life of Colleen, seeing that she's all careless about those who she eats... kudos to Timescribe, as it must be hard for him to write about a theme which isn't exactly in his comfort zone.

This is what I think, up to now. There's way more chapters to come and I can't wait to keep reading them! This story gets better and better, and with the time travel, now lots oh leprechauns saved and all, I can just imagine what will happen next!

Also, thank you Timescribe for the personal note, let's see what Billie Eilish does in this story... and how many guys she eats.

Author's Response:

Come to think of it, you're right. The leprechaun gobbling scenes were very lacking in detail. I think it's because I write as a human with a fantasy of being shrunken and eaten, and the presence of the mass leprechaun gobbling was to show the effects on Tarquin witnessing it, knowing that as their numbers dwindled, his time in her mouth and tummy were drawing ever nearer. Also the way she dug up and attacked their kingdom, after he'd been shrunken and taken refuge there was my other dramatic moment. I could imagine myself as a shrunken human being eaten, but having never been a leprechaun, I can't seem to throw my heart into writing about their denouement as effectively. Similarly, I find with comic book characters, that Batman, Green Lantern, the Flash and other earthborn characters are easier to relate to than Superman, who comes from another planet. But I do like seeing Superman team-up with Batman as a strong supporting character.  I just used the leprechauns as a backdrop, first for Tarquin's POV and then to use the Ring of Reversal to unleash more plot developments. There will be some major ramifications of the Ring of Reversal in Chapters 115-149, when I get to posting them. It won't involve the leprechauns, but the time reversal effect will have some interesting side effects.

Well you've sure made an interesting observation about Colleen. For me, the callousness is part of the arousal effect, as wierd as this whole sub-genre is. God forbid that my church friends would ever see these stories, or anyone outside the giantess community for that matter. Anyone without these fantasies just doesn't understand how we writers and readers feel about it. For me personally, the fantasy ends the moment the tiny reaches the bottom of the giantess's throat. So I don't like to dwell on the digestive issues in detail.

And lastly, the Ellie Blish character based on Billie Eilish will pull a lot of mischief that leads to other girls/women's acts of vore, before she discovers the fun of it herself around Chapter 168. (I'm posting one chapter a day, to give readers a chance to read other authors' works as well, without being swamped by mine). Plus it keeps this yarn on Most Recent much longer.

Thanks for such a long and comprehensive review.

Reviewer: Milla Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 07 2022 12:08 AM Title: Property Damage

Kudos for using the sentence 'Drop Dead Gorgeous', it's the name of one of my favorite music by the band Republic!

Now, back to reading... ooops, time to dinner! Later I'll be back to reading...

Author's Response:

Well hopefully you found something (or someone) you enjoyed for dinner.

Reviewer: Milla Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 07 2022 12:03 AM Title: Age-Appropriate Activities

So Dick escaped being gulped down by Colleen just to end inside Brenda's belly? I dunno if he had enough time inside Brenda's tummy to stomach the realization that he probably was meant to end inside a lady's body that way (oh sorry, I'm horrible with puns but I tried lol. Back to reading...)

Author's Response:

Not at all. You're going great with puns. I think my influence is affecting the readers, and it's a good thing from my POV.

Reviewer: Bronzehawkz Signed [Report This]
Date: March 06 2022 7:16 PM Title: Further Reading

I'm happy to see the Leprechauns back. They better hope they haven't underestimated Colleen!

Author's Response:

You're in for a very enjoyable (I think) surprise in the next few chapters, as you see who's underestimated whom, and the results play out.

Reviewer: Milla Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: March 05 2022 4:56 AM Title: More Valuable than Gold

What a shame, I was reading the story and didn't let a review yet? My bad, I'm sorry lol!

Well, I still didn't finish reading the story to the last published chapter as real life was being REAL BUSY (I mean it hahah) and I was having little energy/time left for enjoying stories, but this week things got lighter on me and I'm finally having time to read something without collapsing on bed hahahaha!

My favorite chapter so far is "How he made his way". Having the preteen boy wanting to be eaten by his own teacher and all the thing he did to accomplish his desire was pretty interesting, but I still have almost 1/3 of the story to be read yet, so let's see if it remains being my favorite chapter when I read everything.

Author's Response:

Thanks for saying so. It's up to 154 chapters in my manuscript, with plenty of twists and surprises to come.

If I were that boy, I'd be trying everything to bring it about too, along with a time trick or a teleporter to undo the effect afterwards.

Then of course, I could do it again, and again, and again....

Reviewer: Bronzehawkz Signed [Report This]
Date: March 04 2022 2:52 PM Title: A Place to sleep the Night

Great end to this subplot. I really liked this idea of being eaten by a girl who already has a special someone in their life. That special someone isn't and will never be Connor, but at least he got to satisfy her in some way in the end!

Author's Response:

Well the idea being that to Edith, Connor was a dining pleasure and the special someone was a romantic pleasure. I don't play with this idea too often, for fear of causing moral conundrums, but I worked it in at least once.

Reviewer: Bronzehawkz Signed [Report This]
Date: March 01 2022 11:06 AM Title: Extra Science Homework

I like this character, Edith.

Connor may never be her boyfriend but at least he can be her snack instead! I'd consider him lucky in his own right.

Author's Response:

I certainly would too. All the male characters are author surrogates of me at various points in life (although I've never been a private investigator, but the PI's encounters with the vore woman are adaptations of my own hopes and dreams).

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