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Date: October 20 2021 7:37 PM Title: Miscommunication

I have always been a fan of "My marriage to a giantess" by ThomThumb before his stories got deleted. The story for Ron especially was always entertaining as he interacts with each person. So to see a spin-off of that, will always peak my interest. 

I love Allison in this spinoff story. I felt like the original story didn't have many sexual scenes including her. It started with her and then other characters had their share of fun with Ron as the story went on. Erica had the hottest scenes in my opinion, but I still loved Allison more based on how she was described. 

Speaking of Allison, I absolute love how you mentioned her carrying Ron in her panties to work again. That scene in the first chapter of the original story was my favorite scene with Allison and Ron in that entire story. I just love how she forced him to please her all day without any regards to Ron. I remember being disappointed when it wasn't mentioned for the rest of the story. 

Here, Allison I guess thinks Ron loves cuckholding, but I doubt he ever wanted a scene with Glenn so I'm curious how this activity even started. Speaking of Glenn, I didn't really like him in the original story. I always just saw him as the typical bad guy. You did a good job capturing his thoughts and personality. His comments and dirty talk toward Allison were spot on. 

Speaking of dirty talk, does Ron understand the nature of dirty talk? I think Glenn said some standard stuff and Ron seemed like he was offended by it. Saying that Glenn was treating her like a piece of meat. Well, it's true that he was, but I don't think it was with his words. He just wanted to fuck, but I think his words helped set the mood pretty well. 

The blowjob scene was great. I couldn't help but remember a certain giantess video about this exact scene. A blowjob with a tiny guy involved in it. Ron's reactions were perfect as he was placed in such a crazy situation. That was something the video was missing since all you could see was the blowjob itself. So the descriptions of Ron's experience while on Glenn's dick and in Allison's mouth were great and it amplified the scene. 

The 69 scene was good too. I'm also impressed that Allison came first. I thought Glenn would've came first with the way she was using Ron on his dick. I also loved the remarks from Allison that belittled Ron. About how small he was, how she only felt a tickle, and so on. That's the Allison I remember when she was discussing about Ron to others. 

Then the titjob scene. By this time, I already forgot that Glenn was blindfolded, and I actually though he was too horny to realize Ron was there on Allison's chest. 

Lastly, I like the cum rag comment. Allison should use Ron to clean up her mess all the time, haha! 

Anyway, great spinoff story and I can't wait for what's next!

Author's Response:

Yay! I'm always happy when you review my stories, you have such great feedback!

I'm glad the little details showed! I did my best to nail the little details, and actually read through the entire story before I started writing.

Super glad you enjoyed it c:

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