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Reviewer: SizePrincess Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 21 2021 2:22 AM Title: Roger and Julie Talk/Maria and Veronica -Quickie/Ronald's Revenge


How dare he do this.

I seriously hope his plans get nipped in the bud next chapter.

Sophie.....*sighs*.....she needs to be punished just as much as her father.

I hope Ronald doesn't get very far, and would love to see him get recaptured and realize once again how little/zero power he really does have.

Or killed

Maybe killing him in front of Sophie will finally get her to snap out of her delusions.

This transphobic, racist, bigoted asshole must be stopped!!

Great chapter :D (despite by Ronald/Sophie hatred XD)

Can't wait to read the next one. 

Author's Response:

Ronald is completely irredeemable! More on Ronald in the next chapter. 

And yes Sophie has a twisted loyalty to her father but you'll see what happens in the next chapter.

Reviewer: SizePrincess Signed [Report This]
Date: June 21 2021 2:21 AM Title: Linda's Foot Toy/Stephanie and Kevin Talk/Official

Alex getting in officially with her man :D Yayy!!!

Way to go Alex, and nice foot content with her, love her using her size 13's to tease Don.

I love their relationship.

Author's Response:

Me too - Alex deserves all the happiness in the world :D 

Reviewer: vegetaboy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 19 2021 5:02 AM Title: Linda's Foot Toy/Stephanie and Kevin Talk/Official

Loved Linda's scene :D Nice to seeing her acclimating to the role of giantess. 

And Alex and Don!!!

Hope his dad doesn't cauese any trouble, really hope he winds up under Alex, Xue, Stephanie and the others feet again. 

Author's Response:

Yes Linda has become quite accepting of her role as a giantess :D

I'm happy too that Alex and Don are becoming an item!

And more on Ronald in the next chapter or two. 

Reviewer: bobbylaws1 Signed [Report This]
Date: June 13 2021 2:24 PM Title: Revenge on Alicia

I really enjoyed Veronica as the giant girl toying with Alicia! Payback sucks for her but fun for us! Also any thought to when you might start the next story of Nail Salon with the girls growing giantesses? I think those storylines will be awesome and hope Sophie gets a hold of the growth ray first. Would make for an awesome game of revenge cat and mouse before Stephanie gets the gun and outgrows her and takes over! Any thoughts on how large they'll get? Can't wait, and great work!!

Author's Response:

Glad you enjoyed Veronica getting her revenge for Alicia!

I'll be starting the next series [girls growing as giantesses] once I'm done with Nail Salon 2.
So maybe early July? I got seven chapters left to write for Nail Salon 2.

Reviewer: SizePrincess Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 10 2021 3:51 AM Title: Alex's Playtime/Blindfolds

Ok, so many great things in this chapter :D 

Alex and Don!! Love these two together, so happy you went that route.

Woo! Go Alex, pleasing your (hopefully) boyfriend, you got this sole sister. 

Alicia!! You're going to pay for what you did!

Having the tinies all have fun with blindfolded ladies was a nice touch, and a fun game.

Sophie!! Urgh, she's still a pain! (I mean it's been a year, what do you have to do to get her to stop being a racist bitchy....bitch!? Step on her throat with their toe or toenail and choke her to the point of near death every single day for a month, starve her by sticking her in a boot for a week with less and less crumbs before leaving her for a few days and leave her weak, dunking her into the toilet till she's begging for air??)

(takes a few deep breaths)

Sorry for that, I just am getting so pissed that Sophie is still acting towards Stephanie like this.....does she have some kind of nuerological issue that prevents her from realizing Stephanie could crush her like a grape, or eat her??

It seems she forgets every other chapter and is still acting that way to someone who basically has complete control over her.


Roger! How dare you think that way about Xue's feet, there are sexy and mature and deserve loving and all the ejaculation!!

I'd worship those feet XD 

love this chapter, cannot wait to read more.

Author's Response:

Thank you! Alex and Don do make a great pair indeed!!

And Alicia has no friends at all for what she did to Veronica..the revenge will keep piling on haha. 

The blindfold scene was a lot of fun for me to write too!

I know Sophie still has a long way to go - and I completely understand your frustation, she still is a little delusional especially when it comes to Stephanie. 
Sophie has gotten training from Xue but she still has the influence of her father [but he has escaped to who knows where?]
But Sophie is slightly more fearful of Stephanie than she was in Nail Salon at least.
Perhaps Sophie is deserving of harsher punishment.

And yes Xue deserves all the love XD 
I didn't write the scene but Xue once had Roger cum on her feet - definitely alluded to it in Nail Salon 1.5, might be in Nail Salon 2 somewhere.
Roger knows deep inside that Xue is sexy like her daughter. And probably the one other woman that Stephanie is totally cool with Roger having sexy time.

And thank you - should have the next chapter up by this weekend!

Reviewer: vegetaboy Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 10 2021 3:39 AM Title: Alex's Playtime/Blindfolds

loved the Alex and Don content here in this chapter, they are so cute!!

Plus nice work on the sexual content.

The part games were fun, I love the tinies being picked up by the various women

Great work :)

Author's Response:

Thanks :) 
Glad you enjoyed the chapter - and yes Alex and Don are making a great couple!

Reviewer: bobbylaws1 Signed [Report This]
Date: June 04 2021 12:54 AM Title: One Year Later

Awesome! Well not sure how large you are thinking for the girls when they grow giant, but hopefully they keep their fun and playful nature. Who knows...if they get big enough they could play with buildings or a cruise ship between their toes or people could explore the wrinkles of their soles like mountains.  Maybe they could try multiple sizes! Looking forward to seeing what mischief they get into at gigantic sizes!

Author's Response:

Ooh like the sound of multiple sizes, could see Stephanie having a field day with that!

Reviewer: bobbylaws1 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 03 2021 3:16 AM Title: Will Veronica Be Saved/Stacy's Confession/Stephanie and Roger Chat

Great to see things work out between Stephanie and Roger! Also can't wait for Nail Salon 3 where one or more of the girls grows into a giantess for some gigantic footplay!

Author's Response:

Stephanie and Roger are meant to be!
And already planning scenarios out for the girls growing into giantesses - can definitely make it interesting ;)

Reviewer: SizePrincess Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 31 2021 2:57 AM Title: There's Something About Stephanie

Roger! What the hell man! seriously.

Amy's soft heartedness may be her undoing, I mean come on, she's now saying she'll keep sophie safe.....sophie the racist bitch, who even after everything is still racist to the.....

Maybe Xue is being too soft on her (Sophie)

Amy needs to get her priorities and mindset right, especially when dealing with these tinies. I mean come on, she's been a bit too much of a bleeding heart, she'll let Sophie walk all over her despite being the bigger woman (physically and morally) 

Author's Response:

All I'll say is that Stephanie and Roger haven't broken up yet - despite Roger's bold statment in the last chapter, he hasn't really made up his mind yet ;)
They'll have a little chat next chapter. 

Given the kind of man Ronald is, Xue sees Sophie as being a product of poor upbringing rather than actually being a bad person. Time will tell whether Sophie can fully change for the better. The one thing is that Sophie has become loyal to Xue even if it's partially because Sophie doesn't want to be in the PedEgg XD

But yes, Amy is too soft. She can't stand causing any harm to other people even if its for their own good. And plus, Amy wants to keep her word to Xue. Amy will figure out some things on her own in later chapters though.

And I'm rooting for Veronica all the way!


Reviewer: SizePrincess Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 31 2021 2:53 AM Title: Roger Has Doubts/Neha Tortured/Alicia the Bitch

Roger, dude, don't get anxious or worried! Stephanie loves you!

(Please please please don't break them up!) 

Neha!! You better not try anything else with Brian and Amy! They are perfect together, and Neha is just a jealous bitch.

Veronia, poor baby! I hope Alicia gets some just desserts, Maria needs to be reunited with Veronia and hopefully soon. 

Reviewer: SizePrincess Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 31 2021 2:50 AM Title: Footbath/Linda the Goddess/Old Lady Needs Sleep

Loving Xue! She's still a hot sexy milf, and deserves to have her feet pampered.

I do like Sophie growing closer to her, but still hate her for how she acted/acts towards Stephanie.

I also think it's not right for Xue to not be more angry/punish Sophie for calling her daughter "ching chong" which I think Xue would still find very offensive. 

I'm going to read through the rest of the chapters now, and can't wait to catch up :) 

Reviewer: vegetaboy Signed [Report This]
Date: May 31 2021 2:47 AM Title: There's Something About Stephanie

I really hope Stephanie and Roger don't break up :( 

Sophie is coming around, but still is a bit of a bitch, she shouldn't try and screw with Stephanie (and really should cut out the "ching chong" crap) 

Veronia! I'm still on edge about her.

Author's Response:

All I'll say is that Stephanie and Roger haven't broken up yet - despite Roger's bold statment in the last chapter, he hasn't really made up his mind yet ;)
They'll have a little chat next chapter. 

Sophie still has a way to go for sure but she has improved from last year. With that said, her grudge against Stephanie certainly doesn't help things.  Sophie doesn't fully understand yet (or is even afraid to acknowledge) why Stephanie is so mad at her. 

And more on Veronica in the next chapter! 

Reviewer: bobbylaws1 Signed [Report This]
Date: May 26 2021 10:37 AM Title: One Year Later

Awesome! Maybe an alternate universe that picks up somewhere in the middle of Nail Salon 1...maybe Sophie grows huge and enacts vengeance against Stephanie (and all the other people she thinks she's better than), or maybe Stephanie grows huge and the power makes her act like Sophie only giant! Or Amy grows gigantic to boost her self esteem? No self esteem boost like playing with cars and buildings between your toes...

Just thoughts.  Great work!

Author's Response:

Thanks for the positive feedback! I really like those ideas - I think that will likely be my next project after I finish Nail Salon II. Can make a pretty good story from the ladies being mega giantesses!! I think it would help them all out one way or another.

Reviewer: bobbylaws1 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 25 2021 9:01 PM Title: Footbath/Linda the Goddess/Old Lady Needs Sleep

Any chance the shrink gun has a reverse and can grow people into giantesses? I love these girls' personalities and would love to see them as actual giantesses using cities as foot could even be a new feature for the salon! 

Author's Response:

Neat idea ;) 

I could possibly create an alternate universe story where the girls become giantesses.

But yes the shrink gun does have an ability to grow people and it could benefit the nail salon!

Reviewer: SizePrincess Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 10 2021 3:39 AM Title: Alicia the Goddess/Curious Neha/Heart-to-Heart

Alicia is not a goddess, she's a bitch!!! 

How dare she hurt Veronica like tha :( I hope Marcia and the others can save her, and permanently shrink Alicia down (pass her around like a toy, or pedegg time with Xue or the unaware nail salon patrons)

I hope Veronica gets out of this ok :( 

Ronald needs to become cat food....or a stain on the floor (I can't see his little escape attempt getting anywhere, or hope it doesn't) 

It is good seeing Sophie becoming more self aware of her dad's behaviour, but she still has a long way to go. But I wonder how her relationship with Xue will now develop?

Excited to

Author's Response:

Yeah, Alicia is a rotten bitch! Maybe I need to rename that part of the chapter XD
Veronica is one of my favorite characters - so I want her to be alright too ;)

Some good ideas on punishment for Alicia by the way.

More on Ronald in later chapters - he's just hiding out for now.

And agreed that Sophie still has a long way to go but she is definitely warming up to Xue and vice versa!

Thanks for the review!!

Reviewer: vegetaboy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 10 2021 2:44 AM Title: Alicia the Goddess/Curious Neha/Heart-to-Heart

I am loving sophie and Xue's interactions here, it's a nice developtment.

And no!!!! Veronica!!!

Ahh, please say she is going to be saved (and justice will be served at that bitch Alicia!!) 

Loving Alex and Don in the previous chapters too :D 

Great chapter (regardless of the Veronica torture XD She needs saving ASAP) 

Author's Response:

Yep, Sophie and Xue are beginning to care about one another - in an almost child/parent kind of way.
Ronald is really the bad guy in all of this. 

As for Veronica, all I'll say is that there are some people working hard to find Veronica ;)
And Alicia already made a mistake or two (not bothering to steal the shrinking machine too). 

And Alex and Don are certainly getting along well :D

Thanks for the review!!

Reviewer: vegetaboy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 28 2021 4:34 AM Title: Linda's Surprise/Amy Shrinks Brian and Neha/Don Drumpf

Things are starting to get interesting!! (even more so than before)

Some notes on the previous chapters. I love how Sophie is starting to care for Xue, can't wait to see how that plays out.

Linda having a nice big pair of feet to put Chad under is great :D She's going to fit the role of GTS very well.

Neha better watch her mouth, it's nice to see Assertive-Amy.

And I love Don and Alex flirting, I really hope they get together (another screw you to Don's father. Plus Alex is one hot gal, who deserves a loving partner too) 

Author's Response:

Thank you, glad you're enjoying the story!!

All I'll say is that a lot of exciting adventures coming up for all the characters ;)

And I'm liking the idea of Don and Alex as a couple.

Reviewer: vegetaboy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 23 2021 1:39 AM Title: Just Another Day

I am excited to see where Linda goes now that she's getting brought into the fold of shrinking XD

Mi-Young is great!! I love that Sophie is under the feet of these asian women constantly (and a demanding one like Mi-Young) hope to see more VIP treatment and custmers going forward.

And the Pedegg of doom!! Nice work using that as a torture tool. Xue knows what she wants, and isn't going to let the tinies boss her around at all.

(Also am I the only one thinking Don should end up with Alex? That'd be a great screw you to his father) 

Sorry for the lack of reviewing lately, hopefully this makes up for it.

Author's Response:

Definitely, you'll see more of Linda and Chad in the near future XD

I figured that Mi-Young would be a good customer for Sophie - she knows how to put the bug girl in place.

And yes haha Xue and her tinies know that the Pedegg is the worst punishment possible! 

Not a bad idea on Don and Alex.. I could see that.

And thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Tiny_Significance Signed [Report This]
Date: March 09 2021 4:07 AM Title: One Year Later

Well, this sequel came much faster than i expected, and I am NOT complaining about that! ;) 

In the intro, I love all of the character introductions and how they sum up not only who they are, but where the first story left them in life. I especially, of course, love how you totally humiliate the Drumpfs in their descriptions. It's awesome. 

One character description in particular that I would like to point out is that of Topher. I, for one, would absolutelty LOVE to see some male giant action! It doesn't bother me at all. Having some M/f foot play and domination action thrown into this story will really spice things up in an awesome way. I especially love, of course, that he is being thrown into the subplot of my girls: Maria & Veronica~ <3 (I feel like I kind of helped inspire this idea in that one review I wrote on the first one, hehe ;) ) 

Seeing pretty little Veronica be toyed with under the feet of a handsome man will be so awesome. I would also love if Topher isn't just brought in by Maria for some casual fun. I hope that he and Maria's relationship really blossoms into something as romantic as Stephanie and Roger, but with both of them being dominant ;P 

If that's the case, then I really can't wait to see Veronica adapt to being a pet shared by a beautiful couple, being first and foremost devoted to her goddess Maria, but also now shared by Maria with a gorgeous man who she is totally unworthy of. Only Maria is worthy of having an actual relationship with a man, as Veronica is beneath her. A devoted little pet: first for Maria, and then with Maria's new boyfriend. Can't wait to see all of the erotic frustrations and releases that come with that. But again, I'm speculating lol 

Moving onto the actual content of the chapter... 


You started just as I had hoped... with Xue and her bug girl Sophie. 

You also had me at "Almost a full year". Oh god, that's hot. I just love that this is Sophie's life now. This little bratty beauty in the prime of her life is nothing other than a little slave to give pedicures and massages to, and a tiny toy to be played with by, the feet of a much older, and more deserving, woman. This first scene is so awesome as Xue completely dominates every second of her pets' lives. I love how Sophie has, while of course hating it, learned to be an obedient little pet for Xue, diligently painting her nails with all she has. All that she is good for. Then there's that curious little moment where Sophie actually takes pride in her work... I certainly hope that this is expanded upon, that maybe Sophie will eventually, truly break. in a way that doesn't take the fun out of it for Xue, of course. 

Then we take a break and catch a glimpse into our main girl Stephanie's life as a... vigilante? That's awesome! Can't wait to see if we can also get a glimpse into how Stephanie deals with her little victims ;) Also can't wait for Julie and Roger to come back into the story in person! ^^ 

Then, for the final part of the chapter, you take us right back to Xue and her pets. I am more than happy to receive, through her POV, confirmation that she is the dominant and playful milf that I love hehe. XD 

I just love how she dishes out rewards and punishments for her little pets because that's all they are. She is their owner. In particular, I love how Xue continually assures Sophie that she's "a good bug" and that she "make Xue proud". That kind of treatment will eventually break her little toy girl. I just know it! XD 

Sophie's submissiveness and obedience to Xue is also just too good. The way she timidly asks if she won't be punished and what Xue wants her to do the next day. The way she kisses her owner's foot on command without a second thought! Too awesome... 

I also really like that Xue shows Sophie off to her VIP clients. I can only imagine that pathetic little tiny girl being brought out of some humiliating place by her confident owner to be presented, like a prized possession or cute pet, to total strangers who probably immediately laugh and demean her and treat her like the slave and pet that she is. I can imagine Sophie uselessly trying to plead with them to save her just before they all, one by one, either watch as Xue does something with her or makes her do something humiliating or put their feet up in front of her expectantly as Xue allows. I certainly hope that we get to see some of these private VIP activities in the future~ 


This is just as good as I would hope it to be! And it's only a short first chapter! 

You are quickly becoming one of my favorite size fetish authors, and I cannot wait to see what you do with this! 


(As a side note, I kind of hope that Maria keeps her pet Veronica in a little cage or shoe box when she isn't playing with her hehe~ That would be hot) 

Author's Response:

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the character introductions - these were a lot of fun to write! And haha the Drumpfs have no redeeming qualities.

Admittedly, I'm still on the fence of whether Topher will make it in the final cut - trying to figure out how he'll fit in the story as a whole. But if Topher does, he'll play an important role.
But regardless - there will be a third person brought in to Maria and Veronica's love life. 
And yep your review gave me inspiration ;)

And of course I had to start the story with Xue ! She is the master at putting tinies in their place :D 
Since a year had passsed, I figured that Sophie would be broken down a little bit by now since all she has known are Xue and her feet. 

There are also plans for fun times with Sophie and VIP clients in future chapters!

Stephanie has a nice plan in place for each of her little victims - with her shrinking machine, she's simply trying to make the world a better place :)

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the first chapter and I really appreciate the compliment :D
I think you'll also enjoy the rest of "Nail Salon II". 

Reviewer: vegetaboy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 09 2021 3:29 AM Title: One Year Later

So excited to read this second edition to the series.

Things seems to be heating up I can't wait to see these new characters.

Especially Amy's brother :)

I'm unsure about the appearance of a giant man, kinda goes against some of the themes of the first story, (not that I'm against G-M content, just that in this scenario it might go against the giantess based scenario)

But then again, it could spice up Veronica and Maria's fun (but then could also backfire on them if he grew to entitled or tried to steal Veronica/Maria from the other) 

Great seeing Stephanie, Alex, Xue and the others still having fun though. 

Author's Response:

Glad you're enjoying the story so far!

All the new characters, including Amy's brother, will have interesting roles in the story!
Amy's brother shows up in the next chapter actually. 

I'm still on the fence whether to include a giant man or not - still trying to figure out how he'll fit in the whole story. 
But regardless a third person will join in for fun with Maria and Veronica ;)

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