Nipple Vore by Shrunken Fanatic

This has long been a fantasy of mine, but I'm asking stories that involve many tiny people somehow finding themselves on the inside of someone's breast. Keep in mind the people will have to be near microscopic for this to happen, as I'd imagine some of the only ways to achieve this would be to be airbed through a pore in the skin or travel in through the nipple hole. Anyways, that alone would please me. The story "The Elite 50" by Haloichigo had this and it was very well received in the reviews. "Galactic SNAFU" by christiawi9 also almost had this when spaceships were attempting to dock on a milf's nipple, but none actually succeeded in that story.

A personal idea of mine is to have the giantess be a milf that lactates, so the micro humans get ultimately transformed into breastmilk and are flushed out of the woman either through lactation leakage, into a bottle through a pump, or into the mouth of a hungry infant. If course the story can also have the people's lifeless microscopic bodies stay forever trapped within the tots too.

Even if someone doesn't go the whole route of breast insertion, I love stories involving tiny tiny people and anything to do with breasts, so if there's a story of like a microscopic sized person or people forced to live the rest of their extremely short lifespan on the nipple of a giantess, let me know! Also, I'm fine with any stories created being both unaware and aware as far as how the people get on the nipple. I would assume it would become more unaware once they enter the breast but I suppose the woman could at least be aware to the point she wants to flush out the microscopic individuals and uses a breast pump or knowingly feeds the tinies to her baby too. Like I said, ultimately I'll be happy with any and all stories that have tiny people fighting to survive on someone's titan tit, hopefully I'll have many responses to this challenge request. Thanks for all the stories you authors do and thanks for reading through this short story of a challenge request!


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John has detention at a wizardry school. he is surprised to see that the most beautiful professor as the supervisor. Will he survive her punishment or will she take him over


Side story of "Board game not for the family"


The story is written from two perspectives. one chapter will be one the students views and thoughts of an event and the next chapter the teacher's views and thoughts over the same event.


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This story is inspired by Marushamo's "Secert Play with Friend's Mom" You should check out his work.

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Challenges: Nipple Vore
Challenges: Nipple Vore
Challenges: Nipple Vore
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