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I'd like a story about two identical twins named Tracy and Valerie who find a magic book. But they accidentally teleport their friend (since kindergarten) Jeremy into their room, and accidentally shrink him to about seven inches (17 cm). Since they can't figure out how to change him back, they are forced to keep him for the summer. They decide to take turns taking care of him. Valerie gets him one day, Tracy the next. Valerie secretly has a crush on Jeremy, and Jeremy has a crush on Valerie. They are adorable together. Tracy has a wicked giantess fetish, and does sick, twisted things to Jeremy (puts him in a fishbowl and shits/pisses/farts on him), and threatens to kill him if he tells Valerie. Valerie also has a giantess fetish, but didn't know it until now. So she tries experimenting with Jeremy, undressing before him, placing him in her bra and panties, exchanging oral pleasures (during a game of Truth or Dare, and yes, he has to reciprocate), playfully farting on him, stuff like that. Jeremy really likes Valerie, and is a little afraid of Tracy. Will Jeremy live to the end of summer? Will he ever get back to normal size? Will he want to? Will either of them want him to? And will Jeremy and Valerie admit their love for each other? Well... that's for you to find out!

*Also, since this involves magic, feel free to suspend any and all physics. Jeremy doesn't need air, he can't be crushed, digested, or injured, his clothes and glasses shrunk with him, and he doesn't need much food. Maybe a little vitamin C every two weeks.*

(Sorry if this seems too specific. I've had this fantasy for years! Please indulge me!!!)

Categories: Teenager (13-19), Butt, Body Exploration, Object, Entrapment, Gentle, Humiliation, Insertion, Instant Size Change, Toilet, Slave, Violent, Unaware Characters: None

a teacher and a few college girls (aged between 20 and 25) come from another planet, they look exactly like humans except they're much bigger, humans would be about the size of there finger, they are a peaceful, gentle and loving spices who love all living things no matter how small, there is no evil on there planet and they know about earth and humans and a small group of girls take a class in college to learn about humans and they get to go on a trip to earth.
they would come through a portal arriving in the countryside outside a big city, they would set up camp away from the city, however there is a couple of houses near the center of the camp, the road out of were the houses would be blocked by the camp and the people in the houses re trapped inside and can't leave because of the giantess's camp and because they would be terrified to leave in case they are spotted and are afraid of what the giant women would do to them, the giantess's knew the houses were there and would never do anything to damage them or hurt the people inside (they knew people were inside the houses because of the cars in the driveways and parked on the roadside, all the people were hiding)

(Characters: won't let me type the characters box) in one of the houses were two 20 year old guys (they had both turned 20 recently) they are close best friends and terrified of the giant women just across the road, they think they are really scary and way too big, there hoping that they don't know there there and will leave them alone, they are well liked and are both really nice and have never hurt anyone or anything or broken any laws,
they are hiding in the kitchen behind a wall and under the table, away from all the windows, it would get quite cold at night and they were sitting on a duvet which they had laced on the tiles under the table and had a second duvet which they would wrap it around them selves keeping themselves lovely and warm, they had a laptop and were communicating with friends and family through facebook and skype.
the giant women had learned all about facebook/skype etc and also had laptops with them and they knew there were people in the houses and wanted to try to speak with them and make friends and get to know more about them
the giant girls are all ncie and friendly and want to make friends with the little people and learn about them, they would never hurt them or destroy any buildings 

Categories: Young Adult 20-29, Gentle Characters: None

When you just move to a new neighbourhood, you are delighted to get a visit from the girl across the road. She's hot, flirty, and she will be in your class for when you go to her school. Thank god you remembered to bring that devise you found in a box in the attic. this is an unaware story.

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