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Summary: I would like a story with a shrunk man, about 1-2 inches tall, and what a giantess does to him. I don't want any backstory or anything like that. No feet please. Very detailed vore and mouthplay please, along with detailed breasts, sitting on, and insertion, but the mouthplay being the most important. Violent please, the man should be struggling and screaming. No bones being crushed or anything either, just extreme pressure
Categories: Giantess Characters: None

I'm inviting fans of the Rebalancing the Sexes series to write stories in the ROS universe, written as advice letters. Someone more experienced explaining the way sex and relationships work, now that women have the power to shrink men to a few inches in height, and total permission to do so once they're adults if they don't have a wife or girlfriend. Father to son, uncle to nephew, older brother to younger brother, older sister to younger sibling, mom to daughter, mom to son. What would they say to help someone coming of age in this world where men are expected to spend their lives giving small pleasures to a woman. Read the stories in the ROS series to find out how this new world scenario works. Any stories I like will get added to the ROS series and canon. 

Categories: Teenager (13-19), New World Order, Gentle, Humiliation, Butt, Insertion, Instant Size Change, Lesbians, Watersports, Body Exploration, Mature (40-49), Adult 30-39, Young Adult 20-29 Characters: None

Okay, this is an idea I had (okay, technically it's a slight modification on a friend's idea) where, basically, as punishment for having utterly crushed a girl's heart, our protagonist gets shrunk to near-microscopic size by a friend or family member of hers. The only way to get back to normal is if the protagonist is completely forgiven and gotten over- which won't be easy, especially considering that a manipulative ex has reentered the picture and is using the heartbreak as an excuse to get laid!

Being me, I hope that at least one of her two love interests (tiny or ex) is another woman (favorite trope for reasons), and I really like theme naming. Beyond that, it's almost entirely up to you. 

While I kinda expect at least the first chapter to have our heartbroken girl unaware of our protagonist's existence, it's writer's discretion as to how long this lasts. The concept as I pictured it was where the original shrinking was instantaneous and the return to normal took time, but this also falls under writer's discretion. 


Categories: Unaware, Lesbians, Instant Size Change, Slow Size Change Characters: None
Summary: Right a story using inspiration from my story a bras life(rewrote). The item doesn't have to be a bra
Categories: Giantess Characters: None

James is in deep in love. Emily has just turned single so he sees his chance. Unfortunately Emily doesn't think he's worthy to go out with. She is a hot blonde and he is a sluggish geek. James isn't going to give up. He will do anything to prove to Emily that he is a worthy boyfriend...... Anything.

Categories: Teenager (13-19), Body Exploration, Feet, Footwear, Humiliation, Legwear, Odor, Slave, Unaware Characters: None