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I want a story about a medieval world where 20 century young and beautiful giantess stars to pop. Beside this initial fantasy I think to try a very reality based story.

The story will be around 5 years after the initial contact. In the beginning the giantess was suffering for starvation, because the world spend so much resource in wars that food was scarce. The first’s giantess usually rampage thought towns to find food. As a last resource they used some vore. The food becomes even rarer with the destruction and some of the giantesses perish in starvation.

The story changes when the giantesses change their approach. They knew that the tiny people were a necessity to raise food and try to protect the farm based lifestyle. In order to force the tiny people to work they can’t just destroy their cities because this will make things even worse. The giantess organized a society in which everyone has specific duties.

The diplomats: A few of the giantesses learn the languages of the tiny people in order to guarantee a better relationship. The English become a very secret language and their use was not allowed in the presence of the tiny people. The giantesses know that the tiny people can be dangerous and want to preserve a secure communication line. These diplomat giantesses have many tiny people working for them manly because the writing was exclusive of the tiny people. They can’t afford to have bigger papers and inks. These giantesses make the decisions about the destruction of the big cities, explained later.

The workers: This is the majority of the giantess. They can do many jobs like storage food, transportation, help in the farm, construction and many others. As a demand for food is extremely high, they need to cover a huge area and that takes a lot of work.

The Capturing team: These giantesses specialize in capturing tiny people. The capturing is a important aspect of the giantess society because allow them to make hostages and force the tiny people to work. Usually the giantesses just change the people of villages and towns. If a town cooperate they starts to restore the tiny people back. This mix of people also helps to different cultures know each one better and prevent wars. This team has specific abilities to help the capturing. They need light woman with big and soft feet and there is a reason for it. As the most part of capturing happen in the towns, it is not wise to stay down and use the hands because this can lead to destruction of the nearby buildings. It’s hard to prepare tools too because they don’t have a lot of material to waste in those. A tiny foot can make a lot of pressure and it’s harder to hold an adult without damaging it. Also in stand up position the arrows and aggressions of the tiny people can’t reach soft parts like eyes.

Feature of the giantesses:

The winter: As the giantesses have a massive body the ambient temperature is irrelevant to the corporal control. So the giantesses can walk throughout large hot deserts and snow storms with easy. As the winters go stronger there is a need to help the tiny people survive. The giantesses sometimes allow the tiny people to stay close to them to warm up and prevent deaths. This can be done in big caves. The warm urine can be of great help too. Usually the giantesses break the ice of the rivers and drink a lot of the water below allowing them the dilution of the urine.

The materials: The only materials appropriate for the giantess size are the clothes that they were wearing when they arrive. As many of the giantesses came a long time ago theirs clothes are now traps. So the majority of the giantesses don’t use a single piece of cloth. The shoes have some use and are much requested. The giantesses can use boots when they are destroying big buildings. The capturing team sometimes uses shoes when available to keep their soles softer and more sensitive. They sometimes make big tools but they are rare and expensive.

The big cities: As a city grows the demand of futile workers (in the giantess point of view) grows too. The tiny people need to farm to sustain the giantess. Usually the giantesses destroy all the rich houses and the luxury places, because they spend too much workers to maintain. There is no point in have noble people and the giantesses don’t allow them to explore the giantesses workers (all of the population). The expensive system of the big cities although can bring some use. When a giantess finds a big city they call the diplomats giantess. This giantess sees what that specific city produce in technology and decide if will be worth to maintain the city intact.

About the giantesses: They are all normal people that were dragged against their wills to this new place. In the start, almost all of them avoid contact with the tiny people and don’t try to harm them. Although everything change when they start to starve. At first they go to the cities to ask for food and help but usually this doesn’t work well. As the hungry goes stronger they realize that their only option to survive is to take the food of the cities which can lead to a huge conflict and massive rampage. The tiny people that work for the giantess try to find this new giantess and alert the giantesses to help the new one.

The army: The army of the tiny people is the major waste of resource in the giantesses’ opinion. They are very expensive and usually are of no use against a giantess. The reaction of the giantess varies a lot. The giantess can just ignore or start a mass rampage. The metal of armors and swords can be of good use making tools. Of course it’s the responsibility of the giantesses to ensure the security of the borderlands.

The religion: One of the goddess of the tiny people is the goddess of beauty. This goddess worked hard to make the beautiful things in the worlds. Her better works although are not the shine ones but the ones that are harmonic, useful and simple. The beauty of the woman body can represent these features. Some people believe that the giantesses are the avatars of the goddess of beauty because the goddess was angry that the tiny people were forgetting of the real beauty and stars to worship the gold, the silver and the human’s creations.

Ideas to start:

1)     A new giantess emerges in a desert after she sleeps in the kids sand playground. As the desert separate the tiny people it takes quite a while to the giantesses know about this new one. Can it be too late? Can anyone be mentally saved after destroying so much?

2)     A new giantess emerges but this one has same peculiar thoughts. How dangerous could be a sadistic giantess to the giantess lifestyle and mostly to the tiny people. How to stop her? Should the giantesses make an exception and take drastic actions?

3)     A very talented tiny engineer was found in a big city. He can help construct ducts to irrigate the farms and increase the food production. How the giantess assigned to construct the duct will handle with a tiny arrogant, machist and authoritarian men?

4)     A young knight was angry after know that your family castle was destroyed. He starts a hunt with a few selected warriors to chase the monster. What will happen when he discovers that the dragon was actually a princess?

I will try to bring more lately.

Sorry about my English, Word helped me a lot

Hope you enjoyed this world as much as I did. 


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I would love a story where Female in her mid twenties is worker of a daycare for 1-3 yearolds who ends up being shrunken mysteriously to the height of 3 inches and then shrunken even smaller as the story goes on. and has to survive being the toy of the 1-3 yearolds. It should involve diapers, butt crushing, butts in general, piss/poop/diarreha, pull-ups, genitals etc. I like little boys more then girls but both are fine. I think it would be better with mean childrens over nice, and I would love if the childrens play with the shrunken person and then stuff her in their diaper and lets nature almost kill them, or sucking on them in their mouth, siting on them and in general playing with them.

Categories: Body Exploration, Butt, Crush, Entrapment, Giant, Humiliation, Scat Characters: None
Summary: While at school you shrink in your auditorium and hide in the girls dressing room for the school musical and are thought to be a mere doll and are played with but are then found out and used as a toy and pet to the girl cast and their girl sisters. Please answer this challenge!!!
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I want something sick. I want vaginal insertion, anal insertion, pissing, shitting, farting, licking, thick pubic hair, and everything sick and twisted about this fetish. I want a woman to use a six-inch man for all he's worth. I DON'T WANT ANY FEET OR VORE!!! But I do want ass, pussy, tits, armpits, farting, and any bodily fluid you can think of. And no three page intro about some guy shrinking. I want the action to start asap. Internet... DO YOUR WORST!

Categories: Butt, Body Exploration, Humiliation, Insertion, BBW, Toilet Characters: None
Summary: Like the title says. A good x rated where a couple, man and woman, find a shrunken person and decide to have a little sexual fun. No vore, feet, or killing but violent and cruel is perfered. The person could simply not be able to die. Use your imagination. It does not have to be just the couple though the tiny can be passed around per say.
Categories: Humiliation, Butt, Couples , Giant, Insertion, BBW, Toilet, Slave, Violent Characters: None

Hi i'm looking for one of those worlds in which crushing tinies are normal and engrained in human culture.

I want to imagine a story about a factory where tinies (both male and female maybe even children tinies) are put into box shaped objects or converaour belts and crushes under the bare feet of a female giantess like grapes However after the tinies are crushed/killed the remains gets processed such as removing the organs and bones (unless needed) and using the tinies remains to create products such as Wine, Paint, Ketchup, Nail Polish, SHampoo, Etc, Etc


Categories: New World Order, Couples, Crush, Destruction, Fantasy, Teenager (13-19), Young Adult 20-29, Lesbians, Feet, Violent Characters: None

Hi i'm looking for one of those worlds in which crushing tinies are normal and engrained in human culture.

I want to imagine a story about a factory where tinies (both male and female maybe even children tinies) are put into box shaped objects or converaour belts and crushes under the bare feet of a female giantess like grapes However after the tinies are crushed/killed the remains gets processed such as removing the organs and bones (unless needed) and using the tinies remains to create products such as Wine, Paint, Ketchup, Nail Polish, SHampoo, Etc, Etc


Categories: Young Adult 20-29, Couples, Crush, Destruction, Feet, Lesbians, New World Order, Teenager (13-19) Characters: None

Neroli has just come back home from school, and she doesnt know that another tiny man named John is hiding out in her bedroom watching her, especially her feet


Story: Feet related

Main Giantess: Neroli

Tiny: John

If anyone can make a story like this it will make my day :)

Categories: Teenager (13-19), Feet, Adventure Characters: None
Summary: A,story about a teenage boy shrunken by his mother. The story would be vore focused, and in the end, should be swallowed by his mother. The boy would be approximently 3inches tall. The mothers appearance can be anything, but should preferably should be blonde. Insertion is optional
Categories: Giantess, Incest, Mouth Play, Vore Characters: None

Story is about workers and kids in a daycare instantly shrink to about an inch. Kids ages range from 0-8 years old. Soon a blonde girl named Miranda who is in her twenties wearing plain black flip flops shows up to pick up her new born sister. At first she is unware of what happens and steps on a few kids. Later she finds out that they are shrunk and tries to help them, but she keeps having accidents which crushes more kids with her flip flops while she is on a search for her sister who is nowhere to be found. She becomes aware that she is accidentaly crushing kids and is remorseful about it. She is a nice girl, but is ditzy and clumsy. Story is descriptive in crushing. If anyone could write me this story I would be very thankful! This is my first time adventuring into my fetish, and thought I'd give this a try. Thank you!

Categories: Young Adult 20-29, Crush, Footwear, Gentle, Instant Size Change, Unaware, Violent Characters: None

I want a story where the worker of a daycare ends up shrunk and have to survive being the toy of the toddlers. I accept anythyng from 1 to 7 years, specially if it involves diapers, butt crushing, butt in general, piss/poop,pull-ups etc. I prefer little boys before little girls but both are just fine. Keep the adult interaction to a minimum and it would be ok. I prefer mean childrens over gentle, and I woill love if the childrens play with the shrunken person stuffing him/her on they diapers, sucking, siting on her and in general playing.

Categories: Toilet, Butt, Entrapment, Giant, Insertion, Violent Characters: None

Choose your own title.

The Challenge: A gorgeous incredibly smart crafty woman with some sort of relationship to the main character is injured and drawn into a coma. The main character somehow has access to technology that allows him to for the first time to enter the mind of a coma patient and he does so to visit her.

This is where it gets interesting, in her mind she makes all of the rules. She controls the flow of time (a second in the real world could feel like a year in her mind), environment (whether they are in a castle of her design, or fantastical forrest), how large/small he is relative to her. By the time our hero realizes what he's gotten himself into, she has already trapped him.

That's the crux of it.


  • Maybe he wakes up inside some familiar environment to both of them, like an office or home and she has removed his memory of how he got there. She then proceeds to mess with him in various sexual ways like walking up to him as tho everything is normal then surprising him by taking off her clothes and enticing him to fuck her, only to shrink him when he tries and use him as her dildo.
  • Perhaps when he gets used as a dildo by her, when she orgasms, she literally swallows him into her and he passes into another of her worlds, sort of like Pagemaster (the way every world had an exit door to another world) if you ever watched that movie.
  • Perhaps at one point she erases his memory again, puts them at work in his office as tho everything is normal, and slowly shrinks him while she walks around eating ice cream in a skirt without underwear making fun him trying to work I don't know.

Lots of insertion if possible, feel free to add in whatever else.

This is an idea I've had kicking around in my brain for about 4 years now but will likely never get the chance to write myself. So be free little idea! You belong to the world now!

Categories: Body Exploration, Humiliation, Insertion, Mouth Play, Slow Size Change Characters: None
Summary: A teenage boy that has dreamed about being shrunken for his entire life finally gets his wish after he tells his girlfriend one night about his secret desire. At first he believes it is impossible but when she finds a way he gets to explore her body and please her in new ways. Please make the teenage boy indestructible and use lots of anal and ass play. Have the female girlfriend be both sadistic with tidbits of care coming out
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Summary: Summary: A man who working for "the company at home in his privet lab on a shrink ray has finally finished and decided to test it on himself. He likes it. and after he regrows his wife comes home. the concept of shrinking comes up. and the man decides to suprise his wife that weekend by shrinking her unexpectedly. in the morning his wife remembers that she has two freinds comeing to stay the weekend from another state. the man has to turn over the shrink ray by the deadline next weekend so he decides to shrink his wifes freind along with him and his wife. that weekend while his wifes freinds are in bed hes shrinks his wife for an hour she likes it but wants to shrink her husband. she shrink him to half five inches after regrowing. uses him as a sex toy. shrinks him to two millimeters. dose sum nipple play. when the man regrows he acedentally wakes up his wifes freinds and one of them wants to be shrunk and the other dosent like to be shrunk. so his wife and one of her freinds get shrunk. the one girl plays uses them. to bed. next night the man wants a turn. shruinks his wife and one of her freind. lets them ride his cock. puts them in a comdom. puts the condom on. plays a bit. the wifes freind waits for the wife and freind to grow again. than shrinks them all and plays some more. including putting them in the full condom. go to sleep. wife wakes uo grown again and secretly shrinks the freind who dosent want to be shrunk. puts her in a condom. the husband puts it on with her inside and the husban and the wife and her freind have a threeway. the shrunk freimd likes it. after the one friend regrows they all shrink and live in a dollhouse for a night. where they have some fun
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I was born normal sized but I gradually shrunk. At 15 years old I'm now only half an inch tall. My best friend feels guilty when I realise I will never have sex ever. Luckily he over heard his older sister talking about making a porn vid with her girlfriend. So he made a plan where he'd hide me in her panties and I would pretend to be a doll. His sister is really dumb so trusts him when he says that I am a sex doll and puts me to the test.

Categories: Teenager (13-19), Butt, Insertion, Lesbians, Mouth Play, Unaware Characters: None

Pretty self-explanatory but should be unaware 

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Summary: G'day All, I'm a new member to this site, but I've enjoyed reading stories here for years now, but now I have a challenge for someone. The plot : A very chubby woman has been living in her best friends shadow for years, her friend is gorgeous & has a body to die for, she's watched her friend have relationships with some of the hottest guys, but she's never had a relationship herself, one day she tells her friend about a crush & eventually her friend starts dating the guy she likes & she gets very jealous when eventually they get married, he doesn't like her at all because of her weight, the woman has little fantasies while sitting down having coffee & chats with her beautiful best friend having her husband shrunk & stuffed in her dirty panties wriggling around between her dirty hairy pussy lips pleasuring her or wriggling around head first deep in her ass & her friend wouldn't even know or when they have a girls night out & she watches her best friend flirting with other guys while her husband is stuffed in her panties while she's dancing right next to her, it excites her so much. Wouldn't it be great if her fantasies come true. He should be shrunk to about 4 to 5 inches & be indestructible so she can enjoy her friends husband or should I say her new toy for as long as she wants & categories should be couples, bbw, butt & insertion, No feet or vore, Thanks
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A full tour vore story featuring a cat eating its shrunken owner. Should be as detailed as possible, describing everything from licking to swallowing to digestion to excretion.

Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: I would love to see a story where two women come into owning a tiny man (>2inches). How is not important, they could buy him at a store, he could be a former friend or boyfriend, etc. Any categories are fine, but feet and ass especially, along with confinement (sock insertion, ass insertion). One girl should be sadistic and the other should think he's cute and fun (but still think of him as less than human).....that, or she should be apprehensive about playing with/owning him but become convinced by her lover. I've seen some stories where one girl hates him and the other girl ends up saving him...happy endings and all that. this story shouldn't be like that! Lesbian get happy endings, not shrunken toys!
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I want something that has a litle bit of everthing under the giantess catigories size dosent matter but also have a diferences in age

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