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My readers,

I thank you very much for the support you have given me. Thank you for enjoying my work and engaging with me. I know this sounds much to emotional for a person who writes erotica, but I believe erotica, at its core, is about expressing emotions. We need ways to deal with the sides of ourselves that we cannot show in public, and for mine, I chose writing. Know that I don’t believe that myself, or any of you, are sick or wrong for feeling the way you feel or because of what makes you feel the way you do. I am talking about your fetishes and my fetish. I do have a giantess fetish, specifically for more gentle giantesses. I will not deny this to you. What I have written has helped me, and it may have helped some of you to deal with feelings you have been unable to talk about with others. For that, I am proud.

However, very recently I have become aware that there is no way for me to guarantee that underage readers will not come across my content. Of course, all of my content is restricted, as it should be. But, no one can stop a child from lying about their age, creating an account, and seeing this content. I am not referring to horny teenagers beginning to discover their sexuality as children. I mean children, old enough to read and use the internet but not yet old enough to experience or understand sexual feelings. Children of this age should not be exposed to this kind of content. It could hurt or frighten them. I can’t bear the guilt that a child could be exposed to what I have made. I did not think about this when I first uploaded my works, but now the guilt is weighing on me.

So, I have decided I will delete my GTS content from the internet for now, until I find a way to guarantee it does not fall into the hands of children, which will likely mean it will never be publicly available. This will begin in a few weeks. Both my content on Giantess World and DeviantArt accounts will be deleted or hidden, most likely never to return. I know some of you will be saddened and angered by this. Know that I am sad too but that I am doing this of my own volition. My relatives did not find out and pressure me into this. Law enforcement did not order me to do this. This is my choice.

However, I know some of you honestly enjoyed the story, and I do not want to take that experience away from you. So, if you would like to read it again, contact me at if you wish to read it again, and I can send you a personal copy. I may take some time to get back to you, but you will be able to get a copy. I ask that you do not upload the story to the internet or claim it as your own even though I do not intend to make any money from it. I will also send out that bonus chapter to those who email me when it is done, which as mentioned earlier, may not be for a while.

GTS creators among you, know that I do not shame you for continuing to post content. Please, do what you love to do. This is simply what I feel I should do. I am doing what is best for me and you should do what you think is best for you. Never forget that. To those of you interested in re-reading my story in the future, I look forward to hearing from you via email. Of course, there is also that non-GTS project I am working on. I cannot tell you what it is, and if it is published, it will be under a new name. So, if you find a book you like by a new author, take some comfort in knowing it could be me. I will continue to enjoy writing, and I hope you continue enjoying what you like as well.

Best of luck in all things,



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