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So i'm a writer who's main focus is fantasy. I like world building. I like anime. And for whatever reaosn I get turned on my giant women eating people. So, having studied creative writing for the last three years, I've diecided to take all i've learnt and write some stories that i'm quite certain anyone out side of the giantess community would consider 'questionable' at best. But writing is writing and i want to improve as a writer. So if writing about this fetish of mine motivates me to generate new stories, I'm gonna want people to see those story. 

So here we go then. Really doing this. What could go wrong... 


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Nick, a private eye, gets a tip off regarding the supposed suspicious activities of an immensely rich family. The Celerity family are rumoured to allow complete strangers into their manor as guests. Only these ‘guests’ are never seen again. Nick investigates these rumours, but what he finds throws him into a world of pain and madness.

Just how deep does the rabbit hole go?



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