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How to Train Your Brother in 23 Days or Less by Jessajess99

Rated: PG • 18 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

After a recent development disorder leaves him much shorter than he used to be, Reese has become academically demotivated, and worries he won't receive his diploma in his final few weeks of high school. But his sister, a recent college graduate who's almost 2 feet taller than him, moves back home. Her arrival sparks a change in Reese's attitude to start treating his family - and particularly his amazon of a sister - a lot nicer than anyone would reasonably expect. Eventually his sister realizes she might be able to save him from failing his senior year, and Reese does his best to more than thank her in return.

This is a bit of a "realistic" version of the story since their height differences are drastic but still humanly possible, and while she slowly dominates him more and more, she doesn't do anything over the top. I hope to write a second version of this story though with increased shrinking and domination, but gotta finish this verison first.

Patience and Punishment by Jessajess99

Rated: R • 12 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

Deepfield High School has a brand new set of machines used for disciplining its students. Grady's parents are also out of town for two weeks. When he inevitably shrinks as a form of punishment, he has to rely on his friends, classmates, and even teachers, to take care of him until they get back.

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