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     Greetings, everyone! If you've wound up here, that means you've either searched for me or saw my name somewhere. I must admit, that's a bit surprising you even bothered to do so. You might even be wondering what happened to my five stories? Well, I deleted them. I did a bit of soul searching and realized that writing just wasn't for me-- I never felt satisfied with my works, as they always could've been much better in my mind. Many of you were quite supportive and I very much appreciate that, but now I'm planning on being nothing except another reviewer. In addition, the Small Lifestyle Change story was deleted because, shamefully, the character's names were all based off of names I'd like to name my own kids someday. And I don't want those names to be associated with it, let alone them ever run across that story. I didn't type it with them in mind, but you get the picture. It's weird. Hell, even my fiancee knew about it, and was less than pleased with my decision. Anyways, I wish you all well! Sorry, again, but I psyched myself out of continuing any of this. It took a lot of free time, amongst other things.

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