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Hey there :)

I currently have an account on here called 'OneInch'. But I really really really hate the name, ever since somebody said to me it referenced penis size (I'm a girl so no thanks).

The reason I haven't deleted the other account is because I have my Swan story on there, which is my first ever story. It's my baby if you like, so I didn't want to delete that or any reviews it got either. But that is the only story that'll be on that account from now on!

If you want to contact me, here are the ways.

Kik: AmyDiLillo

I'm open to ideas, suggestions, collaborations, feedback and also just to chat in general.

Thanks for reading :)
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Stories by Amy Di Lillo
Summary: Zoey had always been scared to death of dying. So, when she met the devil in her dreams and made a deal so she would live forever, she woke up realising that of course the devil was never completely honest.

***Warning: this story may at some point in the future contain Giants, and description of male genetalia. Read at your own will.***
Categories: Giantess, Teenager (13-19), Young Adult 20-29, Breasts, Object, Adult 30-39, Mature (40-49), Body Exploration, Couples, Crush, Entrapment, Fantasy, Feet, Footwear, Giant, Humiliation, Incest, Insertion, Lesbians, Mouth Play, Unaware, Violent
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