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Author's Chapter Notes:
No couple stuff until the end of Chapter Two, so it's safe for those of you that don't like it.

Less Than Nothing, Part One

By D.X. Machina

Seth wasn’t sure why he was pouring his heart out to the beautiful woman at the bar.

Oh, she was beautiful, and paying attention to him; that would probably be enough explanation for most. But Seth wasn’t chatting her up, he was unburdening himself. Unless the olive-skinned beauty smiling sympathetically at him was a sucker for hard-luck stories, this wasn’t going to lead to anything.

Seth didn’t want it to lead to anything.

He wanted Kari back, wanted her back with a desperate ache that nothing could fill. Four months had gone by since they’d broken their engagement - she’d broken their engagement. And it only got more raw and sensitive with each passing minute alone. He needed her, like he needed food, like he needed water, like he needed air.

“I’m nothing without her,” he said to the beauty at the bar. “She’s a…she’s like my goddess. There’s no meaning for me in a world without her.”

“But Kari isn’t gone from this world,” said Aphrodite, evenly. “She’s still in it. It’s just your life that she’s gone from. And there could be another who would fill that nameless gnawing.”

But Seth wasn’t listening to her. “I’d give anything to be with her. She could treat me like anything, like dirt. She could ignore me completely. Just as long as I could be with her.”

“You don’t mean that,” said Aphrodite, sipping her retsina and frowning. “You might be able to endure her cruelty. But her neglect would drive you mad.”

“I’m mad already.”

Aphrodite smiled sadly, and asked the bartender for a glass of water. She then reached into her purse, and took out a small flask, and dribbled in about three drops of liquid. She slid the glass over to Seth, and said, “Drink.”

“What’s this?” he asked, looking carefully at the glass.

“One month of her benign neglect. One month of being in her presence, and her not noting your existence one way or another. One month of heaven, or one month of hell.”

Seth looked at the glass quizzically. “What kind of game is this?”

“At the end, if it is more heaven than hell, I will give you the rest of this - enough for a lifetime of her benign neglect. If it is more hell than heaven, I will do you the mercy of not giving it to you. Of course, there will be a price for that, but we can discuss that when the time comes.”
Seth stared at the glass. “You’re saying if I drink this, Kari will take me back?”

“No,” said Aphrodite. “I’m saying if you drink that, you will be with her, and she will not send you away. But that is not the same thing.”

“It’s close enough,” said Seth, grabbing the glass and throwing it back. It tasted vaguely of anise. He closed his eyes, and felt the warmth spread through his body. “I don’t know why I did that,” he said. “I mean, I just met you. And what you’re saying is impossible. But I believe…”

He didn’t complete his sentence. Instead, he toppled over, and fell fast asleep.

*  *  *


Seth awoke in darkness, lying cockeyed on a soft, curving plain. He struggled to his elbows, and looked around, but he couldn’t make out much in the dim light that filled…well, it wasn’t a room. Not exactly. Indeed, he wasn’t sure what it was. It was familiar, and yet it was radically different from anywhere he’d ever been.

He rose, and felt his feet sink slightly into the ground. It felt like fabric of some sort. Kneeling back down, he felt it, and then, his nose close to the ground, he caught her scent.

Her scent. Kari’s scent. The ground was lousy with it. It was light, not overpowering. And it was masked somewhat by the scent of lavender. But it was there, as sure as he was alive.

She was around. Somewhere. “Kari?” he called, quietly at first, then a bit louder. “Kari, are you there?”

As if in answer, his world was suddenly rocked by an earthquake the likes of which he had never felt. He fell to the ground and flew sideways, colliding with an upsweeping wall.  He rolled a good forty feet back to level ground, where he lay on his back, gasping for air.

“What the hell was that?” he said, and then he screamed.

She was there, filling his sky, mammoth beyond reason. She was a goddess, a nude Venus, staring bare-chested into his pathetic little world. He had ached for her, and there she was, her breasts swaying slightly as she bent down, sweeping a gargantuan paw into the realm, grasping acres of green fabric and still more acres of blue. She carried them off into the heavens, and he cursed, because he remained on the ground.

“Please, Kari! Don’t leave me here!” he called, and though she had started to turn away, she looked thoughtful, as if his prayer had reached her. She turned back, and dropped the twin blue moons back into the drawer, and then her hand reached over him, and pulled the sides of his little world together, and they raced skyward.

The mountain that was her left breast approached its nipple taller than he, even in its soft, relaxed state. He braced himself as the land that had been his ground became a wall, one that forced him into her areola. He felt her skin against his, the rough bumps of flesh rubbing against him, and he realized for the first time that he was naked.

His world was motion. She dipped and turned and moved and dipped again, but he didn’t care. Through the insanity and the difficulty, he was up against her. Occasionally, she would bend, and her breasts would temporarily recede just a bit, enough to remind him that the mountain was her. But then it would come back, and he could kiss her and caress her and tell her he loved her. She, his goddess, his world.


*  *  *


Kari exited the shower, cursing her inability to wake up in the morning. She was running late, and unless she hurried, she was going to be late for the morning staff meeting. She quickly pulled a comb through her curly auburn locks, using a blow drier to knock down the worst of the dampness; she knew from experience if she didn’t, her hair would be a frizzed-out disaster by the time she got to the office. She headed into the bedroom, tossed the towel onto the bed, and pulled open her underwear drawer, grabbing a mismatched set of panties and a bra. Then, remembering her evening plans, she replaced the bra with one that did match, and made the most of her assets. She grabbed her white blouse out of the closet, one that showed a moderate amount of cleavage when she was wearing this particular bra, and threw on her black pantsuit. She slid feet into pumps, and slipped her watch and a necklace on while she walked to the car. She checked the time: quarter-to. She might just make it after all.

As she slipped behind the wheel, she had a sudden flash of Seth gently chiding her about her perpetual lateness. It had been in the middle of a rather intense night of sex, not long before she decided that she couldn’t marry him.

He’d taken it hard. It had been, what, three months now? Four? She hadn’t been counting. When was it, April? Yeah, April, that’s right.

She felt badly about how it ended, and she hoped he was starting to get over her. He was a good man, and she loved him. She just wasn’t in love with him. And she knew it wasn’t fair to him or to her to pretend she was.

As she pulled out of her townhome, she wondered idly why she was thinking of Seth that morning. Probably a little guilt, she thought. But she pushed all those thoughts out of the way as she drove, focusing instead on the meeting ahead.

*  *  *


Seth spent hours kissing her flesh tenderly before he decided to venture further.

He had worked himself around to her cleavage, where he got a good look at her chin, and the ruby pendant necklace he’d bought her long ago. He was touched to see her still wearing it; he hoped it meant something, but even if it didn’t, he was glad she still could wear it.

He wasn’t sure why he clambered up her skin to the necklace, slipping three times before he got enough traction to get there. He thought maybe he could get to her ear. Maybe if he got right up next to her eardrum, she would hear him, know he was there. Maybe if she knew what he was willing to give up to be with her…

The links of the chain were easy enough to ascend, each slightly larger than him, allowing easy purchase as he moved up to his ultimate goal, her beautiful curly red locks, which lay haphazardly against her left shoulder. Well, against her right shoulder too, but he was heading for the left one.

When he reached her neck, he kissed her tenderly before grasping the hair. He had kissed this neck a thousand times; she loved to be kissed here. He then began climbing the curly spiral of a strand of hair, gunning for her ear, hoping he could make her know she was there.

He wasn’t counting on the motion of her hair. Humans move their heads constantly, and Kari was no exception. She was constantly turning and talking and typing and turning, and her hair swung dozens of feet on the slightest motion. When she finally got up and headed for god-knows-where, it was all Seth could do to hang on with the motion of her bouncing follicles.

He soon saw they were in a restroom. He could tell from the mirror a quarter-mile distant, the one reflecting her mountainous visage. He couldn’t pick himself out from it, which terrified him a bit, but not as much as the thing that appeared in her right hand moments later.

She brought it across her head, and a thousand skyscraper-sized protrusions rent the world, pulling the strand of hair he was on almost perpendicular. He screamed, “No, Kari!” as a massive pillar dealt him a glancing blow, causing him to fall.

He grabbed for something, anything to brace his fall, and actually grabbed something - hair that had pulled free, wrapped into the teeth of the hairbrush. But this was just a place for punishment as she assaulted her hair all over the place. He lost his grip as she finished, falling down again, until he was barely able to grab on to a red proscenium.

Her fingernail, dear God, was the size of a parking lot, and he was holding on by the barest of imperfections. He wasn’t even sure which finger he was on, and he didn’t care - he knew this was the end, especially when the world went whipping by at a million miles per hour.

But then, somehow, some way, his luck turned. The finger was suddenly grasping and pulling and he lost his grip as the hands pulled downward, and he fell, but came to rest in a soft cushion. Her legs stretched up into the heavens, two immense pillars framing a reflecting white hemisphere, while a torrent of water raged above.

She was going to the bathroom, he realized, turning away, trying to give her some privacy. He tried to figure out where he was, but before he had time, there was the roar of the toilet flushing, and then his ground was shaking, and rising again. He rolled over to see her flesh approaching, to see her…Oh, God. Her.


*  *  *


Work was predictably boring, as it always was, but it was a routine sort of boring that she could live with. Kari did her job with aplomb, and took just a little pleasure in watching a few of her male coworkers fight the urge to look at her chest. She didn’t mind them looking, as long as they didn’t get too gross about it. There was a reasonable line between noticing someone was attractive and making them feel uncomfortable about it; she didn’t mind the former. It was when she could tell the men were going beyond noticing her and going on to what they would do to her if they could that she drew the line.

Her presentation had gone well, and the follow-up meeting had been relatively productive. She might just get a hold of the Binderman project after all. Which wasn’t exciting - but was decently good for her career path.

The only thing about the day that wasn’t going swimmingly was an occasional itch, one that had started on her left breast and had migrated into the valley of her cleavage not long after lunch. It had shown up other places throughout the day - her neck, her shoulder - but it would be there just for an instant, never even long enough for her to feel the need to itch it.

She ran a comb through her hair and primped just a little, used the restroom and headed out. She checked her watch: Five o’clock. She’d make it just fine.

*  *  *


He was in heaven.

He slid between the folds of skin, pushing himself upward while basking in her scent, her warmth, her wonderful, magnificent pussy. He could barely see in the dark, but he knew every inch of it, and he was able to traverse the labia and into her bush, grasping the steel-like beams that were her hair, licking and kissing and caressing her all the way toward his goal.

She swayed and moved, sat down and stood up, he was aware only in the dimmest sense. By the time he reached the hood that safeguarded her nub, he had come spontaneously once, and as he slid around and licked the thing, bigger than he - and felt it, heard it grow - he was convinced that if there was nothing more than this, nothing more than this to his life - it was all he wanted. He wished he could tell Aphrodite now to complete the deal, to seal it - but he had patience. A month of this, and then a lifetime. A lifetime of her as his world, his goddess.

He made love to her clit, cuddled with it, treated it as the extension of her that it was. And he was rewarded. For some time later - he knew not how long - light streamed in. And he was greeted by her finger, which worked its way in and joined him, sliding him over her clit and in through the gates he had been too tiny to open on his own. He slid deep within her, and came back out and over and up and over and in and out and over and then, she burst, and the tsunami of her ardor overcame him, washed him out onto her bed.

He lay there a long time, after she had gotten up to go about her business. He closed his eyes and thanked the merciful and wise Aphrodite, for giving him to his goddess for her pleasure. He was in heaven, and he could not see how it could ever be otherwise.


*  *  *


It had been a wonderful evening.

She hadn’t been sure when Julia had set her up on a blind date, especially since it hadn’t been that long since she and Seth had parted. But Julia had insisted that Paul was cute and handsome, and besides, she needed to get back out there before inertia took hold. So she’d gone to meet him for coffee after work, figuring it might be good for a lark, and maybe for a brief, torrid affair. A girl has needs, after all, and while her vibrator was a quality appliance, there was something nice about coupling with someone, instead of something.

Paul was a little shorter than she would have deemed perfect, a little plainer, maybe a bit soft around the middle - but she was a bit soft around the middle, and she wasn’t posing for Cosmo on a regular basis. But he was attractive enough, and charming and friendly and deep. And while she’d been musing before the date about whether she’d want to bed down with him, she had no doubt by the end of the date. Her clit damn near ached by the time they parted with a brief kiss - and a plan to meet for dinner at her place two days later.

When she got home, she stripped and rubbed one off, quickly. It didn’t take long - she was already halfway home. She’d never felt this way about anyone, and she was damn sure going to be ready when he came over. She was going to tackle Paul but good.

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