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Doh! Canada

(A Digidowner Universe Story)



©2008. Asukafan2001 and Giantess World. All Rights Reserved.



                This is a story about loss and gain, action and reaction. Everything you do has consequence.  Little things from where you go for lunch; to what street you decide to drive down.  Some people believe for each decision you make, a different world exist, where your alter ego, body double, whatever you want to call it takes that opposite path. If you walk left, a world exists where you chose right. Maybe by walking right you find fifty dollars, or you could be hit by a bus.

                Now others believe that, these choices are less constant. That it’s only at major decisions in one’s life, that a separate path is created. What makes up those major decisions is very much dependent upon the person.  This is the ideology that this story follows. We follow the lives of two people who would have never met and never seen each other for as long as they lived without one choice that sets this entire story in motion.  It’s ironic, that the fates of these two people are decided by not even  a choice they make, but one that is made for them.

                As you probably know, every story has two characters, your ying and your yang so to speak.  In our case we have Courtney Williams, and Sam Willis. However, these characters are not always defined by good and evil. Sometimes they are defined in shades of grey. Just like this case. So who is at fault, which is to blame? That is all up to you to decide. I am merely telling you the events which took place and the outcome which followed.

                Now, like with any story I suppose you’re wondering where and when this story takes place. Well that’s a good question, and a good thought. One that I was just getting ready to tell you, as this story takes place in the not too distant future, in the year 2013 and while neither of our characters are from there, the story takes place in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

                Our first character is young Courtney Williams, she has reddish brown hair with blue eyes, and her body is perfectly toned from years of playing soccer and track. However, if you saw what she ate before you actually saw her you would probably be shocked. 

                Courtney lives in bustling city of Edmonton which is located in Canada. Besides being home to over 730,000 people it’s probably best known for being home to the largest mall in the world.  While none of that is relevant to this story, it is an interesting fact.  So before we go any further, let’s take a look at Courtney’s life.

# # # #

                Courtney trotted down the stairs of her suburban home wearing a sweat pants, and a T-Shirt from an old soccer tournament.  She blew the hair out of her face as she walked into the kitchen rather grumpily as she poured herself a bowl of cheerios.

                “Are you still upset about last night pumpkin?” Her dad asked as he put the paper down. This of course pushed the already upset teen over the limit.

                “What do you think? I don’t want to go to the stupid United States this summer. I have a boyfriend dad, and if I have to leave him for a week it better be for Hawaii, not the stupid United States.” Huffs Courtney as she roughly shoves her spoon into her bowl and takes a bite.

                “You have only been seeing this guy two weeks and been on three dates. That’s not even a relationship Court.”

                “Your just jealous, dad”

                “Of what? I have been happily married for going on 18 years”

                “19 wonderful year’s honey” Courtney’s mom interjects.

                “That’s what I said 19 years of marriage, which tells you I know a thing or two about relationships.”

                “One could also take that to mean mom was drunk, and you took advantage of her.” Courtney snaps at her father as she takes a second bite of cereal.

                “Keep that attitude up and we will stay for two weeks”

                “DAD!! This is so not fair. What am I gonna do in dumbasota for a week. We take the worst vacations ever. Clevesuck one year, now dumbasota.”

                “Fine you can take a friend with you. ONE FRIEND, and not your boyfriend. Why not that Meghan girl I like, she’s nice.”

                “Her name isn’t Meghan, its Molly and the friend you like is Melody.” Courtney yells as she finishes off her cereal and stomps up the stairs making sure to slam her door.

                “I think she is taking this rather well, don’t you?” Courtney’s father says as he picks the newspaper back up.

                “A lot better than the pants situation last week.” Courtney’s mother adds

                The next few weeks pass by rather uneventfully however; the once again single Courtney is still upset about the trip but after being forced to go she decided to bring along her best friend Taylor. We rejoin the group at the airport.

                “You know dad, you can still trade in these tickets for ones to Hawaii. It’s not too late.”

                “Give it a rest Courtney, can you atleast try to enjoy yourself.” Pleads her father as the group walks towards the gate.

                “Now boarding American Airlines flight 276, to Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Honolulu.” The announcer says.

                “Not a word Courtney” Her father exclaims as the group boards the plane for Minnesota.

# # # #

                As you can see things have started to be placed in motion, however now it’s time to set the other half of the stage. As you have already been told, the other major characters name is Sam Willis. While he is currently in Minneapolis, MN he isn’t originally from there. It wasn’t until 2009 that he arrived in Minnesota so that he could attend the University of Minnesota.

                Like most college students Sam needed a job to support himself, because as much as people would love to be able to go to school and not work in this day and age that just doesn’t happen. Sam, who had worked at the Holiday Inn for his entire collegiate career was slated for a weekend off. However, being the nice guy that Sam is he said he would swap weekends a co-worker as he had nothing planned but a weekend of video gaming.

                Outside of being a nice a guy, Sam was your fairly typical looking 23 year old male. He stood 6’2” had short brown hair that had just started to grow back from a head shaving incident. Sam wasn’t what you could call athletic. It’s not that he didn’t enjoy sports; he just wasn’t good at any of them. So he was left to playing them in the form of Video Games.  

                On this summer afternoon we join up with Sam just as he is pulling his 2007 Pontiac Grand Am into the parking lot at work. He was clad in the familiar Holiday Inn green Polo with white lettering.  Clean shaven, was looking quite attractive to a number of ladies.  However, that is also not relevant to this story.


# # # #

                Sam sighed as he approached the large Holiday Inn. He glanced briefly up at the 11 floors before pushing his way into the main doors.  Apart of him wished he wasn’t such a nice guy and had just taken the weekend off even though he had nothing planned. However, it just wasn’t in his nature to be a dick like that.  So here he is working away on what should be his Saturday off.

                As he clocked in and started checking people in everything was going quite uneventfully until what looked like a family of four approached.

                “You know dad, in Hawaii the hotel rooms come with complimentary pineapple. Picked fresh that day, wouldn’t that be great? You like pineapple, and it has year round perfect golfing weather. You love golfing.”

                “I haven’t been golfing since you were born, and you’re the one who likes pineapple Courtney. Would you just give it a rest! We aren’t going to Hawaii.  Sorry, about that sir.”


                “You should be apologizing to me, for not taking me to Hawaii.

                “Courtney” Her mother chides as she stares at her daughter.

                “Sorry mom, So what’s your name?” Courtney says immediately shifting her attention towards Sam and away from her parents.

                “I’m Sam, it’s a pleasure to have you at our hotel miss.”

                “Miss? Just call me Courtney. It’s not like I’m old like my mom. Do you have a reservation for Williams, its under fogey, Gerald, or Williams, Gerald” Courtney asserts as she flips her hair trying her best to flirt with Sam while keeping her parents oblivious.

                “I show two rooms, under Gerald Williams, is that correct?” Sam asks in an attempt to direct the conversation away from Courtney towards the adults.

                “Yup that’s right, just charge it to the card on file, and you can help me with my luggage.”

                “Courtney!!” Her mother sternly says again.

                “What dad wants the air miles, I don’t want to carry my bags. He looks strong. He can probably carry Taylors too”

                “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what’s gotten into her today.” Courtney’s mother apologizes.

                “No mam, it would be a pleasure to carry the young ladies luggage.” Sam says against his better judgment, but always being one for supreme customer service.

                “See, he wants too.” Courtney says tauntingly towards her parents while Sam finishes checking them in before heading around to the other side of the desk to grab the luggage.  I rolled my eyes as I was greeted by the two girls. They immediately led me over to their luggage and ushered me towards the elevator leaving there parents in the wake.

                “So what is there to do here, Sam right?” Courtney asks practically leaving right where she left off.

                “Well there is the pool, and..”

                “Sam, we just met, but I guess we could go swimming. You’re so forward. I kinda like that.” Courtney interjects cutting me off.

                “That’s not what I meant, I have to work.”

                “Well then why did you ask? Geez Sam, way to play with a girl’s heart, oh here’s the floor lets go see this great view of the not ocean. Come on Sam, what kind bell hop are you?”

                “I’m not a bell hop, I’m a highly trained customer service representative and these bags are heavy.”       Sam bellows.

                “Here we are, you sure pulled out all the stops Sam. You couldn’t have upgraded us to the suite? We woulda made it worth your while. Two hot young girls, in a hot tub waiting for you after work! Doesn’t that sound like a great evening?”

                “You left out the part about me being carried away in handcuffs.” Sam jokes as he sets the luggage down in the middle of the room.

                “Aren’t you a kinky one,” Courtney taunts as she hands Sam a twenty.

                “Hey this is Canadian,”

                “No need to thank me, but if you really want too you know where to find me.” Courtney says seductively.

                “Umm yeah, well enjoy your stay.” Sam says as he quickly departs the room making sure to close the door tightly behind him.

# # # #

                Sam returned to his shift without trouble and tried to force the recent events out of his head. He chalked up most of it to just being teenagers and probably trying to see how far they could get him. Sam knew a few of his friends would have gotten a real kick out of those girls, however he was shy by nature and it was just not his style to joke around like that.

                Sam was three quarters of the way through his shift when he was approached by one of the waitresses from the attached restaurant.  Her name was Becky Norman and Sam has had his eye on her for quite some time. In fact ever since she started several months ago, however he never could quite get up the courage to ask her out.

                “Penny for your thoughts Sam?”

                “Oh nothing really, just a weird guest checked in today.”

                “So, I was wondering what you were doing after work? You’re almost done too right?”

                As soon as Sam had seen where this conversation was going he couldn’t believe it was happening. He was about to be spending an evening with a real winner. The kind of girl you could bring home to meet the parents without worry.

                “Yeah, just another hour and a half. I don’t have much planned. It was suppose to be my weekend off but I switched with jerry. So I was just gonna go home and watch some television.”

                “Or, you could come over to my place and we could hang out. It beats watching television by yourself right?”

                “I guess I could squeeze you in right between matlock and wheel of fortune.”

                “Great, well just meet me in front of the restaurant when you’re done.”  Becky says with a wave before walking back to the restaurant.

# # # #

                As you can probably tell, Sam is on cloud nine at this point. The girl of he has been eying for the past few months actually approached him and wants to get to know him. Everything in Sam life’s is going well.  The nice guy is finally getting ahead when so often it’s always the bad ones that make the gains.

                However, as many of you already know by the nature of this story and what has already been said. Tragedy is about to strike. One hero is about to get good fortune, while the other is about to lose it all. Unfortunately, for Sam this has already been written and foretold.

                Sam’s shift is just getting ready to end in about fifteen minutes when his manager tells him he can bring these towels up to room 265 and then he can take off early. This of course elates Sam as he feels luck is finally on his side, sorry Sam.

# # # #

                Sam walks out of the elevator and starts heading down the hallway. He can hear loud voices carrying on down the hallway. A part of Sam just wants to avoid the whole mess and continue on but Sam is a nice a guy and a hard worker. So he pauses and starts heading down the hallway in the opposite direction towards the disturbance.

                Just as he reaches the open door and turns he sees a blue light coming towards him, before he can even react the light hits him. Sam feels himself go flying backwards, his back slams against the hallway wall only it’s not the loud thud it should be. It’s barely a thud at all. In fact it sounds more like a light tap. Sam falls for what seems like forever before falling onto the floor in a heap.

                Loud thunderous rumblings roll across the floor like a strong wind across the Midwestern plains.  As Sam looks up with his vision blurred and his body pounding in pain he sees what has to be a mistake. The smallish hallways are now a gigantic and expansive. The hallway itself looks like it’s a mile or two wide. Sam start to stand up only he sways side to side as his body is shaken from the fall.

                “What is going on? Everything is huge.” Sam says aloud as he closes his eyes and re-opens them trying to clear his blurred vision.

                The floor begins to rumble as Sam’s vision returns. He turns towards the now gargantuan doorway and see’s a woman in her twenties heading towards him. Sam, can hardly comprehend what he is seeing at this point. He looks to his left and then his right and spots the towels he was carrying. He scurries toward the fallen towels hiding himself behind them.

                The rumbling however grows worse and worse causing Sam to peak his head out and around the corner from behind the towels.  He looks upward towards the sky again and sees the same gigantic orange haired goddess he had seen before.

                “This can’t be real, this can’t be real.” Sam mutters as a shorter yet still massively tall woman with dirty blonde hair appears in the doorway standing right next to the orange haired girl.

                “ Damn it Samantha, Hilary said be careful with that thing. If you break it I won’t ever hear the end of it.” Hayley, the orange haired girl says.

                “I didn’t even hit anyone, and you didn’t tell me enter activated the shrinking remote.”

                “Well I didn’t think I had too, what do you think happens when you input the size and hit enter.” Hayley asserts as she stares angrily at her friend.

                “Well I didn’t shrink anyone, so no harm no foul, right.” Samantha says as the door closes leaving Sam, our hero alone in the hallway.

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