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The Flea, a thief who harassed France with his burglaries and robberies. The police were unsure how he was so successful. It was because of his secret technology. A device that could shrink the wearer down. He had acquired it when working with the nefarious Doctor Schultz, a German woman who was a highly skilled scientist who intended to use it for her own gain. She had hired the Flea to work for her, offering a cut of the goods. For a while it worked. One day, however, the Flea rebelled, stealing the technology from the scientist. He’d done this by taking the device and sneaking out of the lab within Schultz’s own hair! After hiding within that forest, he had escaped. The doctor, realizing she’d been betrayed, declared revenge. She rebuilt the technology and became a thief herself. But she was only a scientist. The Flea was much more successful as he had a history of being a robber, knowing it’s ins and outs. The two became bitter rivals.

A famous museum was exhibiting the largest diamond in Europe. This was his target. It was too simple. All he had to do to get in was infiltrate the vents of the building and make his way to the exhibit. The automated security was no match for a tiny burglar with increased strength, agility, and speed. He located his prize. He was in a sealed room that house the gem. It stood high above him, like a building. Suddenly, a shadow came over him. He look to see a giant figure that looked at the diamond. It rapidly shrunk down, bringing him face to face with his nemesis: Schulz!

The Flea reacted quickly. He ran over to the diamond, shrunk it down and pocketed it. Schultz looked angrily at her rival, confused as to how she missed him. She charged, but he leapt out of the way. She grabbed his arm and he grabbed her neck. Here they were reduced to punching each other to loosen the grip. They separate and circled around each other at a distance. Loud booms caused them to freeze: footsteps. In walked in another person, who let out a massive sigh.

Towering above them stood a massive woman, a police officer. She wore a traditional French police cap, dark blue trousers, a short sleeve, button down, blue shirt with a badge displayed. She had a cute, feminine face with big brown eyes. Her hair was brown with streaks of blonde and was in a tight bun. She stared down at the display disappointed.

Her name was Officer Felicity Brun. Here it was her first night on the job and something had gone missing. It was just there, and seemed to have disappeared or something. Frustrated, she called it in to her superiors for support.

The Flea and the scientist stared up at the woman. The Flea moved first, bolting towards Officer Brun. He could tell by the way that she spoke that she was new to this. Not only would she have trouble with the situation, but she could be his way out. Schultz gave chase as fast as he could. The Flea leapt through the air and landed on the girl’s large hand, which was positioned on her belt. He began climbing. The doctor jumped after him, nearly falling off, but still making it. She pursued up the massive arm. To them, it stretched for miles, populated by tall brown hairs, and slick with sweat.

Unbeknownst to the Officer, the suspects were still at the scene. Not only that, but an epic battle was to take place on her own body.
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