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G’day guys and girls, this is another story I’m working on and again I’m just throwing a couple of chapters up to see how much interest I get from it, please leave feedback to let me know wether your enjoying it and to give me some ideas where I can go with this, Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy.

I arrived home and greeted our sitter who had been minding our kids since school had finished,
“Hi Casey” I said giving her a smile, she was eighteen years old and quite a nice girl, she was the daughter of my wife’s boss, my wife had organised with her boss for Casey to mind our kids.
She was sitting on our couch watching telly, she looked up and returned a smile,
“Hello Mr. Barren” she said, she was a very attractive girl and I noticed her skirt was extremely short, she did nothing to hide the fact that I could see straight up her skirt, she had a white pair of panties on and by the looks of it they were quite damp, I realised what I was doing and quickly averted my eyes back to hers, she was still smiling at me.
“Please call me Steve, how were the kids” I asked feeling quite embarrassed,
“All good” she said giving me a grin,
“Good, well make yourself at home and my wife will drop you off when she gets home” I told her as I walked into the kitchen.
Once my wife got home she took Casey home and I had dinner cooked by the time she got home and we all sat down for a family dinner,
“I think we might have to let Casey go” my wife said,
“Oh why’s that” I asked,
“It’s just, I I just don’t think she’s trust worthy enough” she said sounding a bit irate,
“Can you drive her home tomorrow night and tell her please” my wife asked, I felt like I had been put on the spot, but I agreed to keep my wife happy.
Friday afternoon rolled around and I got home from work before my wife did, Casey was sitting on the couch with an even shorter skirt on, she had the smallest top on which hardly covered her bra, which was straining to hold the enormous breasts back that she possessed,
“Hi Casey” I said as I walked past, she had one foot up on the lounge giving me an even better view between her legs, but this time I noticed she had no underwear on at all, she gave me a smile,
“Hello Steve, she said as I walked past into the kitchen, she soon joined me in the kitchen,
“So how was your day” she asked, leaning over the island bench, her huge breasts almost popping out, I could almost see her nipples as I turned to face her, I must’ve went red as she smiled catching my eyes admiring her huge tits before I looked up at her beautiful face,
“Um yeah um not bad at all” I stammered trying not to look embarrassed,
“How were the kids” I asked,
“All good, it’s your wife I’m worried about” she said adjusting her bra a little, I could now see the tops of her areolas poking out of her bra, keeping my eyes glued to her gorgeous breasts I asked her why,
“Apparently one of your kids told her I was watching porn on your telly yesterday and I’m afraid she might fire me” she said sounding so innocent and sweet,
“But you wouldn’t let that happen would you” she asked seductively as her nipples started to poke through the thin fabric trying to hold them back,
“No I’ll try and talk her out of it” I said admiring the view, pushing my waist against the kitchen bench to try and hide my hard on,
“I knew you’d be on my side” she said as she stood up and turned to walk back to the lounge, she stopped and looked at the ground,
“Oh what’s that” she asked as she bent over in front of me, her skirt rode up giving me a perfect view of her sexy bare arse and her sweet wet pussy,
“Like the view” I heard her say snapping me out of my trance, she was looking straight at me from her craned neck,
“Oh I um” was all I could say as I continued to stare at her bare arse and vagina,
“By the look of the bulge in your pants I’ll take that as a yes” she said standing back up giggling as she continued to the lounge room.
When my wife got home she asked to speak with Casey in private, not long after Casey stormed out of the house, my wife came to see me,
“Can you drive her home, she’s in the car waiting, I’ve done the hard bit and fired her for you, just drop her off and come home” she said giving me a kiss.
I climbed into the car to hear Casey sobbing,
“I thought you weren’t going to let her sack me, I thought you liked me” she sobbed,
“I do like you Casey, but Mandy had already made up her mind, I’m so sorry” I said trying to comfort her as I drove her home.
She didn’t talk the rest of the way until we were about two blocks from her house,
“Can you do me a favour and turn the car around and pull up over there” she said pointing to a house,
“Why’s that” I asked,
“That’s my friends house, I don’t want to go home just yet” she said sounding a lot better, I did as she instructed and pulled the car up out the front of the house she had pointed to,
“Thank you” she said with a smile,
“You don’t have to thank me” I replied, she reached over and grabbed my hand and pulled it towards her and down between her legs,
“But I want to thank you Steve, with this” she said as my fingers touched her warm vagina, she was so wet my fingers were instantly coated in all her juices, I tried to pull away but she had both her hands gripped tight around my wrist,
“I can’t do this Casey, it’s wrong and I’m married” I pleaded as she ran my fingers up and down between her warm wet pussy lips,
“If it’s wrong, why does it feel so right and your wife will never find out” she moaned as she guided one of my fingers into her tight vagina, my finger slid in with ease and she pumped it in and out of her moaning as did, she reached up with one of her hands and grabbed the back of my head and pushed it towards her, she turned a bit and pumped out her chest as she buried my face between her massive breasts, the tops of her boobs were exposed and her warm soft skin rested against my face as I fingered her wet pussy on my own steam, I didn’t need her help, I was so turned on even though I knew it was wrong, she was right, it felt so good, she had my face buried between her giant tits as I continued to finger fuck her until I felt a sharp pain in my neck, I instantly stopped what I was doing and sat back in my seat reaching for the source of the pain.
“What the fuck have you done”
I yelled pulling the syringe from my neck just before I blacked out.
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