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This is one of my new stories I’m working on, just thought I’d throw the first couple of chapters out to see how much interest I get, I would love feedback to let me know if readers are enjoying it and some ideas on where I could go with this, Thanks for reading.

I have been happily married to my beautiful wife for a few years now and our marriage couldn’t be any stronger, we both trusted one another and could tell each other anything, that’s why I was a little thrown back when she started to explain to me that she was a witch,
“Why hadn’t you told me this” I asked,
“Well one I didn’t think you’d believe me and if you did believe me I wasn’t sure how you’d respond” she replied,
“Well I wouldn’t love you any less Babe, but when you say your a witch what can you do” I asked curiously, she gave me a smile and looked around the room,
“Oh here” she said as she placed her hand on our dooms, it instantly turned from a dark grey to purple, I looked at her in astonishment,
“Oh my god that’s awesome, you can change the colour of my car” I said with a big smile, she giggled at me as she reached to her pillow, she placed her hand on it and it turned into a pair of bras,
“Holy fuck” I said as she turned it back to a pillow, still holding her hand on it a dildo started to form from it, I watched in awe as she grew the dildo to at least six inches long,
“This is what I ride when your not home” she said to me with a cheeky grin,
“What can you do to humans” I asked curiously,
“Anything I want” she said,
“Can you make my boss be nice to me and give me a raise” I asked,
“I can, but I have to touch him” she said,
“Oh well that won’t happen” I replied sounding disappointed, she reached out and touched my arm and instantly I felt my body twisting and mouldings into something new, I could see every where except for what I actually was, my wife picked me up and held me in front of her face, god she was beautiful,
“Can you hear me” I heard her voice but her lips didn’t move,
“Yes I can” I said,
“Good, I put a telepathic spell on you, so when I’m touching you we can talk” she said,
“What am I” I asked
“Your a hair brush” she said holding me up so I could see into our mirror, she was right, all I could see was my wife holding a hair brush,
“That’s so cool” I said as she pulled me away from the mirror and started brushing her hair with me, she didn’t stop until she had completely brushed all her hair, she set me down on the bed and my body started twisting and contorting again until she lay her head on me,
“Mmmmm you make such a soft pillow” she said,
“You made me into a pillow” I asked curiously, she lifted me up in front of the mirror again and I was definitely a pillow,
“Check this out” she said as it felt like my penis was growing hard, I looked into the mirror and I could see my penis growing hard out of the pillow, she laid me back on the bed and quickly got undressed, she straddled me and guided my cock into her amazing pussy, she was so wet my cock slid deep inside her with ease,
“I can even make it grow” she giggled as I felt my cock growing, her vagina was so tight around my penis it felt amazing,
“I can feel your pussy on my cock” I said sounding surprised,
“Of course you can, I made it that way” she said continuing to giggle as she stifled her moan,
“But unfortunately for you I made it so you can’t cum, this is all about me” she said as she started to ride my cock, rocking back and forth on me,
“God that feels good” she moaned as I watched my hard cock slide in and out of her pussy, I could see everything, I could look up and see the pleasure on her face, I could watch her beautiful breasts bounce up and down, I could see my cock spreading her slippery folds of her labia and watch my cock slide in and out of her wet vagina, I could even see her sexy arse bouncing up and down on me and I could feel it all too, it felt absolutely amazing, it was the best experience I’ve ever had.
She had three orgasms on me and after she had calmed down from the third one she hopped off, she placed her hand on me and my penis sunk back into me, she flipped me over and laid her head down on me,
“Three, new record Babe” she said as she drifted off to sleep.
In the morning I was woken by my wife as I felt myself being Moulded back to my original form,
“Time to get up Babe” I heard her say,
“Oh I forgot to say last night, I don’t have work today” I said sleepily, I felt her touch me,
“Well I’m that case” I heard her say before my body started twisting and reforming again, I felt her pick me up as she headed for the bathroom,
“What am I” I asked as the bathroom light blinded me,
“Have a look for yourself” she said holding me up in front of the mirror, I saw my beautiful naked wife holding the string of a bright pink loofah, she turned the water on and stepped into the warm water, letting it cascade down over her amazing body while she tipped some body wash on me,
“Mmmmm this is so fun, I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner” she said as she ran me all over her soft skin, she washed every little piece of her perfect body with me, even between her sexy arse cheeks and her delicate feet, under her armpits and she concentrated on her silky smooth vagina quite a lot, she gave her pussy a thorough clean with me, it was amazing, I loved every moment of it until she dropped me on the floor and turned the water off, she stepped out and grabbed her towel to dry herself.
I laid on the floor of the shower yelling, but my wife didn’t even acknowledge me, but then I realised she couldn’t hear me because she wasn’t touching me, so I just watched as she continued to dry herself off and get dressed ready for work, eventually she picked my sodden body up and she looked at me smiling and instantly I felt dry,
“Have fun down there watching me get ready” she asked mockingly,
“No Babe, that sucked, I couldn’t even talk to you” I said sounding disappointed,
“Awww my poor Baby, I have something special for you today now that I know you’ve got the day off while I have to go to work” she said sounding quite pleased with herself,
“What is it” I asked,
“Oh I’ll tell you just before I leave” she said carrying me back to the bedroom, I felt myself contorting into something new and I was done by the time she got to our bed, she laid me on the bed and just held her hand on me,
“So what have you got install for me” I asked,
“Well My Love You are the most sexiest pair of panties, I’ve put a spell on you so that when I put you on you will be the most perfect fitting panties I’ve ever worn” she said giggling,
“I’ve also let you keep your smelling senses so when I get home from my hard day at work you will be able to smell my sweaty pussy when I put you on and as soon as I put you on your tongue will extend and slide deep inside me, you will be able to taste all my sweet juices” she continued to giggle,
“And you will be able to wiggle your tongue inside me and I’ve made it so that your tongue will fill me perfectly, you will have your tongue deeper inside me then you ever have before” she stated as she continued to smile down at me,
“So am I just suppose to lay here until you get home from work then” I asked sarcastically,
“Yes My Love and Please don’t go any where because I can’t change you back unless I’m touching you and I can’t talk to you unless I’m touching you” she said with a laugh knowing I can’t go any where,
“And where do you expect me to go” I asked still being sarcastic, she laughed at me as she took her hand off me and turned to walk out the door,
“Have a great day Babe” she said and then she was gone.
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