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Amazon's Reign: Crowning of Royalty



How had things gone this badly? How had all his planning, all his testing, all his work gone so very, very wrong? Richard had managed to hold it together, mostly, while Courtney had still been here. But now that she was gone the full weight of his failure came crashing down. Oh God…


The Queens were dead... Some part of him knew it was for the best, but most of him felt sickened by it. Oh, sure they had done terrible things and deserved to be punished… but KILLED?! No... no they hadn't deserved that. Maybe crippled...maybe shrunken... but not killed...


Even worse was the fact Richard had to hide their deaths. Letting their deaths go public would start a frenzy of investigations, searches, questions; and all with the support of their families’ vast fortune and influence. It would be a matter of when, not if, he and Courtney were implicated. Had his research been finished he might, MIGHT, have let that happen, if he could guarantee the serum’s survival. But unfinished as it was... there simply was no choice. He couldn't be jailed, not when he was so close. Which meant he needed… needed acid... and lots of it...


Being a teacher's pet, and the best chemist the school had ever seen, had quite the few perks. Access to the chemical storage room was one. Though, like everyone, he had to sign out for anything he took. So far, he had gotten around that by only taking small amounts of restricted chemicals. And thanks to Hale's generous funding such small oddities where usually ignored and caulked up to teachers or students eyeballing things. The human eye was notorious for its inaccuracy after all.


But the amount he needed wasn't going to be handwaved away. No, it would be investigated and there were only a handful people who had access to the chemical storage. Far too few for it not to be linked back to him. Thankfully, Richard had always expected his work to demand something of this nature, so he had contingencies in place.... In fact, this contingency might work well with his plan for explaining the Queens' disappearance.... yes... yes!


Richard smiled as he began to piece together his plan. With the rise, and sudden takeover, of amazons throughout the world, many new black markets had sprung up. One was a new drug trade dealing in cocktails that could affect amazons. Such things were highly dangerous and highly lethal to normal people, but more than a few rich amazons were willing to pay top dollar for fixes. And making said cocktails required access to chemicals one couldn't just buy at a market.


Leaving clues of a break-in would be easy enough. It would be even easier to make it look as if the Queens had done it. All three had taken drugs before and no one would be surprised if they fell off the wagon. Even fewer would be shocked to learn they had broken into the chemical storage, grabbed anything that wasn’t nailed down, and took off to who-knows-where to sell it. And with access to their credit cards, their IDs, and everything else he would need, Richard could easily leave a trail of expenses. Hell, he could just hand them off to three random women off the street and let them leave the trail. Regardless, no one, doubly so their family, would be at all surprised the three had took off after doing something stupid and illegal. It wouldn't be the first time...


With his plan now in place, Richard headed out to put it into action. Leaving Rebecca's corpse where it was would be best, for now. Everyone knew the Queens had claimed this area as theirs, doubly so at this time, so it was VERY unlikely anyone would be here. And it wasn't like he could move it anyway. Besides... if this plan did work he was going to get his fill of touching corpses for a life time. Fuck, where was he going to get a saw?


And a barf bag?




Courtney was halfway to another laugh when her "passenger" flopped back into unconsciousness. Ugh, damn bitch passed out from shock... She might have forced Kimb- no, her doll, back awake, but seeing her decide oblivion as better than reality had been rather thrilling. And it wasn't like it was going to make her new reality change. Let the doll sleep in her cleavage for now, Courtney would be here, waiting...


Pushing her new toy out of her thoughts, Courtney turned the corner and arrived at the entrance to the old part of the university. The part not sized for amazons. Courtney had come here more than a few times back before her... ascension. Oh, sure it was supposed to be condemned and off limits, but everyone knew that was a lie. The truth was that the amazons, once they started to outnumber normal women, were pissed a prestigious university still had buildings not for them. So, it had been "condemned" and classes shuffled out. But the board, ever looking for profits, had keep in maintained thinking it might make for a museum or something in the near future. The result was several classes and labs all sized for non-amazons. Why that drew her back before her growth was easy enough to understand.


Now, though, things had changed. The double doors that had been correctly sized for her were now meant for a child. Her fucking hips were taller than them and Courtney chuckled as she realized she could straddle them and still leave enough room for someone to enter or exit. Sadly, no one was around to prove her theory, but the thought was exciting enough. As was the realization she had to get in....


It was soooooo very tempting to just smash through, one good kick and then barging through everything that got in her way. But that would draw a LOT of attention an until Richard, the fucking idiot, made her growth permeant she had to keep him happy. And that meant not being stupidly obvious. Besides, she wasn't totally sure she could burst through solid concrete and bricks. Finding out she couldn't would be a massive let down...


Taking the less destructive path, Courtney knelt, shifting her breasts a bit to keep a grip on her doll, and pushed the doors open. Even on all fours, she barely managed to fit under the door frame and had to lay flat once her hips had to get through. Thankfully, the doors didn't have a middle bar, so she managed to slip in easy enough once she got moving. She grumbled a bit as she whipped dirt and dust off herself. She should hav-...... Her thoughts slammed to a stop as she gazed around the hallway.


Courtney had shifted into a sitting position, but even sitting she could see over the tops of the various doorframes and bare bulletin boards. She looked up and realized the ceiling was barely inches from her head and all it took was her straightening to reach it. Her massive hands ran over the ceiling tiles and she giggled as they covered entire tiles. Looking back down, she saw here feet were capable of the same and she had to fight not to bellow in triumph. She....she was beyond huge in here. A giantess trapped in a building meant for mice. And she fucking LOVED it!


Crawling forward, Courtney headed to the closest classroom. She opened the door, with a bit of difficulty, before peering in. Laughter erupted out of her as she saw the tiny desks, chairs, tables, EVERYTHING inside. This place had been the only place that made her feel normal and now... now it was like a toy set! She had grown SO MUCH and seeing it in comparison to her memories.... She had to get closer, had to touch it, move it, CRUSH it!!!


Wiggling in, Courtney managed to get her chest through the narrow door, but her hips were less cooperative. She was not in the mood for delicate maneuvers, however, so she simply pushed harder. Finally, the frame gave way and she started toward the closest desk before stopping as her mind caught up. She turned and gasped at the hip-shaped hole she had blasted through the frame AND wall. Wow...she had managed that without even thinking... without really trying... Her eyes turned back to the stupidly tiny desk she had been going for.


Without a second thought, Courtney brought her hand down onto the desk. She couldn’t help but gasp as it caved then splintered as her hand smashed through like a wrecking ball. Bits of wood went flying and Courtney's hand didn't even slow till it had impacted the floor... and left a few cracks where it had. Courtney looked at what had been a desk with wide astonishment before turning her hand over. It didn't have so much as a scratch...


Courtney's shock lasted... well she really wasn't sure how long it lasted, but it ended with her chuckling. She moved forward and smashed another desk with just as much ease and her chuckle turned to laughter. By her fourth smashed desk she had stopped laughing and started gasping. The sheer POWER at her disposal, the ease of reducing what had been sturdy desks to scrap, and the thoughts of what she could do to PEOPLE!!!


Courtney smashed one last desk, this one with her foot, before having to focus on the aching need between her legs. Her vagina had engorged on the serum along with the rest of her and she was a bit worried about her ability to please her new, grown, self. That proved unfounded as her fingers had swollen just as much and proved just as adapt as they had always been. Still, some part of her craved something more than just her fingers. Her first time in this new, improved body had to be special and her fing-


A slight tickle in her cleavage reminded Courtney of her new doll. Her new SEX doll. Courtney plucked what had been Kimberly out of her cleavage and heard squeaky screams coming from the doll. They stopped as the two of them came face to entire body. Her doll was only about as big as Courtney's head and that only made her even more excited.


"Hi there, dolly. I got a job for you," Courtney said as her doll looked at her in disbelieving horror and despair. Her little nap from reality was over and now it was time to get to work pleasing her new... well everything. Fuck, the fact that was so damn true nearly sent her over the edge, but Courtney fought it back as she moved her doll to her new 9 to 5. The doll started to scream, beg, and flail but Courtney ignored it, save for enjoying how futile it all was, before plunging it into her vagina.


It took all of Courtney's willpower not to cum right then and there. The sudden flailing inside her, mixed with the thoughts of having a person be nothing but a sex toy.... She gasped and moaned in both pleasure and surprise at how quickly she had reached climax, and how hard it was to not let this end. But her willpower had limits and her doll proved supremely effective, with a mighty gasp and moan, Courtney climaxed harder than she ever had in her life. She paused long enough to get a few gasps out before plunging her new favorite dildo back in.


The second climax caused Courtney to crash to the ground, obliterating another desk along the way. She gasped and shuddered at how fantastic it was and seeing everything shake from her impact only made it better. She considering going for a hat trick but decided against it as a wave of tired contentment washed over her. Besides, her doll wasn't moving near as much as she had been, and Courtney didn't want to use her up on the first day. No, no, she had... long term plans for it.


Pulling her doll out, Courtney lifted it up and dropped it onto her left breast. The tiny thing that had been ruler of the college gasped and sputtered as it tried to catch its breath. It was completely soaked in Courtney's juices and shivered as the cold air began to cut into it.


"Aww, poor little doll. Here, let me warm you up," Courtney said in a fake tone of concern. Her doll looked less than excited for her warmth, but Courtney didn't care. She placed her hand over her new doll, like a living cover, and pressed it, gently, into her breast. The doll tried to struggle and flail to escape, but Courtney only increased the pressure of her pushing. She had nearly buried the doll completely into her swollen breast when the doll got the point and stopped.


"Good doll," Courtney said as she let up on the pressure and allowed her breast to push the doll back upward. The doll gave Courtney a look of rage and fury, but Courtney only smirked at her. Oh, the plans sh-


The sound of a door opening from the hallway caused Courtney's pleasure to shift into fear. FUCK, if Richard saw her with Kimberly... Reacting on pure adrenaline and desperation, Courtney plucked Kimberly from her breast and shoved her into the only place she could hide her, her vagina. Courtney had to suppress a moan as Kimberly went back to flailing and she could feel another climax beginning to build. Fuck, she couldn't just cum right in front of him without some unpleasant questions being asked, she had to stop Kimberly.


A quick flick of her finger was enough to knock her out an- FUCK she would drown! The footsteps were getting closer, though they thankfully seemed slow and confused. Courtney turned and looked down to pull Kimberly's head out before snapping her hand down to cover herself. It would have to do as she heard a stunned gasp behind her.




Richard had expected some damage to await him in the condemned building. Courtney’s sudden increase in size was sure to make her less balanced and the tight spaces were not going to help. But she couldn’t stay, not if Richard wanted to focus on anything but her, and there was nowhere else that was sure to be empty. So unexplained property damage was the best plan. But he had never expected THIS much damage.


The double doors leading into the hallway had survived intact, but the door going into the classroom, and its frame, were another story. The door was limply hanging from a single hinge while the frame was so badly bent and smashed it would never be used again. And inside the classroom... Richard couldn't help but gasp a bit as he looked at the piles of debris that had been desk, chairs, etc. And in the middle of the room, turning to face him with a nervous smile, was Courtney.


"H-Hi! I-I...well... ummm..." Courtney said, blushing a bit as she seemed to take in the damage she had caused. Richard should have been angry, or at least annoyed, by her wanton destruction, but it was hard to focus on anything save her nude body. She was covering her crotch up with one hand, but her new and improved bust was far too large for a single arm to manage. Richard fought off his primal instincts to dive into them and did his best to focus.


"It's fine. More than a few amazons come in here to do just this. We can easily blame it on the Queens if we must. J-Just... just try to put these on," Richard said doing his best to stay focused. He had carr- well dragged, Kimberly's clothing with him, thinking they might fit Courtney's new size. They would be a tight fit, at best, but it was better than her being naked till they could order some custom clothing for her. And would help him actually think.


Courtney's face blushed still further as she seemed to fully realize her state of undress. She nodded and took the clothing while Richard headed outside. He waited a few minutes, hearing the occasional curse and grunt from Courtney, till Courtney called him back in. She had managed to get some of Kimberly's old clothing on. The shirt clung to her like a skin-tight suit and left a good deal of under-breast poking out. The skirt must have been pointless as it sat unused, but Kimberly's panties clung to Courtney. They looked on the verge of failing but were containing the large woman for the moment. It was not exactly totally UNdistracting, but it was better than her being completely exposed.


"I... I know it’s a tight fit," Richard started.

"That's an understatement..." Courtney added as she tried to adjust the panties but had to stop as they started to tear.

"Right, but it’s the best we have for now. We'll start ordering some custom clothing tomorrow, but we need to focus on what to do now that... that the Queens are dead," Richard finished, feeling some more bile threatening to surface after what he had finished. The only reason it didn't come up was simply a lack of volume and that it would have been his sixth, seventh? time losing it.


"You also said something about this being temporary," Courtney added, making a VERY welcome distraction from Richard's thoughts.


"Yes, that too. Bad news is I am positive your... growth is temporary. I looked over the data and ran a few projections and all point to this being only a temporary effect. I am positive I can solve that problem, but it’s going to take a few months of research and testing," Richard admitted, sighing to himself as he pondered his marginal success. Yes, Courtney had grown, damn had she grown... but it was pointless for his overall goal if she shrank back. Still, it was a step in the right direction and that was worth some satisfaction.


Courtney, however, didn't seem to share that feeling. Her face darkened, and an odd, almost furious, look seemed to play across her face. Considering the hell Courtney had suffered through for years, he supposed it made since she would be... less than thrilled to hear she might return to her normal size. Best to alleviate some of those fears.


"There is some good news. I am, also, sure the effect will last a few months as well. I can't guarantee it, but I think I might be able to finish making the effect permeant before you shrink back to your original size," Richard added. Courtney's slight angry look faded into a relieved smile and she let out a slight sigh.


"Oh... oh good. I...well," she started before glancing away.


"Its fine, I understand. I think even I would be less than thrilled to return to this size, doubly so after being...well not," Richard said as he glanced at the wreckage around Courtney. He wasn't so sure he would have gone on a rampage, but that was easy to say when it hadn't happened to him. Besides, they needed to focus on more important things than property damage.


"Anyway, we need to focus on explaining your sudden increase in size. I think it would be best if you left classes for a month, maybe two," Richard said, trying to get back on task. Courtney turned to him with a horrified look.


"What? WHY?!" she demanded, the horror turning to annoyance. Richard had to stop from stepping back as her huge, angry face glared down at him. Damn, she was terrifying… He was glad he had picked someone trustworthy for this experiment.


"Because it will be impossible to explain how you went from five to sixteen feet in a single night without drawing a lot of attention and questions, neither of which we want. At best, someone will realize I helped you grow and take my research, at worst you might wind up as a lab experiment," Richard responded, able to push through his slight fear. It helped that he knew Courtney wouldn't hurt him... and that he was right.


Courtney's angry look faded as she processed his reasons. She let out a frustrated sigh but nodded in understanding.

"Point taken, but does it have to be a month? Why not just a few weeks?" she suggested, bending a bit lower and causing the shirt to strain the buttons. Richard tried to think of a good reason, but his mind had a tough time of it as Courtney's assets attempted to free themselves.


"Beca- because it won't... Because we need to give enough time for it to be believable you grew on your own," Richard managed to get out, as he pried his eyes back up to Courtney's face.


"Grew on my-" Courtney started before realization set in, "Ohhh, so I'm going to hide and pretend to have had a super late growth spurt. Clever," Courtney said as she leaned back up and nodded in approval.


"Yes. And that is why we need to hide you for a good while. It’s not unheard of for women to have very late growths, but they’re not so quick as to explain a sudden change in one night. A growth of your magnitude needs weeks to seem believable," Richard added, now able to think better.


"Weeks. Not months," Courtney said, giving Richard a sly smile. Richard opened his mouth but stopped as he realized the implications of what he had said. He closed it and sighed to himself. Dammit, he had walked into that...


"Yes, weeks, as in more than one. A month will give plenty of tim-"

"So would two weeks!"

"Too risky, we'd be pushing it too close an-"

"Three then!"

"Courtney, I don't think you understand the problems that could arise if yo-"

"Richaaaaaard~," Courtney pleaded as she bent down much lower than before, so low her head was level with Richard's whole body. She gave him a pleading look and began to slowly inch toward him. Richard backed away, already sure of what she was trying to do, but she followed. He was going to retreat still further, but found his way blocked by her arm.


"Courtney, I am no-" was all he got out before she silenced him with the biggest kiss he had ever gotten. Her soft, warm lips covered most of his face, but she was so gentle... It was like being kissed by self-warming pillows. She pulled back after a few kisses and turned her large, lust-filled brown eyes toward Richard. For his part, it was all he could do not to give chase to those wonderlands.


"Is it still no, Richard?~" Courtney asked as she gave a playful pout. Richard knew he should say it was, say she could do anything and it wouldn't change his mind.


"Three weeks," is what he said instead.





On any other day, the alarm blaring for attention would have irritated Courtney. Today, though, it only filled her with eagerness. Finally, her two and a half weeks of confinement were over. Finally, she would return to Hale and all those, now tiny, fucks. Finally, she would show the college, the city, EVERYONE what she was MEANT to be like. Finally, she would get her revenge. Well, part of it anyway.


Courtney tossed off her covers and strode her way to the bathroom. She gave her new cat, Kimberly, a quick head rub before closing the door. Originally, she had gotten the furball just to hunt down her doll, the ex-owner of the name Kimberly, after she had snuck out of her shoebox prison. But, Courtney had grown quite attached to the very little, compared to her, fuzzball. Partly due to the constant reminder of how much larger she was now and partly due to it being so darn cute~! Kimberly had no fear at all of Courtney, despite her size, and was happiest cuddled up on whatever body part she could get to. She had been the only real companion Courtney had had for these two long ass weeks… It also helped Kimberly made any escape attempts by her doll suicidal.


Despite the shower, and the entire hotel room, being sized for amazons, Courtney still had to kneel a bit to get the shower head where it needed to go. There were rooms with bigger showers, but those were more expensive and were in hotels that would ask questions. This one was skirting the edge between hotel and motel but had a "don't give a shit just pay us" attitude toward its occupants. Which made it perfect for Courtney to hide away while Richard spun his story of her being deathly ill and him nursing her health.


She had to admit Richard was a genius when it came to stuff like this. Rumors had already started flying about Courtney not really being sick, of her being dead, injured in a lab experiment, or just missing. The fact everyone knew she wasn't at the hospital only made the rumors more widespread and that all played into their story. Today, she would return to school, massive and in-charge. And the rumor mill would give them the explanation they needed, that she had gone through one hell of a growth spurt and Richard had been helping her through it. A plausible story since they had been hanging out a lot recently. As for why he didn't say what was happening, well the rumor mill would fill in that gap with anything it needed from embarrassment to wanting her all to himself. Courtney had even called her parents and admitting to being fine but going through... things to help sell the lie.


All of that was a massive waste of time to Courtney, but she had to keep Richard happy and working. Now that she had gotten a taste of what it was like to be huge, she NEVER wanted to go back. She WOULDN'T go back. And that meant keeping him working on making the change permeant. And playing along with his stupid game of "changing the world"... ugh...


Courtney tossed that annoyance from her mind as she exited the shower, smirking as she looked at her naked form in the mirror. Shame she couldn't show up to class like this, but she needed to keep playing her good girl image. At least for now. But when Richard finished his work... She licked her lips and felt her crotch warm as she thought of all the things she would do... to him and everyone else who had fucked with her.


For now, though, she would have to make do with her favorite toy, her sex doll. It was time for her to earn her breakfast.




Richard sighed as he tried to push his fear and apprehension down. This was too early... they should have waited another month, maybe two, before letting Courtney return. But he had caved to her... enhanced charms and he hated himself for it. Still, it might have been for the best. The rumors and such were getting a bit out of hand now, with even a few people now all but sure he had killed Courtney, and Courtney herself was getting a slight case of cabin-fever. Waiting another month might have led to an unforeseen complication. At least the issue of how she had grown so large so quick was one Richard knew of and taken steps to solve.


That didn't make Richard's panic spike any less as he saw the local bus pull up to drop off people. (A slight positive of the amazon's rise was the spike in public transportation. Personal vehicles sized for amazons were prohibitable expensive as was resizing roads to fit them hence a spike in interest, and investment, in public transportation) He noticed how low it was driving and swore as others took note as well. This was already starting to turn into a show…


Richard watched as the door opened and gulped as he saw the look on the driver's face. The same look was plastered on many of the passengers, both amazon and not, that stepped off the bus. A strange mixture of surprise, disbelief, and awe that made Richard worry even more. The few people wondered the area noticed the looks too and began to slow. Great, even more of an audience.


And then the main event stepped off. Richard swore inwardly as the bus noticeable shifted as Courtney stepped off it. Her massive, even by amazon standards, height had forced her to bend down inside the bus and she sighed as she leaned back to stretch her back out. The small audience practically tripled in size as ever guy, and a few girls, stared in wonder as she thrust her chest out. It was a good thing Richard had gotten her custom ordered clothing, as no normal shirt would have survived the abuse her breasts exacted.


Courtney finished her stretch and looked out over the crowd. A large smile spread over her face as she saw everyone gawking at her and she gave a quick wink to no one in particular. She then strode forward, seemingly bathing in the attention as she headed toward Richard. Whispers, muffled gasps, and general confusion spread through the area.


Richard had to fight not to simply gawk like more than a few guys as Courtney approached. He glanced around and noticed more than a few amazons taking off with mixtures of anger, jealously.... and fear on their faces. He would be lying if he didn't admit some pleasure out of seeing the tormentors now flee from their tormentee, but he hoped Courtney didn't harm them... well, maybe a little hurting considering what they had done to her and many others. But not more deaths! If he ever saw that much acid again…


His thoughts were pushed aside as Courtney's massive, toned legs stopped a foot or so from him. Richard looked up and could just barely make out Courtney's eyes looking down at him from high above. Her breasts blocked most of her face and he couldn't see her mouth, but he could envision the smile planted on it. The fact he didn't even reach her crotch probably only made it widen and Richard tried not to think what those legs could do to him... hell what any part of her could do. It wasn't easy, especially as she just stood there, staring.


Just as Richard's fear was about to force him to back up, Courtney's pillars of flesh shifted, and she took a step back before kneeling. Even on one knee, Courtney's head was well higher than Richard's, but at least he could see it now... and her low-cut V-neck. He saw a LOT of that...


"If you keep staring people are going to get the wrong idea. Well, more of it," Courtney half-whispered snapping Richard somewhat back to his senses. He noticed how many people were staring at them, more her to be honest. And how many of his fellow male classmates had looks of jealousy mixed in. That was going to be annoying to deal with... doubly so once word spread.


"Right... well, uhh, try to ke-" he stopped as he realized how ridiculous it was for her to even TRY not to draw attention. Going from a tiny, normal woman to the biggest amazon in the college, probably the city, meant she was going to attract every bit of attention.

"Just... don't hurt anyone too badly," Richard said instead, noticing her eyeing a few of the fleeing amazons. Courtney gave him a pouting look and her shoulders slumped a bit.


"Ahh, you're no fun," she said in a fake whine. He gave her a chastising look, but she simply went back to her big smile.

"Don't worry. I won't go too crazy. It's only the first day of my new life, no reason to rush things," she said with a mischievous grin. Richard wanted to tell her that didn't make him feel any better, and to remind her of the larger picture, but didn't get the words out before she rose back up. Once again, her head zoomed away, up into the air far from him.


Courtney's pillars of leg shifted and began to move. For a brief second, Richard worried Courtney was just going to step right over him. Thankfully, at seemingly the last second, they veered away, and she sidestepped him. Not because she had too, no she could easily have walked right over his head without any issue, but because she found it amusing. He knew because he saw her giggle as she gave him one last backward glance. And with that, she was gone, outpacing what he could manage in a full sprint with just a stroll.


Richard watched her go for a second longer before sighing to himself. All he could do now was wish that he hadn't unleashed too much of a monster onto Hale.




Courtney's smile had become a permeant fixture to her face as she left Richard behind. Talking down to him, and having to bend down to do even that, was SOO much better with a crowd. Doubly so when every male in said crowd would be just as small and helpless. Even the other amazons couldn't hope to match her, the tallest in the crowd only being up to her chest. Ohhh she was going to enjoy this day sooooooo much, even without being... pushy.


Her words to Richard about it being the first day had had some truth to them. Seeing how her presence alone was causing such a stir with everyone made Courtney more willing to lay off any overt aggressive actions. After all, why bother going full physical when just towering above was enjoyable AND terrifying? At least, for now...


Courtney arrived at the main entrance of Hale and was a bit disappointed she didn't have to bend to head inside. The entrance had been made larger than it needed to be which meant even she could walk through it. Of course, the fact she plowed through with everyone, amazon or otherwise, leaping back to let her through helped lesson the sting. That's right, SHE was the new Queen in this school.


Muffled words, shocked stares, and general disbelief followed Courtney through the halls. She gave friendly waves to a few of the boys, giggling as they stared in awe of what she had become, and unsure if they should be ecstatic or terrified. For those amazons who hadn't bothered her, she simple looked them up and down before smirking. As if she was measuring the competition and found them lacking... because she did. And those that had fucked with her... well they got a smile that sent their blood running cold. So much so that most quickly took off, not that it would help. Shame her roommate never bothered going to class, she would have LOVED to see her...


The day only got better as she entered her first class. The teacher, Mrs. Hode, had never been very friendly, like nearly all amazon teachers. Courtney was looking forward to showing the old bat her favorite punching bag was now WAY out of her tiny weight class. And she got her wish as the bitch looked up from grading and was, visibly, taken aback. Courtney gave her a small smirk before heading to the back where the amazon desks were. The other students who had arrived before her, joined Mrs. Hog in staring as Courtney headed to the very back. Her smile only widened as the chair groaned and creaked under her massive weight, barely withstanding her new-found size. That's right, bitch, say something about my look or spelling or ANYTHING and see what happens.


Sadly, Mrs. Hogger seemed to have some sense in her old head. Class went on as usual, well as usual as it could with people glancing back at her off and on, and the old bat didn't make a single remark to Courtney. Truth be told, Courtney was a bit saddened, but intimidating her into shutting up just by her mere presence was... FANTASTIC. Not as good as shutting her up with her fist or foot, but still great.


And so, the day went. Courtney would walk to her next class, drawing stares, whispers, and every bit of attention. She would mess with a few people here and there, a wink here, a glare there, but didn't make any real moves. But even those got reactions that made Courtney swoon. YYYYEEESSS THIS is what she had always wanted! Power enough to send people spinning just with a look!


Classes were still a bit boring, but seeing her teachers’ reactions, especially the male teachers, helped pass the time. As did the various students who tried to pay attention but failed as her every move drew their eyes. How would they react when she started acting out? Ohhhh she couldn't wait, but she had to.


By the time she finished her last class for the day, Courtney was starting to have a problem. Being a good girl and NOT messing with anyone was taking its toll on her willpower. It would be so easy just to grab up some random guy and force herself onto him, or another amazon if she was feeling a BIG need. It was so easy, but she knew Richard would hear and be... annoyed. Dammit, why had he only made a TEMPORARY ONE?!?!


As her need grew more pressing, Courtney realized she would have to do something. Doll was good in a pinch but wouldn't be enough to satisfy her now. She needed someone bigger and better able to get at things than her living sex doll could manage. She could just fuck some random dude and imply it was a side-effect, but what if she hurt him? Dammit, Richard would lose his shit if she hurt a guy going at it and focus on curing that "side-effect" before anything else... And as lustful as she was, Courtney was less than sure she could avoid hurting her partner. There had to be-


A sudden idea hit Courtney and a big smile spread over her face.




Practice had been more... annoying than usual. Richard’s teammates had barraged him with questions about Courtney all day and the locker room was nothing but questions. Richard tried to ignore them or brush them off, but they were persistent. So persistent in fact that they continued into practice. Any time the coaches weren't looking, Richard was getting asked something... His plan to deny him and Courtney being a thing looked to have backfired in a small, but frustrating, way.


Richard couldn't blame his teammates too much for their interest. There were very few amazons that would fit into the "good" category as far as dating material and Courtney, having been small so recently, was a safe bet. The vast majority were either risky or downright deadly when it came to dating. Still, finding an amazon who would show compassion and love was, sometimes, worth the risk. Not only was it great for the obvious reasons, it also opened tons of doors. After all, husbands to amazons got nearly all the special treatment as the amazons themselves.


However, that was out in the real world. Here in Hale, it was quite risky. It was not at all uncommon for amazons to take out a grudge on another's boyfriend. And some had no issue at all tormenting a boy simple because another amazon was interested. All of that had made Richard decide to keep their relationship to friends... but that meant she was available and he had the most information on her... Damned if he did, damned if he didn't...


The barrage only took off again once practice was over. Richard sighed as he rubbed his forehead, his teammates still asking questions.


"Come on, Richard. At least tell us if you saw her naked. I mean, you were with her when she went through that growth spurt, right? At lea-"

"I wasn't around for most of it, just the times when she wasn't feeling well and freaking out about it," Richard interrupted.

"That wasn't a no on seeing her naked," Frank said and Richard sighed in annoyance.


"Fine, fine. Yes, I saw her naked, she had grown o-" was as far as he got before questions buried his words.


"Guys GUYS! Quiet down and let him finish. So?" Brent asked, having recovered from his "adventure" with Susan. Richard shook his head before closing his locker.


"I saw her naked a week back. She had just started growing and outgrown her clothing. I had to go buy some new clothing but had no idea what size to get. She had to measure herself and... I might have got in a peek or two. And no, I don't have pictures," Richard admitted, telling a half truth. He had gone out to buy her new clothing, even bought some that were FAR too small for her as if she had slowly grown. And he had seen her naked, though not by peeking.


A few of the guys nodded in approval and did the usual "nice" rounds. Richard had hoped that would let him slip out, but Brent blocked his path.



"Just one more, I promise."

".... Fine, one more."

"How is she?" Richard's eyes widened, and he was about to smack Brent out of his way, but the Captain raised his hands in defense.

"NO NO, not like that! Sorry, bad choice of words. I meant, like, how is she personality wise. Like... is she..." Brent trailed off as his eyes looked to glaze over a bit. Richard could see the flashback that was playing through his head of that day a few weeks ago.


"She's not like that. Not... not yet, anyway. She's more thrilled about this than anything else. But as for how she'll be when the shock and... delight run out," Richard paused to shake his head, "I don't know. And it worries me... She's wouldn't be the first to change completely."

A silence filled the locker room as the ribbing and such faded into the bitter memories. Everyone had really been looking to ask that question, but were afraid of the answer, doubly so considering Courtney's size. Richard hated having to kill some of their hopes, but he needed them to give her distance. Not just because of their continued mission, but also because he was telling part of the truth.


He had seen other girls who were late to grow change completely. Back in high school, one girl had gone from the sweetest, kindest girl in school to the worst bully it had ever seen. The power and entitlement were a poison that could corrupt anyone. He wanted to believe Courtney could resist it, but... Best to keep them at least partly on guard around her till she fully adjus-


The door flying open tossed Richard's thoughts to the side. Fear and panic gripped the group as the familiar heavy footsteps rumbled in and Richard swore as he tried to reopen his locker. The group scattered to various places and tried to look as unconcerned as possible as the steps started around the bend in the hallway.


Dammit, who the hell was this?! The Queens were all dead, though no one save him knew that. There were a few other amazons who busted in on occasion, but they hadn't done that in a long time. Maybe they had decided to go for it now that the Queens' "trip" had started to filter through the grapevine.


Richard prepared for the worst as the footsteps turned the corner and... Courtney, having to bend over to walk in the room, came into view.


"Courtney w-?!" Richard stopped himself before he demanded to know what she was doing. His claims of them being just friends, and him being worried about her, would look less likely if he started demanding shit from her.


"Hey, Richard. Hi guys! So, this is what the boy's locker room is like... Kinda small," Courtney said like she had just walked into a living room she had been invited into. The other guys all looked unsure what to do, but a few did offer nervous waves. Courtney looked over the place and her eyes settled on the various nervous members of the boys’ soccer team.


"Oh no... please don't worry about me. I'm not like those brutes, the Queens. I don't want to do anything to any of you. At least, not without you asking for it," Courtney said with a wink. Richard had to fight not to sigh as he saw his teammates all fighting not to let their lower brains take over. He had been trying to AVOID this and now... ugh...


"Courtney... you're not supposed to just walk in like this," Richard said, trying to get her to leave before she completely ruined his work. And drew even MORE attention.


"Oh, its fine. I'm sure you or your teammates don't mind. Do you?" Courtney asked as she bent down toward Brent. Brent tried to focus on packing his things, but even he fumbled as Courtney's chest filled his vision. Richard cursed under his breath as every guy stared in awe as Courtney seemed to shift them closer and closer. Brent's packed slowed and he started to stare in unhidden lust. Courtney herself seemed to be getting into it an- Oh no!


"COURTNEY!" Richard shouting snapping the moment to a stop. Courtney looked at him and blinked a few times as if coming out of a trance. Brent did likewise before rushing to pack the rest of his things. Richard, quickly, walked up to Courtney and lead her away and toward the door, ignoring the stares that followed them.


"What the hell was that?" he whispered as they headed out the door. Courtney had to duck to fit through and rubbed her head as if in confusion.


"I don't... I was outside and think..." her words trailed off as she looked down at Richard and bit her lower lip.

"Riiichard.... I...I need..." she started to say as she bent down to him. Richard tried to cover her mouth to keep her quiet, but his hand was nowhere near large enough. Even worse, she started kissing it and shifting to block his escape routes. Damn, she was getting lost in her lust! He nee-


Richard's planning was stopped dead as she wrapped one arm around him and pulled him in. His head was buried into one of her breasts and he heard a low giggle. Then the mass of flesh began to shift, and Richard felt them moving. He didn't bother trying to free himself, knowing full well it was hopeless. And, if he was truthful, because he didn't really want out.




Courtney was kinda annoyed how easy it was to fake being lost in lust. Doubly so because she kinda was. Busting into the boy's locker room had been just to sell her not being in the right state of mind. But seeing how small all of them had been, seeing how hard it was not to burst through the ceiling, seeing how awed and terrified the boys had all been, and seeing how easy it would have been to make them all hers... Fuck, she really did need someone now.


Keeping Richard pinned to her breasts, Courtney made a beeline for the girls’ locker room. While plowing him right here out in the hallway was somewhat appealing, Richard would take it as her lust taking full control of her and focus on fixing that. No, she needed to show she was a bit... lustful, but not uncontrollably so. And needed to make sure he had some ulterior motives for putting it off. Considering how his hands were simply exploring her chest rather than fighting to free himself, she was doing well so far.


Courtney entered the girl's locker room and charged around the corner. There were a handful of amazons and shorties, the thought of her being able to use that hurtful phrase herself only added more fuel to the fire in her legs, inside and they all turned to look at Courtney. Their eyes quickly shifted to the tiny figure plastered into her breasts and a few muffled remarks were traded.


"Out," Courtney said as she motioned with her free hand. The group looked between each other and Courtney, now truly fighting to keep control, growled in annoyance.

"NOW!" she yelled before slamming her fist against the wall. The impact sent cracks spidering out over the wall and gasps echoed over the room. In less than five seconds the room was empty as the group grabbed their stuff and scrambled out, some still only half-dressed. Courtney didn't give a fuck as she moved to a nearby bench, sized for amazons, and finally freed her prisoner.


Richard flopped onto the bench and coughed a bit as he tried to catch his breath. Courtney let him have a second to recover before sliding along the bench toward him, her crotch leading the way. Richard pulled his legs back as her massive hips closed in and he put his arms out in a vain attempt to stop her. All he really accomplished was pushing his hands right into her crotch. Courtney cooed in approval as Richard leap his arms back.


"Court-Courtney, I do-" was all Courtney was going to let him get out. Truth be told, she did find Richard rather appealing. His soccer practice kept him in good shape and his face was certainly well made.  It was too bad he was such an idiot and yawn-inducing nobler-than-thou type. Of course, that only applied when he talked and Courtney, now desperate for satisfaction, wasn't about to let him ruin this.


So rather than let him finish whatever he was about to say, Courtney grabbed him from behind and buried his head into her shorts. Richard's words turned into muffled yells, which tickled her crotch, and Courtney gasped in approval. She let him go, but quickly put her over-sized finger over his mouth.


"Don't talk... just enjoy," Courtney said before moving her finger down to his crotch. Richard's mouth opened but it closed as her finger went to work. His words turned into stifled gasps as Courtney's other hand began to remove her clothing. She stopped her finger banging as she poked at his pants and shirt. Richard took the hint and removed his own clothing and Courtney did the same.


Courtney tossed her shorts aside, leaving her with nothing save her custom-made panties. Richard had removed all his clothing and stared in awe at the naked, and lust-filled, Courtney. Courtney leaned back on the bench and gave Richard a wily smile. Richard took the hint and moved closer before stroking Courtney's covered crotch. She had to fight not to gasp as he proved very capable at the job, even though the panties, and Courtney found herself taken off-guard. Damn... why was he so damn good at this?


"AHH!" Courtney cried, unable to stop this one, as Richard's hand wormed into her panties. He was slowly and methodically pushing them aside to reveal her completely and the steady progress was only driving her crazier. Each motion was like a massage over her pleasure centers and each shift drew them closer and closer to her most sensitive parts. By the time he had shifted the panties completely, Courtney was teetering on the edge.


"W-Wait, I...I- AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHAHAH!!!" Courtney cried out as Richard, suddenly, plunged into her with both arms. An orgasm unlike any other rocketed through Courtney and it was all she could do not to clap her legs closed, crushing Richard between them. Her hands, however, did leave cracks in the heavy wood of the bench.


Coming down from her orgasm, Courtney looked down at Richard. A very satisfied and smug look was on his face. Courtney would have been angry with that look, but even she couldn't deny it was well earned. Fuck had that been good... And while she wasn't above taking with no return, she wasn't about to let this be a total victory for him. It was her turn to fuck HIM senseless.


Shifting forward, Courtney let herself loom over Richard's smaller form. Richard, instinctively, leaned back as her massive form moved closer, but Courtney stopped him with a single hand. She giggled at him before leaning down, letting her huge breasts push down on him. Time to feed the baby.


Pulling him up with only one hand, Courtney leaned back and put Richard on her lap. She shifted her breasts, each far larger than Richard's head and moved her nipple close to his mouth. Richard looked taken aback, at first, but got the hint and started to suckle on Courtney's nipple. His small lips tickled, and Courtney couldn't help but purr in enjoyment, the plan might be to fuck him, but she was going to enjoy this regardless.


With Richard distracted, Courtney's free hand moved to his lap and she began to, lightly, massage his balls. She had to be very careful as the size difference was, well... And while she might have enjoyed hearing him beg, that wasn't the goal right now. She needed Richard happy and working, not deformed.


Richard's suckling slowed as Courtney got her other fingers to join the fun. She began to, slowly, rub him up and down before shifting back to his balls. Richard's Richard began to twitch in approval and his sucks quickened. Courtney smiled as she sped up, but she had barely got going when Richard's dick surged, and something wet splashed onto her hand.


Under normal circumstance, Courtney would have been annoyed with the quick finish. This was not "normal, however, and she loved how easy it had been to get him to cum. A simple hand job with some offered nipple... she wondered if it would be that easy for other men.


Wiping the cum off on someone else's clothing, Courtney leaned back and drew Richard into her cleavage. He nuzzled in-between her breasts and she smirked down at him. Not because of any feelings, but just with how easy it would be to trap him there. A quick shift of her arms and...


"Thi...this won't help with convincing anyone we are not together," Richard said, ruining the moment with stupid talk. Ugh, who cared what they thought? It wasn't like anyone here could do anything to stop her. But Courtney couldn't say that...


"Yeah... I...I just couldn't control myself. I needed someone so bad, and I was worried I might hurt someone," Courtney somewhat lied. She had needed this, badly, and she had been worried about hurting someone. Just not for the reasons Richard was sure to assume. As if to prove her thoughts, Richard simply waved her concerns away.


"It's fine. Probably a side effect of the serum or of being...bigger. Hopefully it will go away as... as you get used to this," Richard said as he couldn't help but rub Courtney's breasts. Courtney didn't mind, she liked seeing how small his hand was compared to just her breasts.


"Maybe... but this might... well... If it happens again I-"

"It's fine," Richard answered a bit too fast before catching himself, "I...I mean we are in this together. Any side effects of the serum are my fault, so I should... should deal with the consequences," Richard said in textbook diplomatic terms. Courtney wasn't fooled for a minute and gave him a suspicious stare. He blushed, and Courtney giggled at him.


"I enjoyed this too. Besides, I owe you for making me big," she said before giving him another light kiss. It wasn't a lie either. She HAD enjoyed this and was looking forward to trying out some other sex positions. Maybe trying actual sex, though she doubted his dick would even register. Maybe a strap-on? Hah, how mortifying...


Richard's blush only increased, and Courtney rolled her eyes. She lifted him out of her cleavage and put him back on the ground. She then sat up and grabbed her clothing.


"All my classes are done for the day, so I'm going to head back. See you tomorrow. We'll have some more fun," Courtney said licking her lips before turning toward the door. She was still completely naked but didn't care in the least. She'd let whoever was around see her superiority as she got dressed on the way. It would be her gift to everyone for such a great, and long overdue, day.




Richard didn't even bother telling Courtney she was naked as she left the locker room. Part of him knew it was pointless while the other enjoyed seeing her nude form, its wide hips, and toned back, walking away too much to dare stop it. With her gone, Richard felt like some kind of spell was lifted from him and his head cleared. Fuck, fuck, FUCK what had he just done?! Fucked Courtney senseless that's what...


Despite his worries from before, Richard couldn't seem to get himself to be frustrated by what had happened. It had been just so.... fuck he didn't even have a word for it. Hell, it was all he could do not to run after Courtney and head back with her. Dammit, he needed to get himself back under control so he could think.


Putting his pants and shirt back on, Richard flopped back onto the bench and wondered if he had doomed their plan. No... no, him being Courtney's boyfriend didn't ruin his long-term goal. Short term it would cause problems, doubly so if Courtney started acting out toward other amazons, but there would be ways to deal with that. He might need to start taking classes with her so he had some prote-


A sudden clack of metal and squeak of a stall opening threw Richard's thoughts away. Fuck, someone had stayed in the room an- no.... No, no, no, they had mentioned the serum! Richard thought of running, but knew it was pointless. Even the smallest amazon could outpace him, and no one would help him. Dammit he had to think of a way to knock her out or make her forget or-


And then the figure exited the stall... and Richard's panic turned to confusion. Out of the stall stepped not a large, terrifying woman, but a small skinny girl even shorter than Richard. Richard stared at her in confusion, unsure who the black girl was. He... he thought he had seen her before, but it was nearly impossible to place where. She did go to Hale, but...




Jaclynn had been in the bathroom, fighting not to fall into the over-sized toilet, when Courtney had burst in. She had wanted to leave right when she had yelled but getting off the toilet was hard. By the time she had pulled up her pants, everyone was gone... save her.


Panic and terror filled Jaclynn as she realized she had to go past Courtney to leave. So far, she had survived all her schools, all her grades, all her classed by being invisible. It was a trick taught to her by her mom, who had been taught by her mom. It was why no one, not even the Queens, bothered her. None of them probably even knew she existed.


But walking out right in front of the once small, now gigantic, Courtney with whatever she had brought in would draw every kind of attention. And the years of middling grades, silent classes, solo studying, and general social exclusion would be wasted. She couldn't do that, she knew what would happen, she had seen it all happen to Courtney. Worse, Courtney might be mad Jaclynn had never helped her. Oh no....


The panic made Jaclynn wait even longer, long enough to hear Courtney start to moan. Oh God no.... now she had to walk out while she was having SEX?! NO, that was impossible, everyone would know, she'd be a massive target and and and and and


There was only one choice now. Jaclynn moved away from the door and tried to huddle in the corner. Maybe... maybe they'd leave, and she could slip out once some other people came back in. Yeah.... yeah, she could wait here and slip into the crowd of people coming to retrieve the things they had left. No one would know, no one would notice her, and she'd go back to being unknown... Whew....


With a plan made, Jaclynn let out a relieved breath. It was OK... It was OK, she'd slip out and no one would know anything. Everything was OK.


Still, being stuck in a stall as two people had sex was rather, odd. Jaclynn couldn't help but be a little turned on by hearing Courtney's approving moans and coos. Just like she couldn't help wondering who she was doing. They might have said, but her panic had blocked out everything. Maybe the rumors about her and Richard were true.


Finally, it seemed like the two were done and Jaclynn's theory was proven right. It had been Richard out there. She didn't want to eavesdrop, but there really was no way to avoid it. The locker room bounced their voices all over so there was no way she wouldn't hear them. She did her best to ignore it... until she heard something about a serum.


Courtney had taken a serum? Was it supposed to help her growing pains? No... it didn't sound like it, it almost sounded li- No.... No that was.... But her sudden increase in size... And their sudden closeness... and Richard saying this was his fault.


"I enjoyed this too. Besides, I owe you for making me big."


And there it was... Jaclynn felt her legs going weak, her head throbbing, everything felt... off. Richard... Richard had made Courtney big... With some kind of serum. And that meant... he might...have mor- NO, no this had to be... but all the evidence. It had to be a lie, but why lie? They didn't know she was here and... and...


Courtney was gone. Richard was alone... They hadn't told anyone. They wanted to keep it a secret. She could use that, make him give her some. But she would break her rule, be noticed, be out there. But if it was true... Jaclynn looked back at the oversized toilet... and knew her only choice.


Jaclynn unlocked the stall door, pulled it open, and stepped out to face Richard. He looked terrified, at first, but it turned to confusion rather quickly. Jaclynn tried to talk, but her voice caught in her throat. She tried again, and fear clogged her voice. But she pushed past it all and, finally, got her words out.


"M-Make me big, too."

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