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My name is Steve and I had a great life, I was gifted with good looks and I kept myself fit.
I hit the gym three times a week and jogged five kilometres every evening after work, I work as a detective in the Special Victims Unit, solving rape claims and abuse to women and those unsolved cases where people go missing without a trace.
I love my job and get so much satisfaction out of putting people behind bars for rape and those assholes that abuse women.
I have the most beautiful wife, we’ve been married for almost twenty years, we have two beautiful kids, a boy and a girl, both athletic and brilliant at school.
My wife means the world to me and I love her so much, she’s a smidge shorter then myself with a perfect body, she’s very slim and as fit as myself, beautiful blonde hair just past her shoulders, the brightest bluey green eyes, a perfect set of breasts and one of those gorgeous arses that you just can’t look away from, I could easily walk behind her and admire her arse all day.
We live in a beautiful house, one of those houses you dream of owning when your a kid, it even has a pool and we live in a really nice area not far from the city centre, there’s only one problem, Our neighbours.
There are two women living next to us, they not long got married, so yes they are lesbians, but not every males dream lesbians, skinny and hot, these two women are extremely over weight, but they aren’t bad looking, but they aren’t pin up models either.
Both women were extremely rude, no one in our street liked them and that’s how they liked it, the more people they pissed off the happier they were, my wife has had so many arguments with them, to be honest I think my wife hates them the most
and they both make it very clear how much they hate my wife.
Their front yard was a pig sty, everyone else in our street had beautiful gardens, our neighbours yard made our street look disgusting, their back yard was even worse and I’d hate to think what the inside of their house looked like, they are never dressed neatly, I really don’t think they’ve ever washed their clothes, neither of them work, they live off benefits from the government, they sit at home all day every day except Thursday’s which is pay day, they both walk into the city and spend all their money on cigarettes, alcohol and frozen dinners.
You don’t want them any where near you on that day, personal hygiene isn’t on their high priority list, both women don’t smell to good on a normal day, but after walking into the city and back their body odour hits you like a brick wall, you can smell them well before you see them and most of our neighbours run and hide just in case they want to hurl some abuse.
Today was in fact Thursday and lucky for me I was in a park looking for any clues to fit in with a case of a missing person, it’s like they had just vanished, it was a young woman in her early twenties and my only clue so far was that she was last seen in this particular park.
I sat down on one of the benches in the shade, it was a hot day and I thought maybe if I sit there and had my lunch and just looked around something may just jump out at me.
As I bit into my sandwich I heard a commotion behind me, I stood up and turned around to see what was going on, two women were wrestling with a man and abusing him, he managed to get away and ran towards me,
“Look out he has a gun” was all I heard from one of the women before I felt funny and everything went dark.
I could feel a heavy material on top of me and I felt naked, I reached down and ran my hands over my body and I was indeed naked.
I could hear women’s voices getting closer,
“Where’d he go” one asked, “I have no idea, but he left that quick he left his clothes behind” the other replied before they both started laughing,
“Check to see if he left his wallet” one of them said, I felt a strange feeling of being lifted and it felt like what I was in was being moved around,
“Yep I found it” she said, I was starting to freak out, I had no idea what was going on, but before I could yell for help my surroundings moved again, it felt like they were being crushed like in a car crusher and I was held tight by this material unable to move,
“Oh my god it was Steve our neighbour” I heard one say, now I was totally confused, what the fuck was going on, who were these women I thought as I felt my prison start to move in a swinging motion.
“God I hate his wife” I heard the other say,
“Wouldn’t it be funny if we tied her husband up and pissed all over his good looking face” she said before they both started laughing again.
It wasn’t until the next woman spoke that I finally picked the voices,
“We could tell his gorgeous skinny wife that we haven’t seen him and just keep him prisoner and use him as our toilet” she said, oh my god it’s my neighbours from hell I thought, but where the hell am I was my next though,
“Oh that would be amazing” the other said,
“But one of his detective mates would probably find him and ruin our fun” she continued.
It felt like hours as my prison swayed back and forth listening to my neighbours talking, I was to scared to say anything after what they had said, I’m strong but both women would be able to over power me with their weight.
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