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Story Notes:

This story will be my very first story, so please critisize and review as you read.

I hope you enjoy!

Author's Chapter Notes:

Hello readers, thanks for your interest in my story, this story was and is so much fun to write. I hope you enjoy the first chapter that is an introduction of our main character... Barry! The first three chapters will be build up and informational. The shrinking begins in chapter four. ENJOY :D



Barry had always been a shy young lad, as a result of this he hadn’t made nearly as many friends as any kid should. Barry does have friends, but he rarely hangs with them if at all, not even Bradly his best friend has ever witnessed Barry out for more than 8 hours in a whole day (well except for school).

It’s not like he doesn’t want to spend time with them, or make more friends. It’s just he’s… you know, weird I guess. Socially Awkward, that's the term. Barry had been diagnosed with Autism when he was just three years old, and later he became High Functioning Autism - not that he ever felt so, “High Functioning”. Seriously though, he’s very negative with himself; putting hisself off and agreeing with insults and what not.


Barry does have more friends, they’re (to him) just people he gets along with. More than acquaintances and less than friends. The first friend that will be mentioned is David, now David is a very spry guy.

He’s always prideful with himself, but can become overly-confident and a bit stubborn sometimes. Never quits when challenged, yet he is also very kind to those around him and is a good sport.

But if you provoke David enough he will fight back. The next friend that Barry has is Paul, Paul is a very smart boy, never gets lower than a B, but is also stressed out when he does get a B+. He hates to lose, and will never admit when he is defeated. He does have a soft part though, where whenever he is around the girls he is infatuated with, he will give them his utmost full attention and affection.

Paul will fully indulge himself with in his sexual fantasies and has admitted them to us; his friends. Now, Bradly is Barry’s best friend since they were toddlers, the same time as him and Katarina met, he is Mr. Perfect I guess, just everything is going so well for him, captain of the football team and president of the school's popular kids, soon to be going to Harvard, and prodigy kid. Man.

Finally, the last friend that Barry has is Katarina. Yes, Katarina could be Barry’s best friend next to Brad. She is very smart, confident, and a genuine person around those she loves. She’s also very playful, has a good sense of humour.

She does have a slanted side to her, she hates it when things don’t go her way, however, she’ll let it go after a long period of complaining about it. She has a weak spot though.

Whenever she’s hanging about with Barry or the others she’ll always be willing to be there for them, especially Barry, she is the most sweetest, sympathetic person to him; it’s almost as if she has a crush on him, and maybe a little more.

Likewise, Barry has a sweet spot for her, whenever she asks for him to hang, he can never say no. The group kind of thinks that she’ll be the one to break him from his insecurities, cause she’s the one who can get to him almost.


Barry is almost 15 years old, and he’s struggling with new changes in his life. He went through puberty, still recovering from voice cracks and painful growth spurts that have him standing at just about 5’8 as a freshman, he struggles with also his sexuallity and emotions.

Nevermind his shyness, this is what really punched him in Middle School. From pornographic photos of women to actually real women ( and maybe men, he’s confused whether he’s gay or not, or bi) he needs all the help he can get from his pals in assistants and advice.

But there is a devastating storm coming for him. Soon enough, Barry will have the most invigorating and fascinating experience of his journey as a teenaged boy. On the day of his 15th Birthday, something whimsical happens. It is all insignificant, but to him, it will be his entire world.






Chapter End Notes:

Thanks for reading my first chapter! Enjoy the next chapter, The Day It All Began is another build up. So thanks!

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