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After writing and posting my first story I’ve got a bit more confidence and I felt compelled to write this story, this story is basically my life, well the first couple of chapters anyway, I just put a shrinking twist to it, I hope you enjoy it and please leave some feedback to let me know what you think, Thanks. I leaned across to kiss my wife as she opened the car door,
“So who’s house is this” I asked as she climbed out of the car, I could see the outline of her perfect arse, she was either wearing a
g-string or no panties at all, her dress was wedged between her arse cheeks a bit, she’d never worn
g-strings the whole time we’d been married,
“Just a friends place” she replied as she turned around to look at me and smile, god she looked so beautiful,
“We’re just gunna have a few drinks Babe” she reassured me as she blew me a kiss,
“I’ll message you later and you can come pick me up and I may have a surprise for you” she said as she closed the door and walked towards the house.
I watched her get to the door, she opened it turned and gave me a wave and then closed the door behind her, I drove home and sat myself on the couch and settled in and turned the t.v. on to see what there was to watch.
I text my wife a few times to see how her night was going, but she never replied, she must be having a great night I thought to myself, I was about halfway through my third movie when my phone alerted me to a message, I checked the time, it was now quarter past three,
‘Sorry Babe I had my phone on silent, I’ve had an amazing night, you can come and get me now’ it read, I got up and headed for the car.
I pulled up out the front of the house I had dropped her at and waited for a bit, but she didn’t come out, I turned the car off and hopped out and wandered to the front door, I could hear voices in the room near the door, I knocked quietly on the door and the voices turned into moans,
“Fuck you are so big” I heard a females voice moan,
“I want to cum in you again Baby” I heard a males voice groan, I pulled my phone out and wrote a message,
‘I’m just at the door waiting Babe’ I sent, then the moaning went quiet, I heard giggles as I received a message, then the moans started up again,
‘Just give me 5 I’ll be out in a bit’ the message read, the couple in the room started to get louder,
“Oh god yes fuck me” the woman moaned,
“Fill me up with your cum” she continued as the guy was grunting,
“Fuck your pussy feels good on my cock” he groaned as the woman continued to moan loudly,
“I’m gunna cum” he grunted as I heard their skin slapping together, god he must be fucking her hard I thought as I heard her almost screaming,
“Fuck your cock is so big” she screamed as he grunted loudly,
“Oh fuck yes fill my pussy with your cum” she moaned as he grunted again, I heard one last slap of skin and then it went quiet, I got another message on my phone,
‘Sorry Babe, im coming now’ it read and then I heard someone coming, the door opened and my beautiful wife stood in front of me,
“Hi Babe” she said smiling, she looked fluster, she was almost glowing, she was sweating and her hair was every where, she closed the door and walked towards the car,
“Let’s go Babe, I wanna get home and give you your surprise” she said as I followed her to the car,
“What were you doing” I asked,
“I’m so sorry Babe, I was dancing, with my friends” she said smiling at me,
“I stood there for about half an hour and there was a couple fucking in the room next to the front door” I said,
“That would be my friend and her boyfriend, were you listening to them” she asked,
“Well I had no choice, they were so loud” I said trying not to sound creepy,
“I bet she was screaming yeah” she asked,
“Yeah why” I asked,
“Oh apparently her boyfriend has a huge cock” she said putting up her hands to show me how big it apparently is,
“It can’t be that big” I said laughing, as we pulled into our drive.
My wife instructed me to get undressed lay on the bed and close my eyes, I did as I was told, I heard her getting undressed and felt her climb onto the bed, I felt her straddle my head and instantly I felt the heat emanating from her pussy, the smell was quite different and it was dripping on my face,
“Open your eyes” she said, I opened my eyes and I was looking straight into her juicy creamy pussy,
“I want you to make me cum with your mouth Babe” she said as she looked down at me smiling, she lowered herself down so I could slide my tongue between her perfect smooth lips, instantly I thought she tasted different, but thought it must just be because she had been dancing, her pussy was so wet and puffy, her juices were so thick as I slid my tongue deep inside her,
“Oh god that feels good” she moaned as I wriggled my tongue around inside her, her thick juices sliding down my tongue and into my mouth,
“Do I taste good Babe” she asked between moans,
“Ah ha” I murmured with my tongue still deep inside her wet creamy pussy,
“Mmmm good, I want my juices all over your face” she moaned as she reached down and grabbed my hair and started sliding her pussy all over my face smothering it in all her creamy juices.
She let go of my hair and I slid my tongue back into her cream filled pussy,
“You made me this wet” she moaned and hearing that I fucked her pussy with my tongue hard and deep licking out all her thick juices.
Then I heard a click and looked up to see my wife taking a photo on her phone,
“My Friend didn’t believe me that you would eat me out, I just wanted to prove my friend wrong” she said with a sneaky grin, my eyes widened in protest and she could see this,
“Don’t worry my friend has seen me naked before” she assured me as I heard the message being sent, she put her phone down and grabbed my hair again and forced my face into her wet juicy pussy,
“Now eat all that cream out of my cunt and make me cum” she instructed in a affirmative tone.
I licked with all my might, more and more think cream slid down my tongue and down my throat until eventually she started to moan lightly, her pussy tensed up as she forced my face even harder into her pelvis, then she started to tremble, she bucked her body on my face as her cum seeped out of her along with all her thick white cream, she spasmed and rocked as wave after wave of ecstasy engulfed her body, her breathing heavy and quick as I found it hard to breathe.
Eventually she started to calm down and come back to earth,
“Oh god that was good” she said as she let go of my hair and allowed me to take a deep breath, she climbed off my face and laid down next to me, my cock was rock hard and I wanted to fuck her so badly, I was so turned on, she rolled and faced away from me,
“I’m exhausted Babe, night” she said as she started to drift off to sleep, all I could do was wrap her up in my arms and try to go to sleep with all my built up tension and frustration, it took a while but eventually I fell asleep with my beautiful wife wrapped up in my arms.
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