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Gina sat on the hallway floor, legs crossed and hunched forward, twisting the dial for her locker combination.  At nearly ten feet tall even a locker on the top row would have been uncomfortable for her, but this was unbearable.  If she scrunched up any more she was sure that her shoulder would come out of its socket, and that would be the end of basketball season for her.  The dial slipped between her long fingers, sliding past the next number, and she slapped the locker above her with a swear.  So much wasted effort.


“Did they seriously give you a bottom locker?” a voice behind her asked.  Exasperated, Gina spun her head to see her best friend Shelby looking down at her with a smirk.


“Shows what happens when we let a system randomly assign this shit,” she replied, unfurling her gangly limbs to stand at her full height.  Briefly Gina stretched and popped her joints, then settled and looked down at Shelby.  Though there was a head’s height of difference between them, no one was ever disappointed by being second to Gina.  “I’ll just make whatever twerp got the one above mine give it to me, cut out the red tape.”  They shared a laugh over the imagined misfortune, already feeling the poor kid trying to squirm out of their grasps.


The two had long shared the mutual interest of bullying smaller and weaker students, which just happened to be everyone at the school.  With her strong build, blond hair braided to her shoulder blades, and placid blue eyes, Gina clearly wanted to imitate the Valkyries of myth and evoke their physical prowess.  Due to her immense frame, however, her clothing options were limited.  Outside of very special occasions she wore a tight black shirt with sleeves to her elbows, black shorts rolled all the way up her thighs, black stockings, and black flats. 


Shelby, though not as massive as Gina, had cultivated her own signature look to achieve complete domination.  Thick auburn hair fell to her shoulders, and she had perfected how to make those smaller than her feel self-conscious with a single glance of her green eyes.  Her tanned skin and lithe muscles were a testament to her active outdoor lifestyle, where she often took up hobbies with the simple goal of showing up someone she saw as undeserving.  Just over the summer she had come to grips with her physical charms as well as power, and tended toward hip-hugger jeans and tight, form-fitting shirts.


They had just finished their first day of senior year and were in no big hurry to get home.  If they wandered the halls for a bit, no doubt they could find some clueless freshmen to mess with.  Every year there were a couple who wanted to map the whole school or couldn’t figure out how their locker worked.  Most importantly, they hadn’t learned why it was important to clear a path when Gina was in the hall.


Oblivious to the plans of the two amazons, Colin blundered up the stairs and turned right.  He had his face buried in the faded map, nearly illegible from being copied so many times, trying to figure out where each room was.  Colin was particularly short for a freshman, not even five feet yet, and didn’t have a shred of meat on his bones.  Every few weeks his parents reassured him that he would hit a growth spurt any day now, but after his kid sister shot up six inches in a week and practically towered over him he had begun to give up hope.


Since he was so focused on the map, Colin didn’t even register the two senior girls walking toward him.  Coincidentally, since he was so small neither of the girls noticed Colin cluelessly advancing through the hallway.  Their shared inattentiveness was shattered when Gina felt something bump into her leg, and Colin thought he walked into a pillar that wasn’t drawn into the floorplan.


They gawked at each other in silence.  Colin had heard that senior girls were bigger, but hadn’t imagined anything like this.  Then again, he reasoned, if his sister kept growing like she had been she would be at least this tall when she became a senior.  For her part, Gina had never seen anyone so naturally short.  She was over twice his height: he didn’t even come up to her shorts.  The amazon recognized his stunned expression, and wanted to capitalize on it.


“Hey, freshie,” Gina spat, standing as close to him as possible.  “The hell do you think you’re doing in the senior hall?”


“Oh, is that what this is?”  He sounded genuinely confused, but neither girl had ever let that get in the way of their fun.


“Yeah, it is,” Shelby chimed in, sliding up to stand beside him.  The sudden realization that he didn’t even come up to her waist broke her stride, but she quickly recovered.  “You got a name, freshie?”


“C-Colin,” he stammered, backing away from the towering women.  “Look, I-I must be lost, I didn’t mean to intrude, I’ll be going now.”


Shelby quickly stepped behind him, stopping him cold with her legs.  “I’m sorry it doesn’t work that way, Colin,” she said while he spun around to face her.


“Yeah, we can’t just let you kids come and go as you please,” Gina added, grabbing Colin by the shoulders and spinning him around.  “We have a reputation to maintain.”  She took his jaw in one hand and forced him to look straight up at her.  “There’s a toll, you see, and you have to pay it before we let you go.”


“How much?” Colin asked, looking up helplessly at the pair.  He considered running between Gina’s legs and making a break for it, but decided they’d find that inappropriate.  If they thought he was a pervert too this could get so much worse.


“How much you got?” Shelby answered, edging forward so that he was trapped between their legs.


“I… I don’t have any money,” Colin replied.  “I only got a few dollars and spent it at lunch.”


Gina forced a wince.  “That’s really unfortunate,” she said.  “If you even had a nickel we’d take it since this is your first offense, but since you don’t have anything…”


Shelby placed one of her huge hands on his shoulder and shoved him into the locker.  “We have to make you pay in some other way.”  She and Gina closed ranks, trapping the petite freshman between them and the lockers.  They looked down at him, wide grins plastered on their faces while he quivered before them.


Gina leaned against Colin, pressing her hip into his shoulder so that it was trapped between her and the ungiving metal.  He cried out, which only made her put more weight on him until he learned to keep his complaints silent.  She didn’t get off him, she just kept him pinned against the locker without increasing the amount of pressure holding him there.


Shelby decided on a different method.  She walked forward until she was straddling his arm and her crotch was against his pain-twisted face.  “Hey Colin,” she began, “do you find me attractive?”  Her fingers traced a circle in his hair, sending an involuntary shiver down his spine.


“Y-yes,” he managed to say in between shallow breaths.


“Yeah, I know you do,” Shelby confidently replied with a smirk.  “How would you like having a senior for a girlfriend on your very first day of high school?”


“Which s-senior?” Colin asked through his persistent wince.


“Us, dummy!” Shelby exclaimed, lightly shoving his head back into the locker door.  “We both think you’re cute as a bug!”


“Yeah!” Gina jumped in.  “The only reason I’m holding you here like this is I’m afraid some other girl’s going to come by and pick you up.”  She transferred her weight onto the metal instead of Colin’s shoulder so that he could speak without yelping every third syllable.


“Pick me up?” Colin repeated, confused.  This was all happening so fast, and he didn’t know what to make of it.


The two girls exchanged a sly look which Colin was not privy to, since their faces were blocked from him by their chests.  “Oh yeah, literally,” Shelby specified, trying not to laugh.  “Senior girls can get absolutely huge, haven’t you heard?”


“We’re actually puny for seniors,” Gina added, much better at keeping her laughter hidden than Shelby.  “Most girls grew at least a foot a week this summer and we were lucky if we managed an inch.  Some of them we barely even come up to their ankles!”


Colin gulped.  He desperately wanted to add something to the conversation so that he could fit in with these girls who claimed they were tiny for their age.  “My sister grew six inches last week,” he offered, looking up at them for approval.


Shelby acted like she was blown away.  “Wow, six inches in a week!” she said.  “And how tall is she now?”


“F-five-eight,” Colin answered bashfully.  “She’s twelve.”


“Shit,” Fulda said.  “They’ll have to build a new building just for her if she’s growing that fast now.”


“That’ll at least double when she’s a junior,” Shelby lied.  “But we’re getting off track.  The point is that any senior girl can just come by and slip you into her hand if she wants.  And they will, because you are almost obnoxiously cute.”


“But if you let us be your girlfriends, we can keep you safe.”


“Okay, I’ll be your boyfriend,” Colin agreed.  “Now what?”


“Now we make out,” Shelby said, bending down.  She grabbed Colin under the armpits and hoisted him up, then slammed him against the locker.  Slowly she brought her face closer to his, leaning harder against the door until it began to buckle.  Their noses touched and Colin closed his eyes, expecting their lips to join any second.


Shelby let go, dropping him roughly to the floor.  He looked up confused while she laughed hysterically, leaning over him.  “How stupid are you?” she shouted between peals of laughter.  “I’m not sure which is worse, that you believed senior girls grow to hundreds of feet tall or that we wanted to date you!”


“I did not!” he objected, bordering on tears.


“Yeah, sure,” she replied, backing away.  “Gina, he’s all yours, I need to grab my English book real quick.”  Gina nodded in Shelby’s direction while she walked into a nearby classroom.


Gina extended a hand to the sobbing mass of a freshman, and when he didn’t accept it she grabbed him by the collar and pulled him up.  “Not everything we told you is a lie, you know,” she said, trying to keep her voice gentle.


“Yeah right,” Colin said, sniffling.  “Like what?”


“Well…”  Gina slid her hands onto his shoulders and gripped him tightly, pressing him against her legs.  “There really are senior girls who can crush you.”


“No there aren’t,” he replied.  “I won’t believe the same thing twice.”


“No really, there are!” Gina insisted, tightening her grip.  She felt him flinch, so she dug her fingers in even harder.  “The catch is that you’ve already met them.”


Colin looked confused, but Gina was sure he’d understand soon enough.  The small boy became even smaller, his gaze sliding down the length of Gina’s thighs to her knees.  He tried to get away but Gina held him firmly against her, reveling in feeling his body dwindle.  When he was halfway down her shin she let go, confident he couldn’t get far while he lost what little height he had left.  The shrinking freshman was practically frozen in place as he shriveled below Gina’s ankle, finally stopping when he was little more than a speck beneath one of her arches.


The freshman felt a tremendous weight on his shoulders, beyond even what Gina had been pressing down on him.  He tried to get away from her leg and run, but there was no way he could overcome her immense strength.  The Amazonian senior grew larger, and Colin was held captive while she doubled in height.  She continued to expand upward and released the vice grip of her enormous hands, but he stood transfixed by the rapidly growing woman.  He scarcely even noticed when her ankle outgrew him, and finally got his senses back when the sole of her shoe came up to his waist.


Gina knelt and easily spotted the tiny freshman in the shadow of her shoe.  His pathetic voice screamed something at her but she had no idea what it was, nor did she care.  She lowered a hand toward Colin, thumb and forefinger extended.  He tried to run, but his miniscule body could never hope to escape her grasp.  His escape failed immediately and she plucked him off the floor.


Colin panicked and tried to escape, though he knew it was futile.  Even Gina’s shadow enveloped him and her fingers alone were several times as long as he was tall, there was no way he could outrun her.  He didn’t even make it two steps before her fingers closed in, pinching him around his whole torso.  His legs uselessly kicked at air while she effortlessly lifted him off the floor.


Triumphant in her most recent conquest, Gina lifted Colin to her face.  The kid was crying, and she let out a boisterous laugh in his face.  When the force from her laugh hit him he was stunned into silence, unable to even sniffle.  She must have sent him into shock.  Briefly Gina considered taunting him, but footsteps coming from a nearby classroom gave her a better idea.


Gina’s face was blurred and cloudy, an amorphous mass of shapes in Colin’s tear-filled eyes.  A tremendous bellow from her mouth blew his eyes dry, though, and caused his body to temporarily seize up.  All he could do was move his eyes and look Gina’s face over.  Every single one of her features was massive to him, from her clear blue eyes bigger around than he was tall to her lips pulled back in a manic grin.  He wanted to say something, but before he could find the wits to move his mouth his captor went forth with her plans.


Gina threw Colin at the door with a sidearm pitch, sliding him over the tile into the doorway.  Shelby appeared moments later, her brown and black shoe setting down right on the threshold.  There was an almost imperceptible crunch when Shelby crushed him, and the corners of Gina’s mouth tightened.


The shrunken freshman screamed uncontrollably while he careened across the floor, propelled with immense speed by Gina’s powerful arm.  Long, deep scrapes were torn out of his skin in the most unconventional road rash he had ever seen.  Mercifully he came to a stop before he was completely raw, a bleeding mess in the middle of a doorway.


Powerful tremors shook the floor, accompanied by tremendous, rhythmic crashes.  Shelby turned the corner, and he realized that the seismic activity was entirely her fault.  The titanic redhead drew closer, each step creating a more violent shockwave than the last, but Colin was too beaten and worn down to move.  When she set her heel down in front of him, he didn’t even have the strength to raise his arms in a futile defense.  In an instant the checkered tread pattern blocked out the colossal woman’s face, and a split second later her sole slammed down onto him.  There was a flash of pain while his body compressed beneath her shoe, then there was no more, his only remains a small red spot.


“Little coward ran away,” Gina said to cover up their murder.  “Come on, let’s go find some other freshies to beat on.”

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