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Shelby nervously opened the closet door of the bedroom as she stood naked inside.  She had spent the past ten minutes waiting as the beautiful blonde-haired woman in the bedroom had setup and changed outfits.  She was greeted by the candlelit-atmosphere of the room generated by several LED faux candles on the dresser, headboard, and window sill as she sheepishly stepped out into her bedroom. 

“Well, hello,” said a sultry voice.  Mistress Sara sat on the edge of the bed wearing a red silk nighty, black silk panties, silky black thigh-high nylons held up by garter belts, and thick platform high heels with open-toed lacey vamps and leather ankle straps.

Shelby stood in the doorway, her breath taken away by the sight of her beautiful 33-year-old mistress with long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes.  As Sara stood up, Shelby was visibly nervous.  Sara was average in height, standing about 5’6”.  In her heels, though, she was closer to 5’10”, compared to Shelby’s 5’4” frame.

The young sub was all of 23 years old and had long, beautiful blonde hair down to the middle of her back.  She was of tanned complexion, and quite pretty in a small-town-girl-next-door kind of way. 

“Since this is your first time, we’ll need to establish a safe word.  Can you think of one?” asked Mistress Sara as she walked over to a duffle bag that was on the floor by the dresser and removed a thick black leather collar.

“Um…how about…’comet’?” she answered rather nervously as she felt very exposed before Sara.

“’Comet’ works.  If you say that, the session ends, and it would be up to you if you wish to resume, understood?” asked Sara as she walked back over with the collar and a small black remote.

“Y-yes ma’am,” Shelby said and shook her head.  Her mouth felt dry in nervous anticipation.  Sara smiled as she looked her in the eye.

“Don’t be nervous.  And call me ‘Mistress’, not ma’am, please.  We’ll have fun.  I’ll help you escape reality for a while and make you want more of what I’m doling out.  Have you ever been with a woman before?” asked Sara. 

Shelby shook her head ‘No’.

“That’s fine.  Just so you know, I don’t do insertions into my body on the first session, so you don’t need to worry about that.  I may choose to sit on you, though, or use you against my pussy to bring myself to orgasm, alright?” asked Mistress Sara.

Shelby smiled and nodded in agreement nervously at the thought.  She had been raised a sheltered, conservative Christian girl, so the thought of doing any of these things were very taboo.

“So, we’ll try a variety of things, from crushing with my hand, smothering and breath-play, some vore, and I’ll work you over really good with my feet and under them.  Since we are not setting a specific scene, per se, we’ll just follow the natural flow of things. Now, this collar will shrink you down to as small as a quarter of an inch.  It is of absolute importance that you do not remove this collar while you’re shrunk.  It will reset it, and you’ll be permanently stuck at that size, understood?”  Mistress Sara explained intensely.

“Mmhmm.  Yes, Mistress,” Shelby answered.

“It has a built-in microphone so that I can hear you at all times through this remote.  Do you wish to explore the session at the smallest size?” asked Mistress Sara as she proceeded to slip the collar around Shelby’s neck.

“Y-y-yes, Mistress Sara,” she answered. Her nerves were causing her to tremble as her mistress finished securing the collar around her.

“Calm down.  Take a few breathes.  It’s normal to be nervous your first time,” said Mistress Sara as she leaned forward and whispered in Shelby’s ear.  “You need to relax and let go of all of your cares and doubts.  Give yourself to me, understood?”

Shelby took a deep breath and smiled as she shook her head.

“I’ll shrink you in several phases to get you used to the idea.  Alright?  We’ll start with you full-size, and then I’ll make you about two-and-a-half feet, and I’ll where we go from there.  Remember, if at any time you are uncomfortable, or you want to quit, say ‘comet’, alright?  This is new to you, and I want to expose you to the world of domination and GTS, but it’s not safe to just jump in to the extreme, so let me guide you on this journey, alright?”  Mistress Sara said to Shelby, helping to establish trust and rapport.

Shelby shook her head yes as she continued to take a few deep breathes.  She felt very conscientious about her appearance before Mistress Sara, who caressed her cheek with her hand.

“You’ll do just fine.  Your goal is to have fun and lose yourself.  Become an object for my pleasure and entertainment.  One-hour session begins…now,” said Mistress Sara.  She pointed to the floor, “Hands and knees.  Kiss my toes.”

Shelby obliged and got on all fours.  She lowered her face and began to plant sweet kisses upon her mistresses’ black nylon-clad toes.  She focused on the exposed big, second, and third toes, savoring the taste of the nylons as best as she could. 

She had never kissed feet before, or any part of a woman for that matter.  She had been with her previous boyfriend in an intense relationship through college, but that came to a screeching halt when he discovered that she was cheating on him.  Having been raised in such a strict Judeo-Christian household, she was ostracized by her family and friends and expelled from college.  Now, she worked as a helpdesk support for a company, making enough money to scrape by, barely able to afford a small studio apartment. 

Shelby continued to sweep her hair behind her ears as she kissed Sara’s toes.  She worked diligently at worshipping them as her mistress stood dominantly over her.

Sara let her sub continue to kiss her toes for a few moments as she observed the pale complexion of the skinny woman before her.  From her initial consult with Shelby, she could tell that this girl needed acceptance more than anything else.  She sensed that Shelby held within her a lot of rejection, as she had shared a lot with her over coffee.

Shelby had shared with Mistress Sara how she allowed herself to be seduced by another guy at college, and though she never slept with him, she had allowed him to get to 3rd base.  Then her actual boyfriend found out, and she ended up being dumped by both guys, and her family kicked her out.  Having moved away from home, Shelby was adrift.

Mistress Sara could tell that Shelby was also very curious, having come from her bubbled and sheltered life.  She was happy that she was able to provide Shelby this opportunity to explore not only BDSM and GTS, but herself. 

“Sit up,” Mistress Sara instructed.  Shelby obeyed and looked up at Mistress Sara. In her hands was the remote control for the shrink collar around Shelby’s neck. 

“Yes, Mistress,” answered Shelby.  The excitement and anticipation was building within her.  She had never done this before.  She had never considered herself a sub or even had tendencies to think like this, but was incredibly curious.  This led to Shelby contacting Mistress Sara via an online search.  Now, here she was on her knees. She watched in anticipation as Mistress Sara dialed in some settings on the remote in her hands.  Without any further adieux, she proceeded to push a button.

“AAAAHH!!” squeaked Shelby as she felt a sharp pain in her neck, and grabbed at the collar.

“Remember,” Sara said, “don’t remove the collar while you’re shrunk.”

Shelby grunted from the pain.  She grimaced as the world around her seemed to grow.  Mistress Sara was becoming larger and larger before her.  The pain subsided in Shelby’s neck as the shrinking stopped.  She was still a couple of feet tall, about 2.5’ to be exact.  Sara administered a hard slap to her face.


Shelby’s head was turned quickly to its side as her left cheek stung.  She turned back to face her mistress with a slight tear in her left eye just in time to see the raised her right heel-clad foot kick her square in her face, sending her sprawling onto her back.  Shelby landed with a grimace of pain and a thud, rubbing her face for a moment.  Before she could sit up, Sara’s wide-based high heel stem dug into Shelby’s sternum with authority, the shoe’s outsole waving back and forth just above her face.

“HHRRGH!” she cried in pain as she grabbed at the heel that was weighing painfully upon her chest.  Sara then lifted her heel and jack-hammered her hard several times with it.  The platform outsole of Sara’s shoe stomped down against her face, causing Shelby to turn it to her side quickly






Sara stepped back as she smiled while taking in the red-marks she had left on Shelby’s pale skin, who was quite winded from the stomping.  She then maneuvered her right high-heel-clad foot so that the outsole was resting on the side of Shelby’s face, forcing her to look to her right, and the stem of her heel was upon her sternum once again. 

“HRRRRRRGGGHHH!” cried Shelby as Sara stepped up, her weight crushing painfully into Shelby’s chest and head.  As she winced in pain, through her squinted eyes, Shelby watched as Mistress Sara’s left foot lifted from the floor and disappeared above her.  She was now bearing the giantess’s weight completely.

Sara smiled as she looked down at her heel-clad feet as she worked to keep her balance.  Shelby’s legs were bent up at the knees, kicking occasionally through the pain as she grabbed at either side of the platform that crushed upon her head.

“HRRGHH!” Shelby continued to grunt beneath her giant mistress.

Mistress Sara enjoyed trampling people, especially women, and she loved it when they were into GTS and microphilia.  She also enjoyed introducing prospective slaves to their lives at her feet.  It was rare for her to have a female submissive that did not want to be “added to her collection”.

Those lucky enough to be a part of Mistress Sara’s collection would occasionally receive texts from Mistress Sara to see if she had any available slaves to come and spend time with her at her feet so she could trample and play with them as she saw fit.  She would do this for free since she was the one directing the interaction instead of the sub.  This also helped to entice her slaves to “volunteer” to be her play things, as well as to encourage them to schedule full evening and weekend sessions.

Mistress Sara didn’t need to work, as she had a “cash cow” that gave her plenty of money as part of his domination - her husband.  In turn, she kept him in a painful chastity device that would shrink with him.  But that’s for a later story.

The sounds of the slightly shrunken waif beneath Mistress Sara’s feet – the straining groans and grunts – turned her on.  She hoped that Shelby would enjoy the session.  She could tell that the young woman was quite guarded and apprehensive, and knew that she had to work to gain Shelby’s trust.  She liked the prospect of having this young woman be a foot-toy especially.

Shelby was struggling to breathe, and she felt tunnel vision setting in.  The horizontal tread-lines on the outsole of Mistress Sara’s platform heel dug painfully into her face.  She set her hands on either side of the platform shoe in a vain attempt to get Mistress Sara off of her.  After a total of two minutes, Sara stepped off of Shelby, and then placed her right heel onto Shelby’s left breast.

“HHHHHHRRRRRRGGHHH!!!!” she cried as Mistress Sara was amused at her exclamation of pain. 

“Good girl,” Sara said as she twisted her heel brutally on Shelby’s tit, eliciting further cries of pain.

“Hurts, don’t it?” she asked and Shelby shook her head in agreement through the pain. 

“Keep your face up, slave.  Look up,” instructed Mistress Sara.  The shrunken woman obeyed, grimacing in pain as the platform of Sara’s shoe lowered upon the left side of her face.

A few moments later, the giantess proceeded to step up on her slave fully, bringing her left heel to bear upon Shelby’s right breast and face.  The platforms of Mistress Sara’s shoes rested on Shelby’s face, which pinched her nose closed and kept her mouth shut beneath, smothering her completely.  The heels painfully crushed Shelby’s breasts, and she was barely keeping her wits together already as she was overwhelmed with pain.  The shrunken woman was seeing stars as her face was pressed upon by Mistress Sara’s platforms.  She considered saying the safe word, but tried to hold on. 

“MUST…ENDURE THIS!” she thought to herself.

The giantess then leaned forward, resting her hands on her knees to add weight to Shelby’s face.  Shelby released a hiss of pain as her face was squished beneath the shoes.  Mistress Sara then stood upright as she began to walk in place on her slave girl, which allowed her to get some air. 

“HRRGH! -  HRRRGH! -  HRRGH! -  HRRGGH!! -  HRRGGGH!” Shelby exclaimed painfully as Sara trampled her.  The grid-like tread on the giant heels gripped and bit into her breasts painfully with each lift and step administered by the giantess tormentor.

A few moments later, Sara stepped off, and Shelby curled up on her side as she clutched her breasts and her face, which was red with white streaks across it as her skin showed depressions from the horizontal tread on the sole of the giantess’s shoes.  With her right foot, Sara pushed Shelby onto her back and stepped over her, straddling her.  Shelby watched as the giant woman knelt down, grabbing her by her wrists, and administered a giant school-girl pin.

Mistress Sara trapped Shelby’s arms beneath her nylon-clad legs and proceeded to place her right hand over the little woman’s face, smothering her.

“MMMPPFFF!” exclaimed Shelby as the palm of Mistress Sara’s hand completely enveloped her face.  Her eyes were barely visible to Sara, who leaned forward and stared directly into them, watching the fear build within Shelby.

“MMMPFP!!” she cried once more as she tried to gasp for air.

“Calm down, slave,” Mistress Sara said.  Shelby’s forehead began to turn red from oxygen deprivation.  The smaller girl continued to struggle to get some air, but Sara was having none of it.  After a few more moments, Sara sat back up, plopping her weight onto Shelby’s abdomen, which forced her to grunt as she sucked in a breath.

Mistress Sara then leaned forward and placed both her hands around Shelby’s neck.  Shelby felt the giantess’s hands squeeze around her throat, cutting off her air once again.  A slight gurgling sound emanated from Shelby, who winced in pain and panic as Mistress Sara looked at her.  For several long seconds, Shelby was completely entranced by the woman who literally had her life in her hands.  She was being deprived of life-giving air, but there was something about Mistress Sara that began to calm her.

“I must trust her, or I’ll never be able to trust anyone again!” Shelby thought to herself as she strained to maintain consciousness within Sara’s punishing grip.  She felt tunnel-vision setting in, and her eyes began to flutter.

Mistress Sara’s hands released around Shelby’s throat, and she coughed several times after being allowed to breathe.  She huffed and puffed as the giant woman proceeded to sit back on Shelby’s stomach and bring her nylon-clad legs out from beneath her. The transference of her weight upon Shelby shortened her breath as well.

Mistress Sara felt that Shelby was beginning to submit.  The point of choking Shelby and staring at her was to help Shelby begin to trust her.  She knew, though, that she had a way to go, so she brought her high-heel-clad feet up to Shelby’s head, and placed the wide-based stems on the underside of Shelby’s chin.

“GGRRHHGG!” exclaimed Shelby as she gasped for breath.  She placed her hands on the underside of the heels, once again trying in vain to push the punishing implements off.  Sara used the edges of her heels to painfully dig into Shelby’s throat and shorten her intake once again.  The giantess proceeded to unbuckle her heels about a minute later as Shelby groaned and struggled through more choking pain.  She slipped the left one off, and then the right.  Shelby grabbed her throat, coughing as she breathed beneath the weight of her mistress.  The warm, black nylon-clad feet came to a rest on her face, forcing Shelby to smell them as well as smother her.

The little girl took a deep inhale of the pungent odor that wafted through her mistress’s nylons.  The odor was strong and cheesy, and Shelby found herself feeing aroused the more she inhaled it.  The giantess could feel Shelby’s warm exhales, and cool, strained inhales against the soles of her feet, which made her smile.  She let her little slave sniff them for nearly two minutes before she slid her left foot to the side of Shelby’s face, and with her right foot, brushed her big toe over Shelby’s mouth a few times until the little sub opened up and welcomed in the large toe.

“HRGGH!” gagged Shelby as the large toe flooded her mouth.  The nylon-clad toe-nail scraped along the roof of her mouth and tickled her tonsils.  She gagged to repress vomiting.  Her tongue lapped against the underside of the giantess’ big toe, and she felt her airway become constricted.  Her jaw was forced to open very wide, and within a few moments, began to ache. 

“HRRRGHHH!” Shelby said, gagging once more.  Her eyes clinched as tears began to swell.

“Keep on top of it,” encouraged Mistress Sara.  She used the big toe in Shelby’s mouth to guide the smaller girl’s head to face up, keeping her size 9 foot snuggled against the right side of her face.  In this position, Mistress Sara began to force more of her big toe into Shelby’s mouth.

“GGHHRRGGH!” Shelby exclaimed as she gagged more on the giantess’s toe.  The nylon strands chafed the left-side of her mouth as the second toe brushed along her cheek.

“Good girl,” Sara said as she remained seated on the Shelby’s 2.5’ frame.  Her knees were practically up to her chest due to the size difference.  She leaned forward and grabbed Shelby’s arms by their wrists and pulled them down to her sides, keeping her pinned entirely beneath her and completely in her control. 

Mistress Sara loved sitting on slaves like this.  She loved having her toes sucked and her feet worshipped, and there was something that was just so empowering about sitting on a sub and forcing them to worship her that was arousing.

“GGGHHRRGH!” Shelby said as she gagged once more on the big toe.  Mistress Sara pulled her right big toe up from Shelby’s mouth, who coughed a few times as some bubbly saliva stringed across Shelby’s face.  The giantess brought the big toe from her left foot over and tickled it across Shelby’s lips a few times until the little woman opened up and received it.  She then placed her right foot against the left side of Shelby’s face.

“GGGRHRHHHG!” Shelby once again gagged on the large toe in her mouth.  Despite the discomfort, the giantess’s toe in her mouth was making her aroused.  Being uses by Mistress Sara as her personal seat was also making her tingle with arousal.  Being restrained by the giantess who held on to her wrists tightly added to the creation of her submissive mindset.  She felt Mistress Sara’s womanhood on her naked body warming, and it made her feel good that she was making her mistress happy and satisfied.

Mistress Sara smiled as she watched the little girl’s expression of discomfort from the big toe being shoved into her mouth.  She then tried to force it deeper into Shelby’s mouth.

“GRRRGGHH!!” Shelby gagged once more as tears were welling up in her eyes. 

“At a girl,” Mistress Sara said, encouraging her newest sub.  “I’ve actually had little human toe-rings before.  I could make you so small and tie you up around my toe.  Would you like to be my toe ring, little slave?”

Shelby shook her head ‘Yes’ as she continued to suck on the giant toe forced into her mouth.  She tried to imagine herself tiny and wrapped around the giantess’s toe.  The thought was quite exciting to her. 

“To be reduced to nothing more than a decoration for the lowest part of this goddess’s body…maybe that’s what I’m meant to be,” Shelby thought to herself as she continued to deep-throat the large big toe that filled her mouth.

“GGRRRHHG!!” gagged the little girl once again, which amused Sara as she continued to watch her slave girl suffer with her toe in her mouth.  She admired Shelby’s cute charm and looks.  She looked especially attractive to her sucking on her big toe.

A few moments later, Mistress Sara slid her toe from Shelby’s mouth, and proceeded to place her nylon-clad arches on the young girl’s face, resting her feet on her.

Shelby was relieved to not have the toes in her mouth, and took in some inhales through her nose of the giant feet that now rest upon her face.  They smelled foul with foot odor, but she accepted it, and continued to sniff them.  The more she sniffed them, and the more she tasted them, the more she was liking them. 

After several more sniffs, the feet lifted from her face, and rested on the floor above her head.  She wiped her face from the saliva that had strung out from her mouth when Sara had removed her toes.  Above her, the long columns of nylon-clad legs bent upward at the knees, and she watched as Mistress Sara lifted her midsection from Shelby’s stomach.  Using her hands to push herself up, Mistress Sara maneuvered her silk-clad-crotch to Shelby’s face and slowly lowered it upon her.

“MMPPPF!!” exclaimed the young woman who was now smothered beneath Mistress Sara’s womanhood.  The squeak of the little girl made Sara smile.  She sat forward so that Shelby’s face and head could bear the entirety of her upper body.

“MMPPF!” Shelby exclaimed with a high pitch.  The weight that bore upon her face made it impossible to turn her head one way or the other.  The giant pelvis bone bore down upon Shelby’s pretty face with great pain, causing her to see stars.  The odor that flooded her olfactory senses was quite strong with a feminine body odor mixed with some form of fishy smell.  It was repulsive and disgusting, and Shelby wanted to gag.  However, as she thought about the fact that the pussy that was on her face belonged to Mistress Sara, she felt that she wanted to stay here as long as it made her mistress happy, but it didn’t stop her from groaning with some disgust.


The warm, moist lips of Mistress Sara’s labia, clad in silk panties, completely enveloped her face and immersed her in their smelly scent.  With the giantess maintaining her grasp on Shelby’s arms, she was completely helpless.  She kicked her legs a few times in a feigned attempt at escape.  A few moments later, Mistress Sara lifted her crotch off of Shelby’s face to reposition herself and allow Shelby to get a breath.  She brought Shelby’s arms up over her head and proceeded to step on them.  Bent at the knees, Mistress Sara lowered herself once more upon her slave.


This new position focused her weight in a more direct fashion on the little girl’s face, causing intense pain.  It also pinched the giantess’s labia around her submissive’s face so as to smother her completely. 

“MMMPPF!” Shelby exclaimed into Mistress Sara’ pussy, which was quite moist with arousal. Mistress Sara leaned back, and allowed Shelby to get a small space in which she could breathe while keeping her sub’s face trapped by her pussy.  She then reached down and began to play with her clit through her panties.  The shrunken girl watched the giantess’s finger rub through her panties just above her forehead, and could sense that the fluids within were building up, and that the pussy was becoming warmer and warmer.

Mistress Sara’s breathing became labored as she continued to play with herself.  With her right hand masturbating, the giantess grabbed Shelby’s hair with her left hand and forced her face more into her silk-panties-clad crotch as she rapidly approached climax.

“ OH YEH! OH YEH OH YEH!” stated Mistress Sara with excitement and enthusiasm.  Shelby lay complaint, her hair being pulled on by her mistress as her face was shoved into the silk panties that were now soaking with Mistress Sara’s personal lubricants.  She stuck her tongue out to taste, and found it was just as repulsive and disgusting as it smelled.  Knowing that it would please her mistress, though, she ran her tongue up and down the silk panties repeatedly, indulging in the taste of her mistress.

“AAAHH!  AAAAHH!! AAAAHH!!  OH FFUUCCKK!!” exclaimed Mistress Sara as she gushed from her womanhood a copious amount of female secretions that soaked into and through the silk panties.  Shelby’s face was now coated in it as she continued to lick the panties.  She found herself completely given to the moment as Mistress Sara proceeded to return her weight fully upon her face bouncing in sexual excitement.

“MMMMMM…” exclaimed Shelby in intense arousal.  She found herself not only licking the secretions that soaked into Mistress Sara’s silk panties, but actually sucking on the panties as well.  As Mistress Sara caught her breath, she could feel the little girl beneath her actively sucking on her womanhood, which continued to arouse her. 

Mistress Sara gently gyrated her hips for several moments, grinding her pelvis into Shelby’s face as her sub sucked her sex juices out of her pussy.  The giantess let go of Shelby’s wrists and sat forward to immerse Shelby more into her labia.  She brought her knees up and wrapped her arms around them and continued to feel the sucking vacuum that Shelby was occasionally creating.  Her exhales through her nose against her clitoris continued to keep her aroused.  She looked down at the shrunken girl’s face beneath her, observing Shelby’s forehead and eyes, which were barely visible beneath her crotch.

The little girl kept her eyes shut tight as she was completely given to the situation.  She knew she could make the giantess happy by continuing to suck on her pussy, despite the painful weight bearing down on her face.  She wanted to take Sara over the edge again, if she was allowed to.

As the sucking seemed to intensify from her slave girl, Mistress Sara moaned in horny pleasure, smiling as she was serviced.  She slid her right hand down to massage her clit through her panties, and exclaimed in great pleasure as she touched herself.  Only a few moments later, she felt another release surge forth, gushing upon her small sub’s face through her panties once again.

“MMPPFPF!” Shelby squealed as Mistress Sara slid forth on her face slightly, allowing her the opportunity to drink from her “private stash”.  Shelby tasted, lapped, and sucked at the sticky, warm froth that was produced by her Mistress, who now smothered her with ease as she sat on her face fully.

The giantess proceeded to slip her high heels back on while the little woman beneath her suffered from being pussy-smothered.  Shelby tried to push up on Sara’s derriere for any modicum of air.  As soon as Sara finished buckling her heels, she stood up and straddled Shelby once more.  She watched as the little woman wiped her reddened face a few times, collecting her breath, before she proceeded to place the stem of her right heel on Shelby’s throat against the underside of her chin.

“GGRHH!” gasped Shelby as the immense pressure from Sara’s foot and leg bore down upon her throat, suffocating and choking her.  She stared up at the shanks of the giantess’s shoes, a number 9 with a circle embossed on it was visible.  Beyond that, the black-nylon-clad heel with a t-shaped leather strap around Mistress Sara’s ankle led up to her shapely calf and then to Mistress Sara’s bent knee.

As she continued to gasp for air, Shelby looked past her mistress’s sexy bent knee, past her well-endowed bosom, and into her beautiful blue eyes.  It was there that despite the fact that Mistress Sara was crushing her throat choking her with her high heel that she felt…wanted.  There was something about Mistress Sara that she found attractive.  As she gurgled for breath looking at her mistress and the underside of her heel’s shank, Shelby felt like she actually belonged.  Maybe it was a social acceptance, or maybe it was that Mistress Sara felt she belonged beneath her foot, it didn’t matter.  Shelby was experiencing acceptance, trust, affection, and arousal.

Mistress Sara stood with her hands on her hips, watching Shelby’s face turn a dark red.  The grimace of pain and the continued strains of resistance fed her own arousal.  She noticed Shelby staring into her eyes as she gurgled beneath her heel.  There was something about this moment that Sara recognized from her other subs.  Shelby was bonding with her.

Mistress Sara smiled and let up from Shelby’s throat, who panted for air and clutched her throat.  Mistress Sara proceeded to place the wide platform stem upon the side of her slave’s head, forcing it to its left. 

“HRRGH!” cried Shelby as Mistress Sara pressed down with the heel on her head and slowly began to twist and grind it.  Shelby’s hands went from her throat to trying to fend off the heel that crushed upon her skull.

“AAH!! HRRGH!!!” Shelby exclaimed as the slow twisting and grinding motion pulled on her long bleach blonde hair.

“This is where you belong,” Mistress Sara said, “beneath my feet.”  Her heel ground painfully upon Shelby’s skull.

“YES!! MISTRESS SARA!!!” Shelby said as the giantess continued to punish her.

“Good girl,” said Sara as she continued to grind her heel on the shrunken woman’s head over and over.  To Sara, this response from her sub meant that Shelby was committed to the session.

“HRRGH!!  AAAHH!!!  HRRGGHH!!!”  Shelby’s face twisted and contorted as the giant heel painfully pulled and tugged on her skin.

Mistress Sara stepped off and picked up the remote as Shelby clutched her reddened head.  Sara dialed in a new setting, and pressed the button.  Shelby’s face clenched once more in pain in her neck as she felt herself getting smaller and smaller.  Her size reduced now to a mere twelve inches, Mistress Sara stood towering over her.  Shelby struggled to catch her breath as her heart-rate was accelerating in excitement.

“Get on your hands and knees and kiss the shoes of your goddess,” she demanded.  Shelby slowly got on all fours and crawled to Mistress Sara’s platforms.  The 12”-tall-girl planted sweet, affectionate kisses for several minutes as she tried to wrap her mind around the immense size difference that now existed between her and the giantess-mistress she was kneeling before.  As Shelby planted kiss after kiss on the giantess’s footwear, crawling along side it and kissed as much of the velvet-lined platform surface as possible, she was able to recuperate and get back to normal breathing finally.  Her head pounded from oxygen deprivation and the heel grinding, but it faded quickly as she fell in love with the moment she was in.

Mistress Sara had stepped back so that her weight was fully on her left foot, with her right leg cocked at the knee.  As he continued worshipping the giantess’s shoe, Shelby felt her nethers tingle with arousal with each degrading kiss she applied to Sara’s shoes.  The shoes weren’t dirty.  In fact, they looked hardly used.  To Shelby, her lips kissed upon velvet-covered rubber, and had no taste whatsoever.

Sara’s right foot stepped backwards, and her left foot was set in its place before Shelby.

“Now the other one,” she instructed from on high.  As Shelby continued to kiss her shoe at her shrunken 1’ size, she continued to get more and more aroused.  She liked the humiliation and degradation.  She completely forgot all of her woes in life as she continued to worship the large foot before her.  A few more minutes passed with Shelby kissing her shoe before Mistress Sara nudged her back with her foot. 

“Lay on your back,” she instructed her shrunken foot-slave as she towered over her.  Shelby gulped and was panting hard in anticipation, confirmed by her hardened nipples.  Mistress Sara stood over Shelby, straddling her.  She proceeded to lean over and unstrap the buckles of her leather ankle straps from her heels.  The giantess then slid her right foot from the strappy, lacey platform high heel and lowered her nylon-clad foot upon Shelby’s body, her heel planting firmly on her stomach, and her toes covering Shelby’s face. 

“HRRRGGHHH!!” cried Shelby as Mistress Sara shifted her weight onto her the shrunken slave girl and stepped out of her left shoe, bringing her left foot to rest on top of her right foot.  Once again, Sara balanced her weight on the little woman.

“HRRRGGHH!!!” strained the little woman underfoot as the weight of her mistress bore down punishingly upon her naked body.

“Sniff my toes, slave,” instructed Mistress Sara with a dominating demeanor.  The toes of her right foot pressed against the underside of Shelby’s chin, and she brought her left foot to rest on top of the right one, splaying her nylon-clad toes across her little slave’s face.  Shelby struggled, but managed to take an inhale of Sara’s fragrant foot odor.  She sniffed fervently at her warm, smelly toes the best she could, considering the load she was bearing on her abdomen and chest.  The nylon-encased foot weighed mightily upon her 1’ frame.


“I wore these nylons all week just for you,” Mistress Sara said as she looked down at her toes which splayed over Shelby’s face, stretching the nylon’s netting across the small face of the woman beneath her.

“Th-th-thank you…HRGHH! M-M-Mistress Sara,” Shelby said through painful grunts and the muffling toes upon her face.  She continued to sniff, each inhale building her arousal more and more.  A sense of helplessness and worthlessness washed over Shelby, who felt her womanhood warming up, producing its sex-juices and natural lubrication in response to being crushed and made to inhale the giantess’s smelly toes.    

Mistress Sara continued to remain standing upon Shelby for several long, punishing, painful minutes, as she maintained her balance on her one-foot-tall sub, knowing that her slave was thoroughly enjoying smelling her feet.  She smiled as she heard sniff after sniff from the little woman beneath her feet when there was a bit of a pause.  It was then that Mistress Sara felt Shelby’s tongue brush along some of the nylon strands.

“Nu uh uh,” said the giantess as she stepped down off of Shelby, “I told you to sniff, not lick.  I will trample you for your disobedience and then punish you until I believe you can follow instructions.  ‘Yes Mistress Sara’?”

“Yes…Mistress Sara,” Shelby answered as she huffed and puffed, taking advantage of not being crushed for the moment.  The skin on her abdomen was white with a giant footprint, accented by the very red skin around it. 

Mistress Sara stepped her left foot onto Shelby’s very small head making it lay on its left, facing out towards her nylon-clad toes.  The small woman grunted as she was made to comply with the giant foot’s wish.  Shelby’s shoulders and breasts were also beneath the arch of the left foot as she stepped up on her. 

“GGRRHHHHHGGH!” Shelby groaned, grimacing in pain as Mistress Sara then brought her right foot to bear upon Shelby’s lower ribs, stomach, and groin.  Shelby brought her arms up, grasping as the big toe of Mistress Sara’s right foot, and the heel of her left foot.

“ARMS DOWN!” ordered Sara, and Shelby lay them down on the floor in complete and total obedience.  Mistress Sara then lifted her left foot, transferring all of her weight on to her stomach and groin.

“HHRRRRGGH!” Shelby cried in pain.  A split second later, and the weight began to transfer upon her head and upper body as the giantess’s foot came to a crushing rest upon her once more.

“HRRRGHH!” cried Shelby once again in pain as Sara began to walk in place slowly upon her.












Sara relished trampling Shelby like this.  She grinned as she felt the air from Shelby’s lungs express against the sole of her left foot as she stepped on her.  Each step strained the shrunken woman immensely, and Shelby was conflicted, both hating and loving the powerful, relentless punishment.  She found herself in a state of painful bliss.  As the giantess continued to trample her mercilessly, Shelby had developed a complete and total sense of submission and trust with her mistress as she entered into a state known as subspace.









“Good girl, submit to your mistress,” said Sara as she continued to trample and walk all over the little girl. 












With each crushing footfall, Shelby was forced to exhale what little air she was allowed to breathe in.  She saw stars with each forced exclamation of oxygen as the giant feet had their way with her.












The more Mistress Sara trampled her, the more Shelby was falling in love with being used as her door mat.  She wanted to stay here, beneath her mistress’s feet, suffering beneath her footfalls, serving a purpose to this giantess as a source of entertain and pleasure, regardless of the humiliation and degredation.  She felt herself becoming very moist with each punishing footfall.












Mistress Sara was relentless.  Shelby’s face and body were beet-red from the trampling.  The pain was causing great arousal in Shelby, who was completely given over to her mistress.  Shelby’s strains beneath Sara’s weight were causing great arousal within the giantess mistress as well.

“I think I’m getting my point across about obedience, aren’t I?” asked Mistress Sara as she continued to trample her tiny slave girl some more






















After several more steps, Mistress Sara proceeded to pinch her nylon-clad toes around Shelby’s face, smothering her completely with her big and second toes.  Sara’s toe-grasp kept Shelby’s face facing to its left as it lay trapped within the suffocating clenching grip.  In painful desperation, Shelby clutched at the nylon-clad foot that enveloped her face.

“MMPPPFF!!” exclaimed the shrunken 1’ tall woman.  She yearned for air, but even if Sara’s toes weren’t completely covering her face, the placement of the giantess’s right foot upon her abdomen would’ve kept her from taking an inhale anyway.  The toes gripped her head with such strength that she was unable to turn her head away.  Shelby’s arms began to flop and flail as she began to struggle for more air.  Sara continued her smother upon Shelby’s face for a few more seconds before releasing her toes from around her face.

“HHRGH!” Shelby grunted as she strained to suck in an inhale beneath the tremendous weight upon her naked frame.  Sara stepped her left foot on the floor just above Shelby’s head and brought her right foot’s arch to rest underneath Shelby’s chin, making the little girl look up as she panted.  The shrunken, suffering girl breathed heavily before the giantess proceeded to step once more upon Shelby.

“GGHHHRGGHHMMMPPFF!!” she grunted as Sara brought her left foot to rest upon Shelby’s strained face, smothering her yet again.  The room was filled with silence as Sara maintained her balance on the shrunken slave beneath her feet.  Shelby once again began to flail her arms randomly and let out a squeak of desperation from beneath the giantess’s arch.

“MMPPF!!!” she cried into the warm, smelly underside of her mistress’s nylon-clad foot.  It smothered her with ease as it pressed down upon her face.

“MMMPPFF!!” again with a high-pitched squeak.  The foot across her upper body distributed most of Sara’s weight upon her chest, shoulders, and ribs, which all compressed and flexed with great pain.

“MMPPPFF!!” Shelby squeaked again as her lungs were struggling to keep what air she had been able to inhale before being stepped on.  She was feeling dizzy and lightheaded as her face remained immersed in the underside of Mistress Sara’s foot.  She tried to turn her head to either side, but the giantess applied more pressure to keep her face firmly beneath her sole.

“MPPPFF!!!” squirmed the little girl one last time, as she felt her heart-racing.  She knew her mistress was going to let her breathe eventually, and she had to trust her that she would.  Shelby also knew she deserved to be trampled and smothered like this for disobeying her mistress.  She continued to feel quite moist and aroused as she was smothered.  Nearing her wits-end, she tried to turn her head to either side once again, but was denied.

A few moments later, Mistress Sara proceeded to step off of Shelby’s face, and then her body, allowing the shrunken sub to breathe freely for the first time in a several minutes.  As she lay recuperating on the floor, Shelby winced in pain as the collar around her neck began reducing her size once more.  She was too winded to cry out in pain as she shrunk more and more.

Mistress Sara was now enormous as Shelby’s naked frame reduced from twelve inches down to two.  Shelby lay panting, recovering from being trampled and crushed as she watched her mistress’s right nylon-clad foot lift from the floor and stomp heavily upon her.


“HHHRRRGH!!” she cried as the giantess twisted and grinded her into the carpeted floor.  Back and forth, back and forth, Sara’s foot administered a brutal and painful crush upon Shelby, who grunted and groaned with each punishing grind.  Shelby’s body was numb with pain as she was mercilessly crushed and ground into the floor.













Mistress Sara’s foot lifted from off Shelby for a moment as the giantess lined up her heel, and then slammed down several times upon the tiny 2” woman.


Shelby was seeing stars as she lay huffing and puffing for air in the field of pressed carpet at the feet of her mistress.  She lightly twitched and spasmed, writhing and moaning in pain.  Her back was reddened from the scratchy carpet fibers she had just been rubbed into, and her body was aching from the stomps. 

Mistress Sara smiled as she put her hands on her hips, admiring the punishment she was administering to her shrunken slave.  She stepped forward with her left foot, applying her heel to Shelby’s tiny two-inch body.

“HRRRRGGGHH!!” she cried as the giantess applied a tremendous amount of weight to her frame.  She felt the giantess’s weight roll upon her, causing an incredible amount of pain to course through her entire two-inch body.  It felt like a steam roller, and her ribs and sternum flexed painfully in submission to the punishing foot’s heel.  Mistress Sara rolled her heel up off of Shelby, allowing her a moment to breathe and then rolled her weight back upon her.

“HHHHRRGH!” grunted the shrunken woman.  Mistress Sara continued to show no mercy as she maintained her crushing heel upon her shrunken slave.  She twisted her heel back and forth several times, using her nylons to chafe the little woman. 


Shelby had no air in her lungs to grunt or groan with, and she was not allowed to inhale either as her body compressed tremendously beneath the giantess’s foot.  Several seconds later, the giantess stepped off Shelby whose reddened body lay motionless in the field of flattened, down-trodden carpet, save her chest from her inhales and exhales.  Her arms and legs were splayed out to their sides.  Her legs were rolled within her hips so that her knees faced outward, and were bent.  She panted as she regained her air, sobbing from the tremendous pain.

“You’re a bug to me,” said Mistress Sara from on high.  “You’re insignificant, and you deserve to be walked all over.”

Mistress Sara stepped down on Shelby with her left foot and took a step.

“HRRRRGH-MMPPFF!” cried Shelby as the giantess stepped off of her.  She twitched and spasmed in the wake of the footfall.  As Shelby breathed heavily, her body racked with pain, the giantess’s right nylon-clad foot felt upon her, crushing her beneath the arch of her foot, and she took yet another step.

“HRRRGH-MMPPFF!!” Shelby groaned as her body had been made to painfully compress beneath the footfall.

Mistress Sara turned around and lowered her foot upon Shelby, trapping her beneath her toes so that her little head was just visible between her big and second toe-tips.  The tiny girl’s face reflected the strain placed upon her body, which amused the giantess greatly.  A few moments later, Mistress Sara slid her foot up Shelby, and took another punishing step.

“HRRGHH-MMMPPFF!!” she cried, and was left in the field of pressed carpet as the giantess turned around and administered yet another step.



Shelby was seeing stars and feeling numb to the pain that coursed through her body.  She was dizzy from the crushing trampling, but Mistress Sara didn’t let up.  The giantess’s right foot lowered upon her once again.


“HRRRGH!” exclaimed Shelby beneath the tremendous footfall.  Mistress Sara, though, didn’t take a step.  She kept her foot upon the little woman for a moment before she stepped off, watching Shelby lay submissively on the floor.

Shelby was in a world of hurt.  Every joint and muscle screamed at her with tremendous pain.  She sobbed quietly on the floor, her eyes clenched in pain.  She then felt Sara’s giantess index and thumb pinch around her left ankle and pulled her up from the floor very quickly.

“WHHOOAAA AAAHHHH!!!” she cried as she dangled within Sara’s grip.  She held her up to her face and smiled at her slave. She then tilted her head back, opening her mouth and snapped her jaws several times just below Shelby, who had a genuine look of fear. Mistress Sara chuckled.

“I’m going to chew you up, spit you out, and walk all over you,” she said before opening her mouth once more.

“AAAAHHHH!” cried the little helpless girl as Sara slowly lowered her in.  She lay on the slimy tongue, and was quickly covered in saliva.  The taste buds on the tongue massaged her aching body as she was left to lay on it.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!” Shelby cried, which echoed through the giantess’s skull.  She was quickly lifted by the giant tongue in the dark, humid, hot cavern, pressed against the roof of Sara’s mouth. 

“HUGHH!” she exclaimed as she was winded.  Sara then used her tongue to roll Shelby onto her molars, and crushed down upon the shrunken little woman.

“AAAAHHHHHH!!” Shelby cried in extreme pain as the sharp, uneven crowns of Sara’s teeth dug into her flesh.  She clutched as the wet, warm teeth as her skull was ground upon between the molars.  Her hair was sopping wet from Sara’s saliva, which washed over her entire body with ease.  The little woman gagged on the giantess’s spit, coughing and choking as the teeth painfully bore down upon her body.  Sara’s breath became her breath, and the giantess’s teeth showed her absolutely no mercy.

“AAAAAHHHHHH!!” Shelby continued to cry in excruciating pain and tremendous fear, which resonated in Sara’s mouth making the giantess smile.  She kept her lips sealed and her teeth clenching hard upon the shrunken woman as she picked up the collar’s remote once again, and set the dial for 1.

“AAAAHHHH! NOOOO!!! AAAHHH!!” Shelby screamed as she felt herself shrink once again, and Sara’s teeth continued to clench down upon her.  She was now 1” in size and thoroughly crushed between the giantess’s molars.

To Sara, Shelby felt like an oblong hard piece of gum.  She knew not to go too far with the bite upon the little girl, as she could do some serious damage if she wished.  She set the remote down on the bed and took a seat.  She could feel the saliva pooling in her mouth and swallowed as Shelby continued to be crushed and ground in her mouth. 

Shelby heard and felt the gulping, sucking action as her mistress swallowed, frightening her that she may be eaten alive.

“HHHRRGHH!!” she grunted in extreme pain.  As the giant molars bore down upon her, Shelby strained for any air she could get, as her lungs were compressed within her, limiting her air intake.  The pain that coursed through her body was almost too much to bear, and Sara’s saliva was nearly drowning her in the process.  Her high pitched groans, moans, and cries of pain let Sara know that she was applying just enough bite pressure to her shrunken slave girl.  Mistress Sara smiled as she lessened her bite upon her shrunken slave for a few moments allowing her to get some much needed air before resuming her grinding bite. 

“HRRRGHHH!” she cried as the crushing, grinding pressure of the giantess’s teeth resumed their punishment.  Shelby once again was gagging on the saliva that was nearly drowning her.  She felt dizzy and faint as her body was racked with pain.  The teeth released once again as Sara used her tongue to manipulate Shelby to fall beneath it, and slid the shrunken 1” woman up to the backside of her lower front teeth.

The giant, taste-bud-riddled muscle weighed upon her with great force, keeping her trapped, despite the incredibly slick surface of the tongue.  The tip of the tongue kept Shelby’s head pinned to the back of Sara’s lower teeth, smothering her for well over twenty seconds before Shelby was able to get her face turned up to try to gain access to air.  She huffed and puffed, gasping for air as Sara used her tongue to slide over Shelby’s face and slide her completely underneath. 

Shelby choked and gagged as she inhaled a copious amount of Sara’s saliva, which ran down her face and soaked into her skin.  She lay compliantly trapped on the left side of the floor of Sara’s mouth with the warm, wet tongue pinning her down as she coughed and gagged. 

The shrunken woman was amazed how rapidly the tongue moved and undulated upon her naked frame.  Sara proceeded to use the tip of her tongue to get Shelby to stick, and slid her up the backside of her teeth.  Her lips parted momentarily, and Shelby was able to get some fresh air for a moment before the lips closed around her head, leaving only a few wisps of her saliva-soaked hair protruding from Sara’s mouth.  Sara’s jaw then raised, and Shelby’s chest just above her breasts were painfully trapped between the upper and lower sets of teeth.

“MMPPF!” squeaked Shelby in panic as the teeth began to dig into her skin painfully.  She tried to push at the upper teeth with all of her might, but it did no good.  She squirmed, kicked, and flailed as she yearned for air.  Mistress Sara was an expert at air deprivation.

The lips parted, but the teeth held firm on Shelby’ neck and throat.  She gasped for air for a brief moment, and Sara could tell she got a few inhales as she heard Shelby scream and cry in pain and fear before she sealed her lips back around her head once more. 

Within her mouth, Sara used her tongue to slide upon Shelby’s naked body, and proceeded to rub her breasts with the warm, saliva-coated tip of her tongue.

“MMPPPF!!” Shelby said as she squirmed within the giantess’s mouth.  The tip of the tongue proceeded to lick down the entirety of her abdomen and forced its way between her legs. 

“MMMPPFFF!!!” squeaked the little one-inch woman again, mixed with pain and pleasure.

The Mistress’s lips parted once again, and Shelby was allowed to take another breath before being suffocated yet again.  Sara smiled as she continued to lick Shelby’s body.  It was virtually effortless to bring a shrunken submissive to orgasm like this.

Lick after lick, Shelby’s body was a shrunken temple of orgasmic pleasure.  The oxygen deprivation she was experiencing made the blood in her purer, which increased the experience of the orgasm that was building within her. 

Another quick momentary reprieve from the lips, and Shelby grunted and groaned in release as Sara suffocated her once more.  Then, Mistress Sara applied a sucking force within her mouth, causing a vacuum-like affect.  The force of this action sent the shrunken woman into an orgasmic explosion

“MMPPF!! MMMPPF!! MMMMPPFFF!!  MPPPPFF!!!” Shelby exclaimed in her muffled state.  She felt her own fluids gush forth from between her legs and Sara’s tongue was there to help clean her up. 

Sara smiled as she tasted Shelby’s release.  She was happy to help her achieve it as she slathered the shrunken woman’s body with her tongue.  She continued to test Shelby within her mouth as she proceeded to unbuckle the garter belts of her right nylon and rolled it off.  After a long moment, the teeth and lips let up, and Shelby found herself plummeting from her mistress’s mouth.

“AAAHHH!!” she screamed as she fell into a blackened tube along with a glob of Sara’s spit.  She landed at the bottom of the warm, smelly dark-tinted weave and lay on her back, covered in spit, as she looked up at the giantess’s smiling face.  She noticed Mistress Sara looking back at her, and the giantess’s thumbs were visibly holding the opening of whatever she was in.  As Mistress Sara’s face ascended, Shelby then realized what she was in as she watched the emergence of the giantess’s right foot.  The reddened toes wriggled occasionally as they approached the tiny 1” girl.

Shelby lay panting in pain within the nylon, her reddened body heaving from its releases only moments before.  Within a moment, the giantess’s toes pressed into her naked, saliva-soaked frame.  The nylon strands of the reinforced toe section stretched around her back as the tips of Sara’s second and third toe pressed into her mightily.

“HRRRGGHH!!” strained Shelby as her face was turned to her left, which was facing up, against the very defined friction ridges of the toes tip.  Sara pulled the thigh-high up, but didn’t buckled the garters just yet.  She brought her knee up to her chest, and slid Shelby’s helpless 1” frame from the toe tips to the crevice beneath them.  Shelby was now beneath the giantess’s second and third toes, and her feet in between the small gap between the third and fourth.

Mistress Sara then pulled on the arch and heel of her nylon to tighten it around her foot, further trapping Shelby within.

“MMMPPPFF!” Shelby grunted as Sara administered a gentle toe scrunch.  The tiny woman’s body painfully compressed within the crushing folds of the clammy toe crevice for several seconds before they released their punishing grip.  Content with Shelby’s predicament, the giantess lowered her foot to the floor and stood up.

“MMPPPFF!!” exclaimed Shelby as she was smothered beneath the giantess’s toes.  Sara proceeded to secure her garters to the thigh highs as her shrunken slave struggled to breathe beneath.  The giantess then proceeded to lay back on the bed and sat up on the pillows.  In the dimly lit atmosphere, Sara slid her index and middle finger into her crotch and began to massage herself.

Meanwhile, Shelby lay trapped within the nylons against the underside of Sara’s toes, kissing and licking them.  She was completely and totally aroused from the submission to her mistress, and the taste of the giantess’s smelly toe flesh.  Lick after lick, Shelby’s arousal was building until the toes she lapped at clenched tightly around her.

Mistress Sara released a sighing moan of pleasure as she played with her clitoris, which caused her to scrunch her toes.  The tiny slave girl was smothered for almost fifteen seconds until the giantess relaxed for a moment.  Shelby panted as she regained her air, kissing and licking the toes some more in between breathes.

The toes then gently caressed her frame for a moment, and then gradually tightened as Sara could feel her release build.  Shelby continued to struggle as her face was immersed within the wrinkly underside of the giantess’s second toe, eventually relaxed and Shelby was able to breathe once again.  The shrunken woman resumed her toe worship as Sara continued to play with herself.

Sara’s toes clenched once again around Shelby’s helpless and naked frame as Sara’s body doubled-up from her release.  She grunted and groaned while Shelby remained silent as she was smothered, knowing that this was her place while her mistress came and came hard.  For over a minute, Sara’s body tensed in her release, and she finally relaxed, sighing in pleasure as she caught her breath. 

Shelby was allowed to breathe once again as the giantess’s toes relaxed as well.  Her tiny 1” body ached in pain, but was alive with arousal after listening to her mistress cum. 

After a few moments, Sara was able to recompose herself and slipped her fingers from her frothy womanhood.  She sat up and leaned forward, brushing her creamy goodness over the backside of the shrunken woman who was trapped within her nylon. The smell of the giantess’s crotch was quite potent at her miniaturized size.

Sara smiled as she proceeded to make Shelby slide down from the toe crevice to the middle of her footpad, and then tightened her nylon once more by pulling on the heel and arch.  The tiny little foot slave rapidly licked the giantess’s foot flesh until Sara kicked her legs over the side of the bed and placed her feet on the floor.

“AAAAAH!” exclaimed Shelby as the giantess’s foot flew through the air and raced to the carpet below.

“HHRRGH!” Shelby cried as Mistress Sara stood up.  Despite the carpet being somewhat forgiving, Shelby’s tiny 1” size still strained beneath the massive weight of her mistress. 

The giant foot lifted and flew quickly through the air, crashing down on the carpet once more.  Her mistress’s weight transferred upon her as she stepped forward with her other foot.

“HRRGGRRRRGHH!” she moaned as her body strained beneath the oppressive weight.  Then she was sent on another fast flight through the air.

“HRRGGGH!” whimpered the little one-inch girl as body was crushed and compressed once again.  Mistress Sara’s foot lifted once again, but this time, it did not fly to the ground.  Instead, it tilted to point the toes downward.  Shelby was somewhat dizzy by this, and the giantess’s foot lowered past the leather ankle straps of her platform heels.  The black leather insole of the shoe raced upward as the tiny girl approached the base of the incline.

“NO NO NO NO!  GGHHHRRGHHH!!” Shelby screamed briefly before being crushed against the unforgiving insole.  She felt her ribs and sternum pop painfully as she was completely enveloped in Sara’s footpad.  A guttural sound emanated from her as Sara’s foot fully settled in to the heel, forcing Shelby’s head to the right, and crushing upon her entire body. Mistress Sara then stepped fully upon Shelby as she slipped her left foot into her other shoe. 

Tunnel vision was setting in quickly, not that Shelby could see anything from her perspective.  The pressure exerted upon her frame was more intense than anything else she had yet to experience, save maybe for Mistress Sara’s foot-heel rolling back and forth over her.  She felt her heart race as her body went numb from pain.  She was completely helpless and at Mistress Sara’s mercy.  Despite the incredible amount of crushing exerted upon her by the giantess, Shelby felt herself yearning for the continuing domination she was experiencing. 

Mistress Sara proceeded to sit back down on the bed, which relieved a lot of crushing pressure upon the tiny little woman in her nylon.  Shelby was panting as she caught her breath.  Her body ached tremendously, but she wanted to be there, crushed beneath her mistress’s foot.  Despite the pain, Shelby found herself continuing to lick the warm friction ridges of the giantess’s footpad.

Mistress Sara felt the little girl’s continued submission as she worshipped her giant foot.  She proceeded to cross her left leg onto her right, adding some additional weight upon her foot-girl.

“MMPPFFF!!” Shelby exclaimed as she was completely enveloped by Mistress Sara’s footpad.  She strained and struggled for every breath she took.  She was feeling quite dizzy and light headed, and Sara noticed that she was no longer licking her foot, so she pivoted her foot up on the heel, providing Shelby with just enough of a break to get some breathing in.  It was then that she noticed Shelby resumed her foot worship, which made Sara smile as she lowered her foot once more to the floor.

“HRRRGHHMMMPPFFF!” grunted Shelby was she once again smothered by her giantess mistress.  The more she was smothered by Sara, the more she found herself not only aroused, but completely trusting her.  Several seconds passed before the giantess’s foot tilted up once more, allowing her to breathe for just a fleeting moment before it lowered again.

“HHRGHMMPPF!” Shelby exclaimed once more as she was crushed beneath Mistress’s Sara’s foot.  She then felt a sharp, painful sensation around her neck, and she began to shrink once more. 

“GGRRRGHHHH!!  GRRGH!!” she cried in pain as the weight exuded upon her by Mistress Sara’s foot was incredibly crushing. Her body was being physically crushed to its limit as she was now half an inch in size.

Sara uncrossed her left leg and set it on the floor.  She then proceeded to stand up.

“GGRHHMMMPPF!!” was all Shelby could exclaim as her body was compressed beneath the punishing weight of her mistress.  Her body was almost completely numb in pain, her sensory system overloaded.  Her lungs ached for air but their ability to expand on an inhale was eliminated completely as her ribcage and sternum flexed incredibly beneath the tremendous amount of weight exuded upon her body.

Sara’s foot then lifted some, but only because she shifted her weight onto her left foot.

 exclaimed Shelby as the insole lessened against her backside.  She sucked in the precious air, which allowed her body to explode in pain and aches.  She continued to breathe fast, and then the crushing returned.

“NO! GRHHMMMPPF!!” Shelby was once again returned to a world of incredible pain as Mistress Sara remained standing.

Beneath her foot pad, Mistress Sara could feel Shelby’s half-inch body.  It was like a hard piece of lint beneath her foot.  She smiled, knowing full-well what she was doing to the little girl.  At this size, the possibility of a safe word didn’t exist.  That she had taken Shelby this far on her first session was quite an achievement, as she usually is able to make 9 out 10 clients “tap-out” by this point.  She felt that she had built up enough trust with Shelby to administer this punishment.  She shifted her weight to her left foot once again to allow the little waif some air for a few seconds before administering a third crush.

Shelby was seeing stars, and felt very lightheaded as she was crushed once again.  She also felt helpless and completely at Sara’s mercy.

“SURVIVE!!” she thought to herself.  “JUST SURVIVE!!’

Sara’s weight let up once again, and the tiny girl was allowed to breathe for a few fleeting moments before a fourth crushing session was administered by the giantess.

Mistress Sara remained standing on Shelby for another ten seconds before she sat back down on the bed.  She crossed her right leg and proceeded to unstrap her high heel.

“How’s my little foot slave doing?” she asked.  Shelby burst out in a painful sob. 

“Aww,” teased Mistress Sara.  “You’re having a good time underneath my foot though, right?”

Shelby shook her head fervently in pain, answering “Yes” to the question.

“Good,” responded Sara, “that’s my girl.”

Sara picked the remote up once more and changed the setting.  Shelby cried out as the pain around her neck indicated that she was to be even smaller.  Sara smiled as she watched the little girl shrink from half an inch to a quarter of an inch. 

Shelby grimaced in pain as the nylon strands were pulled tighter by Mistress Sara to keep the little girl beneath her footpad.  The giantess then lowered her foot back down to her platform high heel, sliding it and her foot slave back into position. 

“GRRHHMMPPF!!” cried Shelby as Sara’s foot rested on the heel’s insole.  The weight was so much more unbearable, and her mistress wasn’t even standing yet.  Sara leaned forward to buckled the ankle strap and then stood up once more.

“AAHMMMMPPF!” Shelby screamed as she was smashed beneath Sara’s foot.  Though the pain was quite immense, she was so small that she was able to lightly inhale just enough air from the space between her face and the friction ridges that were grinding into her.  Her body went numb once again, and everything seemed to be a hazy blur.  The sounds of her being allowed to suck in air in the darkness were distant and removed as she mentally existed outside of her body.

The crush was once more administered.  Somehow, Shelby felt that she was staring at the giantess’s nylon-clad foot encased within the platform heel as her breath was once again taken away.  She looked up at the massively ginormous woman who was crushing her naked frame.  She knew her body was beneath her foot, but her mind and soul were seemingly having an out-of-body experience.

Mistress Sara’s smiling, beautiful face stared down at her right foot.  Shelby seemed to be floating as she once again looked at Sara’s foot, which then pivoted up on its heel.  The sound of Shelby’s body gasping as it took a breath filled her ears as she hovered herself just above the platform of Sara’s insole, below her nylon-clad toes.  The sounds of her panting, mixed with moans of pain, were dreamlike, as was the whole experience.

Shelby’s mind and soul then floated back a bit as Mistress Sara’s massive right foot lifted fully from the floor, her leg bending up past a 90-degree angle at her knee.  In slow motion, the giantess stomped her foot down with great velocity to the floor.  To Shelby’s mind, it took several seconds before the platform shoe impacted upon the carpet, and everything went black.

The pain in Shelby’s neck stunned the tiny woman awake, causing her to cry out.  Her body ached with tremendous pain as she groaned, rolling onto her side.  She opened her eyes as things were around her were getting smaller and smaller.  She then realized she was laying on her bed as things returned to their normal size.

“There we are, my pet,” Mistress Sara said, standing on the side of the bed behind Shelby, who lay back on her bed as Sara took a seat next to her.

“You made your mistress very happy,” said Sara who reached around the back of Shelby’s neck and unbuckled the clasp of the collar.  She then set it on the side table, along with the remote, and leaned over Shelby, caressing her face.  Shelby closed her eyes at the gentle touch.

“How do you feel?” asked Mistress Sara.

“I’m…sore, but I had so much fun!” Shelby answered as she leaned over to the other side table and picked up her glasses.  “It’s weird how I could see just fine when I was shrunk, but not at all now.”

Sara smiled as she watched Shelby lean forward and grab a throw blanket that lay over the foot of the bed and pull it over herself.

“What did you think of the experience?” Sara asked as she brushed Shelby’s hair back with her hand.

“I felt…I learned quickly that I could I trust you.  I mean, when you were choking me, and suffocating me, after the first time or two, I found myself not panicking, but just accepting that you were in control.  And I…I was alright with that,” answered Shelby.  She stretched her legs and flexed her abs as she lay back.

“Anything you didn’t like?” asked Sara, who proceeded to stand up and walk over to her duffle bag.

“At first, I was really unsure of being in your mouth, but, you definitely made me feel that the risk was worth it,” responded Shelby.  Sara smiled as she proceeded to slip her red nighty off and snap her black bra on.

“What was your favorite part?” she asked her slave.

“Uh…well, other than the incredible orgasm in your mouth, you mean?” Shelby asked with a smile, which was met by Sara’s smile.  “Probably the part where you were sitting on me making me suck your toes, and then when you made me a little smaller and trampled me like crazy!!  OH!  And when you made me sniff your toes and feet!!  OH GAWSH that made me crazy horny!!”

The smile on Shelby’s face went from ear-to-ear.  Mistress Sara finished pulling a black t-shirt on, and then pulled on a pair of blue jeans over her nylons. 

“Good!  I’ll admit that sitting on a shrunken slave who’s about 2-3 feet tall and making them worship my feet is one of my most favorite parts of the experience,” Sara said as she buckled her belt.  She then grabbed a pair of black, knee-high leather boots and sat down on the bed next to Shelby, and proceeded to slip them on.

“You’re going to be sore for a few days, but the first session is usually the worst, since you don’t know what to expect, unless you go for a while between sessions,” Sara said as she zipped up a boot.  “I’ll text you tomorrow to see how you’re feeling.  If you want to schedule another session for later on next week, let me know, and I’ll work you in.”


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