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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is part one in a two part story. This is the second story I've ever written. Please leave honest feedback. Thank you.

"Attention passengers for flight T-210. Boarding will begin in 20 minutes. Please take a seat at E9 with your boarding pass in hand. We will call your seat numbers from back to front. We will proceed the miniaturization process in sections. Section F, the back of the plane, will begin first, and A last. Thanks for flying with Titan Airlines. We hope you enjoy our cutting edge experience." Already seated at section E9, I eagerly awaited my flight to Hawaii. Actually, I was more interested in the science and process of the flight, than going to Hawaii. Titan airlines was the first private company in the world to develop the miniaturization process. In fact, not even the government had developed it yet. And since the technology is patented, it may be awhile before we see other applications of this breakthrough. But, the possibilities had the potential to revolutionize mankind. Even with something as simple as flight, now airlines could be extra efficient, cut costs, and make huge profits while still providing a great value for customers. Supposedly, the tech works by taking atoms away, but leaving enough for your body to still carry out it's functions. Tests have shown that humans could tolerate a reduction to approximately one inch without any noticeable effects. The miniaturization machine remembers every atom in your body, and then reconstructs you to your previous state when growing back.

I looked over towards the entrance to the miniaturization room, and saw a blonde smiling back at me. Her eyes were a deep shade of blue; large and expressive. But, I couldn't help but drift my eyes downwards. She had a generous bust, and left her uniform unbuttoned just enough to see the top of her deep cleavage. Her orbs were so round, you could see the spherical outline continue even on the top of her mounds. They looked like they were struggling to stay contained, threatening to pop a few more buttons of her uniform. I looked back at her eyes, and she gave me a disgusted look. She turned away, and continued with her duties. "Wow, I couldn't smile back. I drooled like a ducking' dog..." I was ashamed of myself. I was a single man, haven't been on a date in three years. My sexual tension and desperation were through the roof, and often repelled the ladies. I looked down at my watch, and saw quite a bit of time flew by.

"Hello passengers of flight T-210. Thanks for your patience, and for flying with Titan Airlines! At this time, we will begin the miniaturization process. Section F, please hold your boarding passes in hand, ready to give to our flight attendants. We encourage children to stay with their guardians for the miniaturization process. Section F, please form a single file line at the door. Thank you." E9 was a huge crowd. Since the miniaturization allowed for many, many passengers, you saw hundreds upon hundreds of people standing up. It was chaotic. The sound of crying babies, laughing children, and concerned adults filled the air. For many, it was their first time shrinking. As the line formed, it blocked off my vision, and I couldn't see what was going on. I stayed seated, looking at my phone, waiting for the time to go by. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait too long, because I was in section E. As the line dwindled, and the last of section F boarded, I saw one of the attendants ready to make an announcement. " Section E, please have your boarding passes in hand, and form a single file line, thank you."

To say I was nervous was an understatement. I had butterflies in my stomach. I was curious, and frightened. With my boarding pass in hand, I stood up and made my way over to the smiling flight attendant next to the door. She had black hair, and smooth, bronze skin. She had long, shapely, athletic legs. The skirt she wore with her uniform complimented them quite well. I had to crane my neck up to look into her brown eyes. I was six feet tall, and she seemed to have a good height advantage on me. I felt aroused, as I loved woman who were a little taller. And it was rare to have one not only tall, but strikingly beautiful. "You're first in line. No fears of shrinking down, hmm?" She gave me a wink. "A... Actually, I find the process to be q... quite fascinating..." Secretly, in my mind, I was embarrassed of my inability to enjoy a light conversation with beautiful women. She looked away from my eyes a bit. I could tell she lost any attraction or interest. However, she continued giving me tips. "After this door, there will be a large, white room with hundreds of small compartments. Each box contains one hundred seats, a few shrunken flight attendants, a bathroom, and even a kitchen. Everything needed so that you don't need to leave the box for the whole flight! It's pretty cool. I've never been shrunk myself, but I've helped in the shrinking process, carrying each compartment to their designated spot on the plane. It's a unique feeling lifting a box with a hundred people inside. It's a huuuuuge responsibility, as the people are so tiny and delicate, any wrong move could end many lives. But, don't worry. We receive weeks of training on how to care for our little adventurers." Her grin was wide, and filled with pride, showing her pearly white teeth. I also smiled a bit. Her smile comforted me. "Well, it's time to get teeny tiny! Hehe! Give me your boarding pass!" I reached out, and her long, slender fingers took the pass. "Have fun now! Good luck!"

Upon entering the white room, I saw exactly what she described. Many, many small boxes containing tiny rooms and seats. There was a large, red circle on the ground, many feet in diameter. The words, "STAND HERE" were marked in the circle. My eyes were drawn to a massive gun hanging on the ceiling, pointing downwards towards the red spot. "Hello sir, please stand over here.", pointed one of the flight attendants. As I waited, more and more people poured into the room. People of all ages and races. "No more people, no more! We have enough!" yelled an attendant. I noticed something about the attendants. They all seemed to be female. And they were beautiful, too. Maybe it was a company policy. I mean, it's true that woman are less menacing. "Hello passengers. Please stay within the red circle on the ground. Do not move while the shrinking process commences. There are serious consequences, including injury and death. Shrinking can be a fun experience IF you remain calm, and follow the rules. I will begin counting down from 10, please don't move....... TEN, NINE, EIGHT...." I moved my eyes around the room, noticing some attendants with white gloves on. They seemed to be waiting by, perhaps to assist with the shrinking. One of them was the blonde from earlier. She noticed my glance, and rolled her eyes. It sort of ate at my ego a bit. I mean, why am I punished for noticing beauty? Ah well. "FIVE, FOUR...." I noticed some flight attendants were standing among us. Probably the shrunken helpers assigned to our compartment. "THREE, TWO, ONE.... COMMENCE!!!"

A white glow overpowered my vision. It was so bright, I could see nothing but white light. My sense of touch, vision, and hearing seemed to disappear. I almost felt that I died, and came back to life. Probably something to do with the reconstruction of the atoms. Outlines started coming into view. I saw the outlines of the passengers, standing in the midst of the overpowering glow. My senses slowly came back. I could hear the voices of the passengers again, sounding shocked and in awe. I heard a baby crying. My vision seemed to clear even more. My eyes took time to readjust, but I started making out giant forms among the background. I had to squint very hard, but I could tell they were women. Giant, impossibly huge women. They were so far away, I could barely make out the details. But their shape was undeniable. I felt like a tiny speck. I looked upwards, the ceiling so distant, it almost seemed like the sky... and I saw the massive form of the gun looming over us. "Passengers, please form a single file line in front of the compartment door! Please form a single file line! Be patient, the more calm you are, the faster you will be situated!" The shrunken flight attendants were guiding us into the compartment. It was constructed of glass walls, and a glass ceiling. Of course, the bathroom and kitchens were opaque.

*Moments Later*

Finally, I was sitting down, enjoying the comfortable, reclining seat. Everything felt first class. There was so much room. Huge TV's to watch sports and anything you desired. Gourmet food being prepped in the kitchen. This was all possible to the miniaturization process, making everything so affordable. This was great. I chose a seat against the glass wall. I was always the window-seat type of guy on flights. Suddenly, the chattering of the passengers died down, as a menacing rumble was heard and felt. At first it was minimal, but slowly grew in intensity. "booom...... booooooom..........Boooooooooommmmm........ BOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM.......... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM" The kitchen was rattling, the sound of a frying pan falling on the floor could be heard. I heard some screaming. "Calm down! Please remain calm! We are OK! Our attendants have been trained to handle the shrinking process! Today, we will be carried and assisted by Bridget! She cannot hear you, as our voices are too high in frequency due to the size of our vocal chords! But, we can communicate with our audio convertor, so if you have special requests, we will let Bridget know! Now, please remain calm as Bridget will lift our compartment, and place it in the appropriate spot on the plane!" I looked up... and up.... and up..... my eyes came into contact with a recognizable face. Her eyes were a deep, deep blue, huge, expressive, and I couldn't tell due to my size, but they seemed to be looking straight into mine. One of her eyebrows was cocked upwards, her expression almost a challenging one. I froze for a second, entranced by her gaze, and by the titanic size of her face. Her movements seemed slow motion. In fact, at this diminutive stature, everything normal sized seemed slow moving. Her hands formed a cup-like shape, and made contact with the underside of her gigantic, firm, spherical mounds. She bounced them slowly, pushing them upwards, causing them to jiggle. I could see every ripple, every bounce, and couldn't take my eyes off of the best show of my life. Their weight looked immense. I found myself wishing I could touch them, but I knew at my size, I could never handle them. The thought aroused me. Looking back into her eyes, she rolled them, in a way that conveyed, "not in 100 years." My dick was as hard as a rock, even as I sat there, feeling powerless. I heard a young man near me. "Damn, she's a 10/10, look at that rack. I'd give her the biggest tittyfuck of my life, hahaha." "Or the titties would fuck you.." I thought. There was no way of handling those.

After readjusting her generous bust, the blonde slowly bent over, carefully gripping the sides of the compartment.........

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