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Picture a city at night, a vast metropolitan area of lights cut into grids. Long trailing, mobile lines of red and white: the pinprick lights of cars. A three dimensional plateau of gold, white and blue dotted randomly over delicate highrisers, with winking advertisements and flashing red of planes lifting up from the airport. All of it a busy little hive for the people of this world to live.

A vast flash of bright white turned night into day, like lightning frozen in time. A deep, whining mechanical sound followed the searing light, shortly accompanied by immense rolling tremors that sent people stumbling into the streets, caused buildings to topple and formed vast cracks that went ripping their way through the tarmac. Screams rose from people trapped or those just frightened, a haunting sound that continued on even when the light vanished. The power cut out instantly in the city, as though the burning light had stolen away all other illumination. All that was left was a thick darkness pressing in around the city like heavy velvet.

The tremors abruptly faded to nothing, leaving an eerie hush where only yells and cries echoed through the blackness. Faint starlight gave only a scant glow as people strained to see, fumbling blindly for candles, torches and phones to cut into the night. And that was when they found that nothing would work. Mobile phones and laptops stood dark, vehicles sat and refused to start. The phone lines were dead. They were cut off from the rest of the world with no way of calling for aid or knowing what the hell was going on.

Slowly they grew more accustomed to the night, noticing more the bright stars above, the opaque horizon… but there was something wrong with it. The hills that cradled the city appeared to have grown immense, a vast wall rising up far, far above the skyscrapers. And there was a sound.. long, low and deep.. it sounded almost like breathing..


Alanna however, was completely in her element. Unseen, her gigantic features smiled down at the miniscule city spread out before her: a complete platter of the most delicate of morsels. Her deep blue eyes picked out every flurry of movement and the tiny dots of candlelight in the pitch streets. Even from so far above, in the thinner, cooler air, she could hear the sounds of terror emanating from the populace. She smirked to herself, knowing it would only get worse when they beheld her form in daylight. She ached to introduce them to herself, but no. She must exercise patience. So Alanna turned her face away from the delightful toy, gazing off to the east, her eyes glazing as she eventually fell into a light sleep to await the dawn.

For that was the deal, she had from sunrise to sunset: fourteen hours where she was free to do as she wanted with her latest prey. Long enough to subjugate the world and not so long as to make it unprofitable for the Corporation who owned her, that created her. They provided her fresh worlds to placate her base lusts and, in return, she gave them new planets to add to their empire. But it was an uneasy truce.. for she was rapidly tiring of the restrictions, and the Corporation was tiring of her insubordination. Alanna smiled to herself. Let them rage. She had her own supporters, her own vessels, and one day soon, perhaps a trip to their homeworld to show them who was really in control. Then she could have all the worlds and people she wanted. But that was later. For now, she was simply looking forward to some good old fashioned slaughter.

That why they had made her. A living weapon, Alanna was an Augmented, in fact, the only Augmented. The living result of an experiment in Eugenics and modifying DNA to create the perfect super soldier. That's what they intended anyway. What they got was Alanna. Ruthless, savage and bloodthirsty, intelligent and stunningly beautiful: Alanna was a giantess beyond compare in the known galaxy. Almost one mile tall by the measurements of this land, she had grown into a monstrous being and now, she had more people to enjoy.. millions and millions of them.


It was the cool grey light of day that roused her. The city was already aware of her, filling the landscape, her eyelids flickering with sordid dreams, the streets filling with sweet, tangible panic. At first she ignored the screams her sensitive ears could pick up from the city, the delicate ranks of buildings that only rose a foot or so into the air next to her gargantuan body. Instead, she waited, leaving them all to their fear when they beheld her laying there, dwarfing all they could ever build, with her curves encased in a dark green uniform. Her nipples slowly protruded through the fabric, betraying her arousal, but she ignored that too. Her lips curled into a smile, blue eyes watching the sky pale, the wispy clouds turning pink and the horizon glowing brighter and brighter. She waited with more than a bite of impatience, until that first glowing orange corner of the sun peeked over the horizon. Only then did she grant the full fury of her gaze to the denizens of the city, a cruel smile on her lips as she purred in a voice like thunder.
“You're mine now…” and then she moved.


There was absolute pandemonium amongst the mote sized people. The giantess lay over many the main escape routes, whether inadvertently or by design was anyone's guess. Only a trickle of people had managed to flee over the cracked bridges or board overloaded ferries crossing the river. The earlier earthquake had damaged many of the docks and roads, making them impassable, slowing the evacuation. So it was that, when she moved, the vast majority of people were still trapped in the city.

There was a roar of sound, her body moving with ponderous slowness, casting them all into black shadow. One arm moved effortlessly over their heads, blotting out the blue sky, and swinging dangerously over the rooftops. She barely paused before bringing her vast hand to smash down into the city. Buildings imploded under her palm, rows and rows of them, glass and steel bursting under the weight it. The ground lurched fiercely as her fingers drove straight into it. They hefted up entire portions of roads, rising in long hillocks of cracked asphalt that split apart to reveal the pale surface of her immense fingers once again. They furrowed through shattered streets and ripped them skywards, lifting the crushed structures high into the air. Bodies and rubble rained like meteors, crashing down and creating a cataclysmic level of destruction in the city. But to Alanna it was nothing but a game, and she tipped her hand to let the whole crumbly mess pour back down like a dusty grey waterfall, burying blocks in debris and smashed remains and leaving an unearthly quiet after the awful sounds of destruction.

The ground rocked and cracked again, structures near her body shaking themselves to pieces, the very ground splitting apart, tipping people and structures to end up as crimson stains on the green fabric of her suit. Alanna smiled almost serenely, casting a wry glance at the sun skimming the horizon. It had only been a few minutes and the toy city was already brought to its knees. But she was aching for more and, as she pushed herself upright, entire neighbourhoods curved down from the creased fabric at her back, the city reeling all over again when the smashed remains brought apocalyptic destruction to the tiny world. Alanna seemed almost oblivious, and stroked a finger between her thighs to feel the wetness there, the lust slowly building to a peak in her body.

From street level it was a terrible and magnificent sight.. a vast feminine figure completely towering over the buildings, entire mountain ranges buried under her ass and thighs. She gazed down at them all with an obvious hunger, one delicate hand fiddling with the zipper at her throat and tugging it slowly down. Far above the helpless population, the cool air washed over her vast breasts, and Alanna preened as millions of people stared at her exposing herself to them, sliding her fingers along the green material to stroke one swollen nipple. Her eyes gleamed as she revealed herself in a widening V, framed by the drab outfit, yanking the zip down so the spectators could catch a glimpse of thick curling pubic hairs. Her hand teased the zipper before it vanished out of sight, moving slowly between her legs with an audible slurping sound, stroking herself so that when her hand reemerged, her fingers were dripping with clear moisture.

Alanna twisted her hand back and forth, admiring the wetness coating her fingers, the city around her holding its breath as they awaited her next move. And it came soon enough, her gigantic fingers plunging through the wider streets, sweeping along the ground and chasing down the tiny people. They screeched when they were swept up against the sticky secretions, twisting wildly to free their bodies from the overwhelming grip of it, gaping as it slicked down their clothing or poured into their screaming mouths. Cars, buses and other vehicles were adhered too, everything on street level sinking into the fragrant cream coating her fingers and, for anything that wasn't stuck, it was simply obliterated. Crushed into a long, deep groove of torn earth that was once a street.

The giantess peered with complete disregard at the acquisitions on her fingertips. Hundreds upon hundreds of living specks cowered under her gaze, utterly helpless before her, with no way to resist whatever she decided to do with them all. Then her gaze moved away from them and they watched her hand slipping down to her chest, sliding under her clothing and brushing delicately over the skin of one gigantic breast. More shrill cries arose when they glimpsed her swollen nipple, protruding from one hill sized breast. Alanna smirked once more, pointing silently at the mountainous orb so they knew what she wanted. She drank in all their tiny pleading wails as she slipped her hand and all it’s little victims under her top and stroked it over herself.

The masses of people found themselves pressed against her hard nipple. Tiny bodies rolled over and over, ironically cushioned by the fragrant cum coating her fingertips, saving many from being immediately slaughtered. But, in the end, they died all the same, screeching in agony, torn and burst as she smeared their bodies over herself. Buses and cars went first, buckling and crumpling as she broke them. She ground them into her breast, with the passengers inside yelling in horror as the metal shells folded around them and burst their feeble flesh.

Alanna pulled her hand away, sucking greedily at whatever bloody dregs were left on her fingertips, a few token living men and women crying as they were swept away by her colossal tongue and down her throat. Alanna purred deeply. The minute tickling of hundreds and hundreds of pitifully miniscule souls stuck all over the aureole surrounding her nipples was a cruel delight. She muttered softly at their touch, their tiny little screams of fear and pain, unable to resist tormenting them by casually pinching one bus over a rock hard nipple. She smirked cruelly at the glorious sight of passengers squealing from the windows before they burst apart, and their broken bodies oozed in scarlet ribbons from the smashed glass.

Playfully she dabbed and swirled her fingers around the nightmarish scene, even pulling one bloodied hand away to gaze at the bloody coating with a deep thrumming “mmmmm” of evil pleasure. She pinched at it between finger and thumb, the gore tacking between them in sticky lines, before turning that hungry look back down to the hoards of people still desperately trying to flee from her.
“Don't you want to play with me?” she taunted them brazenly. Her shadow blotted the daylight once more when she leant forward to sweep up more tiny people, and coat her other nipple in the same manner. Then more of the inhabitants were gathered, finding themselves helplessly poured down under her sex, writhing helplessly on the coarse fabric, her immense pussy lips oozing cum all over them. More… and they were tipped between her breasts or cupped underneath the weight of her magnificent orbs. More... smeared and shrieking against her sopping wet vulva. More… struggling in frenzied panic as they were pinned to her clit. And still more… thousands upon thousands simply poured over the expanse of her body. Alanna moaned deeply as she reached down and zipped her bodysuit back up, trapping them all against the warmth of her skin.

To Alanna, it was a wonderful sensation, her body tingling with the minute touch of so many tiny little lives, all of them completely and utterly overwhelmed by her. She flung back her arms, curling her fingers through the sea of deep golden hair, arching her back against their touch. The fabric of the bodysuit became taut, her breasts thrusting forwards into a mass of living, struggling humanity. And they responded exactly as she wanted them to, by panicking, by twisting, by turning and writhing. Their tiny limbs caressing her skin and flicking delicately over her swollen nipples, all the while shrieking in terror. It felt good. Really good, so the giantess pushed harder into them, dragging out their agony, sensing their imminent, pathetic deaths and grinning at the long, drawn out crunches when she broke all their bodies. A dark scarlet stain spread over the green cloth, wetting the material and making it cling revealingly to her breasts. All that the outside world could see of hundreds of victims buried under the immeasurable weight of them.

Trapped in the vast ridged folds of her clothing was a new living hell. The minute specks that were people were encased in a dark stifling heat, the pounding thud of her heartbeat filling their ears and their bodies slathered in the hot blood running down from those crushed above them. Screams were hoarse as they gasped for air, trying frantically to seek some cool clear oxygen, free from the presence of her mighty body.

But even they were lucky compared to the people between her thighs. Copious female nectar oozed from between vast pussy lips, with crowds of tiny people shrieking below, clamoring over the fibres and trying to avoid vast musky pools of her juices. When she moved, more people were swept up and grasped by her greedy sex, squealing amongst the immense folds or ending up completely lost deep inside her womanhood. The slim space was enveloped in the scent of her sex, the taste of her arousal, and every last one of them knew that their lives were completely at the whim of this monstrous goddess.

She could barely feel their struggles, and Alanna pursed her lips in disappointment. The civilisation on this planet was so puny, so pathetic, that even their tickles weren't enough. She frowned back at the sun on its slow course over the azure sky She still had hours yet to play. And she knew exactly what she had to do.

The zipper spoke again, for the second time slipping down the expanse of her endless body, this time her peach skin tainted with dark red splotches of those she'd massacred. The green material clung to her curves as she tugged it open, pulling it down over her shoulders, freeing her arms, first one, then the other. She turned them in the air, letting the cool breeze caress them, before reaching up and peeling the suit away from the perfect rondure of her breasts. Alanna stroked her sensitive nipples with a teasing smile, smudging the slippery mess over them, groaning deeply as she yanked the bodysuit down over her hips. There was no tantalising glimpse of her body this time: now the goddess bared all, finally revealing her magnificent pussy before tearing the suit savagely from her thighs.

Now gloriously naked, an entire city cupped between her thighs, Alanna toyed with herself over them, stroking her body and purring in anticipation, a little secretive smile on her lips. She knew they'd be watching from her own ship, far above and waiting to pick her up. She savoured the attention, taunting the tiny people with their helplessness, feeding of their panic and building a sweet anticipation in her belly. Her smile widened and with a feral purr, she lay forward..


The city reeled. Men and women ran for their lives on a ground that refused to stay level, that cracked and shook and folded. Her colossal hands drove into the streets, curling into the earth, toppling buildings and burying thousands of people. She crushed them all, still smiling at the armageddon created under her immense body, the wonderful carnage that made her burn with lust. Proud, lofty skyscrapers tickled her nipples briefly before her tits sheared away the upper floors, piercing through flimsy floors, filling the roads below in rubble and smothering entire screaming crowds a under her immense breasts. And it only got worse. Her awesome body blotted out the sun, casting a new unholy darkness in the immensity of her shadow as it came down.

The city offered little resistance. It gave way completely under her weight… streets and rows of cars were blotted out by her body. Tens of thousands of people at one moment waved frantic arms and shrieked in gut wrenching terror as she massacred them and the streets and buildings vanished with a thunderous roar beneath her, throwing up a vast pile of dust.

Laying flat on her front, she wiggled, her vast nipples gouging channels through the streets, sinking through into subways and basements, ripping through the underground and slaughtering the people who had taken refuge there. Almost absent mindedly, her hips moved and Alanna curled her fingers into the suburbs as her vast sex rolled over a sea of tiny buildings. Cars and people were like the tiniest of insects, enveloped by her magnificent vulva, pinned against it and swept up against the soaking tan folds. And if she focused, her heightened senses could even pick up their feeble struggling, the minute screams of people whose lives had been reduced to so little. Their very existence nothing to her but a tickly delight to serve her whim.

The soft groan that slipped from her lips was an ominous feminine thunder, rumbling over a city in its death throes. Alanna began to turn her mighty body. Smashed rubble cascaded back down into the obliterated city streets, tumbling down her and crashing down in ruinous destruction. Her incredible body was dotted with blood and dust stains, her sex muddied with anything that had lain beneath it. The last fragments of the smashed city fell, and for a blessed moment, there was a shocked quiet. Faint cries were carried up on the breeze to the pitiless giantess as her eyes raked hungrily over the vast sunken cataclysm she had wreaked with nothing but her body.

But she still wasn't finished. He body surged with a deep savage desire that throbbed through her sex, lent butterflies to her stomach and rose through her, making her clench her hands into fists. The brief moment of peace for the tiny world below was soon shattered.

Alanna reached out, immense fingers snatching eagerly at the air before they sunk down into streets still thronging with toys. Speck like people screamed as they were mown down, their guts blaring from broken bodies and mashed into the debris. Families and friends were torn apart as they watched their loved ones mopped up like crumbs. They were dragged effortlessly up into the air and inexorably towards the giantess, towards her endless sex. They screamed and fought against the push of her skin, grasping feebly at silken folds made slippery with sweet fuck juices and shrieked for mercy, for the suffering to stop.

If she even heard their cries, she ignored them.They were all so helpless before her, her immense needs and insatiable desires. And she gave them no quarter, stirring her finger into her depths and mashing their frantic bodies into herself. Then her fingers returned again and again, harvesting the tiny city of its inhabitants and feeding them all to her voracious sex.

Buildings shattered and collapsed to nothing as her middle finger burst through the roof of a train station, pinning one tiny train like a glittering string of beads. The few passengers on board wailed at their fate as the city shrank beneath them, the acceleration crushing them against the floors. They caught their breath at the peak of their ascension, then the world turned and they gazed upwards: but instead of sky, her cunt filled their view. Alanna squeezed them over herself playfully, stroking the carriages around her vulva, giving them the grand tour as it were, slipping them along every gigantic fold, through her curling hairs and over the hard nub of her clit. Then she flashed her teeth in a feral grin and, with a sudden jerk, thrust them in deep.

It was a pity she couldn't witness the fate of those people inside that train, Alanna would have really appreciated the spectacular scene. The lights were already gone, but there was still a dim grey glow filtering in from where she spread her immense nether lips. Her fingers probing to play brutally with the tiny people lost within her cavernous womanhood. The passengers clutched at each other, grasped at handrails and seats to stay level, trying without avail to avoid being tossed ruthlessly about. Against the glass of the windows, countless people clutched mindlessly, fingers scraping lines through the gore and girl cum. Some didn't move, their contorted bodies dragged aside by the living, their frozen faces twisted in their last screams.

The windows vibrated with the force of people pounding against the glass, a repetitive drumming that rose with the screams. Thin hairline cracks forming until the glass broke and terrified people flooded inside the carriages on a flow of fuck juices. The air grew sickly sweet, thick with her scent, hot and humid in a way that made the breath catch in their tiny little throats.

Suddenly her motion changed, her body became hard and taught, her finger stirring the glutinous mess with a fierce intensity. A slow budding roar of sound built, rising to an unbearable cry that shook them all to their core. Her juices grew thicker, surging through the bodies even as her pussy gripped them, crushing drowning and slaughtering every last one of her toys as she lost all restraint and came.

It seemed endless for the civilisation, her cries shattered buildings, split stone and the deadly flow of her juices spattered out over the helpless city. People fleeing from her gigantic body squealing as she engulfed their tiny bodies with her heavy cum, battered buildings to dripping rubble and cried again. Allana tore through whatever was left, crushing city blocks over her sex, her breasts and every inch of her body, laying waste to the pathetic little city with her body. It was a long while before the last echoes of delight faded and the goddess lay back, her heart pounding, her lips dry and a cruel satisfied smile on her face.

Alanna cast her eyes lazily back to the sun. Still not even midday yet and this city was finished, but she wasn't sated by this offering. She knew the rules... just the one. Only one. Her eyes narrowed, her lips pursed with indecision… only the one…. Then she seemed to come to a conclusion, her face looking determined. Fuck them and their ridiculous restrictions, fuck their stupid little Empire. Alanna casually flicked some debris away from her bare breasts and rose to her feet.

To the survivors in the ravaged city it was a magnificent spectacle. It was as though a portion of the landscape had torn itself free and thrust itself skyward in defiance of all possible laws. Except this was much worse. A moving mountain of living breathing giantess. Smashed streets and buildings tumbled helplessly down the length of her body, plunging into the ground and raising dark smothering clouds of dust that swirled around her calves. She cast one last look of disdain over the tiny city, leaving the green fabric draped over the scenery, and turned aside, debris raining from her gigantic toes when she lifted her foot. Her every step was a resounding thud that sent structures collapsing to nothing. Those underneath her first met the darkness of her shadow before being obliterated, mashed bodies, powdered stone and glass dotting the immense footprints she left in her wake.


That evening Alanna returned to the ship with reluctance. Her eyes still locked firmly on the scenes of carnage as she cleaned away the gore and grime from her awesome body and redressed herself. In the vast hallspace where she lay there was a platform by her face. A safe space for her attendants to address her, and there was one now… a certain General who more than appreciated the way she played. His face was flushed and the smirk on his face evident as he laid a tiny hand against her shoulder and spoke softly.
“You forgot to offer them the terms of surrender first again…”
Alanna shrugged softly “It's more fun this way.”
“The Council has complained… they want me to rein you in.”
The vast face curled into a scowl, the eyes still on the smoking wreckage, her hand straying down to her hard nipple under her suit. The expression was one of disgust, distaste at having to follow the orders of such pathetic beings.
“Then I think it's time for my little coup d'etat,” she said softly “alert the faithful and place coordinates for the home world. I think it's about time they learnt who is in charge here now.” The General nodded in amused assent, her parting words following him.
“And save this location.. I would like to visit this place again some time..”

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