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It was a cool summer evening. The sky had a faded glow, as the sun had set just minutes prior. Through the wooden halls of a large home fluttered a little fairy boy, no more than a couple of inches tall. He was a timid and fragile creature, much unlike the creature he was going to check up on. Flying through the open crack of the bedroom chamber door, he called out her name.

"Mistress Airomed! Are you all finished your supper? ...Oh."

His owner and powerful mistress was curled up on her bed, sleeping in the nude, save for her black gem necklace and her shiny right hand gauntlet. She always wore those, even while sleeping. Down on the floor was a long plate, more like a tray, stained red with sauce and droplets of meat juice. The plate was covered in leftover bones, chewed clean by the ravenous demoness before she took her slumber. The amount of bones was absurd, it would take the fairy boy multiple trips back to the kitchen to carry them all.

He gave a sigh, being Airomed's tiny assistant could be hard work sometimes, and even harder when she was awake. She had a knack for tormenting his poor soul whenever she fancied, often leading him to some humiliating situations that he didn't even want to think about. As he flew over to her plate he could hear her lightly snoring. She was totally knocked out after that huge meal. In her nakedness she was completely vulnerable, the fairy boy could stare at her luscious body as much as he pleased. Her long scarlet hair covered her smooth back, long enough to touch her black demon tail at the base of her hips. In the front her large voluptuous breasts heaved with every snore, but since she was laying on her side her arms were in the way. That was no matter, because the part the boy was most interested in was right out in the open, her huge exposed ass.

The fairy boy giggled to himself and flew around to her hindquarters. Airomed's butt was a thing of beauty, a perfect heart-shaped rump that drew in ones eyes. It had just enough thickness to be alluring, but without making the rest of her seem fat. Her skin was free of imperfections, it almost seemed to glow in the light coming from the open window. She was sleeping with her legs curled up slightly, and so her round cheeks were slightly parted, teasing the little boy with a glimpse of her inner crack. The sight drew him in closer. So sexy, so warm, so vulnerable. After all the times she had messed with him, he had just found a golden opportunity.

"Finally, it's my turn to toy with her for once." the fairy boy said to himself.

He dove right in between her ass cheeks, helping himself to her delicious butt crack. Her white globes were soft and warm, like two cushy blankets surrounding him on either side. The warm sweaty musk of her butt was everywhere, rich with pheromones and intoxicating to his senses. He was hard within seconds. Nestling his tiny body in deep, the boy lifted with both arms to pry apart Airomed's cheeks. There he found what he was looking for, the hot puckered orifice that was nearly as big as he was, her anus.

The fairy boy could have made his way for her pussy, but it was really her anus that he had a fixation on. It was so big and perfectly round, the perfect size for him to play with. It looked soft but firm, a great pit of puffy wrinkles meeting at one singular hole. Around the outside was a light circle of hair, red in colour. He had always been attracted to Airomed's anus, and she was fine with walking around with no clothes on so he was able to see it occasionally. The problem is, she also had no problem with passing gas freely, whether it be burping or farting. It seemed as if every time he tried to get close and sneak a peak at her asshole Airomed would let out a horribly raunchy toot. It made her anus a toxic hazard when she was awake, but right now he didn't have to worry about that.

Not wanting to waste more time, the fairy boy primed his erect cock for anal insertion. He spread his giant mistresses anal wrinkles apart with both hands and slipped his dick right down the center. It was so warm! The sensation around his dick was heavenly. Airomed's anus felt so good that he couldn't stop himself from humping her right away. The little boy's hips slapped against the butthole again and again, the puffy anal wrinkles seemed to jiggle with his movements. Her crevices were hot and oily, creating a perfect lubrication for his dick. The fairy pounded away, losing himself in pleasure. It was finally his moment to use her. His finest hour, where he could play with her body however he liked, just how she would always play with his. The anus lightly squeezed back on his dick, as if it had noticed his presence and wanted to help him reach his climax. The added pressure felt amazing and it created an almost suction-like grip around his member. He was so enthralled by her asshole that he didn't even notice it was starting to bulge outwards.

Suddenly the pressure escaped, in the form of a hot jet of wind spewing against his body. Airomed had just squeaked out a rank fart in her sleep, interrupting the fairy boy's fun. Compared to her normal farts this one was just a small puff, but for her assistant it was a large burst nonetheless. He coughed on the smell, it reeked! Airomed's huge meal of exclusively meat hadn't done her digestive system any favors and tonight it was making her gas smell especially bad. Some of the meat must have spoiled or something because the stinging stench assaulted the poor boy's nose like nothing else. Her asshole felt burning-hot now, slathered in the steamy scent of her bowels. It retracted in the fairy's palms, going back to its prior non-bulged-out shape. The boy fluttered his wings to try to disperse the foul odor. That helped somewhat, but it still smelled awful.

He didn't want to stop. Even after such a disgusting ordeal, the small fairy didn't want to give up. He was determined, he never ever would get a chance like this. Tonight he was going to cum in his giant mistresses asshole, and show her what he's made of! Bucking his hips, the tiny boy resumed his thrusting, getting back into his earlier rhythm. In a weird way the fart had made her asshole feel even more juicy, covering it in a slick fresh oily film. It felt incredible on his dick as he pushed it between the warm creased wrinkles. Beating his wings faster, he propelled his body forward, adding some extra force in time to his thrusts. Pounding her giant ass as hard as he could, he felt like he was being manly. He felt a welling desire to dominate her more, to stain her body with his seed. Slowly he felt his orgasm building, until his arousal reached its peak. He was finally about to cum!


A huge gurgle echoed from the beast before him, coming his way. He didn't have any time to escape. The anus trembled for a second before tearing open with a huge blast of gas, a massive tornado compared to the woman's last release. The fart exploded out her rumbling butthole sending the fairy boy flying before he had a chance to ejaculate. It was loud and powerful, creating huge thunderclaps as it exited between her cheeks. It seemed to shake the whole bed with its force. The real kicker was the smell, it was just as potent as the squeaker she let out before, only this time it was way bigger and free to spread throughout the room. The fairy boy choked on the smell, he had landed on the bed next to her butt and was coughing up a storm. No amount of flapping his wings would send the fart away this time.


Soft moans escaped the grown woman's lips. The bed creaked as she began to stir. Apparently the fart was so big that it woke her up. Slowly she rose into a sitting position, which was enough movement to make her guts growl in protest.

"Oof, quite bad indigestion..." she said while rubbing her stomach.

As the giantess sat upwards her colossal ass rolled over sideways, right over her little fairy servant. He was so busy coughing and trying to get rid of the rancid gas in his lungs that he didn't even notice her ass was moving- until it was right over top of him. He let out a small shriek, unheard by the demoness, as her giant ass cheeks plopped down on top of him. Airomed lifted her arms up in a stretch, yawning from her nap and wiggling her wide hips into the bedsheets. Underneath the fairy boy was pummeled by her weight, and as a result of her wiggling, sent directly into her ass crack. He couldn't see under her backside, but the heat and oily texture told him where he was. Airomed gave one more shimmy as she stretched her tail and the boy felt a familiar mass of rubbery skin slide over his head. It was her anus, red-hot from the recent fart and dripping with the stench of her bowels. It smothered his face with a sloppy sticky embrace. He screamed for help, his trembling voice buzzing directly into his mistresses sensitive skin, making her shoulders jump.

"Oh! Boy, is that you down there?" Airomed's voice had a proper accent to it, her tone equally sultry and playful. "What ever are you doing... under. my. butthole?"

Her huge anus pounded his head into the bed to emphasize each word. The fairy boy squirmed pathetically under her pulsating ring. It was gross, and the pressure of her stiff sphincter muscles felt like it was going to crush his skull. Airomed giggled above, clearly enjoying his suffering. He was back to being her plaything, all that power he held before was gone. The sadistic demoness then lifted up one butt cheek and dug out his body with her giant hand. He was flung around in the air by his leg until he stopped, suspended upside-down in front of her face. Part of him was expecting her usual devious toothy grin, but instead her face was twisted in disgust.

"My word you stink" she said, wrinkling her nose.

"You farted on me in your sleep mistress!"

She examined him further, raising an eyebrow. Despite the smell of her own gas she brought him closer to her face. The fairy boy felt uncomfortable being this close, the way her bright golden eyes glared at him made him nervous. Something about her exhumed a presence of danger, but what was more dangerous was that the boy had forgotten to hide his shame. After all the heart-pounding excitement his boner was still standing, which didn't go unnoticed by the giantess. He gave a terrified gulp as he watched her mouth twist into a smile, and knew he was screwed. Before he had a chance to explain himself her other hand was on top of him, and grabbed his cock in-between her armored fingers.

"Now what have we here? I was wondering what you were doing down there. Were you trying to get a piece of my fine ass while I was asleep?"

His face turned beet-red in embarrassment. Airomed was right on the money. She saw his shameful expression and let out a loud boisterous laugh.

"HA HA HAHH!! How amusing! You'd rather try my asshole than my pussy, is that right? You're more of a little pervert than you look. Why, I thought pathetic little fairies like you didn't enjoy dirty things like anal. You know SHIT comes from there right?"

He could only stammer in response to her insults. She kept going.

"How did it smell? The scent of my asshole, that is. Did you like my gross farts too? I ate lots of meat and my lady-like stomach didn't seem to agree with it."

"N-NO! They smelled a-awful!" he yelped.

"Like I would believe that!" she laughed. "Look at your little prick, it's still nice and hard. You were probably getting off to my gas while sticking your tiny meat between my massive folds, weren't you? Sniffing my farts? Huffing my delicious fumes with a perverted look on your face?"

"N-nooo..." he cried.

"Hmmm, still not going to be honest with me? Disappointing. I've got no choice but to punish you then. I'm sure your body will be honest if I stick you back between my buttocks!"

"What?! No please! Wa-!!"

The giantess swung him by the leg back around to her backside. She got on her knees and bent over, her plump pale cheeks jiggling like gelatin in front of him. Even after being farted on Airomed's ass still looked incredibly sexy, but the little fairy boy was too terrified to enjoy the view. With her gauntlet-clad hand she spread her hefty butt cheeks, exposing her sweaty balloon knot in front of him. The brown hole shimmered in the light, surrounded by the light red ring of ass hair. It was puckering in and out, anticipating his tiny body's touch. The fairy boy waved his hands around in a panic, wildly swinging between Airomend's fingers as her begged her to stop.


Airomed smirked and closed her eyes as she pushed his body between her ass cheeks. His frantic squirms felt ticklish against her smooth skin, but also delectable. As soon as she felt he was far enough between her ass halves she pulled her gauntlet hand away, and let her monolithic cheeks smack into him on either side. This knocked the wind out of the fairy assistant momentarily, but it wasn't enough to hold him back. He wriggled and crawled beneath the weight of her globes, desperate to claw his way back out from where he came. His mistresses butt flesh was doughy and hard to push through, any force he applied would sink into her thickness. There was a fair amount of sweat built up in her crack and the slipperiness only added to his problems. Her whole butt still smelled of rank farts too, the horrid wrinkled source of the stench was not far behind his back.

Before he could actually get anywhere, a great pressure flattened him on both sides. Airomed was pressing her hands against each of her beautiful butt cheeks and squeezing them together. She felt he was getting a bit too close to digging his way out of her booty and put a stop to it. Next she started rubbing her buns together, digging her fingers into her ass meat as she swirled it around. The crushing flesh turned into a rolling nightmare for her servant, sending him into a world of hurt. Fatty waves of sweat and blubber knocked him in every direction, rich with the aroma of Airomed's ass. Her arms were strong, and as a result the overbearing might of her ass cheeks mangled him up like a ragdoll.

She quite enjoyed this feeling of squishing him between her cheeks. Massaging her ass was pleasurable enough on its own, but the feeling of a tiny nub rolling around underneath her huge buns was even more enjoyable. She kneaded her cheeks happily, sending the wriggling lump back and forth in her ass, stirring him around wherever she wanted. The fairy boy was suffocating under her flesh, hardly any air made it between her cheeks and any time her tried to breathe he would get a helping of ass skin in his mouth. He felt dizzy, noxious, and worst of all, aroused. His boner just wouldn't calm down after being rubbed against Airomed's soft supple skin. Her ass was a smooth bed of warmth, and no matter how hard she squeezed it down on him, his cock felt great. He knew that if he kept hard she would endlessly tease him about it, call him a pervert, and probably subject him to even more punishment, but he just couldn't help it. Her ass felt too amazing!

Finally Airomed stopped rubbing her glutes together, but the next words out of her mouth confirmed his worst fears.

"Mmmmmm, still hard are we?"

Her words dripped with seduction, and yet the fairy boy had never felt so scared in his life.

"Naughty little boy. Whatever am I going to do with you? You say you don't like the smell of my farts but after getting massaged in it, you're still stiff as a board! I guess I'll have to prove how much of a disgusting pervert you are... by making you cum with my gas. But first let's get you a little closer..."

Airomed's finger plowed into the boy from behind, driving him deeper between her cheeks. She lifted her huge globes aside again so he could see where he was going, straight on top of her puffy anus. He wanted to scream so many things. I don't have a fart fetish. I'm not a pervert. I'll never do it again. Please listen to me. I've learned my lesson. But no words came out. He was too scared to beg, and the only noise he could make was a small whimper. His tiny body smacked into her fat donut hole, forcefully pinned by her giant finger. Immediately he felt soaked, both by the overpowering odor of her oversized anus and by her slippery fermented oils. The boiling hot bunghole started pulsating, slathering the front of his body into its grimy rubbery skin. Airomed's finger prodded at his back playfully, allowing him to sink in deeper. His elbows sank between her folds and were promptly squeezed by the twitching wrinkles. He kicked and writhed to resist, but the giantesses body was much too strong. She wiggled her massive hips into him, wiping him up and down her hairy sphincter like a piece of toilet paper. Suddenly she stopped, feeling his erect cock lined up with the center of her anus. Smiling, Airomed clenched, sucking the minuscule dick inside.

The fairy boy shouted in shock and pain. All at once his giant mistresses back hole came squeezing down on his manhood. The large wrinkles compacted, forming a tight seal around his dick. A second later they eased up, only to squeeze down once again. The giant woman's butthole started to get into a rhythm, pulsing and rubbing all over his dick. It was like her ass was sucking on his penis, slurping it up in its giant hungry mouth. Airomed moaned as she undulated her asshole, clearly getting off to this obscene and twisted anal torture. The fairy boy couldn't enjoy the bizarre feeling, her asshole smelled horrendous and it felt like at any moment she was going to tear his dick off. Loud smacking noises filled his ears, the huge anus in front of him was acting like a pair of giant wet lips. Sloppy drops of slime squeezed through her wrinkled pucker, like juice from an orange. The added lubrication felt great on his cock, but his chest and face were coated in the revolting mess. He tried to push away, slip out from under her finger, but the giant assholes grip on his dick was far too strong. Again and again it suckled his shaft, drawing him deeper inside her body. Just as he was worrying about going too far Airomed's huge finger started slamming into his hips.

"Come on little pervert! Fuck that delicious farthole you love so much!" she taunted.

Right now, it didn't seem anything like the anus he was so fixated on before. Instead it seemed like a giant monster, with a mouth so big it could swallow him whole. The drooling anal maw slurped his penis ravenously, gnashing his member between its wrinkled teeth. Unwillingly his groin thrust back, forced to by the woman's beastly finger. The tiny fairy could feel his eyes rolling back into his head. His dick had been played with so much, it was getting harder and harder to stop himself from cumming. If he ejaculated, she would win, and then he'd be seriously fucked. He tried to focus his mind somewhere else, ignore the gigantic clenching butthole right in front of him. Any thoughts he had were completely interrupted as Airomed's ass let out a low growl from deep within.

"Get ready to cum boy! I can feel it coming... it's going to be a big one!"

The gurgles got louder, even louder than the last monster fart she had blasted him with. Ferocious bubbling sounds churned from the deepest reaches of her bowels, still agitated from her last meal. Her long black tail raised itself up in the air. The huge anus clenched as the rumbles got closer, pulsating around the boys cock as he screamed. His dick was at its limit, he couldn't take any more. The hot slimy wrinkles bulged outwards, gradually covering the boy against the woman's huge finger. She held him in place, feeling him squirm against her anus one last time before she let out her gas. The great hole widened, unloading its massive payload on the fairy boy's hips. Airomed's fart trumpeted furiously against his tiny body, the incredible vibrations made him cum instantly. Her anal wrinkles warbled all over his tiny form, blasting his head backwards as her smell gushed out. The stench was ungodly, it smelled rank and meaty and the heat was so muggy that moisture began to form on his skin. For several seconds her shithole erupted, blaring blazing hot gas onto his dick as it came. His seed was lost in the roaring winds, blown away by the force of his mistresses fart. The air burned at his lungs causing him to cough and gag in revulsion. Eventually her asshole closed back up, ending its gassy assault.

Airomed rubbed his sad body between her digits, feeling the tender mush of his deflated cock.

"See, boy? One whiff of my girly farts and you creamed all over yourself! This proves that you're really just a little ass pervert. You secretly like all this don't you? Well you're going to love what comes next!"

Her gargantuan finger pushed at the back of his tiny skull, while her other ones held his body in place. Unceremoniously they jutted forward, slamming his face directly against the engorged asshole.

"You get to lick my hole clean after dirtying it with your filthy cum! Come now, I know you love it. Make sure to get deep in there!" she commanded.

Her anus was still red-hot from her toxic fart and twitching erratically. It smelled like death, a horrid miasma of pungent anal fumes that cut at his nostrils. Her body had been upset by the massive quantities of meat she ate and in return it produced an unholy mixture of flatus, pressure cooked inside her bowels and delivered right out her giant ass. Now her anus was coated in that smell, seeping with the rotten odor in every crevice. The stench was so bad that it almost had its own heat to it, burning crackling fire hit the fairy boys brow as his face was forced against it. He couldn't stand her disgusting anal perfume any longer, he was done. There was no way he was going to willingly lick it all up, like some sort of living cotton swab. He wanted to never see her asshole again, instead he wanted to have a week-long shower.

Airomed's anus pulsated in and out, awaiting the licks of his little tongue. The foul burning shithole rubbed all over his face, lapping hot slime and juices everywhere. It was eager for him to get going, to feel his tiny tongue slip between the wrinkles. Since it was many times bigger than his own head he had a lot of ground to cover. He remained vigilant, refusing to do anything but keeping his lips closed tight. The giantess frowned at this, disappointed with his lack of obedience.

"Seems like you need more encouragement..." she said.

Suddenly her fingers started to squeeze the tiny boy's body in an iron grip. He screamed in pain, feeling the powerful digits crushing his ribs. The hot drooling anus continued to pulsate into his face and he shouted, and seeped warm rancid juices inside his now-open mouth. The boy coughed and yelled and choked some more, his body unable to react to both horrible tortures at the same time. He had to stop this before it was too late. In his struggles between his mistresses unrelenting fingers he managed to poke his tongue out and press it against her ass flesh. That wasn't enough, and her squeezing got even harder. It felt like his body was going to pop at any second. In a last-ditch effort he crammed his head forward into the center of the woman's giant sweltering asshole. His tongue flicked all over the place, slapping into whatever meat he could find and slipping between her giant wrinkles. That seemed to be enough as Airomed noticed his licking, and finally relaxed her fingers.

He had to keep going or else she would crush him again. Desperately he wormed his head around her hot crevices, poking his tongue in all directions. The pink muscle in his mouth dragged along her foul skin, collecting all the built up grime and oily film that covered her asshole. It assaulted his taste buds, collecting in the spaces between his teeth so that her savory flavor would never leave. With no other option available he swallowed, taking her gruesome anus slime down into his stomach. He could have lived for a thousand years and never tasted anything so bad. Closing his eyes he drove his head deeper, parting two gummy wrinkles of her hefty shithole to get into the cracks. Her asshole graciously accepted him, convulsing with pleasure as he rimmed her nooks and crannies.

"Mmmmm, that's it.... Get deeper..." Airomed moaned.

She was getting into this. Her hips gyrated in response to his micro-sized slurpings. Even something as small as his tiny head felt great when it was wriggling between her tender anal wrinkles. The massive hole flexed erotically, lightly squeezing him like a chew toy. Gradually the woman's anus began to flower open, spreading its brown wrinkled lips to reveal the smooth pink inner ring. It was shining with juices, and trembling to feel his tongue. The boy saw the sensitive inner hole and went at it, hoping that pleasing this would end his torture. His head sank between the giant ring of wrinkles, reaching deeper, to the point where it passed his ears on each side and was touching his shoulders. Going this far in felt like he was sticking his head inside a giant fleshy oven, one lined with hot dripping slime. Finally he licked it, sliding his tongue over the hot pink flesh of the woman's inner butthole.

Immediately her ass clenched down on his skull, enamored by the smooth licks coming from within. He didn't stop, he kept licking her tender pink flesh again and again. Up, down, in big circles, swirling around and around her asshole, collecting all the nasty juices in his mouth. Painfully he swallowed them, gasping for breath, and then went back to licking some more. The enormous asshole shuddered and convulsed, squeezing harder and harder as it hungered for more. The bands of muscle tightened around his head, trying to draw him inwards, to the point where his lips were pressing against the pink ring so hard that he could barely get his tongue out. In the distance he could hear Airomed moaning erotically, getting herself off on his suffering.

The giant demoness raised her ass higher on the bed, rubbing her creamy legs together. Her butt was craving for his touch, greedy with desire to feel more miniature licks. The fairy boy reluctantly continued, hating every moment of it. Her taste was the worst thing he had ever tasted, even her fresh slimy juices were rank with the stench of excrement. His tongue felt raw, like it would never be clean of this grime. Loud smacks filled the hole and it sucked on his head. The rubbery folds of her giant ass contracted over and over, collapsing the hard flesh around him. It was getting tighter by the second but the monster hole didn't care, it just wanted more tickling pleasure. The tiny boy couldn't lick any more, he couldn't even breathe. His arms and legs flailed between her cheeks, trying to alert the giantess that her massive hole had squeezed out all his air. The anus sucked on him more, grinding the sticky hot folds around his head. He screamed for help, the tiny vibrations of his voice making the asshole clench even harder. Airomed moaned again.

"Need some air little boy? Enjoy this..." she said.

Far within, her muscles started to push. Her intestines croaked, easing along another load of digestive air. Similar to before, her tail raised, and loud gurgles rumbled through her body, growing in volume and speed. The fairy boy's blood went cold. She was going to let out her noxious upset stomach gas directly into his face, under the pretense that he would actually enjoy it. She was crazy, pure sadistic evil given form! Her gargantuan ass groaned louder and her anus started to bulge out at his tiny face. Her inner pink ring locked into his lips and expanded, forcing his mouth open. Under the heavy girth of her shithole he couldn't shut his jaw! His mouth was wrenched wide open as her hole began to pucker, ready to release her fart! The poor boy cried, letting out the last of his air in a terrified scream.


Airomed's anal lips parted within his, allowing her gas to escape. Instead of an extreme explosion like last time, she let it out slowly and steadily. The ghastly fart hissed inside the fairy boy's mouth, puffing his cheeks and crawling down his throat. It was unbelievably hot from permeating inside her magnificent bowels, and now he could feel it attacking him from inside. His saliva was instantly dried up, all the way down his esophagus until the gas shot into his lungs. It burned with a fiery heat, poisoning his body from the very core. Still her fart kept on pumping out, the silent but deadly gases bubbling from her booty. It tasted ten times worse than her anus, like pure thick shit filling him like a balloon. When there was no more room her fart began to spill out from his lips and nose, escaping from the cracks between her butthole. Small puffs of gas hissed out, escaping into the room. Nothing could be as horrible as this for the tiny boy, his own mouth and lungs were being used as a stopper for this giant woman's rancid fart.

Gradually her hole began to widen, spewing even greater volumes of volcanic gas into his mouth. Old gas was replaced by newer, more fresher smells, red-hot from the colon. Airomed's stench began to get hotter and meatier as it leaked out, coming from deep within the depths of her ass. Flecks of waste and juices expelled with her fart, coating the boy's throat. She loved the feeling of letting out her fart slowly, the relief was euphoric, and she could feel the boy's body twitching between her cheeks. Soon enough her anus relaxed to the point of no return and she lost control, her droning fart accelerated to full force. The fairy boy's head was onslaughted by a booming tornado of flatulence, suffering inside the giantesses butthole. Loud sounds trumpeted around his ears as the anus vibrated and sputtered. His own head acted as a buffer, taking on the whole reverberating force of her massive hole. The wretched muggy smell clouded his thoughts, even through all the stabbing pain his body was enduring. With the fart still erupting around him, the fairy boy gazed into the darkness of Airomed's ass, feeling himself falling into it. Her anus finished with a final meaty push around his head and then he passed out.


Nearly an hour later the fairy boy awoke on her bed. Still in a daze he sat upwards, before coughing in a violent fit all over himself. Wads of slime flew from his mouth, clear and viscous with fleks of brown. It took his mind a second to catch up, and then he remembered everything. Airomed sleeping, her gas attack, being assaulted by her cheeks and butthole, and finally, being used as a chew toy and fart filter for her giant ass. A wave of humiliation washed over him. From going so high as thinking he was dominating his mistress to sinking so very low... it was pathetic. He wanted to curl up in a ball and never come out.

The bed rocked suddenly and he looked around. Beside him was his giant mistress, who had been sitting there this whole time. She was reading a book until she turned around, as if she sensed him coming to. Her bright golden eyes locked onto his tiny body, nearly making him fly away in fear. Instead he was frozen stiff, still terrified after what she had just done to him.

"Ah, so you're awake, my little ass toy." Airomed spoke with a smug, haughty voice. "Was my perfect asshole everything you dreamed?"

"N-No! Um... yes? Um! ... I'm sorry! I'm sorry!! Please I've learned my lesson I won't do it again!"

Airomed laughed at his pleas for forgiveness. He continued.

"I'm sorry! I saw you sleeping and your behind was so beautiful and I couldn't help myself and-"

She raised her gauntleted hand telling him to stop.


"Tell me dear..." She leaned her head close, piercing him with her gaze. "How did my gas taste? Be honest..."

Cold beads of sweat ran down his forehead.

"U-um... Quite bad mistress."

Her head moved back to her book, cold and calm.

"Yes, I'm afraid I've had an upset stomach ever since that last meal. Seems like my body can't keep up with my voracious appetite, wouldn't you agree?" she asked.

"Y-yeah! It smelled very bad." he agreed.

"Now let's say there was some way to remedy my poor little tummy. You would aid me with that right?"

"Yes mistress!" he shouted. Anything to get back on her good side.

"Good..." she smiled. "Take a look at this."

She flipped the book over in her hands, displaying it to the boy. It must have been an old book of remedies that she took from the study. On the pages there were a bunch of scribbles of text. While the fairy boy couldn't understand what was written, he could follow the diagrams. On one page there was a drawing of a male fairy, just like him. Sparkles were drawn coming from the wings, swirling around, and an arrow pointing towards a large peach-shaped object. It was round with two halves, and a big black hole in the middle. The little boys eyes widened as he figured out what this meant. Heart now racing, he turned back to Airomed.

"M-mistress, if you n-need some of the fairy dust from my wings, I can c-collect it for you. It will only take a few d-days." he stammered.

"No dear, I think that will take too long." She looked down on him smiling. "Dust from a fairy boy's wings can do incredible things, including cure digestion. However, my tummy is upset now, and I'll need that dust right away. I'll just have to shove you up my asshole myself and squeeze you around in there. I'm sure you won't mind right? You are my little ass pervert, after all."

He gulped.

"Also there's the matter of this..."

FWOOOM! Her massive leg swung over his head, spreading the two in front of his eyes. Her magnificent pussy was sitting in front of him, sparkling wet and dripping with juices.

"All your little struggles when you were playing around in my butthole seemed to have aroused me. So I'm going to masturbating with my pussy while I ease you inside my anus. Kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Now then!"

Before he could fly away for his own safety she snatched him up in her gauntleted hand. Her whole body moved around as she crawled on the bed. She lied on her back and shimmied her butt towards the baseboard. When she got there she kept shimmying, lifting her ass up and flipping her legs backwards. Her pussy was spread and pointed straight up to the ceiling, along with her puckered butthole. The fairy boy was suspended above her giant brown eye, watching it flex at him. The woman's musky smell traveled upwards, the latent scent of her farts overpowered by the oozing pheromones of her pussy. The tiny fairy wriggled and hollered between her fingers, begging her not to do this. She licked her lips and lowered him, legs-first into her hungry butthole.

He was sucked all the way up to his knees with a loud SLORP. The giant ass clenched down tight on him, thrilled by his entry. He could feel her warm rubbery creases contracting around his shins and his feet passing into a more open space. It was boiling hot inside her and extremely gooey with juices. Airomed's strong fingers pushed him deeper, feeding him into her ass until he was up to his waist. The tender asshole wrapped around his cock, playfully squashing it between two puffy wrinkles. He hated to admit that it felt good, but he was still too scared to actually enjoy it. It was like her anus was a giant mouth eating him alive, chewing lightly on his hips. He squirmed and kicked with his legs but that only stimulated her ass more, making her clench harder. Once she felt he was far enough in that he wasn't getting out, she lifted her fingers away. The tiny boy tried to hang on to the fingers and get pulled out with them, but his grip was too weak.

For a few silent seconds the demoness shuffled around. She was reaching for something, a terrifying massive object that made the boy's jaw drop when he saw it. It was a gigantic purple dildo, thick and bulbous, with many round studs covering the length for added pleasure. It was closer to the size of her forearm than it was to his pitiful body. Airomed rubbed the dildos head against her pussy lips, lathering it up with her sticky juices. Her vagina and anus both started pulsating in unison and her breath became ragged in anticipation. The boy could feel her anal muscles flex. With one huge thrust she jammed it in herself, moaning in satisfaction. As the giant toy entered a waterfall of girlish honey overflowed from her pussy cascading down to the fairy boy. In the divot of her ass her juices ran downwards, lubricating her slutty butthole. It squeezed and trembled around his body and swallowed him up past his stomach.

Airomed pulled the dildo out slowly. Her pink pussy lips clutched onto it hard, not wanting to let go. She drove it in again, letting its girth spread her open. Her colossal ass squeezed around the fairy's chest. Then she thrust it again and again, beginning to get into a rhythm. Juices flew everywhere, raining down on the poor boy. He was struggling not to get sucked inside, but it was a losing battle. As the giant women pounded her pussy, her slobbering anus was making a meal out of him. Throbbing hot wrinkles constricted around his torso, gradually sucking him deeper. He could feel her meaty ass flesh hugging him from inside, not wanting to let him go. Above him her tail was flipping about, whipping back and forth in pleasure. Scared, he reached for her ass hairs, anything to hang on to. The juices flowing from her opened pussy made the red hairs too slick, and his hands slipped off uselessly. Through her juicy anal walls he felt the dildo sliding in and out of her vagina, scraping at her sensitive insides. The steamy flesh tightened and loosened repeatedly, drawing him in further. He tried putting both arms at his sides to push back against the asshole, use her rubbery skin as leverage to pull himself out. Airomed let out a loud moan as she slammed the toy into her cunt, and suddenly her anus widened enough that the fairy boy's arms shot inside.

"Ahhh No!" he screamed, as the woman's quivering butthole squeezed down on his shoulders.

She was rubbing her clit with one hand and pushing the dildo in with the other. She could feel it coming, her orgasm was almost here. The tiny boy felt so good wriggling in her asshole, unintentionally feeding her arousal. Her giant anal maw chewed down on his shoulders hard, until they were sucked in with a pop. Now he was just left with his head outside, and her monstrous backdoor squeezing lovingly on his neck. Pussy juices pooled around his face, filling into his open ears. He tried to yell but the anus was too tight around his neck. Her ass was choking him, and in a few seconds he would suffocate.

That was when Airomed pinched down hard on her clit. She had been hammering her g-spot for a while now and that last bit of pleasure was enough to send her over the edge. Without a care for her servant's well being she began to cum unrestrained. Her asshole widened around the boys neck for a half second, giving him time to suck in air, before it clenched down on his body harder than ever. From there it started wildly crushing him between its greasy folds, slamming open and closed on his body so hard that he felt like he was about to break. His body was drawn in deeper as she came, letting his head be the last thing that her anus had to squeeze down on. Airomed moaned and cooed, her tail stood up straight in the air. She loved feeling the hard yummy nub that was his skull get crushed between her anal folds. Loud smacks filled the boy's ears as her giant anus chewed his head, the woman's powerful muscles hungrily gobbled him up. Slime filled his mouth, the gross taste of her ass mixed with her pussy, and he was forced to swallow it. Finally Airomed's hips bucked and her anus clenched down on his head one last time, harder than ever.

The rim of her shithole was like a ring of steel crushing him, one that was lovingly pulsating with pleasure. He could feel every twitch, every spasm of lust coming through her butthole, holding him painfully in place. Every single second went on forever, idly ticking by until finally... it was over. Airomed's hot anus let go of its iron grip and went back to merely holding him in place. The fairy boy gasped and drew in smelly air. The worst seemed to be over, but it was still rank and horribly humid with his body inside the giant woman's bowels. She was panting down below, her large sweaty breasts heaving up and down with every breath. Lastly, she let out a sigh of satisfaction.


Just then, the anal walls surrounding his body throbbed slightly. Behind him the giant woman's bowels started to relax and open up. The little boy thought it was just another latent spasm when suddenly the temperature inside Airomed's ass spiked. Her giant anus swelled around his head, bulging out uncomfortably, before releasing an enormous roaring fart. Burning stinky winds enveloped his face, taking all the air around him and replacing it with a foul meaty concoction. As the sweltering stream erupted from the woman's ass her anal passageway widened, and the tiny boy began to slip downwards. Weakly, he scrambled to get back up, but his tiny limbs and the force of his mistress's fart weren't enough to fight back against gravity. Hot blasts of flatus lapped at his back, undulating through her body and out her trembling hole. Airomed let out another content sigh, this time one of relief for her bloated bowels.

As soon as it began it was over. The walls closed back in around the fairy boy, trapping him several body lengths inside his owner's ass. Up above, the ring of her anus was wide open and gaping, shining a single ray of light into the murky hellhole. Smothering red walls hugged his body, squishing and shimmering with mucus. The smell was thick and heavy from the fart, making it hard to breathe. He had gone far enough inside her, rubbed his magic wings of fairy dust along her bowels, now he needed to get out. Before she trapped him inside her sweltering ass. Mustering up all his strength the boy wriggled and pushed himself upwards. He climbed as hard as he could, slipping on several lumps of the slimy hot flesh. There wasn't much time left, he had to get out of her ass before her hole stopped gaping! His movements didn't go unnoticed, the giant booty started pulsating with pleasure, threatening to swallow him back down. Even then he didn't stop climbing, he was too close to give up!

Then, the huge shadow of Airomed's forefinger blocked his exit. Terrifyingly, it wriggled itself through her open hole, straight at him. The pad of her finger planted on his head and started to shove him back down inside her ass.

"No... you love it, you love it..." she whispered repeatedly to her anal slave, in a post-orgasmic daze.

It was impossible to fight back against her finger. The small boy was overpowered instantly, crammed back down Airomed's anal throat, losing all the progress he had made. The feeling of hot flesh sliding over his body was grotesque, juicy squishable lumps and crevices filled with god-knows-what rubbed along his skin. The finger pushed him back where to he came from and then deeper, to depths unknown. Warm smothering meat caressed him on all sides, getting warmer and warmer on the way down. It was like he was dropping into hell itself. Her muscles were kneading into his body like dough, playfully wrapping around him for their owners pleasure. It smelled way worse than it did above, the burning stench from her recent fart clung to the shifting walls.

Airomed pushed her finger as far as it would go, all the way to her knuckle. Inside it wriggled around, barely scratching the top of the tiny fairy's head. With its job done, it started to retreat, leaving the boy alone in her horrid bowels.

"No! Don't go!" he thought. "Don't leave me inside your ass! It's too awful in here! I don't want to spend the night inside your bowels! I'll be good! Please!"

The finger exited with a pop, leaving her anus gaping for a moment longer before it started to close. His only light was snuffed out, leaving him in the sweltering darkness of his mistresses ass. This was his punishment for helping himself to her asshole, he had defied his owner and was now left to suffer. The walls churned around his body, terrifying organic groans seemed to come from everywhere. He was so scared he peed himself, and the added moisture only made him slide down deeper. The rippling walls squeezed and undulated, yanking at his legs. The distinct sensation in the pit of his stomach told him he was dropping further downwards, into the woman's core. Her gorgeous ass was voraciously gulping him down, swallowing him alive to his own horror. More hot slime stuck to his body, reeking of the smell of her crap. He thrashed and screamed and cried, only serving to delight the giant demoness further.

With her eyelids only half-open in lust, she smiled and licked her lips. The tiny fairy squirming inside her rump felt incredible. She could feel his little arms pushing into her flesh, and when her butt gave him a squeeze he would panic and stir around. Her large perfect ass wobbled against baseboard of the bed, jiggling its plump cheeks. His tickling felt great down there, but has ass craved for something more. The raven-haired demoness slipped backwards on the bedspread and flipped herself over. Crawling, she raised her big butt in the air and lowered her head down low. With her metal-bound hand she spread her butt cheeks apart, lifting her tail and showing off her puckering anus. Meanwhile her other hand grabbed the big long dildo from earlier and lined it up with her shivering sphincter. She let out a loud moan as it entered her, drooling hot saliva onto the white bedsheets.

The tiny fairy heard her moans seconds before it hit him. Wet rumbles filled the dark anal prison, shaking everything around him. On her third thrust he was slammed in the face by the dildo, the thick phallus finally reaching far enough to touch him. Relentlessly his owner pounded the dildo into her ass, not caring if he was crushed by it. The girthy head spread her sticky walls apart, driving into his body like a freight train. Humid muggy smells clogged his airways, becoming even more sweltering the deeper in he went. Deafening SLORP sounds filled the greasy chamber every time the dildo rammed through it, overpowering the woman's distant moans of glee. Her meaty butt walls contracted around the thick shaft, convulsing and throbbing from its movements. In this situation the fairy boy realized he was merely another pleasure toy for her, something to tickle the far reaches of her bowels while she fucked herself. Brutally the dildo beat him up, plowing his body like a tiny ragdoll all for the sake of his mistresses enjoyment.

The giantess felt chills going up her spine, she wanted to send the boy as deep as he could go. The hard anal fucking spread her tight hole and inner walls, loosening her up from the inside. Just then her smooth stomach called out, growling fiercely to the room. A huge weight churned inside her body, heading down south. She could feel it coming, it was going to be BIG. She thought of the little guy deep inside her bowels, how he would react to what was coming, and grinned to herself. Instead of stopping, she pounded the dildo up her ass even harder.

"This one's for you, my dear little pervert..." she whispered, as her tail raised one last time...

A loud resounding gurgle trembled through her body, fast approaching the fairy. She was going let out another fart while fucking him inside her giant ass! The boy braced himself when the rumbling seemed at its loudest, but it didn't happen, it just kept getting louder. Soon the guttural noise in her ass drowned out the sound of her moans, then drowned out the massive slams of the dildo. The tremendous beast only grew more ferocious by the second, it was the culmination of all her evening's stomach problems. The giant dildo cruelly plowed his body down her rectum one more time, turning him around at the exact moment her colon opened up from within.

A massive barrage of farts tore through her ass cavity, blasting him backwards into the dildo. The giant sex toy kept pounding him forward, into the bombardment of meaty explosions. Thick anal walls shuddered around him, harshly reverberating as the damp scorching winds stormed by. Potent odors filled his lungs, the pungent burning taste of gas seared his body from within. With the dildo slamming him on one side and the bursting fart bombs blasting him back on the other, his body was flung back and forth, taking the beating of a lifetime. It was the worst torture imaginable, sent down inside a giant woman's ass and being fucked by her farts. Airomed moaned as the hot farts sputtered cutely out her butthole, getting off on imagining what her little servant was struggling through.

She had a ton of pent up gas, bloated bouts of gruesome stink that had collected inside her intestines for hours. It was all unleashed on her poor little fairy boy, blowing him into the giant dildo again and again. Just when one fart ended, her huge ass would pump out another one, hot and steamy with her repulsive scent. The little boy hacked and wheezed, getting gross flecks of slime in his mouth. It tasted awful, but not as bad as what was to come. Airomed's gas only seemed to get worse as it went on, coming from deeper and deeper inside her huge ass. The final blast of smell was the most potent one yet and it felt like a physical wall of stink had slammed into him. The huge dildo pushed him through it, slamming him against the hard fleshy wall on the other side. Finally her farts were over.

He wasn't out of the woods yet. He had made it all the way down to the dark corner of Airomed's bowels, which was her favourite spot to fuck herself in the ass. With a newfound desire to satisfy her itch, the dildo sped up, crushing her boy face first into the tight meaty membrane. The giant toy pounded the air out of his lungs, leaving him with only thick potent farts to breathe. His mistress cooed with ecstasy, loving how it felt to smash the tiny outline of his body with the dildo. She had claimed him as her anal prisoner, and his sole purpose was to satisfy the appetite of her hungry bowels. The ass shuddered and clenched, prepping itself for a huge anal orgasm. She went faster and faster, her voice getting higher pitched with each thrust.

The fairy boy could feel her meaty corner throbbing, ready to cum in a few seconds. He was scared. He didn't want to die in such a place. It was too dark, too heartless and cold, despite the blazing heat. The forceful dildo continued to hammer him from behind, cramming him into the crevices of her walls. Through all the pain and battering he managed to let out one final scream of fear, his rawest of emotions echoing into the darkness of her colon. The dildo fell on the back of his head, pressing his mouth deep into the woman's gooey anal walls. His trembling scream titillated her bowels, his fear turned directly into her pleasure. It was enough to send her over the edge and make her cum with her ass.

At once, the convulsions started. Her anal muscles contracted hard, clamping like steel once more around him and the dildo. Raw constricting bands of flesh squeezed together so hard that the pressure pushed the dildo out of her asshole. Not the fairy boy though. He was small and thin, just the perfect size to stay inside her undulating cavern. Hard gummy flesh compacted around him, squeezing out all the air until they expanded again. Rhythmically her ass chewed him up, mashing his poor body through mucus and tissue until he didn't know which direction he was facing anymore. Outside Airomed howled in bliss, her back arching as tail shot out as straight as an arrow. Her large breasts felt fantastic as they dragged her stiff engorged nipples along the bed. Her living toy felt so amazing as she came, he was powerless against the clutches of her horny butt. Over and over the cumming bowel walls slammed into him, until his surrounding juices had become frothy.  When all was done his beaten body slumped over, and his head rested into a soft lump of spasming meat.

Airomed panted and panted, slowly calming down from her orgasm. She was hot and sweaty, but most of all sexually satisfied. She hadn't cum that hard in a while, especially from her ass. It was unique feeling, one that she could get addicted to. The raven haired woman promised herself that she'd have to do it with him against sometime, as punishment for the next time he acted out. For now, he could stay inside her ass. Maybe a night with her colossal bowel movement would teach him a lesson.

A big yawn escaped her sharp teeth. In all the fun she had lost track of time and now it was late in the evening. Since she was already in bed, she simply laid down on her side and curled up into a comfy sleeping position. Her stomach wasn't feeling so bad anymore, it looked like the book's remedy had actually worked. With a smiled on her face she dozed off, dreaming pleasantly with a warm feeling in her butt.


Hours passed into the night for the two of them. Deep within the woman's horrid bowels the fairy boy lied there, exhausted, but still alive. Her giant butt gurgled menacingly every now and then, making it impossible for him to sleep. Suddenly the muscles that his head was resting on lurched. Huge groans filled the passageway as the ass roared back to life. The walls in front of his face yawned open, exposing a massive hulking turd. He couldn't see it in the darkness but the massive wave of heat and smell was enough for him to sense its presence. It was huge, a solid token of his mistresses meat-filled feast from earlier. Panicked, the boy tried to run, but slipped on a puddle of juices. That was it, he fell over and the giant log of crap rolled over him. He was crushed against her fleshy wall and left with the enormous mound of shit parked on top of him.

It was utterly disgusting, but he had a small gap of air to breathe from under the shit. Many hours later Airomed woke up and shit him out. He was partially encased in the mess and had to wriggle himself free. She greeted him with her usual toothy grin, and gave him a proper bath after that. For the next few weeks she referred to him as "her little Butt Boy".

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