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"Good night!  See you next week!"  I waved to Jim as he closed the gate to his backyard.  We'd gotten together for a night of gaming and while unfortunately almost half of the group had called out for one reason or another, at least Jim, Samantha, and I had fun playing a few games of Munchkin followed by slaughtering zombies in Zombicide. 

Walking over to my van I looked across the street where I saw Samantha loading some books into the trunk of her car.  It wasn't her usual choice of style but the short ponytale she'd tied her blonde hair up with tonight was cute now that I was looking at it rather than focusing on not getting eaten by zombies.  We'd originally planned on playing some Dungeons&Dragons that she had been running a game of but after too many people pulled out we'd decided on board games instead.

Turning back to my vehicle I started digging through my pocket for my keys.  As I did so a bright white light that was almost blinding in it's intensity forced me to close my eyes.  As I did I felt a warmth that seemed to cover my entire form followed by a wave of dizziness that forced me to lean against my van to keep from falling down.  Fortunately the light seemed to vanish as suddenly as it appeared and I opened my eyes, blinking as things were still a bit blurry. 

A loud sound like metal coming down on something almost made me jump.  This was followed by a softer but still relatively loud steady thumping that seemed to be getting closer.   Turning around, my vision still a bit blurry I watched as something unbelievably massive came crashing down in front of me.  Only the fact that I fell back against my van kept me from falling on the ground from complete shock.  I was staring at a massive white thing that I really had no word to describe that extended in both directions from where I was standing.  Each end curved back to an unknown distance.  Looking up I saw it ended by connecting to some even larger black object that rose high above me until it also curved backwards, once again out of my sight.  But even stranger was what seemed like an actual blue wall except it was floating above me, shaking very slightly.  Extending down from it into the black object was a white pillar that looked almost like cloth. 

My mind blanked a bit here.  I had realized what I was looking at.  But I couldn't accept it.  It doesn't happen.  It's impossible.  Except it was clearly what I was looking at.  Looking to my right confirmed it as I saw another in the distance.  Another shoe.  An impossibly massive tennis shoe that dwarfed the house I'd just come from.  It was almost impossible to turn away from the sheer scale of what I was looking at but I had to know for certain.  I had to look over my van to see what I was almost afraid to see.  A massive wall of cement like a fortress....the curb that I had parked against.  Somehow I had been shrunk along with my van.

A crunching sound from behind me was my only warning I got before I felt something slam against my back and send me flying through the air before I crashed into something sticky.  The pain almost caused me to black out before I could focus on my surroundings again.  To one side I saw a rope of truly epic proportions trailing down the black wall of the shoe ending in a bit of plastic.  A shoe lace.  I had been nearly killed by a shoe lace.  As for the sticky thing I'd collided with the shoe had apparently stepped on a piece of tape which unfortunately now had a grip on me.  Luckily it was old and I figured I could peel myself off of it.  Assuming my unknowing abductor could stand still for a bit. 

A voice called out from above.  Loud and sounding somewhat distorted yet still strangely familiar.  "I was sure I saw a light.  Must've been Alex leaving."  I knew that voice.  Hell that voice knew me assuming I could get it's attention.  Maybe there hope after all. 

Shouting and squirming I called out.  "Sam!  Please Sam!"  Of course it was fruitless.  After when was the last time you heard an ant when it was crawling on your shoe?  A sudden step forward by Samantha pressed me against the tape.  I was truly insignificant. 

But there was still one hope.  My car.  Sure it was tiny but it was still bigger than me.  Not to mention a nice bright red.  If only Sam would spot it.  She'd recognize it and from there know to look for me.  Over and over I said "Please see it".  Almost a  prayer that maybe an uncaring universe might just for bit take pity on me.

Of course the universe which gives hope, quickly takes it away.  I could only stare in horror as Samantha's other foot came forward and collided with my van sending it tumbling into the leaves and mud from the earlier rain.  Where it would almost certainly be washed down the drain with the expected showers later tonight. 

A sudden rapid movement brought me back to far more immediate concerns.  Each massive stride made me almost shriek in fear as I rose rapidly into the sky and teetch chatter as I crashed back into the ground.  And in one horrifying moment watching as the tape I was stuck to bend ever so slightly and very briefly saw the bottom of Samantha's shoe before bouncing back up.  I had to get off before I ended up a smear to be washed off without a thought. 

As Samantha finally came to a stop I heard a click above me and realized what was next.  Rising higher than I had before I got a brief glimpse of large seat before coming down in a forest of brown as Samantha settled into her car.   

Finally.  I'd get some peace.  At least until she got home.  Or so I thought until I saw a pair of monstrously huge fingers heading towards me.  Had she seen me after all?  Two monstrous digits tore the tape I was still attached to off of the shoe and I felt the air blowing against my face as I rose quickly into the sky.  Closing my eyes from the pressure I opened them again as the movement stopped.  Except instead of seeing a giant version of a familiar face I had been expecting I was staring down into what looked like a massive pit that within I could see mountains made out of paper and what looked like a dark yellow lake.  The smell told me that I was looking at the remaints of Samantha's McDonald's from earlier and that this was the bag she'd dumped her trash in.  A sudden flick had me tumbling down into the bag and I saw Samanthas face briefly as she turned her attention back to starting her car.  As the tape landed against a napkin I felt the motion of the car moving forward and realized that I was now trapped in a McDonald's bag in my friends car and on my way to her home.  How was I going to get out of this?

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