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James was always curious but this time, it might've landed in something bigger than just getting yelled at.


As he walked by himself in the house of his best friend, only hearing his footsteps step across the tiled floor, James looked into the open door of his friend’s sister who he’d only seen once prior. He saw the pink bed sheets neatly placed on the bed up against the farthest wall. Next to that was a nightstand that had something of interest. Something that just didn’t match up with the rest of the room. It was a small, pipe like cylinder that just sat on the stand. James was beyond curious at this as he walked into the teenage girls room. As he tipped toed on the floor, he looked around cautiously to make sure he didn’t accidentally step on anything that might cause some sort of noise. He looked to his left, near the bed’s underside was a pair of crumpled up green zebra socks that were next to a seemingly small pair of dirty white shoes. James knew of Jesse’s sister and how she was this super talented dancer as well as runner but he’d never seen her do anything like that. At least, until now.

It was like a small cylinder that had a smaller red button on the top. James was always curious about things that he probably shouldn’t mess with but it was his nature to push the button. He picked it up and investigated it. He read the writing around the button. “Please be cautious when using the CZ-2000.” He questioned to himself. Where would a fifteen year old girl get a ‘CZ-2000’? How much would this have cost the girl who didn’t even work? What was it? All those questions weren’t going to be answered anytime soon as he ignored the warning label as he soon pushed the button. He closed his eyes and after a few seconds, he opened his eyes and saw nothing going on with the pipe.

“Are you serious? Is this some sort of joke?” James was about to put the pipe back where he found as he heard some footsteps coming towards the stairs. Jesse was supposed to be gone for the next few minutes for getting snack for them for movie night. James knew it was the only other person in the house with him coming up the stairs. Ingrid, Jesse’s little sister. As James tried to set it down, the pipe started to glow bright red. He tried to run out of the bedroom but was caught in a small red orb that brought him closer and closer to the pipe. He attempted to scream out but the orb caught him in it’s grasp. Then, a flash of white light filled the room he was in, blinding him. It was a quick and almost painless process as his body reacted to the changes the cylinder put on him. The flash as well as the red orb made him pass out on the floor, barely breathing yet still slive.

Just as Ingrid, the brunette teenager whose room James had trespassed into for the sake of curiosity, was just about to step into her room to get a few things for the last relay race of her junior year, James’s unconscious body soon disappeared right as Ingrid stepped into the room. She looked around her room, looking for any abnormalities or anything that seemed out of the ordinary. The seventeen year old Ingrid had a very specific way she had her room set up and she would notice if anything was out of place. She walked inside, her footsteps being suppressed by the nylons she had on. Only slightly for the average sized person. This is what caused the now tiny and insignificant James to burst up to realize what's happened to him. Ingrid humming to herself made James begin to wake up on the ground as well as the very loud footsteps that shook the ground he was laying on.

James stood up slowly, shaking his head as he opened his eyes. His vision was blurry as he heard the stomps and quakes coming closer. He rubbed his eyes and after a few more quakes around him and then his vision returned to see a horrifying sight that was coming closer and closer to him with every passing second. He screamed out in utter terror as he looked straight in front of him and saw two massive nylon covered feet. He didn’t need to look up to know who was walking towards him. He was now a fraction of his original size, all because he was curious with what Ingrid had in her room. And the now gigantic Ingrid was walking towards him at incredible speeds. James attempted to scream out as Ingrid took another step towards him, bringing her foot up and letting him see the sole of the, filthy nylons. The dirt, sweat and other small items she’d collected as Ingrid walked around the somewhat dirty house astounded James. It was right about then when he further realized that Ingrid and her gargantuan feet were completely unaware of his current situation as she began to get closer to his tiny, frozen body. He needed to get out of the way of the colossal teen or else risk getting crushed alive.

James soon bolted to his right, towards the only thing he could think of that Ingrid’s feet couldn’t reach him just as she took another step, her toes being curled up to the sole. James looked over very briefly his shoulder to see the gigantic red painted toenails directly looking at him. They were haunting as they continued to come ever closer to crushing the tiny James into nothing but a puddle of blood and flesh. He still remained focused on his mission to escape the unaware teenage horror. The destination was none other than the one place Ingrid wouldn’t be able to crush him. He saw the only safe place underneath the bed where Ingrid’s massive feet couldn't find him. And eventually James might come out when Ingrid wasn't walking around and somehow he'd have to explain why he was this small in her room. She might be upset and he saw no reason why she wouldn't be curious why he was even in her room. Her sister's best friend was tiny and begging to be grown back. James had no idea what the seventeen year old would say. But he couldn't focus on the future. He had to keep running away from the pair of feet that were still barreling towards his current position at incredible speeds. He couldn’t waste the little time he had dwelling on the uncertain.

Then, James saw the shadow of the bed directly in front of him. His salvation from Ingrid’s feet was just beyond the horizon so to speak. His legs were burning from the run he went on, knowing that soon he might be able to relax for a few minutes before heading back to Ingrid for help, if she could help in his situation. He smiled, hearing yet ignoring another stomp that the massive girl took. Although, he probably shouldn’t have. Because the next step she was about to take would end up in an inconvenient placement for James. Ingrid took another step directly where he was heading, her arch parked right in front of him. He backed up and looked at the absolute size of the very feminine foot before him. His jaw dropped as he looked up at the giant leg. He’d seen how small he was in comparison to Ingrid but only from far away, until now. Now as he looked at the relatively massive pair of feet before him, he realized how small he was. He figured that the giant Ingrid before him had about size six and a half, maybe seven size feet but from where he was standing, it seemed as though she had size two hundred feet. James soon fell over in shock, mere inches from Ingrid’s sweating feet that sent out the pungent scent to his tiny nose. In the act of him attempting to fan away the scent that was around him, James accidently looked completely vertical to see the one place James never wanted to see, which was the underwear that Ingrid was wearing. Although he only briefly looked at the underwear for a few seconds, it was still enough to burn the image into James's vision. The bright white color of it was the only major thing that burned into his vision. He tried to forget the gorgeous curves that the teenager had on her bottom as best he could. Even if no one was watching, he still had the decency to look away.

Ingrid soon stopped in her tracks as she looked around her room, sensing something was off. She looked at her bed, not seeing anything out of place. She then moved on to her table next to the bed and saw that her shrink device was off center of the stand, where it always was. Ingrid raised an eyebrow, looking around. “Who would be stupid enough to use my device? Unsupervised no less.” Ingrid thought to herself as she tapped her toe on the ground, slightly causing an earthquake for the tiny James below. She then picked up the device and examined it. This was the one thing that was out of place. And there was only one person who could’ve messed with it and accidently shrunk himself in her room. She sighed, knowing that her sister’s friend had been dumb enough to mess with the experimental device in her room that even Ingrid, the de facto owner of the device.

“Come out James. You stupid, stupid boy. Come on out. You don’t want to piss off or even annoy the one person that can keep you safe.” Ingrid paused as she looked around the room for places she thought James might go to avoid her stepping on him. “Come on out James, I know you’re scared and all but if you don’t come out in the next five seconds, when I find you and I will in a matter of time. I guarantee there will be punishments if you don’t get out here right this now.” She paused as she continued to look around, standing still. “I can forgive the whole going in my room bit. I get that part. Maybe you’re into younger girls. I mean you don’t turn twenty until March so maybe it could work between us.” Ingrid laughed at the thought. Her smile turned serious in a split second. “But there’s one thing I can’t forgive, James. It’s a sacred rule here. Jesse knows it, my parents know it. It’s just unfortunate that you’ll have to learn the hard way.” Ingrid, without even looking down to make sure she was right, lifted her foot and brought it over to where James was standing. He didn’t have time to react as the teen moved her foot in mere milliseconds on top of him. But she didn’t crush him, like he thought. It was just enough pressure to keep him restrained and under her foot without much damage to James.

“Oh, there you are.” Ingrid slightly twisted her foot and plopped on the bed. She then crossed her leg, bringing the sole of her foot up along with the slightly crushed and smeared James to be visible. She giggled to herself as she picked up the somewhat crushed James by his leg. “Hmmm, I didn't know you were into feet, James. Especially my feet. If I’d know this, I might’ve let you massage my feet after a game while you were hanging out with my sister.” Ingrid soon brushed some hair out of her face as she put James on her open palm. She watched him struggle to his feet, giggling. “I was just going to get you back to normal. Just call this a warning and maybe we'll forget about the whole thing, even if you have so many questions. But looking at you now, tiny and adorable, able to fit in my hand, I might actually want to keep you. And guess what? There’s nothing you can do but hope I don’t get bored of you...like the others.”

The more Ingrid talked to him, the more James realized going in her room was a mistake he wouldn’t and couldn’t make twice. Here he was, looking at the one girl who not only knew how to grow him back to normal but also the only person that knew that he was this height. Somehow, he had to convince her to go back to her first option, let him go. James had no idea what Ingrid would do to with him while he was this small. “Ingrid. Please, I made a mistake! Just get me back to normal and we'll both forget that this even happened. Just like you said.” James was just about to get on his hands and knees just to beg Ingrid to reconsider her decision.

“Yes you did make a mistake.” Ingrid picked James up to bring him to closer to her braces filled, teenage mouth. Small droplets of spit hit him in the face as she continued to speak. “A mistake few make more than once. You see, I was going to do this to you anyway. Eventually. Just had to wait for the right time. And who knows? Maybe I’d toss you in my mouth, swallow you whole like I did my ex. Or in the case of my gym teacher, my running shoes. Each met a very cruel fate but all deserving ones. My ex broke up with me when I got braces, shattered my heart into a million pieces. The coach said I wasn’t fast enough in track, said that I needed a new pair of insoles. SO got her and her bitchy assistant and tossed them both in my running shoes. And don’t even get me started on that kid that tried to spread rumors that I was a whore. Really showed them didn't it? Fitting ends don't you say? But unfortunate for you, or fortunate however you look at it, you didn’t cross me until today. But you didn’t cross me like the rest of them did.” She looked down at her palm to see the panicked face the tiny James had on. The face of terror all of her previous victims had when she told them the exact way they wronged her and how she intended to pay them back.

“You killed people when they were like this?” James shivered at the thought of a skeleton in the small girl’s stomach ,two smushed up body in both of her running shoes or even that poor kid that Ingrid was very vague on. They were people just like James. People that had hopes and dreams until they said or did something that Ingrid didn’t like. All he did was be too curious for his own good and what kind of punishment would she deal to him for that? Eat him like she did with her ex or would she throw him in her shoes and go on to her meet with him as a special guest or something much worse? “Because they annoyed you?”

“Well, when you have this kind of power at your fingertips, what else do you but be a god? Since I found this little device, I’ve been using it to dispose of the waste in the world. No matter how small or insignificant they are. But as for you, I see no reason why I should kill you like the others. I’ll keep you here, safe. Here, let’s get you a nice place to stay while I’m gone for a few hours.” Ingrid soon clenched her fist gently, stood up to walk over to a small clear box she had sitting near her closet for a hamster she wanted when she was five but now the small cage would be meant to house her new pet. James. It was actually the first time she’d even thought about keeping a person that was this size. Mainly due to the fact that the people she shrunk were annoying her so they didn’t deserve the kind of mercy she was giving James. It was an honest mistake for him, but a very big gain for Ingrid and she did not want to hesitate on this amazing opportunity.

Picking the small clear plastic container up, she gently tossed the container on her bed then walked over to the impact zone, James still in hand. She then released the small man to fall down to her bed. She laughed a tiny bit when James fell onto the soft bed of hers. “Ingrid, please. One last time. Or else.” He said as he stood up shakily on the comforter, he attempted to feel confident but just seeing that massive Ingrid stare at his now tiny form as he tried to intimidate the absolute ‘goddess’ before him. His plan had already failed before he could even think of one. He lost all his power of negation the second he became the size of an ant.

“Or else what? Do you know how many times I’ve heard that? I’ll tell you.” She opened the top of the cage and picked up James, holding him by his head while bringing him over to the entrance of the cage she had opened. He screamed as the pressure Ingrid’s finger was making his head feel like it was literally about to explode. “All the people that have been with me have said ‘turn me back or else’. Do you know what I can do to people like you? Oh wait, I’ve already told you only three of the things that I’ve done to people that were your size. Or do I need to tell you all of the things I did? Will that get you to listen to me?” James looked at Ingrid and she had a small smirk on her face as she looked at him. James thought to himself that she was deathly serious with this. There were only two options here and both, at least in the short term, weren’t ideal. The first one was what Ingrid proposed to him. Stay as her pet for as long he possibly could be, hoping she’d never tire of him. Or he continue to try do things his way of which were continue to beg Ingrid to spare him. But with the things she keeps telling him, killing people who she found even slightly annoying. He had to give in to her demands. And just hope she changes her mind later on in the future, pray she lets him go eventually.

“Ok Ingrid.” James said with some shame in his tone. “I'll be your pet. Just don't hurt me, please?” James looked at Ingrid who had a smile on her face, showing more of her braces up teeth.

“I couldn't be happier with your willingness to go along with this. And don't you worry your pretty little head about anything like food or water. I've got it all covered so don't worry.” Ingrid lowered James slowly into the container, letting his feet touch the bottom before letting her go of him and having her fingers retreat back out. James looked up at his new ceiling as his new owner sealed him inside. He then looked in front and all around him to see the gigantic Ingrid behind the clear plastic smiling at him. “Sorry about not putting a bed in there. I never planned to keep a tiny version of, well, anyone. I usually just you know.” Ingrid blushed as she picked up the container and brought it over to the nightstand where he was first shrunk. As Ingrid put the container down, an idea popped in her head. “Hey James, how did you enjoy the little time you spent under my feet a few minutes ago? Did they smell alright to you? Eh, what am I saying, I know you like feet anyway, I might as well do this since you’ll enjoy my feet so very much.” James soon realized what Ingrid had in mind. He bolted to the clear plastic wall in front of him and started pounding on him to be noticed, but deep in the back of him mind, he knew that Ingrid paid no mind to the tiny man that was desperate to not have whatever she had on her feet all day in here with him.

“Ingrid, I'm perfectly fine in here. I can sleep on the ground! It'll work out fine.” James screamed out to Ingrid as she leaned forward to hear what he was saying. “I can wait for you to get me a real bed.”

“Oh you're so right James. You're so very right. You can wait for when I get back home after my meet.” As he watched her get closer and speak to him, she winked as she stood back up. As she was about to resume talking to James until she heard the front door open.

“Ingrid? James?” She was suddenly surprised by this voice who they both recognized. It was Jesse who had returned and would be immediately aware that James was missing. And if she ever did find out he was like this and she was keeping him almost against his will, it wouldn't be good. For anyone. Ingrid would be forced to shrink her own sister just to keep the tiny James a secret. She turned on her heels and thought fast as she heard Jesse coming close to the stairs.

“Ok, I really don't need Jesse ruining our fun so while I'm gone, for the next few hours, I'm going to put you under my bed. And when I get back, you'll get some fun from me. It'll be worth the wait, I promise.” Ingrid whispered, picking up the container and brought down to the floor near her feet. “Just relax till I get back. Then, we can start the fun.” She said as she gently kicked James’s new home behind the shadow of her bed. Just then, Jesse came into the doorway and looked like she was looking for something. It became extremely obvious that the thing/person she was looking for was indeed James.

“Hey Iggy, have you seen James around here? He was here when I left. Any idea where he went?” Personally, she hated when her sister called her out by the nickname she gave her. It was the length and sound of it was just aggravating. She did have thoughts of shrinking Jesse, and would most likely eat her but she couldn't find the courage to do it. Ingrid might've been a god to the people she shrunk and eventually got rid of, but in the end, she still had a sister. A sister that might come in handy later.

“How many times do I have to tell you? Call me Ingrid. You know how I hate that.” She walked over to the door frame when her slightly taller sister back up. “And no, I haven't seen your boyfriend since he left for, who was is that you hated? Sophia? Yeah, her.” Ingrid watched as her sister became furious. Ingrid knew Jesse and James were really close, closer than friends in fact. And she also knew that Jesse and her former best friend were fighting over him so it really was the perfect plan to get Jesse out of the house at least for a few hours. ‘That should keep her busy while I'm gone.’ Ingrid thought to herself, still watching Jesse steam up with anger.

“Ingrid, if James comes back here, keep him here until I get back. If he's with that skank, oh the things I'll do to him.” Jesse stormed off, her feet pounding on the wooden floor as she was ready to find James and Sophia together. She could never think that her baby sister was lying to her so that she could have the man she loved all to himself as a tiny person. Ingrid went back inside her room and got ready for the final track meet of the year. And when she got back home, her and James would have so much fun together. Weather he liked to or not.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this story, I do not know how long this story will end up being as of now but I do have at least two more chapters planned so be on the look for those in the coming weeks.
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