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Beth was a big beautiful woman & when I say big I mean extremely over weight.
She was a fat girl all through school, she never had a boyfriend, but she did get a lot of sex due to the fact that boys thought she was desperate and easy, she didn’t have any friends except for one girl, Kellie who would probably be the hottest girl in the school and the reason Kellie was Beth’s friend, we’ll that was obvious, Beth made Kellie look even more hotter and when it came to boys well Beth was no competition for Kellie and to be honest Kellie was just a bitch and she loved being a bitch to Beth,
If Beth ever said she liked a guy or she had a crush on one, Kellie would go out of her way to date that guy just so she could rub Beth’s nose in it.
Kellie would also use Beth for her money, Beth never really had much money but Kellie would still get Beth to buy her clothes or food, she even took money to go out on dates with the guys that Beth liked, Kellie knew that Beth would never say no or stop being her friend because Kellie was Beth’s only friend, she had no one else.
When the girls finished school Beth had really high grades and ended getting a really good job that paid high at a pharmaceutical lab, while Kellie had really low grades and didn’t care for getting a job at all but both girls agreed to move out of home and get a two bedroom flat together.
Obviously Kellie got the bigger room and Beth paid for all the furniture and the bond and rent, actually Beth paid for all the bills, while Kellie just sat at home doing nothing when she wasn’t out picking out clothes for Beth to buy her.
This went on for quite awhile and Beth put up with it because she still had no other friends and she always kept to herself while she was at work.
Beth was at work working on a new drug to try and cure cancer, it was a new pill and she was getting great results on the lab rats, the cancer in the rats was subsiding.
But like always there was a side affect, the rats were shrinking. Her manager assigned her a partner to help with the new medication and up until this point no one but Beth knew about the shrinking.
She finally got to meet her new partner and she was stunned, He was a really good looking man and fit to, the first moment she set eyes on him she felt herself getting wet and extremely aroused. He was great to work with, he seemed so gentle and so caring and it was the first time any guy has spoken to her that didn’t want to just fuck her and the guys that she is able to get to fuck her are usually fat and ugly, but not Steve, he was absolutely handsome and had an amazing body, Beth loved working with him.
Beth kept her new partner a secret from Kellie, she knew if she told her about him and how much she liked him that Kellie would swoop in and take him from her, so many times she laid in the next room listening to Kellie fuck all the guys she ever liked, but she wasn’t going to let Kellie fuck this guy and then dump him like all the rest, this guy was special.
Kellie watched Beth come home every night for a week, noticing her blushing and happy when she walked in the door, Kellie knew that Beth had a crush on a new guy, but Beth hadn’t said any thing, “what are you all happy about” Kellie asked as Beth walked through the door “oh nothing just some good stuff at work” Beth replied.
Kellie knew Beth couldn’t lie to well “met a guy have we” Kellie asked, “oh no not at all” Beth said but then blurted it all out knowing she couldn’t lie to her best friend “oh my god Kel he is so dam handsome, I want to ask him on a date” she said.
“How about you buy me this new dress I’ve been eyeing off and I’ll come in to work and ask him out for you” Kellie suggested, Beth knew very well that Kellie wasn’t going to ask him out for her, but try and ask him out for herself, but Beth agreed and they went out and bought Kellie her new dress.
The next day Kellie sauntered into Beth’s work place like she owned the place and went in to Beth’s work station where Beth and Steve were working together on the new drug.
“Oh my god” Kellie said as she sited Steve, “Beth said you weren’t bad looking, but she didn’t say you were drop dead handsome” she said as she walked towards Steve
“I’m Kellie, Beth’s best friend and she’s told me all about you and I just had to come and meet you” Kellie said as she ran her hand over Steve’s shoulder and down his ripped body, Kellie looked absolutely stunning in her new dress and by the bulge in Steve’s pants he liked what he saw “Oh hi I’m Steve” he said as his eyes wandered up and down Kellie’s amazing body.
“Would you like to go out for a drink” she asked, “Kel you don’t even know if he’s single or not” Beth snapped.
Feeling irritated that Kellie asked for herself and not for her, she was hoping he’d say he has a girlfriend or he’s married just so Kellie couldn’t have her way with him.
“ I don’t care if he’s not single, I’m going to sit on his gorgeous face either way, wether he likes it or not” Kellie snapped back.
“Um yes I’m single and after that statement I’d love to go for a drink” Steve stuttered
“Good pick me up at seven, Beth will tell you where we live” she said as she turned and walked out.
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