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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Chapter Notes:

A Persona 4 story, largely based on a 4chan suggestion

Yukiko and Chie had returned from the hotspring, both of them ready to sleep. They were staying at the Amagi Inn, along with their other friends. But Naoto and Rise hadn't felt like going to the hotspring tonight, and they weren't going to take the guys along, so it was just them.

"Has the hotspring ever been that deserted?" Chie asked, beginning to dress in their room. She felt slightly tingly.

"No... business is doing well, so it's strange that more people wouldn't take advantage of the hotspring," Yukiko commented. She was always thinking about how to manage the hotel. "Naoto said that she had something to do... and Yu and Rise are on a date. We can ignore the guys for now... it's pretty late anyway. Yukiko yawned." Yukiko couldn't think of why, but she was beginning to feel tingly all over. From the top of her head to the tip of her toes.

"Yep! It's just us. It's getting pretty late, so we can just hang out tonight?" Chie chirped. She was feeling tingly all over as well. It felt... good. Chie and Yukiko didn't say much, shuffling around in their robes silently.

"Okay, do you feel... weird?" Yukiko asked, uncomfortably breaking the silence. Chie gazed into Yukiko's eyes. She felt hot all over.

"Yeah, I'm... burning up all over... Yukiko... do you think that there's something weird about the hot spring?" Chie couldn't help but notice that Yukiko's face was flushed.

"There is nothing weird about the hotspring!" Yukiko retorted. Again, for a moment, there was silence. Yukiko and Chie continued to shuffle, even while staring at one another. After several minutes, Yukiko pivoted into a crawling position, slowly moving closer to Chie. She always thought that her friend looked beautiful... she never understood why Chie was so insecure about her femininity. "We both feel... weird, don't we?" Yukiko whispered, right in front of Chie. She smelled nice. Yukiko ran her hands along Chie's robe. "You know that you're beautiful, right Chie?"

"B... beautiful? Where did that come from." Chie laughed nervously, even as her friend clasped her hands. "You're the beautiful one. Your long... dark hair... your clear, lustrous skin. Your lips..." Chie ran a hand down Yukiko's cheek as their faces drew closer. Suddenly, the two drew together in a passionate kiss, making out furiously. Their lips drew together, time and time again. And the heat in both of them increased.

For a few minutes, the two of them kissed. Letting their robes fall down as they took turns loosening each other's robes. Finally, Yukiko's hand began to shift to Chie's nether regions. Chie let Yukiko's hand move down as she began to work on her. Chie almost quit moving, letting her friend handle her.

"Chie's cute when she moans!" Yukiko whispered as she continued to fondle her friend. "You are beautiful Chie. Your skin is smooth. Your stomach's toned. You have a great squat booty... you're so sexy..." Yukiko began to push her friend to the floor as she continued to have her way with her. "And I can't have enough of you!" Yukiko inserted several fingers inside of Chie as her friend squirmed underneath her. Chie's bucking grew harder and harder, and her moan practically turned into a scream as she sprayed cum onto her friend's hand, and out onto the floor.

"I didn't know that you squirted Chie," Yukiko licked her friend's cum as she started at her. But Chie's breath began to speed up more, as her face grew even more flushed.

"Chie, is something wrong?" Yukiko's eyes widened in shock as Chie writhed underneath her. "

"I... feel... strange..." Chie groaned lightly.

"Do you need me to call anyone? I'll get the manager here right away!" Yukiko clambered off of Chie, anxious that there was something wrong with her.

At that moment, Yukiko heard a stretching sound. Chie moaned, more deeply than before. And suddenly... it was like Chie was viewing her friend under a magnifying glass.

Chie began to dwarf Yukiko, lying next to her. Every part of Chie grew bigger. Her breasts swelled larger, stiff nipples rising up in the air as Chie grew. More muscle and flesh was added to her butt. Her head, hair, lips. Everything about her stretched. Yukiko couldn't even breathe, watching the sight before her. Her robe constricted around her growing form, hugging Chie more and more tightly. The two came together for one more kiss even as Chie's robe begun to tear, yielding itself to the girl's evergrowing body. As the two broke their kiss, it ripped down the middle, falling from Chie in tatters on the floor. Both of them were sitting down, yet Yukiko found herself looking up adoringly at Chie's form. Her rock-hard nipples resting on heaving breasts. Okay... a small C-cup, but at her size? They were big.

Yukiko lay before Chie, staring at her friend in awe. She had to be two meters tall. Yukiko couldn't help but swoon for her magnified friend.

"I don't know what happened!" Even Chie's voice was louder! "I mean I have noooo idea. What..."

"We had sex." Yukiko replied. "And then you grew. And... well..." Yukiko launched herself into Chie's armpit, breathing her scent deeply. Chie grew red as her friend's nose disappeared inside her.

"Wh... what are you doing, Yukiko?"

"Your sweat... smells... good! And there's more of it. Because there's more of you!" Yukiko giggled. For some reason, she found this extremely funny, and Yukiko began to break out into laughter.

"Th.. that tickles!" Chie squirmed. She was afraid that she'd throw her friend around like a rag doll as Yukiko made her squirm about from her licking and giggling. "I... I'll get you back!!"

Chie easily handled Yukiko, extracting her from her armpit and throwing her to the floor, her trimmed pussy helpless before her. Chie licked her lips. "This may not be as much of a meal for me at my size... but I think you'll be pretty sweet Yukiko." With one hand wrapped around each of Yukiko's legs, Chie dived in, lapping at her friend's snatch. Chie used her tongue, now massive compared to Yukiko's, sliding across her clitoris. Easily lifting Chie into the air, she slowly slid another finger to her friend's butt. Slowly, Chie stuck her large finger into Yukiko's butthole, the enlarged finger serving as a dildo. She continued to suspend Yukiko off of the floor with a single arm. Chie moved faster and faster, effortlessly keeping the squirming Yukiko from getting out of her grasp. Finally, Yukiko began to tremble as an explosive orgasm hit her. Chie removed her finger and placed Yukiko onto the floor, as her breathing sped up, black hair strewn wildly around her.

"There. It's your turn to grow now." Chie responded smugly. Sure enough, Yukiko began to expand in all directions, creamy skin pulsing outward. Inches were added to Yukiko's frame, generous breasts swelling with every breath. Her butt expanded, her frame stretched to popping noises. Her breasts regained supremacy over Chie's, their naturally larger size retaking prominence. Now any ordinary man would have found themselves staring at Yukiko's massive rack. After what seemed like an eternity of growth, Yukiko's outward expansion finally began to slow down.

"I think it has something to do with the hotspring Yukiko," Chie smiled smugly as her friend expanded before her. Chie simply drank in the sight of Yukiko's petite form becoming... not quite so petite.

"Well... that probably ruins the small sweet demure woman image I had." Yukiko breathed. "I'm bigger than Kanji now... not to mention every other boy in town." Yukiko sighed, stretching. "I still feel REALLY hot though. And I guess it does have something to do with the hot spring... but I have no idea what."

"I'm still bigger than you though? I mean, I was actually shorter than you before we started growing," Chie responded matter-of-factly.

"Maybe I just made you cum better." Chie frowned as Yukiko giggled. "Or maybe you just have EXTREME climaxes," Yukiko giggled. "I mean, you like extreme stuff, right? Maybe you do sex the same way!"

"I don't see how suddenly growing this much is funny..." Chie sighed. The two of them watched each other again. Chie couldn't help but observe the room around her as well. Everything appeared so much smaller. "None of our clothes will fit."

"Yes." Yukiko replied curtly.

"People will ask so many questions about this. People don't double in size overnight."


"We're huge!" Chie waved her arms around. It didn't seem like Yukiko was getting it.

"Your pussy's still dripping Chie. She wants more." Yukiko purred. It didn't seem like she cared at all about her growth.

"Well... uh... so is yours!" Chie retorted.

"Yes... so let's fuck. It's cool being big." It didn't seem right for Yukiko to say a word like that. Fuck. But what else would describe it, when two women over six feet tall went at each other. This wasn't normal sex, after all, but extreme sex. Fuck. Chie had to do it.

"Okay..." Chie sighed as she grabbed her friend's leg. It didn't look any bigger. In fact, it looked a little smaller. "Let's scissor then, if we're going to fuck."

"Scissor... like... we're just going to rub our pussies together! Meow!!!" Yukiko giggled.

"You'll make a difficult girlfriend..." Chie muttered. "Let's go!" Chie yelled, as they began to hump each other, fully engrossed in the act of sex. Each of them was keenly aware of each other's squirming, writhing bodies. It was like the outside world didn't exist. Merely each other.

"What?" Yukiko replied. But Chie didn't respond, as she brought the two closer together. Climaxing hadn't changed anything. In fact, they were both as hot as before. And Yukiko was just as hot. Fuck. She even looked hotter now that everything was strewn about, her hair spilling around her. Chie had always thought that Yukiko was beautiful. She had even caught herself staring at her before. Wanting to be her. Wanting to be WITH her. And now she had her.

As for Yukiko, she just wanted to be handled by Chie. She had always loved being led around by this strong, adventurous girl. And now she was letting her take the lead in sex as well. But still, Yukiko responded to every one of Chie's thrusts with one of her own. With every squelch Yukiko felt herself becoming free, her arousal building.

"MY PRINCE!!!" Yukiko howled as the two of them came again. Everything shook as Chie's foot rougly collided with the wall, making a new hole. But Chie wasn't done exploring Yukiko yet.

"THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM!!!" Chie's voice boomed, preparing to fuck Yukiko again even as they kept swelling. Her entire body was covered in sweat. The only thing Chie could smell was the mixture of the couple's arousal and sweat. Everyone had to hear her. But every orgasm was more powerful than the last. She was going to have extreme sex damn it!

Yukiko saw a book that had been knocked over from their lovemaking. She heard voices outside too... people appeared to be noticing them. For the moment though, those voices didn't matter. They had to be nine feet tall as they kept fucking, each of their thrusts shaking the toy room. Soon Yukiko's head collided with the ceiling. At that moment, clarity hit her. She saw that Chie was bending over to fit in the room. The sweaty foot Yukiko was licking (she loved Chie's feet!), was half as tall as the bookshelf. They were huge... and if they kept growing like this, the Amagi Inn was finished.

"STOP!" Yukiko screamed. It felt like the room vibrated around her, Yukiko's voice was so powerful.

"What... Yukiko... we agreed we're going to become huge! Super! We don't need to care... just like you said."

"I care about the hotel! We're... um... pretty big now." Chie stopped for a moment, looking around the room. Sure enough, Yukiko had to be over ten feet tall. And Chie had to be... even bigger than that. Everything looked like a toy.

"We're not exactly fitting through the door. You're like twelve feet tall... and I'm bigger than that." Chie pouted. "We don't have a choice. We're simply going to have to burst out of here." But Yukiko was already tearing out the wood surrounding the doorway, her gigantic hands easily able to clear a space.

"I'm at last keeping the damage to a minimum. We're going down the stairs." As soon as Yukiko began to crawl outside, she found several people staring at her, guests of the Inn.

"Everyone... I know you have a lot of questions..." Yukiko sighed. "But you're going to need to get out of the way while we get out of here. We're big girls, we can handle ourselves." The crowd gasped as Chie, even larger than Yukiko, followed her.

"I'll go first. I know the best way out." Yukiko proclaimed. For now, the two had stopped growing. Chie followed Yukiko, crawling down the hallway. And she found herself staring at Yukiko's butt, swaying back and forth with every movement she made. Chie's arousal was still red-hot, and the juices of the twin girls dripped onto the floor underneath them as they continued to crawl. Chie faced an additional problem--Yukiko was just small enough that she could go down the hallway comfortably. But Chie found her body pressing against the wall. And every touch brought arousal. Chie lightly moaned.

"Mooroka vomit!" Yukiko screamed, recognizing that even the slightest stimulation would bring Chie to climax. For a moment, Chie's mind cleared. But not for long. A hall table shattered as Chie's knee fell on it, the giant bodies leaving devestation in its path.

"Yukiko it's too much I've got to come right now!!!" Chie howled, pleasure rolling off of her voice.

"Just... a bit... further..." Yukiko groaned. They made it into the front lobby, people looking from all directions. Nobody was moving, as two giant, sweaty, naked schoolgirls made their presence known.

"Yukiko!" Chie couldn't take it anymore. she wrapped her hands around Yukiko's ass. Her soft, lovely rear. It was at that moment that Yu and Rise walked into the room.

"Wat." They remarked simultaneously as they looked at their friends fucking each other.

"We're big..." Chie exclaimed between moans. "And I'm busy pleasuring Yukiko, so the two of you can make yourself useful and lick my nether regions for a moment."

"I'm in entertainment. I swing both ways." Rise remarked as Yu looked at her. Shrugging, the two of them walked over to Chie's derriere, bouncing with even the slightest movements. Her butt was over four feet wide. It looked like it could crush a far. Chie's kick could pack a punch at a normal size... and Yu knew that pleasuring her wasn't safe in the slightest. But so was not pleasuring her. Besides. As the chad he was, Yu had seduced and fucked Chie before ending up with Rise, plowing her with his magnum eight-inch cock. And he liked the smell of her sweat. There was a lot of that right now.

As Rise licked Chie's snatch, Yu began a bold, stupid move as he climbed on top of Chie's gigantic ass. Of course, he couldn't get leverage to that magnificent butt otherwise, so he used Rise as leverage, clambering on top of her to rest on Chie's body. preparing to insert his dick inside. Finally, he was in position. His head was against her lower back, even as his feet dangled below her snatch. He got purchase on her as best as he could. Although he was too small to grasp her love handles, and her entire body was covered in sweat. But all he could do was jam it inside Chie's asshole. Even at her size, her butt still clamped on his dick. She's gonna feel this, Yu thought as he plowed her.

Rise's ministrations added the last push that Chie needed to cum. With a mighty howl, both she and Yukiko came at the same time again. When Yu realized that they were growing, he came as well, spraying his relatively small load of semen into Chie's ass. However, Chie's movements in the throes of her orgasm were rapid and erractic, and soon she threw Yu off of her butt, straight onto the floor. The entire time, she hadn't even noticed him.

Yu and Rise were soaked in Chie's juices, resting beneath her butt, as the two of them finally crawled out of the hotel. The entire structure groaned as the two giantesses simply crawled through the front. Onlookers eyes were fixated on Chie's butt like it was the moon. A massive hole was left where the lobby doors once stood, as they broke into the Inaba night. One more time, the two lovers kissed.

"What are you going to do now?" Chie asked, looking back at Yu and Rise through the opening they created.

"You continue fucking... Rise and I are going to watch from a safe-distance." Yu waved back, even as Rise walked away. She looked mad for some reason.

With a magnum eight-inch cock, a tongue that could make anyone purr, and deft hands, Yu was a master at sex. But even he knew that he wasn't made for giant women... especially giant women that emasculated him in front of Rise. That's why... shit... she was walking off. He'd have to make this up to Rise somehow... fuck...

"You know... we've dealt with going inside a TV to save the world," Yukiko said, clearly not caring about anyone around them. "But I think this is the craziest think that's ever happened to us. She looked back and forth between their sweat-soaked bodies. Both of them were just as aroused as ever, standing over three times as tall in front of the Amagi Inn. Except now Yukiko was barely taller than Chie's chest. If Yukiko was around 15 feet tall, Chie had to be nearly 20.

"69! AND I'M LICKING YOUR FEET SOME TOO!!!" Chie shouted, incredibly frustrated. "I'm huge and I can order people around! Let them watch the show!!!" Chie flipped her friend over into the street in front of Amagi Inn. Yukiko found herself face to face with Chie's pussy, her girlfriend bending over a little to provide access to the smaller girl. Yukiko began licking, her mind turned blank from her friend's scent. And the two entered a cycle of fucking, sucking, and climaxing that began to destroy the street around them.

After all, there was only one Amagi Inn.

With one kick, Yukiko pierced a store-front. When Yukiko bit down on Chie's clitoris, Chie howled and accidentally kicked a car, causing it to roll down the street.

After a while, Yukiko almost felt herself giving out. Chie was getting just a bit more from each spurt. Chie had to have been much bigger than Yukiko. In their current position, Yukiko was pressed against Chie's sweaty body, her head pushed against her breasts. Yukiko could feel Chie's oppressive weight nearly smothering her. And Chie works out too... Yukiko thought. God she loved it.

"Shit that was a lamppost... I really am getting bigger than you, Yuki-chan!" Chie taunted. "I'll just have to use my fingers." The pavement was cracking underneath Yukiko as Chie's fingers found themselves entering Yuki's sopping pussy.

Outside, the scene was chaos. People backed farther and farther away as the two lovers expanded. Chie naturally was a heavy sweater, and her pheromone-laden scent overwhelmed all others, even that of her lover. Their expanding bodies knocked over everything... street lamps, sign posts, even the fronts of buildings fell victim to their expanding bulk. As they sunk deeper into the pavement, it became obvious to the citizens of Inaba that extensive repairs would be required. Cameras filmed as phones flashed, the giant girls being displayed to the world. A couple of men hid on the sidelines, stroking themselves while nobody was paying attention.

Finally, for the last show, Chie grabbed one of the reporters, a young, fit woman. A reasonable offering. And she shoved her straight into Yukiko, offering the girl to her friend. As soon as the woman entered Chie's snatch, Yukiko began to howl. Yukiko's drool leaked onto the street below as Chie lovingly fucked her.

"DO YOU SEE THIS GIRL!? HER GIANT BODY!? HER PEARLY, SKIN!? THE BUTT THAT HALF THE SCHOOL LUSTED AFTER, WIDER THAN INABA'S MAIN ROAD!? THIS IS MY GIRLFRIEND! YOU AREN'T FIT TO DRINK YUKIKO'S CUM, YET HERE YOU ARE ANYWAY!!!" Chie shouted, as she brought Yukiko towards climax. But Yukiko redoubled her efforts as well, biting on Chie's nipple to elicit an earth-shattering moan.

With one last rumble, the two girls came again, flooding the street with their sweet juices. Several people, who had wondered far too close by for their personal safety, found themselves being sprayed with the juices of the giant girls. For a moment, the two lay there, panting and cooing at each other, ignoring the onlookers. Finally, Chie clambered off of Yukiko. 

"Now that was EXTREME sex!" Yukiko chirped, the unnatural heat finally draining. She wouldn't grow any more. Yet, she was just as aroused staring at Chie as ever.

"Yep! Ready for one more round..." Chie purred, stroking Yukiko's hair as she sat in her lap. They held each other's hands, basking for a moment in the glow of each other's love.

At that moment, the Amagi Inn began to shake. People kept fleeing the building as bits of wood fell from its structure. The rumbling intensified, as people felt the ground shaking in an earthquake. Finally, the entire roof popped off, a tuft of blue hair emerging from the roof. With a mighty moan, the largest pair of breasts the world had ever seen popped out from the top floor. Each of them appeared to be nearly the size of a house, massive, heavy sacs of flesh that razed the remnants of the Inn as they continued to expand. Gigantic pairs of feet, toes wriggling, broke out of the hotel, advancing towards Chie and Yukiko. Finally, the entire structure of the hotel collapsed, as Naoto's head appeared, wearing the roof of the Amagi Inn like a hat.

She was bigger than them. That was obvious to Chie. Naoto had to be over 100 feet tall.

"Yukiko. Your hot spring was defective. I think it's time to admit that. But I think I soaked up all of the water or something with my prodigious body... it's gone."

"IT'S GONE!? THE HOT-SPRING IS JUST GONE!?" Yukiko screamed out. "I can't believe it's gone..."

"There are more important matters right now..." Naoto continued, ignoring Yukiko. "I have unchecked, overflowing sexual desire. I can tell, because my entire body is tingling, that this will be the last one. It's the same for you. Everyone else is so infinitesimal next to me that I would pulverize them with the slightest of movements. Or... well... maybe... the other guys perved on me in the hotspring. As I was already masturbating and expanding, I didn't have time to think of the implications of three guys peeping on one girl, and I made them pleasure me immediately. However, they are all tiny, and currently being utilized in my snatch,servicing me. They are not enough. As such, I require your lewdest services."

"How can you talk like that even when you're horny!" Chie screamed.

"Fine then, Kanji, Yosuke, and Teddy are inside my pussy, and I want to soak them with my juices again. Let's FUCK." Chie and Naoto knew that they didn't have a choice, as they were drawn to Naoto's magnificent, incredible breasts.

After a while, Chie and Naoto were in a forest. Or at least, on a forest, the trees splintered beneath their forms. Yet Naoto was much bigger.  And becoming bigger. She had made both of them suck and fuck her until she climaxed dozens of times. Somehow she just wouldn't stop growing.

"Your butt's grinding the Amagi Inn to dust..." Yukiko complained as Naoto kept growing. Sure enough, the entire foundation was buried under Naoto's swelling ass. What once was the Amagi Inn was quickly being replaced with a hole shaped like Naoto's butt. 

Meanwhile, Naoto looked at the girl, becoming smaller and smaller relative to her. She had to be several hundred feet tall now, over five times the size of Yukiko and Chie. While Naoto fingered herself, the heat within her grew only stronger. And Chie and Yukiko, each pressed against a heavy breast, had to pry their jaws wide open to swallow Naoto's thick nipples. And with one more climax, Naoto grew yet more, and their jaws gave out, her nipples finally being released.

"Yep, I'm indeed too big for you," Naoto remarked. "There's only one place for you to go." Chie and Yukiko looked up at Naoto as she proclaimed before the town. "People of Inaba! All of you are utterly insignificant compared to my bulk! My power! My sexuality! Watch! Gaze upon me as I devour these giants!" Naoto moved Chie and Yukiko effortlessly down her body. For a moment, Yukiko was before Naoto's blue pubic hair and her clitoris, which she sucked and fucked widly. But soon, both of them were jammed inside of Naoto, pressed in by the expanding, fleshy walls. Even inside Naoto, both of them made out. Naoto leaned back in the throes of orgasm, flattening half of Inaba beneath her, causing several casualties (she apologized profusely for this later, and at least tried to never do this again) as well as millions in property damage. Meanwhile, onlookers from earlier were given a front row view of Naoto's ass, as tall as Chie and Yukiko were earlier. Her bare feet twitched above the crowd, toes curling, as she reduced Inaba to a cumstain. 

"PHOENIX FEATHERMAN CLIMAX!!!!" Naoto screamed as people found themselves being swept away in the current of her release. Signs, benches, books, people, everything was being swept away in a tidal wave of her cum. For a brief moment, Naoto's movements relaxed, and people, floating in her release, watched Naoto's feet descend to the Earth, impacting the ground with a dull boom. 

Inside her, Chie and Yukiko were making out, doing their best to breathe even while being deluged in Naoto's cum. Even while inside her, they were embracing, thinking of their big future together.

Naoto got up after her final climax, still swelling, and began to walk. Each of her steps was like an earthquake. After a few, she remembered the girls inside of her. She extraced Chie and Yukiko from her pussy and laid them on the ground, as she began to walk away from the largely ruined town.

Finally, she left. Naoto proclaimed that she was going to explore the world, and nobody would stop her.

"I'll be as careful as reasonably possible for my prodigious size!" Naoto proclaimed. "There are limitations when one's as big as I am. And the guys somehow survived!" Naoto referred to the dazed, naked forms of Teddie, Kanji, and Yosuke stuck to her finger. "So I will take these companions with me! You're going back inside."

"Wait... uh... I don't like dudes... and women are awesome, but I think we've had enough!" Kanji's sole protest was muted as he was inserted inside Naoto's pussy yet again. Chie and Yukiko merely watched her titanic form depart with confusion.

"How fucking big is she now?" Chie muttered.

"Probably well over 500 feet." Yukiko sighed. "The short girl's now a living mountain... by the way, is that the school near us. Because we're as big as the school."

"Kick-ass!!!" Chie exclaimed. "It is! Maybe they can hold class on my belly!!! FAIL ME IN ENGLISH NOW WHY DON'T YOU!?"

"We're like living monuments..." Yukiko breathed, examining the tiny school. She poked out a window with a single finger, causing tiny alarms to flare out from within. "Sorry!"

"Monuments... You know... that's not too far off... I mean... does anything else in Inaba stand out as much as us?" Chie remarked. "I wanted to be a police officer, but being a gigantic monument to power and the feminine form might be cool."

"So what... you're saying that WE'RE the Amagi Inn now?" Yukiko replied. Chie nodded, a smile on her face.

Inaba had a fairly high birth rate from then on out, as the town became the single most popular tourist destination in Japan. Chie and Yukiko had several pairs of clothes made for them, but they were willing to share them at a moment's notice. After all, they didn't care if anybody saw them naked. The lake became their bathing spot. And an entire industry developed around feeding the two gigantic girls. They also were willing to use people they liked as sex toys... Yu and Rise were favorites. The two of them had made up... and Yu had come to recognize that his magnum dick was nothing compared to Chie and Yukiko's magnum... everything. And an idol was nothing compared to a gigantic... idol... monument of a woman.

Naoto still dropped by to visit. Although, as with anywhere else, precautions had to be taken to ensure that she didn't wipe the town off the map. And she ate as much food as ten million people, which made preparation slightly difficult. And despite the fact that Yukiko and Chie were a couple, they knew that they'd be subjected to Naoto's sexual whims whenever she visited. It was like the circle of life. Bigger girls use smaller ones. They didn't mind though.

After all, they WERE the only girls Naoto could feel.

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