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”I saw the way you looked at her. I saw the way you—you—you stared. Like she was… Like you thought she was beautiful.” Tears spilled from Monika’s murky brown, bloodshot eyes at the perceived betrayal. She heaved a shaky sigh and placed a fingertip on the immobilized tiny man’s chest. “H-how dare you?” Disdain and utter disgust dripped from her words as her quaking lips curled into a sneer. “HOW DARE YOU?!” In the span of five seconds, Monika broke into another emotional state, like a wildly swinging pendulum. “Am I not enough for you, Luke? Huh?” It was a whimper dredged up from her throat, trembling and barely audible.

Luke stared back in mute terror. He just barely had a grip on the situation and how he had come to it, as unbelievable as it was. Little things had gone missing. A used razor. A comb. A woven bracelet he had gotten at a music festival. Things he wouldn’t immediately assumed were stolen, just misplaced. He’d see an outline in the woods around his house from time to time but he’d blink hard and it would disappear. Every once in a while he’d hear an extra footstep while walking around town, but he’d turn around and no one would be there.

He’d never in a million years considered he was being stalked.

He’d never even spoken to her before. He just barely knew her name, and that was only because it was a relatively small area. Her name was Monika and she worked at a bakery. That was the extent of his knowledge of her. But Monika… She knew so much more. So much more that it crossed over from unusual straight squarely into the category of disturbing. When he first came here, she showed him scars and fresh cuts along her arms and abdomen, some still leaking blood. Monika beamed with pride as she told him she had cut herself with his old razor so his skin oil could be a part of her. Then there were the pictures. Those damn pictures. Pasted on the cork board across from him like some trophy were photos of him. Some were fairly innocuous. A blurry photo of him walking through a crowd. Him standing on a street corner or sitting at a park bench. But others… One was taken from the other side of a steamed up glass shower door, but the one taking the shower was unmistakably him. One was nearly pitch black and hard to make out, but when he did, Luke wanted to hurl. It was himself asleep in bed in the middle of the night. He lived alone. Luke had no idea when this obsession had started or how, but it was apparent that it ended here. In her own sick head, he and Monika had been “together” for some time now. When Monika had seen him with Claire, that must have been the last straw. Something had snapped in her head.

“I didn’t… I didn’t even do anything!” Luke grunted, struggling with the tape that bound him to the table. “I didn’t do anything!”

Oh.” Monika’s tone spit venom. “So you’re a cheater and a liar.”

“NO! No, I’m not! You’re just—You’re just fuckin’ INSANE!”

“Y’hear that, Claire? He’s a cheater, a liar, and he thinks his girlfriend’s insane. Well isn’t that rude. Quite a man he is, don’t you think?” Monika’s left fist uncurled to reveal the two inch nude and prone redhead.

“No! Don’t—Don’t hurt her, please! It’s me! It was all me!” Luke’s chest surged with panic. He had to be dreaming… This had to be a goddamn nightmare…

"No. No, it wasn’t just “all you”. Stop lying to cover for her, Luke.”

“N-No really, it—”

“I. Said. Stop. LYING!” Monika screeched.

“Please… Let Claire go. I’ll… I’ll break up with her if that’s what you want, just don’t—”

“Darling, there’s no need for that!” Monika idly rolled the terrified girl in her fingers. “The little slut won’t be bothering us after tonight, I guarantee it. Then I’ll have you all to myself!” Monika put Claire down on a table apart from Luke. She wouldn’t let her boyfriend and his whore get away that easily. Monika happily hummed a little tune to herself, briefly leaving the room to retrieve something she needed for he next trick.

“L-Luke… L-L-Luke… help mePlease...” Claire whimpered.

“We’re gonna get out of here, baby. I promise. I’ll think of something. We just need to—” A wooden thunk echoed through the empty room when Luke slammed the back his head against the table in impotent frustration as their captor waltzed through the door.

“I’m back!” Two bowls heavily clunked against the table Luke was strapped to. Claire squirmed in discomfort as she was roughly picked up and placed near her helpless boyfriend. “Now, Luke...” Monika took a seat, looming over him. “A man should always know what his girlfriend’s favorite type of candy is, shouldn’t he?”

“I-I guess?”

“Do you know what my favorite is?” No response. “Typical.” Monika sighed, twirling a toothpick in her fingers. “Mine’s chocolate. Chocolate covered strawberries, more specifically.” She plucked a red fruit from one of the bowls, slowly plunging a wooden stick into it without taking her gaze off her captives. Dipping it into the second bowl, Monika popped the candy-coated morsel into her mouth and ate it in one bite. “Mmm...” she licked a bit of excess chocolate off her lips, “It’s so sweet and ripe...”

“Wh—What’s all this got to do with us?” Claire shyly opened her mouth, not certain she wanted the answer.

“Well...” Monika grasped Claire in her fingers. “I wanted to know if you taste just as sweet.” Claire froze in stunned horror. Luke felt tears running down his cheeks. Monika grinned in unabashed sadism. Claire only snapped out of it when the pointed end of a toothpick gently prodded her vaginal opening. “Now hold still. This might hurt a little.” Monika lightly pressed the tip through Claire’s lips, filling her to her body’s natural capacity. Monika pushed a little more, sending the spike jabbing against Claire’s cervix. That did it. Claire screamed herself raw, begging and pleading and kicking and clawing and biting and cussing, but to no avail. Monika pushed a little more. Claire’s screams turned into a shriek and her hands frantically tore at her abdomen.

“M-MONIKA—MONIKA, NO!” Luke screamed almost as loud as his girlfriend. “NO, NO, NO, MONIKA! MONIKA, DON’T—PLEASE! MONIKA! NO! NO!”

MONIKA YES!” She had completely forsaken what little sanity she had in that moment. Monika pushed and didn’t stop pushing. The elasticity of Claire’s uterus had been exceeded, ripping a. hole right through and leaving the stick entangled in her guts. Claire’s shrieks were now nothing more than shaky, agonized breaths. Her muscles were frozen where they were. Her mind was blank. She couldn’t think. She couldn’t see. Claire’s skin went ice-cold as she started to succumb to shock. Red gushed down the pale wood of the stake, not unlike the juice of an impaled strawberry. “I think she died.” Luke’s stomach somersaulted. Without any fanfare, Monika dunked the barely lucid, drooling Claire into the pot of warmed chocolate. “Ooh. Looks like she’s still alive.” Something thrashed just beneath the thick liquid, slight air bubbles rising to the surface. “I wonder how badly it burns at that size...”


“Relax, silly. She’s not gonna drown because I need her alive for what comes next!” The stick rose out of the bowl, Claire’s broken form still impaled on it. A thick coating of the sweet brown candy covered every inch of her, even as she hacked up lungfuls of the stuff in a desperate bid for air. She’d be alive, but not for much longer.

“C-Claire, can you hear me? C-Can you hear me? C-Claire…?” Luke whimpered. “I-I’m sorry… I’m so, so sorry, I—Th-This is all my fault, I...”

“Don’t waste your breath darling, this little whore doesn’t deserve—” Monika slid Claire’s upper half between her lips and bit down, messily tearing her way through Claire’s intestines. In her mind, Claire wasn’t even worthy of a finished thought. Who gave second thoughts to their food, anyway? The sounds filled Luke with a visceral feeling of dread, nauseating cracks and sickening squelches as Monika crunched Claire’s bones and pulped her flesh. Monika smashed Claire’s skull with her molars, excitedly digging at the pink brain matter that oozed out. The internal organs popped against the roof of Monika’s mouth one by one. She swallowed, her tongue running across her lower lip to collect the chocolate and red juice her little treat had left behind. Monika sighed in satisfaction. “Looks like I was right. She really was sweet.”

“No. No. Nononono…. C… Claire… Claire… CLAIRE! CLAIRE!!!” Luke hyperventilated. “CLAIRE!” Heaving, Luke closed his eyes and screamed. The sound that came out of his mouth was something he had never heard before and never wanted to hear again. It was an ear-piercing, heart wrenching, blood curdling wail of utter anguish, the type only those who have truly lost everything can make.

“Hey. There’s still half of her left. Want a bite?” Monika nonchalantly waved the chocolate-coated stick in Luke’s face, Claire’s limp severed legs lightly swaying as she did so. Luke’s eyes went wide as he was confronted with a length of intestine hanging just beyond the glistening slimy pink and red organs of his dismembered girlfriend’s insides. Luke couldn’t hold himself together any longer. He turned his head to the side and vomited up everything inside his stomach and maybe even a bit of bile. “If you didn’t want any, you could have just said no.” Monika slid what remained of Claire into her mouth and swallowed without chewing. Luke had gone completely limp. Without careful observation, one might assume he had suffered a massive heart attack and died from fright.

“So how’re you gonna kill me?” His body and mind had gone completely numb. The only thing he could feel for sure was his heart slamming against his ribcage like it no longer wanted to be a part of him. If she killed him, it didn’t matter. In that moment alone he had suffered more trauma than in his whole life. Death seemed like a mercy at this point.

“Kill you?” Monika responded in genuine surprise. “I was only protecting you this whole time!She didn’t deserve someone as… wonderfulas you… I’m going to keep you, to make sure you don’t look at other girls! I only have eyes for you Luke. I wish you’d realize that.” Monika paused, running a finger down Luke’s body. “Soon enough you’ll only have eyes for me, too. Just Monika. With our love? We can do anything. We don’t need anything else. We don’t need anyone else. We’re going to be together. Forever.”

Luke screamed.

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