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Story Notes:

My first time writing from a mini's perspective!

Author's Chapter Notes:

Enjoy! For a visual experience, I made this clip.


You sit snug against your lover's palm and pinky finger. The soft padding of her flesh is like a mattress beneath your two inch body. Though you are both calm, a thrill of fear and excitement coils up through you with her every breath, every puff of air through those painted lips. Lips far bigger than you, which could so easily part to reveal a pink tongue that could lap you up with one swipe.


She promises with too much nonchalance, “I like you too much to eat you. You're worth more to me alive than dead.”


It settles your nerves halfway. She knows how her lips thrill you so, and teases you with her tongue between her teeth, just to feel you quiver in her palm.


Her attention, however, easily slips between the cup of her bra and her breast. It moulds them into a round curve, but they're pointed when they're free, soft and puffy nipples perked up. She tucks you in between the silky fabric and her soft flesh and you're enveloped in warmth. The air is knocked out of you, and you gasp little humid breaths against her nipple. She sighs and pulls back the edge of her bra, giving you a little breathing room. You gaze up the tall column of her neck and over her looming chin. Her lips are pressed into a placid smile. You relax into the hammock of her bra, tiny hand splayed over her skin.


But she won't let you get too comfortable, and tucks you into the valley of her cleavage, between the pointy peaks of her nipples. She lifts her breasts out of her bra and presses them on either side of you, warm, soft, and malleable.


“I'm just playing,” she lilts, careful to let you know you're not in danger. The way her breasts roll around you and knock you about has you not quite convinced. “I think you want to go somewhere else.”


She plucks you between thumb and forefinger and trails you down her body, over her soft and chubby stomach. You may end up in there, drowning in her stomach acid, but not today. Over the V of her panties that tuck in between her ass cheeks, she rubs your back against the cotton. They're pink and lacy; though she loves to feel big and domineering compared to you, she still likes to feel pretty. The fabric is damp, and you feel your little cock twitch. She pulls it aside and presses you into her dark, wiry bush. Beneath the hair, her glistening labia envelop you, two lips as wet and hungry as the mouth you're afraid of.


Sweet, wet flesh covers your face and you might suffocate, if not for the little gasps you fit in as she moves. Her fluid pours down your throat. She's always wet enough to drench you, to have your hair plastered to your forehead and your clothes heavy and sticky. You slip your cock out of the waistband of your trousers and rock into her tall pussy, barely breaching her entrance. Your moans are muffled by her flesh while hers are loud and free, shaking in your bones.


Pleasure thrums heavy in your balls, and you relax into it, letting it build slowly, slowly, winding up and out of you in tingles at your fingertips. Her thrusts jolt you, and you flinch. The pleasure spurts from your cock, almost aching. Your whole body feels it, trembing and going rigid between her fingertips. Your tiny seed mixes with her fluid. She probably doesn't notice or care that you came, that you're now oversensitive as she continues to press you against herself, shoving your face into her clit. You help her climax with your deft little tongue, making her whine and moan.


Freeing you from her dripping lips, she brings you back up by her face to take a look at you with her big, intent eyes. She kisses your head, regardless of her own fluid sticking to you, and sighs. You have pleased her, and are safe for now.


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